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Our Philosophy

Literaty Pakistan is an initiative aimed at cultural revival and bringing the youth towards social enterprise and development. We want to inculcate a sense of positivity, pride and responsibility in the youth of Pakistanboth those studying at home as well as abroad. It aims to bring the youth out of the realm of negativity and despair, in hopes that those who value their country will wish to invest in the development of the country. We hope to attain this with the help of a Quarterly publication, a blog, documentaries and on-ground events (conferences, workshops, movements and social uplift drives in university campuses) that will supplement the literature we are disseminating.

A quarterly publication that has established our identity worldwide, with two issues out already and a third one due very soon, the magazine department is for all those who want to write about Pakistan. The magazine basically provides a semi-academic, intellectually-rooted discussion of who we are, where we come from and where we choose to go. If you want your name to be on an internationally read magazine, if you want to use your writing skills to change the way people perceive Pakistan, if you are good at designing and/or editing content, or if you have new/creative ideas about how Pakistan can be portrayed to the world, the Magazine department is where you want to be. The primary responsibilities of the magazine department will be to: Contribute and write; Sift through content; Investigate; Edit

Along with the magazine department, we also have a blogs division which reaches out to an even bigger audience. With more than 16,000 hits already, our blogs are updated on a weekly basis. A little more informal than the magazine, our blogs talk about everything and anything related to Pakistan and the four basic themes we seek to promote: Culture, Tourism, Critical Thinking and Social Enterprise. If you are into blogging and would like to have an international following, the Blogs department is the place to be. You would be required to either write a piece weekly or edit one. IT people for updating and publicizing the blog are also needed. What we are looking for in Blogs department applicants: EMPATHY. Passion. Creativity. Good writing skills.

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SARAAB (Documentary Division)

The creator of the first and largest Video Encyclopedia of Pakistan, Saraab, aims to give a voice to the untold stories of Pakistan by making short Focal Points and longer Documentaries on the culture, heritage and tourism of Pakistan. It aims to capture an alternate narrative to that put forward in public media. Our three main projects for the year include: Documentation of intangible cultural heritage Promoting tourism by broadcasting our unseen natural splendor Documenting and promoting social enterprise.

So if you want to be a part of the largest Video Encyclopedia of Pakistan or other documentary projects, and want to tell the untold stories about Pakistan to the world, Saraab is the department you want to join. What the department is looking for in potential recruits: Good Video shooting and Editing Skills (Experience with Cameras and softwares like Windows Movie Maker and Adobe Premiere etc will be preferred) Ability to handle logistics well (as you will be required to go to different sites for shooting and arranging for the required material)

The Bandwagon department at Literaty Pakistan will focus on raising awareness about the issues presented in the magazine and blog through follow up events. It will conduct various events and workshops in different schools and universities, telling them what Literaty Pakistan does and how they can contribute to this movement of Positive Sensationalism. If you are a good presenter/debater, if you want to get a lot of face time in important Events, if youre into Event Management and if you would like to gain experience of working in a marketing firm, Bandwagon is the place you want to be in. What the department is looking for in Potential recruits: Excellent Communication skills Selling/Marketing Skills Presentation Skills Event Management Skills

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Social Innovation Desk (SI Desk)

SI Desk is meant to be the life force of social enterprise in Pakistan. It is the movement that Literaty wants to start. As part of the Social Impact department, members will be responsible for starting new social development projects as well as furthering existing social enterprises in Pakistan. Currently, SI desk is running two projects, namely Fori Nokri and Riksha Chalao. The Fori Nokri project aims to provide jobs to the underprivileged, unemployed people by creating a medium for potential employers and employees to interact. The Riksha Chalao project aims to work for the well being of the LUMS Rikshaw drivers by providing them health insurance, arranging cheaper repairs for them and ensuring a wider customer base for them. So, if you want to start off your own social impact project or want to be a part of Sustainable development projects aimed at revitalizing the poor, SI Desk is the place you want to be in. SI Desk needs people who can: Research possible projects we can undertake; Design new projects; Implement projects; Assist existing social enterprises through promotion and capacity expansion

Ojhal (Photography Division)

Photography at Literaty Pakistan will document our progress in events and social impact as well as contribute to the magazine and blog. Photographers will help in telling the story Pakistan wants the world to hear, so an artistic mind and creative flair will come in handy. At Literaty, we believe that our ideas need to have an impact beyond words and academic prose they need to be visually dynamic. Design is crucial in attracting a larger audience yet at the same time needs to conform to the ideas being presented. Furthermore, we have a project namedOjhal that utilizes photography to demonstrate the interesting stories of various workers, maids and other underprivileged members of our society. If want to use your photography for a higher cause, and want to contribute your pictures to an internationally read Magazine and Blog, this is the department youre looking for.

For this project and department we need:

Illustrators Designers Photographers People with a creative mindset People with a knowledge of Photoshop

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Human Resources
HR is one of the very few support departments at Literaty Pakistan, with its primary responsibility being to ensure that all departments function smoothly. It also conducts trainings and workshops for all Literaty members to further improve their skills. It also helps in organizing the various events that come under the Literaty Pakistan domain. What we are looking for in potential recruits: Good Communication and interpersonal skills Ability to handle logistics well

Trips and Excursions

This is the department responsible for arranging trips to various parts of the country in an attempt to explore and display to the world the beautiful places of Pakistan. So if you want to explore Pakistan on subsidized trips and organize trips to the places you always wanted to visit, this is the department for you.

External Outreach
Ex-Out is the department responsible for running our Facebook and Twitter pages and creating an online presence for us. It is also responsible for publicizing Literaty Pakistan on campus. So if youre a socia l media person and someone who is good at Photoshop, this department is for you.

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