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TRUDY WEST C (310) 779-1490 E-Mail tawestca@roadrunner.


A Human Resources executive with experience as a strategic member of corporate leadership teams. Solution-oriented HR generalist with successful experience in strategic planning, training, leadership, compensation and benefits systems. Effectively integrated corporate goals to meet management objectives with an emphasis on workforce change. Strong leadership skills with diverse employee base and executive groups. Respected team player with a flexible and proactive approach to develop realistic action plans. Mergers and Acquisitions Benefits Administration Employee/Executive Compensation Employee Relations

Senior Vice President, Human Resources Director 20-branch bank with $2 billion in assets, 300 employees, serving the Ventura, Los Angeles, South Bay, Orange County, San Bernardino, San Diego, and Palm Desert areas. As an active member of the Senior Management, Technology Services, Risk Management and the Contingency Planning committees participated in solutions resulting in the overall growth of the Bank. Assigned to work with the Board Compensation Committee on TARP issues ensuring compliance during a highly regulated period. Headed up a Customer Service Agreement Advisory Committee to re-evaluate the Banks core values and mission statement. Reintroduction of core values resulted in reengagement by the employees with an emphasis on integrity and positive interaction between the employees. Successful results for all internal HR audits, Sox, outside auditor and compliance audits. Resolved outstanding audit issues inherited at the merger of equals. Effective handling of 6 downsizing directives resulting in smooth transitions and no residual liability for the Bank. Coordinated 4 bank acquisitions resulting in successful integration. Ongoing development, implementation and effective management of personnel policies and procedures resulting in zero lawsuits. Initiated and introduced Arbitration Agreements thereby reducing the potential risk of costly lawsuits. Handled employee relations including grievance mediation. Managed performance reviews providing guidance and counseling to both employees and supervisors. Coordinated whistleblower complaints including investigations with remedial action accomplishing satisfactory results. Facilitated anonymous employee opinion surveys resulting in an interactive process that lead to overall improved communications and trust amongst senior management. 1994 2013

TRUDY WEST - C (310) 779-1490

E-Mail: tawestca@roadrunner.com

Staffing and recruitment activities attributed to improved retention resulting in a reduction in turnover from 27% turnover rate to 15%. Managed Banks compensation plan and pay grade system ensuring delivery of fair and equitable pay. Administered 401(k) plans to include successful transfer and integration of merged 401(k) plans resulting in reduced expense ratios for both participants and the Bank. Uncovered two separate non-compliant issues with prior 401(k) plans and worked diligently over a period of two years with the Department of Labor, through the DFCV Program, for resolution and correction. Effective handling of an EEOC Charge delivered by an employee making claims concerning her supervisor, a recent bank acquisition by First California Bank. The Charge was cleared through investigations and diligent dealings with the EEOC. Introduction of Injury Prevention Program Policy (IIPP) resulting in flat experience modification for the workers compensation insurance rather than an increase resulting from prior non-compliance due to lack of an IIPP. Completed Banks affirmative action plan annually resulting in no corrective action. Negotiated healthcare renewal costs resulting in an annual savings of $451,000. Developed and launched a Wellness Program delivering onsite flu vaccinations, health screenings and monthly health tips. Mentored a team of 4 employees including the new Training Manager position. Successfully recruited the Training Manager and influenced lending and retail sales as well as the service culture through development of in-house training programs. Invested in employees through training and education programs providing a better educated workforce resulting in improved efficiency and a higher level of productivity. This retention tool also provided added value in the Banks recruitment efforts. Developed an Internship Program in cooperation with Pepperdine University. Successfully offered two internships; one for Business Banking training and the second for development of a Project Management Model. Completed revised infrastructure for delivery of new hire orientations and onboarding programs. Planned employee anniversary celebrations including luncheons and dinners. Created and delivered tenure award recognition program in conjunction with these activities. Facilitated quarterly Town Hall Meetings to ensure employees received communications regarding Bank activities, operations and earnings results. Member of the California Bankers Association Compensation Survey Advisory Committee in Sacramento. Assisted in analyzing pay data for the annual CBA Salary Survey. EDUCATION France Hill Secondary Modern School, UK - Equivalent to Associate of Arts Degree Microsoft Windows Outlook Word Excel HRIS - ABRA