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People have different attitudes to fashion. Some are indifferent - they do not care what they wear. Others, especially women, are very choosy and particular about what to wear and like to spend a lot of money on clothes. Some people buy ready-made clothes, others prefer to have them made to measure or buy them at second-hand shops. Some people have excellent taste in dress and are always dressed perfectly, others are slovenly in dress. There are some people who want to be dressed according to the latest fashion at all costs even if it does not suit them. It seems that it is a hobby for them to follow the fashion magazines and see what a few leading designers in Paris, Rome, London or New York present. For some people fashion is a matter of differentiation, the eagerness to distinguish oneself from one's fellows. For others it is a need to match their ideal model by imitating his/her appearance. Different factors which have influenced the styles of clothing, such as geography, climate, poverty and wealth have played their role. We can also note how rich people altered their clothes with every fancy of their tailor while the poor people's garments changed slowly. Then the cheap manufacture of cloth and the invention of the sewing machine brought about a revolution. Readymade clothes have become relatively cheap and now fashionable trends are imitated all over the world. On the other hand all of these facts resulted in a kind of uniformity. It is hard to tell the class, profession or even sex by the form of dress. Fashion concerns not only clothes, but also hair style, make-up and accessories, such as shoes, handbags, gloves, belts, hats, scarfs or jewellery and glasses. Clothing, footwear and cosmetics manufacturers as well as jewellery makers and hairdressers need to make money. Styles, cuts, designs and particularly the length of clothes change very quickly because dressmaking has become a big business nowadays. Tight-fitting miniskirts may be in at one time, soon to be replaced by midcalf length and loose dress or maxi-style. Fashions often come back to older styles. What is out of fashion, funny or ridiculous now, may look romantic a few decades later. But the fashions never repeat themselves quite in the same way. There can be a whole range of distinctive features. We could note various types of neckline (high or low, oval, V-neck, boat neck, tie or polo neck, with collar or collarless), and various cuts of sleeves (inset, raglan, dropped shoulder or batwing). The dress may have a classic line, A-line or be straight. The waistline may be natural, high or low. At one time straight or slit skirts are in, at another full, bell-shaped or divided skirts become trendy. There is also a variety of materials the dress can be made of - traditional natural materials such as cotton, wool, linen, silk and the vast collection of new fabrics based on man-made fibres. But everybody usually looks for first class, washable, non-iron, crease- and shrink-resistant fabric. Their design can be plain or patterned (flowered, geometric, striped, checked, dotted or spotted) and taken from the whole spectrum of colours running from the brightest and most garish to the coolest and most subdued. The way we dress also depends on our taste, on the season and the proper occasion. We should know what kind of accessories complement to dress and what colours match each other. ln summer we wear light summer dresses, loose blouses with a low neckline and with short sleeves or without sleeves, skirts gathered at the waist or bell-shaped, cropped trousers, shorts or Bermuda shorts and various T-shirts. On our feet we pull on sandals, mules, slippers or plimsolls. When we go swimming we put on a swim suit (bikini, one-piece or two-piece) or trunks, sometimes a beach gown and a straw hat. In winter we need to wear something warm - suits, trousers, jeans, woollies, cardigans, polo neck sweaters, jumpers, anoraks and parkas, winter coats and jackets, sometimes even a fur coat, gloves and mittens, caps, hoods, hats, scarfs and mufflers. And boots of course. On special occasions we like to be dressed properly too. When we go to a concert or to the theatre we prefer to be dressed up. We wear an evening dress, which consists of a dark suit, a light shirt and a tie or a bowtie, sometimes a dinner jacket, an evening gown, court shoes and pumps. For sports we put on sports wear, such as jeans, shorts, T-shirts, blazers, parkas, track suits and to the mountains a waterproof jacket or anorak and sports shoes (trainers, plimsolls, heavy boots or skishoes). At home we like to feel comfortable, and so we prefer leisure wear - slacks, jeans and Tshirts and on our feet slippers or mules. To school we wear something practical and plain. The most favourite wear of teenagers include jeans or trousers, shirts and T-shirts of different colours,

sweatshirts or pullovers and trainers. For workshop or cleaning jobs we must put on an apron, overall or overalls. Special kinds of clothes are uniforms and costumes. Uniforms are worn particularly by professionals such as the police, the armed forces, health workers, sometimes workers of a certain firm. It is still a tradition in some schools in Britain (mostly private ones) to wear a school uniform. It usually consists of a white shirt and grey or dark trousers and a dark sweater or blazer with a school badge on the breast pocket and perhaps a cap (for younger boys). Unlike the boys who do not mind wearing uniforms because they do not differ very much from ordinary clothes, the girls complain about them and hate wearing them. A girls uniform looks quite different from an ordinary girls dress because it consists of a plain coat, a blouse and a skirt in some dark colour, such as grey, navy blue or brown. Girls would prefer ordinary clothes to express their personality or perhaps they just feel more comfortable in jeans and a T-shirt. The argument for uniforms is that they prevent competition among the girls and hide differences in family incomes. Costumes on the other hand reflect the style of a past time. Apart from the theatre they are not seen very often, only on special occasions. Scotsmen are well-known for their national costume which consists of a kilt (a short skirt with many pressed pleats), knee-length woollen socks, a cap and a sporran (a fur-covered bag worn as a purse). The kilt is made of tartan, a kind of woollen cloth woven in stripes of various colours which cross at right angles so as to form a pattern. The difference is in the colours and the width of the stripes. Most tartans have either green or red as the dominant colour. The fashion changes so fast that often we face the question of what to do with clothes which we do not need any longer. It is easy to discard worn-out clothes but what to do with unworn clothes which you do not like any more? People in the west often arrange jumble or garage sale but it is not a custom in our country yet. Some people store them up in their wardrobe if they have enough room, pass them down to somebody younger or give them to a charity organisation. Women who can do needlework (sew, knit, crochet or embroider) often remake an old dress and change it into a new stylish model which is admired by their colleagues as if it was bought in a boutique. Some people do not choose their dress with regard to the latest fashion, they apply a waitand-see attitude and wear what suits them, what is healthy and what they can afford The most important thing is that such dresses are neat and clean, they look smart and elegant and they feel comfortable.


1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. What attitudes do people have to fashion? What factors have influenced the way of dressing? What does fashion include? What changes in fashion very quickly? What kinds of materials, patterns and colours can be used? How does the season influence clothes? What kind of clothes do we wear on various occasions? What can we do with an old dress?

fashion ('fFn) - in fashion (in 'fFn) - out of fashion (aut cv 'fFn) fashion designer (fFn di:'zainc) follow the fashion (folou *c 'fFn) be dressed (bi: drest) be dressed up (bi: drest ap) be choosy (bi: u:zi ) be particular about (bi: pctikjulc c'baut) go with, fit with (gou wi2 , fit wi2 ) have on (hFv on) get dressed (get drest) put on (put on) take off (teik of) look (luk) match with, suit with (mF wi2 , sju:t wi2 ) model ('modl) model ('modl) style (stail) - cut (kat) - design (di'zain) taste (teist) - excellent taste ('ekslcnt teist) - poor taste (puc teist) clothes (klou*z) ready-made clothes (redi meid klou*z) clothes made to measure (meid tu 'mea ) garment ('ga:mcnt) outfit ('autfit) wear (wec) - casual wear ('kFjucl wec) - knitwear ('nitwec) - leisurewear (lecwec) - nightwear ('naitwec) - sportswear ('spo:tswec) - underwear ('andcwec) casual ('kFjucl) elegant ('eligcnt) everyday ('evridei) extravagant (iks'trFvigcnt) fashionable ('fFncbl) in the latest fashion perfect ('pc:fikt) plain (plein) proper ('propc) showy ('oui) slovenly ('slavnli) smart (sma:t) stylish ('staili) trendy (trendi) un-worn (an'worn) worn-out ( wo:n 'aut)

mda, vkus, fazna, stih mdn, modern nemodern, staromdn mdn nvrh dit se podle mdy bt obleen bt slavnostn, dobe obleen bt vybrav bt vybrav hodlt se k ... mt na sob oblkat se oblkat se svlkat se vypadat hodit se k ... modelka, manekna model-aty stih stih stih, nvrh vkus vynikajc vkus slab vkus odv, obleen konfekn odv obleen it na mru odv, obleen obleen - vstroj nosit na sob pleitostn obleen pleten obleen obleen pro voln as non prdlo sportovn obleen spodn prdlo pleitostn elegantn pro denn noen extravagantn, npadn modern, mdn, elegantn podle posledn mdy perfektn, dokonal jednoduch nleit, vhodn, pimen efektn, npadn nedbal, neupraven, pinav elegantn,mdn vkusn, mdn mdn nenoen obnoen

MATERIALS (mc'ticricIz)
natural materials (nFrl mc'ticricIz) cotton (kotn) corduroy ('ko:dcroi) cashmere (kF'mic) denim (denim) embroidery (im'broidcri) flax (flFks) fabric (fFbrik) fur (fc:) jersey ('dc:zi) lace (leis) leather ('le*c) linen (Iincn) muslin ('mazlin) ribbon ('ribcn) rubber ('rabc) satin ('sFtin) silk (silk) - pure silk (pjuc silk) suede (sweid) terry cloth (teri klo2) tweed (tvi:d ) wool (wul) woollen (wu:lcn) man-made fabrics (mFn meid fFbriks) man-made fibres (mFn meid 'faibcz) acrylic (ckrilik) fur fabric (fc:'fFbrik) nylon ('nailcn) polyester poly cotton (pc'likotn)

prodn materily bavlna manestr kamr dnsovina, denim vivka len, lnn pltno tkanina koeina plet krajka ke pltno mueln stuha, stuka guma atlas, satn hedvb ist hedvb semi frot tvd vlna vlnn syntetick materily uml vlkna acryl uml koeina nylon polyester sms bavlny a polyesteru

coarse (ko:s) colour-fast ('kalc fast) crease-resistant (kri:s ri'zistcnt) durable (djucrcbl) flimsy ('flimzi) non-iron (non aicn) shrink-resistant (rik ri'zistncnt) soft (soft) transparent (trFns'pecrnt) washable (wocbl) waterproof ('wo:tcpru:f)

drsn, hrub stlobarevn nekriv trvanliv tenk, jemn, slab nepotebuje ehlen odoln vi sren jemn prsvitn, prhledn prac nepromokav

checked (ekt) dotted (dotid) flowered (flaucd) geometric (dic'metrik) plain (plein) printed (printid) self-coloured (self kalc:d) spotted ('spotid) striped (straipt)

kostkovan puntkov kvtovan geometrick jednobarevn potitn, vzorovan jednobarevn tekovan, skvrnit proukovan

textured ('tekscd) woven ( wouvn)

tkan tkan

COLOURS (kalcz)
auburn (o:bcn) beige (beid) black (blFk) blue (blu:) bright (brait) brown (braun) canary yellow ( kF'necri jelou) creamy ('kri:mi) dark (da:k) fresh (fre) garish ('gFri) ginger ('dindc) green (gri:n) grey (grei) khaki (ka:ki) lemon ('lemcn) light (lait) maroon (mc'ru:n) navy blue (neivi blu:) olive ('oliv) orange (orind) pastel (pcs'tel) pink (pink) purple (pc:pl) red (red) sad (scd) scarlet (ska:lct) subdued (scb'dju:d) violet ('vaiclit) white (wait) yellow (jelou)

ervenohnd bov ern modr svtl, jasn, pestr hnd kanrkov lut smetanov, krmov tmav jasn, vesel syt, npadn, kiklav rezav zelen ed, ediv zelenohnd citrnov lut svtl vnov erven tmav modr olivov zelen oranov pastelov rov tmav fialov, nachov erven smutn, tmav jasn erven tlumen fialov bl lut

anorak dress-coat (dres'kout) tuxedo (tak'si:dou) jacket ('dFkit) dinner jacket ('dinc ,dFkit) overalls (cuvero:lz) pants (pFnts) pants (pFnts) parka shirt (c:t) - sweatshirt - T-shirt (ti: c:t) shorts (o:ts) - Bermuda shorts (bc'mju:dc o:ts) slacks (slFks) suit (sju:t) track suit (trFk sju:t) trousers ('trauzcz) cropped trousers (kropt 'trauzcz) trunks (traks)

vtrovka, zimn bunda frak smoking (AM) sako, kabtek smoking kombinza, pracovn oblek, montrky kalhoty (AM) pnsk spodky parka, bunda s vzakami koile, triko, blza mikina triko ortky, krtk kalhoty bermudy samostatn kalhoty, voln kalhoty oblek teplky kalhoty ustien kalhoty pnsk plavky

vest (vest) vest (vest) waistcoat (weistkout)

ntlnk, tlko vesta (AM) vesta

apron (eiprcn) bikini (bi'ki:ni) blazer ('bleizc) bra, brasiere blouse (blauz) cape (keip) cardigan ('ka:digcn) coat (kout) - full lenght coat (ful le2kout) - fur coat (fc: kout) - lined coat (laind kout) - unlined coat (anlaind kout) - short coat (o:t kout) - three quarter coat 2ri: 'kwo:tc kout) - winter coat (wintc kout) dress (dres) - all-purpose dress (o:l 'pc:pcs dres) - button front dress (batn 'frant dres) - button through dress (batn '2ru:) - cocktail dress (kokteil dres) - evening dress (i:vni dres) - night dress (nait dres) - two piece dress (tu: pi:s dres) - wedding dress ('wedi dres) gown (gaun) - beach gown (bi: gaun) - dressing gown ('dresi gaun) - night gown ('nait gaun) jumper (dampc) knickers ('nikcz) leisure suit ('lec sju:t) overall (cuvero:l) pullover (pul'ouvc) pyjamas (pc'da:mcz) raincoat (reinkout) skirt (skc:t) - bell-shaped ('bel eipt) - divided (di'vaidid) - gathered ('gF*cd) - pleated ('pli:tid) - slit (slit) - straight (streit) - wrap over (rFp 'ouvc) slip (slip) suspender belt (scs'pendc belt) sweater (swetc) swimsuit (swimsju:t) top (top) twin-set (twinset)

zstra dvoudln plavky sako, blejzr podprsenka halenka, blza pl, pelerna vesta, svetr na zapnn kabt dlouh kabt koich kabt s podvkou kabt bez podvky krtk kabt ttvrten kabt zimn kabt dmsk aty vceelov aty se zapnnm na pednm dle propnac aty koktailov aty veern, spoleensk aty non koile dvoudln aty svatebn aty aty koupac pl upan non koile svetr, lehk svetr, pulovr kalhotky domc obleen domc pracovn pl pulovr, svetr pyamo pl, pripl sukn zvonov sukn kalhotov sukn nabran sukn plisovan, skldan sukn sukn s rozparkem rovn sukn zavinovac sukn kombin podvazkov ps pulovr, svetr jednodln plavky sako, horn st kostmu, vrek dmsk dvoudln obleen

ORNAMENTS (o:ncmcnts)
button ('batn) fold (fould) hole (houl) patch (pF) pleats (pli:ts) pocket ('pokit) straps (strFps) zip-fastener ('zip fa:snc)

knoflk zhyb, nbr otvor, drka, vez zplata, aplikace, nivka sklady, plis, zhyby kapsa vzaka zip, zdrhovadlo

CUT OF SLEEVES (kat cv sli:vz)

batwing sleeves ('bFtwi) dropped shoulders (dropt 'ouldcz) in-set sleeve (inset) long sleeve (lo) short sleeve (o:t) raglan sleeve (rFglcn) with sleeves (wi2 sli:vz) without sleeves (wi'*aut sli:vz)

netop rukvy spadnut ramena vsazen rukv dlouh rukv krtk rukv raglnov rukv s rukvy bez rukv

WAISTLINE (weistline)
high waistline (hai weistlain) low waistline (lou weistlain) natural waistline ('nFrl weistlain) loose (lu:s) tight (tait) close (klouz)

zven pas snen pas pirozen pas voln stih pilhav stih obepnajc, tsn

NECKLINE (neklain)
boat neck (bout nek) high neck (hai nek) low neck (lou nek) oval neck (ouvcl nek) polo-neck stand-up neck (stFndap nek) tie neck ('tai nek) V-neck (vi: nek) pointed collar ('pointid colc) round collar ('raund colc) with a collar (wi2 c colc) without a collar (wi'*aut c colc)

lodikov ke krku, mal hlubok, dekolt ovln rolk stojek s vzakou vko piat lmec kulat lmec s lmcem bez lmce

FOOT WEAR (futwec)

boots (bu:ts) - ankle boots (Fkl bu:ts) - knee-length boots (ni: le2 bu:ts) - high boots (hai bu:ts) - boots with fur lining (wi2 fc: laini) - winter boots (wintc bu:ts) clogs (klogz) heel (hi:l) - low-heeled shoes (lou hi:ld 'u:z) - medium-heeled shoes ('mi:djcm hi:ld) - high-heeled shoes (hai hi:ld 'u:z)

kozaky, zimn boty kotnkov zimn boty vysok kozaky holnky boty s koeinovou vlokou zimn boty devky podpatek boty na nzkm podpatku boty na stednm podpatku boty na vysokm podpatku

- stiletto-heeled shoes (stiletou hi:ld'u:z) laces (leisiz) mules (mju:lz) plimsolls (plimslz) pumps (pamps) rubbers ('rabcs) - rubber boots, wellingtons, wellies sandals ('sFndlz) shoes (u:z) - a pair of shoes (pec cv'u:z) - court shoes (ko:t 'u:z) - flat shoes (flFt 'u:z) - hand-made shoes (hFnd meid 'u:z) - heavy shoes (hevi 'u:z) - lace-up shoes (leisap 'u:z) - leather shoes (le*c 'u:z) - outdoor shoes ('autdo: 'u:z) - running shoes ('rani 'u:z) - ski shoes (ski 'u:z) - sports shoes (spo:ts 'u:z) - suede shoes (sweid 'u:z) - walking shoes ('wo:ki 'u:z) slippers (slipc:z) sole (soul) sneakers (sni:kcz) tennis shoes (tenis u:z) trainers (treincz) uppers ('apcz)

jehliky tkaniky pantofle, stevce bez podpatku pltnky, tenisky lakrky, dmsk stevce holnky, gumky holnky, gumky sandly boty pr bot, boty dmsk lodiky boty bez podpatk run it boty pevn boty nrovac boty koen boty vychzkov boty sportovn boty lyask boty sportovn boty semiov boty vychzkov boty bakory, pantofle podeva pltnky tenisky botasky, sportovn boty galoe

bag (bFg) shopping bag (opi bFg) belt (belt) beret (berei) bowtie (boutai) braces ('breisiz) brief-case (bri:fkeis) buckle (bakl) cap (kFp) cleanex ear muffs (ic mafs) glasses (gla:siz) gloves (glavs) - leather gloves (le*c glavs) - suede gloves (sweid glavs) - cotton gloves (kotn glavs) - knitted gloves (nitid glavs) handbag ('hFndbFg) handkerchief ('hFkcif) hat (hFt) - bowler hat ('boulc hFt) - straw hat (stro: hFt) - tophat (tophFt) hood (hu:d) jewellery ('du:clri) precious stone ('precs stoun) semiprecious stone (semi'precs stoun)

taka nkupn taka psek baret motlek le aktovka pezka epice kapesnk (AM) chrnie na ui brle rukavice koen rukavice semiov rukavice bavlnn rukavice pleten rukavice kabelka kapesnk klobouk buinka slamn klobouk cylindr kapuce perky, klenoty drah kmen, drahokam polodrahokam

bracelet ('breislit) brooch (brou) costume jewellery ('kostju:m 'du:clri) ear-ring (ic ri) necklace ('neklis) pendant ('pendcnt) pin (pin) ring (ri) leghorn ('legho:n) mittens ('mitns) muff (maf) muffler (maflc) purse (pc:s) sash (sF) scarf (ska:f) socks (soks) - ankle socks (Fkl soks) - knee-length socks (ni: len2 soks) stick (stik) stockings ('stokis) suit-case (sju:tkeis) sunglasses ('san gla:siz) suspenders (scspendcz) tie (tai) tie pin (tai pin) tights (taits) - fine tights (fain taits) - heavy tights (hevi taits) - patterned tights ('pFtncd taits) umbrella (am'brelc) - telescopic umbrella (teliskoupik) wallet (wolit)

nramek bro biuterie nunice nhrdelnk pvek pendlk, jehlice prsten slamn klobouk palky rukvnk pleten la, tek dmsk penenka erpa lehk tek, la ponoky krtk ponoky podkolenky hlka punochy kufr slunen brle le (AM) vzanka jehlice do vzanky punochy jemn punochy tepl, tlust punochy vzorovan punochy detnk skldac detnk pnsk penenka

NEEDLEWORK (ni:dlwc:k)
crochet ('krcuei) embroider (im'broidc) knit (nit) make a dress (meik c dress) needle ('ni:dl) scissors ('siscz) sew (sou) thread (2red)

hkovat, hkovn vyvat plst t jehla nky t nit


* 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

pullover jumper sweater jeans, a pair of jeans trousers, a pair of trousers jacket suit socks, a pair of socks pocket tie shirt coat spectacles belt raincoat watch shoe glove

** 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35

collar cardigan waistcoat sleeve gymshoes shoelaces sole heel buckle hat cap bowler vest pants, a pair of pants pyjamas scarf anorak

*** 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43

mitten lapel braces, a pair of braces bow tie, butterfly tie tracksuit cuff cuff links breast pocket


* 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14

dress handbag sweater skirt blouse belt shorts, a pair of shorts shoe T-shirt, tee shirt handkerchief coat umbrella raincoat nightdress, nighty

** 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 sol e

shoulder bag necklace scarf tights, panty hose stockings, a pair of stockings bracelet earring brooch buckle pants, a pair of pants brassiere, bra panty, panties dressing gown boots, a pair of boots slippers, a pair of slippers sandals, a pair of sandals heel

*** 33 34

headband slip, petticoat


TOILETRIES 1 lipstick 2 brush 3 comb 4 mirror 5 soap, a bar of soap 6 nail varnish, nail polish 7 nailbrush 8 nail file 9 nail scissors 10 nail cleaner 11 toilet bag 12 eyeliner 13 eyeshadow 14 blush 15 mascara 16 perfume, a bottle of 17 eau de cologne 18 toilet water 19 cream, a jar of cream 20 skin cream 21 compact 22 face powder 23 cotton wool 24 deodorant 25 shampoo, a bottle of 26 shaving brush 27 shaving cream 28 aftershave lotion 29 razor 30 razor blade 31 applicator 32 manicure set 33 mens fitted dressing case 34 tissues, a box of tissues JEWELRY 35 36 37 38 39 40 ring brooch earring bracelet necklace pendant

Co je letos v md? Jak kalhoty jsou v md? Lb se ti leton mda? To je/nen v md. Whats the fashion this year? Whats the fashion in trousers? Do you like this years fashion? Thats in fashion/out of fashion.

Vyzkouej si to. Jak mi to slu? Neslu mi to. Jsem v tom tlust/bled. Vypadm v tom mnohem thleji. Bude se mi to hodit k t ed sukni. Nen to mj styl. Nen to pro m. Nesed mi to. Nemu to zapnout. Skvle to padne. Je to akort. (velikost) Nen to moje velikost. To je ta sprvn velikost. Budu si to muset zit. Budu si to muset popustit. Budu si je muset zkrtit. Budu si je muset prodlouit. Try it on. How do I look? It doesnt suit me. I look fat/pale in it. It makes me look much slimmer. It will go with my grey skirt. Its not my style. Its not me. It doesnt fit me. I cant do it up. Its a perfect fit. Its not my size. This is the right size. Ill have to take it in. Ill have to let it out. Ill have to take them up. Ill have to let them down.


Vezmi si/Oblkni si kabt. Vezmi si/Oblkni si to. Sundej si kabt. Zuj si boty. Sundej si je. Zuj si je. Co si mm vzt na sebe? Co si vezme veer na sebe? Nemm co na sebe. Put on your coat. Put it on. Take off your coat. Take your coat off. Take off your shoes. Take your shoes off. Take them off. What shall I wear? What are you going to wear tonight? I havent got anything to wear. I have got nothing to wear.

Mohu Vs obslouit? - Chci si koupit njakou koili. - Chci koupit koili pro manela. Jak slo? - Potebuji velikost M. - Potebuje slo 16. Zde jsou njak koile, ze kterch si mete vybrat. Jak se vm lb tato? - Nelb se mi barva. - Nelb se mi ten vzor. - Nelb se mi ten stih. - Mte njakou jinou barvu? Jakou barvu byste chtla? Can I help you? - I want to buy a shirt. - I want to buy a shirt for my husband. What size, please? - I need size M. - He needs size 16. Here are some shirts to choose from. How do you like this one? - I dont like the colour. - I dont like the pattern. - I dont like the style. - Havent you got any other colour? What colour would you like?

- Chtla bych tmav barvu. - Chtla bych nco v modrm. - Mli byste nco ve svtlej barv? Uku vm posledn novinku. - Mohu si to zkusit? - Ano, lb se mi. - Myslm, e si tuhle koupm. - Koupm si ji. - Vezmu si ji. Pejete si jet nco? - Mte . ? - Prodvte taky ? - Ukzala byste mi ? - Mete mi ukzat ? - Mohu si prohldnout tuto ? - Chtla bych - Chtla bych si koupit tento - Ne, to je vechno. Kolik to stoj? Kolik je to dohromady?

- Id prefer a darker colour. - Id prefer something in blue. - Do you have anything in more light? Ill show you our latest one. - May I try it? - Yes, I like it. - I think, I will have this one. - I will buy it. - I will take it. Anything else? - Do you have ? - Do you also sell ...? - Would you show me ... ? - Can you show me ... ? - May I see this . ? - I would like - I would like to buy this - No, thank you, thats all. How much is it? How much does it cost? How much is it altogether?

Mohla byste mi ukzat njak sandly? Chtla bych ty, kter jsou ve vkladn skni. Jak slo? Potebuji slo . Jsou pro m mal/velk. Dejte mi o slo men. Dejte mi o slo vt. Tyhle boty m tla. Jsou mi moc zk. Jsou mi velmi voln. Zkuste si tento pr, je o slo vt. Pinesu vm o slo men. Chcete si je zkusit? Could you show me some sandals? I would like the pair you have in the window. What size? I need size .. They are too small / big for me. Give me one size smaller ones. Give me one size bigger ones. These shoes pinch me. They are too tight. They are too loose. Try this pair. It is a size larger. I will get you a smaller size. Would you like to try them on?