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Natural Herbal Treatment For Sjogren's Syndrome


What is Sjogren's Syndrome? Sjogren's Syndrome is an immune system disorder in which a person suffers from d ry eyes and dry mouth. A patient suffering from this disorder also suffers from rheumatoid arthritis and lupus. During the course of this disease the mucous mem branes and moisture secreting glands that are responsible for maintaining requir ed moisture in your eyes and mouth are badly affected which causes decreased pro duction of saliva in the mouth as well as tears in your eyes. In this disease in flammation of tissues occur because of the immune system mistakenly affecting th e wrong areas. It can usually be complicate due to certain infections of the eye s, breathing passages and mouth. How is it caused? There are several reasons which are responsible for the occurrence of this disor der. The exact cause of this disorder is not known but scientists believe that g enetic factors are truly responsible for the occurrence of this disorder. Famili es in which some of the members are suffering from other autoimmune illness such as systemic lupus erythematosus, autoimmune thyroid disease, type I diabetes, e tc. 90% of the Sjogren's Syndrome are females according to a recent statistical analysis. Symptoms of Disease There are various signs and symptoms that are important and very helpful for the doctors to diagnose the ailment and recommend an appropriate treatment option f or its cure. The symptoms include: Dry eyes Burning in the eyes Itching and gritting in the eyes Dry mouth Difficulty swallowing Difficulty speaking due to dry mouth Joint pain Swelling and stiffness of joints Swollen salivary glands Skin rashes or dry skin Vaginal dryness Persistent dry cough Prolonged fatigue Treatment, Prevention & when to see the Doctor? There are hundreds and thousands of over the counter treatment options available but you can definitely not go for all of them and you never know which suits yo

u and which can worsen the already bad situation. So you got to be very careful and go see a doctor when you start witnessing the symptoms of this disease. The right time to see a doctor is when you experience excessive dryness of mouth and eyes for days and days. If this dryness does not stop for a week or so then tha t is the cause of concern and you should rush to the doctor because sometimes a little bit of drying is alright. As soon as you witness over drying you should s eek help from a medical practitioner. There are various preventive measures that can definitely help improve the condi tion towards positive improvement but cannot completely cure the ailment. There are techniques that can be undertaken at home as to avoiding unhealthy foods, ju nk food, deep fried items and reducing alcohol consumption if you on it since lo ng. You should be careful about the beverages you take with your meals and drink plenty of water in order to provide hydration to your eyes and mouth. Our Formula We have come up with an amazing herbal treatment which is one of the best herbal formulas so far. Our experts have formulated a treatment option which is compos ed of natural herbs and all the ingredients used in the production of this formu la are purely natural and have been research and examined by the professionals. The manufacturing has been approved by the experts after conducting detailed res earch on every ingredient that has been used in the production. Why Us? Why should you consider our herbal formula as the top choice in the world of her bal medicines is because we deliver the best to our clients and we have been in this business since years now? We have experts working for us who approve the pr oduction of a particular product only after they have understood the true benefi ts of the ingredients used to formulate this mixture to cure Sjogren s Syndrome. Supposition In short this herbal formula designed and formulated by experts is one of its ki nds and offer amazing cure within 30 to 35 days in the form of well hydrated eye s and mouth without causing any side effects to the body. It also corrects other symptoms of this disease and makes you a healthy and happy individual ready to enjoy life yet again.