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Speed/Velocity/Acceleration Graphic Organizer

Name ______KEY_______

KEY A = acceleration V = velocity D = distance S = speed T = time

Acceleration (A)
Variables: 1) velocity 2) time Unit(SI): m/s/s

Velocity (V)
Variables: 1) __speed_________ 2) direction________ Unit(SI): m/s + direction or km/hr + direction

Acceleration due to Gravity: V@ 1 sec. = 9.8 m/s/s down V@ 2 sec. = 19.6 m/s/s down V@ 3 sec. = 29.4 m/s/s down V@ 10 sec. = 98 m/s/s down

A change in position in a given amount of time A frame of reference is used when describing an objects motion

Resultant Velocity is calculated by combining velocities. same directions: + different directions: -

Final V = _T_ x _A_

Speed (S)

distance time Units (SI): m/s or km/hr Average Speed Equation: (total) distance (total) time Problem-Solving: Distance D: 10 km Time Speed T: 5 hr S: 2 km/hr

Sample Problems Speed (show your work) 1. If you walk for 1.5 hours and travel 7.5 km, what is your average speed?
7.5 km 1.5 hr

= 5 km/hr

2. A bird flies for 20 meters over the course of 5 seconds, what is its speed? = 4 m/s 20 m

Sample Problems Velocity 1. Which of the following are examples of velocity? A. 25 m/s forward C. 55 m/hr south B.1,500 km/hr D. All of the above A. What is the resultant velocity of an individual on a bus if the bus is traveling at 55 km/hr North and the individual is walking toward the back of the bus at 1 km/hr? (show your work) 55 km/hr North 1 km/hr South = 54 km/hr North Sample Problems Acceleration 1. What can we do to change an objects acceleration? A. Speed it up C. Slow it down B. Change its direction D. All of the above

54 km/hr North

2. What would the final velocity be for an Egg Lander that fell for 6 seconds? Assume that the only force acting on it is the force of acceleration due to gravity. (show your work) 9.8 m/s/s down x 6 s = 58.8 m/s down Graph Interpretation Speed Graph: Draw an average speed graph Label: axis & values Identify when speed = constant (red)
Distance ( m)

58.8 m/s down


Identify when speed is increasing. (blue). How can we identify how quickly speed is changing? By looking at how steep the slope of the line is.

Time (s)

Acceleration Graph: draw a graph or graphs illustrating acceleration and deceleration Label: axis & values Identify positive acceleration (green)
Velocity (m/s)

Identify negative acceleration (orange). How can we identify how quickly velocity is changing? By looking at how steep the slope of the line is.
Time (s)