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Heba, Miral, Omar, Marwan, Adam Rainstorm on the Field

After the rainstorm on the Schutz American School field, it rose the question of what has happened to it? We, the students of Ms. Katrinas class, have grouped together to investigate and brainstorm on this incident. We have used our Earth Science blog to post our information on this situation. The whole blog post is dependent on information provided by the Internet and by our teacher. In our post, we described the changes that the rainstorm has done to the field relating to the four spheres (hydrosphere, pedosphere, biosphere, and atmosphere). Hydrosphere is the sphere that is made of water; the water is essential of life of the animals, plants, insects, and humans. Water is used in every day technology and water helps regulate the climate of the world. Water is found everywhere, such as in lakes, rivers, inland seas, clouds, and under the ground. The atmosphere and they hydrosphere are related because they, basically, make up earth. If there were a lot of water on the field then there would be more water to evaporate, which will provide more oxygen so then it would help us with breathing. Since the atmosphere climate is dependent on the hydrosphere, the climate will change because of it. The change in the water level would affect the animals, like causing them to migrate. The animals and the insects would have to find a new place to live because with a lot of water on the field, it would be inhabitable. The pedosphere is the sphere that makes up the earth. It contains soil and is subject to soil formation processes. Everybody interacts with the pedosphere on a

daily basis, as we walk on it, we dig, and many other examples of use using the earth for our benefits. The plants grow from a combination of the soil from the pedosphere and the water from the hydrosphere. Because of the rainstorm on the field, the plants, soil and underground water deposits would be too excessive to use for growing. An example of that would be when people say you should not over water a plant. One positive effect on the pedosphere from the rain storm, it would cause the grass to grow (if there was soil) and other beneficial examples. The biosphere is the sphere that makes up all the living things on earth. That includes humans, insects, plants, and animals. Concerning the biosphere, the first aspect that we have to look into are plants. Plants use water as their food source, but too much food would kill a plant. So, concerning the plants, the rainstorm will kill a lot of plants on the field. Concerning the animals that live on the field, such as the dogs and the cats, they will have to find another place to live and shelter from the rain. Most of the insects on the field would die because of the rainstorm, but some would be able to live, depending on the insect. The birds will leave and migrate to another place, most probably temporarily. The positive effects for the excessive rain would be that it would provide water to the soil and for everyone and also they can filter the water and it can be drinkable. The atmosphere makes up the gases and includes wind, clouds, and precipitation. It is important because it traps heat on the earth to make us warm, and protects us from harmful radiation. The excessive rain would cause the clouds to act up and make too much precipitation. The positive effects to the excessive rain

would be that after it clears up, there would be very clear skies, which would mean more oxygen and better breathing and living for everyone. To conclude our blog post, everyone needs to understand that it would matter because any change in climate could cause massive death, but it could also provide better living after its over. It tells us that the world worlds in mysterious ways, that one day it could kill many living organisms, and the next day it could provide better living for everyone.