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01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 1

By Vaahi-guroo
Jee’s grace
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 2

1. INTRODUCTION...............................................................................................................................7
1.1 WELCOME .......................................................................................................................................7
1.2 INVITATION TO JOIN NAAM.NET INSPIRATION GROUP .....................................................................7
1.3 CONNECTED.....................................................................................................................................7
2. THE MEANING OF LIFE.................................................................................................................9
2.1 "DARSHAN" .....................................................................................................................................9
2.2 THE ULTIMATE GOAL ....................................................................................................................11
2.3 HEAVEN AND HELL........................................................................................................................12
2.4 THE VILLAGE OF CHILDREN ..........................................................................................................12
2.5 PLANET KHANDA ...........................................................................................................................14
3. REINCARNATION ..........................................................................................................................15
3.1 IRON CLAD SOLDIERS ....................................................................................................................15
3.2 GOOD AND BAD ACTIONS .............................................................................................................20
3.3 GURU TEGH BAHADUR JEE WOKE ME UP!....................................................................................23
3.4 RE-INCARNATION AND TRANSMIGRATION.....................................................................................23
4. GURU’S GRACE (KIRPA) .............................................................................................................26
4.1 IK ONKAR SATGURPRASAD ............................................................................................................26
4.2 STILL SHINING ...............................................................................................................................27
4.3 WHEN THE DEAR LORD GRANTS HIS GRACE ................................................................................27
5. HUKAM - OBEYING GOD’S ORDER..........................................................................................28
5.1 HIS WILL / OUR EGO .....................................................................................................................28
5.2 CHILDREN OF GOD .......................................................................................................................29
5.3 HUKAM VERSUS HAUMAI ..............................................................................................................29
5.4 HORSE AND CART .........................................................................................................................29
5.5 KARMA AND FREE WILL ...............................................................................................................30
5.6 NICE CUP OF TEA ..........................................................................................................................30
5.7 BETTER TO DIE THAN TO LIVE ALONE..........................................................................................31
5.8 A POUND OF FLESH .......................................................................................................................32
6. GURU - THE ENLIGHTENER.......................................................................................................33
6.1 WHY WERE THE GURU’S BORN INTO THE WORLD? .....................................................................33
6.2 IS GURU NANAK GOD? ..................................................................................................................33
7. GURU GRANTH SAHIB JEE.........................................................................................................39
7.1 GURU GRANTH SAHIB JEE AND GURU KHALSA PANTH .................................................................39
7.2 LIVING GURU .................................................................................................................................39
7.3 HOW DO YOU FOLLOW RELIGION? ................................................................................................39
7.4 NEED OR GREED?..........................................................................................................................40
7.5 THIRSTY ........................................................................................................................................41
7.6 EAT LITTLE, SLEEP LITTLE ............................................................................................................42
7.7 SORRY TO ANNOUNCE THAT THE LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL.. .....................................42
7.8 SUKH ASAN ...................................................................................................................................42
8. THE SIKH .........................................................................................................................................43
8.1 BEAUTIFUL BRIDES ........................................................................................................................43
8.2 A SIKH OF THE GURU ...................................................................................................................44
9. HUMILITY .......................................................................................................................................45
9.1 THE SLAVE DOG.............................................................................................................................45
9.2 THERE IS NO-ONE AS UNGRATEFUL AS ME ......................................................................................46
9.3 TIME TO PRAY ...............................................................................................................................46
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 3

9.4 MALCOLM X..................................................................................................................................47

9.5 QUESTIONS ....................................................................................................................................50
9.6 I KNOW NOTHING ..........................................................................................................................51
9.7 CAN'T DO NOTHING EXCEPT NAAM JAP ........................................................................................53
9.8 TEREE SEVA - YOUR SERVICE .......................................................................................................53
9.9 SPIRITUAL EXPERIENCES................................................................................................................54
9.10 THE KING ....................................................................................................................................54
9.11 THE PRICE OF WATER .................................................................................................................55
9.12 PINK ELEPHANT ...........................................................................................................................56
9.13 SEVA AND SIMRAN ......................................................................................................................57
9.14 MOTHS TO LIGHT ........................................................................................................................58
9.15 VIRTUAL HOME ...........................................................................................................................59
9.16 DEAR AKAL PURAKH JI,...............................................................................................................60
10. AMRIT - BELONG TO THE GURU............................................................................................61
10.1 BEG FOR AMRIT NAAM ................................................................................................................61
10.2 ARDAS .........................................................................................................................................62
10.3 SATGURU JEE LOVES YOU ..........................................................................................................62
10.4 LOVE WAHEGURU JEE .................................................................................................................63
10.5 GANGA SAGAR - THE GURU’S KETTLE ........................................................................................64
10.6 TRIP TO SACH KHAND - THE PLAY ..............................................................................................65
10.7 BHAI JOGA SINGH AND THE PROSTITUTE ....................................................................................67
10.8 SIKH MOTHERS FEAR NOT ...........................................................................................................68
10.9 DIE FOR AMRIT............................................................................................................................68
10.10 I BELIEVE IN TRUTH, BUT NOT IN GURU GOBIND SINGH JI.......................................................68
10.11 RIGHT TECHNIQUE? ...................................................................................................................69
10.12 THE WORLD SIKH ......................................................................................................................70
10.13 KHALSA CONSTRUCTORS ...........................................................................................................70
10.14 TREE OF LIFE.............................................................................................................................72
11. KHALSA UNIFORM .....................................................................................................................73
11.1 GURU GOBIND SINGH JEE’S BEARD .............................................................................................73
11.2 BANEE AND BANA .......................................................................................................................74
11.3 HOLY HAIR - KES ........................................................................................................................74
11.4 HEAD COVERING - KESKEE..........................................................................................................75
11.5 CAN WE TAKE THE 5KS OFF?......................................................................................................75
11.6 COVERING THE HEAD..................................................................................................................76
12. STRONG KHALSA CHARACTER .............................................................................................76
12.1 MIRACLES ....................................................................................................................................76
12.2 PRACTISE WHAT YOU PREACH ....................................................................................................77
12.3 THE POWER OF FIVE....................................................................................................................78
12.4 THE SIKH MOTHERS YOU KNOW NOT .........................................................................................79
12.5 MANSOOR ....................................................................................................................................79
12.6 BHAI BIR SINGH JEE ....................................................................................................................79
12.7 DISTINCT KHALSA .......................................................................................................................80
12.8 JODHAY - WARRIORS ...................................................................................................................81
12.9 REAL KHALSA..............................................................................................................................81
12.10 REAL GURSIKH ..........................................................................................................................82
12.11 BHAI JEEVAN SINGH JEE ............................................................................................................82
12.12 GURSIKHA KEE DHOOR - GIANI NAR SINGH JEE ........................................................................84
12.13 MODERN DAY BHAI LALO JI - BHAI AMRIK SINGH JEE..............................................................86
12.14 GREETING KHALSA ....................................................................................................................87
12.15 UNITED WE STAND PART 1........................................................................................................87
12.16 UNITED WE STAND PART 2........................................................................................................88
12.17 WHAT’S IN A NAME? ................................................................................................................89
12.18 DAILY KHALSA DISCIPLINE ........................................................................................................90
12.19 EVERYDAY IS A BLESSED DAY .................................................................................................90
12.20 RELAX AND HAVE DRINK! ..........................................................................................................91
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 4

13. FAMILY LIFE................................................................................................................................92

13.1 HOW CAN I GET UP AT AMRITVELA AND LOOK AFTER THE KIDS? .................................................92
13.2 UNSUITABLE SONS .......................................................................................................................95
13.3 THREE GOLDEN RULES ................................................................................................................95
13.4 RENOUNCE DESIRE ......................................................................................................................96
14. THE POWER OF NAAM ..............................................................................................................96
14.1 NAAM IS YOUR HELPER AND SUPPORT ........................................................................................96
14.2 SWEET NAAM ..............................................................................................................................97
14.3 MR MOTIVATOR ..........................................................................................................................98
14.4 WONDERFUL NAM .......................................................................................................................99
14.5 TYPES OF PEOPLE ......................................................................................................................100
14.6 GUR THAPI DITI KAND JEO - THE GURU'S WARRIOR .................................................................101
14.7 SUCH IS THE POWER OF NAAM. ................................................................................................109
14.8 ‘TICK TICK’ FROM SANT ATTAR SINGH JI ..................................................................................109
14.9 FRAGRANCE OF AN ENLIGHTENED SOUL...................................................................................110
14.10 DYING MAN .............................................................................................................................111
14.11 CHRISTIAN PASTOR ..................................................................................................................112
14.12 CRYING MAN ...........................................................................................................................112
14.13 LOVE .......................................................................................................................................113
14.14 GENIE ......................................................................................................................................114
14.15 SIMRAN FOR OTHERS ..............................................................................................................115
14.16 DEVOTEE’S LOVE ....................................................................................................................116
14.17 AMRITVELA SONGBIRD ...........................................................................................................117
14.18 AMRITVELA BUSINESS ............................................................................................................118
14.19 AMRITVELA.............................................................................................................................119
14.20 GURU WOKE ME UP - NOT AN ALARM CLOCK!......................................................................120
14.21 SPARE TIME .............................................................................................................................121
14.22 BEETLE ....................................................................................................................................123
14.23 BHAI SAVAYA SINGH JEE .........................................................................................................124
14.24 BABBAR SHER SINGH JEE ........................................................................................................126
14.25 DRUGS .....................................................................................................................................127
14.26 JAP JEE SAHIB ..........................................................................................................................127
14.27 ARDAS .....................................................................................................................................128
14.28 WALK KHALSA, WALK TO WAHEGURU! .................................................................................128
14.29 KIRTAN TIME!..........................................................................................................................129
14.30 FOOTSTEPS IN THE SNOW ........................................................................................................130
14.31 I DON'T LIKE NAAM.................................................................................................................130
14.32 DARSHAN PARSAN SARSAN HARSAN ......................................................................................130
14.33 GURU NANAK DEV JEE'S EYES ................................................................................................131
14.34 ROOTS (MOOL MANTR - ROOT MANTR) .................................................................................134
14.35 BHAI RAMA SINGH JEE LIKES GARDENING ..............................................................................135
14.36 FROM HERE TO INFINITY!!!! - MEDITATE ON MOOL MANTR ...................................................135
14.37 MOOL MANTR EXAMPLES .......................................................................................................136
14.38 SATNAAM ................................................................................................................................136
14.39 WONDROUSLY KHOOB ............................................................................................................137
14.40 THE PRICE OF NAAM ...............................................................................................................137
14.41 GURU’S BARKING-DOG JUST WROTE TO SAY............ .............................................................137
14.42 JINEE NAAM DHIA-IA...............................................................................................................138
14.43 HUNGRY FOR LOVE .................................................................................................................138
14.44 SEEING MY POVERTY ..............................................................................................................139
14.45 CHARDEE-KALA ......................................................................................................................139
14.46 INSIDE STORY ..........................................................................................................................139
14.47 IN THE BODY ...........................................................................................................................140
14.48 SMILE.... ..................................................................................................................................140
14.49 DON’T GIVE UP .......................................................................................................................141
14.50 HOTLINE TO HEAVEN ...............................................................................................................141
14.51 NAMO BHOJ BHOJEH ...............................................................................................................142
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 5

15. SUFFERING AND SORROW.....................................................................................................143

15.1 HARD TIMES ..............................................................................................................................144
15.2 SORROW AND HAPPINESS ..........................................................................................................145
15.3 NO-ONE ASKS FOR SUFFERING..................................................................................................145
15.4 TWO SHOPKEEPERS ...................................................................................................................146
15.5 TRAIN OF THOUGHT ..................................................................................................................147
15.6 DEPRESSION...............................................................................................................................147
15.7 TERMINALLY ILL .......................................................................................................................148
15.8 DEATH .......................................................................................................................................149
15.9 HANDFUL OF DIRT.....................................................................................................................150
15.10 WATER OFF A DUCK'S BACK ..................................................................................................151
15.11 HEALTH ...................................................................................................................................151
15.12 THE CURE OF ALL ILLS IS NAAM - SARAB ROG KA AUKHAD NAAM.......................................152
15.13 BE HAPPY NOW .......................................................................................................................155
15.14 WHY BE SCARED?....................................................................................................................155
15.15 WHY WORRY?.........................................................................................................................156
16. FOOLISHNESS ............................................................................................................................156
16.1 JUDGEMENT DAY .......................................................................................................................156
16.2 WHEN PROBLEMS ARE TOO NUMEROUS ...................................................................................157
16.3 WRONG KEYS ............................................................................................................................157
16.4 CLEANLINESS IS NEXT TO GODLINESS.......................................................................................158
16.5 MEAT AND NAAM .....................................................................................................................159
16.6 BLACK CAT - RITUALS ...............................................................................................................161
16.7 SADHU SINGH AND TV..............................................................................................................162
16.8 AT THE END OF A ROPE............................................................................................................164
16.9 THREE HOLY MEN .....................................................................................................................165
16.10 NEVER FORGET WAHEGURU....................................................................................................166
16.11 SLEEPY SINGH?........................................................................................................................166
16.12 PURRING SISTERS ....................................................................................................................167
16.13 PRAISE AND SLANDER .............................................................................................................167
16.14 NAAM WARS ...........................................................................................................................167
16.15 THE ‘YOUNG SIKH AND PROUD’ EGO TRIP .............................................................................168
16.16 THE ONE LIGHT .......................................................................................................................170
16.17 BE HERE NOW .........................................................................................................................171
17. MAYA............................................................................................................................................172
17.1 MAYA THE WITCH ....................................................................................................................172
17.2 THE GREAT DEBATE ..................................................................................................................174
17.3 ME, MYSELF AND I ...................................................................................................................175
17.4 MONEY ......................................................................................................................................176
17.5 MOUSE-TRAP 1..........................................................................................................................176
17.6 MOUSE-TRAP 2..........................................................................................................................178
17.7 HUM AVGUN BHARAY ...............................................................................................................178
18. NASTY QUALITIES ....................................................................................................................179
18.1 SNAKES AND LADDERS..............................................................................................................179
18.2 HURTING A SAINT .....................................................................................................................179
18.3 NO ROOM FOR ME ( EGO - HAUMAI)........................................................................................180
18.4 HOT AIR (EGO - HAUMAI)..........................................................................................................180
18.5 WHILE ‘I’ RESIDED ....................................................................................................................180
18.6 HOUSE ON FIRE (EMOTIONAL ATTACHMENT - MOH) ................................................................181
18.7 MINE..........................................................................................................................................181
18.8 THE MISER (GREED - LOWB).....................................................................................................182
18.9 GREED .......................................................................................................................................183
18.10 THE BIRDS ...............................................................................................................................183
18.11 GRUDGES .................................................................................................................................184
18.12 DIRTY LAUGHING ....................................................................................................................185
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 6

18.13 MY WIFE’S A PIG ....................................................................................................................185

18.14 SLANDER STEALS YOUR NAAM WEALTH ................................................................................186
18.15 DEADLY MANMUKH COCKTAIL ...............................................................................................187
18.16 WEALTH AND WOMAN ............................................................................................................188
18.17 I AM A SINNER ........................................................................................................................189
18.18 EVIL PEOPLE ............................................................................................................................190
19. SADH-SANGAT - SAINT SOCIETY .........................................................................................191
19.1 GURU’S DEVOTEES SHOWED ME THE PATH ..............................................................................191
19.2 THE PARROT AND THE CAT ......................................................................................................191
19.3 SAADH-SANGAAT TWICE-A-DAY ..............................................................................................192
19.4 RAINDROPS ................................................................................................................................193
19.5 WALKED ALL NIGHT..................................................................................................................193
19.6 TINY DROPS...............................................................................................................................193
19.7 MOLA SHAH...............................................................................................................................194
20. PANGS OF SEPARATION .........................................................................................................194
20.1 ONE INSTANT WITHOUT WAHEGURU ........................................................................................194
20.2 THE MOON AND THE SEA .........................................................................................................195
20.3 HOME SOON ..............................................................................................................................196
20.4 KOEE AAN MILAVEH - SOMEONE LEAD ME TO WAHEGURU JEE ................................................196
20.5 LOCKED OUT .............................................................................................................................198
20.6 SEEING THE LIGHT.....................................................................................................................199
20.7 IF I WAS ....................................................................................................................................199
20.8 THE VOW OF SILENCE ...............................................................................................................200
20.9 BHAGAT DHANNA JEE ...............................................................................................................202
20.10 CITY OF SEPARATION ..............................................................................................................204
20.11 BREATH OF AIR .......................................................................................................................206
20.12 A JOURNEY TO THE BELOVED'S DOORSTEP ............................................................................206
20.13 HEAR MY CALL .......................................................................................................................212
20.14 WAHEGURUS EMBRACE...........................................................................................................213
20.15 MERGING IN THE ONE .............................................................................................................213
20.16 EVERYWHERE I GO..................................................................................................................214
20.17 THE WAY IT IS ........................................................................................................................215
20.18 NAAM TECHNIQUES .................................................................................................................215
20.19 BIGFOOT ..................................................................................................................................216
21. DARSHAN OF GURU GOBIND SINGH JEE ..........................................................................218
21.1 NO JAAP SAHIB- NO DARSHAN!.................................................................................................218
21.2 PILGRIMAGE TO HEMKUNT ........................................................................................................219
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 7


1.1 Welcome

Dearest Khalsa Jee,

Vaahi-Guroo Jee Ka Khalsa

Vaahi-Guroo Jee Kee fateh!

By Wonderful Vaah-Guroo Jee’s infinite and unparralled kindness, this beautiful book was created.
The seva was done selflessly by the Guru’s Khalsa from all corners of the world. These beloved
GurSikhs wish to remain anonymous and the only Name to be glorified is Vaahi-Guroo.

All of the articles were originally posted to an Internet Mailing List called Naam.Net.

This book is aimed at Gursikhs who are following the Path to our Wonderful Vaahi-Guroo Jee and need


Vaahi-Guroo Jee Ka Khalsa

Vaahi-Guroo Jee Kee fateh!

1.2 Invitation to Join Naam.Net Inspiration Group

The Guru did apaar kirpa and created Naam Net for thirsty souls who want cyber Naami sangat.

The only requirement is a commitment to 20 minutes of daily Naam Simran. The preferred time for
simran is amrit vela (from 12.30 am to 6.00 am). However, if this is not possible, Naam Simran should
be done at night.

After one month of joining Naam Net, all new Naam Net members will be expected to start japping
naam for at *least* one hour at amrit vela.

If you wish to join Naami jan who send Gurbani glazed arrows of love to each other, please send a note


with the subject heading: ADDLIST

Please include a statement of commitment to 20 minutes of daily naam simran.

Please note, Naam Net is *NOT* a discussion group - only inspirational messages are allowed.

1.3 Connected

I feel like there is so much positive waheguru energy buzzing around our little naam.net village that
each email I read or send is more than words and letters - a burst of love and energy travels from one
gursikh to many others....

We're connected electronically , and spiritually as well. Like I look up at the sky and its the same sun
and moon you see on the other side of the world. I breathe in the air and its the same ocean of air you
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 8

live in. More than that I say Waheguru ji and it's the same ocean of love you are all swimming in as

Guru Nanak ji says 'too dario dana beena,

ma machalee kaisay ant leh ha'
'You are the wise and deep river,
i am the fish-how can i know your limits?'

I feel we are all greatly blessed to have got our heads above water, the whole world is drowning in
maya, in sikhi politics and this or that rehat, but on naam net I've found my brothers and sisters who've
risen up above that and can feel the sunshine of naam shining on their beautiful faces.



I love you all, may you never lose to maya, may the 5 enemies be your servants, may you ride like
naam warriors like the kings and queens you are to the feet of Guru Gobind Singh jee.
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 9


2.1 "Darshan"

I woke up earlier than usual on darshan day. The time must have been a little after midnight.
Something seemed different that day. With difficulty I lifted my head and peeped out of the small
window of my hut. Although I could not see anything due to the pitch darkness of the night, I sensed
some activity in the trees. I closed my eyes and listened. To my surprise I sensed the trees were in the
same jovial mood as they were when spring was approaching. Winter had just started, it would be
months before even the slightest hint of spring. I lay down my head back on the pillow and realized
that I too was in a jovial mood - my heart too hinted some hope and excitement. That was quite a
change from the past few years of my miserable and painful existence.

It had been almost twenty years ago that I had been diagnosed with an incurable form of leprosy. This
had been the first such case in the memberable history of my village and the people did not know what
to do with me. I had been quite a cheerful and promising young boy before the village doctor noticed
the state of the perpetually open wounds on my back. After he announced my disease, my life changed

The elders banished me despite my family's (particularly my mother's) heart breaking pleas. My brother
and uncles built a hut for me three miles from the village and promised me daily visits. At first, all my
relatives and friends came each and every day, and brought me gifts and tried their best to lift the dark
and heavy depression that was suffocating me, but due to my negative and cynical view (and because
love is rarely true amongst worldly people), the number of people visiting me reduced to one - my

She would bring food for me two times a day. She would come and clean my hut, bathe and feed me.
At first, I eagerly awaited her visits. I asked her about all my friends. But gradually, it only pained me
to listen to her.

Soon after, I started bolting the door and would ask her to leave the food outside and go away. I also
asked her to come only once a day since I realized it was hard for her. With much reluctance, she
agreed, but she could not understand my isolation from her. This continued for over ten years. My
condition was only getting worse. Although I was in my early twenties, I felt like an old man. Laying
all day in bed and being angry and depressed had certainly taken their tolls. I had a hard time even
going to the nearby river to get my supply of water. My bones would groan and creak at every effort.
My mind had turned into a dull and a stagnant vessel which would not hold any thoughts except for the
immediate bodily needs.

Then one day things changed. My mother was taken seriously ill with tuberculosis. Even in her illness,
she prepared food for me, but she did not have enough strength to deliver it to me. She asked my
nephew to accomplish that task. Consider it fate, but for reasons known only to my nephew, the food
was not delivered to me. The first day without food, I cried like a baby and shouted out to my mother.
I had tried to eat berries from a low hanging bush, but due to ignorance, had eaten poisonous ones.
This only made the situation worse. After three painful, lonely and sleepless days I assumed my mother
was dead and I would never again see another human.

I decided to end my life. It was the middle of the night and death seemed like an inviting and pleasant
escape. I slowly and painfully got up from the bed and made my way towards the river. I envisioned
myself jumping in and drowning. I had made it half-way to the river-bed when I tripped on a bush and
fell heavily on my face. Due to my general poor health and lack of food, I could not lift myself up
again. Only with a tremendous amount of effort, I turned and lay on my back. Miraculously, I fell
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 10

In that wonderful sleep I dreamt that a man with a beard and a blue piece of cloth wrapped on his head
took my hand and led me to two big doors. Although I could no see the man, he appeared to radiating
grace and elegance. With his hands he pushed open the doors. A ball of white light immediately
engulfed me and with a jerk lifted me a few feet out of my body. The jerking movement woke me up. I
was breathing slowly and deeply. I felt light and joyful. To my joy, I realized I was still hovering
slightly above my body. I had heard several times from the village pundits that the soul was an entity
distinct from the body, but I had given it as much thought as I suspect they did. But that day in an
instant my life changed. I cannot express the relief I felt at the thought that this deformed and rotten
body was not me.

Since then, my life had revolved around getting that sensation back. I have tried all the methods that I
have heard about to gain that light feeling. But even though I have become still inside, and can listen to
myself and nature more easily, that wonderful feeling never graced me. Most of my days were still spent
drowned in thought and depression.

But that darshan day felt different. I couldn't go back to sleep no matter how hard I tried. Finally at
dawn, I got out of bed and looked out of the window. The sun had just risen making everything golden.
The birds and the wind were joyfully singing songs of love. I stood there for a long time bathing in
freshness. And for the first time in about twelve years I decided to go for a walk during daylight. I was
an avid walker once but the horrified looks of a boy who had accidently seen me had locked me inside.
But that day, all that didn't matter.

I felt a trace of life in me. I spent the whole day seeped in nature and waiting for something to happen.
At the end of the day, I was more surprised than disappointed that nothing had happened. I lay on my
bed and dozedoff.

In my dream, the same man with a blue turban appeared again. This time he held me by my hand and
took me to the river. He signaled me to go into the water. I went in. I looked at my reflection in the
water and with a shock realized that I had been cured. I looked for the man but he had entered a hut. I
ran and knocked on his door. No answer. I knocked again... With a start I woke up. Someone was
knocking at my door. I opened the door and saw a sight that filled me with wonder and awe.

There stood a middle-aged man at the door. He had a small bundle of what appeared to be books and
clothes on one shoulder, and a box which appeared to be a case for a musical instrument on the other
shoulder. And a few steps behind him, stood the man from my visions. He was wearing a yellow robe,
wooden slippers and a blue turban. Although His robe was faded and old, He looked like a king of all
kings. Although His beard was mostly white, His face was filled, nay, overflowing with youthfulness.
Although His eyes were half-closed and hidden in the dark, a thousand suns could not match their
brilliance; a thousand moons could not match their serenity; a thousand kings could not match their

Instinctively I sank to my knees and bowed. Without a word they both entered my hut and sat on the
bed. I was quite dumb-founded and tongue-tied. I just kept staring at Him. At times, I would quickly
glance at His face, but it proved to be too intense an experience for me and I would quickly revert my
glance back to His feet. I wanted to say words of welcome, I wanted to thank Him for being there, I
wanted to ask for forgiveness for my sinful being, but my throat would not, could not form words.

With His signal, the man with the instrument opened it up and started playing it. Ah, the wonderful
music captivated me. Then ... He sang. The song entered me, nay, flooded and imprisoned me. I drank
His song and lost my thirst. His song opened the dam of tears in me and I wept. With One note of His
song, He gave me enough to fill my life, With one note of His song, I was drenched in bliss. With one
note of His song, my thoughts ceased. With one note of His song, my soul separated from the pained
and diseased body.

He sang about light. He sang about darkness that enveloped me. He sang about the world within. He
sang about sorrow-less and death-less truth. He sang about sorrows and death of untruth. He sang
about becoming truth. He sang about merging within. He sang about the wonderful naam. He sang
about the blissful naami. He sang about One, One, One, One, One, One, One, One ....
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 11

After songs there was songs of silence. I was in freedom. My beard was literally drenched with tears of
repressed emotions. Without a word, His companion filled a bowl he was carrying with water from my
water pitcher and started reciting verses. Whereas the songs were rapped in love and longing, the
verses were wrapped in wisdom and One's greatness. I listened. I felt wise and clean. For the first time
in my life I felt pure. At that time everything was pure, my clothes, my hut, the forest around. Blessed
was my bed which was serving them - the angels of One.

How fortunate was His companion. Throughout the songs and recitation the companion gazed at His
face with an intent of a child looking at his mother. I found myself gazing at His companion's face.
Whereas His face was like the sun - much too bright for me - His companion's face resembled the
moon. It was quite a moment. I, staring at the moon, the moon staring at the sun and the sun focused
on the One. The companion finished the verses, took the bowl of water to His feet and dipped His toe in
the water. The companion motioned me to drink the water. To my surprise, it was sweet. I gulped it
down. Never had I tasted such contentment. I felt intoxicated. I felt I belonged to Him and He to
me. I felt His love, His grace, I felt Him in me.

He leaned towards me, and in my ear whispered "Wahe Guru". A thousand bright suns dawned in me, a
thousand blissful winds blew in me, a thousand colorful flowers bloomed in me, a thousand joyful
fountains sprang up in me, a thousand celestial chords played within me, a thousand angels sang in me.
All the suns, winds, flowers, fountains, chords, angels sang waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru
waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru
waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru ...

Sunlight on my face brought me back to this world. They had departed. A pain shot through my body at
seeing the bed empty. For a moment I wanted to run and find Him, but the quietness of the trees told
me they had gone far. Slowly I got up from the spot in which I had spent the whole joyful night. What
a night, I thought; the trees were certainly justified in singing about spring. He was spring.

For a brief moment I thought this was all a dream. Perhaps I was still in a dream. But instantly I
realized this was real - on the bed lay a small book. With excitement, I picked it up. It was the verses
His companion had recited. Although I didn't know the language it was written in, I still could read it
because it was in a language similar to one I knew. And the verses written were the same ones His
companion had recited and they were deeply embedded within me. I quickly read the first page. I
turned the page. My heart missed a beat. It wasn't the book but the sight of my hand. It's sores were
dry. I carefully put the book back on the bed and with trembling hand and heart examined my body.
Yes, all my sores were either dry or were getting dry. He had cured me. He, the angel of the One had
cured me. He had come to my unclean abode and purified me. Tears welled up in me when I thought
of His mercy. Me, a sinner's sinner, an unclean, nay, filthy untrue animal had been touched by His

I bowed to the book, I kissed it and I lovingly pressed it to my heart.

2.2 The Ultimate Goal

A man was travelling on his path he was determined to reach his ultimate goal. Along the way he started
feeling hungry. He now had a new goal : To eat, he also felt thirsty so he left his original path and
started walking towards the river. Reaching the river he thought it's best to wash my hands before
eating or drinking - yet another goal. So he bent down. The river was still he could see a golden
bracelet deep down. All of a sudden he forgot his hunger and thirst, he forgot about washing his hands
and thought only of possessing the golden bracelet. He jumped into the water but couldnt find it, a
passer by saw him jumping in and out of the river and asked why. The passer by said 'O Friend, the
bracelet is not in the river it's high up on the branches of the tree, you are chasing the reflection!' The
man now had yet another goal to climb the tree . . . and so on.

Morale: Guru Sahib has said othe purpose of our life is spiritual - to become enlightened. Sikhi is the
path our ultimate goal is Waheguru ji. Like the man in the story we set off on the path but get distracted
by one thing after another and waste our precious time.
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 12

Guru Arjun Dev ji says 'Gobind milan kee eh teree baria,' 'it's your turn to meet the World Protector'

2.3 Heaven and Hell

Guru Arjun Dev ji sung

Amrit priya bachan tuhare.

Raj na chaho, Mukat na chao
Man preet charan kamalareh.

Your words are nectar,

I don't desire Kingdom (Raaj) and I don't want Liberation (Muktee)
my mind (only wants) the love of your lotus feet'.

People think Muktee is the thing to get, i.e salvation or liberation or freedom from the bonds of the
world. People want heaven where they meet all there relatives and have the house and garden they
always dreamed about. But Guru Arjun Dev ji is light years ahead of that stage and sings:

Man preet charan kamalareh

my mind (only wants) the love of your lotus feet.

But isn't having the love of Guru ji's lotus feet the same as heaven or mukti?

No, a giani jee gave the following example : it's like a little boy who's lost in a shopping mall. At first
he loved spending hours in the toy shop, then he really wanted to go to the sweet shop and eat all the
chocolates. In the end he started crying because he wanted his mummy. He ran past the sweet shop, he
ran past the toy shop, the only important thing was finding his mummy and she'd pick him up and hug
him to the chest.

Sikhi is not about going to heaven or hell (the shops), but about going back to sit in Gurdev-Pita Guru
Nanak Ji's fatherly laps, it's about being absorbed in the lovelight of Guru jis Lotus feet. And being
absorbed in the love of God's Lotus Feet is to do naam simran with humility and love.

2.4 The Village Of Children

This sakhi is an adaption of one of Baba Isher Singh jee's audio tape saakhis.

Something about the village graveyard set it apart. During my travels I had seen literally hundreds of
graveyards. Usually graveyards are somber and somewhat resigned under the weight of death. But this
one was different: besides been well-kept - which in itself was not unusual - it was designed more like a
garden of life than a cradle of death.

What set it truly apart was the cheerfulness of its structure. Its' shady trees and sunny flowers
seductively invited me in. Graveyards were my favourite resting places. It seemed that as soon as one
exited a womb, Maya (worldy attractions) became a human's sole companion until the gates of a
graveyard. Perhaps it was the absence of Maya in such places that kept my hopes of enlightenment

I had left home when I had turned twenty. Although I didn't know it then, I had set out to find a place
free of illusions. I had travelled to majestic temples, sober ashrams, holy rivers, renowned sadhus and
any other religious place I had been told about, yet my mind was as restless as it was when I had first
started. The holy places and the holy people at these places were among the most devout followers of
Maya. After more than twelve years of searching, I had given up hope and had reluctantly decided to
return home and begin a worldly life. It was on my journey home that I came upon this unusual village
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 13

Although it was only mid-morning, I gave in to the cry of my aching muscles and entered the graveyard
through a small wooden door. I put down my knapsack and looked at some of the tombstones. The
tombstones entries always reminded me of my transitory place on earth. But this graveyard was full of
surprises. There were three entries on each stone: name of the deceased person, the year of birth and
instead of the usual 'death of year' the third entry was 'years of life'. Even more peculiar was that the
'years of life' entries were usually well under twenty. Although it took me all morning, I visited each
and every tombstone; and to my utter astonishment, I could not find any 'years of life' over thirty. The
most common entry was between ten and twelve. And there were quite a few with zero years of life. I
was a curious person by nature (otherwise I would not have been here) and I had seen my share of
amazing places. But this place truly mystified me. I decided to look up this "village of children".

I walked about a mile to the village gate. I was surprised to see people of all ages in the village
courtyard. The villagers were extremely friendly. They came and not unlike children, touched and
greeted me, and offered me all sorts of refreshments and foods. I was quite overwhelmed by their
attention and love. Almost all of the villager's manners resembled the innocent nature of children. Even
their faces were quite smooth and somewhat glowed with purity.

There was a group of elders sitting around an old banyan tree. I decided to ask them about this heavenly
place. I approached the men. They greeted me warmly and at an appropriate time I asked: "Respected
sirs, I have seen many places and many people. But even at the most holiest of these places I could not
find the life and love that pervades this place. Perhaps I am in a dream...", I trailed off. They all
smiled. I hurriedly continued, "I would very much like it if you would kindly explain this rather
peculiar place. I was also very intrigued by the graveyard at the entrance of the village. Is it where you
bury your young ones?"

After a short pause, the most elderly man spoke: "Traveller, you look like a man who would benefit
much from the story I will tell you. Listen carefully and it will change your life." All the men around
sat attentively. All the villagers within earshot came and sat to hear the old man speak.

He began, "My grandfather was the Kazi of this village. Each morning, well before sunrise, he would
call out to the people and to the heavens with his namaaz (muslim call to prayer). One such morning he
was in midst of his prayer when he heard music from the outskirts of the village. He was a devout
muslim and was quite horrified to hear music at such a holy hour. He immediately sent some of his
followers to put an end to this paganism. But to his surprise, none of them came back. The music
meanwhile continued. After a long wait he himself decided to put an end to this unholy activity. So,
quite angrily, he strode towards the music. But the closer he got, the more he realized that it wasn't his
anger that was responsible for his hurried strides, rather it was the exquisite beauty in the music.
Finally when he got close enough to see the music makers, not only did his body lose the ability to
move, his mind too stopped the madman's dance it had been doing since his birth. He literally stood
rooted to a spot for the duration of the recital. The music cast a spell on him. He travelled inwards to
subtle places he had read about only in the scriptures. He would often look back at that moment and
dreamily acclaimed, "I drank life to the fullest during those hours".

There was a long pause during which the story teller and the story listeners let the stillness of the story
enter the depths of their beings. The elderly man continued: "The music makers were the great Guru
Nanak and his companion Mardana jee. I am sure you have heard of him." I meekly nodded and
mumbled, "I have, but haven't had the grace of meeting any of his followers".

"That is perhaps why, my friend, you are here," the man prophetically said. "At the end of the recital,
my grandfather and all the others present simply surrendered themselves to the Guru. This was largely
just a symbolic act because the moment each of them had seen the Guru they had lost themselves to
him. Guru Nanak graced this village for three days and three nights. My grandfather named those days
the "stillness days" because he said it was during those days that he and others learnt about the One
found only within the stillness of the mind. We observe those days like others observe their birthdays.
Indeed those days were the birthday of the village's inner life." He chuckled, "If you are impressed with
the village now, you should see the love of the villagers in those fine days."
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 14

"But, as is the nature of the human mind," the elder soberly continued, "it wasn't long after Guru
Nanak's departure that the village started returning to its normal numb and dark existence. This greatly
troubled my grandfather and others like him who become Guru Nanak's and Guru Nanak's only. They
tried very hard, through teaching and preaching, to keep the message of the Guru alive. Finally, after
all normal means failed they came up with the following village tradition: Each villager keeps a diary.
It is mandatory that each night before sleep, each person make an entry in the diary. Even children and
people who cannot read or write have to get this entry made. The entry is simply the amount of time
during the day that was spent in simran or in seva. At the end of the person's life, the entries are
accumulated and that, my dear traveller, is the 'years of life' entry you see on the tombstones."

The story teller paused to let the magnitude of what he had told me to sink into me. He continued, "It is
perhaps that which allows us to be free with our love. We are reminded each and every day what real
life is. The time spent in simran or seva is the only life we consider as been worthy of been called life."

I travelled and searched no more. This indeed was the illusion-less place I was seeking

2.5 Planet Khanda

Life on planet Khanda is wonderful.

There are plenty of beautiful places to visit. There is plenty of beautiful music to be heard. And plenty
of songs to be sung. There is no death, people live forever. And the best thing is that people don't have
to work - well, actually let me take that back - they have to work but only for five weeks of their lives.

Let me explain...

When a person is born, that person is raised by the family until the person is mature enough to work. At
that point, the person is sent to work for only five weeks.

Well, work is not your 9 to 5 kind of deal; rather, the person is left on a beach which has many shells,
huge dunes of sand and many, many hidden diamonds amongst the shells and the sand. All the person
has to do is collect as many diamonds as possible. The hard part is that many of the shells glitter just
like diamonds. But with a little knowledge, they can be told apart quite easily.

Needless to say, the person's life after the five weeks depends entirely on the amount of diamonds that
person has collected during the "work" period. With the diamonds, the person can buy all kinds of good
things and live very, very happily ever after. The wise people don't even sleep during those five weeks.
They just collect all the diamonds they can get.

But then there are some whose performance, shall we say, is not up to par. Some of these people
become lazy and don't go to the beach for many days. Then there are others who don't go for an entire
week. And some don't show up at all! There are others also, who go once in while, but just fill their
pockets with shells and sands.


pyareoooo gursikho,

waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh

This story is our story. Yes, yours and mine. When our soul is mature - ie conscious enough, we are
sent as humans to dharam khand. Our main work here is to collect naam diamonds. Yes, there are
many glittering shells:
• fancy cars,
• expensive dresses,
• flaky stories like this one,
• hot debates about what naam really is,
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 15

• witty discussions about existence itself.

And many dunes of sand:

• lust,
• anger,
• greed,
• attachment,
• ego.

But with a little gurbaNi reflection, we can easily tell a diamond apart from a shell. But despite
knowing all this, what do we do? We goof off! We don't just goof off; we goof off big time!!! Each
moment without naam is like an hour without work on planet Khanda. Each amrit vela that we spend
without naam and in sleep is like a week without work on plant Khanda.

The most amazing thing is that we will read this story, some of us will get moved by it. But come
tommorrow amrit vela, we will hit that snooze button and drift off once again into dream land.

My pyari, pyari sakhio, lets *** WAKE *** up.

Not when we are 60 or 70 but NOW.

Start naam simran tonight. Don't wait for tommorrow - it might or might not come. Pyare, let's not
waste our precious moments on shells, lets get rich!!!!!!!!!

waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru
waheguru waheguru .....


3.1 Iron Clad Soldiers

Iron-clad soldiers were dragging me away....

Startled, I woke up. I was sweating and breathing heavily.

Then I remembered where I was. With relief I said out aloud, "It was just a dream."

Immediately my maid came and asked me if I needed something. I looked lovingly at her. She was
more than just a maid; she really was my best friend. She had known me for over twenty years now.

Quite alarmed at the sweat on my face, she said, "What is wrong, my queen?"

I murmured, "Just a bad dream."

She started, "You shouldn't have eaten that spicy food. That cook needs some sense..."

Best friend or not, I was in no mood for her gossip. I interrupted, "That will be all."

She gave a short bow and with a feigned hurt look, left.

I calmed myself. The dream had been so real!

I silently tiptoed into my little prince's chamber. He was sleeping quite peacefully. I went close and
softly kissed his cheek. He stirred and dreamily looked at me and mumbled, "Ma."

I kissed him again. He looked a lot older than seven years. He looked up and asked, "When is papa
coming home?"
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 16

Trying to sound confident, I said, "Soon, my child, soon."

"But Vazeer had promised he would be here by last month."

Vazeer was the chief minister and it was no secret that he was the one who was really running the

"Go to sleep, my son. Your father will be here soon."

He smiled at me and went back to sleep.

I returned to my bed and silently prayed for my king's well being. He was a gentle man and had
brought peace to the area after decades of bloodshed. But a few months ago, a small rebellion had
broken out in the southern province and it was decided to send soldiers there to break it.

The king too wanted to go. I had begged him to not to go, but Vazeer had advised that the king's place
was with his soldiers. I had given up. After all, it was only a small battle. To re-assure me, Vazeer had
sent all but a third of our soldiers with the king.

But now I was quite worried. The king hadn't written for weeks and just this morning in the court, a
messenger had come and asked me to send the remaining soldiers to the battlefront. I asked him why
the king had not written; he replied that the king was busy. But he re-assured me that the battle was
almost over.

I didn't want to send all the soldiers but Vazeer had said that it was absolutely needed. Once again, I
trusted him and did what he said. Only fifty soldiers remained behind.

I was about to go back to sleep when I heard a knock on my door. I was surprised and asked who it
was. Vazeer answered.

He opened the door. He had never been to my chambers before. I knew there must be something

"What is it?" I asked.

He was a man in his fifties. His beard was grey but his mind was the sharpest in the kingdom.

He replied, "Nothing, my woman."

I was shocked to hear his reply; all my subjects referred to me as "queen".

I raised my voice, "What do you want?"

Without replying, he came and sat on the king's favorite chair.

"You," he said.


He laughed. "You are now my queen."

I had enough of him. He probably had too much wine in his blood.

I called out, "Guards."

The guards didn't come. I shouted out again, "Guards!"

Still no one came.

01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 17

Vazeer softly said, "Guards." Immediately, two of my guards came and bowed to him.

A cold chill went up my back.

Vazeer said, "My dear, I am afraid, there has been a little change. The king is dead and has been dead
for a month now."

I screamed out, "You are lying!"

I ran to the window and shouted to the sentry. "Come here at once!"

They looked at me without moving. Vazeer laughed again.

"Please understand your position now. You no longer can command."

I looked at him. I clearly understood why he had insisted that the king go to war. It had been his plan
to have the king killed.

He softly said, "Guards, behead the prince now."

My body shook with fear. "NO," I screamed, "Please no!"

The guards started going to the prince's chamber. I ran up to them and tried to hold them back. One of
them roughly pushed me away. I fell down and with a loud thud, the back of my head hit the wall...


Screaming, I woke up. Instinctively, my hand went to the back of my head. Surprisingly, there was no
blood there.

The gang member sleeping next to me angrily slapped me for disturbing him. The slap brought me
back to reality. A sigh partly of regret and partly of relief escaped my mouth. I wasn't a royal queen,
rather just a street thief. I lay down again and thinking how real the dream had been, dozed off.

That night our gang busted open a jewelry shop. Unluckily for us, the police was in the area. Before
we realized it, they were upon us.

I ran as fast I could. I was at an advantage because it was night time and I knew the streets. After all, I
was born and raised on them.....

My mother had died at my birth. Of course, nobody knew who my father was; it is hard to keep track at
a brothel. Why my mother had chosen to give me birth is a mystery which I still haven't solved.

My mother's friends had more or less brought me up; my real friends, though, had been the streets and
the gang I had joined when I was nine years old.

I was now twenty two and was a wanted man in many places. It was a matter of pride for me to see my
picture at police stations. It always gave me an unexplainable exhilaration to walk by a police station
and look at my picture.

To date, I had never seen the inside of a jail. My friends told me I was lucky, but I told them that it
wasn't luck, but skills that kept me free.

But today I wasn't feeling so sure about my skills. I had had too much to smoke the previous night and
I was feeling quite disoriented.

My foot slipped on the pavement. I fell down and hit my arm heavily against the gutter.
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 18

I was still recovering when a police officer came and grabbed me by my neck. There was no hope now.
I would be badly beaten and would see the inside of a jail for months or even years.

I cursed him.

The police officer was breathing heavily. After a few minutes, he made me stand up and strip off my
clothes; right there on the street! I protested; he gave me a slap and said, "Do as you are told, sewer

I spat at him.

I felt his baton hit the right side of my skull...


I woke up with a cold sweat. Instinctively, my hand went to the right side of my head. Surprisingly,
there was no scar there. Then I remembered who I was.

I jolted up in my bed. That too had been a dream! I looked around. My wife lay by my side, snoring

I touched my face. It was covered with sweat. I tried to calm down. I got out of the bed and drank a
glass of water. I then looked at my children's peaceful faces. But my heart kept on beating wildly.

I was walking back to my bed when a paralyzing thought arose within me: "Am I dreaming?"

This thought shocked me so much that I sat down right there on the ground. I touched my arms and
legs. They felt real enough. But so had the police officer's baton and the prince's face.

Dizzily, I walked back to my bed and tried to sleep. But I was too frightened to sleep.

In the morning, my wife and children were alarmed by my state. I no longer cared to say anything to
them. Just the thought, "Am I dreaming?" kept eating away at my heart.

I didn't go to the farm that day. What was the use? It was not real, why did I need to do anything when
I knew it would soon end.

That day, I spent many hours in front of the mirror looking closely at my face. I tried to see if it had
any similarities with queen's and the thief's face. But none existed.

Everyone and everything told me I was not dreaming. But my eyes told a different story. I looked
deeply into them and saw only sleep in them.

My wife and children were greatly troubled by my low spirits and tried to cheer me up by talking about
the expansion of the farm which I had been passionately pursuing, but I couldn't help but laugh at them.

I looked closely into their eyes and I saw the nothing but sleep invading their eyes.

That day went slowly. I sat on the bed waiting for the dream to end. I no longer knew who I was. Was
I the thief? Was I the queen? Was I the farmer?

That night, my wife held me closely and tried all her charms to bring back her farmer. But I was too
frightened of the world and no matter how hard I tried, I could not open up my fears to her. That night
too, I could not sleep at all.

Next morning, my wife suggested we go to the temple and visit the pundit.

I beamed at the thought. My family and I used to visit the temple on the full moon's night and I vaguely
recalled the pundit saying that we were all living in a dream.
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 19

I could not wait to get to the temple. The pundit must know about my problem and would surely have a

Next morning, my wife and I walked to the temple. She was pleased to see me happy again.

But my happiness was short lived: as soon as I saw the pundit, I knew something was wrong. One look
into his eyes told me what it was. He was sleeping too! In fact, he seemed to be sleeping even more
deeply than me!

Greatly depressed, both of us returned home.

This depression only got deeper by the day. My wife and children were visibly frightened of me and
there was a heavy silence in the whole house. They talked in hushed voices and avoided me as much as

I wanted to open up to them and tell that they needn't be frightened - this was a dream after all, but the
truth was I too was deeply frightened. In fact, the lack of sleep and cleansiness had left such marks on
my face that it frightened everybody!

I spent my days in bed or in front of the mirror. Even though my wife forced food into my mouth, I
become weak and quite yellow. After five days, I was so weak that I had difficulty getting up from my

Depression hung over me like never before. That night at sunset, I did something I had never done
before; I prayed.

The pundit had said that all prayers are answered. Of course, I hadn't believed him then and I believed
him even less now, but there was no other hope. So I knelt on the side of the bed and prayed,

"O Creator, please wake me up."

I was quite surprised to hear these words come out of my mouth. I surely hadn't planned to say them;
they had just come quite spontaneously. I felt a little better and a little lighter.

My prayer was answered the next morning.

I was laying in my bed and I heard a man singing. He sang,

gurmukh jaag rahe din raati

sache kee liv gurmat jaati ||

manmukh sooea rahe se loote

gurmurkh sabat bhai hey || (m: 1, 1024)

"The Gurmukhs remain awake and aware, day and night.

Following the Guru's Teachings, they know the Love of the True Lord.

The self-willed manmukhs remain asleep, and are plundered. The Gurmukhs remain safe and sound, O
Siblings of Destiny."

This song struck an arrow into my heart. I felt truth in these words.
I knew the creator of this song knew about my state. It seemed that the singer was singing directly to

I jumped out my bed and barefoot, ran to the man singing this song.

The man was a middle aged man. He looked like a farmer. I ran up to him. He stopped singing and
looked at me. The first thing I did was look deeply into his eyes.
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 20

Yes! He was awake!

I hugged him and he hugged me back. His hug broke the depression within me and I started sobbing.
Without a word, he stroked my back. Finally, my tears dried up and I looked into his eyes again. It
would be wrong to say they were beautiful. They seemed so unnatural. I had never seen such eyes.
They appeared not to blink.

I asked, "Am I dreaming?"

He replied, "Yes."

With my breath held short, I again asked, "Is there a way to wake up?"

Again he replied, "Yes."

"Please show me the way."

An indescribale light I had never seen before flooded his eyes. He sang,

soea rahe maya madh mate

jaagat bhagat simrat har rate || (m: 5, 388)

"The mortals are asleep, intoxicated with the wine of Maya. The devotees remain awake, imbued with
the Lord's meditation."

I hadn't heard so much beauty before. His song was monsoon for me. I felt nourished and green again.

After that song, there was a short silence.

Then I humbly asked about him. His name was Sat Kartar Singh. He as a sikh of Guru Nanak and
earned his living by farming.

I briefly told him about my state of affairs. And asked him how I could become a sikh too. He told me
that he was a having a keertan at his house in a week's time and he would answer all my questions then.

He also told me start working again since working was a part of being a sikh.

I thanked him and went home and took a long nap. My wife and children thankfully hugged me and
with laughter, my life started again.

I eagerly awaited the day of meeting with Sat Kartar Singh again....

3.2 Good And Bad Actions


Here's a few sakhis that may help explain Dukh and sukh

Two shopkeepers had their shops next to one another. The Gurmukh (follower of the Guru's (Gur)
words (mukh)) used to go to sadh sangat every day and have darshan of Guru Nanak Dev ji do seva and
come home. The manmukh (follower of his mind's (man) mukh (words) ) used to go to meet a
prostitute. One day the GurMukh said come with me to the sadh sangat, after some persuasion the
manmukh agreed, on the way the manmukh remembered his prostitute and backed out of going to the
sadh sangat. He said I'm going to go to my normal activities but I'll meet you at the tree across the road
tonight. The manmukh went to see the prostitute but she wasn't there so he arrived at the tree much
earlier than expected. While waiting for the Gurmukh he started poking a twig into the ground. He
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 21

found a gold coin, he quickly dug more and more but he only found a pile of ashes. When the Gurmukh
returned he was limping along he'd stepped on a thorn. The manmukh said I do my dirty deeds and
get good luck you do good deeds but get bad luck. The Gurmukh said lets ask Guru jee to explain.
Guru ji told the manmukh, in your previous life you donated one gold piece to a Sant, for doing such a
virtuous deed you were to recieve the rewards in this life of many gold coins. But because of your
sinful deeds you burned your reward away and were left with your original gold coin. The Gurmukh
was told, in your previous life you killed someone with a wooden spear, in this life you were to be
killed in the same way, but because of your seva to the Guru you bad deed has been reduced to being
pricked with a thorn.

MORAL: The Pains and pleasures one gets in this life are heavily influenced by past actions, not just in
this life but in countless previous lives. When people suffer at the hands of others its because they made
that person suffer in a previous life. Most people will take revenge and so the cycle of making each
other suffer continues life after life. A mythical story to explain this is of a goat and a butcher. The
butcher would kill the goat in one life ,the goat’ soul would be reborn as a butcher and the butcher's
soul would be reborn as a goat. In the next life the butcher would kill the goat and so the cycle
continued. Then in one life the butcher received a customer who only wanted a goat's leg. The butcher
thought if I kill the goat and sell the leg the rest of the goat will rot away. So what he thought was I'll
just chop the goat’ leg off and bandage the wound, that way the goat will stay alive until the next
customer. Just as he was about to cut the leg, the goat spoke 'O Butcher, what's this new bad action
you're starting? Life after life we keep swapping roles to cancel our actions, but if you chop my leg now
and make me suffer in the next life I'll do the same to you and you'll suffer too!'

If this sounds too unrealistic then heres a true incident that happened to a very holy Sikh in the 1920's.
He was Bhai Randhir Singh and he had reached the highest spiritual state - he was one with Waheguru
ji. He was a freedom fighter and locked up in jail. The guards used to abuse the prisoners. but they left
Bhai Randhir Singh ji alone because they feared his spiritual powers. One night he had a vision of his
past life. He saw he was a prince in a hermits' cave. The hermit was in a trance and as frozen as a
rock. The prince didn't understand the trance and thought he should wake him up and feed him, so he
ordered his servant to wake him up. The servant shook him and called out to him but with out success.
Bhai Randhir Singh ji then ordered the servant to force open the hermits mouth so they could pour the
food in, perhaps that would revive him. The servant couldn't open the locked teeth so he got a rock and
smashed some of the teeth - this woke the hermit up - he was as mad as hell, he picked up his spear like
weapon and threw it at the servant, the servant got hit in the leg and later had it amputated. Bhai
Randhir Singh ji had the vision and realised Guru ji was warning him that he had to suffer in the same
way as he had made the hermit suffer. Next morning a new prison warden came to Bhai Randhir Singh
ji's cell with his guards. Guess what? The warden had only 1 leg! Bhai Randhir Singh ji immediately
recognised that this warden was the hermit in his last life and because he had thrown his spear and
caused the loss of the princes's servant leg he too had reaped his reward and lost his leg in this life.
Now what remained was that the warden had to somehow cause Bhai Randhir Singh ji's teeth to be
broken like the prince had done to the hermit. The warden wanted to humiliate Bhai Randhir Singh ji
and ordered his servants to feed him beef soup (he was a strict vegetarian). Bhai Sahib refused to eat it,
the guards grabbed him, so Bhai Sahib went into a trance and all his body was frozen as hard as a rock
and his jaws were locked. The Warden then ordered the servants to smash his teeth and to pour the
soup in, so they did. The Warden had no idea that he was just clearing a bad action from a previous life.
Bhai Randhir Singh ji was warned so that he wouldn't attack the servants or warden. If he had caused
them sufferening then he would have to be reborn so they could cause him suffering.

People ask why do religious people get suffering? They haven’t done anything wrong, they haven't hurt
an animal or even a fly so why do they get dukh? They get dukh because they caused dukh in previous
lifes. All these bad actions have to be cleared. When a holy persons actions and re-actions are all
cleared then and only then will they not be reborn and find a place at SatGuru ji's lotus feet in Sach

I was told that Baba Nand Singh ji, one of the most spiritually high people other than the Guru's died
from a leg infection. He used to take pain of other people on his own body so they would survive and
he would do simran and ardas to get rid of the pain from his own body. He could have easily cured
himself of the infection , he could even have taken medicine. But he recognised that he was reaping the
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 22

re-action of an action from a previous life and it had to be cleared. When it was cleared then he would
not be reborn and find his place at SatGuru ji's lotus feet in Sach Khand.

Bhai Harbans Singh told this sakhi on one of his kirtan tapes. A holy man was blind. When he got to
the spiritual state that he could see his previous lives he tried to find out why he was blind. He searched
back through 50 lives and there was no reason for his blindness. He went to see a Sant. The sant told
him to look back even further, he looked back to 100 previous lives and still no reason for his
blindness. The sant told him to look back one more life. He saw that 101 previous lives ago he was a
child tormenting a locust. He had a little twig with which he poked out it's eyes. He was now blind
because of that action.

Guru ji's have told us clearly, time and time again, that after death when we go infront of the Diviine
judge we will be judged by our actions. Some people will be called close to God some will be sent far
away (Karmee apo apanee, Ke neray ke door (Japji Sahib)). Every action has an equal and opposite
reaction. The reaction can only be reduced and eventually erased by obeying Guru ji's instructions like
the shopkeeper. I.e do as much Naam Jap (Waheguru repition) as possible, its like an eraser grinding
the spear into a tiny thorn. Do it for yourself and do it for other people.

All of the martyrs suffered terrible tortures -chopped joint by joint, sawn in half, scalped alive, boiled
alive but they remained in chard-ee-a-kala because they never lost their love for SatGuru ji's lotus feet
(i.e. carried on doing Waheguru repition). When a Sikh gets Dukh it's acceptable as good because it's
wiping away bad actions. If a Sikh loses love for Guru ji because of dukh then the Sikh has lost every


Sant Ishar Singh ji said everyone plans for the future. You study hard because you want a good job
when you get older. You put money away in a pension scheme so you have a good retirement. One
step beyond that we need to plan for our next life. What happens to us depends on our actions now. Do
good actions (karam) now and reap the fruits in the next life. (apeh beej apeh hee kao JapJi).

Their are many types of good deeds : give money in charity, help people etc but Guru Nanak ji says that
these aren’t even worth a sesame seed when your accounts are read. (Tirath tap daya dat dan je ko
bhavai til ka man - JapJi).

The real karam is listening and obeying the Gurus's teachings, loving SatGuru ji in your mind and
bathing in the temple of the heart (Sunnia mannia man keeta bhao, antargat teerath mal nao - Japji).


Baba Maan Singh ji said the steps to earning good karam are :


First you need a sense of sharam (shame). If you can’t even tell what is wrong and what is right then
you have no chance. A sex/nude scene comes on TV the youngsters sit and watch it, they dont get
embarrased even though their parents are watching too. Worse still the parents don’t say anything
either - no-one has a sense of shame. If you have a sense of Sharam then you need to follow Dharam
(religion/righteous deeds) by following the Guru's path you earn Karam good actions like seva, simran,
paat. These karams wipe away your negative karams and will cause you to go closer to God. Ultimately
if you do enough good karam your negative karam is wiped out while you are alive and you merge with
God while still alive (Jeevan Mukat),

Our actions decide what happens to us (karmee apo apanee ke neray ke door - JapJi) . Our actions are
our own - some will be called close to God some will be pushed away.

01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 23

karam dharam paakhand jo deesai,

tin jam jagaatee looteh||
nirbaaN keertan gavau karteh kaa,
nimukh simrat jit schooteh||
All the hypocritical ‘karam’ religion I see,
are robbed by Death while they are awake!
Sing the immaculate praises (keertan) of the Creator,
you are saved by even a moment’s remembrance.

Does this mean that we shouldn't get into the plus/minus of paap/pun? or, that even if you have a big
negative, simran will erase all of that?

Veer jee, I think you're right, I never worry about all the insects I've probably stepped on in the
day........I dont want to end up like a Jain monk sweeping the floor infront of me and a mouth mask to
stop me breathing them in. Guru jee is saying don’t get caught up in karam...better to be as pure as
practical and do kirtan and naam and always ardas for forgiveness. Even if we lived the perfect life of
generating no negative actions…never stepped on insects, never hurt anyone etc, we still wouldn’t reach
the Supreme Waheguru Jee until we sung his praises and repeated his naam. Any religion that focuses
on good and bad karam to the extent they have forgotten about praising Waheguru, is hypocrisy says
Guru jee.

Here are some of the things Guru Granth Sahib Jee says about actions:

• You shall reap what you sow. This body is the result of your actions. (Guru V, Jaitsri Raag)
• I have been separated from You due to my own actions, why should I blame others?(Guru V, Majh
• Why blame other people? I have to blame my own actions; As I have acted so are the fruits. (Guru
I, Asa Raag)
• On the soil of your mind sow the seed of good actions; Water this field with His Nam. (Guru I,
Sri Raag)
• Ignoramus, why do you blaspheme God, when you will receive according to your actions?
(Trilochanji, Dhanasri Raag)
• All people are under One Sovereign who holds them responsible for their actions. (Guru I, Basant
• Our acts, right and wrong, at Your Court shall come to judgement. Some will be seated near Your
seat, Some will forever be kept away. The toils have ended for those that have worshipped You.
Nanak says, their faces are lit with joyful radiance and they will set free many others. (Guru I,
• If you sing God's glory, all your undertakings will bear fruit.(Guru V, Kalyan Raag)

3.3 Guru Tegh Bahadur Jee Woke Me Up!

Has there ever been any banee that's gone right to your core? Woken you up and made you think 'I
better sort my life out man!'? Once I was in one of those low points of Sikhi, thinking lets take the easy
street to God and just day what average Sikhs do i.e. not much. Then all of a sudden out of the blue my
uncle blasted his brand new CD of Salok Mahala 9 by Bhai Harjinder Singh Sri Nagar Wale. The
beautiful banee wafted into my ears like Guru Tegh Bahadur ji himself was speaking to me with love ,
'you have not sung the praises of God....Gun Gobind Gahio nahee...' . And lifes never been the same...

3.4 Re-Incarnation And Transmigration

01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 24

With the theory of Karma is associated the theory of rebirth. It is based on the conception that there is
an intrinsic spiritual value in the soul of man, which guarantees its everlasting existence. Every creature
is an organic part of the creation as a whole.

The conservation of spiritual values is also based on this idea.

In Sikh Way of Life there are two distinct doctrines which fall under the category of rebirth. When a
soul passes from one human life to another, in its moral and spiritual progress, it goes on acquiring
human births till it acquires Nirvana.

Such a rebirth is a blessing and gift of God. It means God out of His mercy and compassion has given
us one more opportunity to fulfill our ultimate destiny and the seeker of Truth cries out, when He is at
His door : "For many lives I have been separated from Thee, 0 Beloved. This life is dedicated to Thee,
and Thy Love. (bahut janam bichre the madho eh janam tumare lekhe. Ravi Das panna 694).

Human life is an opportunity to rise to God and Heaven or fall into the hell of births and deaths. We
exercise our free will within the limits of birth and death in our pilgrimage to Truth. That is why human
life is called a very precious life (durlabh- manns-janam).

This reincarnation is in the ascending order till man completely eliminates rebirth. Through the Guru's
word is rebirth eliminated"( sidh gost ) It is "God who created lower lives and the cycle of births and
deaths."(avagaun tudh ap racaya- Asa di var) It is the path of thorns leading to the valley of flowers.

The Buddha is said to have passed through many births, stories about which are preserved in the
Jatakas, and Avadans. Guru Gobind Singh Jee speaks of his past birth "as a great Yogi meditating in
the Himalayas till His Spirit attained perfect union with God, and was sent as the torch bearer of Truth
and Dharma."(Bachiter Natik)

Every man can cut asunder the bounds of birth and death during human life, and attain perfection. This
hope is extended by the Sikh Gurus to the lowliest of the low, to every human being living on the
planet, no matter what his status, color of the skin or nationality and race.

The Chains are cut asunder, Rebirth has ended, The mind is conquered and victory achieved. .Adi
Granth, Guru Arjan : Bavan Akhari 38

Rebirth in the descending order is a punishment and a curse. The soul passes through animal lives
suffering untold agonies. As a beast of burden he carries the load of his sins, without any opportunity to
get out of his present predicament. This is transmigration avagavan. The wicked become victims of the
wheel of sorrow.( haumai hoi bandhana, phir joni pahi, Asa- Di- Var).

Extracted from Punjabi University article by Trilochan Singh Jee

The reincarnation article was very good. Just one clarification, although we all know this but I'll say it
anyway, in the article 'man' means mankind. Sikhi believes men and women are equally qualified to
reach Waheguru ji (someone told me in Hinduism you have to be born a man of Brahmin caste to stand
a chance of getting out of the wheel of reincarnation ...correct me if this is wrong).

Now onto the juicy stuff!!....there's a young Sant in India, he went to a house and recognised the picture
of the Sant on the wall. It was him in his previous life! He's collected 4 pictures of himself from
previous lives - each time he was a Sant!

Now if a Sant gets reincarnated 4 times what chance do i have Guru Jee? Dhan Guru Granth Sahib Jee I
do not want to be born again, kirpa karo jee :

'...the seeker of Truth cries out, when He is at His door : "For many lives I have been separated from
Thee, 0 Beloved. This life is dedicated to Thee, and Thy Love. (bahut janam bichre the madho eh
janam tumare lekhe. Bhagat Ravi Das Jee panna 694).
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 25

Whatever it takes Baba jee, whatever I have to do, bless me so I do it, Japio Jin Arjun Dev Guru Fer
sankat jon garab na a-i-o...Whoever mediates on Guru Arjun Dev jee does not enter births and deaths
through the womb again.

Everything belongs to You Guru Gobind Singh Jee, mun tun tera dhan bee tera ..mind and body are
yours, wealth is yours too Guru jee. Nothing is mine. This life is to serve the Khalsa, Khalsa is Your
Special Form Guru Jee..Khalsa mera Roop Ha Khaas... serving the Khalsa is serving You. Kirpa Karo
Jee so this kookar-dog of your Darbar-Court may serve them always and forever.

Vaisakhi is around the corner....time to stand up and give your head to Guru Gobind Singh Jee via the
Punj Pyare in the prescence of Guru Granth Sahib Jee. Jo To Prem Khelan Ka Chao Sir Dhar Talee
Galee Meree Ao. Whoever wants to play the game of love-bring your head to me on the palm of your
hand....instructs/requests/ORDERS Guru Nanak Dev Ji.

Now onto the juicy stuff!!....there's a young Sant in India, he went to a house and recognised the
picture of the Sant on the wall. It was him in his previous life! He's collected 4 pictures of himself
from previous lives - each time he was a Sant!

Now if a Sant gets reincarnated 4 times what chance do i have Guru Jee? Dhan Guru Granth Sahib Jee
I do not want to be born again

Well, Veer ji, let me offer two possible viewpoints here. Perhaps both are or could be correct:

1) Perhaps Sant ji requested to come back out of compassion for humanity during very difficult times.

2) When you get to the other side (and you are in that elevatd state of consiousness that I know you
will be in) you will see what a play this whole world is. Then you will be begging to come back,
fully knowing that you will have to suffer because you will see clearly how much you are satisfying
your soul and your life purpose by being in service to Guru Sahib, even as you are now. This is so
obvious from your posts, so please don't waste bandwith with a bunch of denials, telling us how
rotten you are. Could you do more? Of course, we all could. But sometimes we need to
acknowledge ourselves and each other for the little we are doing.

It was a beautiful day in May of '94. She was working, setting tile on the veranda of a mediteranean
style 3 story mansion. She had to start in the sevants quarters, basement bathroom, to show the quality
of her work. She managed to work her way up, to the top level bathrooms. From there she was given
about 3,ooo feet of outside decking to do. Now she was intent on making one of those special custom
cuts. She never reallly understood her motivation to do this type of work. It was heavy, and dirty, but
beautiful when it was finished, rewarding in that way, and it lasted, much longer than housework. Still,
since she worked in a family buisness, she never had been payed directly before, in fact this was the
first time, she was working with a close family friend. Over the years though, she tried to perfect her
craft into an art,for her personal satisfaction, as well as to please the clientele. And at last, it was paying

All day the workers had been laying bricks for the back patio, her tile saw was filled with yellow, brown
brick dust. She could hear the waves gently lapping across the street, the ocean was an incredible color
of blue, the cypress trees a deep green, with a pale spanish moss hanging from them. The veranda was
sillouted with huge imported european balaster railing. She bent over concentrating intently on the
curve of the cut she was making, reddish brown water running off the tile staining her hands,when
suddenly... defying description, the field of her vision changed. Like light bending in a camera lense.
She was at the Nile, 2000 years before. She could see the edge of the river, soft muddy brown, flowing
gently by, and could hear and feel it it lapping gently at her knees. There were huge green rushes, and
she was bent down grinding tile.The sky was an incredible deep blue. Suddenly it all made sense. She
thought to herself, I just keep coming back and doing this, i've been doing this for lifetimes. I could
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 26

probably go to Egypt right now and fine some of my work that lasted trough the ages. Just then, a white
sports car came charging up the driveway, An incredibly tan couple, tepped out and began to inspect
the villa ( prospective buyers). IT happened again, She could see through the disguise of the soul, this
couple had been the owners of the of that dwelling she had worked on 2,000 years ago. She had seen
them often enough, strolling in the cool evening on the tiled walk,discussing, her work. Then
everything fell into place, the singh she was working for, he had been there too, as a fellow worker.
And the woman financing the project, who did daily inspections, She had been the overseer. They had
all been together before. She looked up and saw the couple, standing at the balconly , her long blonde
hair billowing out in the breeze, over looking the ocean. Did they remember too? Last time they had
driven a chariot with white chargers.

Ok, admittedly she had watched x-files the night before.. something triggered this memory..She rushed
off to tell everyone about it. On her way home, that evening as she left the gated community, IT
happened again, She saw herself in a woman, with long brown hair, driving by in a yellow compact
station wagon. There i go, she thought to herself, as she *felt* herself go by. 20 years before she had
been pressured to buy that car, well one that style, and that exact, uncommon, shade of yellow. Now
that was a flash.

She had always had a vague feeling that in a previous life, she had been egyptian. Of course something
much more exotic, than a lowly tile setter,. She had thought more a long the lines of high priestess,
capable of soul travel,,... After all, She was born in NILES MI. And she'd been given jewelry some 20
years before that was 2,000 years old, that had come from somb tomb,...a scarab ring, some ancient
rare double, jade and wheat, colored beads and ...an anubus jackal. But, to see yourself in aother
existance in the present. Now that was something to think about.

She reached the conclusion, that time instead of being linear, as we expeience it, is like a circle. Our
former lives, are not necessarily in the past, or in contiuim, but our past may be from the future. We
may be reborn into the past. And like in the michael j. fox movie 'back to the future,' we just might
bump into ourself, right in the here and now.

What does this have to do with naam? you might be wondering. Naam is the only way out of the circle.

Now if this lowly person, who is capable only of making mistakes, can experience this sort of
realization, surely a sant who has incarnated 5 times as a Sant, can see through the souls disguise and
recognize himself. Just as surely we can respect his word. And if one of our brothers make mistake in
the telling, surely we can forgive and try to understand his illustrative purpose in trying to get us to Jaap
Naam. Waheguru ji whaeguru waheguru waheguru waheguru don't think about it, that is a waste, this
human life is precious, use it to jaap naam. it is the only way out. waheguru wahegure waheguru


4.1 Ik Onkar Satgurprasad

Guru Gobind Singh jee was about to mount his horse, he suddenly asked the Khalsa that was standing
around to recite Guru Granth Sahib jee in the time it took him to get on the horse. IMPOSSIBLE!
thought the sangat, except for one Singh who did as Guru Sahib ordered, he got as far as saying ‘Ik
Oankar Sat.. , Guru Gobind Singh jee sat on his horse and finished off by saying 'Gurprasad'. Guru
Sahib explained the whole fundamental message of Guru Granth Sahib jee is : There is One God -
realised by the Grace of the True Guru.

Dont get mislead by anyone who says they are Guru Nanak Dev jee, nor by anyone who claims to be a
living human SatGuru, nor anyone who says for 20GBP they'll tell you your future from some cards.
Believe in True Guru Granth Sahib jee and no one else. Say to Guru Granth Sahib jee, ' You are my
master, highest, unparralled and most gracious, you look after all that sing Gods praises and all those
that listen to Gods praises, save me as well Baba jee'. Guru Granth Sahib jee is 'Jag dee Jot' the Light
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 27

of the World. Believe this whole heartedly without doubt, Guru Gobind Singh jee says 'Sabh Sikhan ko
Hukam ha, Guru Mani-o Granth' 'It is the order to all Sikhs to believe their Guru is the Granth '.

There's a Sakhi about belief: Bhai Bala jee asked Guru Angad Dev jee how come he became the
second Guru after doing only a few years of seva, whereas Bhai Bala jee had dedicated most of his life
to guru Nanak jee? Guru Angad Dev jee said to him,; Bhai Bala jee what did you see Guru Nanak jee
as?', Bhai Bala jee said' He was a perfect Sant in this world'. Guru Anagad Dev jee said,' And you too
have become a perfect Sant in this world'. Bhai Bala asked Guru Angad Dev jee what he saw, Guru
Angad Dev jee said,' I saw Waheguru jee himself in Guru Nanak jee and I was made Guru'.

In the same way, treat Guru Granth Sahib jee as the embodoiment of Waheguru jees light - perfect and
pure in every way, believe in no other man or photo then your love will take you to the Supreme light
where you are destined to merge in anand and happiness.

If one believes Guru Granth Sahib jee is merely ink and paper, but a man is necessary to bow to and
worship then that person is destined to be second best like Bhai Bala jee.

ik onkar satgurprasad,
ik onkar satgurprasad,

- keep singing this until you truly understand it.

4.2 Still Shining

It gets dark at night,

but has the sun stopped shining?

I switch off the TV,

but has the 24-hour station stopped transmitting?

In the same way,

I may close my eyes to God's existence, but God hasn't abandoned me.
Love and light permeate throughout Creation whether I accept it or not.

A Sikh shopkeeper said, 'You are lucky you have Guru's kirpa (grace) on you, wereas I'm still waiting
for it.' To which I replied, 'Guru's kirpa is on every single being, but because of our own ego we can't
see it. Like the same sun shines on everybodies house, whether it's a Christian or Muslim, Sikh or
Hindu. It's not the Sun's fault if we shut all the doors and draw all the curtains!'

Guru Granth Sahib jee says that between us and God is the curtain of ego. But this curtain is thinner
than a butterfly's wing!!!! Yet the whole world is suffering from the chronic disease of ego. All we
have to do is follow Hukam, God's order as in Guru Granth Sahib Jee and the curtain will be pulled

Kirpa is on everyone, don't blame Guru jee, blame ego if you can't see it. Guru jee has given us the
blueprints, we have to do the construction and build our Jeevan - Spiritual Life.

4.3 When The Dear Lord Grants His Grace



When the Dear Lord grants His Grace, one meditates on the Naam, the Name of the Lord. Meeting the
True Guru, through loving faith and devotion, one intuitively sings the Glorious Praises of the Lord.
Singing His Glorious Praises continually, night and day, one blossoms forth, when it is pleasing to the
True Lord. Egotism, self-conceit and Maya are forsaken, and he is intuitively absorbed into the Naam.
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 28

The Creator Himself acts; when He gives, then we receive. When the Dear Lord grants His Grace, we
meditate on the Naam. ¦¦ 1 ¦¦

Deep within, I feel true love for the Perfect True Guru. I serve Him day and night; I never forget Him. I
never forget Him; I remember Him night and day. When I chant the Naam, then I live. With my ears, I
hear about Him, and my mind is satisfied. As Gurmukh, I drink in the Ambrosial Nectar. If He bestows
His Glance of Grace, then I shall meet the True Guru; my discriminating intellect would contemplate
Him, night and day. Deep within, I feel true love for the Perfect True Guru. ¦¦ 2 ¦¦

By great good fortune, one joins the Sat Sangat, the True Congregation; then, one comes to savor the
subtle essence of the Lord. Night and day, he remains lovingly focused on the Lord; he merges in
celestial peace. Merging in celestial peace, he becomes pleasing to the Lord’s Mind; he remains forever
unattached and untouched. He receives honor in this world and the next, lovingly focused on the Lord’s
Name. He is liberated from both pleasure and pain; he is pleased by whatever God does. By great good
fortune, one joins the Sat Sangat, the True Congregation, and then, one comes to savor the subtle
essence of the Lord. ¦¦ 3 ¦¦

In the love of duality, there is pain and suffering; the Messenger of Death eyes the self-willed
manmukhs. They cry and howl, day and night, caught by the pain of Maya. Caught by the pain of Maya,
provoked by his ego, he passes his life crying out, "Mine, mine!". He does not remember God, the
Giver, and in the end, he departs regretting and repenting. Without the Name, nothing shall go along
with him; not his children, spouse or the enticements of Maya. In the love of duality, there is pain and
suffering; the Messenger of Death eyes the self-willed manmukhs. ¦¦ 4 ¦¦

Granting His Grace, the Lord has merged me with Himself; I have found the Mansion of the Lord’s
Presence. I remain standing with my palms pleasing to God’s Mind, then he merges in the Hukam of the
Lord’s Command; surrendering to His Hukam, he finds peace. Night and day, he chants the Lord’s
Name, day and night; intuitively, naturally, he meditates on the Naam, the Name of the Lord. Through
the Naam, the glorious greatness of the Naam is obtained; the Naam is pleasing to Nanak’s mind.
Granting His Grace, the Lord has merged me with Himself; I have found the Mansion of the Lord’s
Presence. ¦¦ 5 ¦¦ 1 ¦¦ P690 Guru Granth Sahib Jee


5.1 His Will / Our Ego

SOOHEE, FOURTH MEHL: All that happens, and all that will happen, is by His Will. If we could do
something by ourselves, we would. By ourselves, we cannot do anything at all. As it pleases the Lord,
He preserves us. ¦¦ 1 ¦¦

O my Dear Lord, everything is in Your power. I have no power to do anything at all. As it pleases You,
You forgive us. ¦¦ 1 ¦¦ Pause ¦¦

You Yourself bless us with soul, body and everything. You Yourself cause us to act. As You issue Your
Commands, so do we act, according to our pre-ordained destiny. ¦¦ 2 ¦¦

You created the entire Universe out of the five elements; if anyone can create a sixth, let him. You unite
some with the True Guru, and cause them to understand, while others, the self-willed manmukhs, do
their deeds and cry out in pain. ¦¦ 3 ¦¦

I cannot describe the glorious greatness of the Lord; I am foolish, thoughtless, idiotic and lowly. Please,
forgive servant Nanak, O my Lord and Master; I am ignorant, but I have entered Your Sanctuary.
¦¦ 4 ¦¦ 4 ¦¦ 15 ¦¦ 24 ¦¦ (p736)
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5.2 Children Of God

A blessed GurSikh was once asking me to imagine that I was with my dad and someone grabbed dad
by the throat then started verbally abusing him, what would I do?. Obviously I'd defend him. In the
same way whenever someone says something wrong or against Waheguru jee or SatGuru jee then that
person must be corrected there and then by the children of God - the Bhagats.

Now I understand why this blessed GurSikh always stands and corrects anyone who says something
wrong, wereas I would just let them get away with it and ignore it.

For example the other day, a man at the Gurdwara was saying 'O God does everything, he makes one
person do bad things and another person do good deeds. Even a leaf can't move unless God wants it to.'
Then he said, `thinking of these things makes my mind go bad!' (Meaning he'd prefer to carry on talking
about worldly things rather than God, and blame God for him not being that religiously inclined!). The
blessed Gursikh said, `God loves every single creature and wants the best for each of them. God is
Good and wants everyone to be good. So how can someone who is good ever make anyone do
something bad?'

He continued, `It's impossible. But man is such a fool that he doesn't accept that his bad actions are his
own doing, but blames God. Blaming God, insulting God, refusing to believe in God etc he puts up a
barrier between himself and Waheguru ji. This barrier blocks out the love and virtues which are
continuously pouring over us. Guru Nanak Dev jee taught us to sing praises of Waheguru ji so the
blessings carry on showering down.'

It is the duty of the children of God to always defend the Truth.

5.3 Hukam Versus Haumai

Giani Harinder Singh Jee was explaining in Katha that there are two paths in life. One is Hau-mai and
the other is Hukam. A person can only be following one or the other, not both at the same time.

What is Hukam?

Hukam is something so great that it existed before even the Creation and will still be in force after
creation. Hukam-ee hovan akar_.Hukam was given and Creation took place.

Hukam is something so great that is cannot be described. Hukam na kahia jae. By following GurBanee
we are following Hukam are lives will be successful.

What is Haumai?

Haumai is ego. To satisfy our ego we follow our desires, we do what we want. Haumai leads a person
into dukh. The person with no haumai has no dukh.

What this meant to me was do ardas to Guru Jee so that I may always follow Hukam and never be
pulled off onto the path of Haumai because my desires cause me to do things which *I* think *I* need
in MY life, but in reality lead me away from the path of Gobind__Charan Chalo Marag Gobind_.Feet
Travel On the Path Of God i.e. follow Hukam.

5.4 Horse And Cart

I've just been listening to a bit of Bhai Jasbir Singh ji's tape. He said Bhagat Kabeer ji said his mind
was like a horse, he climbed on it, took control and told it 'Go, Go - go to the dasam duar and go further
onto Nirankarthe Formless One' My life has been given to reach Nirankar so ride the horse to the
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Bhai Sahib continued, have you noticed the 'tandas' (horse and cart), occassionally the government hires
them all, so all the owners drive where they are told. They no longer worry about where their next
destination is or where their next payment is coming from. They are obeying HUKAM and their
worries have gone. When they were full of ego, doing only what they desired, they were always
worrying about what would happen next. When we stop obeying our ego and start obeying HUKAM
(as in Guru Granth Sahib ji) our worries will go.

Bhai Sahib also added, have you noticed the way all the drivers block up all the road with their horse
and cart, and people behind are so impatient they try to overtake, hooting and revving their engines.
The world has been destroyed because of this 'me first, me first' attitude , the guy behind overtakes and
has an accident. Now if they were all working for the government then they'd be no competiton, they'd
all be taken care of by their master. Follow HUKAM and Waheguru ji takes care of us, no need to
worry or to compete, be contented and free.

5.5 Karma And Free Will

The fact that man suffers for his bad deeds, or is rewarded for his good deeds inevitably leads to the
theory of Karma.

In Sikhism, the law of Karma according to which we reap what we sow is not inexorable. The burden
of our sins, the taint of Karma, the weight of all the past can be thrown off, by diving deeper into truth,
by the grace of God, and by leading a purer and nobler life.

This life, the human life, is an opportunity for this freedom to rise or to fall into the pit. There is no
determinism in our fate, if we rise above the level of Nature.

At the level of Nature or animal existence, we no doubt reap what we sow, but at the spiritual level of
existence which can be reached by moral and spiritual efforts and illumination, man attains his freedom.

It is freedom not only from the wheel of Karma but also from birth and death. Those who lead a purely
temporal life at the level of the sense, "their deeds follow them and they reap what they sow."( kirt una
ka metis nah, oh apna bijia khah - Basant 1183) "But the Guru's word erases the blot of thousands of
evil deeds of the past, and the greatest sinner can become the greatest Saint."(gur ka sabad kate kot
karma -1195) "Countless sins of the past life are washed away by the illumination of the Word."(kot
kotantar papa kare ek ghari meh khovai- Asa 438).

It is not a mere coincidence that Guru Nanak and the subsequent Sikh Guru's had the closest doctrinal
relations with the Qadariya and Chisti schools of Sufis which believed in free will in opposition to the
Jabariya Sufi school of thought which according to orthodox Islam, is based on complete dependence
on Divine Will.

The idea of determinism and fatalism is repugnant to the Sikh mind as it does not reconcile with the
idea of reward and punishment, nor with the doctrine of Grace and Compassion.

Extracted from article by Trilochan Singh Jee

5.6 Nice Cup Of Tea

Here's a little Zen story. A young man comes to see the master at his house, and says 'O great wise one,
take me on as your disciple so that I too may obtain the perfect state'. The Master said 'Hello Sonny-
boy - forget all that nonsense - while you're here pour some more tea in my cup - cheers mate' (In this
version of the story the Master is a Londoner!)

The disheartend young man went to the table and was about to pour the tea from the kettle into the
Master's cup when he said, 'O master your cup is already full', 'the Master said carry on pouring , the lad
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did as he was told and watched the tea overflow and wet the table and the floor, the man said
frantically,'O Master the tea is spilling everywhere shall I stop?'

The Master said to the man, 'Why do you keep questioning what I tell you to do? The cup was already
full and any extra tea could not remain in it. You too are full of your own wisdom and what I teach you
will not stay inside. If you want to learn the true ways then first empty yourself and come here ready to
be filled.'

Same with the Guru jee, he's told us to do something. We may question it think it's pointless like the
man spilling the tea, but the real point of it is that everytime we do it we show Guru ji we are his slave
and obey his orders and not our man-mat. Guru ji says 'Rehat pyaree muj ko Sikh nahee' Following
the Guru's Code is more important to the Guru than the Sikh.

So if the Guru's tell us to do it, then as NIKE would say 'JUST DO IT!' and prove to Guru ji you are
ready to be filled with divine knowledge.

5.7 Better To Die Than To Live Alone

Tulsee Das was a Hindu Saint and was blessed to write the Ramayan scriptures. When he was young he
was devoted to reaching God and he struggled slowly on this path. When he got married he was head
over heels in love with his beautiful wife, she became the sole reason for his living, everything he did
was to please her. One day he surprised her with a gift - she was overwhelmed by his love and said, 'If
you were devoted to God half as much as you are to me, I'm sure you would have reached God by now.'
The words struck Tulsee Das to the core and his earlier life of devotion came flooding back to his mind,
from that day on God became his sole focus once again.

Many years later when Tulsee Das was old and wise and respected by all in the village as a saint, a
Brahmin pirest came to him. He said to Tulsee Das, 'All my life I've preached and read the scriptures,
but I haven't met my Beloved Ram. Tell me what I should do?'. Tulsee Das said, 'It's very simple, all
you have to do is climb that tall tree and jump off the branch with full faith that Ram will catch you.'

The Brahmin was inspired and climbed the tree, he sat on the branch and looked down at the hard
ground below. No matter how hard he tried he couldn't make the leap. Many hours passed and the
Village HeadMan (SarPanch) walked by with a bag of money. Noticing the Brahmin he enquired as to
what he was doing. The Brahmin explained that Tulsee Das had said that by jumping off the tree Ram
would catch him. The SarPanch who wasn't a religious man quickly said, 'O Brahmin, if you like you
may have this bag of money, but give me Tulsee Das's blessing in exchange.'

The Brahmin didn't take too long to think about the offer and was soon off on his way with the bag of
money. The SarPanch climbed the tree went across the branch and with full faith in Ram he jumped
off. Ram caught him like a baby in its mother's arms.

Sounds too unbelievable to be true? But look for the deeper meaning, there's a very, very important
spiritual point to this story. I am like the Brahmin, I do my nitnem prayers and preach to people. I do
Waheguru Waheguru meditation and I follow the bits of the Guru's Shabad that I like and ignore the
bits that are difficult to apply. I follow half of the Hukam, God’s Order, and my life trickles away like
this then I wonder why I haven't met Waheguru ji. When my brother comes to me with a great business
opportunity my focus becomes how I can make lots and lots of money and in the background I rush my
nitnem and Waheguru Waheguru meditation. My life trickles away like this and I wonder why I haven't
met Waheguru ji.

But one day with Guru Ji's great kirpa, I hear the story of Tulsee Das. Now I realise I am like the
Brahmin, I have lots of things to live for and I am scared of dying. Guru Nanak Ji says 'I have no
anxiety about dying, and no hope of living.' (p20). Why is Guru Nanak Ji so brave? Because he has
full faith that Waheguru ji is looking after him 'SIREE RAAG, FIRST MEHL: I have no anxiety
about dying, and no hope of living. You are the Cherisher of all beings; You keep the account of our
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breaths and morsels of food. You abide within the Gurmukh. As it pleases You, You decide our
allotment. || 1 ||' (p20).

So in my ardas, 'Guru Granth Sahib Jee you have given your blessing like Tulsee Das gave to the
Brahmin. Give me full faith in your Gurbanee Words like the SarPanch had full faith in what Tulsee
Das said. Baba Ji may I follow your words 100% and if it kills me then I have faith Waheguru ji You
yourself will catch me.'

And dear Khalsa Ji, when you die while alive and are caught by Waheguru ji then you will be called
Jeevan Mukhat. While still alive you have obtained liberation. By dying to the Shabad one finds the
True Life held in the arms of Waheguru ji.

5.8 A Pound Of Flesh

There's a story about a saint who lived in his own anand, he cared about everyone and everyone loved
him. Another blessed man also lived in the same town. One day a childless woman went to see the
blessed man, she said , 'Ask your God to grant me a son'. The Blessed man went to the top of the
mountain and spoke to God of the poor woman's request. He came back and told the lady, 'God said
that there are no children in your destiny'.

A few days later, the woman came back full of joy and happiness, she was giving sweets to one and all,
the blessed man asked what she was celebrating. She replied, 'The Saint has said I will be blessed with
a beautiful baby boy, my dreams have come true!'.

The blessed man couldn't understand it, he climbed the mountain and asked God 'O Lord You said the
lady had no children in her destiny, yet the saint has granted her a son. How can he overule your
descision?' God replied, 'O Blessed Man, before i answer that, go to the town and tell the my children
that God wants a pound of their flesh.'

The Blessed Man spent the next few days telling everyone, they looked at him and ran away, no-one
was prepared to give a pound of flesh. Then the Saint met him and he told him of the strange request to
which the saint replied, 'O Blessed Man, go back to God and ask him from which part of my body he
wants it from.'

On top of the mountain the blessed man said to God, 'Only the saint was prepared to obey your
command, Lord. Even I was scared to obey it.' God then answered him, 'My Saint is prepared to die
for me, I am bound by what he says. My saint can overturn destiny, everything belongs to the saint.'

Moral of the story:

So many religious people want to meet God, everyone talks about whats right and wrong, some people
are blessed but they too have only given 50% of themsleves to God, the saint on the otherhand has
given everything to God.

In the news last night, there was a big debate about letting homosexuals becoming ordained as priests.
A Bishop was preaching that they were loving christians in a loving relationship and that their sexuality
shouldnt stop them from serving God!!!!!!!!!!!

Super ManMat or what? I thought we were supposed to obey God's Hukam whether we like it or not,
just like the saint was prepared to give his flesh and if it meant he had to die then he would have. But
these Christians seem to have it the other way around 'I am homosexual, I dont see why I should
change, I know lets change the religion'!

Same way in Sikhi, we are blessed with amrit, but some of us find it hard to keep our head covered or to
wear a normal kirpan, we find it hard to avoid eaing meat and eggs.......We find so many things difficult
that we say 'It's ok to wear a necklace kirpan, we say it's Ok to go to work without any head covering,
and we have desire to eat meat and eggs in us so we justify it as best as we can'. We are blessed with
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amrit, but we haven't given our head. WE WILL NOT CHANGE, BUT WE WILL CHANGE THE

And what's the end result.........have you 'seen' God? No? Well you must still be doing something
wrong. Still further to travel my friend, alot further to travel.


6.1 Why Were The Guru’s Born Into The World?

Bhai Vir Singh explained the Guru's were one with God, but were born again into this world not
because of their actions being outstanding. They came for a different reason from mere fools like me.
Like in a prison there are prisoners and governers. Both occupy the same premises (i.e. this world) but
are there for totally different reasons and with different rules. Guru Sahibs came to free us fools from
our chains to the 5 enemies.

6.2 Is Guru Nanak God?

Are God and Guru Nanak ji separate or the same? My limited understanding thinks of Waheguru ji as a
limitless ocean and Guru ji as a wave. They are one and the same yet they are different. It wrong to say
the wave is the complete ocean. Guru Gobind Singh ji says that the person who calls him God will go to

Blessed Gursikhs speak of having Guru Nanak Dev ji's darshan. They talk about making one's body
and mind pure so that Guru Nanak Dev ji will place his lotus feet in you. They meditate and see the
light of Akal Purakh, inside which they are blessed with Guru ji's Darshan. The say Guru Nanak ji is
God, and Guru Nanak ji was all the Guru Sahibs.

Baba Nand Singh ji was sitting at the back of the empty gurdwara and being in a state of anand called
over his friend the Ragi musician. He said ‘I'm going to give you Guru Nanak Dev ji's darshan. And
like a father takes his newborn son outside and holding him in his arms says 'look son - THE MOON',
Baba Nand Singh ji hugged the Ragi ji and said'behold Guru Nanak ji in Guru Granth Sahib ji.

Guru Granth Sahib ji says '

The Embodiment of Light, the Lord Himself is called Guru Nanak. From Him, came Guru Angad; His
essence was absorbed into the essence. Guru Angad showed His Mercy, and established Amar Daas as
the True Guru. Guru Amar Daas blessed Guru Raam Daas with the umbrella of immortality. So speaks
Mathuraa: gazing upon the Blessed Vision, the Darshan of Guru Raam Daas, His speech became as
sweet as nectar. With your eyes, see the certified Primal Person, Guru Arjun, the Fifth Manifestation of
the Guru. || 1 || ' (SWAIYAS IN PRAISE OF THE FIFTH MEHL, page 1406)

A blessed gursikh I know told me that when she was deeply, deeply in a state of Vairag (sadness at
being separated from God), that she had one and only one thought on her mind, day and night, and that
was to have Guru Nanak Ji's darshan. One night guests came and they slept in the bedrooms and the
Gursikh took the couch downstairs. Lying down, under the covers, in the dark room her meditation, her
desparation reached a peak. Blinding, powerful light and love burst open inside her mind - it was Guru
Nanak Dev ji's radiance. Afterwards she noticed that she had sweated profusely because of Guru ji's
awesome power.

" BHAIRAO, FIFTH MEHL: The True Guru has listened to my prayer. All my affairs have been
resolved. Deep within my mind and body, I meditate on God. The Perfect Guru has dispelled all my
fears. || 1 || The All-powerful Divine Guru is the Greatest of all. Serving Him, I obtain all comforts.||
Pause || Everything is done by Him. No one can erase His Eternal Decree. The Supreme Lord God, the
Transcendent Lord, is incomparably beautiful. The Guru is the Image of Fulfillment, the Embodiment
of the Lord. || 2 || The Name of the Lord abides deep within him. Wherever he looks, he sees the
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Wisdom of God. His mind is totally enlightened and illuminated. Within that person, the Supreme Lord
God abides. || 3 || I humbly bow to that Guru forever. I am forever a sacrifice to that Guru. I wash the
feet of the Guru, and drink in this water. Chanting and meditating forever on Guru Nanak, I live. || 4 ||
43 || 56 || " (Guru Granth Sahib jee panna 1152)

There is absolutely no doubt in this, but only a rare person embraces love for the Guru Nanak. God
and Guru have two forms but they have the same one light. It is by the word that mortal attains to the
union with God.

The mind is in the body, and the True Lord is in the mind
(Guru Granth Sahib jee panna 686)

The above seem to equate Guru Ji with God. Guru Gobind Singh Ji forbade the Sikhs to make any such
claims. We love our Guru Ji very much, which is understandable, but we should not cross the lines set
for us.

You are quite right , Guru Gobind Singh did say those very words. But, Siri Guru Granth Sahib Ji also
says "Oh mystery of mysteries, and that which nobody sees, that I and my Guru (meaning God) are

You see, Sikhi teaches there is only One Guru, and it is That Guru which shines in the eyes of our
SatGuru (s) from Guru Nanak Dev Ji Sahib through all Ten Nanaks, and through Siri Guru Granth

The human SatGuru is "just a man" and yet this "man" is completely surrendered to Guru Ji, empty of
Haumai and becomes a Perfect Mirror of The Wonderous Destroyer of Darkness.

When I look into the eyes of the Guru , when I hear His Words, there is NO MAN THERE, there is
only the Ocean that Is Vaaheguruuuu. This is what the brother meant.

This is a profound mystery that you will find ALL of the SIkh Gurus, all of the Baghats and Saints in
Siri Guru Granth Sahib Ji mention. Just as Kabir Ji Sahib said "no-one knows this mystery, how I and
my Guru are One" , we say that along with them.

We celebrate a totally and completely Surrendered and Realized Soul joined and undifferentiated from
Ikoankar SatNaam Siri Vaaaheguruuuuu, in that Union we don't see the man Nanak, nor Gobind Singh,
but a mortal man who's Soul/Atman has joined with Braman/Vaheguru and has obliterated any sense of
self/Haumai and is lost in that embrace.

In our daily Paath we read that Guru takes millions of forms (roop) , and yet He is (aroop) without
form. Guru said this, I didn't ! And this is a wonderous mystery. I can look in YOUR eyes, hear
YOUR words, and look back at you saying Vaahhh Guru. . .Wonderous Guru, for if He is not in your
eyes, than cetainly he is not the the eyes and the Word of Gurus Nanak and Gobind Singh.

Much the same is Naam: Naam is Name of God, yet IS God, IS Guru, Is Gurubani, IS Naam, IS Guru.
The Light that is Vaheguru and the Voice that is His, is so bright that it pervades All Existent, there is
NOWHERE it does not exist , yet it seems to us that it shines brighter when we encounter a Soul that
has surrender his ego and merged with it , not blocking it in any way.

This , indeed , is the Naam (Essense) of which we Simran (Keep in Remembrance) , He is One ,
without an other , so how could it be otherwise?

There is a slight , but at the same time , HUGE difference , between someone praising the human
SatGuru Gobind Singh , and The Only One
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Who IS, the Wonderous Destoyer of Darkness (Vaheguru).

Guru Gobind Singh ji has said to us

'ma param purakh ko daasa, dekhan aa-eo jagat tamasa'.

I am the Supreme Beings servant, sent here to watch the world drama'.

And Guru Sahib has gone one step further in stating that anyone who calls him God will go to hell. In
addition one of my veer ji's has pointed out that God is Ajuni (not in the cycle of birth and death) but
Guru Sahibs had bodies that were born and died, so they cant be called God.

In 'Bandagi-nama' by Bhai Ragbir Singh (a must read for all naam travellers), Bhai Sahib says that he
has been amazed by the fact that every religion adores their prophet/teacher as the transcedental being.
They have lost sight of the truly supreme being, the Original Guru - Waheguru ji.

Guru Gobind Singh ji critises Hindus for believing Krishanji, Brahma, Shiva, or Vishnu are the
Supreme God. Guru Gobind Singh ji writes that Waheguru ji sent so many 'witnesses' to tell the world
about Supreme God, but each one got themself worshipped instead. That's why Guru Gobind Singh ji
was so adamant about not being worshipped as the Supreme Being.

So why do GurSikhs who've spiritually progressed refer to Guru Nanak ji as being God? Why did Baba
Nand Singh ji say that Guru Gobind Singh ji is God, and the verse about going to hell was Guru Sahib
being modest? Why does Guru Granth Sahib Jee say

‘O Guru Arjun, You are Eternal, Invaluable, Unborn, Self-existent, the Destroyer of fear, the Dispeller
of pain, Infinite and Fearless. You have grasped the Ungraspable, and burnt away doubt and skepticism.
You bestow cooling and soothing peace. The Self-existent, Perfect Primal Lord God Creator has taken
birth. First, Guru Nanak, then Guru Angad and Guru Amar Daas, the True Guru, have been absorbed
into the Word of the Shabad. Blessed, blessed is Guru Raam Daas, the Philosopher's Stone, who
transformed Guru Arjun unto Himself. || 5 ||’ (panna 1407- written by the bhaat (poet)and approved by
Guru Arjun Dev ji for inclusion in Guru Granth Sahib ji)

‘In the ocean of this Dark Age of Kali Yuga, the Lord's Name has been revealed In the Form of Guru
Arjun, to save the world. Pain and poverty are taken away from that person, within whose heart the
Saint abides. He is the Pure, Immaculate Form of the Infinite Lord; except for Him, there is no other at
all. Whoever knows Him in thought, word and deed, becomes just like Him. He is totally pervading the
earth, the sky and the nine regions of the planet. He is the Embodiment of the Light of God. So speaks
Mat'huraa: there is no difference between God and Guru; Guru Arjun is the Personification of the Lord
Himself. || 7 || 19 || (panna 1409)

I was always confused about God and Guru and who to focus on when meditating, if I focus on the
Supreme Being then I felt guilty that i'm not building any love up for my Guru, if I focus on my Guru
then I felt guilty that I was disobeying Guru Gobind Singh ji...and my whiole simran time was wasted
tossing from one focus to the other. But Guru Sahib is merciful,

Guru Arjun Dev ji explains:

'The Divine Guru is the True Guru, the Supreme Lord God, the Transcendent Lord; Nanak bows in
humble reverence to the Lord, the Divine Guru.' (page 262)

Meaning the Guru we should focus on is God, who is our Divine and Wonderful Guru : WaheGuru jee.
This Divine and Wonderful Guru is in the True Guru - in all of our SatGuru jee’s. SatGuru jee is
Waheguru jee but we meditate on Waheguru jee and love and serve SatGuru jee.

When starting any simran/kirtan/paat I always focus on Guru Granth Sahib, all pervading light - jag dee
jot shining equally on everyone like the sun without prejudice. Then I sing Wahe-guru with loving
adoration to Guru Granth Sahib ji. This brings my mind to humility and love quite quickly, then I focus
inside the mind, behind the forehead and say Wahguru mentally , taking the love and humility feeling
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and thinking of the Supreme ocean of love all around and inside me - flowing from Guru Granth Sahib

Guru Nanak Dev Ji prohibited people to even build any place in his memory, so calling himself God is
far from it. Similarly Guru Gobind Singh Ji said the people who will worship him or will call him God,
shall rot in hell.

I think the problem is that we think of different things when we hear the Word god. I guess most people
think of a being which is separate from Creation, perhaps overlooking it from a paradise called heaven.
And to say guru nanak was god means to most people that this being left heaven and come down to
earth to rome about with the creatures. But guru nanak ji never said he was that being from heaven, he
said he's that Being's Servant. So to call the servant the master is confusing. From the little knowledge I
have, when I hear the word God, I think of A supreme being, energy, light, ocean of love, supreme soul
(param atma)

This ocean is what we creatures are living , breathing, eating and talking in. A drop from this ocean is
in each of us - our soul (atma). Like a sealed bottle containg water submerged in the ocean. Our body is
the bottle and God is inside us and outside us. Our atma wants to get out of the body and merge back
into the param-atma, but our sins, the 5 enemies etc keep the bottle tightly sealed. We are separate
from God, although God is closer to us than our own hands and feet (bhagat Ravi Das jee). Now Guru
Nanak ji had a body too, but there was no seal, no lid, this supreme ocean was moving freely in and out
of the bottle. Once when bhagat kabeer was saying 'Raam, Raam' he found himself saying 'Kabeer,
Kabeer'. He did ardas and asked Raam (God) why this was and Raam replied 'Raam and Kabeer are
now one' (this Is in Guru Granth Sahib jee 'Ram Kabeer ek ha') and there was no difference between
saying Raam or Kaabeer when refering to God.

The Guru ji's walked a tight rope, they showed us how to love our Satguru. Look at Bhai Lehna ji's
love for Guru Nanak jee, Bhai Amaru ji’s love for Guru Angad Dev ji, Bhai Jetha Jee's love for Guru
Amar das ji, Bhai Arjun Dev ji's love for Guru Raam Daas ji and so on for all our Guru jee’s. Then
having loved their Saatguru ji's, they became satguru just as ‘Ram Kabeer ek ha’..One with God. What
Guru ji's objected to was what had happened in Hinduism i.e. people believed Brahma, Vishnu and
Shiva or countless gods and goddesses were the One Supreme God, when in reality they were just
Beings sealed in another type of bottle.

Guru Gobind Singh ji didnt want people to say he was God and forget the Supreme Being, the Param-
atma, the ocean of love all around, inside and outside. The ocean was in Guru Gobind Singh ji in all
the human Guru’s, in guru Granth Sahib jee and one day in you too.

But, none of them are the limits of the ocean, just a part of it. A part of the ocean is still the ocean.

Here are some questions and answers from a conversation with a blessed gursikh earlier today regarding
these questions.

Is Guru Nanak ji's path the only way to reach God, Or can Hindu, muslims, christians and other
religions reach God too?
To reach God is difficult. No-one finds it easy. Even the majority of Sikhs have not reached God
through all their kirtan, akhand paats, daily prayers, and Waheguru -Waheguru repetitions. Why?
Because only a few rare ones know what to really do, the others are the blind leading the blind. To
reach the One God, a person needs Karam (i.e. good divine actions), the only way Karam is gained is
through having Naam in your heart. Most people are so busy singing loudly and perhaps just as a show
to other people that the efforts are not accepted by God. The rare accepted ones have Naam residing in
their heart. They do simran silently, without tongue or body moving. They are not trying to impress the
world. God accepts their simran. This rule applies to all people regardless of religion. Only worldy
people see differences between one another be it religion or any other division. The ones who have
naam residing in their heart see everyone as one and the same.
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 37

Can people of other religions generate Karam through their own equivalent of Naam. For example, if a
Hindu was to do 'Ram Ram', or a Muslim was to do 'Allah Allah' could it reside in their heart like
'waheguru waheguru'? Would they then be acceptable to God?
Firstly, you shouldn't be concerned about what other people are or are not doing. Be committed to
doing Waheguru Waheguru in your heart, whether you are sitting with Sikhs or in a crowd of Hindus
doing 'Ram Ram'. The person who jumps between 'boats' is going to drown. Now in Gurbanee, Guru
Sahibs have referred to God as Ram many times. Even Bhagat Kabeer ji did 'Ram Ram' all the time
and he reached a high state of mind.

So you're saying that there's no difference between doing 'Ram Ram' for a Hindu, and 'Waheguru
Waheguru' for a Sikh?

No. Their is a difference. The Bhagats reached a very high state of mind, but the GurMantr
(Waheguru) that Guru Nanak ji brought to the world takes one even beyond the place where the
Bhagats reached.

What do you mean 'beyond'?

For example could Bhagat Kabeer ji physically fight against thousands of enemies? No. He did have
spiritual strength, but he was weak when it came to having physical power. Now look at the Khalsa like
Baba Deep Singh ji amongst others, could they fight thousands of enemies? Yes. They reached the
same spiritual heights as the Bhagats, but the Waheguru GurMantr took them beyond that. It is the
tenth form of Guru Nanak ji as Guru Gobind Singh ji that gives Khalsa this power. Guru Gobind Singh
ji even went down on bended knee to receive the Amrit that takes us beyond the previous paths.

Was Guru Nanak ji's basic philosophy that hindus should be good Hindus and for Muslims to be good
muslims, hence he never really preached for people to follow the way he was showing?
No. You can't rely on all Sakhis being true, sakhis have been passed from one person to another and it
changes slightly each time. Guru Nanak ji pointed out the mistakes that mankind was making and
basically said join with one God by building your karam, which is earnt by meditating with Waheguru
Waheguru in the heart. People followed Guru ji out of love, not force. The shere prescence of Guru
Nanak ji was enough to make all of a person's pains disappear. People were moved to the core when
they met Guru Nanak ji and followed out of love.

Is Guru Nanak Dev ji God?

Yes. But join with God. Guru Nanak ji has taught us to join with God & not him. When you meet God
you will see Guru Nanak ji is God, and within him you will see all of Guru ji's forms.

Why did Guru Gobind Singh ji say 'if you call me God you will go to hell'?
He wanted people to meditate on the Power that sent him into this world. He didnt want people to
meditate on him. But when you reach the Supreme Being you will realise that there is no difference
between God and Guru.

Should we worship God or Guru?

Worship God. Once a Hindu stared in humilty at Guru Nanak ji's glowing feet, Guru ji said you're not
going to get to God by staring at the Guru's feet. You need to get Naam to reside inside your heart.

Should we meditate on a picture, or on Guru Granth Sahib ji or visualise the word Waheguru, or
something other breathing technique?

Concentrate on the One Waheguru ji inside with one mind. Guru ji will lead you and give you the right
things at the right time. No one else can tell you how naam simran because they dont know. Look how
many people do Sikhi preaching or any preaching of any religion, but how many of them tell you how
to do Naam simran? They can't tell you what they havent been blessed with. Even the ones tell you do
it with this technique or that technique are fooling people just to to join their group. They real way is
do it inside your heart and have faith Guru Nanak ji himself will show you the right things at the right

Guru Nanak ji himself will show you the right things at the right time.
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 38

Any other questions?

No, thankyou very much, dhan guru nanak ji that he sends his devotee to answer my questions.

Finally, the most important thing to remember is 'ek man ik dhia-o' :meditate on the One with one mind,
then Guru ji will lead you himself.

During the last week, I raised a question of whether Guru Nanak Dev Jee is God and if we should
worship our Gurus or only Waheguru? I received many and all very wonderful replies. In this
message, I simply want to draw conclusions from all of those replies and write my own views.

But before I do that, I want to thank everyone for taking their time, to teach something to a person like

Now coming to the subject:

It seems a difficult decision to make as both sides have good points. It may be true that we should
leave it to our Guru to lead us to Waheguru. But also remember that Guru Gobind Singh Ji said he is
joining the Sikhs directly with Waheguru, so they shall not need any mediator. As one Gursikh pointed
out that we love other people, but if we analyze the relationships, than it does not have any meaning. I
guess I personally fail here. I tend to analyze things, and may be overlooking the important

To make the long story short :-), I would like to point out my stand. If our Gurus prohibited us from
worshiping them, I think we should simply follow their wish. They have given us the Shabad Guru, and
we should follow that. We can love our Gurus, and remember them, and learn something from the kind
of lives they lead. But we should form our relationship directly with Waheguru just as our Guru Ji
wanted us to. It is very easy to worship the Gurus, but I don't think if they will be pleased with that.
They will only feel that they too have failed on us, and we should not do that to them. We should not
let our emotions take over, and fail the purpose of their visit to us.

Reading the sakhis of Guru Nanak Dev Ji, I came across where Guru Nanak Dev Ji are conversing with
a Muslim who looks down the Hindues because they worship hundreds of gods and goddesses. Guru
Nanak Dev Ji told him that he too worships Moha(n)mad. The Muslim was not quite worshiping only
God. And Guru Ji told him that he was worshiping two not ONE, so what difference does it make if
the hindues are worshiping hundreds, they all are on the same lines. Making two from one, and then
moving to hundreds, Guru Ji said that it was the same.

Some Gursikhs have pointed out the importance of the Guru, using what is written in Guru Granth

Guru Gobind dooe khaRe, kis ke laagu paae...

(Guru and God both are front of me, whom should I kneel to,
I am ever a sacrifice to the Guru who has shown me the God).

I would take this as appreciation and love.

Above all, we should not forget that:

Hukame ander sabh ko, bahar hukame naa koee..

Everything is in God's will.

Even Guru Nanak and Guru Gobind Singh Ji's actions, their visit and their sacrifices are from God's
Hukam. We should not separate the two. We should also appreciate Waheguru for sending his
messengers for us.

On the other hand, some responses have pointed out the importance of Naam, and not consider Sikhism
as other religions. That seems to feel right. Sikhism is to turn people into Saints, and have relationship
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 39

with God directly, just like other Saints like Kabir, Namdev etc. did. Many of us may not be at that
level, but this life can be a start.

We can go on and on with this issue. But it really is a personal matter, and if the sincerity is there, God
and Guru will show us the right path.

Once again, thank you all for your responses. I am sorry if I offended anyone in this message.


7.1 Guru Granth Sahib Jee And Guru Khalsa Panth

Guru Gobind Singh jee said to the Khalsa:

“I have entrusted you to the immortal God. Ever remain under His protection, and trust to no one else.
Wherever there are five Khalsa assembled who abide by the Guru’ teachings, know that I am in the
midst of them. The one who serves them shall obtain these rewards - the fulfilment of all his heart’
desires. Read the history of your Gurus from the time of Guru Nanak. Henceforth the Guru shall be the
Khalsa and the Khalsa the Guru. I have infused my mental and bodily spirit into the Granth Sahib and
the Khalsa. “

(Dasam Granth)

7.2 Living Guru

My Gursikh friend took HUKAM NAMA shabad from guru Granth Sahib Jee at Stockton, California
and the topic of is Guru Granth sahib jee really our living Guru started. Those who believed that,
shabad from Sacramento and Yuba city.

The results were amazing, all HUKAMS were the same . The key is deep faith. .I dont recommend
others to try, it as it not good to ‘test’ the Guru - we are little worms who have to obey the Hukam, not
test the Guru!

7.3 How Do You Follow Religion?


Jo to prem khelan ka chao

Sir dhar talee galee meree ao

if you want to play the game of love,

bring your head to me on the palm of your hand. (the self has to die)


pilla maran kabool, jeevan kee cchaad aas

ho-e sabana kee renka tao ao hamaree paas

the first rule of dying is to give up all the hope's of life

become the dust of everyone then come to me.

Some people do ardas and ask Vaahi-guroo Jee for spiritual and worldy gifts, then wonder why they
didn't get anything. Disillusioned they lose faith in God! But we suffer from
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 40

'seva thoree mangan botha'

little seva but ask alot'.

Who should we serve? Guru Gobind Singh ji said if you want to please me then serve the Khalsa for
nothing pleases me more.

Hence, do seva of the Khalsa and become the dust of their feet. Then go to Guru Granth Sahib ji and
the Punj Pyare with your head(ego) in your hand. Go down on one knee and with cupped hands beg for
amrit naam. Do naam simran day and night, then do ardas with humility and love and see if Vaahi-
Guroo jee doesn't fill you with all the blessings.

7.4 Need Or Greed?

Dhan Guru Arjun Dev jee (meditating upon whom will release one from cycle of births and deaths -
japio jin arjun dev guroo fer sankat jon garab na aa-i-o), says

'Jo Mangeh Takur apany tey so-ee Soee devay'

'whatever is asked from the Master that is exactly what is given'.

In Hibernia Road Gurudwara they have this in big letters across the entrance to the Darbar.

I used to think this meant whatever you asked for in Ardas is what you'll get, but all ardas's don't come
true do they? So what does it mean? The answer clicked when my dad was watching a nature program,
some creatures have evolved to leave in extreme heat or extreme cold etc, and my dad said 'Jo mangeh
Takur apaney tey soee soee devay'. Even the animals have an ardas inside to survive wherever they are
and over time their ardas comes true. Even plants have a ardas to have the sun on their leaves, so plants
on my window sill start leaning towards the window.

Takur answers all true internal ardas of all His creatures and plants. So people may ask why didn't my
Takur answer my ardas? I was standing up with palms pressed together at the Gurdwara after having
done Akahnd Paat seva and donating lots of money?? That ardas was lip service - it was ardas for greed
not need.

Like when people do nitnem, but they don't understand and inside they really want to be out and about
perhaps boyfriend and girlfriends. Then their internal ardas is heard not their lip service. Good or bad,
whatever your real daily internal ardas is, will be heard and answered over time.

When someone does paat with concentration and love and their internal ardas is the same as Guru jees
words, then the supreme gifts will be delivered over time. And God keeps giving us gifts all the time,
`dida dey laday thak pai juga jugantar kahee kahi' (JapJi Sahib). He provides without ever getting tired
but we the askers get tired of asking!

The provider provides all the wishes .... the requester asks for all.

There is nothing wrong with asking for things because we always need things but unfortuantely we are
greedy, so we need to become content. In ardas thank God. Accept pain and sorrow as sweet rather
than complaining about things that went badly or Ardas's that didn't come true - everything is for the

Ketia Dukh bhukh sad mar

Eh bee daat teree datar
Countless Pains and Hungers continually strike
O Giver-Lord, even these are your gifts,.
(JapJee Sahib)

In ardas accept God's will and ask for the supreme gift of Naam and God's Praises. SatGuru Arjun Dev
jee on the hot plate lived upto the true words:
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 41

Tera Keeta Meeta Lagay,

Har Nam Padarth Nanak Mangay
Your Will is sweet,
SatGuru Nanak jee asks for the gift of Naam'

'Manganay mangan neeka ,

Har jas gur te manganay'
'Of all the Askings, the Asking supreme is
to ask the Guru for the praises of God

But God's Name and Praises can only be done if the basic needs are satisfied. Most of the Bhagats
were so poor that Bhagat Kabeer jee said to Waheguru ji, without food and shelter I can't sing your

Having a hungry stomach

how can I devote myself to You?
Take away Your rosary.
(Bhagat Kabir ji, Sorath Raag)

Waheguru jee provides.

Asking for house or car or a wife etc is not wrong, but why do people ask? What is the motive? Is it
going to get them closer to God ?

Bhagat Kabeer jee asked for these things so he'd get closer to God, most people ask for these things
because of selfish motives (status, to fulfill one of the 5 thieving desires). But then again Guru Arjun
Dev jee has said use Waheguru jee for your own advantage.

It's good people do paat and ardas and seva of langar and Akhand Paat for their own advantage because
bit by bit they might get to the state where they start asking for the gift of Naam and God's praises and
that will truly give them the Supreme advantage.

7.5 Thirsty

The Respected Giani Jaswant Singh Parvana Ji said to my friend, 'The Sikhi that Guru Sahib created
was so simple and straightforward, nowadays it's become complicated and confused'.

Why are we so confused? Because everytime we have a question or a query about Naam we ask 100
different people only to get 100 different answers. But I thought we were Sikhs and one can only be a
Sikh (learner) if there is an Enlightener (Guru). So why do we run in every direction when our Guru Ji
is right infront of us? Our Guru is the only one we need to ask. We will get one TRUE answer, we will
not be confused by the world.

Have some faith. Do ardas 'Guru Granth Sahib Ji You are my One and Only Guru, I turn to you for
guidance, You can take my hand and lead me out of this darkness. Guru Granth Sahib Ji, why should I
ask any Sant or Scholar for answers?...They only got their knowledge from You, So I too turn directly
to You. I am nothing, a poor little foolish ant full of sins, be merciful Guru ji.'

Then Naam Jap with One Mind One Focus 'Ek Man Ek Dhia-ia'.......hour after hour, day after day.....it
is better to die than to live without the Beloved.

When a person is truly thirsty they will run to the river with full determintation, no-one can stop them,
they have the One True Guide leading them. When one only talks about drinking they will stop and talk
and ask directions from everyone they meet...wandering about confused they may never reach the river.
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 42

7.6 Eat Little, Sleep Little

As far as I know, Guru Amar Das ji used to tie his hair onto a wooden peg a few inches above his head
as he sat cross-legged, so that if he fell asleep while doing simran his head would drop but his hair
would be pulled and he'd wake up. Baba Nand Singh ji used to sit on a plank across the top of a deep
well, so if he fell asleep while doing simran he'd fall and die. Basically because he'd rather be dead
than forget God's Name. There's a shabad about 'why did I fall asleep.'. Guru Gobind Singh ji said eat
little and sleep little.

Practically, I've tried doing things at the extreme i.e. little food, little sleep, I did get alot of blessings,
but ended up falling asleep at work and my body got too weak without proper food. The real thing is to
be a Khalsa - Sant-Sipahee. Healthy and strong like Baba Deep Singh ji and sharp and alert rather than
falling asleep through laziness.

The body is a machine, it needs sleep, exercise and food. To me `eat little, sleep little' means don't get
so lazy that you sleep through amritvela and forget God's Name. And don't get led by your tongue's
desires so much so that you lose your hunger for doing Naam Simran. (sacheh naam kee lagee bhukh).
But sleep and eat enough to be healthy.

7.7 Sorry To Announce That The Light At The End Of The Tunnel..

........has been switched off!!!!!

the giani ji was saying 'Without Preaching the Khalsa Panth will finish'..is it true? Punjabi speaking
people have thousands of preachers, trained all their life in India and Sikhi is still alive in Punjabi
speaking people.

But what of English speaking people...too few preachers know this medium, look at the Sikh
Youth..majority have no concept of Naam Simran or controlling the 5 enemies...they dont care about
Khalsa Panth.

...the light has been switched off for them, the Khalsa Panth is dead for them.

But all is not lost, The one who created Khalsa Panth, also takes responsibility in looking after it.

7.8 Sukh Asan

Everynight at the gurdwara when SukhAsan takes place and Guru Granth Sahib ji is respectfully carried
on the head of a beloved GurMukh, the rest of the GurMukh pyarios' sing :

Jithae Jae Bae mera Satguru,

so thaan suhava Ram Rajeh

Wherever my SatGuru comes to sit

that place becomes adorned

The dhol is being beaten, the shaneh (bells and symbols) are chiming, a group of ten children are at the
front, the rest of the Sangat follow behind as Guru Sahib goes to the Peace (Sukh) position (Asan)
upstairs on the bed.

It feels like Guru Gobind Singh ji himself is riding majestically by and the Sangat bow, applying the
dust of His feet to their forehead

GurSikhi so than bhal-i-a

La dhoor mukh lava
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 43

The GurSikhs go to that place

and apply the dust to their forehead.

Like when a luxorious ocean liner cuts through the calm sea under the summer sun and all the little
boats marvel at its splendour as he sails by. Then they feel the ripples of waves from the Ocean liner
and follow in his wake. Singing Wonderful Wondeful Wondeful Waheguru as all the blessings
washover them.

Gur sikha kee ghal the payee

Jin Har Naam Dhia-va

The GurSikh's effort is accepted

if they mediated on God's Name

The GurMukhs sing the glories of the SatGuru and God causes the world to sing the glories of the

Jin Nanak SatGur pooji-a

Tin Har Pooj Karava

Those who worship SatGuru Nanak

God causes them to be worshipped.
(Chhant by Guru Raam Das Jee)

Sant Attar Singh ji used to lie flat as stick (danda-aut) infront of Guru Granth Sahib jee for hours on end
just to pass all the blessings and respect people had given him back to Guru Sahib.

Guru Gobind Singh jee said 'nothing pleases me more than people serving the Khalsa.' Wherever Guru
ji used to go to eat, he made sure the punj pyare got served before he did. (This tradition continues
when Prashad is distributed first to representatives of the punj pyare i.e. 5 Khalsa then to the Granthi
and then to the Sangat.)


8.1 Beautiful Brides

Guru Arjun Dev jee has sung this :

Saant paee gur satgur pooreh

sukh upjeh vajeh anhad toore
taap paap suntaap binase
har simrath kilbik sabh nase
anand karoh mil sundar naree
gur nanak meree paij savaree.

The Perfect Satguru has blessed me with peace,

joy has welled up and the unstruck music plays.
My fever, sins and sufferings have all been destroyed
by remembering Waheguru (Simran) all my sins have been erased
Meet the beautiful brides of Waheguru and be in Anand (bliss)
Guru Nanak has protected my honour.'

To be a beautiful bride of Waheguru Jee - easy to say hard to do! To be a beautiful bride of Waheguru
Jee means one has to prepare the couch for the Khasam (Husband) to sit on. The couch of the mind has
to become pure and true by doing naam simran. None of the 5 thieves reside there anymore 'Sach
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 44

Khand vasai Nirankar' : Guru Nanak Dev jee says -In the realm of Truth (Sach Khand) resides the
Formless One. A Gianee at the Gurdwara explained that when your mind becomes Sach Khand then
that is when Nirankar will reside their.

And always remember

The truth is the truth is the truth :

My father Guru Gobind Singh jee says : 'Bole So Nihal - Sat Sri Akal'

Speak and be happy - Holy Akal is True!

Waheguru jee is true, Satguru jee is true, the 5 thieves steal your whole life away, but 'Khalsa soi jo
kare nit jang' Bhai Nand Lal Jee says 'the Khalsa is the one who daily fights (against these 5 enemies)'

8.2 A Sikh Of The Guru

This is a famous SHABAD but it is worth reading again and again untill it sinks in. See the Pauree at
the end of it for those who choose to ignore Guru Jee’s instructions.

FOURTH MEHL: One who calls himself a Sikh of the Guru, the True Guru, shall rise in the early
morning hours and meditate on the Lord?s Name. Upon arising early in the morning, he is to bathe, and
cleanse himself in the pool of nectar. Following the Instructions of the Guru, he is to chant the Name of
the Lord, Har, Har. All sins, misdeeds and negativity shall be erased. Then, at the rising of the sun, he is
to sing Gurbani; whether sitting down or standing up, he is to meditate on the Lord?s Name. One who
meditates on my Lord, Har, Har, with every breath and every morsel of food ? that GurSikh becomes
pleasing to the Guru?s Mind. That person, unto whom my Lord and Master is kind and compassionate ?
upon that GurSikh, the Guru?s Teachings are bestowed. Servant Nanak begs for the dust of the feet of
that GurSikh, who himself chants the Naam, and inspires others to chant it. || 2 ||

Now lets go through it step by step.

One who calls himself a Sikh of the Guru,

the True Guru, shall rise in the early morning hours
and meditate on the Lord's Name.

The Satguru's Sikh wakes up early. When exactly? Well, other gurbaNi tukks (verses) tell us "picchal
rati". That is last pehar (out of 8 pahers in a day). Which means at *least* by 4 am.

Once up, the sikh starts doing simran (meditation) on naam. Which is "waheguru waheguru".

Upon arising early in the morning,

he is to bathe,
and cleanse himself in the pool of nectar.

Then the sikh does isnan (bath). (Note simran should start as soon as one is conscious). Then
afterwards, when the consciousness (surat) is focused on Naam, the sikh should bathe.

There are two isnans mentioned in the above tukk. One is the normal isnan, then isnan in the "pool of
nectar" - that means, in the amrit of naam within us.

Following the Instructions of the Guru,

he is to chant the Name of the Lord, Har, Har.
All sins, misdeeds and negativity shall be erased.
Then, at the rising of the sun, he is to sing Gurbani.
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 45

Then at dawn of day, a sikh sings gurbaNi. In other words, naam has to be meditated upon from about
4 am till about 7 am. Roughly 3 hours.

Let us all reflect upon this. Satguru tells us to jap (repeat) naam for 3 hours and how much time do we,
the so called sikhs, spend on naam?

Whether sitting down or standing up,

he is to meditate on the Lord's Name.

Then during the day, a sikh japs naam whenever possible. This really is only possible when a sikh japs
naam at amrit vela because ‘Vaahi-guroo Vaahi-Guroo’ carries on inside all day long without too much

One who meditates on my Lord, Har, Har,

with every breath (saas) and every morsel of food (graas)
that GurSikh becomes pleasing to the Guru's Mind.

Again, let us all reflect. Are we pleasing to the Guru's mind?

That person, unto whom my Lord and Master is kind and compassionate
upon that GurSikh, the Guru's Teachings are bestowed.

Now the interesting part. The Sikh who obeys the above instruction of the Guru, to that Sikh the Guru
bestows the Guru's teachings. What are those teachings - those are Vaahi-guroo’s teachings. waheguru
is shown to the Sikh to be everywhere, within and without.

Servant Nanak begs for the dust of the feet of that GurSikh,
who himself chants the Naam, and inspires others to chant it.

After the above has taken place, then and only then, can a Sikh inspire others.

So the order (hukam) to "avra naam jaap-vay" is for sikhs who already have spent their life in Sikhi
and have received the Guru's Supreme instructions (parm updhesh) and darshan (vision) of waheguru.

This is easily the most misunderstood gurbaNi tukk there is.

Every tom, dick and harry thinks they have the right to tell others to jap naam (like this fool is doing
right now). But upon close inpection this tukk is for the Sikhs who have attained to Vaahi-Guroo jee.
These GurSikhs are rare indeed and are described in more detail in the second part of the shabad.

‘PAUREE: Those who meditate on You, O True Lord, they are very rare. Those who worship and
adore the One Lord in their conscious minds through their generosity, countless millions are fed. All
meditate on You, but they alone are accepted, who are pleasing to their Lord and Master. Those who
eat and dress without serving the True Guru die; after death, those wretched lepers are consigned to
reincarnation. In His Sublime Presence, they talk sweetly, but behind His back, they exude poison from
their mouths. The evil-minded are consigned to separation from the Lord. || 11 || Panna305/306

So pyareoooo, enough of talk. Now it is time for action. Those of us who do not jap naam, should
reflect upon gurbaNi and start as soon as possible. Daas believes now is the best time.


9.1 The Slave dog

In the verses ‘Nasaro Mansoor Guru Gobind Singh’ written by the the court poet Bhai Nand Laal Jee,
there is a line near the end which says
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 46

'Laal Sag Gulaam Guru Gobind Singh'

Laal means Bhai Nand Laal ji,

Sag means dog,
Gulaam means slave
and Guru Gobind Singh means....everything to me..

Bhai Nand Laal ji having praised and praised Guru Gobind Singh ji in this shabad signs it off saying

'Laal is the slave dog of Guru Gobind Singh ji. '

Bhai Nand Laal ji is saying Guru Gobind Singh ji's darshan is so wondrous that I cant take my eyes off
him for even a moment. Like when a dog eagerly watches his master eating, sitting quietly and with
fixed attention, Bhai Nand Laal ji waits for Guru Gobind Singh ji to throw him some scraps.

The Guru's always refer to Sikhs as Brothers (Bhai), Sisters (Paana), beloved (Pyara), GurMukh,
GurSikh, blissful brides (sundar naree). But the Sikhs are too humble and know they are not at the same
status as Guru ji, hence call Guru ji master and themselves Kookar (dog) eg ‘Hum Kookar tera
darbar...I am a dog of your court’ .

9.2 There is no-one as ungrateful as me

'Mai jehaa na akirtghan...'

There is no-one as ungrateful as me,

neither in the past , present or future.
There is no other as corrupt as me
and no-one as vicious.
There is no greater blasphemer than me,
for my slander of the Guru
weighs heavily upon my mind.
There is no-one else as perverse as me
or a killer of my calibre.
There is none as dishonest as me
to those who are good.
There is no-one more deceitful as me,
like the holy-looking white crane
that violently catches fishes.
Men who eat unlawfully
suffer from the incurable disease of greed;
I suffer from this.
There is no other selfish person like me,
who ignoring the Guru's instructions,
is so attached to worldy things.
I am a Sikh of the Guru only in name,
for I do not reflect on nor understand the Guru's hymns'...

by Bhai Gurdas Jee

9.3 Time To Pray

God's Message.

I got up early one morning

01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 47

And rushed right into the day

I had so much to accomplish

That I didn't take time to pray.

Problems just tumbling about me

And heavier each task

"Why doesn't God help me?" I wondered.

He answered : "You didn't ask."

I wanted to see joy and beauty -

But the day toiled on, gray and bleak:

I wondered why God didn't show me,

He said : "But you didn't seek."

I tried to come into God's presence

I used all my keys at the lock;

God gently and lovingly chided:

"My child, you didn't knock."

I woke up early this morning

And paused before entering the day;

I had so much to accomplish

That I had to take time and pray.

(Author unknown)

9.4 Malcolm X

There's a scene in the film Malcom X, when his cell mate finally succeeds in getting Mr X to accept
Allah. Malcolm X was a very haumai rogee (ego diseased) gangster type when he came to jail. His
cell mate was a black muslim and day in day out chiselled away at Mr X's mountain sized ego. Finally ,
Malcom X said I want to accept Allah. His cell mate told him to bow to Allah right here and now in
this cell. Malcom X struggled hard to go down on his knees, his cell mate screamed at him like an army
commander `BOW TO ALLAH!', `SUBMIT TO ALLAH!' finally Malcom X lowered his head to
Allah's feet.

Every night Guru Ram Das jee lovingly tells us :

Rag Gauree Purbee Mahalla 4

`kaam krodh nagar bahu paria

mil sadhoo khandal khande heh.
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 48

puroob likhat likhe gur paia man har liv mandal manda heh
kar sadhoo anjulee pun vada heh.
kar dandaut pun vada heh. Rahao.
Sakhat har ras na jania tin antar haumai khanda heh.
jee-o jalay chubai dukh pavay jam kal sir se danda heh.
har jan har har nam samane dukh janam maran bhav khanda heh
Abnassee purakh paia parmesar bahu sobh khand brahmanda heh
ham gareeb maskeen prabh tere har rakh rakh vad vada heh
jan nanak nam adhar tek heh har nameh he sukh manda heh.'

This body town is filled with Anger and Lust,

by meeting the Sadhoo-Saint it is destroyed.
Only with perfect destiny does one find the Guru,
the mind then unites with God's love in the spiritual realms.
Have palms pressed together to the Sadhoo-Saint,
it is a greatly virtuous deed.
Lie humble as a stick (at the Sadhoos feet),
it is a greatly virtuous deed. Pause.
The Athiest does not know God's Nectar inside him is the thorn of ego.
Wherever the athiest goes, the thorn painfully pricks him
and at the time of death he is beaten on the head with Death's Staff.
The servant of God meditates on Waheguru Naam
and his fear of births and deaths is totally destroyed.
He attains the Supreme and Indestructable Being and
his great glory resounds in all the realms and creations.
I am a poor and humble one oy yours Prabh
protect, O protect me Greatly Great One.
Servant Nanak takes the support and refuge of Naam,
God's Naam is the true Sukh.

So Malcom X fulfilled the first stage. He was an athiest full of Anger and Lust which probably had
something to do with him being in prison. He was being pricked by the thorn of ego, causing great pain
and suffereing and was well on the way to having Death's Staff beaten around his head as well. The
Saint for him was his cell mate, and anger and lust was reduced for him to bow at the feet of Allah.

As far as I know the spiritual bliss Guru Ram Das jee talks about was never attained by Malcom X. He
bowed to Allah and received the blessings he deserved. For a Sikh to attain the spiritual state described
by Guru Ram Das jee we have to go further than Malcom X. The more we give to God the more we
will get in return.

My uncle said when he went to India he went into a gurdwara, they had Guru Granth Sahib jee and
Dasam Granth residing on respective thrones. He said he bowed to Guru Granth Sahib jee but not to
Dasam Granth like everyone else was doing. On being questioned he said, `The Gur -Gaddi, the
Guruship was not given to Dasam Granth, so I dont bow to it.'. And to tell the truth he is absolutely
correct -.but he was full of ego `I know better than everyone else', he was very proud of himself. The
whole point of bowing is to erase the thorn of ego, not to sharpen it's edges! Maybe he would have
been better off to have bowed to Dasam Granth as well and in his mind said `Dhan WaheGuru jee, I am
a poor and humble one of yours dear father, protect O protect me Greatly Great One.

So to go beyond Malcom X, we need to go beyond bowing to God , we need a perfect Guru to whom
we bow with humility. What's next? We need to go beyond bowing to the Guru, we need to bow to
the Sadhoo-Saint. Many people go to Sants gurdwaras and bow to the resident Sant. They press thier
palms together (anjulee) to the Sant, the place their hand on his feet and if feeling extremely humble
they will lie flat as a stick infront of him (dandaut). Infact when I was younger, my family used to go to
a Sant and that is what we did. I didnt know any better. To the Sant's credit the first time he came to
our house me and my brother bowed to him like everyone else, then he told us to touch our parents feet!
Ok bowing to a Sant is hard enough for a western kid, but touching my mum and dad's feet - NO
WAY! So we hesitated, everyone was staring at us, no-one disobeys the Sant___..MEGA PRESSURE
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 49

so the thorn of ego crumbled for a moment in the sadh-sangat and we quickly did what we had to - - -
NEVER AGAIN was ringing in the back of my mind as I did it.

Anyway, a lot of the people that follow the Sant are devoted to him like Bhai Lehna Jee to Guru Nanak
Jee. In private they even say `He's my Guru'. TheSant always preaches Guru Granth Sahib Jee is Guru
and is strict about everyone taking Amrit. He doesnt encourage them to call him Guru. Sant is not
Guru, Sant is Guru's servant. Bow to Sadhoo-Saints, massage their feet, do as much seva as you can of
them but remember they are Guru's blessed servant, and not theGuru.

Now my uncle says, I've never bowed to a Sant, I've never invited any Sant around my house, I've never
served any Sant, I only believe in Guru Granth Sahib Jee. Guru Granth Sahib Jee is my Sadhoo-Sant. I
bow to Guru - I bow to no man! He's right, guru Granth Sahib jee is the truly greatest Sadhoo-Saint,
Sant of Sants, but guess what ? He's so full of pride and ego that he knows what is right and what is
wrong, once again instead of erasing the thorn of ego he sharpens the edges. He would be better off
bowing to the Sant just to get rid of this thorn and saying in his mind ``Dhan WaheGuru Jee, I am a
poor and humble one of yours dear father, protect O protect me Greatly Great One.' Baba Sheesha
Singh jee banned me from bowing to any Sants, he said `Waheguru jee ka khalsa Waheguru jee kee
fateh is what the Khalsa says to each other'. So I know he's right and I say fateh, but in my mind I still
bow to their feet because they are Guru's blessed servants and I dont want the thorn of ego to prick me.

So to go beyond Malcom X, we need to go beyond bowing to God , we need a perfect Guru to whom
we bow with humility. What's next? We need to go beyond bowing to the Guru, we need to bow to
the Sadhoo-Saint. What's next? We need to go beyond bowing to the Sant, we need to bow to our
parents. Is this getting difficult to even contemplate? If it is, then that means the thorn of ego is
beginning to pierce into you.

Giani Nar Singh jee was saying to my friend and his mother, `The most important seva a gursikh can
do is to respect and listen to their parents. I tell all youngsters the biggest seva to do is of their parents'.
Some of my friends say, `I'm always arguing with my parents, they're ManMukhs they never let me go
to Kirtan programs, my dad is an athiest, my mum tells me to shave my beard_so why should we respect
and obey them?

If they are full of ego and are attacking you, then getting mad at them wont get you closer to God. No
matter how good your argument is and no matter how greatly you defended Sikh principles while you
aregued. After the argument, all you ended up with was a lot of anger and religious ego i.e. very high
and mighty , know-it-all, great defender of the faith kind of attitude. Guru Amar Das Jee was kicked by
the jealous son of Guru Angad Dev Jee, did Guru Amar Das jee get the nearby sikhs to beat him up?
No, Dhan dhan Guru Amar Das Jee started massaging Datu's foot sayin sweetly `My hard bones must
have hurt your foot'! Guru Ram Das Jee was verbally attacked by Guru Nanak Dev Jee's jealous and
clean shaven son Baba Sri Chand, he said `Why do you keep such a long beard?' , implying it was a
silly thing to do . Guru Ram Das Jee humbly and sweetly replied `To wipe the feet of Saints like you' .
Guru Ram Das Jee never stood up angrily shouting `HOW DARE YOU INSULT MY RELIGION!'.

Baba Fareed Je says return kindness for cruelty. And remember, Bhai Gurdas Jee says the one who
doesnt look after his parents is UNGRATEFUL.

So to go beyond Malcom X, we need to go beyond bowing to God , beyond bowing to the perfect
Guru, go beyond bowing to the Guru's Sant , go beyond bowing to our parents. What's next? We need
to bow to everyone, become the dust of every single person's feet. Now is this getting really difficult to
even imagine? If it is, then that means the thorn of ego is beginning to draw blood out of you.

My friend said, `OK I understand bowing to God, and to Guru jee, I even understand bowing to
Sants/GurSikhs because they have a lot of Naam and blessings in them which rub off. But why should I
bow to athiest parents and non-sikhs and criminals.'

Let Guru ArJun Dev Jee answer this one :

`Pilla Marn Kabool

Jeevan kee chhaad aas.
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 50

Hoi sabna kee renka

Tao ao hamareh paas.'

The first rule of dying is

to leave all the hopes of life,
Become the foot dust of EVERYONE
then come towards me.'

EVERYONE includes criminals, parents, rich, poor, sick, the dirty, the homeless, muslims, jews,
christians, women, children, blacks, whites, low caste, high caste, Jat , Ramgharia :---- EVERYONE
means EVERYONE Sikh and Non - Sikh.

Now this is really a tough one to do. A Giani jee was saying he noticed that when some people came
out of the amrit ceremony they were very proud of themselves, they had a superiority complex that now
they were better than all the non-amrit dharees. He said, the GurSikh way is they should have felt
humble after giving their head. Guru Nanak Dev Jee says he prefers the company of the lowest of the
low. So why does my mind want to be rich and famous? Bhai gurdas Jee says be like water, it has a
natural tendency to go down,. Water starts from up in the clouds at great egotistical heights, it lands on
the ground, it even goes lower and flows underneath the lowly dust deep in the Earth.

Once a proud amritdharee Sikh interrupted Bhai Rama Singh jee while he was humbly wiping all the
Sangats shoes. He asked `Bhai Sahib dont you agree that everyone should be keeping Sarab Loh (Pure
Iron Utensils) discipline'. Bhai Rama Singh jee, looked at him and looked away without answering.
After he'd finished his seva he said `When Guru Nanak Dev Jee was called infront of Waheguru Jee, he
was blessed with Amrit and Gareebee (humility) and not a Sarab Loh Batta (Bowl)'.

We are slaves of Guru Nanak Dev Jee's house, we are poor and humble, lowest of the low. We have
nowhere else to go. We have no other hopes except to be accepted by Waheguru Jee. We wipe our
Guru's feet everytime we say Waheguru. Our Foreheads are pressed on the feet of the Saints (Santo
Charan Hamaro Matha). We serve all of the sadh-sangat whether they are amrit-dharee or not, because
we see Guru Gobind Singh Jee's face everywhere just like Bhai Kaneya Jee in the battlefield.

I am a poor and humble one oy yours Prabh protect, O protect me Greatly Great One.
Servant Nanak takes the support and refuge of Naam, God's Naam is the true Sukh.

And when the thorn of Ego has been filed away with Naam and Gareebee and merges in the dust, when
we are no more then Waheguru Jee can fill us completely with love and light

`The servant of God meditates on Waheguru Naam

and his fear of births and deaths is totally destroyed.
He attains the Supreme and Indestructable Being and
his great glory resounds in all the realms and creations.'

So Malcom X had a lot further to go. The thorn of ego was only partly erased. Same with me, the
quicker I bow in my mind to my parents, my friends, my enemies and non-amritdharees, the quicker
Waheguru jee will meet me. But I drag this battle out for decades and maybe even the fear of dying as I
lay on my death bed wont be enough for me to enter the state of Gareebee.

9.5 Questions


Too old to remember.

Who knows the date when my soul atma
separated from the Supreme-Soul Param-Atma?
Who knows how many lives
I've wondered through separated?
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 51


I dont know the past nor the future,

all I know is Guru ji has said
this body is a Pind
this is the village my soul lives in.


It's not YOUR money.

Everything belongs to Waheguru ji,
thank the One by whose grace
you eat, live, laugh and give.



The ant standing on the river-bank

is incapable of describing the flowing water infront of it.
She can't say how long or deep it is,
nor can she say what treasures are to be found within it.
All she can do is bow her head,
hold her pressed hands in front of her
and Praise Guru Nanak Ji,
ask for forgiveness and the gift of Naam.

Thoo Dario
Dana beena
Ma Machalee
Kaiseh Ant laha
You are the River
Wise and Sensible
I am the Fish
How can I know your extent?
(Guru Nanak Ji)

9.6 I Know Nothing

how humble? how humble?

how so deeply humble
is Guru Arjun Dev ji?

beloved guru ji,

everywhere i look
i see lack of unity
Muslims against Hindus
Sikhs against Sikhs
mool mantr is upto gurprasad
upto nanak hosibhisach
anger, bitterness and hate
so guru ji, what would you say:

'k'choo na jana
mat meree thhhoree
binvant nanak
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 52

ot prabh thoree
i know nothing
my wisdom is little
prays Nanak
Prabh i seek your Shelter'

beloved guru ji,

everywhere i turn
i see nothing but animosity
Whites against Blacks
Sikhs against Sikhs
the 5th K is Kes
its definitely keskee
anger, bitterness and hate
so guru ji, what would you say:

'k'choo na jana
mat meree thhhoree
binvant nanak
ot prabh thoree
i know nothing
my wisdom is little
prays Nanak
Prabh i seek your Shelter'

beloved guru ji,

everywhere i turn
i see nothing but maa, mera, me
Husband against Wife
Sikhs against Sikhs
nothing wrong with meat
we should have mercy
anger, bitterness and hate
so guru ji, what would you say:

'k'choo na jana
mat meree thhhoree
binvant nanak
ot prabh thoree
i know nothing
my wisdom is little
prays Nanak
Prabh i seek your Shelter'

Whenever someone starts getting into Sikhi

the same old topics of Kes vs Keskee, Meat vs Mercy,
length of Mool Mantr get dragged through the dirt,
rubbing the poor Sikh's face in the filth,
now either he gives up Sikhi disillusioned at the confusion,
or she takes a fanatical stand on one side of the fence,
...stirring up the cess-pit for all to smell...
Ego, anger, hate run a wild rampage
and these are the 'GurMukhs'
God help the ManMukhs!!!

So Guru helps us all

01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 53

all we got to do is FALL

at the lotus feet
admit we are incomplete

'k'choo na jana
mat meree thhhoree
binvant nanak
ot prabh thoree
i know nothing
my wisdom is little
prays Nanak
Prabh i seek your Shelter'

9.7 Can't Do Nothing Except Naam Jap

can't speak punjabee nor understand katha

can't sing kirtan, can't play tabla,
can't read gurbanee pronounced correctly
never learnt how to make dhal and rawtee
can't sit cross-legged for hours on end
can't make make my enemy into my friend

just can't do anything guru jee

guru jee guru jee dhan dhan

guru granth sahib jee

visar nahee datar apana naam deho

gun gava din raat nanak chao eho
forget me not O Giver, give me your name
singing your virtues day and night is nanak's desire

with your infinite kirpa and blessings guru ji

i can sing and sing day and night inside this body temple
jap jap jap your naam
sing sing sing your virtues
day and night
night and day
forever and ever
and fall into you
like a river into the sea
like a baby in her mother's embrace
and what i can't do
one day bless me so i can do

gursikha kee har dhoor de

hum papee bhee ghat pae-i
bless me with the dust of the gursikhs
so this sinner my find your extent

9.8 Teree Seva - Your Service

Everytime I open my mouth

my ears hurt!
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 54

My mouth opens and says

'I took amrit'
'I donated daswand'
'I did lots of seva'
'I got up at amritvela'
'I japped Naam for hours and hours'

My poor old ears have no choice

but to listen to my EGO
and worse still
I hurt the ears of the gursikhs
around me




'mukhat bhugat jugat teree seva

jis too aap kara-i'
your seva is liberation and worldy enjoyments (your seva)
which you yourself got done (by me)

9.9 Spiritual Experiences

A few years ago a giani ji was talking about the following little known incidents: Sant Isher Singh ji
was having a question and answers session with a group of Sikhs, when middle-aged man walked in and
started asking about the Sant's experiences. He said, 'Baba ji tell me about God, tell me about your
spiritual experiences'. He was an arrogant man and kept pestering for an answer to his question. Sant
Isher Singh ji got up and fell at his feet, saying 'gareebee' (i.e. spiritual poverty) is my experience.

A similar thing happened to Sant Attar Singh ji, when asked about his experiences, he removed his
saropa(robe of honour) from around his neck and placed it at the man's feet. Humility.

9.10 The King


01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 55




Tudh agai ardas hamaree

jeeo pind sabh tera
kaho nanak sabh teree vadee
koee nao na janey mera
Infront of you is my ardas:
soul and body are all Yours
Says Nanak, All is Your Glory
(hence)May no-one know my name.

9.11 The Price Of Water

A giani ji told a story about a King who was so proud of his millions of acres and thousands of palaces,
so proud of his hundreds of children and tens of wives, so proud that he was very far from the ONE Ik

Once a holy man came to see him, to break his ego, to make him realise how worthless his kingdom
was. The Holy Man said O King, what would you give me for this glass of water? The King said
'Nothing, nothing at all.'

-'But King this glass of water is worth as much as your kingdom.'

-'How can that be?' said the King laughing his head off

-'Well imagine you are all alone and in the burning heat of the desert. You haven't drunk for days and
days and every moment without water is like a lifetime of pain. Would you give half your kingdom for
this glass of water?'

-'Um..Er...No...well Yes, I guess I would if it would keep me alive.'

-'Now imagine that you'd been cursed with such a terrible disease that you couldn't urinate this glass of
water out of your body. Day and night you bladder felt bloated and about to burst at the seams, you
screamed so much that no-one in your vast kingdom could sleep at night for the shrieking noises
eminating from you. Would you give half your kingdom to the doctor that could relieve your agony
and release that glass of water?

-'Um....er.....NO....well Yes I guess if it would keep my alive.'

-'So there you have it my dear King, for one glass of water you have given away your whole kingdom!'
have given away your whole kingdom!'

The kings mouth dropped open, his ego deflated, he bowed with total humility to the ONE IK Onkar
that created oceans and oceans, clouds, lakes and rivers full of water. There values has no limit.
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 56

9.12 Pink Elephant

The instrutor of a pink elephant diving school is in a dilemma.

The instructor has to find a body of water for the pink elephants to practice in. The body of water had
to be big enough to allow all the 100 pink elephants currently enrolled in the diving school to dive in
all at once.

So the instructor takes all the elephants to a pond outside the village. She tests it with just one elephant.
She instructes the first elephant to dive into the village pond.

The first elephant dives in.

There is much commotion!

All the water of pond rushes out. All the frogs croak like witches. All the villagers grab their
pitchforks and come out running saying, "kee hoi ea, kee hoi ea?". (what happened?)

Some nihangs are ready to behead with their barchas.

The instructor says, "No, this won't do."

So then she finds a nearby lake. There she instructers 10 elephants to dive
in. To her joy, there isn't much noise. Then she tries 50.


There is much commotion!

A lot of the water goes out. Many animals are scared. The senior citizen's party on the lake shore is
disrupted and some are calling their lawyers to see how much they can sue this instuctor for. The
instructor says, "No, this won't do."

Finally, she takes all 100 elephants to the ocean. And says, "Dive in, y'all."

They all dive in. Nothing happens, the oceans takes them in quite graciously.

"Bhai Daljit Singh, with due respect, we think you have over-done it thistime!!!!! PINK ELEPHANTS!
DIVING SCHOOL!! Has this got anything to do with Naam

Now, now, my beloved friends, calm down. This post has everything to do with Naam

You see,

the instuctor is the guru,

the elephants are Naam kinkas (drops) and
we are the bodies of waters.

Let me explain.

The Guru gives Naam ras or Naam kinka to a soul. The soul, if it is a village pond, will go quite lot-
pot. It will scream and run around telling any and everybody about it's spiritual experience.

"I JUST HAD GURU GOBIND SINGH JEE'S DARSHAN!!!!!!" it will tell the first gursikh it meets.
People will soon start touching her feet and she will too begin to think she is somebody.

The guru will surely say, "No, this won't do."

01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 57

On the other hand, if the soul is an ocean, all of naam ras and indeed waheguru can graciously sama
(merge) into the soul.

So... we must not let our water overflow when we get any spiritual experiences. In other words, we
should keep our spirtual experiences to ourselves - if we want to have more of them.

No one, absolutely no one (except perhaps a close naami mentor, if we have one) should notice we have
had a mind-blowing experience. Even a teardrop is prohibited. Has anybody noticed that if one is in ras
and one wants to cry, as soon as tears escape the eye, the ras diminishes drastically? Gursikhs tell me

The reason:

As soon as the tear comes out, the ego too jumps out and wants others to see this. "I just had an
experience. I am high. I am a gursikh. Respect me. I am somebody."

A naami gursikh told daas that while he was at one of the smagams during Bhai Sahib Randhir Singh
jee's time, he was in so much bliss that he felt he was going to "lose it". So do you know what he did?

He left the diwan!

I was in complete shock when I heard that - that is something I dream about and instead of going lot-pot
he leaves the divan.

Now, however, I do understand why he did that. He wanted to sama the experience, not lose it. He
wanted to remain unknown. He didn't want people coming to him with their worldly problems,

"Sant jee, my cow has stopped giving milk, which paTh can I do to fix it?"

So pyari sakhiooo, we have to jar the ajar.

This is no little task. In fact, it is so difficult that along with remembering the gursikhs who obeyed the
bhana of the guru we also remember the gursikhs who did accomplished this jar-ing of the ajar.

waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru ......

9.13 Seva and Simran

Not that I know anything, except that i was lucky enough to do seva of a GurSikh who's face glowed.
We used to go to the gurdwara together, I always wanted to know about his spiritual experiences, about
how to jap naam etc etc. Whenever i had those questions in my mind he used to answer (without me
even asking!) 'A Bibi ji used to come to the gurdwara and do seva devotedly one day she came in really
exited and enthusiastic, she was telling everyone that she'd been blessed with darshan of Guru Gobind
Singh ji. SHE NEVER HAD DARSHAN AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'

So because he wasnt prepared to divulge that knowledge incase of depleting his blessings , I had to do
ardas to Guru Granth Sahib for answers and in the end it all boiled down to 'Gian Dhian kich karam na
jana, sar na jana teree. Sabh te vada Satguru Nanak Jin kal rakhee meree' Guru Arjun Dev ji
Maharaj.Master of spirituality, knower of all techniques, divine teacher of mankind and King of
Martyrs says 'I don't know about divine knowledge, meditation, good deeds, I dont know your extent O
Lord. (All I know is) Greater than all is SatGuru Nanak who protected me in the age of Darkness'.

And then answers come to you at the right time, inside...I guess Guru Granth Sahib jee talks to us direct
by putting ideas and thoughts directly in our mind, rather than having to use mouth tongue and words
which can be misunderstood. So the GurSikh did me a great favour, he made my link to Guru Granth
Sahib jee stronger rather than making my link to him.
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 58

Plus when 'things' happen it's hard not to talk about, leading to ego, leading to the 'back to square one'
syndrome. (which is where i am!).

How come i did mool mantr with Waheguru after each word and so did Daljit Singh ji, and so Gurdip
Singh jee, but no-one ever told any of us to do it and we were all surprised when Bhai Daljit Singh ji
mentioned it because we didn’t know anyone else did it that way. Ask your questions to Guru Granth
Sahib ji, be patient, patient, patient for the answer and you'll know inside what's right & what's wrong.
Keep one's mouth quiet and ego will stay at bay.

What my firend the GurSikh did used to emphasise about a hundred times a day to everyone he talked
to was... 'Nimritha & Pyare' .. Humility and Love for Guru ji, Waheguru ji, and especially with each
other. Go to sadh sangat twice a day, never miss amritvela'.

What is seva but to ultimately become humble enough to clean the Sadh Sangats shoes, to wash their
dishes, to clean the place where they sit and all for love of Guru ji. And when you've hammered those 2
qualities into your mind set then you'll do simran with humility and love...and then you're going places
with Guru ji's kirpa.

People point up when they refer to God, but we dont reach God by going high, we reach Waheguru ji
by going down, lower than low, the dust of everyone's feet. Try this next time you do mool mantr:

Having said Ik Onkar, imagine your forehead at the 'feet' of Ik Onkar as you say Waheguru. Having
said SatNam, imagine yourself with your forehead at the feet of SatNam as you say Waheguru with love
and humility and so on for the rest of mool mantr.

9.14 Moths To Light

A seeker journeyed to a far village in search of a certain Sufi renowned for his wisdom.

At the village he learnt that the Sufi lived on a nearby mountainside. Although darkness was falling, he
set off up the mountain towards a bright light, certain it was there he would find the Sufi.

When he reached the source of the light he was surprised to find nothing but an oil-lamp with moths
fluttering around it. As his eyes grew accustomed to the dark the seeker noticed a dim glow a short way

Walking over to it, he discovered the Sufi reading by the light of a candle.

"Why are you sitting here in the near darkness when there is a much brighter light over there?" asked
the seeker.

"As you can see", replied the Sufi, "the bright light is for the moths, leaving me here in peace to study
by the light of my candle."

Love Vaah-Guroo Jee with your heart, no need to run around preaching to large crowds, the true
seekers will find the hidden saints.


Be drunk on Love, for only

Love exists; there's
No meeting the Beloved without
Love as herald.

They ask "What is Love?"

Reply, "Renouncing the will."
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 59

He who hasn't tossed will aside

doesn't know God.

The Lover is a monarch:

two worlds lie at his feet;
The King pays no attention
to what lies under his.

It's Love and the Lover that live eternally;

Set your heart on this only;
the rest is borrowed.

9.15 Virtual Home

Welcome to my home, its kind of you to come.

Come now , there is some special I want you to see. let me have your shoes, (I clean them, and touch
my forehead as you look away.) Welcome to my special place, this is my Baba ji's room.

Come in now. Pardon the little balls of gold dust gathering in the corners, I haven't done much cleaning
lately, I've been too distracted by naam net.

I fold a blanket for you, please sit here. (I'll sleep under this tonight.) I offer sweetly
scented floweres to the ruler of your heart. their perfume is pervading the room, can you smell
their fragrance, don't they smell devine?

I serve you langer. it looks a little dark, might be scorched ,i apologise for the prashada, I
just can't get the hang of puffing them but I assure you the contents are naam cooked in nectar.

Finished now?. Let me take that for you, (I'll take langer in it in just a bit.) I offer you a
bowl of fresh water for cleaning your hands ( iIll drink from this, after you've gone) now, I'm
ready to show you, what I brought you to see.

Kindly come over closer to Baba ji. sit here, just at the edge of the ramalas. the light is
brighter here. it's my favorite place.

Rerhaas is done. Sadh sangat has come.

See, sitting there behind baba ji. That light is Bhai GurWAH Singh ji, The most ordinary, yet
extra ordinary being. When he does kirtan, it's all by heart. Sometimes, when he sings, I see
nectar overflowing from the windows of his soul.

Notice, there, in his heart lotus, are three flickering points of light. They are Kirtan singh, Gur shabdi
kaur, and Asa di var ji.

Look carefully, there in the shadow, is bibi sukhmani, see the faint out line of a glow.. If you should
ever meet her in the amrit vela, She is the sweetest of the sweet.

Listen , as they do kirtan, close your eyes, and open up your inner ear. Can you hear, anhad? It's like
sitting in smagam, night after blissful night.

Will you play tabla now with me? A steady simple beat, this struggling soul can tune into. And your
hearts' blossom will she participate, as well. Hear, she can play these little bells. Maybe, from my
background, we'll hear the strain of singhing strings, if he, feels like playing. I close my eyes, and as I
touch the keys,ask baba ji to please, make up for my deficiencys.

Asa Mahala 5 (Guru Arjun Dev Jee)

01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 60

prabh hoee kirpaal te eho man laee

satgur sev sabhai fal pa-ee.1.

man keeyo bharaag karenga satguru mera poora

mansaa ka dataa sukh nidhaan amritsar saadh hee barpoora.1. Rahao.

charan kamal ridh antaar dhaaree

pragtee jot milai raam piaare.2.

panch sakhee mil mangal ga-ee

anhaad baaNee naad vajaiaa.3.

Gur nanak tuthaa mileaa har ra-ee

sukh rain vihaanee sahaj subhaee.4.

When the Lord has mercy, this mind is attuned.

Serving the True Guru I have received all rewards.1.

O my mind, why should you feel sad - my True Guru is perfect.

The fulfiller of desire and treasure of bliss, He is the ever full pool of nectar. 1. Pause.

He, who places in his heart, God’s lotus feet

his self is illumined and the All-Pervading Lord is met. 2.

The five friendly senses together sing the song of joy

within myself resounds the tune of the Unstruck melody. 3.

Nanak, when the Guru is pleased, one meets the Lord God
The night (of life) passes in peace and poise. 4.

(Translation by Dr Santokh Singh Jee)

Mere piare sakhi ji, I am truely hoping that you will honor this sadh sangat with your ardaas before we
take hukaam naama.

Please I want to hear how, deep inside, you talk to Baba ji.

thoo thakur...

9.16 Dear Akal Purakh Ji,

Baba ji you are wonderful wonderful Waheguru ji. You are always with me, in me and around me ang-
sang sahai. Your light, brighter than countless suns pours blessings always and forever. Bless me so I
may always and forever be a radiant flower with its petals in full blossom like arms outstretched
welcoming You into this body temple. May I hear Waheguru Waheguru in me always and forever and
feel and see you as I hear your Name.

Protect me SatGuru ji with Your hand of mercy over my head like an umbrella from ego-tripping when
I do seva and get praised by others.

All I want Baba jee is to be in love with you always and forever absorbed in your Lotus feet at the one
place with one concentration. To love you with gentle eyes and sweet words.

My job Baba ji is to Go gurdwara twice a day, to do seva mind, body and soul To sing your praises and
get boosted by your Wonderful Naam at amritvela.
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 61

The best thing to do is obey your hukam and 'Bohat nahee Bolna' not to speak too much, especially with
people that are going to fill me with the 5 enemies.

Thank you Akal Purakh ji.

Hum Kookar Tera Darbar (I am a Barking Dog of Your Court)


10.1 Beg for Amrit Naam

My friend said that he was waiting to be `told' when to take Amrit.

This is the same as the man standing at the river saying I'm waiting until someone tells me that I'm
thirsty! If the man isn't thirsty then he's not going to drink. Guru Arjun Dev jee has sung' Jo mangeh
Takhur apney the so-ee so-ee devay' Whatever I ask from my Master, thats what Waheguru jee gives

Its true that being given amrit is at the mercy of Satguru jee. But this doesn't mean the man should wait
and wait silently until the Guru is merciful. The man has to start the ball rolling by going into Satguru
jee's presence and doing Ardas with all one's heart begging for Satguru jee to bestow the great gift of
Amrit upon the insignifcant mortal that has come to Satguru jees lotus feet. And this man should serve
the Khalsa with devotion and an eye to pleasing Satguru jee. (Guru Gobind Singh jee has said that
nothing pleases Him more than people serving the Khalsa).

Satguru jee always helps people who do ardas with humility and love:

Guru Tegh Bahadur jee answered the prayers of the Kashmeree pandits by `'smashing His earthly
vase(i.e. body) over the head of the Emperor at Delhi' (Guru Gobind Singh jee's description of the

The only way to find out what's the right path is to do Ardas and ask the Guru jee to lead us in the right
direction. And then trust the results 100%.

But if the man's not hungry, then Waheguru jee can still be merciful by giving the man 'Dukh'. This is
a gift because the man will start to remember Waheguru jee as a result. 'Dukh Daroo Sukh rog bhay-ia
ja sukh tam no hoee' (Pain is the Medicine, Worldy pleasures had become a disease).

Guru Nanak Dev ji says

Akhan Aukha Sacha Nao,

Sache Nam kee lagay Bhuk,
Oth Bhukay kha-i chalee-ay dukh,
So kyo visray meree mae,
Sache Sahib Sache Nae'

It is difficult to utter the True Name,

but if you have hunger for the True Name
then all other hungers will go.
O my mother! Why have you forgotten it?
The Master is True and True is the Name?'

If you don't get up at amritvela and do naam simran, then look inside your heart and explain to Satguru
Nanak Dev Jee why not....do ardas.
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 62

10.2 Ardas

Daas is reminded of a witnessed occurrence: A very wealthy businessman with all worldly Sukh-
Dhan,Puttar,Killitar,Ghar and Parwaar (but non-amritdhari) while being operated for a heart by-pass (It
was the wish of this person not toreveal his name)died, his heart stopped for a few minutes. The doctors
team performing this operation confirmed this later and told that he was very lucky to be alive. Upon
regaining his conscience he started to weep. He asked his family to call daas to his bedside although I
had never seen him but he had seen daas in Gurughar performing seva with other Guru dey pyarraye
and remembered my name somehow. When I went there he told me, how he was being captured by evil
looking beings, beating him with chain's and dragging him along during his operation and showed daas
marks (bruises) of chains on his legs. While he was being taken, he heard some one say that he is not
the right person and he still has 432 days left of his life. He also heard that the man by the same name
they wanted is residing in a particular town (The town, street and house number was mentioned by him)
At the time he was very emotional, and asked me to perform an 'ARDAASA' asking Satguru Jee to give
him life to partake Khanday dee pahaul before he dies & also to arrange for him to part-take in
Khanday dee pahaul as soon as possible. I was very intrigued & astonished by his tale. He also
requested me to go to this town to check-out if the person named had died. I found this information
given to be correct up to the last minute of his death.

Anyhow, when he was a bit better I visited him as I promised. I asked him why did he call me to tell
me his occurrence. He started to weep loudly and said that he had wasted all his life embedded in
collecting money, and nobody listens to pukaar except Satguru Jee while dealt by these evil beings. He
told me that while he was being brought back by these evil beings they saw and heard a Gursikh
performing a Ardaasa in Sangat by a particular Gursikh (giving description) asking Satguru Jee to -
khwar hoiee nuu meal lay Satguru jeeo, Khandaa dee Pahaul bakax dey Sayaa jeoo. These evil being's
released him and ran off upon hearing this Ardaas It happened to be that many local Gursikhs used to
gather to do Naam Simran and Nitnem between 01:30 am to 06:30am. I remembered such Ardassa
being performed by one Gursikh on that day. This person later part-took Khanday dee pahaul passed
away after 432 days, he had sold his business and requested his family to lead their lives the way
Satguru Jee wanted them to lead prior to Parlowk Sardarhan. This Gursikh earnestly believed that, had
it not being a Gursikh performing a Ardassa he would had again been captured by Jamdooths and
would have never regained his conscience. Such is the power of ARDAAS that him, his family and
future generations have been saved from the mouth of jamdooths (death’s angels)

Bhai Didar Singh

10.3 SatGuru Jee Loves You

A great sikh called Bhai Gurdass Singh jee wrote:

'Peevoh pahul khanda da - hoe janam suhella . . .

Vaho Vaho Gobind Singh apay Gur chela'.

'Drink the nectar of the Khanda - this life is then successfull

Wonderful Wonderful Gobind Singh : Himself the Guru and the disciple'

Taking Amrit is so important in Sikhi that even Satguru jee took it from the punj pyare. Guru Gobind
Singh jee was leading by example.

The Satguru jee is always merciful and forever helps all and everyone regardless of their caste, colour,
religion etc. Satguru jee has been sent into the world to shine a light to dispell the dirt and the darkness.

So Satguru jee is always there to help and protect and to guide the disciple. If people turn their back to
SatGuru jee then Satguru jee still waits for them day after day, year after year, life after life if need be.
The Satguru jee is so great that if the person should turn his face to Satguru jee and take even one step
to the Guru, then Satguru jee takes millions and millions of steps to welcome that blessed person:
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 63

'Charan Saran Gur ek painda ja-i chal, Satgur kot painda agay ho-i layth hai'

All people who take a step towards SatGuru jee are welcomed. This is regardless of having taken amrit
or not. However, the person who takes amrit has taken a very big step towards Satguru jee, this person
becomes even more special to Satguru jee. This blessed person has in effect said to Satguru jee : O
Supreme Satguru jee, I trust you totally and utterly. I am a sacrifice to you, I give you my mind, body
and wealth. I give You full control of my life. The Satguru jee in return gives you very precious gifts
in return. For your mind there are the daily meditations, for your body there are the gifts of the 5Ks and
as you give daswand (one tenth of the wealth God has entrusted to you) to Satguru jee the Great Guru
will bestow all treasures upon you.

All people are loved by Satguru jee, if they take steps towards Satguru jee they are welcomed. If they
take amrit they are very special. But we are in the age of Darkness (KalYug), even people who take
amrit turn their back to Satguru jee. Satguru jee still waits for them. People who take amrit should
never fall in to the trap of thinking they are better than anyone - they are servants of Satguru jee.

10.4 Love Waheguru Jee

Ek Oankar Sat Gur Prasad

Waheguru Jee is attained by the Guru's blessing

If you want to love Waheguru Jee

then you have to love SatGuru Jee.

If you want to love SatGuru Jee

then you love to obey SatGuru Jee's instructions,
you love SatGuru Jee's Holy word,
you love SatGuru Jee's Holy places,
you love the Khalsa because they love SatGuru Jee,
you love serving the Sangat.
And you love these things more than anything else.

You love Gurmat (SatGuru Jee's wisdom)

more than manmat(your mind's wisdom)
you base you life on Gurmat and not manmat

The most important Gurmat is to take Amrit,

Guru Nanak Dev Jee says.

Jo to prem khelan ka chao

Sir dar talee galee meree ao

If you want to play the game of love,

then bring your head to me on the palm of your hand

When you get to the stage where you have passed all the Guru's tests and proved yourself 100 percent
then there are no more rules. You don't see your life as rules imposed on you - you are a lover of
Waheguru Jee(Bhagat) Waheguru Jee gives you free access to everything, the Bhagat is very precious
to Waheguru Jee, the world lives to Waheguru Jee's rules(Hukam) but the Bhagat is given full acccess
to Waheguru Jee's infinte storehouse.

However, the Bhagat loves Waheguru Jee so much that the only thing asked for is the greatest gift of
doing Nam simran day and night.

'Visar nahee datar apna nam de-o,

Gun gava din rat Nanak Chao eho'
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 64

'Forget me not O great Giver, and give me Nam,

to sing Your praises is Guru Nanak's desire'

10.5 Ganga Sagar - The Guru’s Kettle

GANGA SAGAR : part 1

My friend wrote me this a few years ago :

When Guru Gobind Singh Ji came back from the main battle...they were thirsty and no-one gave them
milk or anything to drink...so these blokes joked to the Guruji that that bloke over there will give you a
drink...knowing full well that the bloke they had pointed out had a cow who didnt give milk...So the
Guru Ji asked this bloke and gave him a kettle with holes in it and the bloke first said that his cow didnt
give milk....then said that the kettle wouldnt hold it because of the holes...but he did as the Guru asked
and to his amazement...the cow gave milk and the kettle held it..and the Guru ji gave the kettle to this
bloke together with a kirpan..and told him to look after these things. (I dont know the complete story
yaar...but you get what I mean ?)

So on Saturday...the decendent of this bloke came from Pakistan with the Ganga Saagar for people in
this country. So did you go to the college yaar?....my mum bought a little water that they used to show
people that the kettle still doesnt leak...let me know if you want a drop.The moslim bloke who bought it
to England is an only son with 4 sisters...he s father was an only son....he himself has got only one
son...so theres alway only one male born in that family so there's never any competition to who looks
after the Guru jis gift..

GANGA SAGAR : part 2

This was the reply to my friend :

Nasaro Mansoor Gobind Singh jee :

The help from Waheguru is Guru Gobind Singh jee...

Khanda ja ke hath mae, Kalgi soi sees,

So hamaree rachae kare Guru Kalgidhar Jagdees:
With the Khanda raised in his hand and the plume on His turban,
Guru Kalgidhar, King of all the worlds, looks after me.

Guru Kalgidhar is Guru Gobind Singh jee's affectionate name - it means the one with the royal Plume
on his turban.

Bhai Nand Lal Jee says sing the praises of Guru Gobind Singh jee in the morning, just reflect on His
greatness and fill with inspiration.

Gur meray sang sada ha nale -

The Guru jee is always with me.

The world is a dream - all the Guru's were awake and they were sent by Waheguru jee to wake the
people up. People that wake up have the power to change what happens in the dream - like the director
of a film can change what the actors say or do. To wake up the Guru's have given all their blessings and
help us to do Naam simran.

By doing Naam simran we are saying Waheguru i.e. God's name. By saying God's name instead of our
own name (I want this, I want that) selfishness is destroyed. Then we wake up and meet our Maker.
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 65

I didn't go to the college, but thanks fortelling me about it. Its pretty amazing that the Guru's power still
carries on hundreds of years later. That's what I was trying to explain to you about langar. Great Guru
Nanak served the Sadhus and 500 years later the Guru's power still serves langar.

The way you feel about the Ganga Sagar is the way I feel every time I go to langar. Every time I see
one of the Guru's Singh's I feel like I've seen a miracle, because the Guru's power has changed a handful
of dirt into shining gold, a sparrow into a hawk, a coward into a Khalsa. And that power still carries on
hundreds of years later.

Thanks for offering the water, but Guru Gobind Singh jee's already put the most holy water of Amrit
inside me. It's stopped my energy leaking out through the holes of Ego, anger, lust, greed and
attatchment. And I pray to Guru Ram Das jee to fill me up with nectar just like He filled the Sarovar at
Harmandir Sahib.

We are all Ganga Sagars that Guru Gobind Singh jee can perform His miracle on, but only if we let
Him pour Amrit inside us.

10.6 Trip To Sach Khand - The Play

Principal Characters:

Bibi jee - a gursikh who is inquiring about a trip to Sach Khand from
daas - a simple minded villager who has been hired to sell tickets to Sach Khand

The play begins when Bibi jee heard daas say that tickets to Sach Khand are available.....

BIBI I was hoping you could explain about the 'ticket' to Sach khand. Can one buy one?

DAAS Sure, the panj pyare sell them at various locations at various times of the year. Although the
high season is April time - Vaisakee to be precise.

BIBI How does one go about making this purchase?

DAAS Easy, one has to drop their worldly wisdom.

BIBI Do you know the cost?

DAAS The cost, pyari bibi jee, is rather high. It is nothing less than one's head.

BIBI What does one need to take this trip?

DAAS The right question would, "What does one need *not* take on this trip?"

The answer is, "everything".

BIBI And where does one go?

DAAS It really depends on how much of a frequent flyer you are.

The more frequent flyer miles you have, the less you have to travel.

At first, the journey takes months of flying. Then when the frequent flyer miles are
maximum, there is nowhere to go. The destination is here and now.

BIBI Is it beautifully exsquisite there?

DAAS Bibi jee, what does this poor daas know? I have just been hired to do the trip's PR..
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 66

Bibi jee, if you could spare this wreck some of your travel money so that this poverty-
stricken daas could also one day travel to the place this daas talks so much

DAAS Bibi jee, please have mercy. I am hungry and thirsty. Please spare some of your travel
money. Daas too wants to travel with you, but daas has no airfare. Perhaps if you and
your rich sangis would be kind enough to donate some of your travel money, this daas
could one day also hope to sit at the same level as you and travel to the destination
this daas has heard so much about.

DAAS Bibi jee, have mercy, please.

BIBI What's the scenery like.

DAAS Once again, pyari bibi jee, daas has only heard about this destination.

Daas has heard wonderful things, bibi jee - the trip is worth the cost, bibi jee, it is
definately worth the cost.

DAAS There is nothing but light there, bibi jee. And daas has heard lovers whispher to each
other that this light is nothing like the light daas sees here. This light is made of
primal element called prem(love). Bibi jee, these lovers who I overheard, bibi jee, said a
lot of things that this illiterate daas could not understand.

They whispered that there is no such thing as time - "akaal" they repeated several
times. Then they said there is no need to take a taxi or a bus to go anywhere - now,
bibi jee, daas does not understand how that is possible - but this is what those lovers
whisphered, they said it is possible to travel with something they called "will".

Then they also whispered that everything sings praises of the One, bibi jee, the One.
Even flowers which are made of light, sing. This poor daas does not understand, bibi
jee. bibi jee, you are cultured and rich, please,please,please bibi jee, have mercy,
have mercy and make this poor one understand. Please bibi jee, I will do whatever you
tell me.

BIBI Is there much sand. What I mean is, do you need to take beach wear?

DAAS Bibi jee, I do not recall a mention of sand, bibi jee, Perhaps when the lovers were
whispering deep into the night, daas nodded off, as is the habit of this fool.

BIBI And what about the food?

DAAS The lovers said the food is the One's praise.

BIBI Are the natives friendly?

DAAS The lovers said all the natives are lovers there. Now bibi jee, please tell me daas is
a fool and an idiot, this fool has most definately heard something wrong. Now, my rich
and cultured bibi jee, how can it be possible for all the natives to be lovers?

BIBI Ok last question, does it get really cold? Mmm...

DAAS The lovers said that there is no change in the weather there. They said, it is always
"glowing with prem (love)".

The play ends as Bibi jee walks away counting down the days to Vaisaikhee when she too
can purchas her ticket from the Punj Pyare.
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 67

10.7 Bhai Joga Singh And The Prostitute

Dear children of SatGuru, lovers of truth, caring sharing Khalsa ji,

Giani Avtar Singh ji (grandson of Sant Gurbachan Singh Bindra wale) was wrapping the sangat up in
words of wisdom, tales of our Gurus and images of love and Naam:

One night young Guru Nanak ji was naam japping into the early hours, the birds began singing and his
mother saw that his room light was on. She knocked on his door and entered. With love in her voice
she spoke sweetly 'Son, dont you get tired of Naam Japping,' to which Guru ji replied, 'dear mother ji
i'm too engrossed to stop, i know no other way to live'. His mother said, 'Son, but you need to have
control, even saints and other great souls only meditate for 2 maybe 4 hours a night, but you're always
on the go.' Guru ji said, 'dear mother ji, how can i describe my state? Like the addict can't live without
his opium and the fish needs water 24 hours a day, so is my love for beloved Naam.' His mother said,
'But son you surely can take a break and become involved in worldy tasks,' Guru ji said,' dear mother ji
can the fish ever come out of the water even for a short amount of time?'

Giani ji continued by saying that reach this state of love one needs to become the Guru's, to belong to
the Guru and to be worthy of the Guru. One day a 15 year old boy came into the prescence of Guru
Gobind Singh ji at his royal court. His mind was overwhelmed, he was reaping the rewards of good
actions in his previous lives. Guru Gobind Singh ji said, 'Who are you?' The boy said 'I'm Joga', Guru
Sahib said 'Who's Joga are you' (i.e. who are you worthy of?). The boy said, 'Guru ma tera Joga, Joga
ma tera Guru' (i.e. Guru I'm your Joga, I only want to be worthy of you). Guru Sahib finished with
playing on the double meaning of Joga and instructed Joga to become Joga Singh (by taking amrit) and
to stay with Guru Sahib and the Khalsa (to learn the Sikh way of life).

After sometime Bhai Joga Singh ji's parents came and requested Guru Sahib to release him from duty to
the Khalsa as it was time for him to get married. Before letting him go, Guru Sahib said 'Bhai Joga
Singh ji you can go but remember that you belong to the Guru, so if the Khalsa has a need for your
services you must return immediately'. Bhai Joga Singh ji and his parents understood the instructions
and paying their respects left for their village.

Time passed merrily planning the wedding, everyone was excited. The big day came and the Gurdwara
was packed out with relatives and an air of happiness, 2 of the 4 nuptial rounds (lava) had been
completed, the Granthi was reading the third lava when a messenger of Guru Gobind Singh ji leaped off
his horse and interrupted the proceedings. He handed over a document for Guru Sahib himself
intructing Bhai Joga Singh ji that the Khalsa were in urgent need of his service so he must return
immediately. Bhai Joga Singh ji obeyed the Guru's hukam to the letter - his parents, his relatives, his
in-laws absolutely everyone tried to make him stay for another 3 or 4 days - saying what difference does
it make - Guru Sahib released you to get married so complete it first. But Bhai Joga Singh ji packed his
bags and headed off to Guru Sahib.

While he was travelling alone he began thinking 'What a truly great Khalsa I am - has there ever been
any other Singh who's sacrificed his wedding for the love the Guru? No, there has been no other Khalsa
as devoted as me.' While in this state of ego, he noticed a very pretty prostitute standing outside her
small house. He kept her in mind and returned later that night. As he climbed the outside stairs up to
her bedroom a rather large security guard was standing between him and the front door. He looked up
at the guard and said 'Is their time for me to see her?' The guard said 'There is no time for you to see
her'. Bhai Joga Singh ji left, but unable to remove her fascinating lure from his mind he returned again
in the early hours. The guard was still there 'Is there time for me to see her now?' The guard replied
'There is no time for you to see her. O friend who are you?'. These words struck Bhai Joga Singh ji to
the core 'Who am i? Who am I? rang around his head. The answer came 'I'm Kalgidhar Patshah's son
(i.e. i'm Guru Gobind Singh ji's son). He came to his senses, looked at his bana and repented for his

He rode back to the gurdwara where his marriage had been taking place earlier and begged for
forgiveness. He rode to Guru Sahib's darbar and fell at Guru Sahib's feet. Guru ji asked him where he
was the night before, the prostitute incident was revealed and Guru Sahib said 'I was the guard'. Guru
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 68

Sahib said, 'Bhai Joga Singh ji you are extremely fortunate to have been saved. Countless others have
fallen. You were saved because of your words to me 'Guru ma tera Joga' (I am worthy only of You
Guru). Because you belong to me - I belong to you Bhai Joga ji, I belong to you!'

It's very important to say to Guru Sahib 'I belong to you by taking amrit'.

'Sagal duar chad keh ga-io tuaro duar

Ba'he ga-eh kee laj as gobind das tu-har'

Leaving all doors, I come to Your door

Hold me by the arm, protect my honour
for Gobind is Your servant.
(dohra in rahras sahib)

Dhan Guru Gobind Singh ji Dhan Bhai Joga ji.

10.8 Sikh Mothers Fear Not

THE rulers of Lahore, in olden times, cast a Sikh youth in prison.

He was the only child of a Sikh widow; for no other crime save that he was a Sikh they would murder
him if he offered not allegiance to their injustice and wrong-doing.

The mother could do nothing, she shut herself in her room, And her soul, tranced in agony, passed in a
vision to the Beyond, and stood before her Master: "Lord take the child in Thy care; he must owe
allegiance to no one but Thee." "Fear not, daughter;" said Guru Gobind Singh; "here comes your son."
And there she met her son arrayed in shining armor of light.

Prof Puran Singh

10.9 Die For Amrit

There is a huge danger in giving Amrit out to everybody. In the olden days, out of a Sangat of say 100
who wanted Amrit....possibly 30 were accepted....the majority were turned back and asked to prepare
more thoroughly and return next time. Infact, many were refused several times.

Shaheed Bhai Fauja Singh Jee was turned back the first time and when he came back the second time,
the Panj Pyare refused again...but this time Bhai Fauja Singh Jee refused to leave without the Great Gift
of Naam/Amrit....so the Panj Pyare told him to go and lay down on a railway track until told otherwise.
Bhai Fauja Singh rushed off to obey Guru Sahib's command and one Singh was sent secretly to observe
him and told to pull him away before the train comes. Bhai Fauja Singh Jee lay on the track and even
upon the obvious arrival of the train did not shift at all. The Singh who was sent behind Bhai Fauja
Singh Jee ran out and tried to pull away Bhai Fauja Singh Jee before the train killed him, but Bhai
Fauja Singh Jee refused to leave...not wanting to disobey his Guru....eventually he was pulled away in
time and they returned to the Panj Pyare who ONLY then were satisfied with him. This only happened a
few years ago...and probably still does where the discipline (Maryada) of Amrit is followed properly.

10.10 I Believe In Truth, But Not In Guru Gobind Singh Ji

Guru ji caused me to meet a middle-aged muslim man at the gurdwara last night we had langar together,
he said with a sweet voice, 'I want to learn to read Gurbanee, but I dont know how to read and write
punjabi. I was born in Pakistan, and even though we all speak Punjabi we are taught to read and write
urdu. I can understand 70 to 80 per cent of Gurbaneewhen I hear it and I want to learn how to read it'.
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 69

Then he said, 'I am a Darvesh...we believe in truth. Wherever we find truth we accept it, we are not into
labels of religions. I believe in Baba Nanak and no-one else. Not even Mohammed or Guru Gobind
Singh ji because they fought, they killed people. Only Baba Nanak came in peace and left in peace. I
have seen soldiers in Pakistan shoot two low caste beggars because they were from a different area of
Pakistan, the beggars stomachs were ripped open by the bullets. Darvesh's believe in Truth, not
violence...only Baba Nanak.'

'I want to learn Baba Nanak's banee, no-one elses'.

He didnt accept the fact that all our Gurus were different bodies of Guru Nanak's jot (light). He said 'A
professor told me that Guru Gobind Singh ji asked for 5 heads and then cut the head of goats. (Refering
to Punj Pyare in 1699). I don’t believe in this violence that happened 250 years after Baba Nanak...I
only believe in Baba Nanak.'

By Guru's kirpa I said, ‘do you want to hear Baba Nanak's banee? Well listen

'Jo tho prem khelan ka chao

Sir dar thalee galee meree aao'
(page 1412, verse 20)

He said what does that mean.

Guru Nanak ji is saying to us

'If you want to play the Game of Love

Then bring your head to me on the palm of your hand'.

He looked a bit startled.

I continued, 'Guru Nanak said it,Guru Gobind Singh ji did it.

My friend added, 'Guru Nanak ji found the truth, Guru Gobind Singh ji applied it'.

I think he realised he's got a lot to learn (haven't we all).

My friends going to teach him JapJi Sahib by Guru's kirpa..

Dhan Guru Nanak Dhan Gur Sikhi.

10.11 Right Technique?

Once I did ardas to Guru ji and said, ‘Baba Jee I don't know how to do simran. If I try to be humble
then I end up getting depressed and down. If I try to be chardhee-kala then I get ego. Guru jee you are
right this path is finer than a hair and sharper than a sword (khannio tikee valo nikkee), hold my hand
and take me through the right way- only you know the direction because you have walked it many
times with your beloved ones’.

Then after leaving the Gurdwara Guru jee caused me to met the blessed GurSikh , (he was in Anand
again! Happy and red face, shining eyes) he said loudly ,'listen this thing is worth taking note of, Do
simran with enjoyment. So many people do simran with a crying face (then he screwed his face up and
we laughed!) , they cry about this and that, they cry all the time and they cry when doing simran - all
their going to get is more tears! Do simran happily, be happy and do paat, be like a flower in blossom
singing Guru jis praises. Then and only then will you get anand.'

Vaahi-guroo Jee is amazing! I Did ardas to Guru ji and got my answer through his Sikh (GurSikh)!
And then I did simran (by Guru ji's grace) and I FELT like I was walking in a procession of festivity
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 70

behind Guru Gobind Singh ji riding his horse, the Devi-Devthe were showering petals all around and
the Khalsa was raising their flashing Khanda into the sunny skies. Everyone had red shining faces, love
was flowing all around, Waheguru Waheguru was beating in every heart going up and up to the sky.
Everyone was intoxicated on Naam. The Khalsa walks with their heads bowed humbly and palms
pressed together infornt of their chest, because Guru Gobind Singh ji has called them to walk behind
him and his hand is above their head

10.12 The World Sikh

A few years ago Bhai HarBhajan Singh Yogi Jee and Jutha came and shared their fragrance with the
youth sadh-sangat in Southall, England. They had an awesome presence, here are the postive points
which may inspire you:

Everyone was sitting down, we finished ardas and 2 Singhnian (lionesses) sang kirtan. All the young
Khalsa were at the front. The Kirtan was loud, enthusiastic and powerful. They sang one line again and
again and mixed Waheguru Waheguru into it. Then one of the Singhnian, Bibi Shantee Kaur Jee said,
'Everywhere we go in England all I ever hear is that women are weaker than the men. But the Khalsa is
equal, so lets do a little experiment. First the girls sing then the boys. Everyone sang loud and clear
'Rehat pi-arree mujj ko, Sikh nahee ' meaning Guru Gobind Singh ji says 'Sikh code of conduct (rehat)
is more beloved to me than the Sikh'.

After that Bhai HarBhajan Singh Yogi spoke for about 30 min followed by questions and answers.

He was very relaxed and humorous and made everyone feel proud of being Khalsa. He said, `We wear
white because it contains all the colours. We wear the Khalsa uniform because it is beautiful, we don't
dress to impress anyone else we don't dress to be sexy. He sang that song 'We are the Khalsa mighty
mighty Khalsa, everywhere we go everyone wants to know...'

He told us, `We can cross the world in a cruise liner or we can get a paddle boat out & try to cross the
ocean using our own strength. By doing Naam simran use Natures(God's) power to help you. He
encouraged us by saying that we have to start thinking of the World Sikh - many of the people with him
where American or from Europe.

He told the Youth that we need to use this tiny island we live on as a spring board to spread Sikhi into
Europe. He said, `Chant Vaheguru in whichever way suits you - that's the best technique. He put a
posh English accent on and said the English say 'Waheguru', he said the French say (in a French accent)

He was asked why did Guru Nanak ji come to the world. He replied, `Guru Nanak ji knew we were
coming, so he came ahead of us to make the path.' Someone asked if God wants us to be Christian or
Moslem then we are born in those families, that's how God decides. Bhai HarBhajan Singh replied
`When Christ came people followed him at that time, when Mohammed came people followed him at
that time, now is the time of Nanak. Wait and see there will be countless Khalsa.'

On another day he was talking in Punjabi to the normal older generation sangat. He was totally different
to them, he was friendly and funny with the youth , but he was telling the older sangat off. He said you
came to this Western Gandagee (dirtyness) and left behind your Bandagee (devotion). You should have
brought your Bandagee and cleaned up the gandagee, instead you joined in the gandagee. Now the
Westerners have come to teach the East about Guru Nanak Dev ji! The same Westerners that had never
heard the name of Nanak 40 years ago.

10.13 Khalsa Constructors

SatGuru Gobind Singh Jee has give us the blue-prints for constructing a spiritual sky-scraper that
reaches through all the heavens right up to Waheguru Jee's realm of Truth, Sach Khand.
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 71

SatGuru Gobind Singh Jee has firstly warned His Khalsa Contructors of the 4 MAJOR SPIRITUAL
DISASTERS that could strike at any time during construction:, so Khalsa jee watch out for the internal
equivalents of

1. EarthQake : Don't commit adultery. It will shake your Sikhee from the basement in the tip of your
toe to the attic at the top of your head...

2. Volcanic Erruption : Don't take alcohol, cigarrettes or drugs. The burning poison will flow in your
artery plumbing system like rivers of flaming lava.

3. Tornado: Don't even insult a single pore of your body. This terrible spiralling whirlwind will cause
you to rip huge holes out of the side of the building known as nose and ear, it will disfigure the
exterior paintwork and leave nasty dark stains known as tatoos, and worst of all it will instantly
uproot the mighty `Hair' trees that you'd been growing in the garden since childhood...

4. Floods : Don't eat meat. The waves of cruelty will come crashing down. They will cause you to
have no mercy and to slice the throats of animals far and wide. Build flood barriers to hold back the
rivers of blood and be merciful to ALL creatures by making your building a sancturary for them and
not a fearful slaughter-house.

SatGuru Gobind Singh jee has secondly told His Khalsa Contructors to have daily

1. Security Patrols : Get up early at amritvela (0030-0600) and shine the flash-light across the mind-
plot- be on the hunt for the 5 thieves. When you’re sure the coast is clear then carefully sow the
seeds of Waheguru Waheguru naam simran. When you see the dawn breaking sing the glories of
the creator by doing nitnem .

2. Union Meetings: Go to the Gurdwara Head Office morning and evening, get the blessings of Great
Master contructor Guru Granth Sabhb jee, listen to the Hukam Nama and apply it to your life
construction for that day.

3. Team Building Sessions: Serve the Khalsa Contructor Sangat and learn some tricks of the trade like
humility and speaking sweetly, make sacrifices to help each other. Treat everyone equally, don't
gossip or slander anyone, have compassion for all the Sadh sangat, remember it's hard to build on
your own, but easy if there's a whole group of you.

All the Khalsa Constructors need now is Guru Jee's pat on the back, with that blessing the spiritual
skyscraper will be contructed in no time at all. The Guru's blessing is worth more than anything else in
the world whether it's fast cars, gold, spouse's love, bhangra do's etc. The Guru's blessing stays with
you in your heart - and no-one can steal it, or shatter it like your dreams. People can kick you or punch
you, people may not stand by you, people can lie and cheat you , but they can never get inside you and
steal the Guru's blessing. They can never make you feel inferior or depressed - they drown in their
bitter and twisted thoughts, whereas you cling to the Guru's blessing and are safely consturct your
spiritual skyscaper to the sound of Waheguru Waheguru naam simran.

So how well built is your spiritual skyscaper, friend? Guru Gobind Singh Jee gave us the above
warnings, guidelines and blessings. Did you build a house without following the warnings and
guidelines? Did you have weak foundation stones which meant your hopes, dreams, health and wealth
all came crashing down killing everything inside you?

So many people are living in beautiful houses from the exterior. They make great effort to show the
world how happy and pretty and rich they are. But, the reality is that in their mind, past the front door
their is nothing but darkness, depression, bitterness and negativity strewn all across the floors, like the
night before the 5 thieves broke in and held a house party and now they refuse to leave. So the owner
runs from door to door telling everyone of his miserable saga, then all of them console him and say
`that is just the way life is, they think it's interesting and sing and dance about how sad they are and how
they'll never be able to mend their broken heart.'.
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 72

If they knocked on the door of the Khalsa Contructor's spiritual skyscraper, they would be told `friend,
your life is not worth singing and dancing about, you got what your deserved 'Apay Beej Apay hee

The Khalsa Constructor would say `Friend, I feel your sorrow, but your saga is not that interesting
because it is easy to waste life and then tell a sad story with lots of bad language and violence : it only
becomes interesting when there's a hero - when someone becomes divinely inspired by Guru Gobind
Singh jee and fights and defeats all the injustices'.

The Khalsa Contructor would continue with, `You're wasting your life running around telling everyone
your grief, what's the point in relying on other people to help you out? They've got the same 5 thieves
sitting inside their house so how are they going to help you evict yours? Friend, if you don't find the
true helper then your life will be no different from millions of others and can be summarised as `from
dust to dust and lots of misery in between. Friend, I have only one thing to say to you and that is if you
truly want things to get better then stop expecting mortals to save your honour. Take the protection of
Guru Nanak Dev jee who has saved countless souls, is still saving countless souls and will carry on
saving countless souls.

Sabh th-eh v'da SatGur Nanak

Jin Kal Rakhi meree'

Greater than all is True Guru Nanak

who saved my honour in these Dark Times

When Baba Nanak Jee steps foot through your front door, fall at his lotus feet and grab onto his sweet
words with all your might. Do naam simran like a drowning man clutching a life-saver. Baba Nanak
Jee will shine Waheguru Ji's bright light into your beautiful spiritual skyscraper and the blinded 5
thieves will scuttle away like rats back into the dark depths they came from.

10.14 Tree Of Life

Namo Beej beeje

I bow to the Seed of Seeds
says Guru Gobind Singh ji in Jaap Sahib.

Our human life is called vath

the time when the soil is moist for planting

GurMantr Vaahi-guroo is the seed

so plant this seed in your moist mind

Mool Mantr is the Root Mantr

and prepares strong foundations within us
for the power that will flow like electricity
through every cell of our body

The morning JapJi Sahib, Jaap Sahib,

Tav Prasad Savaaiya, Bentee Chaupee and Anand Sahib
The evening Rahras Sahib and Kirtan Sohila
All give our spirit strength like the mighty tree trunk

GurBanee, God’s Words are the branches and twigs and leaves
as the tree of life grows inside the Gurmukh,
these are different branches to hold on to
depending on our different states of minds
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 73

Blossoming of flowers is our sweet speech,humility and love

that makes us feel beautiful inside
and gives pleasure to all around

The Fruit of our labour is spiritual experiences

Ram Kabeer Ek Ha.

What do we find nside the fruit?

Aap Naam Japo, Avra Naam Japavo
Repeat the Naam and help others to repeat it to
When you have ripened then
plant the new seeds of Vaahi-guroo in others.

Let Guru Ji's Kirpa-kindness rain down

and shower us day and night.

Let Waheguru ji's light nourish our withering souls

at every blink and breath.

‘Saa dharat bah-ee haree-aavalee,

jithai mayra SatGur baitha aa-i. ‘
That land becomes green and fertile,
where my SatGuru comes and sits.

Our minds, full of the weeds of anger, greed, anger, lust and attachment
becomes green and fertile when GurBanee, Mool Mantr and GurMantr come to reside.

The Khalsa has the Tree Of Eternal Life inside them,

like a mighty Oak tree they stand strong in their principles,

like a vast Willow tree,

their canopy spreads far and wide
protecting creatures
from miles around
from the beating sun

like a fruit tree,

they think firstly
of feeding the hungry

and like all trees,

they return only kindness
to the one who cuts at them.
How ? Being cut, they humbly touch the attacker's feet
and more than that they do more seva
by warming the attacker with their fire.

Dhan Guru Gobind Singh Ji

Dhan Tera Khalsa Panth!


11.1 Guru Gobind Singh Jee’s Beard

01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 74

Someone asked Sant Attar Singh ji , 'how come you're a sant?', to which he replied, 'I lived my whole
life respecting this beard as if it was Guru Gobind Singh Ji's beard'.

Implying that

• he never showed his face in places where Guru ji wouldn't have taken his own beard.

• he never said anything that Guru ji wouldn't have said through his own beard.

• he never looked in the mirror and thought 'Look how beautiful I am, rather he praised Guru ji for it
was Guru ji's beard on his face. -he never dared to take scissors and trim Guru ji's beard

• infact he used his beard to wipe the feet of the saints 'Gur ke Charan, Kes Sang Chaaareh' Just like
Guru Ram Das jee appeased Baba Sri Chand ji's anger. Baba Sri Chand was angry that his father
Guru Nanak ji never made him the second Guru. He went away from Sikhi and started his own sect.
By the time of Guru Ram Das ji, his anger had calmed down. He came into Guru ji's prescence and
slightly arrogantly said 'Why do keep such a long beard?' To which Guru Ram Das Ji replied, 'To
wipe the feet of Saints' and falling at the feet of this son of his beloved master Guru Nanak ji, Guru
Ram Das ji wiped his feet. Baba Sri Chand was on old man by now and was taken aback. He said,
'Now I understand why I didnt get the Guru-Ship, I didnt have humility as you have shown.'



11.2 Banee And Bana

My friend said the wise old sant was staying at their house one hot summer a few years ago. My friend
was a young energetic teenager, wearing jeans and t-shirt. The Sant came out and watched them for a
while, he was a man of little words but many actions.

He called my firend over and requested that he gather his friends together and sit on the grass lawn,
cross legged. The Sant sat opposite them, just being humble and holy, connected to Creation and the
Creator..at peace whereever he went. The boys wriggled from side to side, the felt the sun beating
down on them..it was a long hour..felt mor like a day had passed when the Sant spoke , they waited with
baited breath to be released from their agony. The Sant said, 'Kortha Pyjama changa ren-da'(The Guru's
uniform wears well...i.e. is comfortable for meditation) then he got up and went back inside.!!!!

Banee and Bana go hand in hand.

Banee is the Guru's Word

Bana is the Guru's Uniform.

Banee gives us discipline on the inside

Bana gives us discipline on the outside

We are what we think . . . Banee

We are what we wear . . . Bana

11.3 Holy Hair - Kes

A lady at work asked me today, 'Why do you keep your hair?', to which I replied, 'Why do you cut your
hair?'. She was stumped and said 'Well I never really thought about it, keeps it tidy i guess'. I said , 'My
hair's nice and tidy under this turban'. She said 'I guess there's no reason really to cut it - it's not like it's
going to keep on growing and growing trailing behind me!'
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 75

We all have heard many reasons for keeping hair, but here is what our Guru Granth Sahib ji teaches us
,one day we'll understand fully..
1. The God-ward ones meditate on the Lord with each hair on the body. Nanak says, the God-ward
ones are absorbed in holy truth. (page941)
2. My heart has been penetrated by the holy Name. I have beheld the Lord outside too. Nanak says,
He pervades all places - in forest-glades, grass-blades and each hair. (page966)
3. The Name Divine pervades each hair of our body. This bounty has come from the holy Guru.
(page 1144 Guru 5)
4. In your grace grant me a sight of yourself, so that night and day I may sing your praises and brush
the feet of the holy with my hair. This alone is my objective. (page 500)
5. The Lord-Creator Himself stood by us and not a single hair on the head was hurt. (page 623 - Guru
Arjun ji)
6. Making my hair into a fan, may I wave it over the holy one. My head bowing at his feet, may I
apply the dust of his feet to my face. (page 745 Guru Arjun Dev ji)
7. With my eyes I have association with the holy ones and I serve them. With my hair I brush their
feet. Day and night I have the sight of the holy ones - such is the joy Nanak has attained. (page
8. Jain Monks are thrown astray, misled by God's Writ. They do not utter the Name. Not cutting their
hair, they pluck it with their hands (they remain bald). They remain involved night and day in filth
and are indifferent to devotion to the holy Word. (page 1285 Guru 3)
9. Kabir says, what good is close-cropping (cutting) the hair when the mind (remains) unreformed?
Whatever (action) is done, is done by the mind. I is useless to remove the hair. (page 1369 Kabirji)

11.4 Head Covering - Keskee

Why are Sikhs prohibited from wearing caps and hats?

Imagine Baba Deep Singh jee great warrior, mighty hero, walks into the gurdwara with a baseball cap
with 'X' on the front!!!!! We've got our own culture. Everything you wear says something about you.
80% of our communication to other people is the non-verbal signals we pass.

30 years ago everyone in England wore a hat or a cap. The city workers had their black bowlers, the
football fan had his felt cap, your head covering identified you. It told others who you where, what you
believed, what your background was.

People say its only important to cover your head so I'll put a cap on. Imagine the Queen on her
coronation came walking down the aisle with the whole world +watching on TV, she sat down and the
person who was to place the crown on her head whisked out a baseball cap and said 'O! Its only
covering the head thats important - not what you cover it with!!!!!!!!' I dont think the queen would have
been happy.

Guru Gobind Singh ji said 'khalsa meray roop ha khas' the khalsa is my special form. Wear a cap and
look in the mirror, if you feel like the special form of Guru Gobind Singh ji then go ahead wear it, but
to everyone else it will look like you are hiding your hair, ashamed of your Sikhi trying to be what
you're not. like if the man on terraces wore a black bowler he wouldnt be accepted he would be laughed

You have to keep the outer physical discipline so that Naam can stay inside. A broken bottle will let
the water leak out. If the outer discipline goes then bit by bit you merge back into the worldly way
(manmat)where you came from and the same old thoughts will permeate your mind.

11.5 Can We Take The 5ks Off?

Question : Should the 5 Kakars be kept with you during sleep and head covered during sleep ?
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 76

When Guru Gobind Singh Jee stood infront of the ocean of Sikhs holding the mighty curved sri sahib
above his head asking for a head, he created an army called the Khalsa. Khalsa Akal Purakh Kee Fauj.

But this army of khalsa soldiers was not merely fighting the battle against Moghuls, Hill Rajas and
thieves and bandits. These Khalsa warriors had the more important life of death struggle against the 5
enemies inside them to fight as well.

Every army has its code of conduct, reporting structure and uniform. All these items maintain
discipline within each warrior and unite each individual with one another into an army. Like one finger
is weak, but a 4 fingers and a thumb combine into a fist.

The external uniform is the 5Ks and a covered head, if every Khalsa soldier wears the same uniform
then they are united like a fist. A soldier in any other army will go to his bed at night and remove his
uniform. His daily external battle is over, he can relax for the night.

The Khalsa warrior on the other hand has no time to rest. The 5 enemies never sleep, they dont allow
the Khalsa warrior the luxury of relaxing for the night and then resuming the battle at sunrise.

If the 5 enemies don't get tired of attacking us, then the Khalsa doesn't get tired of fighting them. I can't
be in the warrior frame of mind if I'm not wearing my Khalsa Uniform. My discipline has gone, my
defences are down, the front door is open for the 5 enemies to conquor me in my dreams and in my bed.

Visar Nahee Datar Apanay Naam Deho

Gun gava din raat Nanak Chao eho.

Never Forget me Giver, Give me your naam

May I sing your praises day and NIGHT this is Nanak's desire.

Being Khalsa is not a day job - it's my life, every moment I am tested...night and day I have to think did
I remember naam or did the 5 enemies get the better of me?

So it is not acceptable for a Khalsa warrior to let their defences down by removing the 5K uniform and
uncovering their head at night.

11.6 Covering The Head.

That is part of our Khalsa uniform too. Covering head is a sign of humility, God is everywhere day
and night, we remain humble infront of God everywhere and day and night.

Wearing the Khalsa uniform is difficult at first. For example, when the cowboys break-in a wild horse,
the horse hates having reigns and a saddle fitted...but then it gets used to it and even carries the weight
of a man without any problem. We are wild and undisciplined, the 5Ks and head covering are the
reigns guru gobind singh jee is fitting over our wild mind and body horse. We to dont like losing our
freedom, but we get used to it and will be able to carry the weight of Waheguru Ji's Light and Power
when Guru Nanak Dev Jee steps inside our body.

It all comes back to Naam simran, our uniform is to help us on this path, not hinder us.


12.1 Miracles

The point of Simran is not to achieve Ridh-Sidhi powers, even possessing them. We are taught they are
nothing but a distraction - 'a cheap way of fooling people' as Guru tegh Bahadur ji said to the
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 77

Once Guru jee was travelling in a boat across a river and the Sikhs waited on the other side. A yogi
decided to show his power and walked across the river. When the Guru arrived on the opposite bank,
the yogi claimed that he had much more kamai than the Guru. The boatsman did not want to take any
money but the Guru insisted on paying him the full amount - two paisas. The Guru asked the yogi how
many years it had taken him to achieve the skill of walking on water. "14 years of in-depth samadhi and
simran," replied the yogi. "Well," said the Guru, "now you know that the 14 years of kamai (spiritual
earning) has been worth 2 paisas."

There's another story of 2 brothers, one left home to become a hermit, the other stayed at home to get
married and have children. 10 years later the hermit came home with a bag full of miraculous powers.
He said to his brother shall I show you what I can do? He used telekinetic powers to magically lift a
broomhandle from one side of the house to fall at his feet. The family man, said 'Is that all you've
achieved? shall I show you something?' He placed the stick back to its starting position and called out
his child, 'Son go and get the stick for me......!'

Emperor Bahadur Shah said to Guru Gobind Singh ji show me a miracle. Guru ji said ,'the words you
speak are a miracle, because of your one word a man can be hanged or made into a prince'. Bahadur
Shah said 'no show me a proper miracle', Guru ji said 'money is a miracle, with money you can get
anything done and purchase everything you need' Bahadur Shah said 'No a proper miracle!' Guru ji
drew out his sword and held it up ready to strike Bahadur Shah 'Weapons are a miracle by which even
Emperors shut up'. These are the miracles Sikhs believe in.

Do Naam Simran without any desire for gaining powers, the target is the Lotus Feet everything else is
just side effects to distract us.

Raj na chahu
mukat na chahu
man preet charankamalare

I dont desire Kingdom

I dont desire Liberation
My mind wants the love of your Lotus Feet.

12.2 Practise What You Preach

True story:

the sant ji was visited by a mother and son, she was very frustrated, 'O Baba ji, tell him to stop eating
Gor (sugar cane candy), it's bad for him, yet he eats it all the time. Baba ji I've tried everything but he
just doesnt listen, so my humble request is YOU tell my son to stop'.

The wise old Sant nodded his head as the mother spoke and listened carefully, he replied 'Bibi ji, ask
me again in one week's time'.

The mother said, 'Sat Bachan (OK)' and departed. She came back in exactly a week and listed all the
same problems, 'O Baba ji he still didnt stop, he might listen to you, please tell him'.

The Sant looked at the son and said, 'Son listen to your mother and stop eating Gor.'

The mother and child left (whether he stopped or not isn’t important).

The sevadars around the Sant had observed the incident and said, 'Baba ji, why didnt you just tell the
boy last week? Did you do some reptitions (jap) or penance (tap) for him this week, or what?'
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 78

The Sant replied, 'Gursikh pyari-o....last week I used to eat Gor, how could I tell him to do something
that I don’t practise myself? After they left last week I stopped eating Gor and that is why I was able to
ask him to stop as well!'

....and that my dear brothers and sister's is the character of a KHALSA


12.3 The Power Of Five

True story.

‘suva luc se ek laroa

thabay gobind singh naam kahao’

‘When one fights against 125,000

then can I call myself Gobind Singh’ …….Guru Gobind singh jee.

Such is the power of the Khalsa

Bhai S. Singh jee, a sevadar from Gurdrawa Nanaksar, told me this saakhi:

"It was during the anti-sikh riots. I was at that time living in Gurudrawa Nanaksar in Haryana. There
were 7 other sewadars in the gurudrawa. Trouble started brewing early in the morning. We noticed
about 50 young men gathering outside a few hundred metres away from the gurudrawa sahib. We
didn't really pay too much attention to them.

By noon, the group had turned into a rowdy crowd of about 300. We became quite concerned at that
point. Our telephone wires had been cut, so there really was not much we could do. But we were still
in chardi kala.

At about 3 pm, a truck driven by a Singh was driving by the crowd when the crowd attacked it. The
Singh gave up the truck and ran to the gurudrawa. Some gundas overtook him and injured him but he,
being a strong man, managed to escape. Still, he was quite bloody when he came in. That increased
our number to 9. The number outside had increased to about 500 by evening. They were very loud and
obnoxious by now.

We tried to ignore them and began our evening diwan at 6 pm. But as the darkness approached, the
rabble become more and more bold. In fact, soon they started stoning the gurdrawa. We stopped the
evening programme and placed all the Guru Granth Sahib jees in the safest place possible.

At 7.30 pm it was very dark and the rabble became so bold that they put fire to the gurdrawa's gate. It
hit us then how serious the situation was. We soon would be killed!

Our jathedar gathered us and said, "Khalsa jee, the Khalsa has faced worse situations then this. The
Khalsa has gone through two holocasts but the Khalsa lives and will live in freedom forever! Khalsa
jee, the Khalsa has never given up and will never give up. The enemy stands outside. There are 500
hundred, we are 9 but remember Guru Gobind Singh jee has made each of us equivalent to sava-lakh
(125,000)! Khalsa jee, get prepared to fight!"

He said this with so much josh and bir ras that our body hair stood on their ends. Even though I had
been seriously ill for the past 3 months, I too was ready to fight. The jathedar then told us that we must
make two groups. The first group of five will go out first and fight the enemy. The the rest (4) can go
later. Everybody agreed. Jathedar Sahib then chose 4 other pyares. I was not chosen, most probably
due to my illness.
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 79

The five put on the uniform of the Khalsa. Then the jathedar sahib did ardas to Guru Gobind Singh jee
saying, "Pita jee, dear father,, we are coming to your land. Please prepare for us!"

Then five then took out their kirpans and with BOLE SO NEHAAL! SAT SRI AKAL! BOLE SO
NEHAAL! SAT SRI AKAL! filling the air, came out the face the enemy. You will not believe what
happened then. Seeing 5 Khalsa in the uniform of Guru Gobind Singh jee, the rabble of 500 ran away

It was as if 5 lions were chasing 500 hyenas away!

One of the Singhs managed to cut off a running man’s ear. The Khalsa's victory was sweet."

waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru...

Just as an epilogue, some police officers had the gall to come a few days later to investigate the ear
injury!!!! But this was so ridiculous and the Singhs were in such high spiritsthat the police had to leave
without even a bribe.

12.4 The Sikh Mothers You Know Not

While the dawn was yet young a Sikh mother emerged out of space, and was seen moving towards the
Golden Temple at Amritsar.

"Wither are you going, mother?" said Dewan Kauramall, a minister of the Mughal ruler of Lahore.
"To the Guru's Temple" said she, "to day assemble there the Gurus Khalsa, the holy ones, and i have
come to bathe myself and my child in the current of Naam"

"But he opening of the Temple to the Khalsa to-day is treachery"said the Dewan, "The imperial forces
are here to kill everyone who enters the Temple. Today there will be a general massacre of the Khalsa."

"What matters it, O good man," said the Sikh Mother, "if my blood is mingled with the waters of
immortality, it is no death?"

"Have pity on your innocent child," said the Dewan.

" I love him so i bring him with me; this death is life for us. You do not know," she said and passed


And we argue about 5Ks..........?

12.5 Mansoor

Who was Mansoor? Mansoor was the first Sufee (Sect of Islam) to publicly declare his love for God.
He revelled in his union with God saying "The Truth is me." So, the orthodox Muslims executed him -
they stoned him, chopping off his hands, hanging him, crucifying him. He refused to betray God the
Lover and insisted his love was true. He rubbed his arm stumps on his cheeks saying "this is my make-
up for my Lover" and recited the Name of the Beloved.

12.6 Bhai Bir Singh Jee

Bhai Bir Singh lived in a fort, he was of the Guru.Though a man of renunciation, he lived like a king in
a fort, such is the need of the soul that is given to the Guru. He had minstrels to sing to him, for they
loved to see him grow translucent in flesh as they sang and loved to see the tears of ecstasy roll down
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 80

from his closed eyes on his cheek, as a baby weeping in his cradle in dream. They said he had more of
Him than they had, so they sang to him, they recognized him as their prince. And the Fort was a temple
in the image of the Golden Temple of the Guru. The herd of Sikh soldiery mad with lust of revenge on
the men and princes who opposed their mob rule besieged the Fort of Baba Bir Singh. "Either
surrender such and such a Sikh prince who has taken refuge in the Fort or we blow it up." The
ultimatum was given. "My fort ? No, it is the Temple of Guru Nanak. The prince has taken shelter
with the Guru. I am nobody here. All right, let them blow us up."

The mad soldiery started the firing.

"Come, ye minstrels, and sing now our wedding song," said the old saint whom the religious history of
the world does not know, because the Guru's man never proclaims himself. Loving the rapturous
silence of His Love he lives and dies in it. "My system is for me to live by. And I am as a tree that
gives shade wherever I am". And the minstrels came and gathered round him. They began singing the
psalms of the Guru. The shells fell. That rampart is gone, that parapet is broken. And then fell a shell
in the choir and the Baba was gone. But before this happened, the inmates of the Fort asked his
permission to reply fire. For they had all fire-arms and ammunition. "No," said the Baba, "They are
brothers, not enemies." "But they are firing." "They know not we are their brothers. We know they are.
This knowledge makes all the difference." The difference was death. Tthose who value the Guru's ideal
of brotherhood, prefer death.

Prof Puran Singh

12.7 Distinct Khalsa

Guru Gobind Singh Jee writes :

Khalsa Akal Purakh Kee Fauj

Khalsa is the Immortal Being's Army

Pragati-o Khalsa Pramathma kee mauj

When the Supreme Being wanted to, the Khalsa was manifested

Jab Lag Khalsa Rehay Niaraa

However long the Khalsa remains distinct

Tab Lag Tej Deho ma saraa

That long I will give them ALL my LIGHT and POWER.

Jab ihaa gehaa bipran kee reet

As soon as they grab the ways of the world (Brahmins)

Ma na karo in kee prateet

I will not look after them.


If the Khalsa doesn't remain distinct then Guru jee will not look after them.

Are you trying to merge into the Western Crowd? Or the Punjabee Crowd? Then Guru Gobind Singh
Jee's power is not with you. If you want the Light and Power of God inside you then you have to be a
distinct Khalsa.

While the world sleeps, the Khalsa is meditating on Vaahi-guroo.

01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 81

While the world watches TV or goes pubbing and clubbing, the Khalsa goes to the Gurdwara to serve
the Guru and the GurSikhs.

The world wants money, sex and fame, the Khalsa only chants the Name.

The Khalsa files away the thorn of ego and becomes humble, lowest of the low is the company that
Guru Nanak Jee prefers.

While the world continues polluting their dirty minds with the 5 enemies (Anger, greed ,lust, ego and
emotional attachment), the Khalsa fights them day and night.

The world wants money, sex and fame, the Khalsa only chants the Name.

12.8 Jodhay - Warriors

Evertime somebody mentions the subject of GurSikhs, I get an image in my mind. The image is so dear
to me, that from it flows a compulsion to Jap Naam. The image is of those Guru Kai Pyarai who at this
moment in time have given up everything to fight for the Khalsa Panth. I'm talking about the Pyarai
who live a very simple life - that of the Guru's.

Nobody I have EVER come across, Japs more Naam than these Jodhay. I often think that these are
perhaps the only REAL Gursikhs, since they live their lives in exact accordance to Guru's will. And yet
they are often put down and criticised. Just to do these Singhs' Darshan is enough for Moorakhs like
me! From their faces flows light and it fills my empty soul. If anyone has ever had the great fortune of
meeting these Babbar Singhs, then you surely know what I mean!

When all the sheep like me have done with our lectures and bits of "advice", it is these Singhs who,
with the Guru's Apaar Apaar Kirpa, fight to the last breath - so that we may Jap Naam with our every
breath. Their image is so dear, that I am close to tears when I think of them. The REAL Khalsa. They
are dear to me, as the Guru is dear to me.

Sangat of Gursikhs is TRUELY great!!

12.9 Real Khalsa

Bhai Nand Lal ji says 'Khalsa soi jo kareh nit jang'...the Khalsa is the one who fights daily. Even at
Guru Sahib's time it was impossible to have been fighting the Moghuls and Hill Rajas every single day.
But our great heros and heroines who fought on the battle field then, and those who fight today are
REAL Khalsa.

There are other REAL Khalsa too, but they fight on different battlefields. Like the old Bibi ji who
needs a zimmerframe to walk, needs thick lenses to see, needs false teeth to eat...for her the daily battle
is to get to the Gurdwara and fall at SatGuru ji's feet.

Another REAL Khalsa is the 30 year old woman dying with cancer, fighting it day in day out so that her
2 young sons can have their mother. She fights with Waheguru on her tongue and pain in every part of
her body.

Another REAL Khalsa is to grow up surrounded by a white culture and to maintain Guru Gobind Singh
ji's form, and to fight for the rights of other Sikh children against racism and abuse. Fighting with
Waheguru on their tongue. The list of everday REAL Khalsa is endless, everyone doing the duty given
to them by Guru Sahib.

And if Waheguru ji wanted the old woman and the mother's souls to have been destined for a young
warriors body in the killing fields then they would have fought with the same Khalsa spirit.
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 82

Not everyone can go and die on a killing field. But wherever Guru Sahib has given us our duty we must
do it as REAL Khalsa. And the first and foremost daily battle that Bhai Nand Lal ji talks about is with
the 5 enemies inside us.

12.10 Real GurSikh

A few months ago I was fortunate enough to do the Sangat of one particular GurSikh, sorry that should
be GURSIKH!!!, and this Pyara was truely great. Just being in the same room as this Naam Abiaasee
Pyara was enough for somebody like me. His face was so bright and radiant that I actually felt
something inside me by just looking at him. He is very predominant in the war in Punjab and as a result
had many considerations whilst making visits to Singhs outside India etc., but you could not tell - he
was utterly care-free (as in VehParvah in Gurbanee), he seemed so much at peace that he was
overflowing. I think it was this overflow that I was lucky enough to feel.

Once he sat down on the same Chadar (cotton sheet) that I was sat on, and I felt as if I should be on the
same level and tried moving of the Chadar on to the floor - such was his brightness and radiance. I did
not want to make a fuss or make this Pyara feel uncomfortable, so a reluctantly stayed there and listened
eagerly to every word he spoke; in a hope that I too may be able to progress onto the level he is at. He
spoke of course, only about Naam and told stories of Naami GurSikhs.

At another time, we happened to be stood outside in the open, waiting for other GurSikhs to get ready
to go somewhere, and I asked him about AmritVela. He gave a very brief reply and then hugged me and
said "VAHEGURU!"!!!!! I felt like all my Ardaasaa had been heard! and that everything was going to
be fine and that I had no worries left anymore! Infact I cannot explain it properly, to be even
acknowledged in such a way was too much for somebody like me to handle. I am just wondering now, if
this is the Pyar (love) that a GurSikh can give, then what will happen when / if Guru Sahib himself
glances my way??!! Will I be able to bear all that Pyar?......but then again, why would Guru Sahib even
think of doing such a thing to somebody who is such a Paappee (sinner) like me?

As Guru Granth Sahib Jee Maharaaj says,

Laikhai Katai Naa Chooteeai, Khin Khin BhoolanHaar.

BakhshanHaar Bakhsh Lai, Nanak Paar Utaar.

I cannot release myself with the "good deeds" that I have done,
since I am he who makes mistakes at every instance.
O, Effacer of sins, bless me -
that is the only way that that I can be uplifted.

I continue to beg at Gur Sahib's door. Bless me with the Seva of your GurSikhs....but first make daas
worthy of such Seva....clean out this filthy mind and allow Naam to abide.

I truely truely crave for that day that Guru Sahib will unite me again with that GurSikh.

waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru....

12.11 Bhai Jeevan Singh Jee

Feeling like I'd fallen very far from Perfect Prabh ji,
Needing the support of the sangat of sadh-saints,
Guru jee made me sing the following shabad
with heart and soul for only a couple of weeks:

'AntarJamee So prabh poora,

Daan Deh Sadhoo Kee Dhoora'
Knower-Of-Hearts, O Perfect Prabh,
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 83

Give me the gift of the foot-dust from the Sadhoo-Saints'

As I walked, talked, sat or stood,

Guru ji made me do this ardas with my heart and soul:

'AntarJamee So prabh poora,

Daan Deh Sadhoo Kee Dhoora'
Knower-Of-Hearts, O Perfect Prabh,
Give me the gift of the foot-dust from the Sadhoo-Saints'

On Saturday night I heard that Bhai Jeevan Singh ji was landing at Heathrow Sunday morning. He's a
Sadhoo-Saint...he has the shining, glowing face of the ones who've Meditated on Naam ...Jini Naam
Dhia-eh gae maskat ghal, Nanak teh MUKH UJLE ketee chutee nal. Guru Nanak jee says, the ones
who've meditated on Naam have glowing faces and many more will 'escape' with them. So here was my
chance to get the foot dust. Guru ji arranges everything.

So I went to the Gurdwara did one hour of simran while sitting in the prescence of the holiest Sadhoo-
Saint, Guru Granth Sahib ji and Asa-Dee Var was being sung. Feeling hungry I was given an apple
from the langar sevadar. Then Guru ji put the thought in my head.....I want meet the Sadhoo-Saint, but
how determined am I? what sacrifice will I make? Baba ji I will not eat anything until I meet him and I
will offer him this apple from your house , Your blessing to Your beloved Sadhoo-Saint.

Arriving at the airport, hoping for his darshan I waited eagerly with the other GurMukh pyarios. But he
never appeared, only his wife and another companion and before I knew it everyone had
disappeared...where to? who's house? who..what...um...er...? So sad that I'd missed the darshan of the
Sadhoo-Saint, i drove off to my friends house. In the car the apple came to mind....'I may as well eat it,
I'm so hungry and I guess it wasn't meant to be ...meeting the Sadhoo-Saint.' But NO! I made a
committment to Guru ji, to show I was determined I will not eat until the Sadhoo-Saint has accepted
this apple. So now, with a stronger will, with heart and soul, all the way in the car I sung

'AntarJamee So prabh poora,

Daan Deh Sadhoo Kee Dhoora'
Knower-Of-Hearts, O Perfect Prabh,
Give me the gift of the foot-dust from the Sadhoo-Saints'

Arriving at my friends house, I sat down dissapointed, then the doorbell rang, the other GurMukh
pyarios arrived.....................with smiling faces, with joy in their heart for they had with them a priceless
diamond, a gem of gems...................none other than the Sadhoo-Saint!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And Bhai Jeevan Singh ji was weary after travelling from so far, after he'd settled in, this fool standing
humbly in his prescence asked him to accept the apple, one for him and one for his wife. After all the
talking and greetings, he lay down to rest and a fool like me was blessed with the seva to massage his
tired legs and his feet..................................................................... ................................

'AntarJamee So prabh poora,

Daan Deh Sadhoo Kee Dhoora'
Knower-Of-Hearts, O Perfect Prabh,
Give me the gift of the foot-dust from the Sadhoo-Saints'

Dhan Guru Nanak Dhan Nirankar Dhan Gur Sikh Dhan Gur Sikhi...........

Jeevan - The Song Of Life

Inspired by his kirtan last sunday and dedicated to him :Bhai Jeevan Singh ji, who having suffered a
stroke a few months ago, is walking-talking-playing-and-singing the song of life so that we too may live
a true Jeevan..

I forgot my camera
so i took a picture with my heart
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 84

and when i close my eyes

I can still see it in the dark

Guru Granth Sahib jee

dressed in pure white
my holiest of the holy
had called us to his side

Glowing in the lovelight

like sunlight flooding in
and showering the Kirtanee
Bhai Jeevan Singh

The crippled can walk

and the dumb can talk
the dead are alive
when Guru gives us life

The walking can run

the talking can sing
when the heart belongs
to Guru Gobind Singh

Running and singing

flying free with the wind
the playful, youthful
Bhai Jeevan Singh.

Jeevath, Jeevath, Jeevath Raho.....Live! Live! Live!

12.12 Gursikha Kee Dhoor - Giani Nar Singh Jee

The Wonder of Waheguru ji,

only Waheguru Ji knows,
Having given the blessing
love flows, flows, flows.

Last Monday was a beautiful day

that we spent doing keertan
by the river and trees,
with the ducks in the breeze,
and the birds and the bees.

Waheguru ji made us sing:

gursikha kee har dhoor de

Har, bless me with the dust of the gursikhs
hum papee bhee ghat pae-i
so this sinner my find your extent

Waheguru ji then fulfilled it,

in no time at all
Giani Nar Singh Ji from India
had us enthralled.

Giani Nar Singh Ji is Waheguru ji's beloved and the one loved by Waheguru ji is loved by the whole
world. Last night we did kirtan, this morning we did simran and nitnem.
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 85

83 years young!
The body is old,
the spirit is alive
pure, joyous
We gathered around like children
with their grandfather,
like bhai Jetha ji
with Guru Amar Dass ji.
We listened to his stories of Har
from the friend of our Guru.

83 years young!
Giani Nar Singh Jee.
When he was 19
Bhai Randheer Singh jee
hugged him close to his chest
like father and long lost son
and rubbed his back lovingly
saying 'Love of Mankind'
will not effect you
'Love of Mankind'
has no effect on you!

'Love of Mankind' was a book written by an athiest saying his God was mankind and serving mankind
was the greatest supreme act in this world.

No-one except Akal Purakh knew that Giani Nar Singh was reading that book!!!!!!!! After that Giani
Nar Singh went to his room and the book was on the table, but he no longer had any desire to read it.

GurSikhi woke up inside him, him and his brothers did kirtan seva at many rensbhai kirtans along side
Bhai Randhir Singh Ji. The first Rensbhai he went to bhai randhir singh ji started at 6pm and carried on
absorbed in Waheguru ji's rung of love until the sangat asked to him to stop at 5pm the next day (only
because they had to travel along way back to Bombay!).

After the hug of love at their first meeting, Bhai Randheer Singh ji asked him if he would sing a shabad,
Giani Nar Singh ji said 'Yes, but would Bhai Sahib listen? He sang 'Remembering You I experience
Great Joy,' It was a only short shabad, but Bhai Randheer Singh jee caught hold of the chorus and went
into Maha-Anand singing it and extended the shabad for 2 hours !!!!

Giani Nar Singh Jee said he was also blessed to have Darshan of the saint-scholar Bhai Vir Singh Ji.
His family was on the way to Kashmir, the stopped at Harmandir Sahib and his father talked to Bhai Vir
Singh ji at the Khalsa Tract printing Press. Giani Nar singh Jee said, I sat quietly behind my father, I
never met Bhai Veer Singh ji again but his prescence was so great that his spiritual vibrations were
rippling out all over him. After that he read all of Bhai Veer singh Ji's works and that is what made
Sikhi solid inside him.

Having sat and talked to Giani Nar Singh Jee, I feel like I was hugged by Bhai Randhir singh and that I
was sitting infront of Bhai Veer Singh Ji revelling in the spiritual waves emanating from him!!!!!!!!!!

Then we sang a few shabads and he left for the airport.

gursikha kee har dhoor de

Har, bless me with the dust of the gursikhs
hum papee bhee ghat pae-i s
o this sinner my find your extent
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 86

There was a time when finding a GurSikh was like trying to get a glass of water in the desert. But Guru
ji is ooch apar beant swamee (high, infinite, limitless Lord) and nowadays GurSikh rivers are flowing
right infront of me.................follow the river and I'll get to the Ocean of Waheguru Ji.

12.13 Modern Day Bhai Lalo Ji - Bhai Amrik Singh Jee

Charan saran gur ek painda jae chal

Take even one step towards the sanctuary of Guru ji's feet

Satgur kot painde agay ho-i laet ha

And SatGuru ji take countless steps to welcome you (Bhai gurdas Ji)

Guru ji took us to Hazoor Sahib a few weeks ago. We went via Mumbai (Bombay) for the first time
and were anxious about were to stay, train times etc. Baba Sheesha Singh Ji arranged for someone to
pick us up.

We arrived at the airport at about 2am, an old Baba Ji with a rough white turban and rough clothes was
waiting for us, he'd been waiting since 1am. Before we could stop him he'd taken our luggage trolley
and politely refused to let me push them, then he hauled the heavy suitcases into the back of the jeep
again refusing any assistance!! (made me feel guilty or what!)

He treated us like his own family with love and kindness, even though we'd never met him before. We
assumed he was a 'servant' sent by the people who's house we were to go to. When we got to the house,
it was very good standard for India (approx 100,000 pounds!!), there were 2 Sants staying there too :
Baba Sheesha Singh Jee and Sant Jagtar Singh Tarn Taran Kar Seva.

Then we realised it was his house, he was blessed with a successful business........and look how much
humility, he could have sent anyone to get us, he could have worn rich clothes, he had no reason to let
Sants or anyone stay in house like most arrogant business men.

Dhan Guru Nanak Ji, Dhan Nirankar Ji.

Amazing that people as humble as Bhai Lalo Ji are still doing seva with their own humble hands. Then
on top of that, langar was made for us at 3.30am and he personally took us to the train station at 5am
and didnt sleep all night , missed his amritvela.....just to do seva with his own hands!!!!

GurMukh laha laygey

ManMukh janam gava-i jee-o.

The GurMukhs have taken the (true) profit

While the ManMukhs have wasted their life.

This modern day Bhai Lalo Ji is Bhai Amrik Singh Ji and took a big percentage of our spiritual wealth
with his seva!!!!!!!!!!(Someone said if you drive a gursikh somewhere you get 10% of their spiritual
wealth!!!!) (but hopefully I'll recover that by driving all of you around England one day!!)

Anyway after the 12 hour train journey, another bus from the Langar Sahib Gurdwara came to get us
and other pilgrims from the train station. We arrived at the gurdwara and when we mutha tekked to
Dhan Sri Guru Granth Sahib Jee, after having travelled for 24 hours to get here, guess which shabad
was being sung:..............

Charan saran gur ek painda jae chal

Take even one step towards the sanctuary of Guru ji's feet

Satgur kot painde agay ho-i laet ha

And SatGuru ji take countless steps to welcome you
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 87

We had no problems, no hassles, Guru Gobind Singh Ji , Dhan Dhan Pita Ji held his children in his
arms and carried us safe and sound.

12.14 Greeting Khalsa

Gareeb nivaz, sachey patshah Guru Ram Das ji maharaj says

'aye mil gursikh aye mil

thoo mereh guru ki pyareh

come and meet gursikhs, come and meet,

for you are my guru's beloved

Wherever we meet it would be ideal if we strived to see each other as guru ki pyare i.e. beloved of the
guru, and hence beloved to us as well.

Bhai Gurdas ji writes Guru Nanak ji showed us to bow to each other in humilty, completely turning
around most people's natural instinct to be big headed.

Guru Gobind Singh ji instructed us to greet each other with waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh!

Guru Sahib said, the one who says it first has my hand above their head, the one who replies has my
face towards them, the one that doesnt reply has my back to them.

A blessed gursikh said saying 'ji' is a sign of humility, always say ji after the bhagats and guru sahib's
name. Say 'mummy ji' instead of ''OI! MUM!' Infact when doing rahras sahib today try and notice how
many times guru sahib says ji.

In Kirtan Sohila guru sahib says 'kar sadhu anjulee pun vada ha' meaning join your palms together (in
humility) to the holy one, i.e. to each other and the holiest of the holy Guru Granth Sahib ji, infact if
one is inspired enough then read on 'kar dandaut pun vada ha' fall as straight as a stick (danda-ut) to the
holy one for it is a greatly virtuous deed.

Speak sweetly with pyare, be respectful by saying ji, be humble by putting your palms together when
greeting each other with waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh!

By practising these qualities on each other, we will begin talking to Waheguru ji in the right way too
through our sweet paat and naam..

sach kaho sun lehu sabeh,

jin prem kee-o tin hee prabh pa-io

I tell the truth, listen everybody:

only those who LOVE God will find God

So in summary, my humble request is that

1. greet each other with waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh!

2. say ji after names
3. respect each other as guru ki pyareh

12.15 United We Stand Part 1

A giani jee was explaining some gurbanee, I think it's Bhagat Fareed Jee's shabad. He was saying that a
piece of iron can be used to create a pair of scissors or pins. The scissors can be used to cut the cloth
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 88

and the pins can be used to join it together. He said each person's mind is like that piece of iron. The
person that is beloved of God has a natural tendency to unite, whereas the non-believer will divide.

So how can we unite people?

People say 'united we stand, divided we fall'. The British conquored India with their divide and rule
policy. If the Khalsa had stayed united after Maharaja Ranjt Singh's demise then the Khalsa Raaj
wouldn't have disappeared.

But what should we use to unite people?

Hitler used a common enemy.......the Jews. Hitler had no positive policies that he could use to unite the
germans, so he created an enemy that everyone could hate.

There's a 'Sikh' organisation in Southall that unites the youth by making the muslims the common
enemy. Nothing like a common enemy to make an organisation grow. Plenty of hate and prejudice
comes pouring out of their literature.

Some people, like me, attack other religions and try to show inferior they are, because this makes me
feel superior and acts as a glue to make my fellow Sikhs united with the same views.

That's the easy way to unite people - just feed their their natural prejudices.

But that's not the way any of our Guru Jees united people. Guru Nanak Dev Jee never got Hindus to
follow him by preaching all Muslims are bad. Even within Sikhee, uniting people behind one Jutha or
Sant by criticising another's weaknesses is not Guru jee's way.

People in the west say 'we've all got red-blood'...this makes us realise we are the same even though we
look different. Guru Jee's went beyond this and said 'we've all got God inside us'. God is inside and
outside, when we meditate on Waheguru we tune into God, we tune into each other. Waheguru simran
truly unites us. Without Waheguru simran there is no true unity. A GurSikh is the one who unites all
humans together, not just people in Sikhi at the expense of critising other religions.

In gurbanee we are taught that the one who is beloved of God, is beloved of the whole world. It's not
good enough that Sikhs love you, but muslims hate you. Waheguru is in each and every being. By
doing simran every day we should be striving to see the Oneness in all, rather than becoming narrow-
minded thinking MY WAY is THE ONLY WAY and the BEST WAY.

12.16 United We Stand Part 2

Guru Jee teaches us that the one who is beloved of God, is beloved of the whole world. The lover of
God, loves the God in each one of us. The lover of God feels the suffering of his brothers and sisters.
Guru Nanak Dev jee didn't limit himself to only listening to the troubles of the Sikhs, Guru jee travelled
in all four directions to the ones drowning in dukh. This was regardless of their colour, caste or
religion. Guru Nanak Dev jee saw God inside and wasn't fooled by labels as I am.

As lovers of God we too must reach out to the whole of humanity and ease the suffering. May 4 was
Holocoust Rememberance day, thousands of Jews went to Poland and walked the path that the
Holocoust victims were marched on to the gas chamber. My friend went too. Everyone told him not to
go as there's a lot of racisim their, but Guru jee gave him the feeling that it was more important to show
our Jewish brothers and sisters that we feel their suffering, so he went .....alone. Within one hour of
landing, he was at the trian station and 6 skinheads so his turban and beard and started swearing and
giving him Nazi salutes. He looked them in the eye and sisnt reveal the fear inside him. They didn't
come any closer.

He took a taxi to the march and the Israeli security guards told him to stay in the middle of the
crowd......he felt like he was the only brown face in the whole of Poland and an obvious target. When
the marchers got to Auswitch Concentration Camp many prayers were done and my friend was
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 89

overwhelmed by the suffering of humanity in this place. 3.5 million Jews were put to death here!!
Babies were flung against the walls until their skulls crushed. There was a room inside full of human
hair - each Jew was shaved won arriving. Another room was full of spectacles - the glasses were ripped
off their faces.

The Jewish people really appreciated my friend was there.....it showed that Sikhs felt their suffering. A
Japanese TV crew interviewd him and Polish journalists dnapped lots of pictures of the Sikh with the

As he was leaving Poland, he saw 6 Catholic nuns at the airport. They were staring at him, then they
tapped their head in reference to his turban and started laughing and using aggressive language towards

It's not a matter of religion, it's a matter of EGO. Guru Amar Das Jee says 'O mind let go of your ego,
that makes you think your so clever. The GurMukh remains humble'.

The Germans thought they were superior and tortured the Jews. The Nuns think they're superior and
laugh. The Skinheads think they are right and torment... The GurMukh looked at their faces and felt
the suffering.

Why didn't more sikhs go? If it was 3.5 million sikhs that were gassed to death we'd all have been their.
Do we care about religion? Are our brothers and sisters only Sikhs? Are we being fooled by labels

Next year it would be great if lots of Sikhs went and showed we feel your suffering. It's the same old
story that Sikhs have heard time and time again..........innocent people being destroyed by the tyrants.

12.17 What’s In A Name?

Bhai Sahib Singhs and Kaurs,

I wish for all of you to rejoice with me today. Today at 9:15 am in the Superior Court of San Francisco,
I have *legally* become Anand Gurdas Singh. I am ever so grateful to be a son of Guru GobindSingh.

Strange thing is, that my Soul has always Been Anand Gurdas Singh, although I have not always known

Please remember me in Ardaas, before Guru Ji, that I may truly be an Anand Gurdas Singh

From Joseph Galbraith to Anand GurDas Singh ji...what a beautiful name when one thinks of the
meaning...the fairskinned Sikhs are good with naming!!! I try and teach the young Khalsa here to use
their full name and not nicknames, our names are something we can strive to become in life. Guru
Gobind Singh ji made us poor low caste, down trodden fools into kings, singhs, kaurs and princesses.
Singh used to be the name used by the great RajPut warriors, so for a nobody like me to become a
Singh brings images of great mighty warriors, rather than images of a downtrodden depressed man that
the moghuls had brainwashed the masses into thinking.

Kaur Princess because our sister's are worth something, girls are precious, Guru Gobind Singh ji king
of kings daughter's are beautiful princesses. Not to be killed at birth, not to be neglected when ill as
babies so they'd die 'naturally'. Not to be stolen by Muslim soldiers and sold as slaves, not to be raped,
repressed and rejected by society. Can you believe in India then now, the population of men
outweighsthe number of women more than in any other country? In London, some indian doctor has a
private clinic where he scans pregnant women, or takes an injection of the fluids and can tell the parents
if its a girl...and guess what he does the abortion as well.

Makes you sick doesnt it?

01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 90

My aunt's called Rajinder, she said because her parents had had three girls and 'raj geh see' they named
her rajinder to say to God we've had enough of girls 'raj geh'!

Sikhs celebrated Lohree 2 weeks ago, monkey nuts and sweets were the order of the day..what is it
for??? to celebrate all the boys that have been born in the last year......but not the girls.

Some Sants gurdwara's dont allow women to be the granthi, nor are they allowed to do kirtan. Some
sants have alot to answer for.

Have honour, Guru Gobind Singh ji has given us honour, at least with Sikhs ask them to call you by
your full name...Gurjit Singh, Mandeep Kaur

Noble Singh, be a King, a mighty lion, strong as iron!

Kaur Princess, be the best, the shining star you know you are!

12.18 Daily Khalsa Discipline

My Glowing GuruSikh friend gave me this advice :

• Go to sadh-sangat morning and evening.

• Sit in darbar sahib for at least an hour doing Waheguru simran inside your mind with nothing
moving - not the tongue, nor the throat ..nothing. Let the kirtan/katha carry on all around you, but
focus inside.
• Don't eat food from 'outside' - eat langar, eat food at home, avoid food cooked in restaurants, by
manmukhs etc
• when you mutha tek praise Guru Sahib as best you can, say I'm a dog of your darbar, I'm a worthless
ant of your darbar but Baba ji be merciful because I am of your darbar. I have no other place to go.
• When your mouth is closed do Waheguru simran inside the mind.
• Stand in Sadh Sangat Ardas, it's powerful and ask Guru ji for help.
• Do seva as much as you can, especially of GurMukh pyaros - their blessings are worth more than
their weight in gold.
• Promise Guru ji to do something eg a new rehat like not eating food from outside

Overall, become totally merged in Sikhi, Seva and Simran. Day by day increase your love and devotion
- not all in one go. Like making a casserole is best on a low heat letting all the ingredients simmer and
cook properly : SEHAJ. Don't turn it up full blast otherwise the casserole will burn and you'll be burnt

12.19 Everyday Is A Blessed Day

`I am a sacrifice to those GurSikhs

that celebrate the festivals (Purabs) of the Bhagats and Gurus'.

Kurbanee tina gursikha,

bhaee bhagat gur purab karanday.
(Bhai Gurdas ji)

According to Bhai GurDas ji we should be celebrating every birth annivesary of each of the Bhagats
(Saints in Guru Granth Sahib Jee) and of each of the Guru ji's. But I hear you scream......BUT WE'D

So what's the harm in that? We are a joyous and wonderful Khalsa Nation. We love to sing the praises
of Waheguru ji and any reason for getting together as Sadh-Sangat is a good thing. And any reason for
revisiting the life's of these great people and their banee's is a good thing, wouldn't you agree? Most
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 91

people who come to the Gurdwara know alot about Guru Nanak Dev ji and Guru Gobind Singh ji
because this is what is mainly preached about. The rest of the gloriously inspiring history and banee is
getting buried under the layers of time. We need to pull it all back up to the surface.

Scholars argue about Guru Nanak Dev ji's GurPurab anniversary really being in April and not
November. I asked a holy GurMukh what they thought was correct. She said, `It makes no difference
to me, I celebrate Guru Nanak ji's gurpurab EVERYDAY!!!!!!!'.

That's right why celebrate annually, or monthly when everyday is an annivessary of the Great Souls
coming into this world. How do we celebrate everyday? By getting up early at amritvela and
meditating on GurMantr and MoolMantr and by singing Gurbanee in praise of the One Supreme Being.

Make everday a wonderful Vaahi-Guroo day - be as happy as a flower radiating with Guru Nanak Dev
ji's glory.

12.20 Relax and have drink!

My colleagues at work often go to the pub at lunch time, they asked me but I don't go to places with
alcohol. My Sikh friend was going with them and told me to `Relax my principles_it's only a friendly
drink'. Strange how the non-sikhs respected my decision, but the Sikh was the one who didn't. So this
is what I wrote to him :

You said relax when I said I don't go to where there is alcohol. Shall I tell you a few stories about
people who relaxed :

1) My uncle in India used to RELAX with his 'mates', one time him and his mates must have got too
relaxed because he either was murdered by his mates who'd got him relaxed so they could get his
money, or he had an accident but his mate was so relaxed that he couldn't even think straight enough
to give him basic first aid, so he ran away and left him to die.

2) My Uncles in Canada worked day and night to make a hugely successful furniture business, they
lived like kings in almost a mansion. But, they liked to RELAX and have a few drinks, turned into
an addiction lead to the family business falling apart.

3) My Uncle RELAXED with his mates, then being relaxed he was too macho to be driven home by
his friend's wife, so he drive himself and relaxed his way right into the back of a parked car.

4) Another uncle used to RELAX after drinking and beat his wife.

5) Some research was done to show that out of all communities in the UK, the Sikhs are the most
addicted to Alcohol - and Guru ji's banned it!

6) People need to make a stand, then things slowly change. Eg so many people have stopped smoking
and protested about smoking that we are sitting in a no smoking office, more and more places are
becoming non-smoking.. When our boss Jerry presented wine bottles to us, there were 6 people
who took it but didn't drink! He came up to me afterwards and apologised for insisting that I take
the bottle even when I said I was happy without it. In addition he started thinking about other things
he could give as rewards. If I had just RELAXED and taken his wine without saying anything, then
nothing would change and I'd be getting wine presented to me for the rest of my days.

The Turban and beard mean `No Drink Zone', it means people shouldn't even have to ask if I drink or
not. It means they should know that offering a Sikh of Guru Gobind Singh Jee drink is like swearing at
his mother.
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 92

I don't hate anyone or look down at anyone, God is everywhere and in everyone, but my actions are
important. If I go to nightclubs and pubs, wining and dining then I am saying even though I don't drink
I think these places are OK. These places don't agree with Sikhi I can't agree with them either.

I went to nightclubs a few times at university, I saw this really tall Sikh with an uncut beard and turban.
He stood out from the crowd, I thought what the hell is he doing here, this is no place to bring the
Guru's turban and beard. Then I thought hold on - what the hell am I doing here!

I went to a pub after a course, during the course lectures people have self-control and discipline (like
Khalsa), at the pub their dirty desires come up, they talk dirty, one man kissed all the girls goodbye -
& cuddled one of them half to death. She's got a boyfriend but she didn't mind kissing someone else,
and he didn't care as long as he was getting his lustful satisifaction'. They had no honour, no dignity.
And all I got was a head full of dirty thoughts, a coat full of smoke smell and the feeling I'd wasted my

I used to feel guilty about saying I don't go to the pub and used to go out of politeness to my work
mates. But then this white girl didn't go either and she told people straight, she didn't even like wasting
time at lunchtime talking aimlessly to people. She was training for the great Britain Olympic rowing
team, she had a set diet, she was very organised and no-one was going to mess her dreams up. I
thought that's right, she knows she wants: a gold medal, and she's 100% committed to getting it. I too
know where I'm going - -right into Guru Nanak ji's laps, and no-one is going to steal my time or my
principles. The world can hate me or love me but I've given my head to Guru ji and I'm not stepping off
this path. My stand is solid. - My path is set. And by Gur Prasad may I have no regrets.

Millions and millions of people come and go, I'm taking a big gamble and following Guru Nanak's
shabad Guru path to the letter.

So people can relax if they want and they'll get what they want deep down, but the Khalsa will never
relax until they've won the ultimate Gold medal - a place at Vaahi-guroo Jee's feet and by Gur prasad
we will win.


13.1 How can I get up at Amritvela and look after the kids?

For the past few months certain folks in our gurduara have been prodding us to attend the "amrit velaa"
"naam jap" sessions they hold in the gurduara. Recently I got an e-mail from one of them, which
directed me to wake 3 hours before sunrise and after kesi-ishnaan to keep repeating "Waheguru" for 2.5
hours. The nitnem is to be done after that.

My query, meant not at all as a rebuttal and definitely not as a caustic tangent, is that who takes care of
the children through all of this? Do these proponents of such a life-style, and there seem to be a few, for
I hear such pronouncements from others too, have children of their own? Who takes care of the chores
around the house? Who gets the children ready for school while this amrit velaa recitation followed by
nitnem is going on?

As mentioned above, my pursuit with this query is entirely personal -- I need to resolve my limitations.
Our responsibility to our children keeps us busy through 10:00pm every night. This is after driving
around in the evening for their music, spanish, atheletic classes. Later, we sit with them for their
Punjabi class, their homework, and we talk about the day at school and in the news. The usual Rehraas
Sahib, Kirtan Sohilaa and the regular addition of rote memorization
& discussion of paurhi from JapJi Sahib ...

After putting them to bed, after general cleaning etc. is when I do get time for the various Panthic and
local community affairs I have committed (albeit excessively) my self to. Each night sees me going to
bed around 2:00am.
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 93

In the morning we have to get the children ready for school. They are waken at 6:00am, and others may
be mighty blessed, but we have to be around to prod them through the brushing, clothing and yes,
eating, as well as the daily schedule of paath and general fights which break up between the kids.

I am unable to adhere to an amrit velaa recitation of "Waheguru" for 2.5 hours in this schedule. How do
the others do it? I have listed the above activities not at all to boast of me doing more than the others in
any manner. I chose to be specific, so as to explain the limitations I have. I remain perplexed as to how
the others find time from similar commitments. It is in that vein I pose this query.

I look forward to your replies.

Vaheguru ji ka Khalsa
Vaheguru ji ki Fateh!

Veer Jee,

You have pointed out very real limitations that hinder not only you but a majority of people. I can't tell
you how to re-organise your time, but all I can say is there is one thing and one thing only that will
separate you from the majority of the people. And that is 'YOUR BURNING DESIRE TO UNITE
WITH WAHEGURU JEE'. Like an apple on the tree will one day break free and fall to the ground,
like a piece of wood on an old shipwreck will become loose enough to float to the surface. If you have
it inside you to meet God, then no worldy bonds can hold you back forever.

Do daily ardas, it might take 5 years or 15 years, but where there's a WILL there's always a WAY. The
main point is that you accept the fact that getting up at this time and living this lifestyle is a stage all
devotees have to go through...there are no shortcuts. You may do it in this life, or the one after or the
one after, but rest assured you will have to do it sometime.

My parents had the same problems when I was growing up. They did there paat as they got us kids
ready or as they cooked. They never neglected the family in order to satisfy strict amritvela
requirements etc, but they also never let the Gurdwara down if they needed someone to do an Akand
Paat Duty at some unsociable hour that no-one else wanted to do....Nishkaam Seva (selfless service).
Wereas some parents I know got into Sikhi went over the top on the religious side i.e. always preached
about being hardcore Sikhs, they came down too strict on their kids and in the end the kids rebelled and
the parents Sikhi aint nothing but a show.

The apple wants to reach the ground, the wood wants to float, if you want to reach Waheguru and look
after your family as seva of the Guru's then Guru Jee will sort your life out and make time for you

Here's Guru Raam Das Jee's answers to your questions.

you asked

who takes care of the children through all of this? Who takes care of the chores around the house?
Who gets the children ready for school while this amrit velaa recitation followed by nitnem is going on?

Guru Raam Das Jee says God is Your helper:


Wherever the Lord is worshipped in adoration,there the Lord becomes one's friend and helper.By
Guru's Grace, the Lord comes to dwell in the mind; He cannot be obtained in any other way. || 1 ||

So gather in the wealth of the Lord, O Siblings of Destiny, so that in this world and the next, the Lord
shall be your friend and companion. || 1 || Pause
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 94

You said

For the past few months certain folks in our gurduara have been prodding us to attend the "amrit velaa"
"naam jap" sessions they hold in the gurduara.

These 'certain folks' only say it because Guru Raam Das Jee says it:

In the company of the Sat Sangat, the True Congregation, you shall earn the wealth of the Lord; this
wealth of the Lord is not obtained anywhere else, by any other means, at all.

You said:

After putting them to bed, after general cleaning etc. is when I do get time for the various Panthic and
local community affairs I have committed (albeit excessively) my self to.

Guru Raam Das Jee says:

The dealer in the Lord's Jewels purchases the wealth of the Lord's jewels; the dealer in cheap glass
jewels cannot acquire the Lord's wealth by empty words. || 2 ||

You said:

'Recently I got an e-mail from one of them, which directed me to wake 3 hours before sunrise and after
kesi-ishnaan to keep repeating "Waheguru" for 2.5 hours. The nitnem is to be done after that...(snip)...
Do these proponents of such a life-style, and there seem to be a few, for I hear such pronouncements
from others too....

Guru Raam Das Jee is the originating proponent who's word the kookar dogs of his court bark in all

The Lord's wealth is like jewels, gems and rubies. At the appointed time in the Amrit Vaylaa, the
ambrosial hours of the morning, the Lord's devotees lovingly center their attention on the Lord, and the
wealth of the Lord. The devotees of the Lord plant the seed of the Lord's wealth in the ambrosial hours
of the Amrit Vaylaa; they eat it, and spend it, but it is never exhausted. In this world and the next, the
devotees are blessed with glorious greatness, the wealth of the Lord. || 3 ||

The wealth of the Fearless Lord is permanent, forever and ever, and true. This wealth of the Lord
cannot be destroyed by fire or water; neither thieves nor the Messenger of Death can take it away.
Thieves cannot even approach the Lord's wealth; Death, the tax collector cannot tax it. || 4 ||

The faithless cynics commit sins and gather in their poisonous wealth, but it shall not go along with
them for even a single step. In this world, the faithless cynics become miserable, as it slips away
through their hands. In the world hereafter, the faithless cynics find no shelter in the Court of the Lord. ||
5 ||

You said

I am unable to adhere to an amrit velaa recitation of "Waheguru" for 2.5 hours in this schedule. How do
the others do it?

Guru Raam Das Jee says:

The Lord Himself is the Banker of this wealth, O Saints; WHEN THE LORD GIVES IT, the mortal
loads it and takes it away. This wealth of the Lord is never exhausted; the Guru has given this
understanding to servant Nanak. || 6 || 3 || 10 || panna 733.

Forgive my mistakes
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 95

Vaheguru ji ka Khalsa
Vaheguru ji ki Fateh!

13.2 Unsuitable Sons

Here's a couple of Sakhi's I've heard about marriage to `unsuitable' sons:

1. When Guru Nanak Dev ji & procession went to his wife-to-be's village, his inlaws realised Guru ji
was much too religious. They started having major doubts about marrying their daughter off. They
wanted to call the whole thing off, but were too cowardly to say that, instead they thought it'd be
easier if Guru ji met with an 'accident'. So somehow or the other, they managed to get Guru ji to sit
next to a wall, which they knew was very old and with a little push would topple over Guru ji. Guru
ji already knew their hearts desires and said to them `This wall isn't about to fall over yet!' It's still
standing today - over 500 years later! There's a Gurdwara in India where this wall is.

2. At Guru Har Rai Ji's time, two brothers of a low caste had travelled away from home and occupied a
little land of a village. They used to go and have Darshan of Guru Har Rai ji who was travelling
through those parts with his army. The villagers gave the brothers a hard time, the brothers asked
Guru ji to intervene, Guru ji told the villagers to accept the brothers, show some charity and give
them some land. The villagers had to obey. Some time later the brothers said that they were having
problems getting married as the villagers were too prejudiced about caste to marry their daughters
to the brothers. Again Guru ji intervened and told the villagers to stop their prejudice and accept
the brothers as suitable husbands.

Nowadays, a lot of people would rather shed their Sikhee in order to marry the 'girl-of-their dreams'.
Better to have full faith in Guru jee by doing naam simran.

13.3 Three Golden Rules

there are a few teenagers in southall who are seriously thinking about giving up their education in order
to pursue a sikhi life with total commitment.

On further investigation, 2 of them are demotivated with worldy pursuits because they have 'overdosed'
on the predictions of a Sant in India foretelling great war beginning 21 Sept 1997. So these kids 'cant
be bothered' to study when there's no future to live for...may as well do kirtan and naam simran all the
time. Another older person stopped his pension scheme on a similar prediction by another Sant.
Another teenager was blessed with amrit last year, he comes to sangat twice a day from quite a distance
away, he's an excellent artist, he's devoted to Guru ji and now he wants to give up studying too. Why?
He said I cycle to the gurdwara in the morning for amritvela naam simran, by the time i've cycled home
again it's time to cycle many miles away to my college... i cant do it all, so i'm going to stop studying
and get an easy job that doesnt interfere in my bhagatee.

And who can argue with them, who can make them see sense...who can possibly know better than the
Sants who predict the future and only preach to do seva and simran all the time. None of them stress
having working family life. They stress 2 of Guru Nanak ji's golden rules i.e Naam Japna(meditate) and
Vand Shakna (share), but they dont stress working family life because they dont do that them selves.
The third golden rule of Kirt Karna (Honest Work) has been forgotten.

So i tried to make the cycle singh see sense. If he gives up education is he planning to spend all his
time at the gurdwara or perhaps a Sant's dera? If so, then take a look at the ones who already live that
life i.e. the gyani's...they should really be brahm-gyanis by now shouldn’t they? By living in the
gurdwara all the time, you are like the hermits that ran away from the world into their caves. They hid
from the 5 enemies, they never fought them head on ,as they would have had to in a working family life,
and they never conquored them. They never used the furious gusting winds of kaam, krodh,lobh moh,
haunkar to fly like an eagle to higher levels.
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 96

Or perhaps he was planning on doing nothing but simran all the time. But that would mean he'd be
relying on offerings of people to live on. That's not the independent Khalsa I read about in the history
books. There are 2 words : Par-upkar and upkar, parupkar means to be selfless, beneficient helping
others. Upkar means selfish, thinking of ones self. Khalsa is par-upkarees, but to tell the truth, if one
cant take care of ones' self then how can one possibly take care of anyone else? His first duty is to take
care of his health, wealth, family and being Khalsa he does seva with his healthy body, he shares wealth
with the ones who need it, and takes care of his parents otherwise he's ungrateful as Bhai Gurdas jee

Another option for him would be to get 'an easy job' ...but jobs dont just fall off trees, there's lots of
people with no qualifications to compete with. Even with a job, it would be some kind of manual work,
long hours perhaps alot of time pressure. So he'd be working longer hours with even less time for his
bhagatee. He'd be better off putting the long hours into his education now, do ardas to Guru Sahib for
only meeting the minimum requirements of having taken amrit. After his education and job foundations
are solid, by Guru's kirpa he'll have more time for bhagatee.

The golden triangle of naam japna, vand shakna and kirt karna is each Khalsa's foundation stone. When
building our jeevan there maybe times when we have to slack on naam japna in order to do kirt karna,
or vice versa. But slacking on one is better than totally chopping of a whole corner. Most of the world
have pleanty of kirt karna but no naam japna, plenty of sants and gyanies have naam japna but no kirt

THREE golden rules, not 2.

Of course there are some truly dedicated sants and gyanees who have done their kamaee and have a
mission, but these are rare souls on a rare mission. Sikhi for the masses is THREE golden rules, not 2.

13.4 Renounce Desire

Bhai Rama Singh Jee said to my friend that a Gursikh needs to renounce (tyag) these 3 things :-

1. Neend i.e. Sleep: because of our love of sleep we miss or reduce our amritvela

2. Par Tan i.e. Other People's Bodies _..e.g. attachments to people, adultery, lust. The only way to
truly be able to tyag/renounce sexual attraction is to live gristee/family life.

3. Par Dhan i.e. Other People's Wealth _..e.g. stealing, jealousy of others belongings

Comment :

The only way to truly be able to tyag/renounce sexual attraction is to live gristee/family life. Only then
does the lure of lust depart, otherwise no matter how much Bhagatee/Meditation one does, the mind has
a secret desire to taste this fruit, this restricts the spiritual heights that cane be attained.

The same principle applies to wealth. Most people desire to have a lot of money. Money relates to
happiness in their minds. Due to lack of money they have had a deprived upbringing. While doing
bhagatee/meditation a spiritual block is experience so long as their is desire for money. Desire can lead
to one leaving the Gobind Marag (God's Path) to steal other people's wealth and belongings.


14.1 Naam is Your Helper and Support

01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 97

Siri Raag Mehaila Panjvaa(n) Chhant

Ik Onkaar Satgur Prasaad ||

Man pyareaa jeeo mitraa gobind naam samaalay ||

Man pyareaa jee mitraa har nibhai terai naalay ||
Sang sahaaee har naam dheyaaee birthaa koe na jaa-ay ||
Man chinday saiee fal paavai charan kamal chit laa-ay ||
Jal thhal poor rahe-aa banvaaree ghat ghat nadar nehaalay
Naanak sikh day man preetam saadhsang bhramm jaalay ||

O dear beloved mind, my friend, reflect upon the Name of the Lord of the Universe.
O dear beloved mind, my friend, the Lord shall always be with you.
The Name of the Lord shall be with you as your Helper and Support.
Meditate on Him—no one who does so shall ever return empty-handed.
You shall obtain the fruits of your mind’s desires,
by focusing your consciousness on the Lord’s Lotus Feet.
He is totally pervading the water and the land;
He is the Lord of the World-forest.
Behold Him in exaltation in each and every heart.
Nanak gives this advice: O beloved mind,
in the Company of the Holy, burn away your doubts. || 1 ||
(p 79)

14.2 Sweet Naam

The Naam of God is sweet to me says Guru Arjun Dev Jee in Sukhmanee Sahib...'Naam Prabhoo ka
laga meeta'. Like when you go to someone's house and you drink the sweet tea, then take a bite of the
even sweeter jelabee, then sipping the tea again you think - 'this is tasteless in comparison.'

Bhai Jasvir Singh Jee Khanaa vale gave the above example and continued, we think pleasures of the
world are sweet. We love our spouse, our children, we get pleasure from food and drink, but once we
have tasted Sweet Naam then all these worldy pleasures become plain in comparison.

The thing with saying 'Waheguru Waheguru' again and again is that it is tasteless at first says Bhai
Gurdas Jee, like licking a rock. Wereas in the amusement park of the world, the glittering attractions
are instantly pleasing to the mind. Pop music wants to make us dance as soon as it touches our
eardrum, our mouth waters as soon as we smell our favourite food, our heart leaps at just the thought of
that special someone. But saying 'Waheguru Waheguru' at amritvela just puts us to sleep. The mind
wrestles with you 'Go to sleep man! This is a waste of time...no miracles are happening, I cant see no
light nor hear the celestial music....just go to sleep man.'

But that's what happens in the first few years, after spending alot of time riding on the glittering
attractions, they become boring. That special someone no longer gives you a buzz everytime you see
their face, your favourite food just taste average nowadays, that favourite song of yours is getting to
sound repetitive....everything's boring. But the one who didn't listen to the mind and carried on saying
'Waheguru Waheguru' every amritvela without fail has a different story to tell. 'Waheguru Waheguru'
gets more and more addictive as you say it, 'Waheguru Waheguru' calms the mind down, picks it up out
of depression and makes it fly like a bird. 'Waheguru Waheguru' wraps you up in an invisible blanket
of love and humility.......one day 'Waheguru Waheguru' showers you in God's Love and Light....one day
'Waheguru Waheguru' makes you feel like your spread out across the whole of creation tuned into
everything...and one day 'Waheguru Waheguru' tastes like sweet amrit on your tongue...amrit
naam....'Naam Prabhoo ka laga meeta' and everything else seems tasteless in comparison.

We are not the first ones to walk on the 'Waheguru Waheguru' path, nor are we the last. All we have to
do is have faith that it WORKS! It worked for Bhai Lehna Jee, Bhai Amaroo Jee, Bhai Jetha Jee and it
worked for Guru Arjun Dev Jee as he sat on the hot plate with burning sand pouring over his blistered
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 98

shoulders. Without any fear or hate, without any pain or sorrow Guru Arjun Dev Jee's state of mind
was 'Tera keea meeta lagey. Har Naam Padarth Nanak Mangey'....Your Will is sweet, Nanak asks for
the gift of Naam.

God's Will is Sweet

God's Word is Sweet
God's Naam is Sweet
The one who has these residing in their heart is also sweet. Sweet and gentle in the way s/he speaks,
sweet and beautiful to all of God's Creation.

Dhan Guru Arjun Dev Jee....The King of Martyrs.

14.3 Mr Motivator

Hi folks and aint it another great amritvela morning, come on get out of your lazy bed - today we're
gonna do the `going down' workout. Are you ready? I can't hear you...I said `ARE YOU READY?'.....

OK lets go to the bathroom.. get under that shower, let that water revitalise you and observe the amount
of water that just keeps on flowing out..you turn the tap on and it keeps on pouring into your house,
your neighbours turn their taps on and it pours on and on into their houses and on and on into hundreds
of millions of homes around the world - it just keeps pouring on and on. It's totally amazing - it was
here in abundance millions of years ago and it will still be here long after you've gone. So how about it
folks, bow to the Power that keeps providing the water . . . come on go down in your mind and fall at
the feet of Karta Purakh after all what are we but a tiny wall of water - a drop in the ocean as they say.
Guru ji says `My sins number as many drops as there are in the sea, be merciful give me blessings, ferry
across this drowning rock.'

Keep moving, get those legs grooving, left-right left-right walk to the park , march to the old oak tree.
It's dark the world hasn't woken up yet, there's no-one else around but you're not alone. Bend that neck
back observe the stars, observe the full moon, observe the cloudless sky and look right into the belly of
the Universe. Come on stretch your arm out to the moon and cover it with your thumb. Your thumb is
bigger than the moon. But you know seeing is not believing, so how come sometimes you puff your
ego up bigger than this whole planet, thinking you are the biggest, baddest greatest being that ever lived
and your goal is to be remembered : Fame! But will they remember your Name? Sorry friend, you've
been deceived again - seeing is not believing. Infact think of the power that created Creation that
existed before it, is here with you now and will be here long after you've gone. The Creation is millions
of years old and your lifespan has hardly triggerred a tick on the cosmic clock. Shocked? You should
be, so come on go down in your mind and fall at the feet of Ad Sach, Jugad Sach, Ha Bhi Sach, Nanak
Hosi Bhi Sach.

Breathe in 2-3-4, out 2-3-4, fill those lungs 2-3-4, hold 2-3-4 and out 2-3-4. Feels good, eh? Lovely
freshly chilled amritvela air - they say the best things in life are free. But things that are free are often
taken for granted, never appreciated and after a while are expected as a God-given right but never ever
will one word of thanks be said to the Giver. Air is my Guru, water is my father and the great earth is
my mother says Guru ji (Pavan guru, Panee Pita, Mata Dharat Mahat). But, you think you're above
nature, you truly believe you are invincible, you think death is far away and it only happens to other
people. Death is only four minutes away friend. O did you stumble when I said that - well get humble.
How long can you live without food? A month maybe 2. How long can you live without water? One
week maybe 2. How long can you live without air? 3 minutes maybe 4 maybe slightly more. Death is
only four minutes away friend. Without air you're nothing but a dead piece of meat, without the Guru
you wasted your life. Air is more important than water and earth, the Guru is more important than even
father and mother. Beg for the Guru's grace, go down in your mind, bow and ask for Gur Prasad.

It's getting chilli - hey looks like there were fireworks and a big bonfire last night, the party's over but
that magnificent fire is still leaping to the sky. Ok take a break, rub your hands infront of the firey-red
shape-changer. Feels good - that beautiful glow, the heat on your cheeks warming up your blood. But
when the wood burns out the fire will die. Hey! Have you ever thought about this creation - it's just a
big drama - an immense 3D, holographic, latest in technology TV show.. But, is someone going to pull
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 99

the plug on the Supreme Producer/Director and cut off Waheguru ji's power supply? Waheguru ji
provides us all with energy to live, learn and love, but who supplies Waheguru ji with energy. Will
Waheguru die like a TV that's had it's plug pulled out? Like a man who can't breath no more? Friend
you are mortal, Waheguru ji is immortal Akal. Waheguru ji is beyond being born and dying life after
life. Friend you need external power supplies like food, water and air but, Waheguru ji is self-
sufficient, self-powered, self-created, self_existant and self-illuminated. Get humble, go down in your
mind and bow to Ajuni Saibhang.

Lets get back to the workout, get moving get groving , left-right left-right march back to the old Oak
tree. Face the great fire, from a distance it looks like one huge orange ball of light, but when you were
close you could see the little sparks flying up, burning for a moment in their own glory and falling back
into the mother fire. Friend there's One Supreme Being, One Supreme Soul that all souls came from
and one day that tiny spark of life inside each living being will fall back into the One Supreme Soul it
came from. Realise the purpose of your life, your soul is on a journey back to where it came from, don't
stand in its way. Life after life it had to wear different creatures bodies like you put a different outfit on
everyday, now finally it's got the finest clothes of the human body. The soul is dressed to impress, this
body can take it places, so don't mess up it's journey by taking it to the wrong places. Breathe in, bend
down in your mind and bow to Ik Onkar, bow to Ik Onkar, bow to Ik Onkar again and again and again
saying Waheguru, Waheguru Waheguru, Waheguru.....

14.4 Wonderful Nam

Why is it so important to remember God's Name (Nam Simran)? It seems like a pretty strange thing to
do - I mean Nam Japna means saying the same Name over and over again, day and night , seven days a
week for all of your life? Perhaps this will make it clearer:

The human body is like a wedding car. The mind is the chauffeur and the soul is the bride sitting in the
back seat. She sat in the car thinking that she would be driven to the marriage ceremony at the tenth
door (dasam duar) where God Himself would be the Husband. Then He'd take her away to Sach
Khand (Realm of Truth : God's abode) and they'd be living in wedded bliss happily ever after.

But soon after sitting down, she found the chauffeur was a very cunning driver. He opened all the doors
so that his 5 friends called Anger, Greed, Lust, Attachment and Pride could have their wicked way with
her. She just couldn't get out and instead of driving the car to Sach Khand, he pushed it around slowly
and awkardly in any direction he wanted depending on where his 5 friends wanted to go. He just
couldn't be bothered to get to the wedding at the dasam duar, not that he even knew where it was - I
don't think he even had a map and none of his so-called friends knew where to go. The strange thing is
that everyone in this world is pushing their cars with the bride trapped with the 5 strange thieves and
no-one thinks it's strange because it's what they are used to - I mean everyones been doing it like that for
thousands of years and they're all lost. They're number plate reads : 'M A N M U K H'.

All of a sudden a car speeds by with a chauffeur sitting in the driving seat driving normally. His
number plate is 'G U R M U K H'. ManMukh stops and talks to him, 'Excuse me, why do you drive
your car while others push them?'.

He replies, 'Well, I used to be a MAN-MUKH pusher like you, but I met a very spiritually gifted holy
man who told me that I was driving my car all wrong. I used to love my car and I didn't like it when he
said that. My car was the best car in the world. It had fluffy dice and go faster stripes. It had wheels
that would bounce the car up and down, I'd even fitted a £10,000 music centre into the boot. My car
was beautiful and everyone used to tell me how beautiful it was. ‘

‘The holy man then told me that if I wanted to know how to drive fast then I'd have to go to a special
place called a Gurdwara-Nam-Petrol station where I'd meet the Supreme Being, called the Guru Granth
Sahib jee and that if I became a disciple and promised to follow the Guru's instructions then I too could
be whizzing around to my true destination. ‘
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 100

‘Of course, I didn't believe him at first and my pusher friends all laughed at the absurdity of it whoever
heard of someone driving their car? They just wouldn't believe that I'd seen this 'G U R M U K H'.
Anyway, I met the 'G U R M U K H' again and I went to the Gurdwara-Nam-petrol station and I saw
lots of people driving really fast just like him. I was so exited, I had a tingly feeling in my stomach - I
just couldn't wait to meet the Guru Granth Sahib jee.’

‘Then I drank the amrit-nectar and became a disciple. I promised I'd obey my Guru's instructionsand I
wouldn't do all the silly decorations that I'd done to my car. The first thing Guru jee told me was that
this hole in the top of the car, called the mouth was for a special reason. He told me I'd been pouring
the wrong kind of fuel in it. I'd been saying so many useless words but they weren't helping me at all.
The real fuel to pour into the mouth was The Name of God : Waheguru. If I kept pouring this Nam-
petrol into my car day and night then I'd have the power to reach God the Husband.’

My Guru jee also told me to sing my daily prayers so I'd I find the directions and to serve the saints so
I'd get the hints and tips of their blessings. And look at me now, I'm wizzing around like nobody's
business. It was hard at first, but now I'm used to it and I'll soon be at God's Door and this Divine
marriage of Bliss can take place. I tell you, I can't believe I'd been such a fool for so many years. My
friends still don't believe me, but I don't hang out with them any more.’

‘Plus my Guru jee gave me this new Number plate 'G U R M U K H' it means the one who has got his
face towards the Guru - I follow my Guru now, before I used have my face towards my own minds
desires and cravings so I was a 'M A N M U K H'. So if you're interested in learning how to drive your
car then come and meet the Supreme Being - Guru Granth Sahib jee. He'll help you just like he helped

14.5 Types Of People

there are 2 types of people in the world :

'MEN and WOMEN' said the male chauvinist

'BLACK AND WHITE' said the white supremist
'RICH AND POOR' said the greedy capitalist
'MUSLIM AND KAFIR' said the fundamentalist
'ENGLISH AND FOREIGNERS' said the nationalist
‘US AND THEM’ said the trade unionist

'NO, NO, NO, NO and NO' said the Guru.

'GURMUKHS and MANMUKHS' said the Guru.

'DO-ERS AND DONT-ERS' said the Guru.

DO-ERS do what the Guru Instructs

DONT-ERS dont.
We are judged by our actions
the content of our character
and not by our

'Agai jat na jor ha, agai jee-o nivay' ...

Guru Nanak ji instructs ‘
there is neither caste nor one's power(status)
in the next life only the humble live.

People like to feel proud of something,

they are happy when they are the best
at something. They pick
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 101


to make themselves feel good at someone else's expense.

There are only



14.6 Gur Thapi Diti Kand Jeo - The Guru's Warrior

He woke me up and said, "It is time."

Man Mukh

Gently, he pulled my spirit out of my body and guided me in a flight across the sky. We flew side by
side for a while until we came to a castle. The castle looked formidable. There were three doors each
on three sides of the castle. The fourth side had no door.

Murky and dark waters surrounded the castle. Even darker were five creatures closely guarding the
castle. These creatures looked big and strong. The whole sight was rather gloomy. I felt frightened
upon seeing all this and firmly held on to my guide. He reassured me, "Don't worry, they cannot see

Silently he took me inside the castle. The cobwebs on the walls and the floor indicated that no-one had
been there for ages. Darkness, dirt and gloom permeated everything. He led me to the north side of the
castle. There was a door well hidden behind a curtain of deep darkness. While all the other doors of
the castle were open, this one was tightly shut. It was coated with rust and looked unaccessible. But
we, being spirits, easily slipped through it.

To my utter amazement, I discovered that it was actually a doorway to another wonderful world! This
world looked completely different from the one that existed on the other side of the door. Everything
shone with inner light and looked as though it had been sprinkled with eternal youth. There were
flowers everywhere and their subtlely sweet scents filled the air.

There was a path from the hidden door to a big pond of rather inviting clear water. Then, a golden path
led from the pond to a city which shone with all the colors of the rainbow. Exquisite music could be
heard from the city. He explained, "One has to cleanse oneself in order to get to that city.The city is
called the Realm of Truth."

I understood little but I was so enchanted with that place that no questions arose in my mind. It looked
so peaceful here! I wished I could live here forever. But soon it was time to leave. We slipped out
through the door again.

Overcoming the spell, I asked, "Who owns this castle? " Without a word, my guide led me outside and
away from the castle. Far from the castle, there was a small hut. It's roof and walls were crumbling.
Inside sat a man who personified misery. Hunger and thirst dominated his face. He wore dirty rags.
He sat at the window looking mournfully toward the castle.

"The castle belongs to this man," my guide said.

I could not believe what I heard and repeated, "The castle belongs to this man?"
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 102

He explained, "His is a rather sad story. He lived in the castle a long time ago. He lead a gay and a
wasteful life. He would never come home for days and even when he did, he would stay only for a
short while before going out again."

My guide continued, "The dark creatures you saw were his servants. He trusted them completely and
thought they were his friends. In fact, he trusted them so much that he gave them complete power in
managing his castle. Slowly, the guards became the masters of the castle and he the servant. Then a
day came when they banded together and banished him from the castle."

My guide must have known that I was thinking about the city behind the hidden door because he said,
"He could have escaped to the Realm of Truth, but the poor man was so engrossed with life outside the
castle that he never even discovered the hidden door." I felt pity for this man who was a king yet lived
like a pauper.

"Isn't there some way for him to own his castle again?" I asked.

Gur Mukh

Without answering, he motioned me to accompany him. We went to another castle. It looked very
similar to the first one, yet something was very different here. The five dark creatures were present but
they didn't look strong, rather they looked weak and exhausted. Their faces were washed with fear. In
fact, three of them were lying on the ground in submission. There was a mighty battle going on! It
looked as if an army of thousand had descended upon the creatures.

But to my great surprise, there was only one man who was fighting all of these creatures. The man
wore a yellow turban and a blue robe. His face was shining with determination. He wore two swords.
He had chakkars on his turban. He was a warrior in the true sense of the word as agile as a deer yet as
powerful as a lion.

In his hands, he held a rather strange looking sword. This sword was sharp on both sides and it shone
with a brightness that I had not witnessed before.

He was using the double edged sword to strike the dark creatures. With each strike they fell down but
then would stagger up again to fight him.But his sword was a magic sword. With each strike, the
creature grew weaker while the sword became more powerful and bright. It was as if the sword was
seeping the strength of the creatures into itself.

With a loud cry of pain, another dark creature fell into submission. The last creature left was the most
powerful and the most cunning one. He would hide and come back in many forms - sometimes a hissing
snake, sometimes a hellish devil, sometimes an alluring maiden, sometimes a feeble old man and
sometimes a wailing old woman. But the warrior was no fool! It looked as though he had been trained
by the most adept teacher. He would let the creature get close to him and then would strike him down
again and again. It was no secret that before long the last creature would surrender. And the castle
would belong to the warrior.

I was fascinated with the warrior's power and asked, "What gives him so much strength?"

My guide laughed as if he had been waiting for this one particular question. He pointed to the double
edged magic sword in the warrior's hand and said, "The Khanda of Naam."

Soon the last creature surrendered and lay on the ground. The warrior quickly turned around and
headed into the castle. My guide called out to the warrior, "Sir, a moment please."

To my surprise, the warrior turned around to look at us. He gave us a slight bow of his head and said,
"I must hurry."

My guide quickly said, "Please Sir, could you please tell us about yourself?"
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 103

The warrior laughed as if this was the most impossible request. Turning around, he dreamily said, "Not
now, it is time for me to meet my love."

My guide said, "Please ... in the name of your Guru."

Immediately the warrior turned around and knelt on one of his knees. Bowing his head in humility, he
said, "I am a servant of the one who utters my Guru's name. What do you wish from me?"

My guide said, "If you could tell about how you became such a warrior..."

The warrior told his story....

Warrior's Saakhi

This castle belongs to me. And the creatures you saw submitting to the Khanda of Naam were actually
my servants but had become the masters of my castle. I am the only one to blame though; I myself was
absent from the castle and never cared to manage it.

One day, I had returned from a long journey and with a shock realized that my servants had turned into
grotesque creatures. They picked me up and literally threw me out of my own castle.

Although I didn't care for the castle--I had mostly lived outside it, I did however care about the
treasures inside. So that night, under the veil of darkness, I stole back into the castle to get the
treasures, but the creatures had already removed the treasures from their usual place.

Although it was my own castle, I felt like a stranger in it. I must have made a noise because one of the
creatures came to investigate. I silently ran inwards to get away from it. I bumped into a wall. It was
rather dark and the creature immediately ran back to get a lantern. I realized that the wall I hit was
actually a door. I tried hard to open it, but it would not budge. I noticed a light streaming out of it's
keyhole. I peeped into the keyhole and that moment changed my life.

What I saw inside that door was inexplicable beauty. I saw a path leading into a city which glowed with
light and life. It was the most wonderful place I had ever set my eyes on. I was so lost in its beauty that
only when one of the creatures grabbed me by my shoulder did I remember where I was. The creature
dragged me and roughly threw me out again.

Although I was badly hurt, I could think of nothing else but the city behind the door. I lamented heavily
at my old foolish ways. If only I had spent more time inside the castle, I surely would have discovered
the hidden door.

I decided to get help from my brother. I went to the tavern where we both had spent a large portion of
our lives. Sure enough, I found my brother - he was drunk with wine as usual. I immediately told him
about the hidden door. He and everybody within earshot burst out laughing. I even told him that he too
should not trust his servants, but this only brought more laughter from everybody. No matter how hard
I tried, they simply refused to believe me.

Finally, when they could no longer stand my raving, they pushed me out of the door. I could not blame
them - I too had done the same to a man who had come into the tavern one night and had warned us
about our servants and preached about the hidden door. I had called him mad and laughed at him. If
only I had listened!

I sat outside the tavern trying to decide what to do and where to go next. I really had nowhere else to
go, so I went in again. But I was no longer welcome there. My brother refused to even recognize me.

I begged my brother and others to help me, but their eyes told me that now I, without my treasures, was
no longer of any interest to them. Sadly, I left the tavern. Hungry, thirsty and in low spirits, I crumbled
down on the side of the road. I had no desire to get up. I was completely crushed.
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 104

The side of the road became my new home. I would sit all day and night facing the ground. Once in a
while, someone would notice me and give me food and advice. But I would stare at them lifelessly and
they would leave me alone. Even my brother would pass by without paying any attention to me.

After a few weeks, the disgust with myself consumed me so much that I decided to destroy myself.
Death and only death seemed the only way out my misery. I slowly made my way to the nearby river in
the forest.


I went and stood by the river. The river was a powerful one. It gushed with a loud roar under the bright
autumn sun. I jumped into the deep side of the river.

Immediately, I went under the cool water. But the river brought me up again. I coughed with pain. I
was ready to die, but the river refused to kill me. Like a mother, it carried me on its waves and
carefully deposited me on it's bank.

I could not help but laugh at my predicament - I could not even die! I sat on the bank and laughed.
Soon the laughter turned into deep sobs. I had never cried like this before. Remorse engulfed me. My
body hurt with each sob. I cried for my lost brother, my lost castle and most of all, I cried at the lost
chance to go into the city behind the hidden door.

I sat and wept there for several hours. Finally, exhausted and spent, I lay down. I must have nodded
off because when I awoke, night with it’s crisp sounds had arrived. Half awake, my attention went to
the night sounds. The night, the river and the trees seemed to be saying something to me. I listened

All the sounds merged and said, "One".

Quite puzzled by this, I fell asleep again and woke up just before the sun did. Slowly I sat up, I was
stiff from the cold. I stretched out. My arms were up in the air and just then the sunlight burst through
the air dispelling the night's reign of darkness.

I cannot put into words what happened to me at that moment.

The brightness and the warmth of the sun, the merriness of the river, the coolness of the air, the dance
of the trees all joined together and invited me to become one of them. I now understood "One" - we
were all one. I was one of them and they were one of me. I was in them and they were in me. I could
not exist without them and they without me.

I closed my eyes and heard everything say, "One ... One ... One."

Slowly I lowered my arms. That one moment had completely rejuvenated me. I got up and turned
around to go back to the city. One look at the city far away in the mist was enough to drain some of me.
No! I decided, I will not go back to that heartless and dreadful place. I looked back at the river and it
smiled at me. I smiled back.

Once again I listened to the river. To my great surprise and joy, it invited me along. That was the first
friendly thing anybody had said to me since I lost my castle. Indeed everything was friendly here, the
river, the trees, the leaves, the shrubs, the sky, the clouds. I felt cherished and needed.

Sadh Sangat

I looked at my new friends.

The trees wanted me to dreamily sway with them. The leaves wanted me to join their festival of colors.
The blue sky wanted me to fly into it. The soft clouds wanted me to put my head on them. The birds
wanted me to share their songs. The river wanted me to travel with it.
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 105

I took the river's invitation and started following it's flow.

I would walk along the river bank all day; when hungry, I would eat berries and fruits from my friend,
the trees; when thirsty, I would drink water from my friend, the river; when tired, I would sleep on my
friend, the Earth.

I learnt how to build a fire from twigs. I would build one in the evening and would let it simmer all
night. In the morning, I would bathe in the river's waves and let sunshine dry and warm me up.

Although, I now felt healthy and quite happy--more happy than I had ever been--not a day would pass
without my thoughts going back to the city behind the hidden door. But I knew, I did not have enough
strength to face the creatures, so with a mournful sigh would think of something else.

Many months passed like this. Slowly winter arrived. With winter came scarce food and weakness.
Although my friends urged me on, I walked less and less. Even though food was rare, my friends, the
trees would somehow provide it for me.

One fateful morning I woke up shivering and covered with snow. My friends, the trees were slowly
going to sleep and wishing me luck. My friend, the sun, now distant and cold was also saying goodbye.
Even the river was slowing down.

I rubbed myself for warmth and listened to the river. It weakly but urgently urged me to walk with it. I
slowly got up and started walking with its flow.

At late afternoon that day, it suddenly became very cold. A strong icy wind started blowing. A
blizzard came out of nowhere. Slowly, it became difficult to walk or even see. I went close to the river
to listen. To my shock, I realized that it too had given up.

I felt completely abandoned. I did not know what to do! I could not imagine living without the river's
guiding songs. In desperation, I shouted out to it, "Help me!" But no one answered back.

Without any sense of direction, I walked on. I could barely see, but I walked on. My eyes were barely
open. My beard was completely frozen. And I was about to give up and lay down when suddenly I
went into an opening and into warmth. I could not believe my fate - I had walked right into a cave!

Thankfully, I sat on the ground. My hands felt some kind of a frame on the ground. With joy, I
realized it was actually a fire place. There was even dry wood neatly stacked up. Quickly, I built a fire.

It was quite obvious that someone had lived in this cave a long time ago. A wooden shelf ran along one
wall. I saw a little bag on the shelf. I opened it up and there were nuts in it! How they had survived for
so long, I do not know. Nor did I care - I quickly devoured some of them.

There was a little area which apparently had served as a sleeping place.Quite warm and content, I lay
down. Immediately, my eyes fell upon two sentences written on the cave roof.

The first sentence read,

Uttering the Guru's Shabad, I defeated the five.

This surprised me so much that with a jolt, I sat up. Vividly my memory went back to the "mad" man at
the tavern: he too had mentioned something about a Guru.

A question arose within me, "What is the guru's Shabad?"

The second sentence answered me,

WaheGuru WaheGuru WaheGuru Wahe jeo.

I instantaneously fell in love with this Shabad.

01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 106

My mouth uttered it, "WaheGuru."

My tongue savored it, "WaheGuru."
My heart sang it, "WaheGuru."

I could neither believe not understand this Shabad but I did not really care - it was such a bliss just
uttering it that all I wanted to do was to sing it over and over.

Like a crazy man, I shouted the Shabad over and over again:

"WaheGuru WaheGuru WaheGuru WaheGuru WaheGuru WaheGuru WaheGuru WaheGuru

WaheGuru WaheGuru WaheGuru WaheGuru WaheGuru WaheGuru WaheGuru WaheGuru WaheGuru
WaheGuru WaheGuru WaheGuru WaheGuru WaheGuru WaheGuru WaheGuru WaheGuru WaheGuru
WaheGuru WaheGuru WaheGuru WaheGuru WaheGuru WaheGuru WaheGuru WaheGuru WaheGuru
WaheGuru WaheGuru WaheGuru WaheGuru..."

I spent the whole night celebrating with the Shabad. I would sing the Shabad for a while and would
then keep quiet. The falling snow, the whistling wind and the swaying trees would echo back the
Shabad. It would get softer and softer. Then I would sing it loudly again, then listen again.

This Shabad was indeed magic. Even though I had had nothing to eat except the few nuts, I felt strong
and fulfilled.

By next morning, I had enough strength to fight a hundred men. I could have gone back and defeated
the creatures but a strange thing happened - I no longer cared about my castle or my treasures or my
brother - even the hidden city faded away from my desires. The only thing that mattered was the

I followed the same pattern on that day too - I would say the Shabad a few times, then listen to it.
Slowly the saying got shorter and shorter while the listening got longer and longer. In a few days, I no
longer had to say the Shabad - I would listen to it ringing from everywhere.

I would sleep whenever I felt tired. I would eat some of the nuts whenever I got hungry. There were
enough nuts and firewood for me to comfortably pass the winter.


I spent many months drunk in this bliss of the Guru's Shabad.

Slowly spring arrived. Now I would go out and eat fresh fruit. I would visit the river everyday and
play in its lap. I discovered the river too sang the Shabad! Indeed everything - trees, wind, animals -
sang the Shabad. In fact, everything had always sung the Shabad - I just hadn't heard it before.

I would sometimes imagine how this Guru would be. But no matter how hard I tried, I could not even
begin to imagine the wonder of this Guru whose Shabad was so enchanting.

Then I started experiencing a new feeling within me - I started missing the Guru. It was quite beyond
me to think how I could miss someone who I had never seen. But I felt immensely close to the Guru.
He appeared to be closer to me than even my own self. This feeling deepened so much that it
consumed me all day and all night. I felt that He was near me. I felt that He was loving me - nay, I felt
that He was in love with me.

His love was not something that is describable. It was as deep as the ocean. It was as high as the stars.
It was as vast as the sky.

My hunger to see Him turned into a passion - a burning passion. I could no longer sleep - not even for
a moment. I could no longer eat - not even a bite. I could no longer think of other - not even for a
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 107

I would spend the whole day lost in His remembrance. Sometimes this craving for Him would swell
inside me so much that in desperation I would run outside and shout "I love you" over and over again to
the sky. After I was spent, I would come back and with a sigh sit down and continue listening to the

I knew that I could not bear His separation much longer. All I could think of was how he would look.
How he would talk. How he would look at me. How I would touch His feet. How I would shyly tell
him that I loved Him. How I would live and die for Him.


Then one morning, much before dawn, I was sitting with closed eyes listening to the Shabad when
suddenly I felt sunshine on me. Quite surprised, I opened my eyes.

He stood at the entrance of the cave!

The intense white light emitting from Him sent waves of coolness into me.

He was dressed in pure white. His turban was royal. His clothes were flowing. His two swords were
shining. His kalgi was majestic.

I cannot even begin to describe His eyes: They were breathtakingly beautiful. Their golden glow put a
thousand sunrises to shame. Their tranquillity put a thousand moons to shame. Their softness put a
thousand budding roses to shame.

I just sat there in a rapture - drinking the bliss from the glow of His face. After several minutes, I came
to my senses. I knelt down and said, "Welcome, this servant awaits your commands."

He walked into the cave and motioned me to look up and raise my hands. He then placed the Khanda of
Naam in my hands.

A flower appeared inside me from no where. It was facing downwards.Suddenly, a golden ray traveled
from the Khanda of Naam and flooded the flower. With full glory, the flower bloomed. Along with the
flower, I bloomed.

I become the flower. From the bottom of my stem, nectar arose. It travelled upwards filling every part
of me with bliss. My petals glowed with a deep red color. Each part of me was maddeningly drunk
with nectar. Each part of me was singing with indescribable joy. Each part of me was bowing to the
Guru in thankfulness.

The Guru had blossomed spring within me after a long and deadly winter. The Guru had turned a dry
well into an ocean of bliss. The Guru had replaced my darkness with overflowing colors.

The Guru spoke.

The Guru's voice was soft wind through the trees. It was morning sun shining through the twilight. It
was creek water dancing over pebbles. It was birds singing at spring time.

He said, "You are now stronger than a thousand lions, you now have more compassion than a thousand
mother's hearts, you are now higher than the highest Himalayas peak."

"You are now Khalsa - the pure one. Go and defeat the five and enter the Realm of Truth."

Saying that he turned around to go.

Although I was His slave now and the work of a slave is to obey and obey only, the dread of Him
leaving broke my will and in desperation, I caught His angelic hand. I held His long and beautiful hand
close to my face. I kissed His soft and wonder-filled hand. Tears freely flowed from my eyes. My
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 108

heart sobbed and begged him to take me with Him. I wanted to sing my loyalty to Him. I wanted to

"Don't leave me, my Lord.

You are my heart now.
You are my breath now.
You are my very being now.

Don't leave me, my Lord.

My existence depends on the glory your one smile.
My existence depends on the glow of your one look.
My existence depends on the sweetness of your one word.

Don't leave me, my Lord.

I don't want to be anywhere without you, my sire.
I don't want to spend a moment without your presence, my beloved.
I don't want to take a single breath without your permission, my

Don't leave me, my Lord.

Don't you know, no other will quench my thirst.
Don't you know, you are my moon, my sun and my sky.
Don't you know, I will wilt the moment you leave my sight.

Don't leave me, my Lord.

I would gladly sacrifice all pleasure for you.
I would gladly walk a thousand paces behind you.
I would gladly cut my head and place it at your sweet feet.

But my love, my Lord, my beloved, my jewel,

my precious, my sunshine, my moonlight, my angel,
my father, my mother, my brother, my husband, my God,

please don't leave me,

please don't leave me,
please don't leave me.

All I want is
you, you, you, you, you,
you, you, you, you, you, you,

But I could not utter a single word. I could neither confess my love for him nor my dread of His

All I managed to utter was, "Mercy!"

He too could not resist me. With His sweet, life-giving hand he wiped my face and beard. His touch
deepened my red color. His touch brightened the white light within me. His touch sweetened the nectar
inside me.

Creek water danced over pebbles again, "Beloved one, I live in the Realm of Truth."

Saying that, he vanished as suddenly as He had appeared.

The warrior finished telling his sakhi.

There was a short pause before the warrior looked up at both of us and said, "Now, I beg you to release
me so that I may once again drink His sight."
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 109

Without waiting for an answer, he ran into the castle. We followed. He quickly made his way to the
hidden door and with one strike of the Khanda of Naam, broke it down. He then jumped into the pond
of water. When he came out, he was no longer a man, he was an angel of immense brightness.

It would be incorrect to say that he entered the Realm of Truth; rather he merged into it. A great
celebration broke out in the city - music and songs filled the air.

We stood there completely enchanted. Even my guide was under a spell. Finally he broke away from it
and nudged me. I reluctantly followed him outside.

We flew towards my body. My guide was expecting a flood of questions like I normally asked after
such a visit. But my thoughts were so deeply entrenched into the hidden city that I could not speak.

But just before I entered my body, I turned around and desperately said, "I don't want to enter this cold
and dead body. I want to go the Realm of Truth."

My guide's face beamed. Pointing to my body he said, "In there lies the Realm of Truth."

waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru....

14.7 Such Is The Power Of Naam.

There is a gursikh here in North Carolina who is now a great naami gursikh and greatly affects others.
His story is rather interesting:

This gursikh is a professor and has lots of time on his hands. For about 5 years before starting naam
simran, he used to do, get this, TWO sehaj paats per MONTH. And he believed (like many sikhs do)
that naam is reading gurbaNi and not "waheguru waheguru...".

Many sikhs (including this empty vessel) tried several times to convince him that naam is actually doing
"waheguru waheguru..." but to no avail. In fact, I remember, about 6 years ago we had a simran
session. He was present there too. While everyone was chanting "waheguru waheguru...", he was
quietly doing sukhmani sahib! I was sitting about 3 singhs away from him and could hear soft "prabh
ke simran,...".

Then, guru did kirpa and he borrowed Baba Isher Singh jee's audio tapes from daas. In addition, a
naami gursikh spent about 45 minutes with him talking about naam and what it really means (I, too, was
present at that meeting). The rest is naam history.This gursikh now does about 4 hours of simran
everyday. In addition he completes a sehaj paTh in a month or so. He does naam simran during
keertan, during speeches at the local gurudrawa, during ardaas - in short, he does simran almost all the
time - and he LOVES it. (Anybody from North Carolina will instanteously recognize who I am talking
about).In addition, due to him many others have started simran. The town he lives in has a regular
saturday evening simran session in which many gursikhs drink nectar from the guru's mukh. Such is the
power of naam gursikh's sangat

14.8 ‘Tick Tick’ from Sant Attar Singh ji

"Advancement of Sikhs will take concrete shape only when all get up at 3am and perform worship as
ordered by the Satgurus

Sant ji used to observe, " All have got great desire that the Sikhs should make advancement in all
directions. But please do remember and firmly believe that this can be possible only when in the first
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 110

place, each day, early morning at 3am you all get up from your beds, and sounds of taking baths on the
wells etc, of the village and cities are heard and then melodious sounds of "Sat Naam " are heard on all

To attach one's mind constantly with the Name just as the clock goes on striking "tick, tick" is the only
best job to be done by the mortal

Sant ji used to observe, "The primary Religous duty of every man is to repeat the Name just as the
clock goes on striking "tick, tick." Every Sikh should attach his mind with each breath with the Name."
Again, again, and again remember God. Drink this Nectar (of the Naam) and satiate the thirst of the
mind and the body. Please take care of every breath. Do not allow any breath to go waste."

The meaning of Prem (Love) for God and Guru explained

Sant ji Maharaj observed:’The word 'Prem' means that the devotee "leave I-am-ness". He leaves his
self and gets fully absorbed in the object of love. Such should be the love of the devotee for the
Satguru. Such love attracts the attention of the beloved automatically, without using any words or
outwardly ways of communication. The Satguru, then comes to the assistance of the true devotee.

How to become a saint explained

One...singh...submitted before Sant Ji Maharaj, "How can we become like you?" Sant Ji Maharaj
obsereved, "all of you are like me. The features, the parts of the body, etc., of you are like me....Again
submitted, kindly tell us how we can attain Spiritual Status like you?" Sant Ji Maharaj replied, Please
get up early morning and take bath. Then recite Gurbani." He again said, "If we still feel sleepy, then
what should be done?" Sant Ji Maharaj replied, Wash your face with water, again." He again
enquired, " Maharahj, if again the feeling of sleep continues, then what should be done?" Sant Ji
Maharaj observed, "Read Gurbani as loudly as you can." Then the Prof. said, "What will be the result
of this?" Sant Ji Maharaj replied, "Do all this and then you will yourself come to know the results."
(sounds like one of daas answers!:)

This one has noticed some singhs (Bhai Jiwan singh ji and others) Who will stand up, pace, run in
place, do yoga, drink water, etc. while doing simran, and reading or reciting nitnem to overcome
sleepiness. Of course stillness is nicest, but, our purpose here to fight giving in to sleep. This one has
found giving in to sleep a seduction of the mind, because then it always want to sleep. Every morning is
will say sleep, sleep, the nice, cozy, soft bed is waiting, just put on tape, and sleeeeeeep.... By not
giving in, fighting, tricking, by whatever method, staying awake, after few days the mind forget sleep
and start to love Simran, Gurubani etc. Then can't wait to jump from bed! Do waheguru waheguru
waheguru wahguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru
waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru wahguru waheguru waheguru
waheguru ji

14.9 Fragrance Of An Enlightened Soul

The fragrance of the ambrosial divine Name of God is so sweet and engrossing that its aroma is
incomparable. It surpasses the fragrance of sweet smelling earthly objects like musk, sandalwood and
other aromatic essences. All the foul smelling passions within the heart are changed to frangrant
feelings in the soul of one who meditates on the divine Name. It however does not mean that he who
contemplates the divine name loses all sense of discrimination between sweet and foul smell. His
powers are like those of other human beings, but contemplation of the divine Name fills his whole being
with such spiritual aroma that no foul smell can reach his inner senses. " My Spirit is absorbed in His
Name; it is fragrant with aromatic smell and can see through inner perceptions all the ten directions of
the world existance ( the whole living world and space around)"1 " Like a deer, man wanders in the
wilderness attracted by enchanting fragrance, not knowing that the aromatic sweet smell comes from the
musk within the body."2 " The inner being of Thy sevant, Nanak, has been made fragrant and blessed
indeed is my life."3 ref. Bhai Randhir Singh
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 111

1 Guru Granth Sahib Jee Panna 981

2 Guru Granth Sahib Jee Panna 982
3 Guru Granth Sahib Jee Panna p448

The mail entitled "Fragrance of Enlightened Soul" stimulated me to write a few words. I stayed in my
grandfathers house for an year during my college days. He did sangat of bhai sahab bhai Randhir Singh
ji. I always found him engrossed in gurbani. He was knowing lot of it by heart. Somehow I had the
feeling that he is very pious but as a matter of fact did not know at that time how great he was.

Once I noticed during Rehras sahib (he was doing the path) a very wonderful frangrance hitherto
unknown to me. I opened my eyes and got closer to my grandfather. I observed that it was coming from
him. It then became a daily routine.

aise bhavraa baas leh.

I started wondering what it was. After few days my inquitive mind recieved the answer in yet another
mysterious way. I picked up Sura magzine and it explained the fragrance as

jan Nanak musk zhakolea

sab janam dhan dhanna

(Nanak, when the body is shaken with the devine fragrance,one becomes a subject for deep respect).
The sura article described it with a sakhi of a sadhu who acquired this devine fragrance after listening to
gurbani. The Sadhu called it Dev gandh (fragrance of gods).
For sake of keeping this mail short I will not go into all the details.

Few days before his death my grandfather went into coma. Strangly enough he started reciting
gurmanter while in coma. The scene continued for 3 days and he breathed his last reciting gurmanter
That is what gurbani describes as ;

jeevat sahib sevyoo apnaa

chalte rakheo cheet

sewak ki oork nibhee preet.

14.10 Dying Man

Bhai Sahib Bhai Veer Singh jee once was sent a message from his old college friend who he had lost
touch with since college. His friend was in hospital and asked Bhai Sahib to visit him there urgently.
Surprised and also eager to serve, Bhai Sahib jee promptly went to the hospital. His friend was dying
and the doctors had given him a few weeks to live.

His friend was not at all gurmat oriented. Seeing Bhai Sahib he started weeping and said: "I have led a
life of a manmukh. Now death approaches and I am afraid."

Bahi Sahib was very soft hearted (read his books and you will attest to this) and said: "Veer jee, there is
always mercy in the Guru’s house. Start reading gurbanee and start naam simran".

It is a common saying that a drowning man will hold on to a twig with all his might. So his friend dived
deeply into naam.

Bhai Sahib came back home and gradually forget about his friend. (He was never close to him).

A few weeks later, Bhai Sahib had a dream about his friend. His friend was sitting atop the berry tree at
Harminder Sahib and was joyfully eating berries. He looked down at Bhai Sahib and said: "Guru
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 112

Nanak has taken me in. I am free. Here have a berry...", and threw a berry at Bhai Sahib. This startled
Bhai Sahib jee and he woke up.

Bhai Sahib was a naami gursikh and a deep researcher into spiritual matters. He realized this was no
ordinary dream, therefore he noted down the day and time in his diary. It was 1:16 am. He also
resolved to visit his friend that day.

After completing his daily simran and nitnem, Bahi Sahib jee went to the hospital and found his bed
empty. Upon inquiry, he was told that his friend died at 1.16 am that morning.

14.11 Christian Pastor

In Bhai Sahib Bhai Randhir Singh jee's autobiography, there is a incident in which a pastor from
England visited the jail Bhai Sahib was enjoying naam at. The pastor was a genuine Christian in that he
tried to love mankind as Christ has told him to do. Bhai Sahib was at that time enjoying naam in
solitary confinement. It was a suffocatingly small cell and prisoners at that jail were terrified at being
locked up in one of these cells.

When Bhai Sahib met the pastor, the pastor asked him about his stay there. He also asked him whether
he was staying alone in the cell. Bhai Sahib said "no". This surprised everyone. He was asked to
clarify and he said:

"guru mere sang sada hai nale"

(If I remember correctly, Bhai Sahib actually sang this sabad in such chardhi kala that everyone stood
still hypnotized).

The pastor was deeply impressed with this "prisoner" who apparently was much freer than him or any
other soul he had met.

He asked the prison officials to allow him to spend the night in one of these cells (to "feel the pain"!).
After much discussion, the prison officials allowed the pastor to stay in the cell for 4 hours. The pastor
joyfully agreed. However his joy turned to horror in just a couple of hours, at which point he started
banging the doors of the prison and shouting for help.

Once outside he took looked badly shaken. Taking a rather deep breath he said to Bhai Sahib:

"My guru does not stay with me the same way yours' stays with you".

14.12 Crying Man

Once a sikh came to Baba Nand Singh jee. He was deeply touched with Baba jee's darshan and
veechar. When he looked within himself he saw only dirt. He started crying and asked Baba jee for

Baba jee told him: "Gurmukha, wake at early hours of the morning and jap naam".

The sikh cried: "Baba jee, surely I cannot do that".

Baba jee asked him why.

He said: "I am a papi person. Not only have I not taken amrit, I cannot live without alcohol even for a
single day."

Baba jee laughed and said: "Singha, I didn't tell you to take amrit or leave alcohol - I told you to jap
naam in the morning."
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 113

The man said "sat bachan" and left. Because he was disgusted with himself and truly impressed by the
light in Baba jee's eyes and bachan, he started naam simran the very next morning.

In a few months (less than a year) he not only left alcohol, he took amrit and became a guru ka ladla

Such is the power of naam.

14.13 Love

Kachi Preet - False Love

A relative of daas in Canada was talking to me on the phone. She said, "You know I do Sukhmani
Sahib everyday at 5 am."

I was very happy to hear that since she is the bhangra-till-you-drop kind of a personality. So I said,
"Well, when you come here for vacation, perhaps we can do it together?".

"NO, NO," she said, "I don't do it when I am on vacation. I figure Baba jee needs a break too!".
Sachi Preet- True Love

A naami gursikh told me that once he took a naam vacation from his job in
India for ten days.

So he went home and told his mother (he wasn't married yet), "Mata jee, I will be in the pohRa
(basement room) for the next 10 days. Please do not tell any one I am there. Please prepare food twice
a day and bring it down and leave it in the corridor."

The mother knew her son and knew what exactly to do.

The naami gursikh then entered his "sach khand" and gur shabadi govind gajeha. He would do his
nitnem. Then start "waheguru waheguru". When he felt that he needed more charge, he would read
gurbaNi. Then again "waheguru waheguru".

He would nod off when the body could no longer function without sleep. He would eat when his body
could no longer function without eating.

When he came out , he says he cried for days on end. He said that those 10 days made him realize that
he had wasted his life prior to that vacation.


guru ke pyareoooo, this path is for the mar-jeevaRe.

For those who go hungry for days for the guru's one darshan.

For those who agree to be cut limb by limb for the guru's one bachan.

For those who agree to be bricked up alive for the guru's honour.

For those who give their head to the guru for the guru's amrit.

For those who shove the kulyug away and wake up when some are getting to sleep.

For those who have only one thing on their lips, in their hearts, in their souls -
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 114

gur WAH! gur WAH! gur WAH! gur WAH! gur WAH! gur WAH! gur WAH! gur WAH! gur WAH!
gur WAH! gur WAH! gur WAH!

Dhan guru dhan guru dhan guru dhan guru dhan guru dhan guru dhan guru dhan guru dhan guru dhan
guru dhan guru

waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru

14.14 Genie

Once there lived a very a wealthy man with many farms and businesses all over
the world.

He was also a sevak of a yogi who lived in his city. No matter how busy he was, he would visit the yogi
at least once a day. The yogi was quite pleased with him and one day told him, "Ask for anything and
you shall receive it."

The wealthly man thought awhile and said, "I want a servant who will do things at very fast speed."

The yogi said, "There is a genie I have under my control who could be of service to you. The only
problem with it is that it has a condition attached to his service."

The wealthly man said, "And what might that be?"

The yogi answered, "The genie is alright as long you have work for it, but as soon as it is free, it will
eat you up."

The wealthy man laughed at that and said, "Oh, no problem with that, I have plenty of work for it."

The yogi warned him again. Once again the man laughed it off. So the yogi gave him the bottle the
genie lived in. As soon as he got home, the weathly man eargerly broke open the bottle. A big genie
appeared and said just one thing, "Work!"

The man told him to till his land. The genie disappeared and re-appeared in a few minutes! "Work!" he
demanded. This greatly surprised the man. He took a look outside his window and sure enough, all his
land had been tilled. He said, "Now sow all the seed into it."

Once again the genie dissappeared and re-appeared in a few minutes and demanded, "Work!"

The man remembered the yogi's warning and had to think quite hard to come up with work for the
genie. He told the genie to feed all his animals. Once again the genie dissappeared and re-appeared in a
few minutes and demanded, "Work!"

Now the man started sweating. Surely he would be eaten soon because he didn't have much more work
for this genie.

With panic, he thought hard and told him to deliver all his mail personally around the globe. The genie
dissappeared and the man quickly ran to the yogi's dera shouting, "Save me! Save me!"

The yogi laughed and reminded him of the warning. The man told the yogi, "You were right, yogi jee,
you were right! Now save me! - for surely I am doomed!" The yogi said, "This is what you should do.
As soon as the genie returns, ask him to build a pole outside."

The man interrupted, "But he will do that in 2 seconds - you don't that genie, please think of something
else. Please save me.."
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 115

The yogi said, "NOW CALM DONE AND LISTEN! After the genie has built the pole, tell it to climb
the pole. Once it is up, it should climb down. Then it should climb up again. And it should continue
this until you have some other job for it. After which it should start climbing and descending the pole

"Bhai Daljit Singh, with due respect, we have seen some bad stories come from your machine many
times, but this one surely takes the sabji! What in the world does this story have to do with Naam?

Now, now, my friends, calm down. This story has every thing to do with Naam. You see, this genie is
our mind. And waheguru is the yogi.

"Boy, this better be good!"

We were given this powerful genie to do all our work for us. But as soon as the work is over, it
destroys us.


By doing things that take us away from our Waheguru.


By indulging itself with the five workers. By doing ninda of others. By wishing others bad. By getting
engrossed in more and more Earth-bounding desires. In short by going outside all the time.

The solution:

Make it do the necessary kirit we need to sustain our and our families' bodies. As soon as it free, tell it
to climb the svaas-roopi pole. Going up it should do "Wahe"; coming down it should do "Guru". And
it should continue until there is more necessary work.

Waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguur

14.15 Simran For Others

Baba Attar Singh jee would wake up at 1 am and jap naam for one hour before running to the well to
have his bath (isnan).

His mukhee-sevadar (head attendant) was a retired military man and he too would wake up when Baba
jee woke up. Then he would ask Baba jee why he was doing simran without isnan .

Baba jee ignored his mukhi-sevadar's question and told him not to wake up when Baba jee wakes up.
But the sevadar (being a military man) did not heed and would wake up with Baba jee.

After a few days, he again asked the same question. Baba jee gave the same answer.

Then the third time he asked Baba jee the same question, Babab jee told him that he does one hour
simran purely for the souls of the world who are in pain and want release.

Baba jee also relieved the mukhi sevadar of his duty because a work of sevadar is to obey and obey

A gursikh told me that when a person japs naam, the environment is also deeply affected:

jithe jaea bahe mera satguru

so than sohava ram raja ¦¦
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 116

In fact, all the souls in the area also start japping naam. This happens to human souls too, of course,
but the non-human souls (who are much more simplier and therefore can get benenfit of
naam easily) are the ones who benefit the most because they rapidly progress spiritually.

I guess that's how non-human souls get human forms anyways.

Have you ever wondered why

naam hamare gur ke sev ¦¦

Well, the reason is that when you are japping naam, you are doing seva of millions of souls around
you. In fact, you are bringing more "naam energy" into your environment and thus making the guru's
"work" easier.

So pyareoooo, when you are japping naam, you are sending a "ripple" affect throughout the universe.

Naam is just too good a thing. We (yet) don't know the value of naam. Just like a dollar in US is kind
of worth-less yet in India you can probably get a rickshaw ride from here to yonder with a fresh, clean
American bill, similarily naam is very, very, very powerful. So don't feel frustrated if you are not seeing
any results from naam simran. You are doing a tremodous amount of seva - you, your families, your
associates and indeed the whole universe is affected by one "waheguru" more positively than a
thousand trips to a psychiatrist!

So pyareoooo, waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru

waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheuru....

14.16 Devotee’s Love

Bhinni rainaryai chamkan tare

In the cool midnight hour the stars shine:

Devotees, the lovers of God, alone are awake.

God's loved ones are ever awake,

meditating on Him endlessly,
Their minds absorbed in contemplation of God's lotus feet,
Forgetting Him not even for an instant.

Give up pride, delusion and evils of the heart,

Burn these dark evils in flames.
Says Nanak in humble prayer:
Ever awake are the beloved devotees of God.
(Raga Asa, Guru Arjan, panna 459)

Jiun machhli bin paniai kiun jiwan pawai

As the fish lives not out of water;

As the chatrik finds not rest without the drop of rain it yearns for;
As the deer captivated by the sound of the drum rushes towards it;
As the humming-bee seeking the flower's trapped fragrance gets trapped-
Such is the devotee's love for God:
in His sight alone they find fulfilment.
( Guru Arjan, panna. 708)
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 117

14.17 AmritVela Songbird

Taan Sain was the best musician in Emperor Akbar's court. Each evening he would sing for the
Emperor who was a lover of the arts and would greatly appreciate the musician. He would shower
many gifts and praises onto the musician.

One evening, after a particularly beautiful performance by the musician, the Emperor called Taan Sain
to his palace and said, "Today you overwhelmed me. While I was listening to you sing, a thought
occurred to me and that thought was that you are the best musician on this Earth. But as soon as that
thought had trespassed my mind, I thought about the great teacher who must have taught you must also
be great. That's the reason I asked for you. Pray tell me, who is your teacher and how can he or she
come to this court to perform for the Kingdom."

Taan Sain smiled and said, "Sire, my teacher is full of wonders. But I know him enough to tell you that
he will not come to this court."

The Emperor said, "Of course we will do his seva quite handsomely..."

Taan Sain, "With due respect, Sire, no amount of seva will bring my teacher to your court."

This greatly intrigued the Emperor, "Surely there is a way that I could listen to your teacher sing. If he
will not come here, perhaps we can go to him."

Taan Sain again smiled, "Sire, my teacher is carefree and he might not like us going to him."

Emperor, "But surely, my good man, there must be a way."

Taan Sain thought a while and said, "Well, there is one way. My teacher usually sings in the early
mornings by the Ganga River. If the Raja insists, then we must be discreet and hide nearby and listen to
him at that time."

The Emperor was a spiritual man and he did wake up at early hours of the morning anyway, so he
arranged for them to be taken to a place where Taan Sain's teacher bathed and sang.

Both the Emperor and Taan Sain reached the river bank at 1 am and hid in nearby bushes. As was the
daily routine of Taan Sain's teacher, he came to the river at 1.30 am, bathed and sat on the river bank
and sang.

His song was so great that it completely mesmerized the Emperor. The Emperor could not speak or
move, and just sat like a stone idol for entire time the teacher sang. Even after the teacher had left, the
Emperor had to be nudged from his vismad smadhi by Taan Sain.

The Emperor half dreamily walked back to the carriage which had brought them to the river bank. The
Emperor remained in vismad for the whole ride back and indeed, the whole day.

After that evening's performance, the Emperor summoned Taan Sain to his palace again and said,
"Taan Sain, your teacher is wonder itself. I am very, very curious at one thing. I love your singing but
if you wouldn't mind, I would request you answer one question."

Taan Sain, "Sire, please ask this servant any question."

The Emperor, "With much due respect, I thought that you were the best on this Earth, but your teacher
far surpresses you. I do not wish to offend you in any way, but please tell me how is this possible that
your teacher's talent is eons deeper than yours?"

Taan Sain laughed and said, "Rajan, I perform for you, he performs for God."

01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 118

Meri pyare guru jee dee pyari pyari sakhiooos,

Taan Sain performed for worldly people. His teacher performed for Waheguru.

Taan Sain's song was like a rose. His teacher's song was like a bed of freshly-blossomed and fragrance-
laden roses dancing in the wind.

Taan Sain performed for worldly people. His teacher performed for Waheguru.

At the hour that our overwhelmingly-loving guru calls "Amrit Vela" we perform for Waheguru. No one

There is no doubt that when we do seva and sing keertan at the gurudwara, we do it sincerely and with
faith. But I will tell, my lovers, there is always a hint of humai (ego) hidden in our actions. When we
do good keertan, we wait for someone to say, "Wah, Wah."

But at the time that our overwhelming-ras-filled guru calls "Amrit Vela", there is no one there except
guru. Only guru, pyareo, guru. Then we please the guru and the guru only. The guru loves us then.
The guru then has the chance to splash us with the guru's overflowing maddening prem, love, ras and

The time that our very own father, mother and overwhelmingly unconditionally-loving guru calls
"Amrit Vela" is the beginning of sikhi. It is the beginning of our path to the guru's warm and sukh-sagar

Pyareoo, make that leap. Start Amrit Vela naam simran on June 9th and feel the essence of sikhi and
the guru blossoming inside your heart.

Pyareooo, do ardas for everyone that all Naam Net sakhis may start Amrit Vela simran on June 9th. Do
not delay. It is "now" or never.

waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru

14.18 AmritVela Business

A businessman returned from his trip and arrived in a small town a few miles from his village, he had
some heavy luggage with him. It was past midnight and was desperate to find someone who could carry
his luggage as the very next day his son was about to get married. He went to many labourers in
desperation who could take him to his village offering double money. They all replyed that he should
wait for day-break and refused to take him at night, but he was also told that there was only one man in
the town Naami Jann (Beloved of God) who could oblige him as he would awaken at this time.

Anyhow this businessman went to this Naami Jann (Beloved of God)) and repeated his problem, this
Naami Jann refused to take double the money but stated that he would take the businessman on one
condition only, that as it was Amrit Vela that the businessman had to join him in Naam Simran along
the way to his village, the businessman agreed happily.

As they walked, Naami Jann with a heavy load on his head was Naam Japping and the businessman
kept repeating after him but all this time he was thinking about his sons wedding and money. Soon they
reached businessman’s house. Naami Jann (Beloved of God)) was about to return home but the
businessman insisted that he should join the wedding, Naami Jann (Beloved of God)) agreed.

After the wedding as the Naami Jann ( Beloved of God)) thanked and sought an excuse to leave from
the businessman , before he left he told the businessman that he was going to die the next day and told
him to remember that when Dharamraajaa the Divine Judge asks him if he would like to visit heaven
before going to hell, he must remember to say heaven.
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 119

This businessman believed the Naami Jann (Beloved of God)) and passed his business onto his son.
The very next day this businessman died. He was taken to Dharamraajaa the Divine Judge who told him
that in his entire life he had only done Sangat once; in the good company of Naami Jaan at Amrit Velaa.

Dharamraajaa told the businessman he was going to hell, but asked if he would like to visit heaven first
as a reward for keeping the good sangat of Naami Jann? The businessman remembered what Naami
Jann (Beloved of God)) said and asked to visit heaven first.

Dharamraajaa, the Divine Judge, asked the Angels of Death to take him to heaven and then take him to
hell after his time. Angels of Death beat the businessman and dragged him towards the far entrance of
heaven. He ran as fast as he could and entered heaven; scared and bruised from the beatings. As he
entered heaven what did he see? The same Naami Jann (Beloved of God)) who carried his heavy load

Gurmukh Aava Java Nisung - panna 945

The Naami Jann (Beloved of God)) was sitting and immersed in Naam Japping. The businessman saw
him and sat beside him and joined Naami Jann (Beloved of God)) in Naam japping; this time with
complete oneness of mind - deep concentration.

After his visiting time was up the businessman was getting up to go back to the Angels of death that he
could see waiting at the entrance. The Naami Jann saw this and stopped him going out of heaven and
persuaded him to jap the Naam. -He explained that these Angels of Death and Dharamraajaa the
Divine Judge cannot enter heaven. Then he vanished.

Gurmukh Aava Java Nisung - panna 945

The businessman sat down and started Naam Japping.and hence was saved from the Angels of Death
and the gates of hell.........

Just a few hours doing a Satsang at Amrit Vela saved this businessman from hell (Naarak) for ever and
he resided in heaven japping Naam.

Satguroo Nanak takes his Sikh Khalsa above hell and heaven to the true abode of the Formless One -
Sach Khand.


14.19 AmritVela

Pyareoooooo, drop ****all**** tasks and start amrit vela

Dhan Dhan Guru Ram Das jee:

"gur satguru ka jo sikh aakhaey

so bhal ke uT har naam dhia-veh"

Bhai Randhir Singh jee on Amrit Vela:

"jeRa gursikh amrit vela samalda hai,

oa-de ooper satguru ji kalaa jaruur vartande hain"

(loose translation)
"The gursikh that does naam simran at amrit vela,
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 120

is *assured* of satguru's kalaa (rang, love, intoxication, kripa etc)"

Baba Nand Singh jee:

(Upon finding out that someone will be writing his (Baba jee's) biography)

Laughing, "gursikho, imagine an almond. It has the outer shell, the brown part we all see. Then it has a
white inner part that is not seen. My life is like that almond. The biographer will be writing about that
brown outer part - what I did, what I said - but gursikho, my *real* life, the inner white, is from 1 am
till 6 am. Nobody can possibly even imagine that life, let alone write about it. Only I know that real

Baba Attar Singh jee

"A sikh should drop 10 other tasks to eat on time,

a sikh should drop 100 other tasks to do nitnem on time and a sikh should drop 1,000 other tasks to do
simran on time."

A Gursikh

"I wait desperately for amrit vela all day."

Perfect Puran Sant, Sant number 420, Baba Daloooogney Singh jee Naam Net de sache-suche jathedar:

(At 2am):

(At 4 am):

(At 6 am):
"ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ <Hit Snooze> zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ"

(At 8 am):
"zzz, did you pack my lunch, honey? I am running late.... what? yeah, yeah,
sure kid sure, I love you too..."


As you can see, amrit vela is *most* important aspect of sikhi. Indeed, many an aware gursikh will tell

"Sikhi without amrit vela naam simran *is* not possible".

And daas would wholeheartedly agree with that.

14.20 Guru Woke Me Up - Not An Alarm Clock!

I know someone this really happened to. she used to have an alarm set at a classic station so very soft
music would wake her up. However, the first time she heard kirtan was at a Wednesday night program
in a real Indian Gurudwara, the blind ragee Master Darshan Singh was doing keertan with lots of
waheguru-waheguru mixed in. This was the first time she heard this kind of keertan. something started
that night.
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 121

Next morning, before the alarm went off, she woke up hearing waheguru waheguru waheguru
waheguru, she could hear both singhs and singhnis, vaja, tabla, waheguru waheguru waheguru
waheguru. she became very excited and jumped from the bed and ran to Guru Granth Sahib Jee's room
still in her night-dress and started singing waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru on the vaja.

She started hearing waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru, every where she went, I know because
she started telling everybody, she didn't know any better,.

Her life really started changing after that, many American sangat thought she was crazy and things got
tough, but she got tougher. She left them and was blessed with the gift of amrit with Akhand Kirtanee

So please do a silent ardaas for this poor one.so that guru ji keeps waking her up and not an alarm

waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru

14.21 Spare Time

Bhai Mukhi jee was the mukhi sevadar in Baba jee's small dera ( residence).

Bhai Mukhi jee, as his name implied, was the mukhi or main sevadar of the dera. He was responsible
for organzing everything from langar to amrit vela simran smagams. He and Baba jee loved each other
immensely. There was little doubt that once Baba jee merged into waheguru, Bhai Mukhi jee would
take over the dera's complete seva.

At nights, Bhai Mukhi jee would massage Baba jee's legs lovingly. It would also be the time for Bhai
Mukhi jee to ask Baba jee about spiritual matters. Baba jee spent the day in naam and normally was not
available for any questions. But at nights when everything was calm, Baba jee was more suspectible to
inquiring spiritual minds.

However one particular night, Bhai Mukhi jee was feeling a little egoistic. This is a common problem
amongst aspiring naami jan who haven't attained yet.

So he asked Baba jee the following question:

"Baba jee, who is your greatest disciple."

There was no doubt in his mind that it was he who Baba jee would chose as the greatest disciple.

A small hint of smile caressed Baba jee's lips. It seemed like he was expecting this question from Bhai
Mukhi jee. After pausing for a minute he said, "I would have a hard time deciding about that, but Bhai
Mohna jee comes to mind."

Bhai Mukhi jee's heart froze.

Usually when Baba jee answered Bhai Mukhi jee's question, Bhai Mukhi jee would not ask anything
back; rather, he would ponder over it on for a day or two and then he would ask further questions. But
today Bhai Mukhi jee's heart was trembling and he couldn't think straight.

So he blurted out, "Why?"

Baba jee smiled and said, "That you have to see for yourself." This was said in a tone which clearly
marked the end of the conversation.
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 122

That night was a difficult one for Bhai Mukhi jee. There was no doubt that Bhai Mohna jee was a good
disciple. He would come to the dera once in a while and do seva and simran. But him the greastest

In fact, Bhai Mukhi jee remembered several times when Bhai Mohna jee had not attended the weekly
simran smagam they held.

Partly out of sincerity, but mostly out of sheer curiousity, Bhai Mukhi jee decided to visit Bhai Mohna
jee the next day.

Bhai Mohna jee lived about two hours walking distance from Baba jee's abode. So with Baba jee's
blessing, Bhai Mukhi jee started towards Bhai Mohna jee's village the vary next evening.

Bhai Mohna jee was overjoyed to see him. When Bhai Mukhi jee informed him that he planned to stay
there for a few days, Bhai Mohna jee was overwhelmed and with tears, he thanked him profusely.

In the following days, Bhai Mukhi jee kept a sharp eye on Bhai Mohna jee's daily routines. Quite
surprisingly, Bhai Mohna jee did not wake up until 5 am. And even more shocking, Bhai Mohna jee
just down for simran for only 15 minutes before setting off to his farm.

Bhai Mukhi jee followed him to the farm too. No doubt that Bhai Mohna jee recited "waheguru
waheguru" with each breath - but that's what Bhai Mukhi jee did too.

Bhai Mukhi jee was quited baffled. He did not see a single spiritual thing that Bhai Mohna jee did that
made him better than himself. At night too, Bhai Mohna jee sat down for 15 minutes and recited
"waheguru waheguru" before dozing off.

What Bhai Mukhi jee noticed was that Bhai Mohna jee was an extremely busy person. He worked very
hard on the farm and was quite tired when he got home. He was so tired that he had trouble just staying
up for supper. During simran too, Bhai Mukhi jee saw him dozing off on several occasions.

Bhai Mukhi jee repeatedly asked Bhai Mohna jee if indeed this was his daily routine. To which Bhai
Mohna jee repied, "It gets even busier in the Summer."

After a few days, Bhai Mukhi jee, greatly perplexed, made his way back to Baba jee. At the first
chance he got, he blurted out, "Why is Bhai Mohna jee the greatest disciple? He spends all his day on
the farm. In fact, Baba jee, he only does 30 minutes of simran."

"Only 30 minutes", Bhai Mukhi jee repeated.

Baba jee smiled and asked Bhai Mukhi jee, "And how much spare time does Mohna have?"

It was then that it all dawned onto Bhai Mukhi jee's mind.

He dreamily replied, "30 minutes."


Pyari sakhiooo,

waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh

It doesn't matter how many hours of simran we do. What matters is how devoted we are.
Bhai Mohna jee was totally devoted. He had 30 spare minutes and he gave all he had to waheguru. All
of it, pyareooo, all of it.

That is the difference between a naami and a non-naami. A naami gives everything, expecting nothing
back; while a non-naami gives a little and asks for everything back.
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 123

Pyareoo, there is a gursikh on Naam Net who informed daas that he dedicates 5 hours to simran and
gurbaNi each day. Pyareoo, this Singh is married, has a kid and holds a very important job. He also
told daas that his goal is to dedicate 8 hours to simran each day.

Now that’s a naami.

So pyareooo, let us reflect how much of our free time do we give to waheguru? The answer will be
directly related to our chardi kala.


Once Bhai Veer Singh jee went sight-seeing in Simla. There he went to a certain place where there was
a big and a very deep lake. There were many fish in the lake and the people who ran that place had
built a small pond adjoining the lake.

The pond served the owners and the tourists very well; the tourists would throw food into the pond and
fish would come out the lake, grab the food and rush back into their lake. This way the tourist would
get to see some very exotic fish.

Naami gursikhs like Bhai Sahib see small truths in everything. Bhai Sahib was greatly inspired by this
and later wrote,

"Gursikhs are like the fish in the lake. They stay in their deep spiritual state (atmaic avastha) at all
times. But if there is need to come out to work then they come out and as soon as the work is done,
they return back to their deep spiritual state."


On a similiar subject, Bhai Sahib wrote,

"Gursikhs, since they are househoulders, can only spend a limited amount of time sitting for simran.
But there are many gaps in the day which gursikhs fill with simran. The simran done during gaps
accumulates to a huge amount and helps gursikhs to progress spiritually."

By gaps, Bhai Sahib means the gaps we have when our mind can be free. For example, during driving,
during lunch or other breaks or even during trips to the bathroom.

If we carefully note our schedules, we have many hours absolutely free. Bhai Sahib advises gursikhs not
to let those hours go to waste.

Fill them with waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru
waheguru waheguru waheguru.....

14.22 Beetle

Once upon a time, a vazeer (prime minister) fell in love with the king's daughter.

Their love was true and transcended the class or economic structure of the kingdom. This did not
please many of the establishment and the king's ears were filled with lies about the unholiness of such a

The king, to set an example for future apiring lovers, gave the vazeer the most cruel of punishments -
the vazeer would be locked inside a very tall tower until he starved to death.

This punishment was particularly cruel because the prisoner could see other people of the kingdom
living their natural lives while the prisioner would be faced with the slowest death possible.
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 124

When the prisoner was sentenced, the princess, with her influence, managed to see the vazeer just
before he was dragged off to the tower.

There was little time and the vazeer whispered something into the princess's ears. One would expect
the vazeer to proclaim his eternal love for the princess (something to the order of:

"meri pyari chhan-no ..."

(Please see *any* Indian movie for the rest of this message)),

but what the vazeer whispered was this:

"Get a male beetle. On its antenna rub some of a female beetle's scent. Get the finest of finest silk
threads and tie it to the beetle's legs. Make the silk thread the length of the tower. Then tie a slightly
heavier thread to the end of the silk thread. Then slowly increase the strength of the thread until it is
strong enough to bear my weight. Then tonight, set the beetle facing upwards at the bottom of the

The princess did exactly that: a beetle was set at the bottom of the tower. The beetle, pulled by the
scent of the female beetle ascended the tower.

The vazeer, ever so carefully, pulled off the silk thread off the beetle's legs and ever so gently pulled the
silk thread until he got the thread of more strength. Eventually the vazeer got the heavy rope he had
been waiting for and excaped from the tower.

He and the princess rode into the forest and were never seen again in the kingdom.


There is only one way to get out of this prision of birth and death - and that is dhian of the guru shabad.

At first, the dhian of the shabad is so subtle (like the finest of the finest silk threads) that it feels to be
almost non-existent. Indeed many aspiring gursikhs leave the naam battle field after thinking this
"waheguru waheguru" is getting them nowhere.


ik thil nahin bhane ghale ||

So each time we do "waheguru", Waheguru has promised to pay it's "labor". Of course, the quality of
the "waheguru" will be directly related to our "paycheck".

Anyways, getting back to the dhian...

Just like the vazeer was pulling the fine thread and getting towards his goal, similarily a gursikh japs
naam and walks towards Waheguru attainment.

After a while (the length of this time depending mostly on the nature of the gursikh), a heavier dhian
will be felt. Until finally, the dhian will be strong enough to take us out this kaal world into the a-kaal
world where Waheguru exists and plays.

waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru ......

14.23 Bhai Savaya Singh Jee

01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 125

Around one hundred years ago, Bhai Savaya Singh Jee, was well known around Amritsar for serving
water not to only Guroo Nanak’s sangat but to all animals and birds as well.

In these days there were no railways nor other means of transportation. Bhai Savaya Singh Jee
performed hard and heavy Seva by digging several wells for Sangat and animals, they had a fleet of
carts (owned by sevadars) loaded with water containers providing water to the pilgrims far and wide as
they made their way to the Guru’s House. It was in their nature to help pilgrims with heavy luggage;
and transporting the elderly ones on their carts.

Bhai Savaya Singh Jee’s life was providing cool clean water for all living things. Along with the other
sevadars, they used to indulge in sevaa and Naam so much that for many days they would go without
having a meal. His lips were always vibrating with Naam, such was their high and true living...........
Bhai Veer Singh wrote this in their favour...Dil Yaar Vaal Hath Kaar Vaal........ so sweet!! (Heart
towards lover, hands toward performing sevaa)

Their exemplary sevaa is a inspiration for Gursikhs. In their entire life the only possessions they ever
had was what they wore; Kadhar daa Kurtaa, Kadhar dee Dastaar and Kacharaa. (turban, gown and
undergarments all made from simple cotton).

‘Sansaar Roogee Naam Dharu Maeal Laagiaa Sach Beniaa’ (Panna 687)

Once Bhai Savaya Singh Jee went to a Sikh’s house and when they were about to leave they uttered
"Kuch Guroo Uttaa Bhee Kirpaa Kariaa Karioo". (Be merciful to the Guru) The Sikh became very
alert and surprised and answered back "Who am I to be merciful to the Guroo" . Bhai Savaya Singh
explained to this Sikh that Doctor prescribes a medication to his sick patient and also advises the patient
when and how to take it. By following instructions the sick patient is being merciful to the Doctor. If
the sick patient doesn’t follow the prescribed medication then the Doctor has to work much harder to
get his sick patient better. Time that could have been spent with other patients.

Gurmukh Bhai Savaya Singh Jee, explained to this Sikh that Guroo Nanak Dev Jee is a true Doctor.

There is ONLY ONE True Doctor in this world : Guroo Nanak Dev jee. He recognises our spiritual
sickness because he is the knower-of-hearts (Antar-jamee) and knows what medication to prescribe.

Haith Roog Kaa Sagal Sansaraa..(Panna 1180)

(The whole world is sick).

The whole world is spiritually diseased and Doctor Guroo Nanak Dev jee has to make everyone better.

Ik Daathaar Sagal Hai Jaachak .... (panna 1078)

(One Giver, everyone else is a beggar).

Jan Nanak Lagaa Save Har Udthariaa Sagal Sansar.. (Panna 958)
(Servant Nanak serves God, and the whole world is saved)

What does Guroo Nanak Dev Jee prescribe? God’s Name : NAAM is the medication. Truth,
Contentment and Divine Wisdom (Sat, Santokh and Veechaar) are the instructions.

Keep on taking this medication and follow the rules, one will get better soon. Guroo Nanak Dev Jee
has countless other patients, the sooner one gets better the more patients Guroo Nanak Dev Jee can
deal with.

Guroo Nanak Dev Jee WILL NOT leave his patients until the patient gets better (Udthariaa).

So be merciful and follow Guroo Nanak Dev Jee’s instructions to get better as soon as possible. One
may feel that the medication is bitter at times, (one may get tired of chanting Naam) but keep on taking
the medication, think of all other patients, the less time one takes the more other patients Guroo Nanak
Dev Jee can deal with.
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 126

This is how one does "Guroo Uttaa Bhee Kirpaa Karnee" (Be merciful to the Guroo).

Such was Bhai Savaya Singh Jees high thinking. His simple and beautifully words were heart piercing
and full of love for Guroo Nanak Dev Jee.


Bhai Savaya Singh Jee’s cart always had Chakees (grinding stones to make flour) and Chajj (a bamboo
weaved rectangular tool to clear small stones, dirt and rusks from lentils, wheat, maize etc) placed in
one corner covered with cloth. When it was time to prepare the food, he would put a small amount of
wheat, maize or lentils in the Chajj and turn it reciting Naam ... Vaheguroo, Vaheguroo, Vaheguroo,
Vaheguroo, Vaheguroo,…..Not only this but he would continue reciting Naam .... Vaheguroo,
Vaheguroo, Vaheguroo, Vaheguroo, Vaheguroo,..... whilst grinding the flour, kneading it and cooking
the lentils and vegetables.

It is said that when this Langar (holy food) was served among the Sangat (congregation) many people
having taken the first bite went into a spiritual rhapsody. They forgot where they were, who they were
and started reciting Dhan Guroo Nanak, Dhan Guroo Nanak, Dhan Guroo Nanak, Dhan Guroo Nanak,
Dhan Guroo Nanak....... many Hindus and Mulims who had this Langar became Gursikhs. Such was the
power of the Langar prepared in the Naam way!!

Humbly request whoever makes your food to recite Naam ...... Vaheguroo, Vaheguroo, Vaheguroo,
Vaheguroo, Vaheguroo whilst preparing and cooking the food.

14.24 Babbar Sher Singh Jee

One morning after amrit vela simran (very early morning naam meditation), Babbar Sher Singh jee was
travelling into the forest. He was drowning in the spiritual bliss of naam and walked right into a Moghul
soldier's ambush.

Since he was an adept sant-sipahee (saint-soldier), he had no problem escaping the trap. The Moghul
leader called out to him, "I have heard much about the Khalsa and their Guru. Come and show me what
your Guru is made of."

Listening to the challenge to his Guru - wonderful Guru Gobind Singh jee - Babbar Sher Singh jee
could not resist the Moghul's call. So he returned.

The Moghul said, "We will each show our swordsmanship. The winner will walk free."

Babbar Sher Singh jee agreed. They stood a few feet apart. First, the Moghul took his sharp sword and
with "whooshs" filling the air, managed to unhook Babbar Sher Singh jee's battledress (chowla) clean

Every one was impressed. The other Moghul soldiers shouted ‘ALLAH HO AKBAR’ (God is Great).

Then Babbar Sher Singh jee took out his sword (kirpan) and a few "whooshs" later, he sheathed it
again. Apparently no damage had been done to the Moghul leader. The Moghul laughed and said,
"What good is that?"

The Babbar Sher Singh jee said, "Move you head..."

The Moghul leader moved his head slightly and lo and behold! his head came clean off his body.


"Ok, Ok, Ok, enough is enough! Bhai Daljit Singh jee! you have truely made a mockery of us. How
could this story be possibly related to Naam?
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 127

Now, now, my beloved friends not so much haste. This story has everything to do with Naam.

The sword is the Khanda of Naam, the Singh is Satguru and the Moghul is ego or humai.

"Say what boy?"

Well, when we jap naam, our ego is being erased - this is confirmed several times in gurbanee. But yet
we think we haven't changed a bit. We feel we are not progressing spiritually at all sometimes. And yet,
Naam is doing it's work cleanly and deeply.

And a time will come when Satguru will give us a slight push and our humai will come cleanly off.

So pyareoooo, don't ever get discouraged when you don't get ras out of Naam and it feels like you are
wasting your time. The time spent sitting for Naam meditation is the most precious of all times. It's
value cannot be described.

Even when the mind is going wild and it is only our mouth saying "waheguru waheguru", even that time
is better than doing anything else. You might ask why?

Well, it is true that only "waheguru" said with dhian or concentration is of spiritual worth; but still, just
by sitting we are training at least the body to be still. The mind will eventually follow when it sees that
this gursikh refuses to obey it.

The mind says, "Let's sleep. We have a long day ahead." But this gursikh says, "Mind, I don't really
give a hoot whether I have a long day ahead or not, I am not budging an inch."

Finally, the mind will get the message and it too will start becoming still. Once it is still, it will feel
naam ras (sweetness), because only in stillness is naam ras. Once it has felt naam ras, the other worldly
ras will feel shallow and gross.

waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguruu....

14.25 Drugs

My 19 year old friend recently was blessed with Amrit. He told me when he was at school, he used to
have cut hair and hang around with the Rasta-farian-reggae crowd, he loved the sound and especially
the ganja drug. He said he was expeeled from one school and his religious parents put him into a Sikh
school. He was ashamed of what he admitted to next, he said 'I was the one who introduced drugs their,
i used to sell them to the Sikh kids'.

What made him change? Guru's Great kirpain answe to his parents great ardas's probably. He met
another young Sikh he made Great efforts to explain to him that he was a Sikh and not a Rasta, that
wasnt his culture, ganja was what they breathed in and out, but a Sikh breathes Naam.

Dhan Guru Nanak Dhan Nirankar

14.26 Jap Jee Sahib

I make a personal confession here. I have been saved from death by the love of the maker of Japujee. I
have doubted frequently with others of the age the merit of repeating the psalms of the Guru, but by
actual experiments conducted by myself on myself, I find that without Japuji one dies, that the personal
love for the Guru falls into the dust and dirt of daily life and that without Japuji one is famished.
Without the repetition of the psalm of the Guru one becomes heavy of soul-and knows it not ! Repeated
singing of the psalm is to me the very essence of the best ethical state of mind. But all lyrical repetition
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 128

follows love, it cannot precede it. No one who has not learnt the lesson of the sorrow of this life is
capable of love of the Guru and without His love -there can be no life of the spirit.

Guru Fateh
Extracted from Spirit born people by Prof. Puran Singh Jee

PS: To my those Veers and Sisters who are very busy in life, if you want to learn or obey ONE THING
from Guru Jee , DO NAM SIMRAN, even just for few minutes, say five minutes to start. Just see the
miracles of peace and contenment. Simply put your attention on AKAL PURKH without any images
and repeat word WAHEGURU, WAHEGURU with love and try to feel HIS presence.

14.27 Ardas

Next time you do formal Ardas or any of your nitnem prayers take 20 to 30 minutes and think of each
and every word you say and see if you know the meaning of that. If not find the meaning. If you can't
find, ask. It was a very enlightening experience when I did that. By understanding the meanings your
concentration will develop in leaps and bounds, and with concentration comes a one way ticket to Sach-

14.28 Walk Khalsa, Walk To Waheguru!

pyari sakhioooooooooooooooooooooo,

waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh

Baba Attar Singh jee used to travel on foot for miles. He would say "Wahe" when he took the left step
and "Guru" with he took the right step.

Another naami gursikh said that gursikhs would travel (and still do) using Wah-Walk for miles and
miles and never get tired.

Try it next time.


The main distraction when walking is the world sights and the "hi" and "how you doing?" of the people.
Daas has been pondering about this. Why does daas feel obliged to say "hi" and "howz it going" to
people who he doesn't know and doesn't really care about howz is it going with them.

While the answer is too deeply embedded in daas's psyche, the solution is clear ...


When buddhist monks travel on foot, they do not look up. They keep their eyes on the ground about 3
feet in front of them. That is the solution...


While many an aware gursikh will say: "That is not the khalsa way", daas would say "You are right,
but if you don't look up *and* jap naam, then it surely is the khalsa way."

Indeed, the khalsa way is only one way: Jap Naam.

When walking, driving, eating, working,... khalsa focus on waheguru. Daas has seen gursikh jap naam
for the entire night of keertan. daas has also heard of gursikhs who jap naam when in intimate
situations with their spouses.
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 129

Gursikh jap naam, no matter what. And no matter what they do, if they jap naam, they are parvaan.

tinee viche maya paya || Anand Sahib

tin-ka kha-da pee-ta maya *sabh* pavit haey jo naam har rah-te ||

jo naam har rah-te ||

jo naam har rah-te ||
jo naam har rah-te ||
jo naam har rah-te ||
jo naam har rah-te ||
jo naam har rah-te ||
jo naam har rah-te ||
jo naam har rah-te ||
jo naam har rah-te ||


It really is a profound difference. When we do the Wah-Walk we care about our relationship with
waheguru, not our relationship with the world.

Of course, once we do get to the point where we see the world as Waheguru, then we will not need to
look down.

For now, try the Wah-Walk.

Left step, WAHE

Right step, GURU

charan chalo maarag govind ||

wahe guru wahe guru wahe guru wahe guru wahe guru waheguru waheguru waheguru..........

14.29 Kirtan Time!


(K)irtanees sing first

(B)ibi ji's sing second
(S)ingh ji's sing third

OK are we ready.......LETS GO!!


(K singing sweetly)
mereh satgur-aaaaaaaa (My SatGuru-uuuuuuu )
ma tujh bin avar na koi-iiiiiiiiiii (me without you has no otherrrrrrr)

(B singing wonderfully)
mereh satgur-aaaaaaaa (My SatGuru-uuuuuuu )
ma tujh bin avar na koi-iiiiiiiiiii (me without you has no otherrrrrrr)
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 130

(S singing equisitely)
mereh satgur-aaaaaaaa (My SatGuru-uuuuuuu )
ma tujh bin avar na koi-iiiiiiiiiii (me without you has no otherrrrrrr)

(K singing gently)
waheguru waheguru waheguru jiiiiiii

(B singing melodiously)
waheguru waheguru waheguru jiiiiiii

(S singing enchantingly)
waheguru waheguru waheguru jiiiiiii

....and on and on and on may the glory never stop,

....singing Waheguru Wahguru Waheguru around the clock!

14.30 Footsteps In The Snow

Banee is like the footsteps in the snow that as a kid you try and step on. Ultimately you'll end up at the
same place where their creator ended up. Guru ji has left the banee for us to lead us to Sach
Khand..'Dhur ki Bani aee'

14.31 I Don't Like Naam....

...I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


14.32 Darshan Parsan Sarsan Harsan .




By listening to and reciting the Naam and Guru’s words we are blessed with the divine vision of
VaahiGuroo jee.

When Naam and the Guru’s word (shabad) touches our consciousness (Surat) we are blessed with the
shelter of Vaahi-Guroo jee’s feet .

01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 131

When Naam and the Guru’s words erupt inside us then our internal spirit blossoms like a flower.

When we have practised repeating the Naam and the Guru’s word then we experience spiritual bliss,
happiness and sweetness..

Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru

Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru


Vaahi-guroo Jee has coloured the Naam and Guru’s word with the colour of love (prem). Great Guru
Nanak Dev Jee has given us Naam and the Guru’s word as purshaad. I urge us all to eat this divine food
twenty four hours a day.so we are blessed with :. Darshan Parsan Sarsan Harsan.....

Nimakh or Khin means the blink of the eye,
Rum means rememberance.
Khin Rum means to recite Naam and Guru’s word all the time

Gur Gum means reaching Vaahi-Guru Jee

Hum Dum means every breath

The Angel of Death (Jum Dhooth) cannot come near one.

Hence, rememerbing Vaahi-Guroo Jee at every blink and at every breath, we reach Vaahi-Guroo jee
and the angel of death cannot come near us.


Let us perform ardaas so that Guru Nanak Dev Jee gives us the strength, the effort and the wisdom to
recite Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru day in and day out, individually and as
Sadh Sangat. May all the blessed children’s minds be coloured ‘MANN RANGO VADBHAGEEO’
with the colour of Waheguru Jee's Sweet Love (Prem Rass).

14.33 Guru Nanak Dev Jee's Eyes

Guru Nanak Dev jee describes when he was called into the Master's prescence and given the mission to
spread the Lord's glory:

PAUREE: I was a minstrel, out of work, when the Lord took me into His service. To sing His Praises
day and night, He gave me His Order, right from the start. My Lord and Master has summoned me, His
minstrel, to the True Mansion of His Presence. He has dressed me in the robes of His True Praise and
Glory. The Ambrosial Nectar of the True Name has become my food. Those who follow the Guru's
Teachings, who eat this food and are satisfied, find peace. His minstrel spreads His Glory, singing and
vibrating the Word of His Shabad. O Nanak, praising the True Lord, I have obtained His Perfection. ||
27 || panna 150 of Guroo Granth Sahib Jee.

This divine union with the Master occurred when the young Nanak Dev Jee went as usual for his very
early morning dip ( 1 or 2 am?) in the River.

Nanak's dead!
Nanak's dead!
He jumped into the river
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 132

and sunk like lead

Down! Down!
Must have drowned!
His clothes were found
but he wasn't around.

Don't cry
Mata Tripta Jee
Listen to
Bibee Nanakee

"No need to cry mum,

Nanak's different
more than your son
he's heaven sent.
More than a man
he knows God's ways
you'll understand
in just 3 days"

Nanak's a Ghost!
Nanak's a Demon!
He came out of the river
glowing like the sun.

Saying "Ik Onkar!"

One Supreme Soul
from where we sprung,
returning is our goal

The Name is True
meditate on Waheguru
and become eternal too.

The Creative Being
marvel at the wonder
of everything you're seeing.

The Fearless One
Why should we worry
Our Master's scared of none.

The One Without Hate
Loving each creature
Our Master is great.

"Akal Moorat"
One Deathless Form
Meditate on this Being
not a picture or a stone.

Never born to die,
Our soul re-incarnates
learn to escape and fly.
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 133

The Self-Existant One
Self-created light
brighter than the sun.

"Gur Prasad"
The Guru's Kindness
leads us to light
from our blindness.

Nanak's Alive!
Nanak SatGuru!
He looked at me
and said "God's in you".
To realise this
there's one thing to do:

Repeat the Name
of Wonder Guroo
Guroo of Guroos

I looked at his eyes

his face was too bright
falling at his feet
into the lovelight

I saw the world

through His eyes
love, love, love
that never dies
wave after wave
flooding seas and skies
Was a Muslim born?
is it a Hindu that dies?
God is True
religious labels are lies.

Nanak's Alive!
Nanak SatGuru!
He looked at me
and said "God is True".

"Ad Sach"
True in the Beginning
"Jugad Sach"
True when the Ages began
"Ha bhee Sach"
True now
"Nanak Hosee Bhee Sach"
True forever and ever
Nanak says to me
"Beloved one
God is True
forever and ever
God is True."
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 134

Guru of Guroos
Wonder Guroo


Mool Mantr and Gur Mantr

meditate, meditate, meditate
upon them day and night,
with all your might
and you too will unite
with your Maker
the One Supreme Creator.


14.34 Roots (Mool Mantr - Root Mantr)

Alot of Black and Asian parents in the west ask 'Why are our youth so messed up? They're so
aggressive, they don't respect their parents, they get into trouble with the police, they fail in their
education and mess up their whole life. Why? O Why ? O Why has this happened to us Waheguru Jee,
we came here to make a better life, but this is no life at all when our children don't listen to us.'

Have you seen the TV series ROOTS. A true story of a black writer in America who was fed up with
the racism and the prejudice in everday society. He felt he didn't belong, he had a longing inside him to
find out his identity.....who am I? He traced his ancestors back ..one was a soldier, most were slaves of
slave-owners, he traced his roots back to Africa and Kunta-Kentee.....the young tribesman who was
captured by the White SlaveHunters and packed onto a boat to USA.

The writer actually went back to Africa and found the Tribe he belonged to, he was so happy, all the
villagers loved him and hugged him and told him stories of his ancestor Kunta-kentee. He found his
ROOTS it filled that emptiness inside him- he belonged.

I don’t fit in with Western Society, neither am I Indian....what am I? Who do I belong to? Where are my
roots? I went to my village in India but that's Punjabee Culture and I'm still looking for my roots. Who
can tell me? Only Guru Granth Sahib Jee has the answer that fills the hole in my heart:

Dhan Dhan Guru Amar Das Jee says lovingly on panna 440 (according to Gurbanee CD translation):

'Man too jot saroop ha, apana mool pachaan'

'O my mind, you are the embodiment of the Divine Light _ recognize your own origin(roots=mool). O
my mind, the Dear Lord is with you; through the Guru's Teachings, enjoy His Love. Acknowledge your
origin, and then you shall know your Husband Lord, and so understand death and birth. By Guru's
Grace, know the One; then, you shall not love any other. Peace comes to the mind, and gladness
resounds; then, you shall be acclaimed. Thus says Nanak: O my mind, you are the very image of the
Luminous Lord; recognize the true origin of your self. || 5 || (AASAA, THIRD MEHL, CHHANT,

God is inside my mind, the Creator from whom we all sprung from. Waheguru is my Roots, my Mool.
By doing Mool Mantr repititions this insignificant drop will merge back into the Supreme Ocean it
came from.

By singing the glory of Vaahi! Vaahi! Vaahi-guruoo! the rushing river will flood over the edge and like
a waterfall fall forever into the vast sea.
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 135

People asked Guru Nanak Dev Jee who are you? Who do you belong to? Guru Nanak Dev Jee never
said 'I am Punjabee, or I am a Sikh' Guru Nanak Dev Jee said 'Nanak Nirankaree' meaning Nanak
belongs to Nirankar (Formless God).

Why did the world fall at Guru Nanak Dev Jee's feet? Because like a Mighty Oak Tree, thousands of
years old, Guru jee stood strong because his spirit was firmly rooted in Nirankar - the Formless One.

When the majority of people lived oppressed by the tyrants, why was Guru Gobind Singh jee brave
enough to say 'I will not remain silent in fear of mortals?' Because the ocean of Waheguru jee light was
flooding every part of his being. Our Guru jee's were connected. When we're not connected we are like
a tree thats been chopped down. DEAD! ALONE! AND ROTTING AWAY.

So my brothers and sisters in the West and the East, rise to the challenge and 'Apanay mool pachaan'
recognise your roots, reconnect the dying tree to its roots.

14.35 Bhai Rama Singh Jee Likes Gardening

Bhai Rama Singh Ji likes gardening.

Interesting isn't it, that beloved ones of Waheguru jee prefer to be with nature, nurturing and tending to
plants that take months or even years and years to grow before any flowers or fruit appear as reward for
all that perserverance. Patience is a virtue, mastered by the Masters of Spirituality.

What about people like me? I am part of the 3 minute culture. I want everything in 3 minutes or less
otherwise there will be trouble! I want my food thrown into a microwave and cooked as fast as possible.
I want to watch TV commercials and to have seen a whole story with a good punchline within 30
seconds. When I listen to people I cannot stand people that speak slowly pausing to think....fast talkers,
good joke tellers is what i enjoy. Fast cars 0 to 60 miles per hour in 6.5 seconds....And then when Guru
Ji does his kirpa and pulls me out of the rat race and onto the path of God, I want spiritual experiences
everytime I close my eyes, I want to be respected as a Sant after 3 months, I blame guru jee for things
not happening as fast as I'm used to..........

Sikhi is a lifetimes work, we have janam janam kee maal (sins from birth after birth) to weed out, then
we have to plant the seed of gurmantr with roots of mool mantr and water it everyday with nitnem and
keertan. Like Bhai Rama Singh Jee the gardener we have to work at it everyday and guru jee gives us
the right things at the right time.

Bhai Rama Singh Jee also emphasises doing as much mool mantr as one can. Infact he sets targets eg
10,000 mool mantrs and gives little counters to people which they click to increment the counter. My
friend is clicking away as she drives to work!!! She said she didnt enjoy mool mantr thats why she
didnt do it, but Bhai Rama Singh jee told her she doesnt enjoy it because she hasn't done enough of it!!

If Waheguru Naam Jahaj Ha is the Ship that carries us to God, and Mool Mantr is the little ice breaker
boat infront getting rid of all the worldy and spiritual obstacles.

If you are worried about someone elses health or problems then do mool mantr for them. If you want
Ridhi-sidhi (supernatural powers) then mool mantr will bring them to your feet. If you want to feel the
immesne power of the One Supreme Being then get absorbed in mool mantr.

When we take amrit, we are given a hukam to do GurMantr AND mool mantr. Alongside all the naam
simran you do, do at least 20 minutes of mool mantr too.

Guru Ji Kirpa Karo.

14.36 From Here To Infinity!!!! - Meditate on Mool Mantr

Bhai Gurdas has done a bit of 'maths' with mool mantr...basically saying every time we do it our
blessings increase ten fold Eg If God is the number infinity and we are a mere number 1, then every
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 136

time we do Mool Mantr it adds a zero after our 1, so 1 becomes 10 becomes 100 becomes 1000 etc etc
etc until we become infinte too....RAM KABEER EK HA!!!!

...all very nice examples now back to the meditation

ik onkar
akal moorat
ajuni saibhang
ad sach
jugad sach
nanak hosibhi sach


14.37 Mool Mantr Examples

1. One naami gursikh gave the analogy of electric socket, gurmanter is the earthing device. Doing mool
manter without gurmanter is to be avoided.

2. A naami gursikh daas has the blessing to know went to see Baba Puran Singh jee. He asked, "I do a
lot of keertan for the sangat, also with guru's kripa I am quite involved in Gurdwara maintanance,
therefore I have ample opporunities to do seva. I also have had several spiritual experience, but my
spirit doesn't stay up. What should I do?".

Baba jee replied, "If you want to meet waheguru, do the following: Asides from nitnem, seva and
keertan - do 2.5 hours of jaap of mool manter and gur manter."

3. Daas asked another naami gursikh about mool manter. He replied, "Do it and you will see its kalaa

4. Baba Harnaam Singh jee says that mool manter should be done in such a manner:

Do it 25 times (or so) but do it with awareness. That is, start ik-on-kar, sat naam, etc until you end.
Then count that mool manter as one if and ONLY if, you have LISTENED to the whole mool manter.
If your mind wandered off, it counts as zero.

Gursikho, try it tonight, bet you wont get too far!

14.38 Satnaam

"Call permanent only the One, who does not have destiny inscribed upon His Forehead. The sky and the
earth shall pass away; He alone is permanent. || 7 || The day and the sun shall pass away; the night and
the moon shall pass away; the hundreds of thousands of stars shall disappear. He alone is permanent;
Nanak speaks the Truth. || 8 || 17 ||" (panna 64, Guru Nanak Dev Jee).

Baba Sheesha Singh Jee was saying, 'Why do we say SatNaam? True Name? Because everything else is
false. Everything we see is temporary, our family will depart, our houses will crumble and we will
leave to. Everything is false, except for Naam. Naam is permanent, the ones who become absorbed in it
become permanent too. That's why we say SatNaam."
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 137

14.39 Wondrously Khoob

Guru Arjun Dev ji sings in a state of wondrously wonderful wonder vaah:

Khoob Wondrous
Khoob Wondrous
Khoob Wondrous
Khoob Wondrous
Khoob Wondrous
Tero is Your
Naam Name

Choot False
Choot False
Choot False
Choot False
Dhunee is Worldy
Guman Pride

14.40 The Price Of Naam



(Panna 669)


Eighty Four Yogi leaders (Sidhs), Buddha and other philosphers


and thirty three million gods and goddesses, Hindu Rishee Saints plus Silent Muni Saints


are all waiting desperately wanting to have your Naam dear God.

Dhan Satguru Nanak Dev Jee has given his Sikhs this Naam but at the price to pay is to eradicate ones’
KAAM, KROODH, LOOBH, MOOH and HUNKAAR (Lust,Anger, Greed, Emotional attachment and

If this Naam was free then all these spiritual beings wouldn’t be desperately waiting for it would they?
Give your head to Guru Gobind Singh at the amrit ceremony, this is the price one has to pay to receive
the GurMantr (Naam) that all these beings are waiting for.

14.41 Guru’s Barking-Dog Just Wrote To Say............

.............everyone who loves Waheguru Waheguru is beautiful

01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 138

14.42 Jinee Naam Dhia-Ia

The giani ji was saying in katha that Naam is so powerful that whoever comes to be joined to it will be
purified. In India if a low caste Shudra was to even touch the high caste Brahmin's scriptures they
would say that the scriptures had been defiled and the Shudra would be severely beaten and punished.
Indirectly what the Brahmins were saying was that their scriptures were not powerful enough to purify a
so called 'impure' Shudra, but the Shudra was powerful enough to defile the scriptures.

One of my GurSikh friends went to an auction to buy some antique Sikh weapons, on sale too was an
ancient copy of the Koran so he bought it thinking he'll sell to the muslims and with the profit buy some
more Sikh weapons. Anyway he took it home and phoned the Iranian embassy , they were very exited
about it and keen to get hold of it. As soon as he mentioned he was a Sikh, they told him rudely to
leave his Kafir hands off it and not to touch it again . They would personally come and get it. So
Indirectly they too were saying that their Koran doesn't have enough power to purify an 'impure' Sikh,
but the Kafir has enough power to defile the Koran.

Sadh-Sangat ji, the Giani ji went on to say Naam is so immaculate that it not only purifies the person
who Jaaps it, but the colour of Naam will spread too all around like the fragrance of the sandalwood
tree scents all the flora nearby. Kabeer jee says even one Naami person in a town will cause the people
therein to be saved through his dealings with them!!!

'Jini Nam dhi-a-a gae maskat gal

Nanak te mukh ujle Keti Chutee nal' ...Jap Ji Sahib.

Theose who have meditated on Naam will have toiled in the right direction
Nanak, their faces shine and countless ones are saved along with them.'

Keep Jaaping!!!

Veer Jee,

Thank you for such sweet Words of Guru Ji. Reading this very passage is was brought me to the Guru's

Craving the dust from the saint's feet,

Anand Gurdas Singh

14.43 Hungry For Love

'GOBIND bhau Bhagat ka pukha'

'Gobind BHAU Bhagat ka pukha'
'Gobind bhau BHAGAT ka pukha'
'Gobind bhau Bhagat KA pukha'
'Gobind bhau Bhagat ka PUKHA'

Gobind is hungry for the LOVE of the Bhagat

God is hungry for YOUR love

So don't do nitnem(daily prayers) at world record speeds trying to beat your personal best time, before
starting each banee say eg 'Guru Nanak Ji may I do JapJi Sahib paat so lovingly that it is pleasing to
You' then ' Guru Gobind Singh Ji, Pita Jee, I dont know the greatness of Jaap Sahib but may I do it with
as much love as when you yourself uttered it'....get the idea?
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 139

14.44 Seeing My Poverty

I have added Bhagat Ravidas's Bilaaval after having found it once a long time ago during my forays for
divine guidance. Its so wonderful. Its so beautiful. Its excellent.

My favorite quote from Bhagat RavidasJi (which I still cannot find where I last read it) is ;

WaheguruJi, Wherever Thou art, I am not. Wherever I am, Thou art not!

Food for thought for some of you!!!



Seeing my poverty, everyone laughed. Such was my condition. Now, I hold the eighteen miraculous
spiritual powers in the palm of my and; everything is by Your Grace. || 1 || You know, and I am nothing,
O Lord, Destroyer of fear. All beings seek Your Sanctuary, O God, Fulfiller, Resolver of our affairs. || 1
|| Pause || Whoever enters Your Sanctuary, is relieved of his burden of sin. You have saved the high and
the low from the shameless world. || 2 || Says Ravi Daas, what more can be said about the Unspoken
Speech? Whatever You are, You are, O Lord; how can anything compare with Your Praises? || 3 || 1 ||
BILAAVAL: That family, into which a holy person is born, whether of high or low social class,
whether rich or poor, shall have its pure fragrance spread all over the world. || 1 || Pause || Whether he is
a Brahmin, a Vaishya, a Soodra, or a Kh'shaatriya; whether he is a poet, an outcaste, or a filthy-minded
person, he becomes pure, by meditating on the Lord God. He saves himself, and the families of both his
parents. || 1 || Blessed is that village, and blessed is the place of his birth; blessed is his pure family,
throughout all the worlds. One who drinks in the sublime essence abandons other tastes; intoxicated
with this divine essence, he discards sin and corruption. || 2 || Among the religious scholars, warriors
and kings, there is no other equal to the Lord's devotee. As the leaves of the water lily float free in the
water, says Ravi Daas, so is their life in the world. || 3 || 2 ||

Waheeee Guruuuu Waheeee Guruuuu Waheeee Guruuuu Waheeee Guruuuu Waheeee Guruuuu
Waheeee Guruuuu Waheeee Guruuuu Waheeee Guruuuu Waheeee Guruuuu Waheeee Guruuuu
Waheeee Guruuuu Waheeee Guruuuu Waheeee Guruuuu Waheeee Guruuuu Waheeee Guruuuu
Waheeee Guruuuu Waheeee Guruuuu Waheeee Guruuuu Waheeee Guruuuu Waheeee Guruuuu Jiiii.

My pyar to all my new found friends. Thanks for such lovely vibrations of love & Naam. Dhan
Waheguru. Khoob Tero NAAM, Khoob, Khoob Khoob tero NAAM, Khoob Tero NAAM, Khoob,
Khoob Khoob tero NAAM, Khoob Tero NAAM, Khoob, Khoob Khoob tero NAAM..............

14.45 Chardee-Kala

I have seen so many depressed Sikhs that it's a wonder I'm not depressed myself. Guru Sahib's have
given us Naam Chardi-kala - the rising energy of Naam - this makes us supercharged with Waheguru
ji's power...there is no room for depression.

14.46 Inside Story

Inside the creation is a human

inside the body is a heart
inside the heart is a feeling of love
inside the feeling there is Naam
inside Naam there is God
Inside God there is creation
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 140

'Jat meh jot, Inside Creation is God's Light

Jot meh jata Inside God's Light is Creation
Akal kala Akal's Energy
Barpure rehia Remains Supreme.'
(Guru Nanak Dev ji )

14.47 In The Body

SOOHEE, THIRD MEHL: The body-bride is very beautiful; she dwells with her Husband Lord. She
becomes the happy soul-bride of her True Husband Lord, contemplating the Word of the Guru’s
Shabad. The Lord’s devotee is forever attuned to the Lord’s Love; her ego is burnt away from within.¦¦
1 ¦¦

Waaho! Waaho! Blessed, blessed is the Word of the Perfect Guru’s Bani. It wells up and springs forth
from the Perfect Guru, and merges into Truth. ¦¦ 1 ¦¦ Pause ¦¦

Everything is within the Lord, the continents, worlds and nether regions. The Life of the World, the
Great Giver, dwells within the body; He is the Cherisher of all. The body-bride is eternally beautiful;
the Gurmukh contemplates the Naam.¦¦ 2 ¦¦

The Lord Himself dwells within the body; He is invisible and cannot be seen. The foolish self-willed
manmukh does not understand; he goes out searching for the Lord externally. One who serves the True
Guru is always at peace; the True Guru has shown me the Invisible Lord. ¦¦ 3 ¦¦

Within the body there are jewels and precious treasures, the over-flowing treasure of devotion. Within
this body are the nine continents of the earth, its markets, cities and streets. Within this body are the
nine treasures of the Naam; contemplating the Word of the Guru’s Shabad, it is obtained. ¦¦ 4 ¦¦

Within the body, the Lord estimates the weight; He Himself is the weigher. This mind is the jewel, the
gem, the diamond; it is absolutely priceless. The Naam, the Name of the Lord, cannot be purchased at
any price; the Naam is obtained by contemplating the Guru. ¦¦ 5 ¦¦

One who becomes Gurmukh searches this body; all others just wander around in confusion. That
humble being alone obtains it, unto whom the Lord bestows it. What other clever tricks can anyone try?
Within the body, the Fear of God and Love for Him abides; by Guru’s Grace, they are obtained. ¦¦ 6 ¦¦

Within the body,are Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva, from whom the whole world emanated. The True Lord
has staged and contrived His own play; the expanse of the Universe comes and goes. The Perfect True
Guru Himself has made it clear, that emancipation comes through the True Name. ¦¦ 7 ¦¦

That body, which serves the True Guru, is embellished by the True Lord Himself. Without the Name,
the mortal finds no place of rest in the Court of the Lord; he shall be tortured by the Messenger of
Death. O Nanak, true glory is bestowed, when the Lord showers His Mercy. ¦¦ 8 ¦¦ 2 ¦¦ (p754)

14.48 Smile....

....IT'S F

....a SmiLe says one thousand happy words................

01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 141

....a sMilE is for life, not just for Christmas!!!!

....smILing is accepted in more places than Mastercard!

....so dont be a SLIME, a SMILE goes MILES further.......

people think I'm weird, they say 'you look so happy when you're sitting in the sangat with your eyes
closed'.....the best technique Guru ji ever blessed me with, was to turn up the corners of my mouth when
doing simran internally and feeling like waheguru ji's light was shining on my flower petal

14.49 Don’t Give Up

I just want to say to my brothers and sisters who are finding it hard to Naam Jap not to give up. All the
these articles about naam are meant to inspire. But from experience I know that having been inspired
then failing to 'see' / 'feel' anything while doing Naam simran can be very very frustrating.


The way to get through it is to change ones attitude to simran and to God.

I used to be obsessed with 'seeing the light', kirtan, nitnem, naam simran was done with this sole aim.
After having sat through any kind of religious program and having naam japped my head off, I felt
frustrated and annoyed that nothing happened.

But who am I to expect anything? Why should Guru ji give me anything? Do I deserve it? Have I done
any seva...'seva thoree, mangan bohitha'..LITTLE SEVA - ASKS FOR ALOT! says Guru Granth Sahib

Change the attitude to being thankful, grateful to Guru Sahib for blessing a worthless dog like me with
Sadh-sangat, with listening to kirtan, with my healthy body, with my life and most of all for being able
to say Waheguru at all when there are millions of people who dont even know.

Change the attitude...i am nothing but a dog at the Guru's door. Bow ones head in submission and curl
ones tail inbetween ones legs. If the Master desires to throw a 'tit-bit' then be grateful, if the Master
doesnt throw anything be grateful that the master has kept one at His feet.

My friend the Gursikh with the glowing radiance always used to emphasise 'Thanking Baba ji for
everything, forever and always. Praising Baba ji the trees, the nature saying things like Baba ji you
created me and looked after me I thank you.'

Guru Nanak ji looks after us at each and every breath. We could spend the rest of our lives saying
Waheguru Waheguru and still be nowhere near paying back Guru ji for what he already has done for us.

Beg for mercy, for kirpa. Prove to Guru ji the deepness of your love through your selfless seva.

14.50 Hotline to Heaven

Came into work this morning and the telephone was ringing in some empty corner. Everyone could hear
it yet no-one answered it. The poor old caller must have been waiting for a good few minutes before
s/he gave up. A few minutes later it rang again, but before a colleague reached it, the ringing stopped.

Other calls get answered as soon as it rings, and at other times you have two people trying to answer the
same phone...one walks over to it and the other intercepts with group pick up facility.

What has this got to do with naam?

01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 142

Well, everytime we say waheguru with our pure mind, then rest assured that somewhere in Sach Khand,
Akal Purakh has heard your call. It's upto Akal Purakh when the call is answered. We naam jap for a
short time and as God never answered us, we lose concentration and mechanically carry on repeating
Waheguru Waheguru but the mind has disconnected. Akal Purakh doesn't hear the ringing any more.
Then we concentrate again and re-establish the direct line to the King of Kings, and Akal Purakh
approaches you to answer, but by this time we are frustrated or tired or hungry or thinking of some
desire that wants to be fulfilled, so we slam the Waheguru phone back down on the hook and go do
something else.

The saints have mastered patience and contentment. They will carry on ringing the Waheguru phone
day and night, they wont stop until its answered. They have 100% faith it will be answered. Desires
can’t make them stop either because they have mastered contentment. Pain or pleasure can't distract
them because they have mastered detachment.

Waheguru jee surprises them one day and answers their Waheguru Waheguru calling. From that day
on, whenever the Saint calls, their call gets answered quicker and quicker.

14.51 Namo Bhoj Bhojeh

once while peeling carrots in the langar in a state of variag

sad because God was far so very far
and Sikhi was too hard
a GurMukh Pyar-io walked by
'a coincidence' you may say
but this is my Guru's way
and said God is in that carrot
in your hand
look and you will see

God is closer to you than

your own hands and feet
says Bhagat RaviDas Jee

So looking hard
focusing with one mind
looking at the colours
the veins, the pattern
the sparkling juice
the energy the complexity
the wonder of Waheguru Ji
Creator of the Carrot
and within the carrot

The One that infuses life energy

into water and into food

Bow, Bow, Namo, Namo

to You Waheguru Ji
You are the Food of Food
You are the energy in food
that makes it edible

Namo Bhoj Bhojeh

Bow, Bow, Namo, Namo

to You Waheguru Ji
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 143

You are the Water of Water

You are the energy in water
that makes it drinkable

Namo Pan Paneh


• Learn to concentrate on whatever you do with One Mind. When you eat, look at the food in your
hand, really observe the details, the wonder of it. Go beyond seeing food, see the Supreme Being
merged in it, hiding in it...no form, no colour, no caste, no religion....and bow, bow say to Waheguru
Ji : Say I bow to YOU Food of Food , Namo to YOU Bhoj of Bho-jeh, Say I bow to YOU Water of
Water, Namo to You Paan of Paa-neh

Namo Bhoj Bhojeh

Namo Paan Paaneh.

• As long as you are obeying Hukam and not eating the wrong foods like meat and eggs and alcohol,
avoid feeling guilty thinking 'O I didnt check the ingredients....o no there may have been something
bad in it....o no! I'm going to have to take amrit again.....ALL THESE THOUGHTS WASTED,
WHEN YOU COULD HAVE BEEN worshipping Waheguru Ji :

Namo Bhoj Bhojeh

Namo Paan Paaneh.

• If you're really serious, then eat in silence, like the GurMukh pyari-o. Concentrate on the wonder of
the food with one mind. Saas Giraas : Saas means remember Waheguru ji with your breaths and
Giraas means remember Waheguru ji even when you're SWALLOWING... if you're serious you
wont let one moment be wasted. When in 24 hours You rememberd Waheguru Ji for the complete
24 hours, then Waheguru ji wont be far from you. If you missed some moments then do ardas for
forgiveness....that's if you care (which I'm sure we all do).

Namo Bhoj Bhojeh

Namo Paan Paaneh.

It has been said that Sant Jarnail Singh Binderwale Ji would do 101 jaap sahibs while plowing his
fields. I can't help but wonder if veer ji’s carrot come from a garden such as that!

mmmmm...recipe for carrot, let me think......

....yes, nihangs are the spicy masalas that attack your taste buds, sants are the pure white salt grains,
'fairskinned' sikhs are the onion and tomatoe paste,
AKJ are the pint of water and fools like me are the carrots that slice themsleves up to jump into the
cooking pot with all these GurSikhs!!!! And Guru
jee simmers the pot, slowly with sehaj.....and the steam of waheguru waheguru can be heard bubbling
away underneath the lid........wait a few thousand years and HEY PRESTO! you have the Perfect Pure
Khalsa Panth.............


01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 144

15.1 Hard Times

Shabad by dhan dhan Guru Arjun dev jee :

rag dhanasaree mahala 5

aukhee gharee na dekhan dehee

apana birad smaleh.

hath deh rakheh apanay koe

saas saas pritpaleh. 1.

prabh sio laag rahoa mera cheet.

aad ant prabh sada sahee
dhan hamara meet. rahao.

man bilas bhe-i sahib koe

acharaj dekh bada-ee.

har simar simar anad kar nanak

prabh pooran paij raka-ee.2

The Lord lets not his devotee see the difficult hour
and thus fulfills his innate nature.

Lending his hand, He preserves His own slave

and cherishes him at every breath. 1.

My mind is attuned to the Lord.

From the beginning to the end, the Lord is my Saviour,
Wonderful is My Friend. Pause.

On beholding the marvellous greatness of the Lord,

my mind is delighted.

Remembering the Lord, enjoy,

O Nanak the perfect Lord has saved my honour. 2.

Respected Giani Jaswant Singh 'Parvana' jee was explaining it in Katha : Here is an explanation of
Aukhee Gharee - I always thought it meant when the Sikh was having alot of dukh - pain and suffering.

Aukhee Gharee : translated as 'difficult hour'. What is the difficult time for a Sikh of the Guru? Is it
when we have suffering and sorrow? No, none of the Shaheed martyrs called their final time Aukhee
gharee because a Sikh sees dukh and sukh, suffering and happiness, as the same thing. The Sikh
doesn’t chase happiness and doesn't run from pain. So what is Aukhee/Difficult? Guru Ram Das Jee
explains that the person who slanders the Guru, the one who has turned his back to the destroyer of
darkness is the one who is facing the most difficulty - Aukho. These people are Guruless (manmukh),
and in this shabad Guru Arjun Dev Jee says that Waheguru jee doesn't let his servant (Gurmukh) be
separated for even a short time as a gharee (40 minutes). A mother would never let her child drown, it's
her nature to save. Waheguru jee's nature is to give his hand of protection and cherish the servant at
each and every breath. The GurMukh will have times when s/he starts to drown in the world and makes
mistakes. But the GurMukh is instructed to do ardas 'Waheguru jee I am as small as you are great, you
have given me the gifts of the 5Ks I beg for you to bless me so that I never do anything to dishonour
them.' Even 40 minutes (1 gharee) away from Waheguru jee is a major sin, we all find it hard to
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 145

remember Waheguru jee all the time. So do ardas for forgiveness and beg for Waheguru jee to not let
us face the Aukhee Gharee.


This is a powerful shabad, one way to meditate on it is to say the mool mantr followed by the shabad
and keep doing jap (repitition) of this until you feel what Guru Arjun Dev jee was expressing.

15.2 Sorrow And Happiness

Suffering is so universal, and so manifold, that the human mind is tempted to change its whole outlook
when it faces sorrow and suffering. Guru Nanak Dev Jee differentiates the following types of sorrows :
(1) Sorrow of separation from the beloved ones
(2) Sorrow of hungry stomach
(3) Sorrow of tyranny and death
(4) Sorrow of bodily ailments
(5) Sorrow of mental and spiritual diseases.( 1256). All these sorrows have made suffering universal.
Says Sheikh Farid :

I thought sorrow has engulfed me only, But the whole world is engulfed in grief,
On looking at the world from the higher plane, I found every home ablaze with sorrow's flames.

Sheikh Farid

Guru Nanak Dev Jee says : "The whole world is groaning in sorrow."(945) But there is a type of
happiness emanating from the transient joys of the senses which leads to greater sorrow and agony then
any other physical suffering. The sage tries to seek happiness through the travail of sorrow, by
confronting it, overcoming it, and taking the mind beyond ordinary grief and happiness.

There is a suffering that chastises us, and results in spiritual


The spirit of man is greater than all human sufferings. Man

faces evil and pain with the spirit of martyrdom and does not surrender the freedom of his mind and
spirit to any conceivable tyranny. The more intimate one is with God, the more willingly he subjects
himself to His Will. "Lord when I am happy, I shall worship Thee only. When I suffer I shall forget
Thee not; For Thee I would tear this sentient frame to pieces, and let it be devoured in flames. For Thee
I would live as the humblest man."(757) Such a man is a sage about whom Guru Tegh Bahadur says :
That man is enlightened Sage, Who in happiness and suffering, Remains poised with equanimity Who
in glory and shame, Feels just the same. As well from sorrow and pain Who cares not for praise, Nor
even for blame, But seeks the state of Nirvana.
Gauri, p. 219

In such a state of spiritual exaltation the Sikh not only conquers sorrow and suffering, but develops an
optimistic will" to live and conquer all sorrow and ignorance. A Sikh gives up brooding over
nightmarish terrors of dissolution and tramples the demon of death under his feet.

Extracted from article by Trilochan Singh Jee.

Guru Fateh
PS: My sorrow is my separation from HIM, knowing He Is Within and next to me, closer than my hand,
watching me, listening me and may be laughing at me, I cant hold on to HIM. Ego and Maya is holding
me, may be Guru Jee will hold my hand and pull me up.Please pray for me

15.3 No-One Asks For Suffering

01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 146

khalsa jee, guru nanak dev jee gives us these pearls of wisdom direct from Waheguru Jee's mouth to our
ears :

"Everyone begs for happiness; no one asks for suffering. But in the wake of happiness, there comes
great suffering. The self-willed manmukhs do not understand this. Those who see pain and pleasure as
one and the same find peace; they are pierced through by the Shabad. || 5 || " (panna 57 Guru Granth
Sahib Jee).

Not much to explain really, just think of things you thought would bring you happiness, but ended up
giving you pain. The ManMukh doesn't learn this lesson and continues chasing Sukh (and inevitably
Dukh follows), wereas the GurMukh says 'Baba Nanak Jee, save me! save me! grab me by the arm and
pull me out of this well i'm trapped in'...waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru to the rescue.

If Dukh and Sukh are the 2 faces of a coin which the ManMukh keeps flipping , then the GurMukh is
the one who walks on the edge! Bhagata kee chal nirallee .. . the path of the Saints is Distinct, finer
than a hair and sharper than a sword teaches Guru Amar Das jee in Anand Sahib.

Some quick examples :

1. "Everyone begs for happiness; no one asks for suffering. But in the wake of happiness, there comes
great suffering. The self-willed manmukhs do not understand this." ...Kaam, lust...for the sake of
sensual pleasure a person cuts their hair, follows fashion, becomes a slave for the opposite sex and goes
from one nightclub to another, one night stands one hundred encounters, then that gets boring and
there's a million and one perversions....homosexuals, transvestites, paedophiles ....Chasing this Sukh
look how people suffer with AIDS and countless other sexually transmitted diseases. And even if they
survuved the disease, then what about the unwanted pregnancy leading to abortion and more and more

2. " Those who see pain and pleasure as one and the same find peace; they are pierced through by the
Shabad. || 5 || ".........Now take Baba Sheesha Singh Jee, he had a heart-attack a few months ago. When
we asked what paat gursikhs could do for his health, he replied 'This is only a body, it comes according
to Hukam and it goes according to Hukam. Accept Hukam.'! And as another GurSikh said, 'We are
not the owners of this body, mere tenants, The Creator of the Body is it's owner we pay rent by doing
naam simran'.

Dhan Guru Nanak Dhan GurSikhi!!

15.4 Two Shopkeepers

Two shopkeepers had their shops next to one another. One shopkeeper (S1) used to close his shop early
and go to see Guru Nanak Dev ji. The other shopkeeper (S2) asked him that why you close your shop
early, S1 said he goes to see Guru Nanak Dev ji. S2 also started closing his shop early but instead
started going to a bad place. Both kept on going to their places. One day S2 asked S1 to go home
together and agreed upon a place to meet after visiting their places, so that they can go to their houses
together. S2 came to meeting place early because the door was locked at a place where he used to go.
He found golden ring there by digging through pile of ashes. He was happy. S1 was on his way to a
meeting place and thorn (kanda) hit his foot. So he was in pain and came to a meeting place limping. S2
told S1 that he used to go to a bad place and found a golden ring but you used to go to a good place and
are in pain. S1 told S2 there may be something behind this and asked S2 to go to see Guru Nanak Dev
Ji next day. Both asked Guru Ji why it happened like this. Guru ji asked " Do you know what you did in
the past life?" Both said no. Guru you told S2, you donated many golden rings in the past life and every
day you used to go to bad place, the golden ring turned into ashes. One golden ring is left because you
could not go to bad place on the last day. Guru Ji told S1, you were supposed to be hanged but because
you started coming to our place, hanging has changed to pain of a thorn.

01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 147

Dukh and Sukh in our present life are the result of deeds done in the previous lives. Gurbani says"Dukh
sukh purab janam ka kiye". We can reduce the pains and sufferings of this life by devoting time toward
WaheGuru (Naam Japna, Paath, Keertan etc.). This will neutralize the effects of bad deeds done in the
previous lives. My advice is to devote at least 2.5 hours daily for WaheGuru. Repeating WaheGuru
WaheGuru ..... WaheGuru is the most powerful way especially at Amrit vela (3 hours before sun rise).
Keep doing that everyday without any break, not only your this life will be better but you will reap the
benefits after this life also.

(Source: Sant Isher Singh Ji Rarewale's audiotape)

15.5 Train Of Thought

A Gurmukh pyari-o said 'by thinking wrong thoughts people make themselves ill, they make
themselves depressed with their negativity'.

In one respect, there is little difference between a GurMukh and a ManMukh. Both are attacked by the
5 enemies, both have suffered traumatic situations, both recall happy times and sad times in their minds.
The difference is the way they deal with the attack. The ManMukh, the untrained warrior, has no idea
that the thought that has come into their mind is an enemy. The grab hold of it, think about it and
jumping into the carriage they ride the Train of Thought to its bitter end.

My friend at Uni loved listening to depressing songs, he said it made it feel sad and he liked that!!!

Mention money and relatives and unreturned loans, and this other person i know will jump on the train
of thought and ride all the way to the point where they are as mad as hell at the injustice of it all!.

Another person says some people live their life, but i am enduring it. I guess cause of my sins I was
born to suffer...all I think about is running away, running away, running away is the only words in my
mind day and night. One bad thought comes along and these people jump onto it and ride it to the bitter
end, depressing the hell out of themselves.

So how does the GurMukh deal with it? Firstly, the Gurmukh has ridden this train many times in the
negative thought comes he doesnt cling on to it, he watches it...calls out its name ...YOU'RE
ANGER...yes I've seen you before..you can go because i havent got time for you ...only time for
Waheguru Waheguru.

The Gurmukh has had bad experiences and when something triggers off the memory, she doesnt wallow
in it like a pig rolling in the mud, she puts her foot down and says 'I REFUSE TO FOLLOW THIS
TRAIN OF THOUGHT' and she does Waheguru Waheguru.

Ultimately, each little battle that is won leads to winning the war, these thoughts dont come back very
often..they know they've got no chance..plus there's no room for them because Waheguru Waheguru
occupies the mind.

No-one else can fight your internal battles, no matter how hard the time you are going through
is...ONLY YOU AND GURU CAN FIGHT IT...but you have to FIGHT. Your hard time is not worse
than Guru Arjun Dev ji sitting on the hot plate, and he said 'Your Will is Sweet, I beg for your Name'...
so dont lose faith in God for giving you Dukh. You are drowining in the ocean of fire : Desire, and
only by holding onto SatGuru ji will you escape...Naam is your Support, without it you will drown.

15.6 Depression

Guru Arjun Dev ji writes lovingly'

M:5 (Raag Gujree)
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 148

Nanak Satgur bhayte-ai, Nanak says, upon meeting the SatGuru

Pooree hovai jugat.(1) The Perfect Union occurs.
Hasande-aan, LAUGHING,
Khaylande-aan PLAYING,
Paenande-aan, DRESSING,
Khavande-aan, EATING,
Vichay hovai mukat. (2) within these one is liberated.

Guru Nanak Ji's path is RAJ JOG. Living with Raj (luxuries of kings) we obtain Jog (Union).

It is important, very important, to laugh, eat well, dress well and be playful. We are children of
Waheguru ji, Waheguru ji has freed us of mental and physical chains. We are free to play and laugh,
free eat and dress like Kings. Our God is Wonderful, our SatGuru is always with us....why should we
worry and be stressed, why should we care if the world does all the sins we avoid...let them reap their
rewards for we are too busy being free like children in Satguru Nanak ji's garden. With smiles on our
faces, love in our heart and a wondrous feeling inside us as we marvel at the sinners and saints God has

I have sadly seen people enter Sikhi because they were depressed, negative and living in the hell of
their own mind from which they. wanted to escape. But having entered Sikhi, they tortured themsleves
believing more pain is the way to please God. They had freezing cold baths even when they were sick,
they thought it was better to hardly eat and hardly sleep because Guru ji said 'eat little, sleep little' (but
Guru ji didnt say 'under eat and under sleep'). They were obsessed with cleanliness that before and after
eating they would basically wash and clean every nook and crany of their kitchen. They didnt laugh,
everything was serious. They were so worried about committing even the tiniest 'sin'. They didnt
bother taking care of their appearance. And to top it all, they couldnt stand anyone who wasn't
following Sikhi as they understood it. Criticise, criticise, criticise! No happiness, no enjoyment of love,
no life at all.

In the end, how much pressure can the human mind take? Every new rehat (discipline) we start is like
placing a brick on our head until we get used to it. These people picked up so many rehats all at once
that they were carrying a wall on their had. What happened?

...they got mentally depressed...

...they cut their hair and went back to their old ways...

Dhan (Great) is the person who makes others laugh,

Dhan is the person who dresses well like the royal child of Guru Gobind Singh ji and inspires others,
Dhan is the person who has a playful nature,
Dhan is the person who eats and sleeps to keep their body healthy.

And most of all , Dhan Dhan Dhan is the person who doing all these is detached from it and never
forgets Waheguru for even a blink of an eye.

Dhan Guru Nanak Dhan Nirankar

15.7 Terminally Ill

On TV a terminally ill lady with multiple sclerosis was visiting different places of worship taking to the
priest or equivalent. She and her husband were asking was it right for him to 'pull the plug' on her if she
became so ill that it was unbearable to live and she agreed to end it all i.e. euthanasia.

Unfortunately i didnt see all varying religious views, but the gist was the Hindu said its wrong because
your actions will be creating a sin, which you will have tp suffer for. The Jew gave a very intellectual
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 149

answer but basically saying its wrong so accept God's will. The muslim said suffering pain is a way of
getting rid of your sins, so you'll be acceptably pure in the nextworld.

The didnt ask a Sikh.

So I did!!

And she said (it was my mum) that when you get dukh it's like cleaning your sins away, scrubbing them
off like a scourer cleaning a blackened pot - it's unbearable but you'll be sparkling clean afterwards. My
mum's sister died of cancer when i was a kid, my mum was saying she fought it for 2 years even thought
the doctor's said she only had 3 to 6 months to live. my aunt and mum and relatives did so much paat
and simran and ardas to keep her alive, and to tell the truth she stayed alive while that was the ardas.
But her condition deteriated day by day, she had urine bags attached to her kidney's the smell was
highky embarrasing for her, she looked more and more like a skeleton every day, but she remained in
chardi-kala focused on paat and simran. After 2 years of doing ardas to keep her alive, everyone
including my aunt felt it was better if her soul bird flew out of the house of pain. Then the ardas turned
to following Waheguru ji's hukam and making them strong enough to accept it.

One week before she left this world, she was happy she said 'Guru Gobind Singh ji came with the
Khalsa and the went all around the house'. My father explained, that it meant it was time for her to go
and Guru ji had come to get her.

Everyone was heartbroken she'd died while she so young still in her 30's and left 2 teenage sons. My
mum said that having seen her suffer so much, she'd wished that Waheguru ji had taken her quickly.

That was a bad year, within a few months my mum's brother had a tractor accident and died, aslo in his
30's leaving 2 young sons and a widow. My mum went to India, the atmosphere was depressing to say
the least, no one was doing any paat or simran - they were angry with God. They were drowning in their
sorrow, they were becoming bitter and twisted people. By Guru's kirpa my mum got a sehaj paat started
and amrit banee started flowing, the atmosphere changed, my mum's aunt said 'you are great child, to
have started banee in this place that had become like hell'. Everyone in that village wished that my
mum's brother hadn't died so quickly!

My mum realised, she'd wished her sister had died quickly, but when her brother died people wished he
hadn't died so quickly!

Our Mind is fickle, it thinks it knows best, we do ardas accordingly and because of our devotion God
answers it, but hukam is hukam and we'd be best to have accepted it in the first place.

'tera kee-a meeta lagey, har naam padarth nanak mangey'

your will is sweet, Nanak asks for the gift of Naam.

Another Gursikh said when the wind blows the blossom falls off the trees. When a person gets dukh,
then the sins that have been clinging on for life after life fall off.

The Shabad, Naam and Dukh all combine to wipe our sins (augun) away. Without Dukh how would we
be able to appreciate Sukh. If there was no darkness we would take light for granted.

15.8 Death

Start naam simran *tonight*.

Don't wait for tommorrow - it might or might not come.

Dearest Sanghat Ji,

01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 150

Waheguru is once again shaking me, asking me to wake up, with the death of my mother, there is
sadness, but, there is also great joy, in that that Wedding Day (death) is calling all of us, and Waheguru
Ji has brought this closer to me.

I hold Bhai Sahib Daljit Singh Ji's words to my heart, "Don't wait for tommorrow - it might or might not
come." Waheguru Ji has given us such a very great opportunity, let us not forget Him.

Even with all that mother and I have gone through, I realize now that Waheguru Ji has used her to speak
to me. He had given me, before she passed a profound thankfulness towards her for helping give me
the human birth whereby I might perhaps be able to Realize Waheguru Ji and someday be One with
Him. It all goes back to Waheguru Ji,

Too mera Pita, Too hai mera Mata,

Too mera Bhandap, Too mera Brahta...
You (Waheguru Ji) are my Father, and You are my Mother,
You are my Kinsman, You are my Brother.

All of the time, Waheguru Ji has been my True mother, that I saw reflected in my Mother. Mother
(Waheguru Ji) has given me (us) this very very precious opportunity to Realize Him, and yet, it may
vanish, like smoke in an instant.

Singh Sahibs, Kaur Sahibs, NOW is the time to hold to Waheguru's Feet.

Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru

Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru
Waheguruuuuuuuu. . . . . .

Dhan SatSanghat, Dhan Sihki, Dhan Dhan SatGuru Ji Dhan Dhan MahaPita Waheguru, Dhan Dhan
MahaMata Waheguru SatNaam Siri Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru
Waheguru Waheguruuuuu. . . .

Anand Gurdas Singh

Our Guru is indeed Glorious and Victorious.

I am so thankful for my Mother Vaheguru. Her Arms, so big that She holds the entire universe, and She
contains us all within the Womb of Naam. She is Calling all of us Home and has used my mother to
remind me of that.

For ALL of us, I pray that our mothers be blessed with Naam either in this life or the next. They have
done the greatest of Seva for the Guru whether they realize it or not. They have given you and I the
precious gift of human life , with which we may Realize the Most Precious Gift and Giver of Naam.

Dukha Banjhan Terra Naam. . . Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru
Waheguru Waheguruuuuuu

Craving the dust of the GurSikh's feet,

Anand Gurdas Singh

15.9 Handful Of Dirt

The giani jee was saying in katha that he has noticed in Canada and in England that people bring their
dead to the gurdwara before going to the crematorium. He said this was total and utter manmat (worldy
wisdom) and against gurmat (guru's wisdom). Why? He said think about it....
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 151

When we are alive and sit in sangat, guru jee is in contact with our soul and knows our desires and
hopes, fears and anxieties. When the soul leaves the body, what is the point of taking the piece of meat
that is merely composed of the elements and no better than a handful of dirt to guru ji?

So people then say what is the point of singing kirtan or doing ardas when someone dies?

The Giani said, that is for us. It builds our love for Guru Ji, our True Friend who will never be
separated from us by death. Like the widow who's only son died, leaving her all alone in the world.
She cried day and night for months on end. Instead of pouring all that energy remembering someone
who cant help us, sing kirtan and do naam simran build your love for the eternally true friend Guru ji.
He said a Sant came to the mother's village and on inquiring about why she was crying so much, he said
dont worry all will be revealed tonight. That night she had a dream. There were lines of people
(pangat) sitting cross legged with light ghee lamps infront of them (jot). She saw her son, but his lamp
was out. She was so happy to see him and asked why. He said 'Ma Ji, dont get angry but it is out
because of you. Your tears have put it out.' This implied that we have to let go of our departed loved
ones, so their soul can carry on its journey without being held back.

I noticed in India there were many gurdwaras in memory of the Shaheeds (martyrs). Who were these
shaheeds? Basically any old person that had died was regarded as shaheed and there are annual
anniversaries and akhand paats etc in their memory, for their soul......LET THEM GO. In banee Guru
jee says that the family in which a GurMukh is born is saved. The parents, grandparents and countless
great great grandparents souls are all automatically blessed by the GurMukh that attains oness with
Waheguru ji.

Mormons on the other hand spend great time and effort researching their family trees as they believe
they can save their ancestors by getting them baptised (I'm not exactly sure what they do) even after
they are dead!!!

15.10 Water Off A Duck's Back

Having noticed that people go to good Sants and tell their tales of hardship and suffering, I asked a
GurSikh how do these good Sants keep from getting depressed? When even one person tells me their
sad story I feel the whole weight on my shoulders, instead of pulling the other person up, I fall down
with them.

The GurSikh said, it's all water off a duck's back. The good Sants are absorbed in naam and gurbanee.
These problems and sad stories strike them but don't stick. They sympathise, understand and do ardas.
Their internal feathers stay dry...the problem water can't absorb into them.

15.11 Health

Remember we are not only Sants but Sipahees as well, we are not homeless holy ones but Warrior
Saints. In todays western world we may not be living as a Khalsa army and we may not have a physical
hand-to-hand war to fight, but that's no reason to neglect our health and warrior skills. Guru Gobind
Singh ji said 'treat peace times as the lull before the storm'.

We sit all day. We sit for meditation hours on end. We sit in our cars/buses/trains for hours on end.
We sit at the Gurdwara hours on end. We sit at work hours on end. We've emphasised the Sant aspect :
Meditation, honest work, share with others, but what happened to the Sipahee?

When I was at Anandpur I saw a sign saying 'This is where the younger Sahibzadian used to do gatka
training EVERY MORNING'. Read history and you'll notice how physically strong the Sikhs of old
have been - Bhai Kaneya ji used to do hard seva in Guru Tegh Bahadur ji's stables.

From Guru HarGobind Sahib's time to well after Guru Gobind Singh ji the Khalsa was a fit unit of
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 152

Bhai Manj ji used to chop wood, carry bundles, do seva. Guru Amar Das ji used to walk for miles with
Guru Angad Dev ji's bathing water.

Guru Nanak Dev ji walked and walked and walked and walked.....on 4 mega travels.

Khalsa ji simran can be done walking, weight training, exercising, jogging, on a cycling machine, while
stretching, doing Yoga, doing gatka etc etc. We are living in the western world where all modern health
facilites are available. We are blessed to enough to have had a decent education so we can go and find
out about a decent healthy diet and of what exercises to do.

If your knees hurt or your neck hurts while doing meditation then you are doing it wrong or you are
overdoing it. Pain is your body's warning system that somethings going to breakdown soon.

There is no reason for neglecting one's health by using Naam simran and bhagatee as an excuse.

Infact I feel that if one doesn't look after their health then meeting Waheguru ji is going to be tough.
Instead of being focused on Waheguru ji thoughts will be on different pains in the body and full time
attention will be on fixing them.

Like the example of the body being like a wedding car, the mind is the driver and the soul is the bride in
the back seat. If the mind did finally get into gear and start driving to dasm duar, but it went totally
obsessed to the point where it was Naam japping all the time at 500 miles per hour, with it's foot down
hard on the gas pedal. Then sooner or later that wedding car is going to break down. You need service
stops, check the oil, tyres and regular maintenance. If the body breaks down then your soul aint getting
to Waheguru.

Dont fool yourself that it's ok to neglect your health and diet and body because your doing so much
sitting and simran. You are a Sant and a Sipahee.

15.12 The Cure Of All Ills Is Naam - Sarab Rog Ka Aukhad Naam

True incidents:

Urine Infection

I was ill and frightened that the urine infection I had would never get better, even blood had started
coming out when I went to the toilet. I meditated really sincerley on Guru Har Krishan Sahib ji….just
singing ‘Sri Har Krishan dhi-eh, jis ditheh sabh dukh jae-I’ (meditate on Guru Har Krishan - seeing him
all ones sorrows depart). That night I was blessed with a dream where the I was attacked by a mighty
enemy (the infection) but he was destroyed by someone who had come to help me (Guru jee). Within a
week I got better!

Blood Pressure

Once I had blood pressure 180/95 and chlestrol over 200 I japped Naam and now it’s 120/80 and 139.

Another time I had a dental appointment. for root canal problems..My dilema was whether to go to the
dentist or listen to a Sant at the Gurdwara. I decided to go to the Gurdwara. Amazingly, the pain
disappeared for over a year, the tooth still had the problem but there was no pain. I guess I did not Jap
Naam enough for it to completely get better.

On another occasion I japped naam for a while. When I went for my eye test, the optician asked ‘What
did you do? Your eye sight has improved.!’ I didn't tell him, but my daughter sitting next to me smiled.

I could go on, let us stop here.

01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 153

Dhan Guru Nanak Dhan Gur Sikhi.

Vaheguru. . .Vaheguru. . . Vaheguruuuuu. . . .

High Fever

"I became ill with quite an intense fever for a couple of weeks. It was quite horrible. I could only sleep
for a few minutes and then would stay awake for hours. This pattern continued throughout the day and
night. My body ached and I couldn't find comfort in lying down or sitting up.

I don't believe in taking medicine. (This is my personal view and it has nothing to do with sikhism).
But I do take Guru Arjun Dev Jee’s words ‘Sarab rog ka aukhad naam ‘ the cure for all ills is Naam)
quite literally. And frankly speaking, I was quite surprised that naam hadn't cured me yet.

Then I deeply reflected upon my situation and realized that I haven't been japping naam since my
sickness began. I usually jap naam internally. And I realized I had tried to do the same in my sickness
too, but upon reflection, I realized that my power of concentration had weakened so much that I hadn't
been able to concentrate on naam even once.

So I decided to jap naam with rasna. I went to Baba jee's room. It was about 1 am. My temperature
was into 3 digits. With difficulty, I sat down and for the next five minutes said "waheguru waheguru"
out aloud. Realistically, I only concentrated for maybe 20 seconds or so. After five minutes I could not
manage sitting up, so I went back to bed.

What happened was nothing short of miracle. I dozed off and had a dream at about 3.45 am. I was
sitting in a room with other gursikhs and japping naam. Suddenly I woke up. My mind was still
enjoying the sangat of the gursikhs and naam. And most amazlingly my temperature was completely
normal. This excited me so much that I woke up my wife and told her to feel my pulse (my wife is a
health care professional). She too was quite surprised and said, "You are ok now!"."

Pyareooo, there is much to be learnt from the above

First of all, we all say gurbaneei is TRUTH over and over again. But how many of us really believe

(Daas personally reflected upon this and realized that deeply, I believe that gurbaNi is for "other"
people, not daas. A related topic is our immortality. Reflect upon this and you will realize that none of
us really believes that we will ever physically die. We think physical death is for other people, not us).

Anyways, getting back to the topic of gurbaNi. We sikhs will be ready to kill if a non-sikh says
anything remotely bad about gurbaNi. Yet what gurbaNi tells us, we consistently ignore.

Another thing that we can learn from this little "saakhi" is that Bhai Gurdas jee too was writing TRUTH
when he wrote:

charan sharan gur ek panda jaey chal

satgur kot panda aagey hoe lait hai ||
(take one step towards the Guroo’s shelter,
and the SatGuroo will take countless steps to meet you)

This gursikh too had taken a few steps to sit up and jap naam. Satguru took kot steps to give him sangat
of gursikhs in his dream. The "ek" step that a gursikh takes towards the guru is when at amrit vela, a
gursikh pushes away sleep and fatigue. Then a gursikh does udham of getting up and taking ishnan
when many people are just getting back from parties. Then the gursikh takes steps towards Baba jee's
room. Then a gursikh takes steps to sit down.

Then a gursikh starts a battle with the mind who constantly wants to play with past and future. A
gursikh by saying "waheguru waheguru waheguru" wins the mind and "kills" it for few moments before
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 154

the mind gathers more power and runs away again. Again the gursikh brings the mind back by lovingly

eh man pyarea
tun sada sach samale ||
(O my beloved mind,
always remember the Truth)

The mind comes into the fold of gurbaNi and again the mind repeats "waheguru waheguru waheguru".
After a few moments the mind, like a child who doesn't know any better, runs away with the mind's
pseudo friends. Again a gursikh chids the mind by saying

mere man pardesi ve pyare

aao ghare ||
(O my mind wandering afar with friends,
come home)

This battle continues until dawn.

A gursikh once complained to a naami gursikh, "I jap naam but I have no ras (sweetness)..."

The naami gursikh responded, "RAS? There is a battle going on and you want RAS?!!!!"

ras will come when the battle is won. Then

man jeete jag jit ||

(by conquoring the mind, the world is conquored)

The whole world will bow to the gursikh. This has happened.

Look at Baba Attar Singh jee. Look at Baba Nand Singh jee. These gursikhs conquered their mind and
the are the True kings of this world.

Not the kings who today rule and tommorrow sit in jail. No, these gursikhs could say anything and
others who kill themselves to obey them.

We too can conquer the world, yes you and I can do it. The first step is to obey gurbaNi.

The steps a gursikh has to take are:

- wake up at amrit vela (before 6 am).

- jap naam. (vaahi-guroo vaahi-guroo meditation)

- have a bath

- do nitnem. (daily prayers)

- continue naam during the day whenever possible.

With these few steps, the guru takes a million steps from Sach Khand - where only Truth shines - and
comes to a sikh's rather dark heart and sits there and gives sangat to the gursikh when the gursikhs japs

Don't for a minute think that we on our own can jap naam for even a millisecond. Our hearts and mind
are so filthy with unTruth that it is impossible, yes, impossible for us to even imagine saying
"waheguru" even once. It is all due to the guru.
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 155

The guru loves, loves, loves gursikhs. The guru knows love. If we were to, even for a millisecond, feel
an iota of guru's love, I assure you, my pyari sakhioooo, we would start screaming and wailing because
it is so overwhelming that we cannot imagine holding the guru's love within us.

This phenomenon does happen. This happens during keertans and simran smagams. Then a gursikh is
temporarily taken to new heights because of the presence of naami gursikhs. At those heights, it is
possible to see the guru's love flowing. And gursikhs who are not prepared with naam to accomodate
this love start crying and wailing. Daas has witnessed this personally.

I tell you, my pyare guru ke pyare, pyare gursikhooo, we are loved so much that the combined love of
our mother, father, family and friend is but a small spec compared to the guru's love for us.

Let us all take this moment to reflect upon the above gursikh's faith in gurbaNi.

gurbaNi tells us that we should wake up at amrit vela and jap naam. naam is "waheguru waheguru
waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru".

gurbaNi tells us

japo tan eko naama

avar niraphal kaama ||

daas humbly urges gursikh who don't jap naam to start tonight. Yes, tonight. Tommorrow might come
or might not come. Let us all take a vow not to waste even a single free breath. Let us all jap

waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru
waheguru waheguru waheguru ....

15.13 Be Happy Now

One very respected singh tell this one

be happy now
it make your past happy - it make future happy

this one ask how now? do that?

Let's see if I got this right.

Be unhappy think about past - still unhappy
be happy think about past - happy

unhappy now when future come- you think about this past - is unhappy be happy now - when future
come think about now (the past) remember happy

something like that...waheguru ji

15.14 Why be scared?

Guru Arjun Dev ji, humbly, lovingly, like a child in his father's laps sings:

Merey Ram Rai My King Waheguru ji,

Thoo Santa Ka You belong to the Saints
Sant Terey and the Saints belong to You.

Terey sevak ko Your servant has

Bhau kich nhee no fear at all,
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 156

Jumm na avai nerey Jumm, the God of Death, does not come near.

So my saintly friends, why be frightened of anything?

15.15 Why Worry?

Khalsa Jee, Why worry? Read what Guru Arjan Dev Jee writes :

Bazigar jaise bazi paee........

As the juggler enacts his show-

And exhibits tricks of various forms;
Then removing his disguise he gathers up his exhibition;
So too when creation is gathered up (destroyed),
only the Supreme One remains.

How many forms were made visible and demolished!

Where are they gone? Where did they come from?
Innumerable waves rise from the water;
Many ornaments are made from gold;
Numerous are the forms in which the seed sprouts:
When the fruit ripens, The seed reappears.

In so many vessels of water the very same sky is reflected;

As the vessel is broken, the same Light remains.
While doubt, avarice, delusion last,
Evils of Maya dominate the mind:
When doubt is dispelled,
The self sees only the Supreme.

He is eternal, and knows not destruction.

Nothing is born; nothing ever dies.
The perfect Master has removed the filth of my egoism;
With this, says Nanak,
I have attained the supreme state.
(Raga Suhi, Guru Arjan Dev Jee, p. 736)

Translation by Talib Sahib


16.1 Judgement Day

This kid had chocalate smudged all around his lips like a clown's smile, his mum said 'HAVE YOU
EATEN ALL OF MY CHOCALATE CAKE?' He innocently replied, with puppy dog eyes 'No mum, it
wasn't me - honestly!!!!' (Clip from a home movie)

(Lets try and get this back to NAAM, its gonna be tough...but Guru ji's tougher, so help me dearest
Guru jee)

So when we die and stand infront of the Divine Judge Dharam Raj, and he calls out our long list of
sins..will we get away by making puppy dog eyes and speaking sweetly? I DONT THINK SO - Time
to act now by begging for the gift of amrit, doing good actions and naam simran all the time. Then and
only then will death’s noose by cut loose by Guru Jee.
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 157

16.2 When Problems Are Too Numerous

Chit aavai ous parbrahm

When problems are too numerous, and no one's there to stay

Even friends turn enemies, and relatives run away
When all support has vanished, there's no one but you
If you remember Waheguru, even the hot winds can't scorch you!

Chorus (Rahau)
The Master's the strength of the weak, the might of the meek
He neither comes nor goes away, is there for you to seek
He is present all the time, always there for you
And through the Guru's Word, know Him as true!

If someone's weak from hunger, the pain of poverty too

If he has no money, and no one to turn to
If no one were to help him, and his work's undone
If he remembers Waheguru, he'll have a permanent Kingdom!

When plagued by mental anxiety, and bodily ailments too

When wrapped in home and family; Is happy, sometimes blue
If he wanders thru' the world, ne'er a moment sleeps
If he remembers Waheguru, his mind will be at peace!

When caught in lust, anger, attachment, and the love of greed

He commits the four sins, a monstrous demon indeed
He may never have heard hymns, nor sacred verses said
If he remembers Waheguru, in a moment he'll be saved!

16.3 Wrong Keys

Daas and a gursikh were standing in the gurudwara langar hall when a young sikh came and asked for
the keys to the supplies store. The supplies store is one of the rooms located on the outside of the
gurudrawa building.

Daas fished out the keys and gave it to the young sikh. He ran off and came back a few minutes later
saying, "This is not the right key."

Daas was surprised since that sure looked like the right key. But anyhow, daas fished out another
bunch of keys and told the young sikh to try those. He ran off and came back with the same answer.
The gursikh who was with me is a big time sevadar and he usually opens and closes the supplies store.
So daas asked him for the right key.

He took a look and selected a key from the first bunch and told the young sikh, "This is the right one for
sure. Try to push the door inwards when turning the key. Sometimes it needs quite a bit of strength to
open the supplies door."

After several minutes, the young sikh came back, all puffed and panting, and said, "No, that was not the
right key."

The gursikh decided to investigate. He came back smiling. Daas asked him, "What happened?" He
replied, "Oh, nothing. The kid was trying the wrong door!"

Now, the question is - "What has this story got to do with Naam?"
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 158

Well the MORAL could be :

We mis-apply HukamNamas. Guru Granth Sahib ji gives us a beautfull Hukam to apply to our life. It's
like Guru ji giving us the key, but instead of applying it to the Dasam Duar (Tenth Door) inside our
mind, we strip it apart looking for hidden messages about solving our current problem.

My friend (has turban, trims beard, drinks, into sikhi a bit) said he went to India but was unable to reach
Harmandir Sahib He said, the family took HukamNama before setting off on the journey and Guru
Sahib said 'RamDas Sarovar naathe..' (BathingThe Lake Of Ram Das, all sins are removed).

They all took it as a sign they would reach that place. But didn’t for some reason. So he was
dissapointed with Hukam Nama not coming true.

FOOLISH THINKING!!! He took 3 words out of it (Ram Das Sarovar) , totally ignored the rest of
Guru's key instructions, and mis-applied it to his worldy objectives, when Guru ji was talking about
opening spiritual doors.

Full hukam nama was: (panna 625)



Bathing in the nectar tank of Ram Das, the residues of all sins are erased. One becomes immaculately
pure, taking this cleansing bath. The Perfect Guru has be stowed this gift. ¦¦ 1 ¦¦ God has blessed all
with peace and pleasure. Everything is safe and sound, as we contemplate the Word of the Guru's
Shabad. ¦¦ Pause ¦¦ In the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy, filth is washed off. The Supreme
Lord God has become our friend and helper. Nanak meditates on the Naam, the Name of the Lord. He
has found God, the Primal Being. ¦¦ 2 ¦¦ 1 ¦¦ 65 ¦¦ (Gurbani CD)

If he listened to Guru Sahib a bit more carefully, he would have observed

a) Ram Das Sarovar is literally the Tank of God's Servants i.e the Sadh-Sangat.
b) meditate on the Guru's word
c) meditate on the Lord's Name.

So if he was interested in applying this KEY to the Tenth Door then he would go to Sadh Sangat,
understand Kirtan and Naam Jaap, but like most of us we apply to our worldly doors and try to extract
meaning that just aren't there. Guru Granth Sahib jee gives us the key of the Sacred Word to open
spiritual doors, bu we only care about opening worldly doors..

16.4 Cleanliness Is Next To Godliness

Worldly Way:

There was a comedy sketch on TV about the saying 'Cleanliness Is Next to Godliness'. They had a
laundrette/dry cleaners next to a church!!

Sikhi Way:

Ian was a young, eligible batchelor. His sports car was his pride and joy. Not even a single spec of
dust could be seen. He was trying to impress the girls.His clean car would attract them to him.

One day he gave a lift to Jitty who was waiting at a bus stop in the rain. Jitty was so thankful, but Ian
was fuming when he realised Jitty's muddy shoes had messed up the carpet.
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 159

My Aunt, being a typical indian housewife, kept her house clean, always polishing and hoovering,
washing and wiping. If the kid's leave dirty dishes around the house or if they leave crumbs of crisps all
over the sofa she starts fuming inside, nags them and cleaned it up. If guests phoned that they were
coming over then my Aunt freaked out and went into Turbo-Clean up mode - heaven forbid what the
guests would think of her if they saw a messy house.

We spend all our lives keeping our cars and houses clean for the benefit of the opposite sex or for
guests, but we spend no time cleaning up our dirty mind. Layer after layer of dirty sins have built up
like the blackness around a burnt pot and still it hasn't crossed our mind to clean it up! Have you ever
thought if you cleaned it up that Baba Nanak Maharaj would himself come and place His lotus feet
inside you?

16.5 Meat And Naam

Meat is something that confused me for a long time. And when one is confused it is hard to do naam
simran, so this topic is relevant to naam.net. Apolgies if you're sick to death of it - just read the
gurbanee quotes below.

At the end of the day a Sikhs sole purpose in life is to be absorbed in the words of our Guru Granth
Sahib Jee and naam. Guru Granth Sahib Jee stresses that we must die to the shabad. I.E. sacrifice our
desires and worldy logic and believe that Guru Jee's words are the real truth. Not only believe it but act
upon it, so one day there is no difference between what Guru Granth Sahib Jee says and what the Sikh
does. Then that Sikh is known as GurMukh (Gur's Words) because there is no difference between
him/her and the Guru's words.

So I only got confused about meat when I foolishly listened to what people told me. When I turned to
Guru Granth Sahib Jee then I got my answer loud and clear i.e. don't make a big deal about meat
because a persons actions are more important. And Don't eat meat because how would you like to have
your throat cut? If you eat meat then how can a blood stained mind-cloth be acceptable? See the
quotes below.

History shows Guru Gobind Singh jee allowed Khalsa to eat meat. That was war time, it was a matter
of survival and not a matter of craving and desire. Our Guru now is Guru Granth Sahib Jee, and Guru
Granth Sahib jee does not permit us to eat meat.

Read what Guru Sahib Jee says below, a summary of which is :

• Zero quotes about saying it's OK to eat meat.

• One quote recommending vegetarianism and condemning cruelty to animals.
• One quote about Nam cannot reside while their are cravings and desires.
• Many quotes about don't argue about meat, actions are more important.

Hence, be vegetarian, don't argue about meat and get rid of your cravings so Naam can reside inside.

1. Born out of flesh and in flesh does man live. With life comes love of flesh. Bones, skin and limbs
are all flesh. The living body came from flesh, it grasps the breast that is flesh in it's mouth. Of
flesh is the mouth, of flesh the tongue. Through flesh is breath drawn. As man grows up he gets
married and brings home flesh. Of flesh is born flesh. With flesh all relationships are established.
Only through the touch of the holy Guru is the Divine Master realized whereby fulfilment comes
(fulfillement doesn't come through arguing about flesh). Liberation doesn't come through man's own
effort. Nanak says, such talk only leads to destruction. (panna 1289)
2. Crying 'Flesh! Flesh! the blind fools (Hindu Brahmin priests) argue. They are ignorant about
enlightenment and contemplation. Which is flesh, which is vegetation? Which one leads to sin? In
the tradition of the gods, the rhinoceros is slaughtered and the burnt flesh sacrifice is offered. Those
that at night-time (in private) gobble up flesh pretend to discard flesh and hold their noses (in
public). They make a great show of piety infront of others, but they are ignorant about
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 160

enlightenment and contemplation. Nanak says, what is the use of arguing with the blind? They
wont say anything sensible, nor will they follow what is told to them. Truly blind is the one whose
actions are blind, he lacks the mind's eye. They are born from the mother's and father's blood, yet
flesh they reject (as something as terrible) as when the man and woman get together at night
(indulging in) in foul conduct. Of flesh are we begotten, from flesh we are born. Brahmin !
ignorant of enlightenment and contemplation, you are reputed to be wise. So (think about this)
revered sir ! the flesh that is brought from outside you reject, but those made of flesh living in your
home you think are good. From flesh all living objects are made. In flesh life is lodged. Those
(hypocritcal Hindus) instructed by the false Guru consume what is forbidden (Halal muslim meat
forbidden to Hindus) and discard what is lawful to each. Know, that of flesh we are begotten, from
flesh born; we are vessels of flesh. Brahmin ! ignorant of enlightenment and contemplation, you
are yet reputed to be wise (so think about this). In the Puranas (Hindu holy books) and in the
Muslim books consuming flesh is commended. In all four Ages flesh has been in general use. In
sacrifices and in fine wedding ceremonies use of flesh is in vogue. Women and men, of flesh are
born, as are kings and great people. If you feel they are winding their way to hell (by eating flesh)
then refuse their donations. What absurdity that the (flesh eating) donor will go to hell but the
recepient (Brahmin priest) is believed to enter heaven. Brahmin! you are ignorant yet you instruct
others - strange that you are declared wise! Brahmin, you don't know from where flesh is born (so
let me tell you): from water grows grain, sugarcane and cotton; From water the world is born.
Water claims to be pure, yet from water comes much that arouses evil (alcohol etc). Nanak, having
contemplated says, if you discard all such delectable objects then you may claim to have exercised
true renunciation. (panna 1289/1290).
3. Kabir says (to the muslims) : Aggression and tyranny you call lawful slaughter (Halal meat requires
slow slaughter according to the Muslim rite). What will your state be when your reckoning is called
for in God's court? Kabir says, Khichri (mixture of rice and lentils) is an excellent dish containing
the nectar of salt. Who would subject his throat to be cut for flesh food ? (panna 1374)
4. Kabir says, those that slaughter creatures by force and call it lawful meat (Halal meat requires slow
slaughter according to the Muslim rite) what shall their state be when their reckoning is called?
Kabir says, all violence is tyranny, for which God shall seek the answer. When their reckoning is
presented they will be chastised. (panna 1375)
5. Greed is the dog, falsehood is the scavenger and deceitful earning is the eating of dead meat.
Slander of others is like stuffing the mouth with filth and wrath is the unclean fire. Craving for
earthly tastes and for self-praise are my actions Lord. Friend! utter only what may bring you
honour. Only the ones designated at God's Portal are noble. Those with foul deeds shall wail. Man
is engrossed in the taste of gold, silver, woman, fragrant substances, horses, soft beds, mansions,
sweet-tasting meals and flesh food. With all these tastes engrossing the body, how may the Name
find a lodging therein? Only the utterance that brings honour at God's court is approved. Listen my
thoughtless, ignorant self! Utterance of ill-tasting words brings ruin. Nothing beyond this may be
said : Those pleasing God alone are good. Only those ones who have Him lodged in the heart
have wisdom, honour and true wealth. Beyond expression is their praise, no one else is worthy of
praise. Nanak says, those deprived of God's grace are enamoured neither of charity nor devotion to
the Name. (panna 15)
6. This Dark Age (Kalyug) is the vat, lust the wine; the mind the boozer. With wrath is the cup of
attachment filled; Pride is the cup-bearer. In a circle of false avarice, those hence boozing forfeit
all honour. Make good deeds and truth the molasses, hence the wine of truth will be distilled.
Make good qualities the pan-cakes, good conduct the ghee and modesty the dish of flesh. These
dishes, says Nanak, are obtained by the Master's guidance. By their consumption evil-thinking
vanishes. (panna 553)
7. What good is eating delicacies and wearing fine dresses when God is not lodged in the self ? What
good is eating fruit, butter, sugar, sweets, dishes prepared from flour and flesh food? What good are
fine dresses, cosy beds and haunts of voluptuous pleasure? What good are armies, hordes of
servants and functionaries and residing in palaces? Nanak says, without absorption in the Name all
such objects bring destruction. (panna 142)
8. Numerous times we have been incarnated as trees and plants. Numerous are the animal forms in
which we have been created. (panna 156 Guru Nanak Dev ji)
9. Some (holy men) survive on herbs and root vegetables and live in forests. Some go about in ochre
robes in a state of renunciation. Yet within have they excessive desire, they seek to get clothing
and food from others. The lives of such are a waste. They are neither householders nor anchorites,
because their minds are dominated by the Three Qualities. From Yama, the agent of death, they
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 161

find no escape. (Only) through the wisdom granted by the Master, may they become God's humble
servants. Death does not approach those with the holy Word lodged in their pure heart. Even as
householders they are true anchorites. Nanak says, as they serve the holy Guru, they are
emancipated from desire. (panna 140).
10. Is cloth impure if it is blood-stained? Then how may the minds of those who suck the blood of
mankind be deemed pure? Nanak says, with a pure heart and tongue utter God's Name. All else is
worldly show, and false deeds. (Panna 956)
11. (The following is the real way a Muslim should prepare the lawful Halal meat according to Guru
Nanak ji). With the knife of indescribable workmanship, of truth and the steel of truth as well,
sharpened on the grindstone of the holy word and sheathed in the scabbard of good qualities, the
sheikh (muslim) should be slaughtered. The blood of avarice would ooze out. Such slaughtering is
of the approved kind and acceptable to the Lord. Nanak says, Such a sacrifice is seen by the Lord
and approved at the Divine Portal. (panna 956)

16.6 Black Cat - Rituals

Once upon a time there was a wise, old master, he gathered the students together every morning at dawn
and they meditated in silence as the sun rose. One morning, a cat started 'Mee-owing' at the glorious
sun. It broke the student's concentration. Every morning the students did their meditation and the cat
did its.

One week later, the mee-owing stopped just as suddenly as it had started. The students looked across
and saw the master taping up the cat's mouth. After the meditation the cat was released. Peace,
glorious peace...how good it sounded.

The taping continued every morning, for weeks, months, years. The Master passed away and his
successor lead the meditations. Soon afterwards the black cat passed away too. (so far so good ...)

The next morning the successor went to the local market and bought a black cat and some tape. As the
students gathered for meditation he taped up the cat, just like his master used to. Days passed, months
passed, successors and cats passed and now the students feel like they'll be cursed by the master unless
a black cat taped up nearby.


Rituals...they start off as something practical, but somewhere down the line the meaning gets lost but
the mechanical actions continue, and new 'magical, supernatural, curses for breaking them' attitudes get
attached to them

Bhai Nand Lal ji writes...'Khalsa is the one who breaks out of rituals'

What rituals have we come across?

In India we went on a Yatra to Hazoor Sahib, and joined up with a truck load of Sikhs from Punjab (and
when I say truck load...i mean the truck was LOADED with men, women and children sitting like
sardines in a tin... one can but admire their tough spirit...whereas i was complaining about the air
conditioning in the sleeper section of the train being a bit too dry!!!!!!!!!!!)

Anyway, we went to Gurdwara Shikar Ghat, beautiful, inspiring, a marble palace for Guru Granth Sahib
ji. We mutha teked (bowed) took hukam nama, one of the sevadars told us the Sakhi of Moola.
Basically Guru Gobind Singh ji shot dead a hare with one of his arrows, the Khalsa asked Guru Sahib
why he'd killed a harmless animal, Guru Sahib said to give it liberation. At Guru Nanak ji's time a man
called Moola Khatri became a devotee, so much so that he couldn’t bare to be away from Guru Sahib
he hardly spent any time with his wife and business. Guru Sahib told him to get the balance right and
sent him home. One day Guru Sahib knocked on his door, his wife saw who it was and told Moola to
hide in the store room. She'd brain washed Moola that keeping Guru Sahib's company was a ba thing.
She answered the door and said Moola was not in. Meanwhile Moola got bitten by a snake in the store
room, later the wife came running to Guru Sahib's feet and begged for mercy and forgiveness. Guru
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 162

Sahib said that Moola shouldnt have turned his back on his Guru, but although it was too late to save
him in this life he would be redeemed by the tenth Nanak, which is why Guru Gobind Singh ji shot the
hare which Moola's soul in it's twelve lives later.

Anyway i'm getting off the point, as soon as the sangat came out of Gurdwara Shikar Ghat, we went
across to a sacred Hindu temple in memory of Hanuman. As we walked in, the Sikhs started ringing the
bells, bowing to the photos etc!!!!!!!

I admire their equality, but it seems they bow in whichever direction one points them.

Namaskar tis hee ko hamaree

Sakal praja jin aap savaree
My bowing is only to the one
who is responsible for all beings (Chaupai)

So at Guru Sahib's time a gursikh would fall at this awe inspiring being, who's radiance was brighter
than thousands suns and moons. Being moved to the core we fell at Guru's feet and offered our head,
sacrificed our egos and dedicated mind, body and wealth to such a Guru (aisa Gur ko bal bal ja-o).

Now alot of people bow...because everyone else is doing it. If they bow to Guru Granth Sahib ji or to a
Photo it aint no big deal...as long as they get their blessings.and their children get married off OK, or
that court case goes well, or grandad gets over his illness.

Bhai Randhir Singh ji, the sain and freedom fighter was locked up in a cell by the British at the
beginning of this century. The warden wanted to establish the pecking order and went to Bhai Sahib
and told him to bow to him. Bhai Sahib refused. The warden said' how can you refuse? You are
nobody. There are politicians locked up next door and they bowed, so why dont you. Bhai Sahib said
something like 'I bow only to God and Guru'.

To sum up, examine everything you do deeply, understand what you are doing. Just because something
is weird doesnt automatically make it a ritual...find out the true meaning, then make up your mind.

16.7 Sadhu Singh And TV

Once a lady came to Baba Harnaam Singh jee and said, "Baba jee, I have a brother who is quite
physically and mentally disabled. He can neither hear or speak. He also has a difficult time walking. I
used to take care of him but now I am married and must leave him behind. But I am afraid no one will
take care of him after my departure. After much thought I come to you, Baba jee, please take care of
him. He is a simpleton and needs love and patience."

Baba Harnaam Singh jee (rampur keRe vaale) was the personification of love and patience. He was
simply a beautiful naami gursikh who lived a life according to the guru's will. His body and mind were
imbued with naam. Love flowed from his face. (Those of you pyare who would like to get acquainted
with him, please read "se keneha" by Bhai Seva Singh jee - a beautiful gem of a book.)

Baba jee smiled and said, "Biba, this is Guru Nanak Dev's jee ghar. The guru is the nimaNea da maN
and nitaNea da taN. Please bring your brother, the guru will look after him."

The lady thanked him and next day, brought her brother to Baba jee. Her brother who was referred to as
"Sadhu" was indeed a simpleton. His legs were quite bent which made his walk quite difficult and
comical. Only with much difficult could he listen or speak. He also looked hungry, so Baba jee
straight away sent him to the langar. After sometime the langar jathedar came running to Baba jee and
said that Sadhu has already eaten eight rotis and wants more. "I am afraid he might get sick." he said.
Baba jee laughed and said, "Let him eat his fill. Only the guru ghar can satiate a soul."

Sadhu ate twelve rotis before raising his arms in surrender and happiness.
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 163

Baba jee called him and said loudly in his ears, "WAHEGURU WAHEGURU."

Sadhu, after some difficult, started saying, "Wahe Duu Wahe Duu."

Baba jee was extremely happy and gave him a mala and showed Sadhu how to jap naam with it. Sadhu
took the mala and started japping naam. At morning and evening nitnem time, Baba jee would call
Sadhu to come and sit in sangat. Sadhu also started to work in the farm. And would always keep on
saying "Wahe Duu Wahe Duu."

After three months, he became quite well both physically and mentally. He started walking much better
and also could hear better. He now started saying "Wahe Guru Wahe Guru." He would never miss
nitnem even though he did not understand anything. Baba jee told him to continue japping naam softly
during nitnem. After six months, Sadhu became quite normal. He could walk quite well. He took on
several easy responsibilities in the langar.

After a year or so, there was an amrit sanchar at the guru ghar. Baba jee requested the panj pyare to
consider Sadhu for amrit. The panj pyare decided to give him the maha daat of amrit because of him
simplity and record of naam japping and never missing nitnem. He was named Sadhu Singh.

After that, many changes started taking place within and without Sadhu Singh. He would always jap
naam. Even during sleep several gursikhs heard him say, "Wahe Guru Wahe Guru." In fact, Baba jee
too once came to see him during sleep. After hearing his jaap he was very pleased and told the other
gursikhs present there that, "The guru has done kripa on Sadhu Singh because he japs naam all the time
and does so much seva. In addition, he does not care for any fruit to bear from either his naam japna or
seva. Indeed he does not even know what naam japna is and why it should be done - he simply does it
with mind and body. Also he neither hears anybody's slander nor does it. He is simple minded,
therefore this kalaa has happened."

Even more subtle kalaa happened on Sadhu Singh. He started hearing an-had vaja inside him. Since he
was still very much a simpleton at heart, he didn't really understand what the sound was and would
often climb on the roof to see where this sound was coming from! He would also often complain,
"Someone is playing vaja all the time and someone is singing "Wahe Guru" with the vajas. I can't even
sleep because of this!"

Then he would be very puzzled when other gursikhs told him that they couldn't hear any sounds. (Such
is the power of naam - ridi-sidis fall at simpleton's feet who jap naam.)

Sadhu Singh became quite famous. A lot of people started believing that Sadhu Singh's bachans
(words) became true. And they would try to please him with clothes and food. His brother from
Ludhiana who had never bothered with Sadhu Singh before stayed visiting him regularly. One day his
brother decided to take Sadhu Singh to Ludhiana. As soon as Sadhu Singh was out of the fortress of
sangat, Maya attacked! Sadhu Singh's brother had a Television set. Sadhu Sindh, being a simpleton,
immediately became engrossed with it. He spent a week in Ludhiana and he watched the television
from start to end.

When Sadhu Singh came back, he was a different man. Although he still carried the mala around and
did "Wahe Guru Wahe Guru", his mind was engrossed with the scenes he had seen on television. In
fact, he would tell anybody and everybody about it. He would say, "On the trolley (he called television
trolley), there are mountains, women dancing, farms, even gurdrawas. People fight and die on trolley."
Everyone was quite amused at first but then it became a serious problem since Sadhu Singh replaced
govind ke gun with trolley ke gun! Baba Harnaam Singh jee scolded him and told him that sikhs don't
watch television. Sadhu Singh asked, "Why?"

Baba jee replied, "Guru jee will not be pleased at you."

Sadhu Singh nodded but still went on singing the trolley's praises. This lasted about two months. After
that Sadhu Singh somewhat returned to his old self, but the kalaa of naam diminished drastically.
Although he didn't talk about the trolley that much, he was constantly thinking of it.
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 164

A few months later, Baba jee left this Earth and merged with the beloved. Baba Seva Singh jee took up
the seva of gurdrawa maintenance (he still does).

Then Maya struck a fatal blow to Sadhu Singh; his sister took him with her to Delhi. The rest is a tragic
story. Sadhu Singh stayed with her for one full month and watched television to his heart's content. He
became a total bhagat of television.

There is more to this saakhi but I will end by saying that Sadhu Singh became so engrossed with
television that even when he came back to the gurdrawa, he would still go to a nearby sikh's house at
evening time. He no longer heard any an-had vajas. His naam took became a mere mouth function.

Such is the power of Maya.

What daas gets scared about is the amount of TV that is watched by gursikh children - where is the
place for Naam when TV kills rehras Sahib time, evening time and consequently amrit vela?

Satguru is the only hope for kalyug.

waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru......

16.8 At The End Of A Rope

Once upon a time, a traveling fair come to a village.

All the village children went running to see it. The village simpleton too was highly excited.

But the village simpleton had been told that it is easy to get lost at fairs, so he was quite scared to go to
one. But he desperately wanted to go. So he decided to consult one of the village elders.

The elder knew that there was no chance for the simpleton to get lost. So he pretended to think for a
while and said, "I will show a way of not getting lost."

The elder then put a short rope around the village simpleton's neck (not much unlike a necktie) and said,
"Whenever you feel lost, just pull at the rope. You will always be at the end of the rope."

The village simpleton tried it a few times and sure enough, he was always at the end of the rope. So he
joyfully clapped his hands and joyfully went to the fair. The simpleton walked around the fair feeling
good. Whenever he felt that he was getting lost in the crowds, he would pull at the rope around his
neck and say, "Aha, here I am." And would continue feeling good.

A village joker was also at the fair and was, as usual, was on alert to play jokes. (Not unlike the fool
who is writing this story). When he saw the village simpleton, his heart leapt in joy and an an-had vaja
of "Bingo!" came from within him.

He asked the simpleton about the rope. The village simpleton joyfully told him. The village joker
joyfully listened.

It was afternoon by that time. And everybody in India takes a short nap in the afternoon! So the village
simpleton found a nice shady spot and dozed off. Of course, the village joker did not - this was work
time for him! The village joker quietly stole up the village simpleton and carefully removed the rope.
Then he went to a nearby sleeping man and carefully put the rope around his neck. Quite satisfied with
his work, he retired to a corner.

As soon as the village simpleton woke up, he felt for his rope and, of course, it was gone. The village
simpleton started running around in quite a panic, shouting, "I am lost! I am lost!"
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 165

Then he came up to the still dozing man. The village simpleton gave a cry of joy and pulled at the rope.
The rudely awakened village ooongey was naturally quite cross and said, "##@@@###" (if you want
to know what "##@@@###" is, send a note stating that you are over 21 years of age).

The village simpleton explained, "The village elder told me that I will be always at the end of the rope.
Therefore, I am you. I am you."

"OK, OK, Bhai Daljit Singh, WHAT has this post got to do with Naam?

Now, now, my beloved friends, allow me to explain.

You see, the village simpleton is our soul, the village joker is Maya and village sleeping man is our

"And who are you? Giani Zial Singh?"

Maya (also known as the illusion queen) has played a trick on us. She has removed the rope of
consciousness from our soul and put it around our body. Therefore we think we are the body.

We spend a major portion of our lives in beautifying our body and protecting it from death. Whenever
our body feels ill, we feel depressed too. Whenever someone says, "Babe, you look mighty fine
today," our ego inflates at an exponential rate We never experience our real selves - our soul.

But there is hope, and naam is it. So let us jap it with our hearts and soon we will see our selves.

"Respected Bhai Daljit Singh jee, you are OK!"


waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru......

16.9 Three Holy Men

Bhai Blissful Singh jee, Bhai Wonderful Singh jee and Bhai Is-he-a Singh jee were three gursikhs.

Once they were discussing dasvand (a tenth of a Sikhs earnings offered to the Guru) and Bhai Blissful
Singh jee said,

"I don't like counting money at all. So taking out dasvand was a hassle for me, until I discovered a
very nice way to share the money with guru jee."

Bhai Wondeful Singh jee said, "waheguru waheguru - And what - waheguru waheguru - might that -
waheguru - be, pyare - waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru - Blissful Singh jee?"

"I just draw a star shape on the floor. It's radius is of 10 inches. Then I stand 10 inches away from the
star and throw all the money towards it. The money that lands inside the star is the guru and the rest is

Bhai Wonderful Singh jee said, "Wonderful - wahe wahe wahe wahe... - idea. Actually, great minds -
waheguru waheguru - think alike. I too do the same, except I draw a circle of 10 inches - waheguru
waheguru waheguru waheguru".

Saying that both of them starting crying out of love for waheguru.

After their tears had dried up, they both looked at Bhai Is-he-a Singh jee.
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 166

Now, Bhai Is-he-a Singh jee was a curious holy man. They had never seen him actually sitting down
for simran - although, he would talk about Naam all the time and would make up naam-related stories
on the spot.

When asked why he was always sleeping during amrit vela, he would roll his eyes up and reply,"O
Saints, my spiritual state is such that sleep and simran are same to me. I do simran in sleep and sleep in

Being quite intoxicated in naam, both Bhai Blissful Singh jee and Bhai Wonderfult Singh jee would
nod their heads and do more "waheguru waheguru..."

When Bhai Is-he-a Singh was asked why he watched TV so much, he would again roll his eyes and say,
"O Beloved ones, I see waheguru in all. TV allows me to see many wahegurus at the same time."

On the question on why the TV show "Bay Watch" was his favorite show, he would say, "O saints,
waheguru is in each grain of sand. In "Bay Watch" I see millions of waheguru all at once."

(For those of us who are innocent, "Bay Watch" is a TV show in which people run around on the

Anyways, asked about dasvand, Bhai Is-he-a Singh jee replied, "Sikho, I just throw all my money in the
air. The amount that the guru wants, the guru keeps. The rest he throws right back."

waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru..

16.10 Never Forget Waheguru

The giani ji at the gurdwara said : who can we rely on in life? even our friends become our enemies one
day. How can this be? Because when we go through bad days, we make friends into enemies. But why
do we have bad days? Because we FORGET Waheguru ji.

Once I forgot Guru Nanak ji and did have bad days. I treated friends like enemies. BEING A SIKH
WAS VERY VERY HARD, I FAILED EVERY TEST. But Guru Granth Sahib jee is merciful and
heard my ardas:

" visar nahee datar apana naam dee-o

gun gava din raat Nanak chao eho "

Forget me not O Giver, give me Your Name

May I sing your praises day and night, this is what Nanak desires.

16.11 Sleepy Singh?

Last night the giani ji was saying :

one will find guru gobind singh ji wherever there is sadh sangat, this is guru sahib's promise to us. But
one has to go to sadh sangat with the right frame of mind. There are 3 types of people who come to the
sadh sangat, firstly, 'oongey' : these people come, sit down and as katha and kirtan take place they
merrily fall asleep. If asked afterwards what they learnt they can't recall.

The second type of person is the most dangerous and is known as 'soongey' : these people come to
criticise, slander and gossip. They see a sevadar make a mistake, get annoyed about it and make it a
point to bad mouth the sevadar to as many people as possible. They see another person has having 10
faults, and even they they themselves have 9 faults they regard themselves as superior.
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 167

The third type of person is the 'choongey' : these are the true seekers. They insult nobody, if they see
someone make a mistake eg the sevadar forgot to sweep a part of the floor, they will clean the rest of it
themselves without slandering anyone. They listen carefully to gurbanee, they hold Guru Granth Sahib
Jee's instructions close to their heart and ask themselves how close are my actions and thoughts to what
guru sahib has said. They improve their actions and thoughts to come into line with gurbanee.

Oongey, soongey, choongey...which one are you? Hopefully choongey!

16.12 Purring Sisters

To all my sister-bhenjee's, I love you very much but my friend was saying (...see how I cunningly pass
the blame onto someone else!!)...no but really this was one of my sisters saying 'I can never find any
Bibee-a who do nam jap at amritvela'. Then another brother-bhai-sahib said 'Yeah, whenever Singhs
get together they talk about Sikhee, but when the women get together they talk about suits and fashion,
gossip and people then when the topic gets to Sikhee they quickly find reasons to go home!'.

So come on, can one of my sisters please explain why it seems that the Lions are roaring Vaahi-Guroo
in the early hours while the Lionessess are still tucked up warmly purring like domestic cats?

But really, I feel so strongly in my heart that it is my sisters who have the mighty task of running the
Sikhi Flame into the 21st Century. Why? Because my sisters are the ones who are going to teach the
children. A mother lovingly touches her child everyday, combs their hair, bathes them, feeds them
(slaps them - ha! ha!) and her voice goes to the core of the child’s spirit - speak Sikhi to them, but you
can olny do that if you know it yourself. And I don’t mean knowing it from out of books, I mean really
knowing sikhi from the inside, from practical spiritual efforts.

16.13 Praise And Slander

My friend described how ninda, truth and ustat relate.

He said ninda (slander) is when one tells less than the truth,
truth is facts plain and simple
ustat (praise) is when one tells more than the truth.

Ninda is when one is motivated to put someone down and will bend the truth to serve that purpose eg
don’t donate money to that gurdwara the committee are greedy men, .just donate the money to my
favourite Baba ji.

Question : how do you know commitee are greedy men?...Is it just a rumour, are there any facts, what
was the full story.

Ustat is when one has motives to please another person and will exagerate the truth eg I love your car,
it's really you!...now lend us £1000!

Truth is the facts whether they are in ones favour or not.

Pointing out someone's faults is not automatically ninda. Constructive criticism is useful for everyone
to get better. Swearing and cursing the person then slandering them infront of everyone for their
mistake is wrong.

16.14 Naam Wars

The old giani lay on his death bed, calling his wife he made his final request ,' Beloved Wife call 5
Singhs from Akhand Kirtanee Jutha, I wish to take Amrit in the prescence of Guru Granth Sahib Ji'.
His wife was taken aback and said, `But Beloved Husband, I dont understand, all your life you've been
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 168

a staunch DamDamee Takhsal giani, you argued long and hard about the 5th K being Kes and not
Keskee, and dearest I remember several times when you got into fights with the AKJ Singhs because
they wouldn't read Raag Maala at the end of an Akhand Paat. So why have you suddenly changed your

`Dearest wife, I'd rather one of them died than a Takhsalee!'

Is this what Guru Nanak Ji's path has been reduced to?

Recently, there was an AKJ Smagam in London followed by an Amrit Ceremony. Amongst the Sikhs
going forward to be blessed are many who have already taken amrit, they haven't broken any of the
rehats so why are they appearing infront of the Punj Pyare again? Because they have been persuaded
that the Amrit they took was lacking in Naam. And the true Naam can nowadays only be received by
the way AKJ administer it.

Infact I just switch my ears off nowadays when someone tries to tell me their way is the right way.
Whether its a Christian, Muslim, AKJ, Nihang, Akal Takhat, Takhsal, NanakSar etc, etc. Everyone
believes there own way is the right way and everyone else is lacking something.

By Guru Ji's Kirpa, I have met Sants from all backgrounds who are blessed greatly, Bhai Jeevan Singh
Ji from AKJ is blessed greatly, there are people from Hazoor Sahib that are blessed greatly, Sant Attar
Singh Ji, Baba Nand Singh Ji and countless Hindu, Muslim, Christian saints were all blessed greatly.

Radha-Swamee keep their `Naam' a total secret and when they get it they value it like priceless treasure
and dont even tell there children what it is. Some sects get the Baba ji to whisper it secretly into the
devotees ear. Everyone believes there way is the best way and right way.

But what is the Truth?

Dont worry about techniques, worry about LOVE.

Sach Kaho sun lehu sabhai

jin prem keeo tin hee prabh paio

I tell the truth, listen all,

the ones who Love will obtain Prabh.
(Guru Gobind Singh Ji)

If YOU have love, pangs of separation, a true heart then Waheguru ji will pull you nearer and nearer
through all the stages and techniques you need.

If YOU only have techniques and ego that YOUR way is the best and right way, then YOU have wasted
your own life and are wasting other peoples too with your wrong preaching.

I asked a GurSikh, when you are in Samadhi what is your breathing like? What techniques did you use
to get there? All she replied was, `Gyanis talk about 4 ways of doing Naam Simran, each stage being a
step forward from the last - the tongue, the throat, the heart and the dasam duar. But Guru ji gives me
this knowledge from inside and afterwards I read about it or hear a gyani talk about it. The point is
concentrate on Waheguru ji and the body and breath will sort itself out out the right time in the right
way by Guru Ji's kirpa.'

Bentee to Sangat.................Stop these silly Naam Wars.....like school kids `My Naam's better than Your
Naam'. If Techniques were important Guru Ji could have filled Guru Granth Sahib Ji with them.

16.15 The ‘Young Sikh And Proud’ Ego Trip

01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 169

A few years ago I was getting sucked up into all the prejudice, amritdhari ego, anti-hindu, fanatical
rehat way of thinking. But thanks to Guru ji I realised it was wrong. Hate is wrong, Prejudice is wrong,
backbiting is wrong, fanaticsm is wrong, self presecution of your body is wrong. But, when someone
follows a religion then do all these things become right? I mean even non-Sikhs know that all men are
equal and whites are equal to blacks not better or worse.

However, a Sikh slags down non-Sikhs for not being religious and hates Hindus and Muslims (deep
down) - but he's too blind to see that its prejudice, the same as whites are better than blacks. There is
no room for hate or prejudice in Sikhi. No room for one jutha to hate their brother in another one, no
room for AmritDhari's to look down at cleanshaven, no room for any of it.

Before Sikhi I had all kinds of friends - black,white,Hindu, Muslim etc. I never broke anyones heart,
respected everyone's feelings, tried to help others, felt the suffering of endagered animals and poor
people. After getting into Sikhi I became prejudiced! Is that what Guru Jee wanted Sikhs to be like?

When Guru ji gave me amrit I was looking for True Love. After going to camps etc I learnt alot about
Sikhi way of life, power of sangat, realised I wasn't the only young Sikh. Very powerful and inspiring
stuff. Unfortunately, I also learnt to look down at non-amritdhari's, to laugh at the weird things Hindu's
and Muslims do, and worst of all to start 'torturing' my body with freezing cold bath in the early
morning and washing my hair everyday with never enough time for it to dry, started being even stricter
with my diet - ended up not eating enough. Started feeling guilty and under pressure if I didn't burn my
dead hair.

The turning point came when a fellow Khalsa met my brother for the first time at a Kirtan program.
Basically, the Khalsa hardly said fateh! before he harshly lectured my brother about shaving his beard.
My brother fights aggression with agrression. Sad thing was and it's hard to admit but I was looking
down at my own brother!

I talked to my brother afterwards and he was still fuming. He said, that bloke just critcised me - how
does he know anything about me and my life? He didn't talk to me like a human being, he just
stereotyped me.' And I was thinking, I too had forgotten to treat people like human beings with
feelings, I too was stereotyping people. And when the crunch came, if I ever needed a helping hand in
my hour of need - my brother would be their in a flash - I'm not sure about that particular `Khalsa'

So I dumped the sangat that are on a Young Sikh and Proud ego trip, they see Guru Gobind Singh ji
was a warrior so they preach with aggression. They haven't experienced Guru Gobind Singh ji's sweet
words, they haven't felt his love, they have not got love inside them and they can't give this love to
anyone else. Yet, Guru Nanak Dev ji had love overflowing and people came from all over to drink
from the spiritual fountain.

Anyway to cut a long boring story short :

There's no point in getting disillusioned about Sikhi just because you met one bad apple and it left a
sour taste in your mouth. Even if you can't take amrit yet, or get up amritvela you can still do this: do
your nitnem with love, sing it sweetly even if it takes a bit longer. Understand it and apply at least one
thing to your life everyday. Do seva, simran, don't break anyones heart, criticise only yourself and no-
one else at all even if they look like the most evil person in the world. Don't lie or cheat, don't feel
guilty about anything always do ardas and get forgiveness. Definitely stop associating with people who
fill you with any kind of prejudice or controversy. Associate with people who talk about Baba Nanak ji.
All in all make yourself a loving person inside like all the SatGuru jees then when the time comes you
can share the fragrance with the world.

The worst thing you can do is to stop doing your paat and simran, seva and good sangat. Everything
else can be removed.
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 170

16.16 The One Light

Guru Granth Sahib Jee says to us,

'From the One Light the Creation came forth,

So who is good and who is bad?'

'Ek noor sabh jagat upaaia

kaun changa kaun manda?'

A GurSikh on the left looks to Guru Granth Sahib ji and bows, A GurSikh on the right looks to Guru
Granth Sahib ji and bows. The GurSikhs look at each other each regarding the other as slightly inferior.
The fake smiles, the half-hearted greetings and they depart

They see Guru Granth Sahib jee as good, but each other as bad. It would be great if they saw the
goodness of Guru Granth Sahib jee in each other too.

Once 6 Khalsa returned to Guru Gobind Singh ji, Guru Sahib said you all look very beautiful and
happy, tell me why. One GurSikh said your five beloved Khalsa graced my dwelling and had langar.
As I served I felt like I was serving you Guru ji.

Guru Ji asked the 5 Khalsa why they were so peaceful and happy looking, they said , Guru ji we felt
like we had been so blessed that it was you who was giving us langar.

Remember Bhai Kaneya ji.

Hum Nahee Changeh Buray nhee koi

Pranvant Nanak Taray Soi
We are not good No-one is bad
Nanak has crossed like this.

Nanak utam nich na koi

Nanak says no-one is high no-one is low.

Jeh Jeh pekheh Teh Hadoor

Door katheh na ja-i
Wherever i look I see you Present
You never go far away

We keep seeing differences in the branches of the tree calling some better than others, we forget that we
came from the same seed and have the same sap of naamsimran flowing in us.

Awwal Allah noor upaiya kudrat ke sabh bande

In the beginning Allah created the Light;

His might has created all.
The entire universe is created from that One Light:
Who then is pure and who impure?

Brother, fall not into the delusion made by man:

The Creator is in the creation;
in creation is He-
He pervades the universe.

From one clay, in various forms

He has made all creation.
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 171

Neither is any pot of clay faulty, nor the Potter.

The Eternal abides in all.

All happens as He wills.

One who realizes the Divine Ordinance,
And knows God to be One without a second -
Such a one alone is His true servant.

Allah and Alakh is incompassable-

This inexpressible truth has the Master taught me.

Says Kabir: On realizing this my doubts have vanished,

And I have had sight of the all-pervading Immaculate Reality.
(panna 1349)

16.17 Be Here Now

Daas went to daas dee singhNii dee graduation ceremony. Daas dee singNii walk down the aisle,
smiling (as usual, daas love that peach of a singNii). Daas dislike cameras, but daas told to take picture.
Daas see daas dee singNii walk down the aisle, smiling and all, through the darn camera peephole.

Daas miss the 3D walk and the smile because daas want to capture the walk and the smile for a later 1D

Daas decide: "daas never use camera again."

Daas da buddy go to Atlanta Olympic games to watch soccer game. Daas da buddy watch the whole
soccer game through video camera.

Daas better off watching soccer game on TV.

"Daas jee, you are definately reading too much of that Guru Khalsa. Now you even write like "this

You right, "this one" crazy and drive daas crazy too.


The main thrust of Zen, Buddhism, Rajneeshism, Tao is

"Be here now".

A question arises:

"But how?"

Gurmat answers

"With naam."

A naami gursikh tells daas:

"Only "now" is real. Akaal. Past and Future not real. Only "now" is
real. Realize the "now"."
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 172

Another gursikh tells daas:

"Only if you realize the "now" can you enjoy naam. If you enjoy Naam,
you are in the "now"."

Daas say:

"Ok, "now" where is daas da hug, huh?"


Too crazy for you - well you shouldn't have joined Naam Net. Only the crazy survive here. Only the


When jaaping naam, jap it like it is

*your last moment on this planet.*

You will be in the "now" then.

Enjoy naam NOW.

waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru............

17. MAYA

17.1 Maya The Witch

What is Maya? What actions are Maya? Maya is where one is chained to Pain and Pleasure, and one
acts in Ego.(Sri Raag M. 3- Guru Amar Das Jee)

Maya dances her devil-dance and yokes everyone into vice. She even entices away the sun and the
moon. When she tinkles her ankle-bells evil irrates us; her countless gestures deceive all but God. She
has effected the three Worlds and one's outer discipline doesn't erase her effect. Men, involved in
strife, are intoxicated with her gale and are tossed about as (a ship) on the high seas. Only the Lord's
Saints are saved. They are saved from Death's noose, so contemplate the One whose Nam sanctifies
even the sinners. (Sarang M. 5 - Guru Arjun Dev Jee)

First I walked, skipped and paced

Then I raced and finally escaped
Out of Maya’s clutches,
The wicked forest witch
Who’d trapped me with her trick,
She said she'd make me rich
But she beat me with her stick
And dumped me in the forest
Where the trees were dark and thick.

I longed for sunny skies

No-one heard my cries,
Beaten and battered
My Sikhi was scattered
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 173

By the biting, bitter wind

For this sinner had sinned.

The months were dark and long

Naam power kept me strong
Even though I had
No wish to carry on.

One day I felt a breeze

It glided with ease
Around Maya's trees
It was warm and free
Sent to come and get me
It carried a whisper
Kirtan was being sung
Somewhere nearby
So I began to run.

Then I saw the face

Of SatGuru's devotee
I'd forgotten him
He hadn't forgotten me.

Radiating glory
Like a new born sun
Singing Dhan Guru Nanak
The Eternal One.

Out of the jungle

Of mighty Maya's trees
Following the breeze
I dived into the spiritual seas.

Controlling my breath
Conquoring death
A tiny, foolish fish
Fulfilling it's wish :
To feel Gurus hug
Warm embracing love
Face at His feet
Feeling so complete.

Him at His Royal Seat

Ruler of my heart beat
The child in His arms
Wrapped by His Naam
Lost in His charm
Safe from harm
Safe from harm.

Emotions are stilled

In His Ocean of Calm
Love light Naam
The child in His arms
Lost in His charm
Safe from harm
Safe from harm.
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 174

17.2 The Great Debate

Once upon a time, in a vast desert where the scorching sun shone 24 hours a day, there lived a withering
community amongst whom was a group of radiant Water-Ites. They worshipped the scarce commodity
called water. In their temple was a huge glass tank. People would come here and bow with reverence.
The priest would tell them stories from days gone by about the Wise Old Teacher who had brought the
drink of life to them. The Wise Old Teacher had told them of a great and wonderful ocean that he'd
travelled far and wide to find. Returning to the desert he had brought the sacred water and left it in the
huge glass tank for all to drink.

While the Wise Old Teacher was alive, people from miles around would come and quench their thirst,
word spread fast and many people adopted Waterism as their way of life. They loved water, it made
their dried up bodies feel rejuvinated. The heat of the scorching sun had made most of the town's
people irratible and angry, they fought each other over petty things because they were so mentally
anguished. But this 'Water' cooled them down and their mind and body bloomed and blossomed with
every sip.

When the Wise Old Teacher left this world and dived back into the Supreme Cool Ocean, the problems
began. One day, while the Priest was telling stories of old, he looked at the tank and noticed something.
He said, 'Dearly beloved, today the tank is exactly half full'. Before he could continue an angry man in
the congregation got up and shouted, 'NO IT'S NOT! IT'S EXACTLY HALF EMPTY!'

It was midday and the heat was at it's worst. The priest jumped up greatly offended at being criticised
infront of his congregation and shouted back 'NO YOU STUPID FOOL, IT'S EXACTLY HALF

And the poor uneducated congregation just got confused. Some of them agreed with the priest, some
agreed with the angry man and some weren't sure. Fighting ensued and the angry man was thrown out.
As he marched home he planned how to get control over the temple, it infuriated him that such an
ignorant man as the priest was in charge of the Water-Ites.

A few months passed. He recruited the top scientists and they produced detailed mathematical
calculations that proved beyond any possible doubt that the tank was exactly half-empty. The Priest on
other hand appealed to the hearts of the people, he spoke sweetly and sung songs about how if you were
a true Waterite you would be deeply hurt by the people who said anything other than the tank was half-

Now every Sunday the Waterites would go to the temple and discuss the latest mathematical evidence,
or what the Priest had been saying. People who didn't have an opinion on the subject were scorned at
for not caring enough about their holiest of holy tank of water. These people said we are thirsty and
just want to have a drink, but they were in the minority and soon forgotton about. They carried on
coming early every morning taking a sip then leaving. Now and again they would go to the main
Sunday gathering and plead to the people to take a daily drink, but both sides would just say, 'Are you
mad? The great debate is such a major crisis that we must spend all our energy defending the truth, no
time to drink!'

Now people in the community said 'Look at those Waterites, a bunch of hypocrites, they act all holy and
wise telling us to join them, but they're just as angry and dried up as us'.

The Priest ruled for 5 years and proclaimed 'HALF-FULL' from every street corner and roof top. Then
he was toppled by the Angry Man who ruled for 10 years putting to death anyone who didn't say
'HALF-EMPTY'. Then 50 years later, when the climate had cooled somewhat, the leaders and priests
of the 38 different Water-Ite sects gathered together. Over a period of several months, they engaged in
long philosphical debates about what the official statement should be. Then on a cool winter's day they
came out with the signed document, that would unify the WaterItes once more and said 'IT IS
OFFICIALLY HALF-EMPTY.....but if you want to you can call it HALF-FULL'. Then the Waterite
community spat at the leaders for not giving strong leadership. The Half-Empty Groups preached with
more determination and the Half-Full Groups got angrier and angrier.
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 175

A few years later a new priest came in and changed the wording to HALF-FULL without asking
anyone. Somehow the temple hierarchy let him get away with it. They were too busy counting all the
money that was pouring into the temple funds to care about wording.

And early every morning, while the withered ones were still sleeping, a radiant Waterite would walk
into the temple past, take a sip and walk home again with a smile on her face, fully rejuvinated.


Raag Mala, Meat, 5th K, which Nitnem Banees, Saas-Giraas Breathing Techniques......arguing about
these is all Maya's illusion and keeps us from quenching our thirst....

Raam Japo Jee Aise Aise,

Dhroo Prahlad Japio Har Jaise...

Meditate on Naam like Bhagat Dhroo and Prahlad did. I.E They were thirsty for God's Vision and
determined, being children they were innocent and simple and spared from getting side-tracked by
religious rights and wrongs. While millions of pundits, brahmins, scholars and Hindus probably
discussed one hundred and one Hindu controversies, the Bhagats had God-shaped holes in their hearts
that their constant Naam Simran filled.

Guru Amar Das Jee sings a beautiful shabad about controversies:


The demon's son Prahlaad had not read about religious rituals or ceremonies, austerity or self-
discipline; he did not know the love of duality. Upon meeting with the True Guru, he became pure;
night and day, he chanted the Naam, the Name of the Lord. He read only of the One and he understood
only the One Name; he knew no other at all. || 4 ||

The Pandits, the religious scholars, read and argue and stir up controversies, but without the Guru, they
are deluded by doubt. They wander around the cycle of 8.4 million reincarnations; without the Shabad,
they do not attain liberation. But when they remember the Name, then they attain the state of salvation,
when the True Guru unites them in Union. || 6 ||

17.3 Me, Myself And I

Guru Amar Das Jee writes on panna 39 of SatGuru Granth Sahib Jee :

"I have done this, and I will do that"

I am an idiotic fool for saying this!
I have forgotten the Doer of all;
I am caught in the love of duality.

There is no pain as great as the pain of Maya;

it drives people to wander all around the world,
until they become exhausted.

Through the Guru's Teachings, peace is found,

with the True Name enshrined in the heart. || 3 ||”

Try an experiment today : observe how many times thoughts like "I have done this, and I will do that"
come across your mind. And everytime you observe it, counteract instantly with

tudh agai ardas hamaree

jeeo pind sabh tera
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 176

kaho nanak sabh teree vadaee

koee nao na janeh mera.
infront of you is my ardas
soul and body are all Yours
Says Nanak, All is Your Glory
(hence) may no-one know my name

If you hear other people saying "I have done this, and I will do that" then do a silent ardas for them too,
rather than looking down at them ....sarbatt da bhalla.

17.4 Money

So you lend someone money out of the goodness of your heart then you feel sick to the stomach that
they may have just ripped you off. Do you get angry, frustrated, take their kneecaps out, pester them
day and night for the money, lose sleep over it....???????

Or as a mighty Khalsa with a big heart filled with endless love and compassion do you continue to keep
your head high, do you keep the happy smile on your face and continue to radiate Waheguru ji's light in
all directions to bless all that come near you?

Would Baba Deep Singh ji have turned into a bitter, hateful, revengeful man if someone conned him?
Or would he have continued to ride on his battle horse like a king in his carriage through the crowds
with peace of mind and accepting Waheguru ji's will as good.

The manmukh will get angry and revengeful but why should the Khalsa lose his/her peace of mind over
a handful of coins (even if they are valuable)? We came empty handed and leave the same way, the
Khalsa has a big heart full of endless love and no-one can take the inner anand away. Even if they do
take our exterior wealth they cant touch the Nam wealth inside unless we let them.

Dharminder was saying there was a Sant in India who has recently confessed to having killed upto 10
people for their money!!! Someone owed the Sant money they didnt pay, so the Sant hired a local
hitman to take them out. The hitman wanted his fee but the Sant refused to pay so the hitman grassed
him up!! And the police got the rest of the story out of the Sant about how he used to get rich Sikhs
from abroad killed so he could take their wealth...modern day Sajjan Tug.

So he was a Sant he should have obeyed Guru Granth Sahib jee instead of getting revengeful and bitter
leading to murder. He should have remembered it's more important to obey Guru Granth Sahib jee than
to be angry and bitter at someone else.

17.5 Mouse-Trap 1

There are lots of pitfalls for the Naam-Traveller, sharper than a sword and finer than a hair is the path
the Saints follow says Guru Amar Das ji (Khannee-o tikhee Valo nikee Anand Sahib).

Like an acrobat we walk across the tightrope, wobbling side to side over the ocean of fire, the flames of
hell leaping up to grab us at every moment. This Narak (hell) is in our mind. But like the acrobat
holding on to the 20 foot pole to keep his balance, we hold onto Naam with undivided attention 'Ek
Man Ek Dhi-a-a' -with one mind focus on the ONE.

Like a mouse in a laboratory maze, we follow our mind's desire looking for our piece of cheese that will
give us happiness.a fast car, a big salary, a luxorious house, a beautiful spouse .but if we're blessed by
Guru ji we fall into the trap of Maya (anything that distracts you from God) and suffer Dukh. Day and
night we cant sleep..the beautiful spouse, big businesses, fast cars lead to worry and anxiety, our
unhealthy lifestyle leads to alcohol addiction and problem after problem. If we're LUCKY our life falls
apart...even our friends turn out to be untrustworthy We spent all our life running around the mind maze
for happiness...and seeing the glowing piece of cheese we leaped with all our heart at it...took a juicy
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 177

bite but before we even had time to enjoy it the wire trap came crashing down on our head!!!!! Killing
all our MAYA dreams.

Why is that LUCKY? Well, with nowhere else to turn, no friends, no family to support us in our hour
of need we run through the mind maze until we fall at the feet of the Shabad Guru...He was waiting for
us all the time, watching our foolishly reap the rewards of our past actions, tapping us every now and
again like the driver goads the elephant with the iron rod to make him go in the right direction.
Eventually we fell at the feet of Shabad Guru. Stung once by the Maya bee we keep our eyes open
incase she buzzes by again with her swarm of friends:

The 5 enemies are her invisible friends, lies, slander, gossip, jealousy are her unsmellable friends, but
a less obvious friend is hate.

Hate: we hate someone because they hurt us.


A GurSikh gets hurt when they see Sikhs cutting their hair, trimming their beirds, taking the turban of
Guru Gobind Singh ji into un-gursikh places like pubs and clubs.

A GurSikh gets hurt when they see Sikhs wearing a Kara and raising a pint of beer in the same hand.

A GurSikh gets hurt when they see a Sikh raising a cigarrette to the same mouth that was eating Guru's
langar just a few days before.

These things rightly hurt the Gursikh because those Sikhs have turned their back on the Shabd Guru's

The Trap the GurSikh falls into is Hate. Hate consumes the GurSikh because all the those people have
insulted what s/he holds closest to their heart.

Maya's friend Hate was invisible, unsmellable and undetectable...hate sneaked into the gursikh's mind
and body temple like a trained Ninja Warrior.

O GurSikh pyari-o jee, dont let hate enter your temple for any reason whether it's personal hurt
or religious insults.

O GurSikh pyari-o, Guru jee has taught us that Waheguru ji resides in every heart...so we are only
hating Waheguru ji if we hate anyone at all.

O gurSikh pyari-o, Guru ji has taught us the mortal will be judged by actions alone. Criticise their
actions, call the actions bad, deal with actions...but dont hate the person.

There is a Sakhi (historic event) about a great Sant-Sipahee...he truly had attained one-ness with
Waheguru ji and had mastered weaponary too. In the battlefield he fought for justice. His opponent
had been overpowered and lay on his back on the floor. The Sant-sipahee was about to destroy the
sinner by plunging the sword of Akal into his chest, when the opponent spat in the Sant-Sipahee's face.
The Sant-Sipahee's blood boiled, rage and fury burned him for a moment, he raised his sword with new
fervour.but stopped the sword in mid-swing!. The enemy was shocked, expecting to be dead, he
grunted 'Kill Me Sikh, you have beaten me'.

The Sant-Sipahee replied, 'Before I was fighting for justice, against the evil actions of your army, and
destroying you was destroying injustice. When you spat in my face I wanted to kill you because you
insulted ME. I was going to kill you out of ANGER AND HATE. I would have to have been reborn
because of that, so I have spared you'.

The enemy soldier was so incredibly amazed at the Khalsa soldier, that within a few months he left his
troops and joined the Khalsa.
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 178

Criticise and Punish the Actions,

Love the Person.....It's a hard path to followfiner than a hair and sharper than a sword.

17.6 Mouse-Trap 2

After reading mouse-trap one of my veer jee's thought it was saying that worldy things like cars, houses,
businesses and spouses are a bad thing because they are Maya. Just to clarify this: Guru Nanak ji
started the path of Raj-Jog i.e. living in the world, but unattached from it. Guru HarGobind Sahib and
Guru Gobind Singh ji dressed like the True Kings they were with gold and finest clothes, best horses
and weapons etc BUT...these were not the objective of life. This is not what they slept, ate, drank and
dreamed about possessing every living moment at the expense of forgetting Waheguru ji.

This life is our turn to meet Waheguru ji, we are taught to abide pure amidst impurities, we are not
taught to live like homeless begging hermits living off offerings even if we are reciting Naam all the

3 golden rules of Guru Nanak ji:

NAAM JAPNA-meditate

There's an incident which the historian Cunningham had: he saw an Akali (Immortal) wearing blue
nihang uniform building a road. He was being assisted by a young Hindu boy, there were no other
workers. Cunningham talked to him, the Akali said, 'I am a spare person in the world. I'm doing seva
for others by building this road.' The Hindu boy had joined in because he was so inspired by the Akali.

That is the Khalsa spirit, having done so much seva and simran and having obeyed Guru ji's
hukam(order), we reach a time when all our bad actions are erased - our debt is clear - our mind and
body ad life is pure. And even having no physical battles to fight, nor having a job, the Khalsa still
goes and does seva - serving Waheguru ji by serving Waheguru ji's creation.

In Nanded, India, the place of Hazoor Sahib Gurdwara (where Guru Gobind Singh ji left this world),
there is a solidly constructed bridge, of much better quality than all the other bridges. It serves a vital
role for all the community - Sikhs, Hindus, tourists etc. However it was not built by the local
government with all their money and resources...but by the Sikhs!!! The local MP said 'The Sikhs are
the only religion that build bridges!!'

The Khalsa spirit is to meditate, work and share, by following Guru ji's hukam we gain more than just
sitting mediating 24 hours a day in a cave. By following hukam we gain guru's kirpa (grace), with grace
(prasad) we reach Waheguru .....


17.7 Hum Avgun Bharay

If anyone out their in NaamNet Ville feels trapped in Maya, then here is a shabad that works for me and
a naami gursikh i know always reads it in her ardas.

Hum avgun bhar-ay, ik gun nahee, amrit chad bikhaa bikh kaa-ee
maya moh bharam bhae bhoolay, sut dara sio preet laga-ee
ik utam panth suni-o gur sangat, teh milant jam tras mitaee
ik ardas baat keerat kee, gur ram das rakho sarna-ee

'i'm full of sins without even one virtue,

01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 179

leaving amrit i eat poisonous poison

i'm mislead by maya and worldly love, doubts and fear and entangled in love
of sons and consorts

i've heard the noblest path is to keep the Guru's company (sangat)
by meeting which the fear of death is removed

the poet Keerat, has one ardas : O Guru Ram Das keep me in your shelter'


18.1 Snakes And Ladders

There's a Sant near our village in India, my aunt was saying that a young woman was 'possessed' by
some evil spirit. No-one could cure her, she used to walk about like a mad-woman, talking with the
deep voice of a man. The family eventually ran out of healers to go to and turned to the Sant as the last
hope. Apparantly he managed to talk to the spirit inside the woman. It turned out to be the spirit of a
Yogi doing black magic while he sat in his cave. Some people from the village had paid him to put a
curse on the woman.

Sitting in his cave, the Yogi spoke through the girl, to the Sant. The Yogi got quite arrogant and told the
Sant 'you are only a few steps higher than me on the spiritual ladder, but I'll topple you soon enough'.
The Sant shrugged it off like water off a duck's back replying 'what's the point in competing, spirituality
isn't a game, besides Guru Gobind Singh jee is sitting at the top of the ladder like a father watching us

The Sant gave them some shabads, seva and sangat to do and the Yogi's evil spirit left the woman.

Maybe you believe in curses or maybe you dont,(if you do naam simran, seva and go sadh-sangat you'll
be naturally protected anyway) but the interesting thing for me was the use of the ladder analogy.

Guru Sahib says that the path of the Saints is to climb the ladder of religion ..'Sant Ka marag, dharam
kee pauree'. But only a a few rare one have such a greatly blessed destiny....'Koe vad-bhagee pai'.

So climb the ladder of religious righteous deeds and rise above the coiled snakes hissing at your heels,
let them reap their own rewards as they rot in their dark, damp cave-like life.

18.2 Hurting A Saint

Near our village in Punjab, there's a Sant's dera (dwelling). Everyone drives past it on the main road,
it's a very peaceful place, beautiful gurdwara and acres and acres of land which is farmed by the Sikhs
doing seva there. The Sant is old and wise and hardly speaks nowadays. A business man bought acres
and acres of land across the road. The first year I went there he was building hundreds of wirecages for
chickens. Eggs and meat are big business.

The next year we drove past, the hundreds of wirecages were rusting away, the acres of land was full of
weeds. My cousin said, the Sant requested the businessman to build his poultry farm elsewhere, he
even offered to buy the land from him at more than the market value.
The stubborn business man refused.

Time passed, the business man's was struck by a serious illness and had been in hospital for many
months while I was there. All his precious land and business was rotting away.
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 180

In sukhmanee sahib guru arjun dev ji describes in great detail all the evil things that happen to the
person who hurts a sant.

Maybe all of the above is just a coincidence? But as a Bishop once said when asked why he prays
'When I pray coincidences happen, when I dont pray, they dont happen!'

So Khalsa jee, tread carefully when criticising Sants or Gianis or kirtanees or anyone who is a sevadar
of Guru Ji's House. Even if one thinks 99% are bad and arrogantly says 'All Kirtanees are greedy and
just in it for money!' then that person has insulted the 1% that Guru jee keeps close to his side. Dont
make generalisations. Tell the truth about each person and not with blanket statements.

18.3 No Room For Me ( Ego - Haumai)

A true event........

A roomful of Naam rasiay Gursikhs had been Naam japping since 1.30am. To express the flavour of the
atmosphere; there is a parkash of Dhan Dhan Shabad Saroop Satguru Granth Sahib Jee, the light is
switched off and every Gursikh present is radiating Naam collectively as one and one feels like as if it is

A door is heavily and loudly knocked upon, one Gursikh ask's 'Who are you?' The indescribable voice
replies 'it's me (mai)' The Gursikh replied 'if its you, then leave your 'mai meeree' outside and come in,
for this is Guru Nakak's house.' The voice never replied back.

Then - from all the tongues of all the Gursikhs - the following words were uttered in unison: 'Nanak kai
ghar keval Naam' (In Nanak’s house there is ONLY Naam’. Then they all continued japping Naam.

How can 'mai meeree'/'houmai' (me/mine ego) enter Satguru Nanak's house?

18.4 Hot Air (Ego - Haumai)

At PanJa Sahib Gurdwara in Pakistan there is a huge boulder with Guru Nanak Dev Ji's hand print
pressed into it. A muslim holy man living outside the village on a hill top. The villagers did ardas to
guru nanak dev jee saying the selfish holy man had control of all the water and wouldnt let it pass to the
villagers. The holy man refused to listen to Guru jee, so Guru jee blessed the lower ground and water
started flowing into the village, the holy man's water dried up. Seeing Guru Nanak at the foot of the
hill, he used his powers to send a huge boulder flying like a missile at guru sahib. Guru jee put up his
hand to stop it and the palm impression is still there.

Why tell this story?

Well, I am like the selfish holy man, I am very proud of sikhi and the hot air of my ego puffs up into a
huge boulder which I shoot at everyone who is in striking distance. But to protect everyone Guru jee
has sent his humble gursikhs blessed with Guru Nanak Dev Jee's shaktee(power) to put their hand in the
way and stop my ego missiles from hurting anyone.

18.5 While ‘I’ Resided

Jab Hum hothe

Tab too nahee
Ab tuhee
Ma nahee!'

While 'I' resided

01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 181

Then You didn't,

When You did
'I' didn't!

Dhan Dhan Bhagat Ravidas Jee.

18.6 House On Fire (Emotional Attachment - Moh)

Once a gursikh was sitting in the forest intoxicated with naam when suddenly a man from the village
came running.

In between deep breaths he said, "A house is on fire."

The naami gursikh said, "Maino kee?" ("Why should I care?").

The man replied, "No, no, you don't understand. Your house is on fire."

To that the gursikh replied, "Taino kee?" ("Why should *you* care?").

waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru....


A GurSikh is not attached to his own belongings, wereas a ManMukh is attached to his own belongings
and other peoples!

18.7 Mine

Outa my way
stupid old man
don't touch my feet
with your begging hand
don't pester me
cause you're gonna get hurt
it doesn't bother me
that you live in the dirt

too poor to get married

now you're all alone
leprosy's eaten your
flesh, blood and bone
don't tell me your story
just get outa my face
your begging profession
brings you total disgrace

my money is mine
and mine alone
when it comes to giving
i'm harder than stone

some people get used

while others are users
i'm one of the winners
you're one of the losers
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 182

you got whatever was

in your sad destiny
God blessed me with
love, life and money.

my money is mine
and mine alone
when it comes to giving
i'm harder than stone

'Gareeb da moo
Guru da Golak'
The poor one's mouth
is the Guru's moneybox
(Sikh Saying)

18.8 The Miser (Greed - Lowb)

There once was a miser. He spent all his life collecting untrue wealth. Needless to say, he was quite
heavily loaded in his old age.

He spent all his golden years worrying about the accumulated wealth. His worry reached the peak on his
deathbed. Indeed, he was so worried that he collected the finest jewels of his treasury and put them in a
bag; the bag was put under his bed and he would feel it before, after and during his sleep.

When he knew his breaths were numbered, he desperately called his wife, "Sohni, please take this bag
and put it in the attic. When the death messengers are dragging me, I will grab on to the bag and take it
with me."

Sohni was a simpleton (thank God for that, otherwise this story would end right about now). She did
exactly as she was told. A few hours later, the miser died.

The next day, Sohni was curious enough to see whether her husband had managed to fool the death
messenger and taken his treasures. So Sohni went up to the attic and to her surprise, found the bag
exactly in the same spot as where she had left it.

She hit her forehead with her palm (she was of the Indian origin) and lamented, "What a fool I am! My
husband never did any good in his life. He probably was dragged down to hell. I should have put the
bag in the basement."


waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh

Imagine a person waking up from a dream. The dream was so real. In it, there were people chasing the
dreamer. In it, there were people being protected by the dreamer.

When the dreamer wakes up, she says, "How foolish of me to worry about all this - it was not real."

Pyareooooooo, that is ****exactly***** how we will feel when we die.

We will say, "Boy, was I foolish. My friends, my spouse, my family, my enemies, my lovers were all
unreal. I wasted all my life worrying about them."
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 183

A gursikh hears this and goes to the guru.

The gursikh asks:

"guru jee, who collects untrue wealth?"

The guru replies:

"kacha dhan sanche moorakh gaavar || (panna 665) The ignorant fools amass false wealth || "

The gursikh again asks:

"guru jee, how do we collect true wealth?"

The guru again replies:

"sacha dhan gurmati paayeah ||
True wealth is obtained through the Guru's Teachings ||"

Again, the gursikh asks:

"Pyare guru jee, tell us, what is this 'True Wealth'."

The guru replies,

"sat naam"

pyari sakhioooo,

There is only one (allow daas to repeat, *only* one) one thing that will go with us: Naam.

So let us all put Naam on our top priority list *today*.

Thank you and may the guru bless you all.

18.9 Greed

Guru Nanak Dev Jee Says;

SORATH, FIRST MEHL: The treasure of the Name, for which you have come into the world, that
Ambrosial Nectar is with the Guru. Renounce costumes, disguises and clever tricks; this fruit is not
obtained by duplicity. ¦¦ 1 ¦¦ O my mind, remain steady, and do not wander away. By searching around
on the outside, you shall only suffer great pain; the Ambrosial Nectar is found within the home of your
own being. ¦¦ Pause ¦¦ Renounce corruption, and seek virtue; committing sins, you shall only come to
regret and repent. You do not know the difference between good and evil; again and again, you sink
into the mud. ¦¦ 2¦¦ Within you is the great filth of greed and falsehood; why do you bother to wash
your body on the outside? Chant the Immaculate Naam, the Name of the Lord always, under Guru’s
Instruction; only then will your innermost being be emancipated. ¦¦ 3 ¦¦ Let greed and slander be far
away from you, and renounce falsehood; through the True Word of the Guru’s Shabad, you shall obtain
the true fruit. As it pleases You, You preserve me, Dear Lord; servant Nanak sings the Praises of Your
Shabad.¦¦ 4 ¦¦ 9 ¦¦ (Guru Granth Sahib Jee panna 598)

18.10 The Birds

It started innocently enough, they are so cute, adorable really : nesting swallows.

Each year they migrate here to nest and raise their young. What could be more charming than having a
bird nest right outside your window, hearing the twitter and tweets, finding the speckled eggshells,
seeing the fledglings peep out and learn to fly, or so it seemed.
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 184

The first year we were appalled to hear the neighbors were washing out the nests, how cruel it seemed.
we had only one or two nests that year, we treasured them. The following year there were a few more,
and we felt very established.. Then two years ago, there were perhaps a dozen, a long grey streak ran
down the picture window, a minor inconvenience. We agreed not to remove the nests until the
fledglings had flown.

The nests are composed of mud. We have an ample supply between the garden and the "pond", a
glorified mud hole the geese use. They are built under the eves, of the roof, and the droppings spilt all
over the front doorway. An attempt to clean up resulted in a fledgling falling from it’s nest, we carefully
placed it in the next one over. After they were gone we washed all the old nests away.

Last year, there seemed to be a hundred. They all returned with their young (and their mates). We
could barely see through the windows, they were covered with droppings. Friends would drop by and
laugh and joke, at their behavior. They all come at once, like little dive bombers, flocking together,
circling around and diving at the nests. We don't need alarm clocks with fifty little hungry voices
chirping as soon as the dawn breaks. Even during the darkness, you can hear them crooning all night
long. There were a few fatalities, learning to fly is not without its dangers. It kept the cats busy, looking
for (impossible) ways to reach the nests.

This year we made the decision to be firm. Don't let the nests reach completion. Then the eggs can't be
laid. We could never harm them. So prevention seemed the least of cruel alternatives. Once or twice a
week, we wash down the nests, break the ones we can reach. They come back.. In a cooperative effort,
a dozen or so will work feverishly, building together, in attempt to get a nest finished. before its reaches
completion, we knock it down. The windows are getting washed twice a week and still we can barely
see through them by the third day. And yet a voice whispers to me, maybe we could just wash the
windows, without destroying the nests. Then the firm voice of reason breaks in. Yes, and next year they
will be here by the thousand, and the following year ten thousand. Still it is a heart break to destroy
those nests, to watch them rebuild, racing time, as they never give up, and never give in.

One afternoon this week it occurred to me, as a hundred bodies hurled by my bedroom window,
twittering frantically, as perhaps for the tenth time, an attempt is made communally to get a nest built.
It occurred to me they are like the five enemies’ voices. At first they seem harmless enough, subtle
little suggestions, that have no foothold, but as time goes by they grow stronger, and become ingrained,
so much so that it is a constant battle to overcome. And still we listen. They become our constant
companion, our best friend, our worst enemy.

We wash them out every morning in our feeble attempts to cleanse our soul, and every day they return
stronger in number, clamoring for our attention. If we let up, or give in, in any way, we are
outnumbered. Only with naam, do we have a fighting chance. Those weapons given us to battle them,
the 5Ks , nitnem, gurbani, sadhsangat, keetan, those precious gifts, give us hope.

Another lesson is to be as stubborn, as those little birdies, never let up. We should build our account
with Waheguru, banking naam, do ardaas, do seva, do more seva...

Waheguru ji

18.11 Grudges

A Gyani jee said at the Gurdwara:

The Guru's way is that if you have a grudge with someone you should not even sleep one night with that
grudge in your belly. That is a Big Sin, almost as big as cutting your hair. The Guru's way is to sort
problem out there and then.

A Bibi jee said, forget about one day, I've had my grudges siting in me for over 20 years!
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 185

The reason to sort out problems right away is that it's difficult for the mind to do naam simran when it's
busy holding a grudge against someone.

18.12 Dirty Laughing

After reading this story you may be thinking 'it's a magical story . . . voices . . . wishes. . . gifts....' but
take the moral apply it to your life and the real magic will happen inside you.

There was a poor man who meditated long and hard for years and years and one day he heard a spiritual
voice. The voice said 'ask for anything and your wishes will be fulfilled'. The poor man was overjoyed,
then the voice was feeling generous and said 'not only will your wish be fulfilled, but your neighbour
will also get what you ask for, infact your neighbour will get double everything you ask for'. The poor
man said 'that's fine with me as long as I get what I want it doesn't make any difference what my
neighbour get'. So he asked for his first wish, 'I'm sick of living in this litle hut, I want a beautiful
palace' Lo and behold a palace appeared, he was very happy then he noticed that his neighbour had
received 2 palaces. The poor man thought 'all these years I've been meditating long and hard, I should
get ALL the rewards and my neighbour should get nothing. He spent all his time enjoying himself
while I was being a hermit - he deserves nothing.' Jealousy and hate was welling up inside. He asked
the voice,' I want you to build a moat around my palace'. A moat appeared infront of his palace and 2
moats appeared around the neighbours' palaces. The poor man was fuming - jealousy was eating him
away. Then he thought I'll teach my neighbour a lesson. He said to the voice 'I want you to remove one
of my eyes' He chuckled to himself as only one of his eyes would be lost but his neighbour would be
totally blinded! The poor man went outside his palace and sat on the bank of his neighbour's moat. He
laughed as he saw his neighbour wandering aimlessly, tripping and stumbling and finally falling and
drowning in the moat.

Moral : No matter how much we pray and meditate it's all in vain if we haven't cleaned away the 5
enemies (Anger, ego, lust, greed and attachment). Laughing at other's misery is 'dirty laughing'. The
Guru's way is to have love and mercy for one and all. The Guru's way is to work honesly and share the
fruits of your labour with others. We came into the world empty handed and we leave empty handed,
but along the way we grab many items and amass wealth and property. We fill with the attitude 'It's
mine, it's mine, I worked hard for it , it's mine, it's mine, why should I give? Why should I share
anything with anyone? It's mine, It's mine'. Guru Nanak's attitude was 'Tera Tera Tera ...' -Yours,
Yours, Yours : everything belongs to Waheguru, nothing belongs to me. Thank Waheguru, the Giver,
for what's been given instead of complaining about what's been lost.

18.13 My Wife’s A Pig

A story with a moral:

A poor young wife was collecting firewood in the forest, she was simple and devout and prayed and
prayed to her god to give her better days, suddenly she was blessed with a vision and her god said 'Dear
child you and your family have been granted with 3 wishes'. She was so happy she said 'I want fine
royal clothes and golden jewellery, so I too look like a princess'. She was magically transformed. She
was overjoyed and ran happily home, but as she was going down the path the evil prince rode by, he'd
been hunting in the forest he whisked up the young wife and said 'I've made a good catch today - this
beautiful princess will be my bride'. So he rode off with her to the palace. When the husband found out
his wife had been kidnapped he was full of rage, but being poor there was no-one who would listen to
his pleas for the safe return of his wife. Giving up hope of ever seeing her again he said 'If I cant see
her beautful face then no-one should, I wish she had the head of a pig'. In the palace the prince had
taken his new princess to his bedroom and was leaning over to kiss her when her head turned into a
pig's snout, she oinked, he jumped back and called the guards to get rid of such a nasty beast. The
guards dumped her in the forest. He young son was playing nearby and she hugged him and convinced
him she was his mother even though she had a pigs' head. In his innocence he said 'I wish my mum
looked like she did before.' And she was transformed back to a poor young wife with ragged clothes
and no jewellery and no pig's head.
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 186

Moral : Be careful of what you are striving for in life, it may not bring happiness and you may spend
just as much effort getting out of the mess as you did getting into it. There's only one true wish and that
is :

'Visar Nahee Datar Apanay Nam Deho

Gun gava din raat Nanak chao eho'
Forget Me not O Giver, Give me your Name
May I sing Your praises day and night, this is Nanak's desire

18.14 Slander Steals Your Naam Wealth

What are the characteristics of a GurMukh according to Guru Granth Sahib Jee?



One who does not let ones ears listen to slander (nindaa) of others
and obliterates one’s ego to become the footdust (rain) of the saints.
(Panna 1357)



One who’s mouth does not stop slandering others,

will find that all their sevaa (service and Naam simran) will be fruitless.
(Panna 1353)

Remember Guroo Jee states :



Repeating Naam is my worship of Guroo Jee

Repeating Naam is sevaa of my Guroo Jee
(Panna 1145)

The GurMukhs perform Guru Jee's service (sevaa) by repeating (japping) Naam.......vahe guroo.. vahe
guroo.. vahe guroo...vahe guroo ....vahe guroo ...vahe guroo . So, IF one loves to serve Guru Jee by
repeating Naam from their mouth and loves to listen to Naam with their ears. THEN how can they bear
to slander others with that same mouth and listen to the slander of others with those same ears ???


Go to Guru Jee only after you have renounced the slandering of others.
(Panna 1166)


By continually slandering you carry the heavy load of sins,
and finally-get trapped under it.
(Panna 118)

GurMukhs renounce the slander of others and accumulate the wealth of Naam instead.


Naam is my true business,
through which one yields pure wealth...
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 187

(Panna 1145)

If one participates or listens to any sort of slander, one will lose the yields of their Naam wealth. Run
away discreetly from people who indulge in slander of others no matter who they are. Slandering is a
false sweetness. One should strive to be be like the ladle which stirs sweet and sour things yet cannot
taste it. Do not let the taste of slander effect you in this sweet and sour world.

All of your Naam Wealth that you collected through long hours of meditation, will all be rapidly lost if
you engage in slander. Our dog mind wants to lick the slander stone more and more for it’s false taste.
But its never worth giving this dog a chance. Whoever does slander is a worldy person, Manmukh,
and doesn’t have the Guru’s Word (shabad) ingrained in their mind.

Does you really need the company (sangat) of such a person?

Let us try to be, by the grace of Vaahi-guroo jee, a Gurmukh and do heavy Naam Simran, Naam
Japping and look after our invaluable, inestimableNaam Wealth.

18.15 Deadly Manmukh Cocktail

Can one allow and tolerate trash to be thrown in ones house by others?

If the answer is NO then how can one allow and tolerate the trash of slander, gossip and bad thoughts to
be thrown into one’s mind?

Only ManMukh’s throw this trash over others. The Gurmukh removes it firstly from their own mind and
then from the minds of others by using love for Naam and Banee.

The very first time dass (this servant) listened to the following wisdom of Satguroo Nanak Dev Jee, it
shook daas from inside. It created a storm of self-analysis in daas’s mind. Guru jee’s clear definition
of a Manmukh motived me not to be Manmukh myself. I hope that dass can share this wisdom with
you, my Pyare Satguroo Amrit Naami Sangat Jee


(Panna 147)



A Manmukh is a person who follow ones own Mind (Mann). What is in their Mind? This shabad clearly
defines a manmukh. It is believed that the most bitter poison is made from plants called:-

Latin: Asteracantha longifolia - A fruit that looks beautiful but tastes extremely bitter.

Poison of snake.

A long type of grass grown in dunes or similar soil - looks nice but is very bitter.

A plant from which a powerful drug is extracted.

A fruit of the Nimm tree (Nimolea) which is very bitter.
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 188

If all these elements are mixed together: TUMEE TUMAA + VISS + AKK + DHTOORAA + NIMM
FALL= It would amount to a deadly cocktail of extremely bitter poison.

In this shabad, Guroo Jee gives us this wisdom : normally one has to search far and wide to find such a
deadly cocktail, but find a Manmukh, MAN MUKH VASAI TIS, and you will have found them all!

As TUMEE TUMAA and AKK are beautiful and tall but bitter inside just like Manmukhs. Do not get
deceived by their appearance, one may find them everywhere The ManMukhs are the ones who love to
throw slander, gossip andbad thoughts (Nindaa, Chuglee, Veekaar) into your mind.

Why are they Manmukhs?

Guru Jee says ‘JIS TUOO CHIT NAI AVEHEE’ They are manmukhs because they do not wash, clean
and remove their bitter poison with rememberance of Naam (Simran) They lack the cleaning agents.

What could be done about them?

Nanak Dev Jee can give the cleaning agents of the nectar Naam (Amrit Naam) as received when we
give our head at the amrit-cermony as the thousands did so in 1699 on Vasakhee day at our spiritual
home Anandpur Sahib

Now the time has come for us to share Guru Jee’s wisdom with our brothers and sisters.

We should be helping the ManMukhs towards the Panj Pyarias as in 1699 on Vasakhee day at our
spiritual home . Anandpur Sahib. Let us grow our GurMukh Family!!

Back to our cleaning within ............

Vaheguroo, Vaheguroo, Vaheguroo, Vaheguroo, Vaheguroo Vaheguroo, Vaheguroo, Vaheguroo,
Vaheguroo, Vaheguroo Vaheguroo, Vaheguroo, Vaheguroo, Vaheguroo, Vaheguroowaheguru

18.16 Wealth And Woman

dhan dara sangat sagal jin apni kar man

Know this truth that Nanak proclaims:

Wealth, woman and all your possessions,
Which you consider as your own,
None. none will go with you (after you die).

What’s the major reason why people don’t have time for God? It’s either because they’re chasing the
opposite sex or their obssesed with making millions of pounds, or in most young men I know they want
fast cars and pretty blondes!

Guru Jee is teaching us that weatlth, the opposite sex and worldy possessions are required for living
life, but that’s not why God gave us this human life. A family life, money in the bank and a safe and
secure home should give us a foundation stone on which we can build our moral and spiritual progress.
If we only live to have a bigger house, a faster car and a more beautiful spouse then we have wasted our
life building an enormous foundation stone but totally forgetting to construct spiritual building on top of

Most people forget about constructing their spiritual life and think they’re going to live forever. But
one day the agony of death wakes them up. Death steals their body, their children inherit their wealth
and your beautiful partner looks for another person. Nothing belonged to them, yet they weasted their
whole life chasing and grabbing it.
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 189

Our attitude to the opposite sex should be as simple as this : our husband or wife does not belong to us,
neither are they just a sex-object. They are our companion on the path of Truth - an equal partner in
the quest for spiritual joy, divine wisdom and true enlightenment.

And our attitude to wealth should be that it belongs to Vaahi-Guroo Jee. ‘Mind, Body are Yours and
Wealth is Yours too’ says Guru Nanak Dev Jee. By Vaahi-Guroo jee’s kindness we were blessed with
a body and mind. We use them to earn wealth, the wealth we use to satisfy our living needs. Then we
spend the rest of our time doing naam meditation and service of the Guru, sharing money and food with
the poor and needy. We always remember one day nothing is ours, everything is Vaahi-Guroo jees.

18.17 I Am A Sinner

'I am


I am


I am
a THUG and

I am full of

I am
one to whom no-one
should give shelter.

O Singer-Disciple (Bhai Gurdas),

pray to the SatGuroo (Guru Nanak Dev Jee)
to forgive my sins.'

....Bhai Gurdas Jee 'Hau apraadhee gunahgaar...'

If Dhan Dhan Greatly, truly blessed brahmgianee, knower of God, Bhai Gurdas jee falls at Guru jee's
feet with all these vices. Then who am I to stand tall and proud of MY achievements????????? Fall Mr
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 190

Singh, fall at Guru jees feet AND LEAVE YOUR FOREHEAD ON GURU JEES FEET. The world
doesn't need another haumai rogee (ego diseased) body.

18.18 Evil People

I used to be think a lot about who's a REAL Sant or not?

I used to waste my time getting annoyed at people who are not what pretend to be.

It bugged me that most of the world kills animals to eat the meat, drinks alcohol, cuts their hair and
rejects God.

I used to make a big deal about arguing about what's right and wrong.

But, Guru jee reminded me that I never got into Sikhi to worry about what other people are doing.
They will get what they deserve. They should not be able to make me angry, because their actions are
their own doing and they will reap their own rewards like making themselves burn mentally. And
there's no need to get depressed by the `state the world's in' - just praise the Creator for Creating it!

What matters to me is that I go infront of Guru Granth Sahib jee and say

'Wah Wah Sache ma teri tek,

Hau papi thoo nirmal ek'
Wonderful Wonderful True One, I seek your refuge,
for I am a sinner and you are the Perfect One.'

Guru Nanak Dev ji says ,

Ham Nahee Changeh Bura nhee koi
'I am not good and no-one is bad'

Bhai Kaneya ji saw Guru ji's face even in the enemy.

So what if the world is full of liars and sinners, why should they get under my skin? When I shone a
light inside myself I found the most sins!

Since I started `cleaning' up inside, I've had no time to criticise others! It's a full time job fighting the 5
enemies and doing naam simran at every blink and breath..

Do your paat, give your head to the Guru, talk little, do a lot of simran, do ardas for Guru Nanak Ji to
save the sinners. And most importantly, stay humble, lowest of the low. It is all part of Vaahi-guroo
Jees Wondrous nature. Guru Nanak Dev Jee saw all these evil people, but instead of getting depressed
by it, Dhan Dhan Guru Nanak Dev jee praised the Formless One who created this play.

Asank Murakh Andh ghor

Asank Chor Haram Kror
Asnak amar kar kar jor
Asank galvadh hathi-a kamai
Asank Papee Pap kar ja-I
Asank Kuriar Kureh fira-i
Asank malecch mal buk khai
Asank Nindak sir kareh bhar
Nanak Nich Kaheh Vichar,
Varia na java ek Var.
Jo tudh bhavai Saee bhalle Kar
Too sada salamat Nirankar'. 18.
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 191

Countless fools, blinded by ignorance

Countless thieves and embezzlers.
Countless impose their will by force.
Countless cut-throats and ruthless killers.
Countless sinners who keep on sinning.
Countless liars, wandering lost in their lies.
Countless wretches, eating filth as their ration.
Countless slanderers, carrying the weight of their stupid mistakes on their heads.
Nanak describes the state of the lowly.
I cannot even once be a sacrifice to You.
Whatever pleases You is the only good done, You, Eternal and Formless One. || 18 ||
(Jap Jee Sahib, translation from Gurbanee CD)


19.1 Guru’s Devotees Showed Me The Path

Tun jalnidhi ham meen tumhare

You are the Ocean of Water, and I am Your fish. Your Name is the drop of water, and I am a thirsty
sparrow-hawk. You are my hope, and You are my thirst. My mind is absorbed in You. || 1 || Just as the
baby is satisfied by drinking milk, and the poor person is pleased by seeing wealth, and the thirsty
person is refreshed by drinking cool water, so is this mind drenched with delight in the Lord. || 2 || Just
as the darkness is lit up by the lamp, and the hopes of the wife are fulfilled by thinking about her
husband, and people are filled with bliss upon meeting their beloved, so is my mind imbued with the
Lord’s Love. || 3 || The Saints have set me upon the Lord’s Path. By the Grace of the Holy Saint, I
have been attuned to the Lord. The Lord is mine, and I am the slave of the Lord. O Nanak, the Guru has
blessed me with the True Word of the Shabad. || 4 || 14 || 21 || (Raga Majh, Guru Arjan Dev Jee, p. 100)

19.2 The Parrot And The Cat

Where were you born, Mr Human Being ji?

I was born on a small rock - just turn right at the moon and ask for Earth. My parents are Mrs Mum and
Mr Dad Being, we live in a lovely house...one day I hope to get married, have little Beings run around
the place and then die with a smile of satisfaction on my face.

Where were you born, Miss Khalsa ji?

I am a resident of the Town of Bliss, AnandPur. My father is Guru Gobind Singh ji : the Lion who
Protects the World, my mother is Mata Sahib Kaur : the Master's Princess, my brothers are Baba Ajit
Singh ji: the Unconquorable lion, Baba Jujhar Singh ji : the Warrior Lion, Baba Zorawar Singh ji : the
Powerful Lion and Baba Fateh Singh ji : the Victorious Lion, my family is the Army of Akal : The

The story of my birth is an interesting one, once I was just another Human Being child, but one day I
stumbled across the society of saints, the sadh-sangat, the Army of Akal - the purest pure Khalsa. Every
morning, every night I went and dyed my mind cloth in the colour of God's love. Morning and night I
jumped into the vat of the sadh-sangat. Years passed, the Guru's Grace was great, all around people
called me GurMukh. The Khalsa gave birth to me, the Khalsa is my mother and father, the Khalsa is my
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 192

friend and family. I live in their house, they say it's my house. I praise my Master, I love my SatGuru, I
die for the Khalsa. If I'm hungry they feed me, if I'm naked they clothe me, if I'm lonely they are there
for me, if I'm lost they come and find me. Day and night I sing the words of my father

'Khalsa is my closest friend

Khalsa is my mother, father, peace-giver.
Khalsa is my dignity and energy,
Khalsa is my friend and companion.
Khalsa is my caste and honour,
Khalsa has given birth to me.
Khalsa is my palace and treasure,
Because of Khalsa I am respected.'
(Guru Gobind Singh Ji)

In my last life I was just a wild and cowardly Parrot. I used to fly without discipline to places with no
morals. One day I was pecking at the earth and a mighty cat jumped from the bushes into my path. I
was so brave, I was so strong, do you know what i did? I closed my eyes and all my fear went away. I
couldn't see the cat - everything was OK.....but the cat pounced - I screamed - I died.

If I had been in a cage, if I had a Master to look after me, then the death cat wouldn't have got me. In
this life, the society of Saints, the purest pure Khalsa is my cage, i can close my eyes and i know i'm
safe with them around me. Waheguru ji is my master and SatGuru ji has taught me, the foolish parrot,
to speak His language of love.

'Thoo pinjar hau Soortha thoar

Jam majar kaha kareh moor'
You are the Cage and I'm the parrot,
What can the cat of death do to me?'
(Guru Granth Sahib ji).

I praise my Master,
I love my SatGuru,
I die for the Khalsa.
If I'm hungry they feed me,
if I'm naked they clothe me,
if I'm lonely they are there for me,
if I'm lost they come and find me.

19.3 Saadh-Sangaat Twice-A-Day

"The Supreme Lord showers His Mercy, and we find the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy. The
more time we spend there, the more we come to love the Lord. The Lord is the Master of both worlds;
there is no other place of rest. When the True Guru is pleased and satisfied, O Nanak, the True Name is
obtained. || 9 || 1 ||" (panna 71, Guru Arjun Dev Jee).

It is Guru Ji's Hukam to spend as much time as possible in the saadh-sangat. GurMukhs say go once in
the morning and once in the evening. On getting there dont waste time hanging around chatting with
your friends, sit inside and do naam simran with one mind, do seva and simran...............no time to

When Guru HarGobind Jee was imprisoned in Gwalior fort why did the 52 other prisoner kings feel
like dying when they were told of Guru jee's release? Why did they have so much love for Guru jee?
Because Guru HarGobind Jee turned the prison-hell into Sach-Khand heaven. How? By insitgating
morning and evening devotional saadhsangat. The depressed kings filled with hope in guru jee's
company. They were a broken people that Guru jee glued together with Waheguru Waheguru love.
They pleaded to Guru jee not to leave them, they didn't know how to survuve without him. Because of
their love, Guru Jee refused to leave the prison unless they were all released to..........Aisa Gur Ko Bal
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 193

Bal Jai-ia...Be a sacrifice, ever a sacrifice to such a Guru! And that is why the cloak with 52 strips was
made, so each king held on and satisified the Moghuls condition that only those who could hold on to
Guru jee would be released.

Saadh-Sangat twice a day, do ardas right now to Guru HarGobind Jee to bless you with this great

19.4 Raindrops

'Gur Satgur Pass-ho Har Gosat Poochhaan, Kar Saanjhee Har Gun Gaavaan' Vadhans Mahalla
Choathaa (panna 562)

My Mitter Pyarai Satguru Guroo Parmesar Jee (Beloved Friend True Guru Supreme God), I ask you
how can I meet (Milaap) you??. Let me endulge myself in Sadh Sangat (Congregation of Saints) and
always do naam simran.(meditation on the Name Waheguru).

In the Monsoon season the winds clash with the Himalayas Mountains, resulting in rainfall. One drop of
rain alone cannot make its way to the sea, no matter how hard it tries, but if many raindrops merge; it
forms a flow of water, a river....hence it reaches the ocean water cutting through rough terrain.

Equally Satguroo Paarbhram Parmesar Jee gives us knowledge that one Gursikh alone cannot reach (the
ocean) Vaheguroo Jee..,(like a single raindrop) but if many gursikhs get together like the mergence of
raindrops; they all become like a flow of the river towards Satguroo Paarbhram Parmesar Jee's Milaap
cutting through Kaam Krodh Lobh Moh and Hankaar.(Lust, Anger, Greed, Attachment and Pride)

Another example is if one displays a vessel filled with dirty water in the rain, each single raindrop
dispels a micron of the dirty water, hence resulting in clear clean pure water.

Similarly by Naam Japping or simran, each breath is like a single raindrop which inturn dispels dirt and
purifies our mind.

There you are!, the time has come to do Naam Japping I hope that everyone makes an effort to become
part of the 'Flow' to the journey to the Ocean......Vaheguuroo Jee's Milaap.......

19.5 Walked All Night

A Gursikh was making his way to an all night (Rahansabhaee) Kirtan and was well known for playing
the 'Karthaalaas' (2 pieces of wood with small metal cymbols in them which are banged together).
Somehow he missed the last bus which would have taken him to the Rahansabhaee Kirtan. He asked his
way and was told that it would take him until the morning to get there. This Gursikh was determined to
join the sadh-sangat; so turning his face towards them all those miles away, he started playing his
'Karthaalaas' and doing Kirtan whilst walking.

When he reached the Sadh-Sangat some of the Gursikhs noticed he was in tune with the same exact
Shabads that were already being recited at the Rahansabhaee!!!!.........Isn't it beautifully amazing?!?!?!,
Dhan Guroo Paarbram Parmesar and Dhan Guroo Dey Sikh,

19.6 Tiny Drops

It is a full moon's night. Everything seems to be glazed with a beautiful silvery color. A cool breeze is
making the trees and the shrubs sing with joy. There is a lake nearby. It too seems to be blissfully
enjoying this tranquil moment. A water vessel filled with water lies on the shore. It looks like someone
forgot to take it home after washing clothes in it.
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 194

The moon's reflection can be seen in the cool lake water. The water in the vessel is also from the lake;
yet it does not reflect the moon.This is because the water is dirty. Suddenly, as if by magic, clouds
begin to form. And soon, tiny droplets of rain freshen everything up.

The rain droplets fall into the vessel too. Each droplet replaces some dirty water with clean and
heavenly water from the sky. Soon, the water in the vessel is pure. Now the moon can be clearly seen
in it.

Moral :

Pyare gursikhooo, the vessel is us. Although we are made from waheguru, yet we fail to
reflectwaheguru's essence.

But, as if by magic, waheguru gives us sangat. With sangat, rain droplets of Naam begin to replace our
impure qualities with pure and heavenly gur-mat. Soon we are clean and we reflect waheguru.

19.7 Mola Shah

Mola Shah, a naami muslim, was once working in a garden planting flowers whena seeker should up.
The seeker asked Shah jee about the path of gurmat. Shah jee said, "That's easy."

He then selected out a recently planted flower, removed it from ground and planted it somewhere else.

"That's it," he said quite satisfactorily.


The gurmat path is easy - all we really have to do is change our mind's environment. At the practical
level that means ****changing our lifestyle****. Instead of keeping the company of people and TV
that only leads us away from Waheguru jee, go to the Gurdwara and make friends with the saints.
Instead of spending hours and hours wasting time talking nonsense, spend that time talking to
Waheguru jee by doing paat and Naam Simran. In short, remove the plant of the mind from bad
company and replant it in good company


20.1 One Instant Without Waheguru

darshan kee man aas ganeree

koi aasa sant moko
pirah milaae ¦¦ (m: 5, 374)

I cannot endure one day, even one instant without Him.

My mind's desire for the Blessed Vision of His Darshan is so great.
Is there any Saint who can lead me to meet my Beloved? ¦¦ 1 ¦¦ Pause ¦¦

Meri pyari sakhiooo, santooo, gursikhooo, please, please, please lead me to my beloved.


One moment, one day, is for me many days.
My mind cannot survive - how can I meet my Beloved? ¦¦ 1 ¦¦
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 195

I cannot endure one day, even one instant without Him.

My mind's desire for the Blessed Vision of His Darshan is so great.
Is there any Saint who can lead me to meet my Beloved? ¦¦ 1 ¦¦ Pause ¦¦

The four watches of the day are like the four ages.
And when night comes, I think that it shall never end. ¦¦ 2 ¦¦

The five demons have joined together, to separate me from my Husband Lord.
Wandering and rambling, I cry out and wring my hands. ¦¦ 3 ¦¦

The Lord has revealed the Blessed Vision of His Darshan to servant Nanak;
realizing his own self, he has obtained supreme peace. ¦¦ 4 ¦¦ 15 ¦¦

waaaa-he-guru WAHEGURU waaaa-he-guru WAHEGURU waaaa-he-guru WAHEGURU

waaaa-he-guru WAHEGURU waaaa-he-guru WAHEGURU waaaa-he-guru WAHEGURU

20.2 The Moon And The Sea

kirpa..kirpa..kirpa...grace of God,

lac kushee-a patshahee-a je satgur nadar kareh....

one experiences hundred thousands kingly joys
when the Satguru casts his favourable glance.

One obtains God by Guru's blessings...Gur Prasad.

Like the huge face of the sea feels the moonlight shining down , and some desire is born inside to meet
the Moon. It's love wells up into ripples, more love wells up into wave after wave, rising higher and
higher,leaping to touch the Moon...but crashing empty handed against the dock of the bay. Night after
night, the ocean's love is too much too contain, but it is beyond it's power to kiss the moon.

It can never be so?

There's so much love in a GurMukh's heart, Waheguru Waheguru wells up inside, the spirit is too big to
contain inside the body walls, amritvela after amritvela the love leaps higher and higher but day after
day, the poor bride crashes to the floor....alone, with tears in her eyes and pangs of separation in her
heart. What can she do , her power is nothing..its out of her hands. She walks with dishevelled hair and
mascara smudged down her face, she turns this way and that way but no-one can tell the way to her
husband. All her efforts have failed, she holds her head in her hands and cries
'Akhan jor , chupeh na jor No power to speak, nor to be silent
Jor na mangan dehn na jor No power to ask nor to give
Jor na jeevan marn na jor No power to live nor to die
Jor na raj mal man sor No power to rule which disturbs ones mind
Jor na surtee gian vichar No power for conciousness to contemplate gian
Jor na Jugtee chutey sansar NO POWER TO ESCAPE THE WORLD
Jis Hath Jor kar vekeh soi The one with the power in His hands watches all
Nanak Utam Nich na koi' Nanak says no-one is high or low'

She cries, O Lord my body is smashed trying to please you, my heart is broken, my life is miserable, my
power is nothing...I've tried but I cant reach you..you are 'Ooch, Apar, Beant Swamee'..High, Infinite,
Limitless Lord. You are Agochar - beyond my gochar senses.

Lekha katheh na chutee-ey, khin khin bhoolan har

Bakshnhar baksh-leho, Nanak Par Utar.
Baba ji, my ations can't be erased, I make mistakes moment after moment.
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 196

O Forgiver, forgive me, make me cross to your side.

Kar Kirpa Prabh deen dyala

Teree Ot Pooran Gopala
Grace me O Merciful to the Poor
With Your Shelter O Perfect Cherisher of the World

If God is merciful then even the Waves can Kiss the moon, even a poor powerless fool like me can
reach my Ooch Apar Beant Swamee.

20.3 Home Soon

the honeybee knows there's pollen in the air and nectar at the end
the peacock dances on seeing the distant clouds full with the first rain
the young bride holds the love letter and knows sweetheart's coming home
the wind's blowing, the cloud's flowing, gurbanee letters have reached me
soon i wont be alone.

20.4 Koee Aan Milaveh - Someone lead me to Waheguru Jee

My beloved sangat, I have been thinking of this Shabad a lot lately, I thought you may enjoy it.Think
about it.



If only someone would come,

and lead me to meet my Darling Beloved;
I would sell myself to him.|| 1 ||

I long for the Blessed Vision of the Lord's Darshan.

When the Lord shows Mercy unto me, then I meet the True Guru;
I meditate on the Name of the Lord, Har, Har. || 1 || Pause||

If You will bless me with happiness,

then I will worship and adore You.
Even in pain, I will meditate on You|| 2 ||

Even if You give me hunger,

I will still feel satisfied; I am joyful,
even in the midst of sorrow.|| 3 ||

I would cut my mind and body apart into pieces,

and offer them all to You;
I would burn myself in fire.|| 4 ||

I wave the fan over You,

and carry water for You;
whatever You give me, I take. || 5 ||

Poor Nanak has fallen at the Lord's Door;

please, O Lord, unite me with Yourself,
by Your Glorious Greatness. || 6 ||
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 197

Taking out my eyes, I place them at Your Feet;

after travelling over the entire earth
I have come to understand this.|| 7 ||

If You seat me near You, then I worship and adore

You. Even if You beat me and drive me out,
I will still meditate on You. || 8 ||

If people praise me, the praise is Yours.

Even if they slander me,
I will not leave You. || 9 ||

If You are on my side, then anyone can say anything.

But if I were to forget You,
then I would die. || 10 ||

I am a sacrifice, a sacrifice to my Guru;

falling at His Feet,
I surrender to the Saintly Guru. || 11 ||

Poor Nanak has gone insane,

longing for the Blessed Vision
of the Lord's Darshan. || 12 ||

Even in violent storms and torrential rain,

I go out to catch a glimpse of my Guru. || 13 ||

Even though the oceans and the salty seas are very vast,
the GurSikh will cross over it to get to his Guru. || 14 ||

Just as the mortal dies without water

so does the Sikh die without the Guru.|| 15 ||

Just as the earth looks beautiful when the rain falls,

so does the Sikh blossom forth meeting the Guru.|| 16 ||

I long to be the servant of Your servants;

I call upon You reverently in prayer. || 17 ||

Nanak offers this prayer to the Lord,

that he may meet the Guru, and find peace.|| 18 ||

You Yourself are the Guru, and You Yourself are the chaylaa, the disciple;
through the Guru, I meditate on You. || 19 ||

Those who serve You, become You.

You preserve the honor of Your servants.|| 20 ||

O Lord, Your devotional worship is a treasure over-flowing.

One who loves You, is blessed with it. || 21 ||

That humble being alone receives it, unto whom You bestow it.
All other clever tricks are fruitless. || 22 ||

Remembering, remembering, remembering my Guru in meditation,

my sleeping mind is awakened. || 23 ||

Poor Nanak begs for this one blessing,

that he may become the slave of the slaves of the Lord.|| 24 ||
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 198

Even if the Guru rebukes me, He still seems very sweet to me.
And if He actually forgives me, that is the Guru's greatness.|| 25 ||

That which Gurmukh speaks is certified and approved.

Whatever the self-willed manmukh says is not accepted.|| 26 ||

Even in the cold, the frost and the snow,

the GurSikh still goes out to see his Guru.|| 27 ||

All day and night, I gaze upon my Guru;

I install the Guru's Feet in my eyes.|| 28 ||

I make so many efforts for the sake of the Guru;

only that which pleases the Guru is accepted and approved.|| 29 ||

Night and day, I worship the Guru's Feet in adoration;

have Mercy upon me, O my Lord and Master.|| 30 ||

The Guru is Nanak's body and soul;

meeting the Guru, he is satisfied and satiated.|| 31 ||

Nanak's God is perfectly permeating and all-pervading.

Here and there and everywhere, the Lord of the Universe.|| 32 || 1 ||

Dhan Dhan Guru Nanak

20.5 Locked Out

A child is locked out from his house, knocking on the front door saying 'Dad, Dad' but seeing his
friends riding by on their bikes, he runs off and joins them. He wasn't really bothered if he got in or
not. His call of 'Dad, Dad' was rather empty and void of emotion.

He comes back late in the evening and still locked out he starts knocking again as before 'Dad, Dad'.
But this time it's getting cold outside, he's got nowhere else to run to - all his friends have deserted him
too. So becoming more determined he knocks harder and harder, with both fists banging the door and
screaming 'DAD! DAD!'.

A good few hours pass like this, all his frustration burns itself out. Tired and dejected he falls to the
ground and turning his back to the door, leans against it with his knees up infront of him. He's got no
more energy to say 'Dad! Dad!' and looking across the dark and lonely street, he's got no desire to go
and play there either. Nowhere to go, he cries with his forehead resting on his knees.

Its a long lonely night, with no guarantee that if he waits he'll get in through the door. He sits it out.
The Sun rises. His friends come by later on, full of energy, singing the virtues of playing football in
the park. They try to tempt him with sweets and chocolates. He's not interested in this heaven they're
offering him. Then the big sweaty boy comes across and shouts at him, 'Look man we need you to
make the numbers, are you coming peacefully or am I gonna have to kick your soft little butt!' But the
boy isn't scared by this hell they're threatening him with. He says to his friends 'I dont wanna play ball,
I dont want get beats, all I want is my Dad'

His friends swear and spit and leave him in peace. He turns around and faces the door once more. He
raises his fists, takes a deep breath and is just about to start banging the door while screaming 'DAD!
DAD!'. When he thinks 'this doesnt work, why am I wasting my effort, what am I doing wrong?' He
feels sad again. He does a silent ardas from the heart.
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 199

'O Dad, I'm really sorry for all the bad things I've done. I've got nowhere else to go. I'm your foolish
and ignorant child, Father instruct me.' Then he gets a brainwave. He suddenly remember's what his
Dad was always saying, 'Son, remember Humilty is the Key'. That's it! That's it!. All this time he'd
been screaming and shouting and making such a big noise trying to break the door down, when the
answer was right under his nose. Well, right under his feet to be exact. Humility is the Key...he
BENDS DOWN LOW and what does he find underneath the Welcome Mat?


And When the door opens, he falls at His Father's feet singing 'VAAHI-GUROO VAAHI-GUROO'.
Feeling as beautiful as a flower, at perfect peace at Guru Nanak's feet and Waheguru ji's Light, Bright,

20.6 Seeing The Light

Bhai Sahib Randhir Singh, the well-known saint-scholar of Narangwal, narrates his spiritual experience
in his autobiography, thus :

I was employed at Abbotabad. For weeks and months, l hungered for a glirnpse of god. I lost all
appetite. Earthly pleasures had no charm for me. I had shed all desires, all ambitions, except one-to
see God and to be at one with Him. I loved solitude. Beautiful natural scenery intensified my yearning
for Him. The craving within allowed me no rest. Sleep was banished. Day and night, I yearned for
Him. All other thoughts were focused on Him unceasingly and this craving grew more and more

One day, I returned from my office at 3 p.m. and resorted to a cave. Dusk came, the shades of night
fell. My servant came to look for me, and entreated me to take my meals, which I had not done for
days. I mechanically followed him. Reaching by home, I shut myself up and bolted the doors and sat
down, desperately all-out to find Him, to see Him. The all-consuming passion for God was aglow in
my heart and soul. And lo, I heard the stirring music of the Soul. I felt as if my body emitted sparks of
light from every pore.

Then I felt that my soul had detached itself from my body. I saw my Self ! It was a delightful
experience, but more was yet to come. All of a sudden, I saw myself flood-lit within and without. "I
wished to cry out for mere joy." It felt like bursting with excessive joy. There was the same celestial
light in the limitless space. I watched and wondered, in ecstatic joy. No pen could describe the
ineffable sweet experience. I was a part of the limitless ocean of light. I felt light as a flower. Even
with the eyes closed, I saw the sea of Celestial Light spreading all round. The day dawned and yet I
could see the distinctive light which spread through the whole of the space. Thus did God visit me. I
then had a cold bath. When it was over, I was absorbed in pro found contemplation. The icy-cold
weather left me unconcerned and unaffected, even though I was naked, except for my head-gear and

I rose and went out. People watched my face and found my eyes full of charm. They whispered to each
other, " What eyes !" And I heard sweet music within and without everywhere, unstruck, ineffable.

20.7 If I Was

if i was a dancer
i'd dance today
with the sun and moon
on the milky way
we'd sing and spin
to our heart's delight
guru guru all
through the night
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 200

if i was a snow cap

i'd melt today
in my guru's light
take the river's way
down the mountain side
for a hug, a hug,
guru guru'ing into
the ocean of love.

if i was a lover
i'd love to be
a red rose bride
at your lotus feet
and in your hands
I'd become complete
Guru Guru Waheguru
taste so sweet
taste so sweet.

20.8 The Vow Of Silence

The Gianee jee was saying that he went to a place were one can hear the unstruck melody of Bhai
Mardana Ji's rabab (string instrument) wafting through the sky. The people of this place are followers
of Nanak Shah and call themselves Mareeds (disciples) instead of Sikhs. They are of Islamic
background but follow Guru Nanak Ji's instructions.

At Guru Nanak ji's time, there was a Fakeer (Muslim Saint), after many years he came to a state of
mind where he thought I've talked and talked so many words but I haven't talked to God. I've wasted so
much time in idle chatter, I've wasted so much time running this way and that, but my spiritual hunger
has not been satisfied. He became incredibly motivated to meet God once and for all. He said to God,
'Baba ji, to prove to you I am serious I am taking a vow of silence. Baba ji until You speak to me, I will
not speak with anyone'. So he began his meditation from the bottom of his heart, he was determined
(hut) and so the days passed.

Meanwhile, Guru Nanak Dev ji said to Bhai Mardana ji, 'Mardana, we shall cross this desert for a
devotee wants God to speak to Him'.They walked 80 miles through sandy terrain and reached the
Fakeer. The Fakeer was in deep meditation, still waiting for God to speak to him. Baba Nanak ji said
'Mardana Rabab Shear' (Mardana play the Rabab) and God's Word came pouring out of Baba Nanak ji's

It was so sweet, so full of love, so moving, so deep that the Fakeer's heart melted and his rock like
determination became as soft as a cloud. When he opened his eyes he described Guru Nanak ji as
'Noori Purash' (Light Being). He fell at Baba Nanak Ji's feet and told the gathering towns people that
from the outside Nanak looked like any normal person, but the Shakti(power) inside him was God

When the time came for Baba Nanak Ji to leave, the Fakeer couldn’t bear the thought of being
separated from the One that he'd been searching for all his life. He begged of Guru Nanak ji, 'When
will I see you again and have your divine Darshan (Vision).' Guru Nanak ji said, 'Whenever you think
of me pyario.' The Fakeer replied, 'then I will think of You everyday'. Baba Nanak ji answered 'Then I
will bless you with darshan everyday too'.

The towns people also begged Baba i for some gift, Baba Nanak ji blessed the surroundings with sound
of Bhai Mardana's Rabab wafting through the trees, clouds, rivers and hills.

Dhan Guru Nanak Dhan Nirankar.

01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 201


My GurSikh friend also said that to reach Waheguru ji, you must be determined. To prove you are
determined you must 'Do something'. Eg One of the things he promised was never to eat food cooked
in any old common kitchen. Never to eat food where people of that place ate meat or drank alcohol.
He doesn't even drink a glass of water from these people's houses. He eats only from home or from the
Gurdwara. That was his 'something' - he never broke the discipline, he got his rewards.

The Fakeer's 'something' was the Vow of Silence. The 'something' Guru Gobind Singh ji has given us to
give our heads at the amrit ceremony and do nitnem, gurmantr and moolmantr everyday without
fail...and Guru Sahib wont fail us either.

The following verses are beautiful description of a a state of extreme anand. Many people are confused
about GurMantr techniques, Bhai Gurdas ji's technique was to have 'inner attention'.

(TriPartite Time means past, present and future.

Tripartite Universe means, heaven , hell and earth)

Bhai Gurdass Ji's Swaiya

Without experiencing the Bliss of Divine Love,

The tongue much chattered always nonsence;
On being empowered by the Bliss of Love
The Vow of Silence has been taken;
Sunk in the intoxication of Love,
The Nectar the Divine Drink,
The attention is turned in ward,
The eyes see no Duality;
Love, indeed is the Principle, the Spontaneous Contemplation,

The Ceaseless Inner Attention;

Saturated in Love, the ears permit not
The entry of word Duality into them;
How wonderful then to live
Without body in the world,
How wonderful then to attain Salvation in Life,
How wonderful then to acquire Perfection
In the Knowledge of Tripartite Universe,
How wonderful to acquire Perfection
In the Knowledge of Tripartite Time.
(Kabit 81)


By contemplating --- with the Inner-Attention,

On the Supreme Word,
The Light Dawns,
The Tripartite Universe and the Tripartite Time.
Are seen within the Self;
By contemplating --- with the Inner-Attention,
On the Supreme Word,
The Light of the Supreme Teacher's knowledge shines.
Its Narration and Bliss both are Indescriblable,
In it the Undefinable becomes definable;
By contemplating --- with the Inner-Attention,
On the Supreme Word,
The Torrent of Divine Nectar rushes down
To the Mind, from the Shoreless
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 202

Cataract of Spiritual Nectar;

The Aspirant having become merged
In Divine Love,
Drinks the Drink Celestial,
Undrinkable for the Mortals.
(Kabit 93)

20.9 Bhagat Dhanna Jee

Bhai Dhanna jee was a simple hearted farmer.

One day, Bhai Dhanna jee was passing a pundit's house who was feeding his thakur - a stone idol. Bhai
Dhanna jee was quite perplexed by this. So Bhai Dhanna jee asked the pundit, "What are you doing?"

The pundit was kind of hungry and wanted to get this feeding over as soon as possible and really wasn't
in a mood for Bhai Dhanna jee's simple inquiries.

He replied, "Oh, nothing, just feeding my thakur. Now if you will excuse me..."

Bhai Dhanna jee found that incredibly funny, "What use is feeding a stone?"

Pundit, "That is not a stone, it is God."

"Really?! What does God give you if you feed it?"

Pundit: "Everything. Now, I really must ask you to leave..."

Bhai Dhanna jee liked this idea of giving a little food and getting back everything. So Bhai Dhanna jee
asked the pundit if he could also have a thakur.

At this time, the pundit's stomach was audibly complaining about lack of food. So he hastily picked up
the nearest stone off the ground and said, "Here. First feed it, then you eat. Goodbye."

Saying that the pundit dived into the food left over by thakur. Bhai Dhanna jee held the stone closely
and hurried home.

As soon as Bhai Dhanna jee got home, Bhai Dhanna jee cooked the best meal - saag and makkee di roti
- for dinner. He placed it in front of thakur and said, "Here thakur jee, please eat. Afterwards, I want to
discuss many things with you. I need a new cow for example, but for now, please eat."

Saying that Bhai Dhanna jee sat in front of thakur and waited. And waited. And waited.

After a while, Bhai Dhanna jee said, "Look thakur, I really have no time for your play. Come and eat at
once! I have many chores to do."

After several hours, Bhai Dhanna jee was thinking that perhaps thakur jee was annoyed at him. So Bhai
Dhanna jee tried to persuade thakur jee to forgive him: "Look here thakur, I haven't eaten in a while.
Now it is entirely possible that I have done something to annoy you but believe you me, we can discuss
this much better after this saag and makkee dee roti is in our stomachs."

Slowly the night deepened. Bhai Dhanna jee said, "Look thakur, I have one nerve left and you are
dancing on it. Either eat your food or I will....", Bhai Dhanna jee couldn't really think of anything so
he just stomped his foot in anger.

Pretty soon, it became daylight. Now Bhai Dhanna jee was quite disoriented. Sometimes Bhai Dhanna
jee would curse thakur, sometimes Bhai Dhanna jee would hug thakur and sometimes Bhai Dhanna jee
would starting crying.
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 203

Two long and hungry nights passed in this manner. Then at amrit vela on the third day, when Bhai
Dhanna jee was too weak to curse any more, Waheguru jee decided to do the thing Waheguru jee does
best - play.

Waheguru jee appeared inside the stone. It was the most beautiful body of a young man. Bhai Dhanna
lost all his anger and just gaped at Waheguru jee.

Waheguru jee stepped out of the stone and said, "Bhai Dhanna jee, sorry, I am late - had to deal with a
couple of universe creations - but would you be kind enough to warm up this saag and makkee dee roti.
How did you know that this is my favourite food?"

Bhai Dhanna jee, keeping one eye on Waheguru jee, warmed up the saag and presented it to Waheguru
jee. Waheguru jee joyfully ate and fed Bhai Dhanna jee too.

It was daylight by then. Bhai Dhanna jee said, "Look thakur jee, I am tired - I haven't slept for 2 nights
- and all I can think of is bed. You, on the other hand, haven't done much. How exhausting is sitting in
that stone anyways? So if you don't mind, would you feed the cows while I take a short nap?"

Waheguru jee really didn't have a choice. So he did all the farm chores.

When Bhai Dhanna jee woke up, Waheguru jee had prepared lassi for Bhai Dhanna jee. Bhai Dhanna
jee drank and said, "You know, thakur, you are just too good. I don't know why but I feel so close to
you. You feel like my best friend. Now lets go and work on the farm."

Saying that, Bhai Dhanna jee put his arms around Waheguru jee and went to the farm.

Bhai Dhanna jee fell head over heels in love with Waheguru jee. He couldn't resist being with
Waheguru jee. They spent the next few days literally arm in arm. Even at night, Bhai Dhanna jee
would hold Waheguru jee's hand and listen to Waheguru jee songs - Waheguru jee sang a lot - and
would drift off to sleep.

A week later, the pundit was passing Bhai Dhanna jee's hut. Bhai Dhanna jee saw him and ran to him
and said, "Oh, pundit jee, you wonderful man, thank you so much for that thakur..."

Pundit, "What??? Oh, yeah, sure, anytime. Look, I am in a hurry. I am going to the conference
KPPARR (Keeping Poor Poor And Rich Rich)."

Bhai Dhanna jee: "But please come and drink some lassi. Thakur jee makes the best lassi."

Pundit: "What now? Thakur jee makes something?"

Bhai Dhanna jee: "Oh, the best stuff. Look at him, how beautiful he is."

Pundit jee looked and indeed some was pushing the cows on the farm. And yet there was nobody to be

Pundit jee: "Who is that?"

Bhai Dhanna jee: "Why, that is thakur jee, of course. Oh, you should hear him sing..."

Pundit jee was quited intrigued by now. And repeatedly asked Bhai Dhanna jee about Thakur jee.
After a while Bhai Dhanna jee realized that Pundit could not see Thakur jee. Bhai Dhanna jee
promised that he would talk to Thakur jee about this.

The pundit left. Bhai Dhanna jee went to Waheguru jee and said, "Thakur jee, how come pundit jee
can't see you?"

Waheguru jee: "The pundit jee really doesn't want to see me. He is more interested in my maid -
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 204

Bhai Dhanna jee: "But I don't understand. How can one see you?"

Waheguru jee: "One has to become pure. And in this age, Dhanna jee, the only way to become pure is
by reciting naam."

Bhai Dhanna jee: "Naam?"

Waheguru jee: "Naam is the magic of this age. Even a few minutes of naam will bring the magic that is
needed to see me."

Bhai Dhanna jee: "But, I haven't recited naam. How come I can see you?"

Waheguru jee, at that point, touched Bhai Dhanna jee's forehead. Bhai Dhanna jee's surat went inside.
Inside he saw that he, Bhai Dhanna jee, had done heavy tapasaya for over 100 lifetimes. He had stood
in water all night and in the hot sun all day. He had hung upside down for several lifetimes. He had
been a celibate in one lifetime and a moni (ones who don't talk) in another. But he had progressed
spiritually very little.

Then in his previous life, he had met an adept guru who had given him naam. And by doing naam for
just one lifetime, Bhai Dhanna jee had become pure.

Seeing Waheguru jee was the reward for his naam from previous life.

Bhai Dhanna jee fell at Waheguru jee's feet and cried. Saying, "Please forgive this fool, I treated you as
an equal..."

Waheguru jee picked him and held him close, singing songs of comfort, "Bhai Dhanna jee, now the
time is right to leave. The way you see me now is the superficial way of meeting me. The real way is
inside. Now you must start naam again and then I will meet you inside."

Saying that Waheguru jee vanished into thin air. Bhai Dhanna jee was enlightened now, else he would
cursed Waheguru jee. Immediately he started naam with each breath.

Within days, Bhai Dhanna jee met Waheguru jee in Waheguru jee's real form - the formless one -

20.10 City Of Separation

Dearest Sangat Ji,

The Pure Ones Belong To The Wondrous Destroyer Of Darkness, Victory To The Wondrous Destroyer
Of Darkness. . .

There was once a city covered by clouds. In it were great office buildings, schools, stores, and
factories. The city was a place where raw materials, both physical and human, flowed. It was the
center of the economy. It was where you had to be an important, successful person, but the majority of
people in their own estimation were failures; no person or place was secure from various unlawful acts;
and the conditions supported in this environment produced an infinite variety of illnesses, including
some that were deadly and contagious.

This city was very dark. Energy had become quite limited and little light was available. People passed
one another in shadows and could not easily see one another. Perhaps to be noticed more, they
improvised various extreme forms of behavior and dress.

In this place it was typical for people to live in fear and suspicion.
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 205

Even so-called friends withheld much from one another. If you asked
who was in charge, you would be told, "We are all free here; we follow our own selves. No one
controls us. This is just the way things are."

At first I had found this city interesting, I was drawn to walking its dark streets at all hours. I wished to
be an observer, but increasingly I was becoming more a part of it. Eventually I began to wish to find
some other life, or change something inside myself, but as often as I thought about it, nothing ever
changed. I once asked someone, "Am I the only one who feels that something is not right? Or do
others sometimes feel this way?"

"Sure, we all complain," he answered. "But this is life. We have to adjust to reality. Why whistle in
the wind? But there is a neighborhood of this city where you can find people who feel the way you do."

I was informed of the neighborhood of Remorse, as it was called, and came to know the people there.
They were in every respect like the other people of this city, except that they felt remorse over some of
their actions. Among the population were many arrogant, envious, and insincere individuals who took
pleasure in getting the upper hand in every situation. I came to know them well-their selfishness and
doubt, their obsessions and hesitations, their remorse, and their inevitable acceptance of their weakness.

I asked, "Why don't people change? Why do they think about it and never do it? Why don't we
consider how all this will end?"

By some chance a few of the people of this neighborhood found their way out of the city and came to
the village of sharing. They found it either through real desperation or by accident. A sign at the
village limits says, "Spirit in us All." This village was the home of Ms. Affection. The people here
enjoyed many forms of togetherness. They had many occasions for celebration, and they sang songs
together and danced. Their children were respected and allowed plenty of play time, and they were also
given useful work. Travelers were always welcomed and cared for. Family members did not fear
getting old and useless. When one of them might fall sick, others took this as a special opportunity to
visit. Married people did not fear judgment or abandonment. Lovers were guiltless and pure. Each
person valued his or her work because of how it fit into the whole, and everyone had something to work
at because all were needed by the others.

But more than anything, what kept the people happy was the totally irrational and immeasurable love
they felt for their Ms. Affection. Once people had met here there was little chance of their ever
returning to the city.

Unlike the people of that city, who acted solely and predictably from their own self-interest, these
people of sharing were unpredictable. They acted irrationally, giving away the best they had and
expecting nothing in return. These people lived in a mist of love. They would not have survived well
in most other places, but here in Sharing one found rich and poor together. The most educated were
humbly teaching those who wished to know more. Those who were served respected those who served.
I immediately felt relaxed and at home, even joyous. My life went along smoothly for some time before
I began to feel something unsettled in my heart.

When I saw a certain Old Man whose

face was radiant with Life and Compassion, I told Him, "Maybe you can help me. I cannot seem to
remember what it is I really want."

"What do You deeply Love?"

"When I was in the city I had forgotten about Love. When I came to this village, I realized that there
was nothing I wanted more than to be here with these people, but now I am not sure."

"Beyond this village, my Son, is a place you might visit," he said. "Don't worry, I can easily take you
there. In this place, you may meet, God Willing, four kinds of people:

"First, there are the Pretenders. You will see them reading and talking about the Truth, even doing the
postures of meditation and the forms of worship, but their minds are often somewhere else. And yet
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 206

they are practicing the ways of Love, the Fruits of Love, as if they really Knew Love, and this will save
them in the end. They are learning that the One has many names. May their imitation become Reality.

"Then there are the Warriors. They practice the Greater Work, the struggle with the ego. They are
quiet and gentle, thankful and courteous. The activities they love are the simple acts of living, prayer
and spontaneous service. They have shed the artificialities of the ego and its many distractions. Their
egos have been tamed by Love Himself, found submission, and learned to serve their greater Self. If
you find them, stay with them long enough to learn patience and the Real Contentment.

"Third, you may meet, God Willing, the People of Remembrance. They remember the One inwardly in
all they do. They eat little, sleep little, and speak little lest they distract One another's attention from the
Presence of the One. They are the easiest people to be with-light as feathers, never a burden on anyone.
If you spend many years with them, God Willing, you might overcome your forgetfulness, doubt and
withholding. But even when you do, you will still have the hidden contradiction of I and He."

At this moment I was overcome with such sadness, and the tears were flowing before I knew it. I
wanted to drown in this sea of sorrow, because I felt so far from anything Real-so lost-but the sight of
the Radiant Face of my Old Friend took away my sense of hopelessness.

"Oh dear One," said He, "slave of your own ego, orphan, exile, beggar, the fourth group you will
meet, God Willing, are the People of Total Submission. They are speechless. They undertake no
unnecessary action on their own, but there is no obstacle to the Will of their Great Self, no hesitation,
no second thoughts, no bargaining. They have reached the most sublte state of themselves and know
their own No-Thingness. These people ask Nothing for them-Selves because they are identified with
Creative Being Itself. You may live among they for many years until you know of their state and your
actions appear as theirs, but you will not be inwardly one of them if you still suffer from separation, if
you are wstill yourself, if you still feel Lover and beloved. If your experience still comes from the well
of your own sub-conscious, by your own inner faculties-as long as a trace of you remains in you-you
haven't attained your Purpose. Know that there is a Knowledge and a Certainty that comes through
Spirit alone. Spirit and No-Thing: this is the highest destiny."

20.11 Breath Of Air

There's the story of the man who asked a saint to give him the vision of God, the saint took held his
neck and held it under water until the man could take no more. The saint said how did you feel, the
man said I felt like I was going to die without a breath of air. The saint said when you feel like that
about God and do naam simran like you're going to drown if you stop, then it won't be long before you

Do you know any GurMukhs, I mean you talk to them get their blessings, do seva for them? If not, then
do ardas to Guru Nanak Dev jee to put you into contact with someone. ( I don't mean worship a'human-
guru' I mean being hand and glove with the saints, sitting with the brides of God asking them how they
pleased the Beloved Husband.and the Divine SatGuru).

20.12 A Journey To The Beloved's Doorstep

Kant Paker Hum Kenee Rani - A Journey To The Beloved's Doorstep

Now all I do is sit at the window and look toward the road for my beloved's message.....


Any day now the King would be sending for me. I would become His rani. Now that I am ready, the
time seems to stretch more and more. Each moment without my Lord is an eternity to me now.
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 207

Although I do all the chores, my eyes, my ears, my whole being is always at the window looking for the
messenger from the Lord, my soon to be husband.

I look around the room I am living in. I will miss this place. I have a profound fondness for this place.
This place prepared me for my marriage to the Lord. I remember the time when I was living an
orphan's life in the village....


It was early morning and I had come out with all the village girls to get water from the well. I enjoyed
this activity the most. We would laugh and play all along the way. Even though I had no family, the
villagers made me part of their lives. Along with the other girls, I too was given the responsibility of
getting water to the village in the mornings.

The villagers tried their best to make me feel like one of the family. They would hug and kiss me along
with their children but the warmth with which they hugged their own children would cause me to cry
silently. But despite those moments of loneliness, I was happy. In fact, everyone lived happily and with
peace. The reason behind this happiness was our King.

Our King was benevolent and kind. He was generous and just. There was none like Him and I was told
there never had been or will be one like Him. But His quality that shone the most was His love. His
love for the people, His love for justice, His love for the world and all its creatures.

I had never seen Him, of course. Only His ranis could see Him. It was a great mystery how these ranis
were chosen. No one seemed to know how the King would select an ordinary girl and make her a rani.
All girls fantasized about being His rani.

Except me. Looking back, I realize that the thought of me being a rani was beyond my imagination.
There were so many girls in the village that the King could choose from. Whereas these girls were
beautiful and elegant, I was ugly and uncultured. Whereas these girls spoke softly and sweetly, I knew
only crude and simple words. Whereas these girls were sophisticated and subtle, I was ill-mannered
and foolish. Whereas these girls wore beautiful clothes, I wore torn rags. Whereas these girls had
strong and powerful families, I was a wandering orphan.

To confess, I had several times fantasized about being one of His ranis' servant. I imagined myself
preparing food for her. Washing her clothes. Washing her feet with my hands. Fanning her on hot
days. Living in her will. Looking after all her needs.


We were just a few feet from the well when we heard the sound of horses coming from the side of
sunrise. We all looked at the approaching horses and the rider. The rider rode one horse and held the
reins of another unmounted horse. The rider wore royal blue clothes and had two swords and a chakar.
The sun reflected off the rider's armour. Every movement of the rider created a festival of lights.

That was no ordinary rider, that was the King's rider.

My friend nudged me. Her whisper was urgent: "Don't look at the rider! Kneel down!"

I was ignorant of such things. Feeling rather foolish, I knelt down.

The rider came by and stood a few feet away from us. Perhaps the rider would let us serve the horse
with food or if we were fortunate, perhaps we would be able to serve the rider. Our breath was short
with excitement as we silently knelt down waiting for our command. The rider approached our group.

I felt a tap on on my shoulder. I felt weak - surely I must have done something terribly wrong, since I
was a simpleton and didn't know the difference between right and wrong.

The rider said: "Sakhi, I bow to you. Be joyous, for you will be His rani."
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 208

My heart beat so fast that it was a wonder I did not faint.

Me! one of His ranis.

Perhaps there had been a mistake. I shyly looked towards the rider and pointing to my self mumbled,

The rider smiled, "Yes, you, Sakhi. Say your farewells, we leave soon for guru's abode." Yes, it was

Me! a rani - an ignorant and dirty village girl like me.

I felt drunk with joy.

guru ghar

There were, of course, no farewells to be said. I didn't belong to anyone and no one belonged to me.
The kind rider helped me on a horse. After a whole day of travel we reached a castle. A woman came
out and took me down from my horse. I immediately took to liking her. She hugged me strongly. It
was rather strange but this total stranger gave me the kind of hug I had been craving for all my life.
Even more strange was that I felt I had known her for a life time.

I thanked the rider and went inside. There were several women there. They were all very extra-
ordinarily beautiful. Some wore jewelry while others were simple. The jewels did not resemble any
jewels I had seen before. They seemed to be made of light and shone brilliantly. For a few moments I
thought I was in the King's palace and these women were His ranis.

I knelt down and bowing down I quickly said, "Forgive me, my ranis, I know not manners."

There was silence for a moment. Then they all came and hugged me. With fondness, one of them said,
"Dear Chhotee, not ranis yet."

To date I do not know why she called me Chhotee, but the name felt familiar and I became to be known
by that name.

The whole place felt rather warm and homely. It seemed to be permeated with love and life. I felt
completely at ease here. Ma (the woman who had taken me off the horse - I didn't know her name, but
somehow I started calling her Ma) told me to bathe. And with much fussiness and pampering she
dressed me in a white robe. It was evening by then, after feeding me, they tucked me in a fine feather


I was woken up by Ma . It was much before sunrise. Surprised I asked: "Am I going somewhere?" She
just smiled and told me to bathe. Reluctantly, for I knew not cleansiness, I obeyed. Then she led me to
a room where all the sakhis were sitting and told me to do the same.

As soon as I sat down, I felt like I had never felt before - I felt wonderful! I felt as if I had grown to the
size of the room. I felt I was somehow above my body. I could hear a soft chant of a Word which I had
never heard before. This Word was no ordinary word. This Word was the wondrous and magical.

Little did I know that this Word would become a dear companion who would never desert me. A Word
that would cloth my nakedness forever. That would quench my thirst forever. That would fill my
hunger forever. That would never leave my heart. That would play with me like a childhood friend.
That would make the whole world my friend. That would make me sing with happiness. That would
make me cry with joy. That would make me rich beyond all dreams. That would show me my-self.

That Word was "WaheGuru".

01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 209

I immediately fell in love with the Word. The time passed wonderfully and before I knew it, it was
dawn. Then one of the sakhis started reciting a verse. It was rather strange, because I did not know this
language yet I completely understood what they were saying. It was praises of the King, His love, His
greatness, His aliveness and His youthfulness.

Afterwards, we all ate. Ma took me aside and explained to me a few things, "You are indeed blessed,
because you will be His rani one day. You are here for you must prepare yourself for Him."

That was all. Quite surprised, for I had a million questions, I silently nodded. She understood my
baffled look. All she said was, "Everything with due time."

As I was soon to discover, the sakhis didn't talk much. Only the most necessary words were spoken.
The Word, "WaheGuru", was freely and openly spoken though. I too couldn't help but say the Word
over and over again. The most amazing thing was that I didn't know what this Word meant, yet after a
few days, I could not help but say it with my tongue, my mind and my heart. Even during sleep, I
dreamt about it. It would start spontaneously in my heart the moment I woke up and no matter what I
did, it continued all day. I simply could not understand it! I tried several times to ask the sakhis, but all
I got was smiles, hugs and an occasional, "Be patient now, Chhotee."
One day, Ma and I went out to get water. This was the first time we were alone since I had come here,
and I was determined to ask her about the Word. I knew too that she could not resist me - such was the
bond that had developed between me and her.

As soon we were out of earshot, I immediately began: "Ma, pray, tell me one thing."

To my surprise, she said: "WaheGuru?"

I nodded. Silently Ma took me to the edge of the well. She pointed to the water.

"What is that?" she asked.

I replied, "Water."

She said, "How do we get to the water."

I thought awhile and said, "With the rope, of course... Please Ma tell me about..."

She interrupted me, "My dear Chhotee, there is amrit inside your heart. Only when you are cleansed
with it can you become a rani."

She continued after a pause, "Just like we need a rope to get to the water, similarly we need the Word to
get to the amrit in our heart."

After that, she firmly motioned me not to talk anymore. Although, I didn't really understand her--I was
after all a simpleton from the village--her words calmed me down and I resigned to patience.


Life here was simple and beautiful. I would wake up shortly after midnight. I would sit with the sakhis
and listen to the Word ring within me. At dawn, verses, which I had memorized too, were recited.
Sometimes we would all sing. I looked forward most to the singing. During singing even I felt like one
of the sakhis. During singing we all--beautiful, ugly, jeweled and simple--became one throat, one
mouth, one body, one being.

At the far side of the castle there was a special room. That was the Guru's room. Only few of the
sakhis would go there. These usually were the most beautiful ones. I never had any hopes to go there
for I was not beautiful.
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 210

But despite my ugliness, I desired and longed to go there. I saw the happiness in the sakhi's faces when
they were chosen to serve the Guru. Upon return, their eyes would be drunk with love and their faces
would glow with bliss. They would walk without touching the floor.

But I knew I had no chance of ever seeing the guru. Just being in the company of beautiful beings did
not make one beautiful. Or so I thought....

One day, I especially longed to see the Guru. I had heard so much about the Guru's love and glow that I
thought surely I would die without the Guru's darshan. For the first time since I came here I felt
unhappy, for I saw no hope for me ever serving the Guru. I was the ugliest one here. I was sitting
feeling rather dejected in my room when Ma came in.

She laughed and said, "What's matter, Chhotee?"

I could not conceal my desperation. Tears welled in my eyes. "I want to see the Guru...," I blurted
between tears, "but I am ug...." Tears wouldn't let me finish my sentence.

She softly wiped my tears and motioned me to be quiet. She went and came back with a mirror.

"Here, look at yourself in the mirror."

Still crying, I put the mirror in front of my face. To my utter astonishment I saw one of the most
beautiful sakhi in the mirror.


Ma smiled, "That is you."

I looked and looked. Gone were the deformities. I was transfixed with my won beauty. I could not
believe it was me. My eyes were as bright as the morning sun. My face shone like the moon.

To my even greater surprise, I wore jewels. Before I could ask, Ma said, "The jewels were always
within you. The jewels show in the one who travels on the path of the guru."

For the first time, I clearly understood the importance of this place. It had transformed a foolish, ill
mannered village girl into an enchanting sakhi.


Now I suddenly found myself changing from the inside too. Although I had noticed a change inside me
a long time ago - I was much calmer and more patient. Now rather big changes started to take place.
Whereas before I looked forward to being with the sakhis to go out for walks and laughs, now I looked
forward to being alone and looking at the wonders inside me. I had seen many mountains, many
streams, many sunsets, many sunrises, many lakes, many seasons, many colours - but what I saw inside
me was beyond beauty. The colours inside me were so intense that one could look at them for eternity
without my fill.

Then the blessed day came when Ma told me that I would be the one to serve the guru with food the
next day. Heart flooded with emotions, I could not sleep that night. There was fear too, since despite
the wonderful things I had learnt here, I was still a simpleton at heart and knew no sweet words. I spent
the whole night wondering how it would be to see the guru.

But I could never have imagined how wondful the next day would be...

When the blessed time came, Ma handed me the food plate. My hands shook, rattling the plate and my
heart pounded, making me shiver. Ma held my hand and calmed me with her looks.

I looked at Ma with uncertainty. "Now go," she said firmly.

01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 211

For hat seemed to take an eternity, I walked to the other side of the castle. The door of the guru's room
was open. As I approached the door I was heard the most melodious music. It was like no music I had
ever heard. It wasn't coming from any particular direction. To my surprise it was coming from within
me. For a long time I stood there quite dumbfounded with utter astonishment. Only with a great
amount of will did I break from the spell.

"How foolish I am, the food is getting cold," I scolded myself.

I walked into the guru's room.

I thought I had seen a lot of beautiful things outside me and within me. But I wasn't prepared for the
guru. Such beauty. Such grace. Such elegance. Such kindness. Such light. Such life. Such royalty.
Such compassion. Such wonder. Such intensity. Such love. Such love. Such love...

It would not be right to say that I did the guru's darshan, rather I drank the guru's darshan. I basked in
the guru's darshan. I danced in the guru's darshan. I swam in the guru's darshan. I overflowed with the
guru's darshan.

The combined love of Ma, all the villagers and all the sakhis could not have matched the love I saw in
the Guru. With much difficulty I put the food plate in front of the Guru. Despite my self, I collapsed
at the Guru's feet and openly sobbed.

No! the guru could not possibly love me so much.

No! I was not worth this grace.

No! I was dirty, I did not belong here.

No! the guru could not love me so much.

No! so much love could not exist.

My heart could not contain the love that was pouring out of the guru's feet. My body shook violently
with sobs. I could not stand the feeling and I pleaded with the guru, "Please, Guru jee, no, not so much.
I cannot bear it, please, I am not worthy," I cried out.

The Guru's kind hands touched my head. The compassionate hands wiped away my tears. With the
touch of the Guru's hand, I expanded beyond the room. The love from the hands filled me and kept on
filling me. I kept expanding until I occupied many earths and many moons and many suns. Still the love
kept filling me. I could get no bigger and I begged the guru to stop the pouring of love.

My plea was heard. I stopped sobbing. I felt complete.


It could have been a moment or it could have been an eternity - I lay on the Guru's feet feeling fulfilled,
warm, loved and finally at peace. It was as if I was home. It was as if I had found something I had been
looking for many days, many months, many years, many eons, many lives. It was as if I finally found
my center, my being, my beginning, my end, my life, my light, my love, my existence.

The Guru lifted my head. I quickly averted my eyes. I knew I had not enough strength to look at the
Guru's face. Thousands of years of preparations could not have prepared me to look into the Guru's
eyes. The Guru whispered, "WaheGuru."

The amrit Ma had told me about suddenly overflowed out of my heart. It filled my throat, it filled my
eyes, it filled my head, it filled my whole being - my body, my mind, my soul. I shut my eyes and I saw
the Guru inside my heart. I saw the Guru everywhere within me. I saw the Guru filling the whole
room, the whole of the Earth, the whole for the universe. I was wonder struck.
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 212

I laughed with the Guru and the Guru laughed with me. I became the Gurus' and the Guru became
mine. I danced with the Guru and the Guru danced with me....


Then the gracious, kind, elegant, beautiful, fatherly, motherly Guru guided me to the source of all love.
It was none other than the King. He was mine now. He was my Lord. He was my beloved. He was my
soon to be husband.

Strangely I felt such love for Him that in my heart of hearts I was already His and He was mine.

I rejoiced. He was mine and I His. I sang. He was mine and I His.
I laughed. He was mine and I His. I danced. He was mine and I His.

I loved. He was mine and I His. I flew. He was mine and I His.

Finally! I belonged to someone. I was His. I was His. I was His. I was His. I was His. I was His. I
was His. I was His. I was His. I was His. I was His. I was His. I was His. I was His. I was His. I
was His. I was His. I was His. I was His. I was His. I was His. I was His. I was His. I was His. I
was His. I was His. I was His...

My training at the guru's abode was complete. All that was left was to wait for my lord's messenger of


Now all I do is sit at the window and look toward the road for my beloved's message.....

20.13 Hear My Call

Sun nah piyare ik benanti meri

Please listen, O my Beloved Husband Lord, to my one prayer. You dwell in the home of the self deep
within, while I roll around like a dust-ball. Without my Husband Lord, no one likes me at all; what can I
say or do now? The Ambrosial Naam, the Name of the Lord, is the sweetest nectar of nectars. Through
the Word of the Guru’s Shabad, with my tongue, I drink in this nectar. Without the Name, no one has
any friend or companion; millions come and go in reincarnation. Nanak: the profit is earned and the
soul returns home. True, true are Your Teachings. || 2 || (Raga Tukhari, Guru Nanak, p., 1111)

Sajan des videsiare sanehure dendi

O Friend, You have travelled so far from Your homeland; I send my message of love to You. I cherish
and remember that Friend; the eyes of this soul-bride are filled with tears. The eyes of the soul-bride are
filled with tears; I dwell upon Your Glorious Virtues. How can I meet my Beloved Lord God? I do not
know the treacherous path, the way to You. How can I find You and cross over, O my Husband Lord?
Through the Shabad, the Word of the True Guru, the separated soul-bride meets with the Lord; I place
my body and mind before You. O Nanak, the ambrosial tree bears the most delicious fruits; meeting
with my Beloved, I taste the sweet essence. || 3 || (Raga Tukhari, Guru Nanak, p., 1111)

Sun Nah-Prabhujio ekalri ban mahen

Hear me, O my Dear Husband God — I am all alone in the wilderness. How can I find comfort without
You, O my Carefree Husband God? The soul-bride cannot live without her Husband; the night is so
painful for her. Sleep does not come. I am in love with my Beloved. Please, listen to my prayer! Other
than my Beloved, no one cares for me; I cry all alone in the wilderness. O Nanak, the bride meets Him
when He causes her to meet Him; without her Beloved, she suffers in pain. || 1 || (Raga Gauri Chhant,
Guru Nanak, p. 243)
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 213

20.14 Wahegurus Embrace

Closer than hands could ever be

you fill me inwardly.
wrapped in light, trans*parent* wings of beauty you hold me, tight.
my pillow, your heart jeweled throne,
rocking me gently to your heartbeat, naam, you whisper softly,
"This is your home, This is your home, This is your home."

20.15 Merging In The One

prabh mohe kab gal laaveh-ge - O Lord when will you hug me to your chest?

pyare, precious, beloved,

timidly, reaching to caress your face,
brushing gently a light feathered touch,
softly airbrushed like baby’s breath,
pressing my cheek to yours whispering,
waheguru waheguru waheguru into your ear,
my heart beating to the same rhythm
waheguru waheguru waheguru
dancing in tune with yours
waheguru waheguru waheguru,
enfolding, wrapping you in a delicate winged embrace,
waheguru waheguru waheguru
vibrating, rocking, cradling in lotus petaled arms, floating, tranquil, soothing ,
waheguru waheguru waheguru a chorus,
waheguru waheguru waheguru,
glimmering sprinkled gold dust shimmering,
waheguru waheguru waheguru.
soft light glowing,
illuminating the center of your heart blossom,
waheguru wahguru wahguru,
unfolding, past caring, slipping into
waheguru wahguru wahguru,
falling into waheguru wahguru wahguru,
the scent of night blooming fragrance,
waheguru wahguru wahguru,
sweetly spiced honeydew,
waheguru wahguru wahguru,
permeating senses,
waheguru wahguru,
saturated, drenched, immersed, absorbed in
waheguru waheguru waheguru,
shuddering, giving your soul in surrender to
waheguru wahguru wahguru,
waheguru wahguru wahguru waheguru
washed in waves of
waheguru wahguru wahguru waheguru wahguru wahguru,
waheguru wahguru wahguru waheguru wahguru wahguru,
waheguru wahguru wahguru waheguru wahguru wahguru,
waheguru wahguru wahguru waheguru wahguru wahguru,
waheguru wahguru wahguru waheguru wahguru wahguru,
trembling, vibrating, lost in
waheguru waheguru waheguru,waheguru ,waheguru
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 214

letting go, holding on to

waheguru waheguru waheguru
waheguru waheguru permeating,
molecular merging into
waheguru wahguru waheguru
wahguru wahe wahgurrrruuuu waheguruuuu
light into brighter light,
a drop into the sea of
waheguru waheguru wahguru ji
tranquility, floating in thee
waheguru waheguru ji
in the being of waheguru ji
waheguru ji waheguru ji waheguru
satguru waheguru ji
waheguru waheguru waheguru
waheguru waheguru waheguru
waheguru waheguru waheguru
waheguru waheguru waheguru
waheguru waheguru waheguru
waheguru waheguru waheguru
waheguru waheguru waheguru
waheguru waheguru waheguru
waheguru waheguru waheguru
waheguru waheguru waheguru
waheguru waheguru waheguru
waheguru waheguru waheguru
waheguru waheguru
waheguru ji
satguru ji

20.16 Everywhere I Go

I was wasting time,

Oh so sure to find somebody,
Who will never go.
How could I know:

None of them was True,

None could Be but You,
Only One Love Divine,
My Heart my mind are Yours.

Everywhere I go,
I see Your Face through the crowd.
Everywhere I go,
I hear Your Voice clear and loud.
Everywhere I go,
You are the Light that I See,
You Surround me.

Where could I have gone,

Where You wouldn't have Known to Find me, Far, far from here,
Still You were near to me.

Everywhere I go,
I see Your Face through the crowd.
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 215

Everywhere I go,
I hear Your Voice clear and loud.
Everywhere I go,
You are the Light that I See,
You have Found me.

I have Seen You,

In the evening,
In the morning Light.
You Hold me closer than the air around me,
You Surround me Always.

Everywhere I go,
I see Your Face through the crowd.
Everywhere I go,
I hear Your Voice clear and loud.
Everywhere I go,
You are the Light that I See,
You have Found me.


WaheGURU WaheGURU WaheGURUUUuuuu...

20.17 The Way It Is

Here's a truly beautiful poem. If you are a lover of Waheguru Jee you will understand, if you are a
lover of controversies and anger, 'me, mera, my VIEWS are correct' then you wont. Guru Jee kirpa

The Way It Is

by Siri Ved Kaur Khalsa Jee

If I could find the words to say

What my heart beats to me every day
What my soul whispers in longing's way
What resonates so purely when I pray
Then I could describe my love for You.

When I feel you in my heart's own beat

In this sacred place where lover's meet
Soothing blissful rising heart
When I know I am complete
And there is only love for You.

..Then there is no now, there is no then

There is no real and no pretend
There is no enemy and no friend
Only wave upon wave again and again
Of endless love for You.

20.18 Naam Techniques

Don’t ask me how to sit

01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 216

or how to breathe
or what to focus on

Don’t ask me about chakrs

or the heart centre
or the tenth door

Don’t ask me about mechanics

the how what why and where
I'm not a body mechanic
I want to be a lover
at the feet of Waheguru
wiping them gently
washing them humbly
drinking amrit-naam
waheguru waheguru

I'm not a body mechanic

I want to be a lover
yearning for my beloved.

Guru Nanak Maharaj

without you I have no other
You know all the methods
I know nothing
except how to serve
and to fight the five
and to get rid of desire
and to be focused on the One
with One Mind
One hundred percent of the Time.

Naam knows its own ways

Naam knows how to reach Waheguru
So don’t ask me what to do
how to sit,
how to breath
the best way to chant
All I know is

Tujh bin kavan hamara

Mera preetam pran adhara.
Antar kee bidh tumhee janee
Tumhee sajan suheleh.
Sarab sukha ma tujh te pae
mera takur agah atholey.
Without You, my lover and support of life, who is mine?
The methods of the heart You know
You are my friend and companion.
All Peace, I have obtained from You
My Master, Beyond my Senses and Unweighable.
(Guru Arjun Dev Jee)

20.19 Bigfoot
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 217

In The mountains of The Pacific Northwest, it is rumored that a strange creature lives. Many sightings
have been reported in California, Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia. Canadians call it
Sasquatch. It's commonly known as Bigfoot.

Reports of sach a creature have also come from remote parts of China, what was formerly know as The
soviet Union, as well as Mount Everest and other mountains of the Himalaya. In that part of the world,
the creature is known as Yeti or the Abominable Snowman, a newspaper mans' interpetation of the
Tibetan name metoh kangmi.

Several Expeditions have searched for this creature including one made by World Book Encyclopedia
in 1960. All failed to see the creature, but they did find tracks...

Descriptions of the creature state that it resembles a human being from 7 to 10 feet tall, walks like a
human being, but has a body that resembles an ape. A hairy beast with thick fur and long arms, thick
legs, weighing more than 500 pounds, and leaving footprints which measure 16 inches (41 centimeters)
long and 6 inches (15 centimeters wide)...

What both these mountainous regions, in very different parts of the world, have in common are, glaciers
which have remained frozen for thousands of years. The snow never melts, but stays frozen year round,
and has for untold centuries.

Biblical history goes back 6,000 years and describes Adam, the first man, to be more than 7 feet tall, his
foot the length of todays common man arm from fingertip to elbow. he lived nearly 1000 years.
Modern Christian preachers are begining to say, Adam may not have been a man exactly as the human
form of man we know today.

Vedic history goes back 10,000 years or more. It tell of four ages, the current one we live in is Kalyug.
In this Kalyug age, man lives 100 years, the previous ages, Traita 1000 years, Dwapar 10,000 years,
and Satyug 100,000 years.

Ok ,ok, some of you are saying this is all very interesting, but WHAT does it have to do with naam???

(hint - planning this presentation kept me awake for Amrit Vela)

This one had the opportunity to serve langer following Amrit Vela one morning and overheard the
following story. Several weeks later it was repeated and my understanding of it led me to look up all the
previous information. Please forgive any mistakes.
the following story IS true.

Ok "this one" now we know it's you, but your'e beginning to sound a lot like that daas. guess i've been
reading too much of him, and it's beginning to make me crazy...
beg pardon beginning...ok, ok, just stay tuned...Waheguru waheguru ...i promise this gets better... (this
part is just to confuse you if your'e not confused then what are you doing on naamnet? Besides it's all
gets more confusing from here on...)

Here is a portrait of the teller of this story, the one it actually happened to...

There's another soul I'd like to share with you some one new to meet . . .

this granthi sits in Babas seat

surrouned by glaciers,
his soft light glows by a hidden lake,
in a sikhrehet place
where tiny blossoms push frozen petals
through the snow to show the Sun their face.

he loved with us for a few months

i meant to say lived, but loved is closer to the truth
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 218

This is his story...

5 singhs spent the winter through in Hemkunt sahib. They stayed inside, had no fire, and their food was
uncooked, delivered by the army. Ishnan if any was done with snow. It was not possible for me to get
more details, though i was verry curious. There was 40 feet or more of snow surrounding the lake. He
stayed on as Granthi there for several years after.

That winter was spent in deep meditation with the other singhs. I asked Bhai Sahib two questions only.
One did he get darshan of Guru Gobind singh? His answer an affirmative nod of the head? Did he see
Guru ji's face. He did not. This is how i know he speaks the truth. And yes tiny flowers grow there (this
is the part that has to do with naam).

During the winter the singhs also passed the time doing keertan. More than once they had a very
interesting visitor.

This visitor was very large, covered with hair like a bear, his foot was the length of Bhai sahibs elbow
to tip of his finger (this got me to thinking later). His eyebrows had grown very long down past his
shoulders. He was a very ancient being. I first understood him to be 400 years old, but later it was
explained that he was several thousand years old. He spoke ancient Urdu, this was his means of
communication. He came to listen to the keertan, and stayed to tell stories of "Rishi Parbat, the previous
incarnation of Guru Gobind Singh ji," who sat in meditation for thousands of years in Hemkunt sahib.
This creature, being, had been there during His time also, and stayed since.

Nirgun Haree-aa, sargun dharee-aa, anik kotharee-aa Bhinn bhinn bhinn bhin karee-aa

The unmanifest Lord has manifested Himself in many bodies of varied forms and designs.

'The Mountain comes to Mohammed'

Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru

Waheguru Waheguru ji

Ps now if i could get Waheguru ji to come to me..... Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru

'The mountain comes to Mohammed'

Like a high mountain covered in snow waheguru

refreshing and cool, your'e there i know waheguru
even though i'm too far away to see waheguru
it doesn't change your reality waheguru
there is no distance too far to sense waheguru
if even for the fleetingest of instance waheguru
the love that surround your lofty peaks waheguru
misting white clouds of peace this lover seeks waheguru
calming, soothing, gentle breeze waheguru
a breath, a gasp, a chill, a freeze, waheguru
sends a shiver rising through the soul waheguru
that separates the two and makes One whole waheguru


21.1 No Jaap Sahib- No Darshan!

01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 219

Baba Harnaam Singh jee was a Gursikh who spent all his life in jaaping and jaaping naam.

This saakhi is of the time when Baba jee hadn't attained yet but was doing heavy tapasaya. Because he
was a very simple hearted man, he enjoyed simple loving gurbaNi like Sukhmani Sahib. He preferred
Sukhmani Sahib over Jaap Sahib, since he could not really understand the rather formless nature of
Waheguru as described by pyare pita Guru Gobind Singh jee.

So he did Sukhmani Sahib instead of Jaap Sahib in his daily nitnem. Once he was japping naam in his
hut when he saw in the distance a few gursikhs and someone on horse coming his way. He was sure
that was Guru Gobind Singh Jee with His army of shaheed martyrs Hhe excitedly awaited to be blessed
with the vision of SatGuroo jee.

The shaheed martyrs Singhs came to him and he bowed down and asked where his beloved SatGuroo
Jee was. The shaheed Singh replied, "You cannot be blessed with His darshan (vision) because you are
not obeying His hukam (order). His hukam is to do Jaap Sahib as part of the nitnem."

Saying that the shaheed Singh dissappeared as suddenly as he had appeared. Baba jee was deeply hurt.
Within a month he memorized Jaap Sahib and was enjoying it on the daily basis.

It wasn’t long before he was blessed with darshan of Guru Gobind Singh jee

21.2 Pilgrimage To Hemkunt

Journey to HemKunt Sahib

Extracts from the booklet 'Sri Hemkunt Darshan' published 1982. Written by Dr. Tara Singh mainly
during the1940's and 1950's.

Dr Tara Singh writes

'A very old man informed Maharaja Ranjit Singh that he appeared before Dashmesh ji (tenth Master) at
a very early age. He remembered one thing that when he bowed his head on the sacred feet of Guru jee,
he felt a strong tingling wave passing through his body' ...

'Many believers have observed that when they touch their forehead, at a place so charged (by guru's
having been at that place), that a current passes through their bodies, which purifies their mind and
body. For this reason such places are considered to be sacred. The same thing can be said of those
articles which have received the sacred touch.' Sri Hemkunt Sahib is believed to be the place where
Guru Gobind Singh ji in his previous life as 'Dusht Daman' was meditating on Waheguru ji when he
was given the divine mission to come to Earth as the Tenth Master. Guru Gobind Singh ji writes in
Vachitr Natak

'Now I relate my own story: how Waheguru ji sent me into this world while I was undergoing penance
(in order to please Waheguru). On the mountain of HemKunt, at a place called Sapt Sringa or the range
of the seven peaks where King Pandu had also done penance. I went through various penances and
meditated so much on the All_death, the All-Powerful Waheguru, that I became one with Waheguru.
The Incomprehensible One was also worshipped by my father (9th Guru) and mother who had imbibed
Waheguru's discipline in many ways to become one with Waheguru. Waheguru was extremely pleased
with their devotion and ordered me to be born in this Dark Age. It was not my desire to take birth, for
my mind was fixed on the feet of Waheguru, but Waheguru remonstrated with me with great

Dr Tara Singh ji would spend upto 2.5 months in the solitude of Sri Hemkunt Sahib (altitude 15,200
feet, normal weather very cold, rainy, snow and ice). Surrounded by nature he said 'In the atmosphere of
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 220

this place, one forgets his 'self'; the waves of thoughts subdue; one feels very peaceful, uplifted, and a
bliss of Divine World prevails in the mind. The worries and cares of the the mortal earth are forgotten.'

His journies to Hemkunt Sahib were perilous, one time he was staying in a room of an inn, when he
suddenly woke up and sat straight in his bed, he saw 2 men crawling along the floor towards him - one
with a huge knife . He challenged them in a strong voice and they made excuses and left him. He
writes 'I had heard many pilgrims who travelled by foot to Badrinath were lost. Actually some criminals
disguised as Sadhus, or some local people, after robbing such pilgrims would kill them and throw their
dead bodies in a stream. The killer and the killed remained unknown.'

While he sat in his bed he thanked Guru ji for his kindness. Earlier that day a strange girl had been
following him and keeping up with his cycle as he free-wheeled down a hill. She had a celestial glow
and told him which way to go, when he asked her name she said 'Rudra Singh'!!! And disappeared back
from where she came. Dr Tara Singh writes, 'Sometimes before an adverse event is to happen, there is
an indication. It is given in many ways ...a hint by the Kind Master to the devotee, not only to enhance
the love and faith of the latter but that he may not also become proud of any of his actions.'

'On the day I had to start from Gobindghat, I woke up very early and heard a very clear (spiritual) voice
"If you go up, you will face death". It was not the voice of a friend and I did not care. While starting I
prayed and sought orders from the Scripture - which were the lines read at the time of marriage . A
Sikh is not married to the death-bride, but to the Master, so I was happy. On reaching Sri Hemkunt...i
stayed very near the lake in an old dharamsala(inn) facing the gurdwara...I was perfectly alone. I uttered
praise of the Lord, looked all around and drank the beauty of the scene with my eyes. After cleaning
the Gurdwara, I recited Sodar Rahras, burnt the sacred lamp and then locking the door I had a round of
the shrine (circumambulated it out of respect) to come back to the inn. There i sat on the bed with my
face towards the open window, draped a blanket around, and in the warmth of SatGuru's love,
meditated on Him. I did not feel sleepy due to the very light food and rarified air, yet I lay down to

Appearance of the Gods

Exactly at two in the night, I woke up suddenly and heard some one standing by the side of my pillow,
addressing me with the word "Bhayya jee'' (Elder Brother). The voice was heavy and sobre. The
legends of the hill-people proved to be true. I understood that my companion from Dev-Lok (World of
the Gods) had arrived. He touched me, but due to his fear of some Higher Power, he had respected me,
a mere common person, as an older brother (bhayya). I did not respond and remained silent. After a
few minutes there were sounds of bathing in the lake. After about an hour I heard female voices.

The next night at two, again I woke up. A form with a red and black horrible visage was seen sitting
just close to my bed. The sense of fear had become unknown to my mind. Due to the grace of Satguru
my courage was immense. I was about to chide him, when I was 'advised' (spiritually) not to say
anything as he would not be able to harm me. I became silent, but to express my displeasure, I turned
my back towards him. Soon thereafter, there were the bathing sounds comingfrom the lake. It
continued for two then three days, but then did not come to me in the night. When I came out at that
time of night, I would feel a warmth as if i was walking in a crowd. When I did not see hear or see
anything of them for a few days I felt wistful, because i did not meet my companions. I made a vow
and the same night I saw beautiful divine figures bathing in the lake.

In the day something or the other would happen. Sometimes they would move fast by me while I was
intoning their chants. One day at eleven, the Lord Indra was moving in state amidst the clanging of
gongs. Voices were heard daily coming from different directions. They used to be so real that even
knowing they were spiritual I would come out to see if a pilgrim had arrived.

One day in the deep of the evening when i was having the holy round (circumambulating respectfully)
of the shrine before coming to my dwelling, a red tiger came from behind the inn, and passing me by,
went towards the back of the hill of the opposite side. It looked at me constantly, I also looked at him. I
could not help laughing heartily. It was not a real tiger. My friend (the one who said "bhiyaa") had
come to have a play with me in disguise.
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 221

I would observe that if any other pilgrim was present on the hill, then a sort of silence would prevail and
the little connection I had with the Dev-Lok (world of the Gods) would snag.

The Guard of Martyrs - Army Of Shaheeds

Now-a-days, in common language, anybody who is killed due to some political or social reason is
called a martyr. But in the true sense, only that person is a martyr who is not reborn on this Earth again
and attains salvation. Only he could be such a lucky person, who for the sake of some aspect of religion
without any desire, and with a pure heart lays down his life. Only he can be without any desire who
prays, meditates and lives a high life. During these times we live in, the Lord of such armies of martyrs
is Sri SatGuru Dashmesh ji (Tenth Master).

Those martyrs, after discarding their mortal bodies and going to live at the fee of SatGuru ji, have their
hearts work in harmony with Him, just as fine strings of the Sitar vibrate to the tune of the main string.
They move at his behest. They have immense powers. They have knowledge of everything that occurs
near or at a distance and can read minds. They can change their size. They are much more powerful
than gods. On seeing them, gods do not run away from them, but are afraid of them. Martyrs are
Immortal, but gods die and are reborn. Generally, their dress resembles nearly that of Nihang (Warrior)
Singhs. Some have blue and others have white clothes. Some are of mild temper and others are of

In accordance with the Will of Lord, Dashmesh jee, they move about the entire Earth, in the country
and abroad. At different places, they live in a different manner.

Many are assigned different types of duties. They are as guards at many Gurdwaras. This has been
observed in Pakistan also (see the book Panj Suche Moti). They also remain as guards with the loving
devotess of the Guru. As the need arises, they help them in different ways. If one goes on the wrong
lines, then they punish also, and sometimes very severly. If we give the details of them it would be a
long story.

There is also a guard of martyrs at Sri Hemkunt, in more or less numbers. The travellers to that place,
going on this long and difficult path are liable to face difficulties and dangers of many sorts. On such
occassions, the guard helps the devotees mysteriously by different methods. But as has been seen by
many noble people, they appear and show themselves. It is not advisable to quote many examples. We
close this subject, after giving a small example of a small child.

In June, 1974, when a party of pilgrims from Delhi was going further from village Bheondar towards
Ghagria, a girl about 6 years old, daughter of a hindu brother, separated from the party and was left
behind. In the wilderness of the forest, all alone, due to fear, she sat down with her head in her knees
and began to cry. SatGuru jee took pity on her helpless condition. A Sikh martyr appeared and said,
'child why are you weeping, while I am with you'. The girl raised her head. On seeing him the girl was
frightened, but gained courage also and was later joined with the party. This party after returning from
Sri HemKunt was going to Paonta Sahib, while the author was also in the same bus, when this incident
was narrated to him.

In the end it can be well imagined that the lovers of SatGuru while travelling during their difficult
pilgrimage are looked after by the mysterious army of the Lord. Nothing can be said of the faithless.
SatGuru Darshan

We often hear peole talking about the Darshan (appearance in form) of SatGuru jee. Hymns from
Scripture are sung. Many devotees pray for Darshan, but we pay little attention to it's philosophy,

When Guru Sahib was on Earth in form, everybody could have his darshan: Friend and foe, with faith
and faithless, believer and non-believer, housleholder and devotee etc. But his Darshan was fruitful
accordingly; as one understood SatGuru to be, as the faith he had, as his mind had developed and
according to his insight in the Divine Sphere.
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 222

The mind of Lord Satguru is void of enmity and he is kind and forgiving. But he is fulfiller of desires
and wishes. Enemy had to face a crush, the friend would get help, but the faithless could get nothing.
Those who understood him as a 'Guru Avtar' were blessed with knowledge, enlightenment and
salvation. Householder got his desires fulfilled in the measure by which he understood the powers and
greatness of SatGuru. A rare self sacrificing devotee who recognised him as God-in-Form, when he
would have darshan of Guru, would become 'one' with Him in an instant. All that has been said here is
true today and in the future.

Today the meaning of Darshan is taken as to behold the subtle form of Guru jee with one's own eyes.
This can be possible in so many ways, during a dream, face to face with naked eyes, within one's own
self, during the state of concentration with eyes closed, etc.

Satguru jee is independent all by himself. He cannot be compelled for anything by any method or
Sadhna. Therefore it does not behove anybody to qute any rules to obtain his darshan. A tiny being
cannot describe the secrets of the fathomless ocean. Therefor, while writing on this subject, the author
begs forgiveness of the Lord, by accepting him as his ignorant child. The appearance of the Lord within
one's own self, depends on the inner consciousness of the devotee, his faith and belief, the spiritual
plane where he has reached. And this appearance is perceived in different forms and in many ways.

According to the hints that we find in the Sacred Scripture, a devotee who is eager to have darshan,
must have a strong and earnest desire, full of love and unshakable faith. Those whose mind is stable on
this plane, they only know about themsleves and the manifestations they may experiennce. The
relationship between the SatGuru and the Sikh is of an unusual kind, therefore, it's stories are also
strange indeed. Yet this relationship may not be called an unusual one because it is the only connection
which is true and everlasting. Every wayfarer moving on the road leading to meeting with the Lord,
knows how he gets encouragement at every step and how exhibitions belonging tothe spiritual world of
many kinds appear before him. These are the too personal stories of the devotee, which he is very
reluctant to expose.

Our subject is havign Gur-Darshan by a common Sadhak (method) . All-knowing, God-in-Form

SatGuru is present everywhere and is residing in every heart, but sometimes persons with lower
consciousness, due to some momentary influence, riding on the swing of love, faith and devotion, sway
up to a higher plane, touch the feet of SatGuru ji and move his heart. They are granted a glimpse of
darshan for a while.

When SatGuru ji is kind enough, it is possible to be face to face with him at anytime and any place, but
sometimes this is allied with some sacred places. Sri Hemkunt is one of these places, where for the
visitors to that place , the possibility of Darshan is believed strongly. Some devotees go there with only
this desire. They feel divinely inspired when they reach the place after long difficult journey, ith body
fatigue and se the wonderful beauty of this 15,000 feet high place, and are influenced by the heavy
atmosphere. Love for SatGuru ji is felt by them in their hearts, which had become purer now and enjoy
the touch of his sacred feet.

Who had SatGur Darshan?

Many persons desired to know from the author, as to who had the Darshans and how? The reason for
giving the above detail is that enquiries may not be necessary. It is not proper to propigate much the
personal blessings bestowed by the Master. But not to dissapoint the readers, we quote here 3 examples
of the kind.

1. Between Gobindghat and Sri Hemkunt, any person might have seen Guru Sahib in a dream, but
according to my knowledge, the first person to have an apparent Darshan was a lady in 1951. The
old lady, the wife of a retired priest (granthi) of Darbar Sahib (Golden Temple) AmritSar, was
taking prashad with her. She started her journey for Sri Hemkunt, with her elder son and the
Chowkidar to guide, as the road from Ghagria to Sri Hemkunt had not been constructed yet. These 3
travellers wnet on climbing the hill. When the sacred place was one mile away, the lady was so
tired that to move a step further was difficult for her. Her son and the chowkidar proceeded further
taking the Prashad with them. The lady was much dissapointed in her mind, as she had come so far
and yet could not reach the holy place. There she recited JapJi Sahib, then with her head between
01/11/2001 FROM THE HEART Page 223

her knees, sat over there. From her mind, bubbling with dissapointment and a frustrated wish, arose
the clouds of devotion and love to shower rain through her eyes. Some time had passed in this
condition of mind, when she heard a sound. She lifted her head and what did she see! Shri Dasmesh
(tenth master) jee was standing their. His horse was standing by, but he was not riding it. He
graced the lady with a few words of encouragement and disappeared. Sudden appearance!! She was
perplexed, could not move her lips to even utter some words. It did not occur to her to seek a
blessing. The celestial light radiating from his face was so dazzling that she could not bear to look
at it. She remained observing his dress and its colour, but yet she was very happy and satisfied.

2. After this, some other people may have seen the Sacred Appearance .On or two people have stated
that while travelling to Sri Hemkunt in the bus, they had the good luck to observe kind SatGuru ji,
going along with his devoted and loving congregation. We shall close this subject after narrating
one more incident.

3. In the year 1957, a group of 20 to 22 men and women, arrived at Sri Hemkunt. Majority of them
were AmritDharis (Initiated), of high morals and had love in their hearts for the Lord. Before
starting, they prayed for the grant of Darshan and planned to stay at the sacred place for the night.
Sme sat i