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words, ideas, opinions, images about contemporary art & culture

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words, ideas, opinions, images about contemporary art & culture

Times of crisis are always a good excuse to start a conversation. Artscape Publishers breaks in with a new publishing project consisting in publishing every three months with an issue devoted to arts and contemporary culture seen from inside out. A quilt of words, ideas, images and everything that builds and dismantles our current artistic horizon. This is what makes up Artscape magazine. We believe that contemporary art and culture are a complex conglomerate that shows up in front of us daily and that needs an instrument of discussion, critique, enjoyment or simply of contemplation. Artscape magazine tries to follow a consistent line above any commercial interest, looking at art and culture from a creative, thoughtful and critical perspective. An opportunity for experts, artists, curators, critics, fans, gallery owners, professors, and many others can find materials with which to communicate, discuss, know, express, or simply to get acquainted with. Artscape is a new project but with a history behind. A little informative bulletin, with the same name, has been in print for some years, establishing the seeds that make possible now this small big project. Artscape is and always will be a work in progress, that will never stop transforming and changing itself as the world around us is doing. We will follow a creative process: something to say, a concept that guide us in the search for materials that bind us and transforms us into a publication that carries the personality of all who make it. On the other hand, the rigor with that we want to appear is absolute, since we depart from the point that without art and culture we would not exist

Articles and essays on art. Quarterly publication. Distribution libraries, museums, universities...

Collaborators for this isue:

Douglas Ashford Group material Professor Juan Puentes White box Curator ngela Snchez de Vera Writer and Fine Arts PhD Sal Hernndez Hechoenoaxaca Visual artist Derek Bentley Sociologist Daniel Snchis Visual artist Layla Childs and Sonya Robbins Robbinschilds Visual artists

words, ideas, opinions, images about contemporary art & culture

winter 2009


words, ideas, opinions, images about contemporary art & culture

$ 5.00

From Surrealism to the Deconstruction of Reality

ARTICLE ARTICLE essay interview

To say or not to say or say it another way. Ulrike Ottingers funny books.
by ngela Snchez de Vera

Jacques Derrida
by Derek Bentley

Deconstruction of Reality
by Douglas Ashford


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ISBN-10: 0-615-26966-4 ISBN-13: 978- 0-615-26966-5