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Custom Performance Program (CPP)

Custom Performance Program (CPP) Application Form Please fill out form completely for all projects. For Program eligibility and other requirements, please consult with an LADWP Energy Efficiency Program Representative.


Customer Name (Must be customer of record) Customer Mailing Address Federal Tax ID# Contact Fax Number Contact Name/Title Contact Telephone Number City Signature Contact E-Mail Address LADWP Account # State



PROJECT SITE INFORMATION (SITE OF RETROFIT/PROJECT) If multiple sites, submit separate applications.
Project Name Site Address Total Sq footage covered by application Property Type City Year Built State Zip

# of Floors

Project Cost & Description

Estimated Project Cost: $ Estimated Project Start Date: Provide brief description of project: Estimated Project Completion Date:

Project Sponsor (Vendor, Contractor, Energy Service Co.)

Company/Business Name of Project Sponsor Business Name of Project Sponsor Address Project Sponsor Contact Name Contact Telephone Number Contact Fax Number Contact E - Mail City State Zip

For Utility Use Only

Project/Reservation Number___________________________ Notes______________________________________________________ LADWP Rep ____________________ Phone (___)_________ LADWP Engineer_________________________ Phone (____)_________

Custom Performance Program (CPP)

This form is required for all CPP incentive applications. Applications for other measures neither listed below nor available through other LADWP Programs will require additional documentation.* Please carefully review the application process below.

Application Procedures
Unless previously notified, a pre-inspection is required for all projects. Please submit your application and data input form prior to installation. 1. Submitting an Application Complete and submit this form prior to beginning any project installations. Please attach the applicable energy savings measure input form and/or your detailed energy savings calculations if available. Please note, this program only covers replacement of existing equipment. Grant funded projects may not be eligible. Please contact the CPP Program manager for eligibility. Mail completed application to: Custom Performance Program 111 N. Hope St., Room 1057 Los Angeles CA. 90012 After submitting your application, LADWP will schedule a pre-inspection. 2. Offer Letter and Agreement Form When the pre-inspection is complete and all calculations have been verified, LADWP will mail the Offer Letter and Agreement form. Formal agreements may be required, depending on the project size and nature. 3. Installing Your Project Once youve received the Offer Letter from the LADWP, please move forward with the project installation. 4. Submitting an Installation Report Upon completion of your project, please sign and submit the CPP Agreement and Installation Report along with itemized invoices. (The Installation Report form will be mailed with your incentive offer letter). Once received, you will be contacted to schedule a post-inspection. Please only submit the Installation Report when the entire project is completed. 5. Receiving Payment Upon approval of the final post-inspection and submission of required documents, the incentive payment will be processed. Incentive payments are processed within 4 to 6 weeks.

Eligible Measures LIGHTING

$ 0.05 per kWH Savings Only measures that do not appear on the CLEO standard menu are eligible


$ 0.14 per kWH Savings High Efficiency Air-Conditioning Units (20 Tons or Greater or Early Retirement) Variable Frequency Drive on existing Chillers High Efficiency DX System

$ 0.08 per kWH Savings A/C Economizer Variable Frequency Drives Demand Control Ventilation CO Sensors in Parking Garage High Efficiency Motors Compressed Air System Upgrades Wet Cleaning ($4,000 per Cleaner)

Please Note: List is not comprehensive. Please contact your CPP Program Manager for Measure Eligibility and specific guidelines. Phone: 213-367-3436 email: custom@ladwp.com * Please consult with a CPP Program manager for availability of measures, eligibility and terms and conditions. **Savings are annualized amounts, please refer to guidelines.