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Although I decided to keep the research problem that I have presented, I have re advised and narrowed down my focus

as well as the questions I propose. Research Problem Being aware of cultural competence in relation to universities admissions is very vital. It is no secret that students at inner city schools struggle with standardized test versus their peers who are educated in private or well-funded suburban school districts. While approaching my senior year in high school and looking for colleges to attend, I realized that I was not prepared for the SAT or ACT along with other students who faced similar challenges. With lack of resources, the everyday violence that occurs, poorlyeducated parents, and the quality of education that some inner-city school districts offer, students in that environment face daily challenges just to get to school versus their peers who attend schools in the opposite arena. As a result, performing well on standardized test could be a major task. The low performance on standardized test has no correlation on how intelligent a student is as well as if that particular student will succeed in college. Are high test scores proper gauges to the retention and success of students versus students who perform low? Nevertheless, it can deny a student a fair shot of admission into a great institution of learning.

Research Purpose The purpose of this research is to identify if college entry standardized test are culturally competent. There are a series of questions about the effectiveness of standardized testing that needs to be addressed and the alternative solutions that should be taken into consideration. I have always thought of what illustrates intelligence, which differs from one group of people to the other. Also, my research intends to take a deeper look into if higher standardized testing scores result in academic success and persistence towards a degree. By interviewing students at private, suburban, and inner-city school districts, it is my desire to understand their educational backgrounds and experiences with standardized test. I will attempt to focus on single-parent, low income households.

Research Question Are students who score highly on standardized test more likely to be retained and persist towards a degree versus a student who scores low? If determine that the student who scores higher on the test isnt retained at a much higher rate than low scoring students, then why is standardized testing so important in college admissions.?

What are some factors that contribute to the low score on standardized test for inner city students that prohibit them from attending college?

What other methods can capture the academic potential, abilities, or success of students who perform below the required scores to attend a higher education institution? In the ever changing world of education, what steps are college administrators taking to adapt their admission requirements and policies to students who come from different cultures, backgrounds, and different educational systems?