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The Calendar of Events of the Art Gallery of Tirana.

The Exhibition of the Dutch Collector "Jan Dibbets". The National Gallery of Art of Tirana owns a collection of works of contemporary art, collected and donated by the Dutch artist Jan Dibbets. These works are presented to the Albanian public, in a special exhibition, after a long process of study and re-evaluation. The Dibbetss Collection contains well known international names in the field of modern and contemporary art. These artists represent the most important currents and attitudes in the art history of the years 1960-70, such as: The Late Modernism, the Conceptual Art, the Minimalism, the Land Art, etc. Among the artists with works in this collection are worth mentioning: Karel Appel, Pierre Alechinsky, Markus Lupertz, Georg Baselitz, Giovanni Anselmo, Mimmo Paladino, Sol LeWitt, Richard Serra, Dan Graham, Mike Kelley, Joseph Kosuth, Daniel Buren, Edward Ruscha, Robert Barry, John Baldessari, Jan Dibbets, Christo & Jeane-Claude, Marina Abramovic, Gilbert & George, Bill Viola, Richard Long, Damien Hirst, etc. This collection, mostly composed of graphics, drawings, photos, prints and small-scale works, constitutes a very interesting magazine of the artistic attitudes of the second half of the twentieth century. 4 30 November The Exhibition of "Antoni Clave" Antoni Clave was born in Barcelona in 1913 and died in 2005 in Saint-Tropez, France. He is one of the most famous painters at international level and one of the pioneers of Spanish modern art. He settled in France during the civil war, where he became one of the most famous set designers of the period. During the fifties his work with a tendency versus abstraction, was distinguished for its interest toward the material aspect of art. As a master of texture and pigment, he synthesized all these with the light, creating in his paintings an atmosphere without gravity, which was in a formal relationship with his painterly rhythms. Besides painting he also applied the assemblage and collage, where his force appeared much stronger. Antoni Clave comes to the National Gallery of Tirana after gaining a wide international success. 23 December - 3 February 2011. The 17th edition of the international exhibition of visual arts ONUFRI opens on Thursday, date 23 December 2010, 18.00 hrs, in the National Gallery of Arts. The works of 27 artists in painting, photography, sculpture, and installation from Albania and Kosova were selected for display based on their compatibility with the curatorial concept entitled I am ART-ist. The selection is a reflection on the developments of Albanian contemporary art and the collection of the works was made based on the assessment and recognition of the artists creative output. According to the Onufri 2010 curator Suzana Varvarica Kuka: This exhibition endeavours to display works that illustrate the conscious and subconscious actions of the artist during the process of formation and execution of the work. The works of Onufri 2010 demonstrate through

images some of the themes mentioned in the curatorial concept and some of the features of the physiognomy of art and problematic Albanian life. Also in Onufri 2010 we will become aware of the direction the development and identity of young Albanian artists takes. The Albanian artist, as the producer of a work of art, tends to show himself as a human product that starts initially at the academic education, is shaped during the navigation of the conceptual road, and is determined to leave his/her signs during these creative experiences. The exhibition will remain open to the public until 3 February 2011.

Artists participating are:

Gazmend Leka, Andi Hila, Edmond Gjikopulli, Yllka Gjollesha, Gjergj Shoshi, Ledia Kostandini, Heldi Pema, Endri Dani, Gentian Gjikopulli, Matilda Odobashi, Genti Korini, Alketa Ramaj, Oriana Kamberi, Artan Draini, Sidi Kanani, Nikolin Bujari, Rrezart Galica Giqi, Sabile Tmava- Billi, Driton Selmani, Sara apaliku, Anon, Nj Njeri (One Human Being), Violana Murataj, Enkelejd Zonja, Greta Dhaskali Lami, Ilir Shima, Entela Kasemi.