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ENERGIC PROBLEMS IN SPAIN Energy sources are the resources that provids useful energy for human's activities.

There are two types: -Renewable energy. -Non renewable energy. In an actuall society, is very important the continuous use of energy. For the economic development and personal wellbeing. In a development country, the energy resources must be avanced. The global energy crisis for the demand of fossil fuels, directly affects Europe, which has no energy resources to survive. An state is in depend, when depends on other countries, especially third world. Same that other countries in Europe, Spain is in the worse countries with greater energy dependence, 78.3% followed by other countries such as:-Portugal (84.2%), Italy (86.7%), Ireland (89.3%), and Luxembourg (99%) and Cyprus and Malta (100%) This resources has high price and its are limited. To avoid this problem, you should ideally invest in renewable energy. Among the sources of energy that we have to import from abroad we can find: oil, natural gas and coal Coal plays an important economic sector in Spanish. -Is used as heat source for moving the machines. -Today, this energy source is used in the production of electricity at power plants and industries such as steel. Almost 80% of carbon obtained in spain is used in this plants. Oil is a liquid fuel formed by the breakdown of body back millions of years. This fossil fuel is the greatest demand in the world, due to the uses it has, mainly in transport and electricity industries. From it is obtained (in the refining process) as gasil products, gasoline, naphtha, kerosene, ... In Spain there are hardly any sources of oil extraction. Most imortantes: -Ayoluengo (Burgos) -Amposta (Tarragona) Oil production in Spain is only 3,000 barrels a day. The daily consumption is about 1,402,000 barrels per day, so in Spain is not going to emerge as oil country. In refineries is the place you do the oil refining process. The oil comes from exporting countries like Saudi Arabia, Russia, Norway, .. through pipelines. Natural gas is a mixture of hydrocarbons from underground reservoirs. It is used in industries, generation of air conditioning, hot water, heating, .. The production of this energy is located in the Basque country and in Huelva. But its production is insufficient. Spain is forced to import this fuel in countries like Algeria and Nigeria. The transport process is carried out in pipeline.

The comsumption of each type of energy in spain is: -47,4% in oil. -23,6% in natural gas. -11,7% in nuclear energy. -11,4% in renewable energy. -6,4% in coal. Among the total energy consumption: -A 20% what we produce (in nuclear energy, renewable energy and carbon part) -The remaining 80% we get through exports abroad. (In oil, natural gas and coal part) In this 20% of energies that we prduce, we can find: Nuclear energy It's the reactions coming from fission and fusion of atoms that generate a huge amount of electrical energy. This energy does not release gases into the atmosphere, is cheap, stable and is generated at home. But long-lived waste generated and there is danger risks. Somes of important nuclear accidents take place in Chernobyl (Ukraine) -1986 and Fukushima (Japan) -2011. It is danger works with this type of energy. To solve this dependency outside we must invest in: Renewable energy This energy is an inexhaustible energie thanks to the great capacity of regenerate of its high amount of energy. These renewable energy covers only 7.6% of Spanish needs. This is because: -The cost of generation is still high. -Need public subsidies to be viable. -Some are irregular, its depend on factors such the blowing, the sun shine, ... The future is in renewable energies. Since type of energy are unlimited. Reduces reliance on fossil fuels and other countries. They clean energy and not cause serious impacts on nature. They are profitable after the passage of time. Energies are produced in our country.