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“Do everything without complaining or arguing, so that you

may become blameless and pure, children of God without
fault in a crooked and depraved generation, in which you
shine like stars in the universe as you hold out the word of
Philippians 2:14-16b



FIRST DAY HIGH (introductory)

How’s first week of school
Excited or notwhy (new things, friends, crushes,
lessons (seldom))
Trina’s and Joshua’s first week of school
If you are a Christianought to be excitedcoz of
Kingdom mindsetsee school as an opportunity
advance God’s Kingdom
shine for Him
be a campus star (a model of Jesus)
turn your campus right side up (because
it’s upside down)
make a difference
If you are a Christian, you are excited about school
because you see it as an opportunity to shine for Jesus
by making a difference inside your campus.

As speaker, not a campus material
Physically (not Lindsay Lohan) never a fashionista
Intellectually (many more intelligent)
Materially (no car, only carito – trisikad)
By the world’s standards, I was not a campus star.
But in the eyes of God and by His grace, I was no
ordinary campus star, I was a bright shining
campus star.
The Reason: perspective / mindset - God’s agenda
I knew my identity and destiny.
I was sure of who I was and confident of
what my purpose was.
I was all set to make a difference.


“Do everything without complaining or arguing, so that you

may become blameless and pure, children of God without
fault in a crooked and depraved generation, in which you
shine like stars in the universe as you hold out the word of
Philippians 2:14-16b

In the first several verses of this chapter, Paul focuses on

what believers are to be inside the church as they interact
with one another. Now in 14 and 15, Paul begins to talk
about what our impact should be in the world (in your case
as students, in the campus; for the young pro, in your work

To be a shining star, consider the following(4 letter C’s):

1. the CONDUCT of a shining star

There is a way to serve God, a manner in which to

conduct ourselves:
“without complaining or arguing”

“complaining”: whispering, muttering or grumbling

in a low tone of voice
emotional rejection of God’s
providence, will and
circumstance for one’s life

“disputing”: means questionings or criticisms

directed negatively toward

Complainers are seldom difference makers. Usually

they are on the sidelines criticizing those who are
making a difference.
Not only does chronic complaining damage our
testimony and discourage others, it is very displeasing
to God.

Remember “stars” are supposed to be inspirers of other


When we serve the Lord, we should do so without

whining about it.
One of the most unbecoming things a Christian can be
is a chronic complainer (always finding fault, never
contented, never happy).
There are some Christians who never seem to speak
unless it is a word of complaint - about their condition,
someone else or the church.
(word of discouragement)
When we constantly complain, we are giving others a
picture of who are God is.
It’s like saying “God’s provision is not enough, God’s
intentions are unjust, God’s grace is not sufficient for
To overcome complaining we must begin to trust God.
How - know Him more.

2. the CHARACTER of a shining star

A large portion of society has concluded that character

is not important.

(your abilities, skills, connections, possessions will do

the job)
But to God, character is everything!

Shining stars are people of character:

* Blameless a life that cannot be criticized

because of sin or evil

There should be nothing in our lives that

would cause others to point a finger of

If you are a Christian, you better care about

what others think of you.

The lost world is looking for something to

discredit your testimony so they can reject
your Savior with a good conscience. (Gandhi)

* Pure innocent, a life that is unmixed

and unadulterated

Blameless speaks of who we are before men.

Pure speaks of who we are before God.

Man looks at the outward appearance. God

looks at the heart.
God is primarily concerned with who you are
on the inside, the way you think, what
motivates you, what your desires are.

Why is there a need to be pure before God if

we are to shine for Him?
Answer: Because if you are real, you will

* Without fault also above reproach

We are not going to be perfect until the day

Jesus presents us, but this is what we must
be striving for in His strength.

This must be what we are becoming.

3. the CONTEXT of a shining star

Shine your light right in the midst of a crooked and

depraved generation ( a description of the unbelieving

Crooked: something that is deviated from the

those who stray from God’s path

Depraved: intensifies this meaning by referring

to the one who strayed so far
off the path that his direction
is severely twisted and

Paul applies this condition to the sinful world system.

We live in a community that is filled with a system that
goes against God.

The now generation - this is it. Right is now wrong.

Wrong is now right.

This is the generation God wants us to affect. This is

where God wants us to be.

He has left us here that we might “shine as lights in the


John 17 (the prayer Jesus refused to pray)

The more darkness prevails, the greater the opportunity

for us to shine as Christians.

How we live our life is going to make a difference.

When we really live for Christ out light becomes very

bright before a dark world.

The context of a shining star is right in the middle of a

lost world, contrasting that world like a star contrasting
the dark night sky.

If we are to be difference makers we must be among

the lost and befriend them.

4. the CONTRIBUTION of a shining star

“holding out” a picture of someone offering

something for others to take

“the word of life” the Gospel of Jesus Christ (their

only hope)
“holding out the word of life” We are holding the Gospel
out to the world like a lifeline

A transformed life is an effective witness to the power of

God’s Word.




To turn your campus right side up for Jesus, you

need to consider:

The conduct of a shining star

“Do everything without complaining and
The character of a shining star
“2so that you may become blameless and
pure children of God without fault2”
The context of a shining star
“2in a crooked and depraved generation in
which you shine as stars in the universe2”
The contribution of a shining star
“2as you hold out the word of life2”


Are there people here who are campus stars?

If you are a Christian, then you are one!
Know who you are and show them who you are.
By doing this, you will shine like a star!