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y fisherman / to fish

xin fish / old variant of / | / [xian1]

y fish / CL: / | / [tiao2], / [wei3]
zhun fish (meaning variable: mackerel, anchovy, fresh-water fish)

dio y to fish (with line and hook) / to dupe
b y catch fish / fish
d y to fish
] tu y towfish / towed fish / fish
wi tail / remainder / remnant / extremity / sixth of the 28
constellations / classifier for fish
zho cover / fish trap (basket) / shade
lo to fish up / to dredge up
si gills of fish
[ kui chopped meat or fish
j osprey / fish hawk
gu basket for trapping fish
zu minnows / small fish
g to implicate / net for birds or fish
} yng breathing (of fish)
bio swim bladder / air bladder of fish
qun bamboo fish trap
yo skate (cartilaginous fish belonging to the family Rajidae) / ray
hng ray (fish) / Taiwan pr. [hong1]
gng ray (fish)
hng ray (fish)
r caviar / fish roe
hn strong-smelling vegetable (garlic etc) / non-vegetarian food
(meat, fish, spicy food etc)
t sole (fish)
tu catfish / a kind of small fish / Chinese alligator
li creel / fish basket
jun fat, rich / a stew of fish
l 12th lunar month / preserved (meat, fish etc)
fn any ray (fish) variety of Myliobatiformes order
tio Korean sharpbelly (fish, Hemiculter leucisculus) / chub
fish eagle / fish hawk / osprey
ln scales (of fish)
dio to fish with a hook and bait
gng blunt / fish bones / unyielding
xing dried fish
gng hanging bowl for lamp or fish
@ gng blunt / fish bones / unyielding
dun bamboo fish trap
} yn the movement of a fish's mouth at the surface of the water
z kind of black fish (archaic) / bad person (Cantonese slang)
kui chopped meat or fish
xin fish-spear / sharp
zh (fresh-water fish)
zhu creel for trapping fish
zh preserved fish
@ chng (fish)
jio (fish)
s dried fish
p j (fish)
shng wng to be on the Internet / to stretch a net (in a sports
game or for covering sth) / to be netted (of fish)
to ch to fish out / to take out (from a pocket, bag etc)
zhng tio entire / whole (fish, road etc)
d lo to salvage / to dredge / to fish out (person or object from
the sea)
y tu fish head / fig. upright and unwilling to compromise
ln pin scale / fish scales
b lo to fish for (aquatic animals and plants) / to catch
xin y salted fish
y gng fish tank / fishbowl / aquarium
fi y flying fish
n qiu loach / mud fish / CL: / | / [tiao2]
y fn fish meal
m y mokugyo / wooden fish (percussion instrument)
) fng yng to breed (livestock, fish, crops etc) / to grow / to raise
y tng fish pond
b sh hunt and kill (an animal or fish)
y pin fish fillet / slice of fish meat
y g fish bone
y ln fish scales
y wn fish ball
m y squid / ink fish / cuttlefish
wi b to fish by casting a net / to capture / to surround and
hu y fresh fish / living fish
lo qin lit. to dredge for money / to make money by
reprehensible means / to fish for a quick buck
hung y yellow croaker (fish)
y r fish bait
y qn shoal of fish
yn y oriental whitebait / slender silvery-white fish e.g. Galaxias
maculatus and Salangichthys microdon
lo q to fish for / to seek profit (by improper means)
y d fish maw / a food dish made from the swim bladder of fish

shu jun hand scroll (horizontal format for Chinese landscape
painting) / hand roll (Japanese: temaki, style of fish cuisine) / hand
rolled cigarette / hand roll (many contexts) / roll up
hn ci non-vegetarian dish (including meat, fish, garlic, onion
m y to catch fish / (fig.) to loaf on the job / to be slack / to take
it easy
y shu fish and water (metaphor for an intimate relationship or
gu y Mandarin fish
y z fish eggs / roe / caviar
zh y deep-fried fish
gu y mandarin fish
hn xng meat and fish
y pi fish steak
yun su lit. abyss and marsh, meeting place of fish and beast /
fig. breeding ground of crime / robbers' hide-out / den of thieves /
hotbed of vice / sink of iniquity
j su notochord (internal skeletal rod in primitive fish)
y sng fish floss / crisp and flaky shredded dried fish
b y barbel (fish)
yn jio chimaeroid fish
y ln fish pen
y lng fish cage
xing y dried fish

y y fishing industry / fishery
y mn fisherman / fisher folk
y chun fishing boat / CL: / | / [tiao2]
y f fisherman
y gng fishing port
y j fishing gear
y wng fishing net / fishnet
y chng fishing ground
| Y yng old place name (in Yan of Warring states, in modern
Beijing city)
y li fishing and hunting / fig. to loot / to plunder
y gng [FR] pcheur
y ln fishing vessel
y dio [FR] Pygargue nain
y f fisherwoman
y gu variant of / / | / / [yu2 gou1]
y g percussion instrument in the form of a bamboo fish
(traditionally used by Daoist priests)
y lo fishing (as a commercial activity)
y lng fishing pot (trap)
y u [FR] Goland ichthyate
y sh [FR] march aux poissons
y xn fishing season
y f mo [FR] Bob (chapeau)
fisheries law
y chun du fishing fleet
y gu r variant of / / / | / / / [yu2 gou1 r5]
y hu w catch
y xn q fishing season
y yu sh [FR] Xenochrophis piscator
(); catch
Fisheries Convention
fishing quota / catch quota
Fisheries Adviser
catch curve
y lo nng l catch capacity / fishing capacity
y rn qun ji [FR] Anneau du pcheur
y y gun l fishery management
y y shu hu fish harvesting
y y yn ji fishery research
Committee on Fisheries
Fishery Clerk
fisheries protection zone
fishing quota / catch quota
Fisheries Coordination Unit
Fisheries Development Unit
Fisheries Council
Fisheries Advisory Service
y y gng y s Fishery Industries Division
y y shng w xu fisheries biology
y y yn ji chun fishery research vessel
vessel monitoring system
fisheries monitoring centre
Handbook of Fishery Statistics
Chamber for Fisheries Disputes
Fisheries Management System
Fisheries Development Adviser
Fisheries and Forestry Service
y y shu z fng n FishCode programme
y y xn lin fng n Fisheries Training Programme
] population dynamics
Technical Committee on Fisheries
Committee on Fisheries Management
Council of Fisheries Ministers
Directorate-General for Fisheries and Maritime
Reference Points for Fishery Management
y f h t de q z [FR] Le Pcheur et sa femme
y y b lo x k zhng fishing licence
Convention concerning Accommodation on Board
Fishing Vessels
Convention concerning Fishermen's Certificates
of Competency
Convention concerning the Medical Examination
of Fishermen
Convention concerning Fishermen's Articles of
Sub-Regional Commission on Fisheries
Fisheries Technical Assistance Programme
Fisheries Resources Monitoring System
) Joint Statement on the Conservation of Fisheries
Fisheries Vessels Pool Agreement
Expert Consultation on Fisheries Statistics
y chun bio zh zhun ji xi shng Expert
Consultation on Fishing Vessel Marking
y y qun qi xn x x tng Fisheries Global
Information System
fishery resources
fisheries expert
Committee on Conditions of Work in the Fishing
Advisory Committee on Fisheries Research
Advisory Committee on Fisheries Management

Strategy for Fisheries Management and
Regulations for the Construction and Equipment
of Fishing Vessels
Coordinating Working Party on Fishery
Code of Safety for Fishermen and Fishing
Tripartite Meeting on Safety and Health in the
Fishing Industry
Fishery Investment Project Information
Working Group on Reference Points for
Fisheries Management
Document for Guidance on Fishermen's
Training and Certification
p Standard Specifications for the Marking
and Identification of Fishing Vessels
Fisheries Development Donor Consultation

Technical Conference on Fishery
Development and Management
fisheries jurisdiction
Convention concerning the Minimum Age
for Admission to Employment as Fishermen
International Convention
on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Fishing
Vessel Personnel / STCW-F Convention
International Conference
on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Fishing
Vessel Personnel
Approximate Results for
L Y Li Yu (1611-c. 1680), late Ming and early Qing writer and
blast fishing / dynamite fishing
din y electrofishing
d y poison fishing
jn y ban on fishing
closed area
zu shu y l benefit from others' dispute (idiom)
ji z r y lit. to drain the pond to get at the fish (idiom) /
fig. to kill the goose that lays the golden eggs
inland fisheries
Q overlapping fisheries
bottom fishery
bi li y y shellfishery
dn shu y y freshwater fisheries
dng xing y y directed fishery
f y hu w by-catch
hi yng y y marine fishery
j dng y chun motor fishing vessel
) yng zh y y fish
equilibrium yield / equilibrium catch / sustainable yield
} Vessel Day Scheme
multispecies fishery
nominal catch
large-scale fisheries
sustainable fisheries
effectiveness of fishing
potential catch
recruitment overfishing
Nn fng o Y gng Nanfang-ao Port in Yilan county
/ / / | / / / [Yi2 lan2 xian4], Taiwan
xio gu m y y small-scale commercial fisheries /
small-scale fisheries
yun yng y chun du distant-water fleet
transboundary fish stock / shared fish stock
Multilateral Fisheries Treaty
WorldFish Center
National Fishworkers' Forum
Multilateral Fisheries Agreement
Oceanic Fisheries Programme
individual fishing quota
cetacean by-catch
bio j y y fng n sentinel fisheries programme
gng tng y y zhng c Common Fisheries Policy
q y y y j gu regional fishery body
Regional Commission for Fisheries
temporal and spatial fisheries closures
stratified mean catch per tow / stratified average
catch per tow
National Marine Fisheries Service
y bng xing zhng y wng d l lit. sandpiper
and clam war together and the fisherman catches both (idiom) / fig.
neighbors who can't agree lose out to a third party
catch per unit of effort / catch per effort / fishing
Arrangement for Regional Fisheries Access
total allowable fishing effort / total allowable effort

Indian Ocean Fishery Commission
{3 Global Partnership on Fisheries
regional fisheries management arrangement
High Seas Vessels Authorization Record
} integrated fisheries management plan
p unique vessel identifier
Programme for the Cooperative Use of Fishing
gu j y y yn ji zhn lu: Strategy for
International Fisheries Research
nn yn du yng y y xi dng Southern Indian
Ocean Fisheries Agreement
q y y y gun l z zh regional fisheries
management organization
deep-sea fisheries / high sea fisheries
Code of Conduct for Responsible Fisheries
Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center

Aquatic Science and Fisheries Abstracts
Committee for Inland Fisheries in Africa
Principal Inter-Regional Fisheries Adviser
North-East Atlantic Fisheries Convention
General Fisheries Commission for the
Community Fisheries Control Agency
Caribbean Regional Fisheries Mechanism
South Atlantic Fisheries Commission
Regional Fishery Programme for the Pacific
dng nn di x yng y y z zh South East
Atlantic Fisheries Organization
gu j y gng yun zh h zu sh International
Collective in Support of Fishworkers
nn ti png yng ln tn y y j Forum
Fisheries Agency
qun qi y y zh f jing x bn Global
Fisheries Enforcement Workshop
x bi di x yng y y z zh Northwest Atlantic
Fisheries Organization
x nn di x yng y y xun yn Declaration
concerning Fisheries in the South West Atlantic
) shellfishery
Southwest Indian Ocean Fisheries
North-East Atlantic Fisheries Commission
Southern Indian Ocean Deepwater Fisheries
Internet Guide to International Fisheries Law
Latin American Fisheries Development
Technical Consultation on High-Seas
Pacific Fisheries Development Foundation
East African Freshwater Fisheries Research
Rome Consensus on World Fisheries
Interregional Fishery Law Advisory
Ministry of Animal Production and Fishery
Regional Fishery Law Advisory Programme
Caribbean Fishery Management Council
Regional Register of Foreign Fishing Vessels

shu rn y y b r shu rn y y give a
man a fish and you feed him for a day / teach a man to fish and you
feed him for a lifetime / knowledge is the best charity
yn hi y y zng h gun l xing m
Integrated Coastal Fisheries Management project
regional fisheries management
organization or arrangement
Arab Federation of Fish Producers
European Inland Fisheries Advisory
Western and Central Pacific Fisheries
South Pacific Forum Fisheries Agency
Regional Fishery Committee for the Gulf of
Fishery Committee for the Eastern Central
Commission for Inland Fisheries of Latin
Western Central Atlantic Fishery
3 Work in Fishing Convention
] South China Sea Fisheries Development
and Coordinating Programme
Asia-Pacific Fishery Commission
Committee on Oceanography and
Aquatic Sciences and Fisheries Information
International North Pacific Fisheries
International Baltic Sea Fishery
Conference on the Management of the
Fishery Resources of the Mediterranean Sea
Manila Principles for High-Seas Fisheries
) Policy of the United States with Respect to
Coastal Fisheries in Certain Areas of the High Seas / Truman
Proclamation on Conservation
International Fisheries Law and Policy
World Conference on Fisheries
Management and Development
International Convention for the Northwest
Atlantic Fisheries
ecosystem approach to fisheries
lin h gu di xu y y pi xn fng n
UNU Fisheries Training Programme
]/ UNDP / FAO Fishery Vessel Pool
Support unit for International Fisheries
and Aquatic Research
International Fisheries Law and Policy
International Commission for the
Southeast Atlantic Fisheries
Indo-Pacific Fishery Commission
Coordinating Working Party on Atlantic
Fishery Statistics
Agreement for the Establishment of the
Regional Commission for Fisheries
International Convention for the High
Seas Fisheries of the North Pacific Ocean
Fishery Committee for the West Central
Gulf of Guinea
International Commission for the
Northwest Atlantic Fisheries
Working Group on the Precautionary
Approach in Fisheries Management
General Arab Federation of Fish
gng hi shn hi y y gun l gu j
zhn z International Guidelines for the Management of Deep-Sea
Fisheries in the High Seas
nn ti png yng q y y y gun l z
zh South Pacific Regional Fisheries Management Organization
Agreement on flagging and reflagging
of fishing vessels on the high seas
FAO Ministerial Meeting on Fisheries
3| Technical Consultation on the
Reduction of Wastage in Fisheries
Management of High Seas Bottom
Fisheries in the North Western Pacific Ocean
Current Developments in International
Fisheries Law and Policy
Agreement for the Establishment of a
General Fisheries Council for the Mediterranean
Western Pacific Regional Fishery
Management Council
International Fisheries Law and Policy
] Lake Titicaca Joint Fisheries
Development Programme
Aquatic Sciences and Fisheries
Abstracts Advisory Board
Programme of Fisheries Assistance
for Small Island Developing States
Regional Fisheries Advisory
Commission for the Southwest Atlantic
Committee for the Development and
Management of the Fishery Resources of the Gulfs
3 Declaration on south-west Atlantic
Torremolinos International
Convention for the Safety of Fishing Vessels
Committee for the Development and
Management of the Fisheries in the Bay of Bengal
CARICOM Fisheries Resource
Assessment and Management Program