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Consumer Behavior

MAR7777E Course Description The course introduces a wide range of behavioral concepts, and explores the strategic implications of consumer behavior for marketers. This course provides a conceptual framework of consumer behavior and other various issues, which includes applications of several theories in psychology, sociology, anthropology, communication, and microeconomics. This course discusses how various factors influence consumer behavior and decision making process. These factors can be classified as: (1) external, that is, culture, sub-culture, social class, reference group, and family, and (2) internal, that is, attitudes, personality, life style, motivation, and perception. Analysis of those factors will become a sound basis in developing marketing strategy, such as those related to market segmentation, product positioning, and marketing communication. The objective of this course is to provide students the skills and ability in analyzing the various aspects which influence consumers in their buying decision-making. Students will have a broadened vision and establish a sound basis required for planning market segmentation and other related strategies in marketing of a business or non-business organization. Structure of Lecture 1. General framework of consumer behavior 2. Consumer Behavior and Marketing Strategy 3. External Influences a. Cross cultural variations b. Group influences 4. Internal Influences a. Perception b. Learning c. Motivation d. Personality e. Attitude 5. Consumer Decision process a. Situational Influences b. Decision making process c. Post purchase processes 6. Organizations as Consumers a. Organizational buyer behavior 7. Ethical issues

Class Discussion We will discuss cases from Hawkins/Mothersbaugh (12th edition) in class. Students are expected to come into class having read the topics and cases. Assessment method The final mark of the course will be an exam at the end of the semester. All material used in the course (including the cases) will be relevant for the exam. Class Schedule
Date Hour Topics Case (from Hawkins/Mothersbaugh, 12th edition)

9 Oct

17.15-18.45 19.00-20.30

General Framework of Consumer Behavior Consumer Behavior and Marketing Strategy

16 Oct

17.15-18.45 19.00-20.30

External Influences on Consumer Behavior: Cross cultural variations Group influences

Internal Influences on Consumer Behavior: Perception Learning Motivation Internal Influences on Consumer Behavior: Personality Attitude Consumer Decision Process Situational Influences Decision making process Post purchase processes Organizations as Consumers Organizational buyer behavior Consumer Behavior and Marketing Regulation and Ethical Issues Exam

Case: BMW Taps the Emerging Chinese Luxury Market Case: Rich, Angry Birds

23 Oct

17.15-18.45 19.00-20.30

30 Oct

17.15-18.45 19.00-20.30

6 Nov

17.15-18.45 19.00-20.30

Case: Positioning the Yaris Case: Campbells Targets Growing Male Grocery Shoppers Case: Adidas Ahead of Its Time Case: Hyundais Turnaround Case: Paccar More than Shinny Trucks

13 Nov 20 Nov

17.15-18.45 19.00-20.30 17.15-18.45 19.00-20.30

Literature List

Hawkins, D./ Mothersbaugh, D. (2013): Consumer Behavior: Building Marketing Strategy, McGraw-Hill, 12th edition, International Edition. Schiffman, L./ Kanuk , L. (2010): Consumer behavior, Pearson Prentice-Hall, 10th edition.

Kardes, F./ Cline, T./ Cronley, M. (2010): Consumer Behavior, South Western College, International Edition. Blackwell, R./ Miniard, P./ Engel, J. (2006): Consumer Behavior, Thomson South-Western, 10th edition, International Edition. Solomon M. (2008): Consumer Behavior Buying, Having and Being, Pearson Prentice-Hall, 8th edition, International Edition. Hawkins , D./ Best, R./ Coney, K. (2004): Consumer behavior, McGraw-Hill Irwin, 9th edition, International Edition.

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