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SECTION 072700 AIR BARRIERS ___________________________________________________________________________ PART 1 - GENERAL 1.1 DESCRIPTION A.

Section includes air leakage criteria for primary air seal building enclosure materials and assemblies; materials and installation methods supplementing air seal materials and assemblies; and air seal materials to connect and seal openings, joints and junctions between other air seal materials and assemblies. RELATED SECTIONS: 1. Section 072600 VAPOR RETARDERS: Vapor retarders. 2. Section 079000 JOINT SEALERS: Sealant materials and installation techniques. 1.2 REFERENCES A. ANSI AMERICAN NATIONAL STANDARD INSTITUTE 1. B. ANSI A58.1: Minimum Design Loads For Buildings and Other Structures.


ASTM AMERCAN SOCIETY for TESTING and MATERIALS 1. 2. 3. ASTM A123: ASTM C920: ASTM E283: Zinc (Hot-Dip Galvanized) Coatings on Iron and Steel Products. Elastomeric Joint Sealants. Test Method for Determining the Rate of Air Leakage Through Exterior Windows, Curtain Walls and Doors Under Specified Pressure Differences Across the Specimen. Structural Performance of Exterior Windows, Curtain Walls and Doors by Uniform Static Air Pressure Difference.


ASTM E330:


SWRI SEALANT, WATERPROOFING and RESTORATION INSTITUTE 1. SWRI: Sealant and Caulking Guide Specification.


DEFINITIONS A. AIR BARRIER: A continuous network of materials and joints providing air tightness, with adequate strength and stiffness to not deflect excessively under air pressure

Project No. RY-1211, RY-1212, RY-1213, RY-1214, RY-1215

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SECTION 072700 AIR BARRIERS ___________________________________________________________________________ differences, to which it will be subjected in service. It can be comprised of a single material or a combination of materials to achieve the performance requirements. 1.4 DESIGN REQUIREMENTS Perform design work in accordance with ANSI A58.1. 1.5 PERFORMANCE REQUIREMENTS A. STATIC TEST: Resist air leakage caused by static air pressure across exterior wall assemblies and other interruptions to the integrity of the building enclosure systems; to a maximum air leakage rate of 0.003 L/s.m when subjected to a pressure differential of 75 Pa as measured in accordance with ASTM E283. B. 1.6 Provide continuity of air seal materials and assemblies in conjunction with materials described in Section 079000.

SUBMITTALS A. Section 013000 SUBMITTAL PROCEDURES: Submittal procedures. B. SHOP DRAWINGS: Indicate special joint conditions. C. DESIGN DATA: Submit design calculations. D. PRODUCT DATA: Submit data on material characteristics, performance criteria and limitations. E. MANUFACTURERS INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Submit preparation, installation requirements and techniques, product storage and handling criteria.


QUALITY ASSURANCE A. B. Perform Work in accordance with SWRI - Sealant and Caulking Guide Specification requirements for materials and installation. Maintain one copy of each document on site.



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Project No. RY-1211, RY-1212, RY-1213, RY-1214, RY-1215

SECTION 072700 AIR BARRIERS ___________________________________________________________________________ B. C. 1.9 Provide mock-up of air barrier system, which is comprised of a variety of materials. Mock-up may remain as part of the Work.

PRE-INSTALLATION MEETING A. B. Section 013000 - SUBMITTAL. Convene minimum one week prior to commencing Work of this section.


ENVIRONMENTAL REQUIREMENTS A. B. Section 016000 MATERIAL and EQUIPMENT. Maintain temperature and humidity recommended by the materials manufacturers before, during and after installation.


SEQUENCING Sequence Work to permit installation of materials in conjunction with related materials and seals.


COORDINATION A. B. Section 013000 - SUBMITTAL. Coordinate the Work of this section with all sections referencing this section.

PART 2 - PRODUCTS 2.1 COMPONENTS A. SHEET SEAL: Neoprene, black color, 3mm thick. B. SEALANTS GENERAL: Non-bleeding and capable of supporting their own weight. Allow for special colors as selected later by the design Consultant. C. ACRYLIC SEALANT: To US Federal Specification TT-S-00230, one part acrylic terpolymer sealant, solvent curing type: MONO manufactured by TREMCO limited, or Febseal Siliconised Acrylic by FEB, or other approved manufacturer. D. MILDEW RESISTANT SILICONE SEALANT: To BS 5889; Type B, one component silicone base mildew resistant sealant, solvent curing type containing fungicides: TREMSIL 800 by Tremco Limited, or Dow Corning 786 manufactured by Dow Corning Corporation, or Sanitary
Project No. RY-1211, RY-1212, RY-1213, RY-1214, RY-1215 Volume II 072700 - 3

SECTION 072700 AIR BARRIERS ___________________________________________________________________________ 1702 manufactured by General Electric Company, or other approved manufacturer. E. MODIFIED POLYURETHANE SEALANT: To ASTM C920-1979 and US Federal Specification TT-S-00230C, one component modified polyurethane sealant: Dymonic manufactured by Tremco Limited, or other approved manufacturer. F. SILICONE SEALANT: One part elastomeric low modulus silicone rubber sealant similar to Febseal Exterior Silicone by FEB, or other approved manufacturer. G. FIRE RESISTANT SELANT: One component high quality fire rated silicone sealant to BS: 476 Part 20 and BS: 5889 (refer to Section 072700) similar to: 1. 2. H. Fyre-Sil, silicone sealant by Tremco; CP601 silicone sealant by Hilti, or other approved manufacturers.

PRIMERS for SEALANTS: As recommended by the specified sealant manufacturers and to suit the various job conditions.


JOINT BACKING: Non-absorbent closed cell foam polyethylene. Filler diameter shall be 25% greater than joint width before installation.


BOND BREAKER: Tape of type supplied or recommended by sealant manufacturer.


CLEANING MATERIALS: Xylol, methyl-ethyl-ketone, toluol, or as recommended by the sealant manufacturer.


All sealants, cleaning solvents, fillers and primers: Compatible with each other.

PART 3 - EXECUTION 3.1 PREPARATION Clean and prime substrate surfaces to receive adhesive and sealants. 3.2 INSTALLATION

Project No. RY-1211, RY-1212, RY-1213, RY-1214, RY-1215

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SECTION 072700 AIR BARRIERS ___________________________________________________________________________ A. B. 3.3 Apply sealant within recommended application temperature ranges. Consult manufacturer when sealant cannot be applied within these temperature ranges. Install air barrier to maintain continuity across different substrates and interface with existing construction.

PROTECTION OF INSTALLED CONSTRUCTION A. Section 017000 EXECUTION REQUIREMENTS: Protecting installed construction. B. Do not permit adjacent work to damage work of this section.


Project No. RY-1211, RY-1212, RY-1213, RY-1214, RY-1215

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