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Department of Justice
Immigration and Naturalization Service

Texas Service Center Post Office Box 143429

Enforcement Operations Division Irving, Texas 75014-3429

August 8, 2003



FROM: Gary R. Bradford signed by Gary R. Bradford

Assistant Center Director, Enforcement Operations Division
Texas Service Center

SUBJECT: Location History of Alshehhi File. SRC0027650854

Application history information from Texas Service Center files provide the
following information regarding the location of the I-539, Application to
Extend/Change Nonimmigrant Status, SRC0027650854:

Sep. 19, 2000 Stamped received at Texas Service Center mailroom,

moved to vault by the contractor.

Sep. 22, 2000 The contractor created electronic file by entering

application information into the Local area network CLAIMS 3 program and check
was endorsed for deposit at this point.

Sep. 25, 2000 After data entry the paper file was stored in Work
Distribution Unit by the contractor in date receipt order until called for by
Adjudications for processing as part of work order, first in first out.

May 2, 2001 Sent to Nedra Webb, MO at 7701 building as part of

date receipt work order

Aug 7, 2001 Nedra Webb, received for audit purposes and

forwarded to CAO for adjudication
9/11 Law Enforcement Privacy

Aug 8, 2001 File was received by CAO| |

Aug 10, 2001 CAO| ~] processed as per standard operating

procedures i.e., verifies I-539 is signed, fee was paid; verifies applicant current
status and checks application for status applicant is seeking. Verifies ali
necessary evidence is in the file before making decision. Evidence was present
and approval was given. Upon approval application was stamped with approval
stamp #185, including both copies of accompanying I-20. The I-20 was split off
from the I-539 at this point. The adjudicator mailed the student copy to the
applicant. The I-797 approval notice, which is batch printed by INS ADP staff,
was mailed to the applicant by the contractor the next day. The adjudicator
placed the school copy of the 1-20 in a tray for batch mailing by INS clerical staff
to London, KY for data entry into STSC database. This batch mail goes out twice
a month. STSC contractor data enters the information, which should place a
process identifier on the school copy of the 1-20 and then mails the 1-20 to the

Aug 13, 2001 The file was moved by the contractor from
Adjudications 7701 Stemmons Freeway to the file room 4141 St. Augustine Road
and contractor placed on shelf in file room where it sat until FBI called for the file.

Sep. 24,2001 File was obtained by IRSI land

provided to FBI, Dallas, TX

The receipt file was requested by, and hand receipted to, the FBI, Dallas, TX.
Upon receipt of the FBI request, the file was handled by INS personnel wearing
rubber gloves and placed in a plastic bag. The purpose of this was to allow the
FBI the ability to conduct an extensive fingerprint search of the file to determine
possible accomplices or associates of Mr. Alshehhi. The last known information
of this file is that the FBI, Dallas, TX had transferred the file to the FBI Office, NY.
No further information is available.