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Improvement Needed Whole -> Quarter Note rest rhythm Cannot find basic beat.

Able to distinguish Shows minimal effort. between notes and Cannot distinguish between rhythms but unable to whole, half, and quarter demonstrate them with notes steady beat.

Proficient Knowledge with note values but struggles with independence during demonstration.

Mastery Of Area Mastery of both the names and definition of all names and able to transfer to the page

Able to point out and Unable to point out Can point out accidental define sharps and flats accidentals. Shows no sense but cannot define the but cannot demonstrate. Accidentals and of beat for accurate cut purpose. Can cut off if Cuts off at correct beat. Phrase Endings offs. Struggles at directed - no Fair intonation and breath maintiaining intonation and independence. Can sing support thru end of breath on phrase ends most of phrase. phrase.

Mastery of halfsteps but going up and down. Cuts off with an inhale on the correct beat. Vowels pure and shows good phrasing.

Latin Vowels

Can pick out correct Shows minimal effort for Vowel shape is apparent Knowledge of all vowels. vowel when listening but vowel space. Cannot mimic but diphthongs come in at Lack of diphthong. unable to produce vowel vowel shape. Produces end. Knowledge of all Vertical space for all. indepently. Very little minimal effort. pronounciations. Entire face is involved. molar space.

Tempo uneasy but gets to the end. Errors when No Steady Beat. Cannot Dotted Quarter writing in beats. Has to write in any correct beat and Eighth Note be reminded to count groupings. Does not clap rhythms aloud. Only with help can and shows minimal effort. they make it to the end of the exercise.

Mastery of rhythms. Can Tempo not 100% steady/ clap with vocalization. Can get thru exercise with Keeps steady tempo. a few repetitions. Able to Complete independence write in counts. Keeps when adding other parts counting while clapping. from teacher.

Dynamics and Solfege Sight Reading

No hand signs. Has no sense Hand signs do not move. Hand signs show slight Mastery of all aspects of loud versus soft. Solfege Solfege exercise showing height difference. Trouble simultaneously: Hand vowels have little space. effort but guidance with leaps in sight Signs, correct syllables, Cannot produce even needed. Has very little reading. Dynamics are correct pitches, hand sign stepwise melodies. dynamic range. apparent. height, steady rhythm. Able to define syncopation and show examples in the music. With guidance able to demonstrate with a steady beat.


Cannot define any aspect of Can define syncopation syncopation. Unable to but unable to point out examples in the demonstrate even a music. No steady beat when steady beat. Needs demonstrating. guidance from intructor.

Able to define and demostrate off beat rhythms. Can point out examples from the music.