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Banking for Developers

Learn banking from those who teach banking to bankers !

MVL Trainings
BFSI Academy is the training division of MVL Consulting Private Limited. Visit BFSI Academy at www.bfsia.com All our training programs are also available inhouse. To arrange an inhouse program please contact us on : +91-20-25466154 or email info@mvlco.com

BFSI sector is one of the largest sector serviced by the IT industry. The need of having BFSI savvy IT developers is continuously on the rise. BFSI Academy offers a four day comprehensive training program extensively focused on basics of banking operations and finance. The course focuses on global banking scenario. The intensive program is designed to give you a thorough and comprehensive understanding of banking and finance including international banking. This intensive course uses a balance of lectures, workshops, case studies and discussions. The program emphasizes on active participation from delegates and includes exercises and case studies. The course is mainly directed to those working in software companies or intending to work in software companies. .

When you complete this course, you will have total understanding of :

Why do we need banks How international banks operate Banking asset products and banking liability products Corporate banking and retail banking Basics of banking and accounting Much more.

Location: Pune, India Course dates: visit www.mvlco.com

Certification Program - Banking for Developers

Duration: 4 full days.

Program Contents
Day 1: Basics of Accounting Debit/Credit Rules Concepts, Assumptions, Principles Cash Book, Ledger Accounts, Trial Balance Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss Account, Cash Flow Preparation of sample financial statements Basics of accounting in banks Time value of money Interest rate types and interest calculation Day count conventions in banking Banking concepts/terminology Universal banking/Narrow banking Brief introduction to Islamic banking Performing and non-performing assets Types of banks Public Sector Banks / Private Banks / Co-operative Banks / Thrifts /Credit Unions / Building Societies Investment Banks / Development Banks Correspondent Banks / Offshore Banks /Shell Banks What banks are and what they do, functions of banks Borrowing Lending Investments Deposits Foreign exchange transactions Retail banking products liability Savings accounts Various variants will be explained. Current/Checking accounts Various variants will be explained. Individual Retirement Accounts Roth Ordinary/Traditional Certificates of deposits Fixed interest Floating interest Step-up or bump up Zero coupon Callable Liquid Multi-currency Day 2: Retail banking products assets Introduction to credit scoring and credit rating Mortgages Home loans Home Equity Loans Auto finance

The course is also conducted on Saturdays and Sundays.

Maximum Batch Size : 20 Participants Certification:

Banking for Developers

Pre-requisites: None

Discount for more than 3 participants from same organisation

Fees: Rs.4,000 plus service tax @ 10.30%.

Course fee includes course delivery and course material.

Why should you attend: Banking offers large number of opportunities. Various regulations and competition have made banking sector a major money spinner for many software companies.


Certification Program - Banking for Developers

Day 2 continued: Lease To give an insight into the banking Mileage Lease environment, knowledge of the Time Lease historical/emerging role of banks and Hire Purchase financial institutions. Personal loans To impart skills and knowledge about Educational loans essential aspects of banking and Consumer durable loans Payment card products Debit/Credit Cards finance and give the participant a clear perspective of basics of banking Day 3: Corporate banking products on and off baloperations and their implications in ance sheet various areas. Fund based limits To mentally prepare the participants to Working capital limits take up various positions in software Cash credit industry supporting the financial Bill finance services industry. Term lending and project finance To share experiences of eminent banking Non fund based limits and finance professionals Bank guarantees Documentary credits Services The course focuses more on international Remittances banking systems with emphasis on United Other services States and European Community. Treasury role and operations Domestic treasury Program Coordinator: Forex treasury ALM and liquidity management Mr. Harsh Joshi Day 4: Email: harsh@mvlco.com Payment and settlement system in banking Cell: +91 - 99670 33648 Various types of payment instruments Telefax: +91-20-25466154, Netting, clearing and settlement Website: www.mvlco.com Finality and irrevocability Paper Check Processing MVL Consulting Private Limited Giro Systems Automated Clearing Houses # 17, Laxman Villa Condominium, Paud Road, Check Truncation/Check Conversion Pune 411038, India RTGS / Cross border payments /SWIFT Telefax: +91-20-25466154, +91-20-25422874 Correspondent banks, NOSTRO/VOSTRO Tel: +91-20-65007632, +91-20-65007645 Risks in banking Email: info@mvlco.com Risk Types Website: www.mvlco.com Credit Risk , Market Risk , Operational Risk Liquidity Risk , Reputational Risk Risk Mitigation Collateral , Guarantees Derivatives Banking regulation , Role of Central Banks Basel II and role of supervisors CRR/SLR Capital adequacy, CRAR Evaluation Case studies presentations Written test

Course Objective

Program Contents Continued