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Session #1:
What The Egg Is


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Opening Thoughts:

You are the culmination of an extravagant evolutionary journey. Your DNA contains
more information than all of the libraries in the world: information that goes back to
the beginning of life itself.

In potential, you are the most formidable all-around athlete who has ever roamed
this planet. Many creatures possess more highly specialized sense organs, but no
total sensorium is so well equipped and integrated as is yours.

(The unaided human eye can detect a single quantum of light the smallest amount
possible and discern more than ten million colors.)

Your brain is the most complex entity in the known universe: its billions of twinkling
neurons interact in ways so multitudinous and multifarious as to dwarf the capacity
of any computer ever yet devised or even imagined.

The best way to describe your total creative capacity is to say that for all practical
purposes it is infinite.

Whatever your age, your upbringing, or your education, what you are made of is
mostly unused potential. It is your evolutionary destiny to use what is unused.

George Leonard
Table of contents

Introduction: Living In The Egg...............................................................................................1
What Egg? ........................................................................................................................3
Are You Ready To Get Started? ...........................................................................................5
Chapter 1 I Cant Believe My Eyes ......................................................................................8
Chapter 2 The Participant And The Observer ...................................................................16
2.1 A Simple But Crucial Trick .......................................................................................18
2.2 The Steps To The Method .......................................................................................20
2.3 The Result: A New Relationship To Life ...................................................................24
Conclusion: The Power To Lighten Up................................................................................25

Living In The Egg

Crack Your Egg What kind of a name is that?! It makes me think about omelets

Well, not for long anymore it wont!

This is in fact a response to the title of my materials that Ive heard quite a few times. But theres a
good reason why I chose it. And besides, thats probably what they said to Christopher Columbus
too, and he managed to make his point with his egg, right?

Anyway, let me tell you why I chose this terminology:

Throughout recorded history humanity has been periodically uplifted by the contributions of gifted
individuals, whose teachings, philosophies and ways of life have gradually raised the level of human

There are various examples of how single individuals can produce far-reaching changes in the
consciousness of humanity, and the way we, the people lead life here on Earth.

It seems sometimes as if these people have lived ahead of their time...

However, upon further reflection it becomes apparent that they lived precisely when they should
have. Or otherwise they could never have provided the direction and contribution necessary for
humanitys upward evolution and progress.

Many of such human signposts never received the recognition for their great contributions until long
after their passing, if ever at all.

But without exception, each one of these people was (and is) endowed with extraordinary
perceptive, intuitive, and creative abilities, which could afford them and others fresh insights into the
way in which the world and life in general functioned.

So who am I talking about?

You may be inclined to think that Im referring to the likes of Copernicus, Galileo Galilei, Mozart,
Einstein, or alleged religious figures

Or wait You didnt think I was talking about myself, did you? Goodness no Thats not really my

Im really talking about people like you.

Thats right.

Whether you know it or not, just like everyone else, youre gifted with a power to create, shape, and
mold your life in ways you probably cant even begin to imagine despite any setbacks you may have
experienced so far.

Its just that youre probably not aware of that naturally-gifted ability, because youre living in an egg.

Thats right an egg.

Heres something that summarizes what Im trying to say here:

Thats the first part of a song called Living on the Edge by a rock band called Aerosmith.

And these few lines here sum up the whole reason why youre not experiencing your life as
perfect as youd like it to be, or at least as happy and successful you think its supposed to be.

In that regard it would have been better if the song were called Living in the Egg rather than Living
on the Edge. But hey, I didnt write the song, so its not my call

Nevertheless, the lyrics above hit the nail right on the head.

You may not realize this yet, but the real reason we think theres something wrong with the world
today and see things in a different way really is no surprise after all!

Why not?

Because youre living in the egg.

Let me explain

Theres something wrong with the world today
I dont know what it is
Somethings wrong with our eyes

Were seeing things in a different way
And God knows it aint his
It sure aint no surprise
What Egg?

In short and condensed terms (youll get more details as we go through our sessions together), heres
the thing:

What most of us have done is create a virtual eggshell around ourselves that blinds us from the
truth that theres much more to life than what we tend to make of it.

This eggshell is basically an energetic cocoon in the form of a low-vibrational web of suppressed
thoughts, feelings, and limiting belief systems and their associated big-time negative emotional
charge. The latter is actually whats holding the whole structure together like superglue or a heavy
construction cement layer.

Together, these factors make up an energetic eggshell
thats like a force field that completely colors and
filters your worldview, locks up your naturally expan-
sive potential, and blocks the flow of universal life
energies in and out of your system.

It filters your perception of who you are, where you
are, and the world and life in general often even to
the extent that most of us get so mesmerized by our
experience inside that egg that we simply cant
conceive of any other reality anymore.

It was German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer who

And he was right on the mark. But heres the implication:

Once you expand that field of vision and fling open the doors of the mental, emotional, and
spiritual prison that may have confined you for all your life, youll see your life (and the lives of
those around you) transform in ways you cant even begin to imagine!

That mental, emotional, and spiritual prison is what I call the egg.

So following up on Schopenhauers insight, the limits of your field of vision are really set out by your
egg. Thus, as long as you dont take your blinders off by cracking it, youre squeezing all your amazing
potential into the limited confines of that little egg, and youre closing yourself off from the natural
flow of the universal life force that drives you forward in life.

Put differently: youre keeping yourself small.

This not only builds up ongoing tension and frustration, but also keeps you from living the life you
really want. And as if thats not enough trouble to deal with already it may eventually result in all
kinds of problems that can manifest themselves as financial challenges, physical and mental health
issues, emotional discomfort, and so on.
Every man takes the limits of his own field of vision for the limits of the world.
And so, life can only be a drag when youre living in the
egg. Once you crack it and break out of it, your life cant
help but take on the form of the experience that you
really want it to be.

Itll transform apparently automatically, and in ways you
most likely cant even begin to imagine.

Now I know you may still be skeptical...and I dont blame
you. Ill give you all the proof you need in the rest of the
materials that Ill share with you, and Ill teach you the
techniques to make it all happen so you can see for

I just want you to know that these are not just a bunch of bold statements merely posed for the
sake of trying to be different. In fact:

Ive personally gotten rid of incurable things like severe intestinal allergies, financially
discomforting situations, eczema, depressions, fever blisters, and so on...

And what I did was crack my egg in other words: I broke out of my own mental, emotional,
and spiritual prison.

As a side-effect, my life has improved in practically all areas... be it physically, emotionally,
socially, financially and what not to a point that you wouldnt believe even if I told you.

So youll realize the symbol of the egg is not just a nice, lightweight, and cartoonesque repackaging
of the same stuff that everybody talks about already. In fact, as youll learn, its a broader concept
that encompasses far more than that!

Likewise, it isnt some overhyped fad with the mere aim to make me a quick buck Instead, youll
realize its a carefully thought-out philosophy based on years of study, (self-)observation, trial, and
error that honestly has the potential to transform your life forever, if only you allow it to.

As youre about to learn, cracking your egg really is the key to whatever youre looking to
accomplish and/or manifest in life. And everything Ill present to you in the next few chapters and
our upcoming interactions is based on personal, real-world experience.

So lets keep going

Are You Ready To Get Started?

You probably got into this from either of the following situations:

You may be totally new to personal development, the whole hype around Laws like laws of
success, the alleged Law of Attraction, and so on... and all that stuff about manifesting your
desires, creating the life of your dreams, deliberate creation, achieving your goals, reaching
your potential, or whatever you want to call it...

Or youre one of those skeptics that I used to be myself, whos questioning the validity of all that
new age mumbo jumbo because you want hard proof or just some common sense... thinking
the stuff youve seen so far has been too vague and seriously lacking in that regard...

And maybe youre educated on the subject already considering yourself a serious Law of
Attraction student who needs instruction way beyond the basics

You may have tried lots of things already... but you never bumped into anything that really
worked for you... In turn, this may have left you angry, sad, frustrated, and at the verge of giving
up entirely, (almost) dismissing the whole possibility of creating your own reality as nonsense.

Either way, Ive got good news for you:

Whether youre either of the above or somewhere in between, thats fine... It means youre in the
right place.

Youre about to engage on a journey of self-rediscovery and take up knowledge that goes way
beyond most currently prevailing self help-approaches, which for many have merely yielded
mediocre and/or disappointing results at least, until today.

Bringing Simplicity to the (Potentially) Complex:

Some topics that were going to cover might seem a bit complex at first glance... although youll
quickly discover that application of the stunning insights that Ill convey isnt difficult at all

Nevertheless, to make the whole thing somewhat more easily digestible, theres something else
youll see every now and then throughout the materials that Ill be sharing with you.

Heres the thing:

On my own journey of rediscovery, whenever I would have rational doubts or uncertainty
about concepts that I intuitively already knew were true, this know-it-all voice in my mind
would start talking and would act all skeptical towards the new insights I was gaining.

At first it had sort of a Fran Drescher-like voice, but after a while my mind actually came up
with a visualization that kind of looked like this (next page):

So because this resident skeptic in my mind proved itself so important in really making me
understand things at all levels of my being (thus enabling me to transcend mere blind faith), I
decided to make this guy a mascot in these materials. Lets call him Gregg.

So you might have a Gregg of your own talking in the back of your head right now, acting out as
the resident skeptic, saying things like:

Nice promises boy, but youll have to do better than that. This may all sound very nice and
appealing, but Ive been fooled one too many times So youd better not be cheating me here!

Well, if you knew me better, youd know that cheating is not a part of my vocabulary. But dont
worry, I understand where youre coming from. Like I said, I used to have a voice just like that
talking in the back of my own head But I can tell you one thing:

Nothing changes your perspective more profoundly than personal experience!

So in the next few chapters and our other upcoming interactions together, Ill guide you step-by-
step through a similar experience of complete transformation of yourself as a person, and your
entire life with it.

Throughout this process, on behalf of the skeptical part of you, Ill occasionally have Gregg ask
questions and place critical connotations to everything I say throughout these materials.

These are the questions I used to ask myself. They may be similar to yours, or they may include
questions you never even thought of or that you weree afraid to ask.

This way, Ill be able to get all the crucial concepts through to you as loud and clear as possible. My
intent with all of this is to explain to you in concrete and understandable terms how you can wake
up and become aware of your own egg, so you can then crack it and break free through the unique
techniques that Ill teach you as well in upcoming sessions.

This way, with Greggs assistance, Ill be able to clearly explain to you:

The what...
The why...
And most of all: the how...

... of cracking your egg and breaking free. As such, this is not going to be a bunch of vague
statements and/or new-age mumbo-jumbo. Instead, youll learn a full-fledged practical method
plus background thats guaranteed to blow your mind.

So brace yourself for a story unlike any youve heard before on how to create the life and lifestyle
that you have been craving one that may just take you beyond your wildest imaginations.

If youre ready for this mind-blowing journey of self-rediscovery... then lets not waste another
second, my friend:

Just hop on come along and lets get cracking!

Seriously, you wont be disappointed with what Im about to share with you. As youll see and
experience, I poured my heart and soul into this thing. And to be honest, I think youre going
to be blown away.

And the ride is just about to begin...
Chapter 1
I Cant Believe My Eyes

Let me set the stage here by laying the groundwork so to speak

Before we get into some actual skills that you can start practicing, let me give you some initial food
for thought for you to open and expand your mind a bit to greater visions of possibility

That would mark a good starting point for our journey together. From there, we can jump into this
Crack Your Egg-process in more detail, and really get you in the frame of mind to make some truly
mind-boggling stuff happen!

So think about this for a second:

I cant believe my eyes, people say

Well, they shouldnt either. Because youre eyes dont actually see. Theyre merely lenses that pass
on information to the visual cortex in the brain. And only there do you see:

This means you actually see with your brain, not with your eyes. I saw it with my own brain!
would be a better way to put it. After all:

Our brains decode the visible frequencies of light that our eyes pick up into an apparent
physical reality.

Your eyes dont send full images to your brain of 3D street scenes or whatever we think we see
outside of us

Instead, they perceive frequencies and then send them to the brain in the form of electrical
signals. And your brain decodes those signals into an apparent 3D reality that we think is outside
of us.

So heres what we really see through this process:

Basically, what our eyes pick up is light thats reflected by whats called luminous matter.
Luminous matter reflects electromagnetic light, our eyes pick up that light, and our brain
decodes it into an image.

Now, you may not know this yet but luminous matter is not all thats out there, even though
we dont see other stuff. In fact, 95 percent (at least) of the mass in the universe is known as
dark matter or dark energy.

This stuff doesnt reflect light, which is why we cant see it. But that doesnt mean its not
there. We can measure it by its effect on the parts of the universe that we can see. Thats how
we know its there

So theres way more than we can see, which becomes even clearer when you think of this:

The only light we can see is the light reflected that falls within the visible range of all possible
frequencies of electromagnetic radiation.

In other words: were unable to see the entire electromagnetic spectrum, but only that
particular portion that falls within the range that our eyes can perceive. Anything outside of that
range we simply dont notice.

Now let me tell you something interesting about this range of the electromagnetic spectrum thats
accessible by human vision:

Its literally tiny:

So the frequency range that our eyes can pick up is only an infinitesimal bit of whats out there

But thats not all. Heres whats more:

The electromagnetic spectrum itself only accounts for 0.005% of the estimated mass of the universe!

Do you see what this all means? Let me summarize what we have established here:

1. Human sight can see only a tiny fraction of the entire spectrum of electromagnetic frequencies

2. The entire spectrum of electromagnetic radiation itself is estimated to account for only 0.005%
of the estimated mass of the universe!

So imagine how little of the universe we can actually perceive and decode into physical reality!
Were virtually blind!

The truth is that we only see what the brain tells us to see. And to dig even further into this and
open your mind even more, lets take a quick look at what happens before we actually see:

First, light enters the eye by passing through the outer, transparent layer called the cornea.

Then it goes on through the pupil, which gets bigger or smaller to allow for more or less light to
be let in (depending on the circumstances). This latter process is controlled by the iris (the
colored part of the eye).

Then it goes to the lens to be focused.

After that, it enters the vitreous humor, a jelly-like substance behind the lens.

And then the light (or information) strikes the retina, which captures the image like the film in
those good old photo cameras. However, this image recorded on the retina is two-dimensional
and upside-down!

The next stop is the optic nerve, which in turn sends the image through the brain to the
occipital lobe. This is where the brain re-assembles the two-dimensional and upside-down
image that was delivered by the eyes into the form that we think we are seeing.

So thats quite a path to travel for what we think is an objective image before we actually see it.
And whats even more striking are all the things that happen before we actually see the image
that we think we see

After all, what we think is a 3D image thats situated outside of us is only constructed when
frequencies are recorded as a two-dimensional and upside-down image on the retina. Its only later
when the info reaches the occitipal lobe that its constructed into a 3D image. And this construction
happens in your brain.

So does the world outside of us really exist in the way we think we see it?

Interesting question But lets keep going for now with another thought-provoking realization:

On the way from the eyes to the visual cortex, the temporal lobes edit and reconstruct up to 50%
and more of the light or information that was perceived by the eyes. In his book The Holographic
Universe, the late Michael Talbot writes about the work of neurophysiologist Karl Pribram and others
[p. 163]:

Human Sight:

Heres what happens before we actually see:

First, light enters the eye by passing through the outer, transparent layer called the

Then it goes on through the pupil, which gets bigger or smaller to allow for more or less
light to be let in (depending on the circumstances). This latter process is controlled by the
iris (the colored part of the eye).

Then it goes to the lens to be focused.

After that, it enters the vitreous humor, a jelly-like substance behind the lens.

And then the light (or information) strikes the retina, which captures the image like the
film in those good old photo cameras. However, this image recorded on the retina is two-
dimensional and upside-down!

The next stop is the optic nerve, which in turn sends the image through the brain to the
occipital lobe. This is where the brain re-assembles the two-dimensional and upside-
down image that was delivered by the eyes into the form that we think we are seeing.

Wow! We already knew the latter part about the brain doing the actual seeing, but consider what
the rest of this quote implies:

What we dont see, we make up. Seriously, we make it up!

Heres how:

Our eyes have a blind spot where the optic nerve connects to the eye in the middle of the
retina. We cant see anything with that part of the eye. However, the brain weaves the picture
together from the information available and fills the hole.

So actually, what we believe we are seeing is what we see. Upon constructing the 3D image that
we think we eventually see, the brain filters and tweaks the information received by filling in
holes and matching it to its expectations of what there is to be seen, based on its ingrained
beliefs and convictions. And that latter part makes up for more than 50% of the images we
actually see!

Thats quite something! Here are some simple illustrations to make this phenomenon more

Pribram discovered that the visual information a monkey receives via its optic nerves does not
travel directly to its visual cortex, but is first filtered through other areas of its brain.

Numerous studies have shown that the same is true of human vision. Visual information entering
our brains is edited and modified by our temporal lobes before it is passed on to our visual

Some studies suggest that less than 50 percent of what we see is actually based on information
entering our eyes. The remaining 50 percent plus is pieced together out of our expectation of
what the world should look like (and perhaps out of other sources such as reality fields).

The eyes may be the visual organs, but it is the brain that sees.
Believing Is Seeing:

If youre like most people, youll be familiar with overlooking misspelled words. This may not
happen all the time, but it does sometimes.

It happens because your brain is so accustomed to reading the words in correct spelling, that
it simply overlooks a typo. The typo is filtered out of the image by your brain, which causes
you to overlook it and see the correct spelling thats in line with your expectations.

In other words, your ingrained belief system (i.e. the correct spelling of the words you see
most of the time) causes your brain to filter out the information (the typo) thats at odds with
its conditioned worldview (its expectations).

Heres another one

Studies have shown that men and women often have trouble communicating accurately with
each other, because what one says the other does not hear. Each hears merely whatever
supports their belief and prejudice about each other. They pick up only what they want to
hear, or what supports their conditioned view of the way things are. (This is a psychological
phenomenon called selective retention)

So its clear that the beliefs and convictions programmed into your brain have a significant effect on
the way you perceive reality or in fact, on the way you even construct reality, and thus what you
seem to be attracting and manifesting.

Now heres another story for you:

Is The Brain Really Necessary?

There has been this publication of an article in the scientific journal Science with the
provocative title Is Your Brain Really Necessary.

This article was a reaction to the description of this British neurologist John Lorber of a young
man of normal development, with an IQ of 126, and an academic degree in mathematics.

The funny thing was that a brain scan of this apparently highly intelligent young man showed
that he was a pretty hardcore case of whats known as hydrocephalus, or water on the brain.
Put differently:

The head of this IQ 126, academic degree in mathematics young man was filled with
cerebrospinal fluid for 95%. What this means in laymans terms is that his skull was like a
swimming pool, with his brain floating in it like a ball.

His cerebral cortex had a gauge of about 1 millimeter, so there was hardly any brain
tissue left. The weight of his brain was estimated to be about 100 grams, where 1,500
grams is normal for an average homo sapiens sapiens

But heres the kicker: The workings of his brain were hardly impaired at all!

The following picture comes to mind (next page):
So the catch is that seeing is not just believing... Apparently, believing is also seeing:

Because the information picked up by your eyes is edited by your brain according to its
ingrained belief systems, a large proportion of what you actually see is determined by
what you believe deep inside to be true: you see what you believe.

And of course, because you see what you believe, you immediately believe what you see,
as it supports your belief systems that determined what you saw in the first place.

Thus, what you see reinforces your belief system, which causes you to keep seeing things
in the way you believe things to be, which in turn again makes you see things in that way.
Its a self-reinforcing cycle!

And before we get to the point Im trying to make, heres a final important realization:

So what to make of all this scientific mumbo-jumbo? Well, here we go:


Science has shown during our lives theres this ongoing process of adaptation in your brain.
This happens because your mental, intellectual, spiritual and physical activities influence both
the number as well as the locations of the mutual connections between neurons (brain cells).

This process of ongoing adaptation is called neuroplasticity or cortical remapping.

So basically, because of conscious attention, emotions, and active thought processes, as well as
due to physical activity and movement, the neural networks in your brain change continually.
And as such, the electromagnetical activity in your brain changes all the time as well.

In a recent article in the scientific journal called Progress In Neurobiology called Mind Does
Really Matter, neuroscientist Mario Beauregard comes to the conclusion that trust and
positive expectations are capable of influencing (changing) the parts in the brain
that play a significant role in perceiving, movement, pain and a whole bunch of
emotional processes.

So your mental processes (i.e. thoughts, feelings, beliefs, but most of all your conscious free
will instruction) can significantly influence the functioning of your brain on various levels.

Your conscious and deliberate manipulation of your thoughts and expectations not only
greatly impacts your feelings of well-being. It also causes a demonstrable biological
change in your brain.

Maybe we underestimated him
Your brain does not appear to be the source of consciousness, and/or the center of control that
determines what happens and what doesnt happen. And thats good news! Because that means
you can be the one taking back control. (Ill show you the first step to take for this in a minute)

You dont have to be a slave to your body and brain. That is, if you recognize that you are not
your body. You need to recognize that you are indeed the essence controlling it and occupying
it to allow yourself to experience this 3D solid world: an awareness beyond body and brain.

By waking-the-hell-up from any vicious cycle of bad feelings and/or negative circumstances
that you may find yourself get caught up in, you can make astonishing changes in your perceived

After all, weve seen that you see what you believe. Your brain edits the information it receives
based on its ingrained belief systems to determine what you see. And then what you see is
merely a confirmation of what you already believe.

Its a self-reinforcing cycle, and its vicious as long as its based on beliefs of negativity, being
powerless, being poor, feeling guilty, and so on

So by waking-the-hell-up, you can consciously change your perceptions. As weve seen, you can
consciously cause significant, demonstrable biological changes in your brain.

As your brain will change, your perceptions will change. And as your perceptions will change, your
beliefs will change. And as your beliefs change into knowing that you have full power over your own
reality, your perceptions will change accordingly.

Its still a self-reinforcing cycle, but not a vicious one anymore. Both your conscious and your
subconscious mind will change into a state in which you genuinely believe down to the core of your
being that youre the one in control.

And from there you can simply pick your beliefs. Your brain, mind and perceptions of your outside
reality will follow automatically.

Yes, even if you have water on the head and your brain scan looks like Homer Simpsons

Unfortunately, as you may have experienced (and as Ill explain in more detail in upcoming
sessions), currently prevailing methods and approaches often dont do the trick in making that

I mean, you may have tried:

Brainwave entrainment...
Repeating positive affirmations and all of its derivatives...
All kinds of different visualization methods...
Different neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) processes
Subliminal messaging
Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)
The alleged and above all very secret Law of Attraction...
And so on

Some people may have had some success with these methods, but I still hear people tell me all the
time that theyre not getting anything close to the results theyre after.

As Ill explain, thats not necessarily because these techniques are inherently powerless or dont
have the potential to help you make significant changes and shifts internally

Instead, its more because a critical insight is lacking from todays prevailing philosophies. This is
something Ill explain in more detail in an upcoming session.

For now, were still building up to that point And to give you a head-start on your journey, I wanted
to give you a first technique thatll prove itself crucial to what you want to accomplish a fundamen-
tal prerequisite for you to be able to break out of any cycle of negative patterns in your life.

So lets move on Turn the page, and Ill tell you what it is!

Chapter 2
The Participant And The Observer

In the first half of the 20th century there was a Russian mystic called Gurdjieff. He was the teacher of
P.D. Ouspensky who talks about him in his book The Strange Life of Ivan Osokin.

In it, Ouspensky touches upon the topic of reincarnation.

Now let me be clear upfront that the intention of this chapter is neither to discuss the existence, nor
the what, why, and how of reincarnation Its just that Ouspenskys take on it makes up a nice
intro to the rest that this chapter is going to be about

In his book, Ouspensky poses that reincarnation is not what were often led to think it is

He says that instead of being born as someone else, were rather reborn to relive the exact same
life weve always lived over and over and over again until we make a significant choice at one
particular moment to do something different to what weve done life after life.

Kind of like the basic principle of the movie Groundhog Day (which I think you should watch
sometime if you can, in case you havent seen it).

Based on this take, Ouspensky says that hell on earth is living life the way youve always lived it,
and heaven on earth is breaking free of your long-standing patterns.

And as you probably know, it can take an enormous amount of energy, passion, determination, and
will to even see patterns let alone break free from them.

So thats actually the very thing that Im trying to help you with through these materials:

I want you to be able to see those patterns in your own life and then provide you with the
information and tools (or point you to the ones) that I know can help you break free from those

Without the right tricks, it can take an enormous amount of energy and determination to even see
those patterns in the first place let alone break free from them.

Its actually kind of a catch-22:

You try to see your adverse subconscious patterns, in order to be able to break free from them

Now first of all, these patterns are subconscious, meaning theyre outside of your normal
awareness in to begin with

But at the same time, through the way they influence how your brain filters information (as
youll learn in more detail later), your subconscious patterns make up virtual blinders that
prevent you from seeing them or at least make it hard to do so even though you may want to
do so.

So if you want things to change for you, you definitely need to get out of that rut

And to be able to make that happen, theres one basic thing you absolutely must be able to do
Its a basic trick thatll put you back in the drivers seat and take the steering wheel!

Let me explain more about this trick

2.1 A Simple But Crucial Trick

The very frustration that most people are feeling about their lives and their inability to change it can
only be addressed once youre able to see how completely identified you are with their patterns of
pain about not being satisfied with the way things are.

As long as you are your pain i.e. as long as you keep stuck in these patterns, you can never get free
of them:

First you need to actually put yourself in the position to see those patterns for what they are.
This means that you need to take a step back and observe yourself to see yourself being in
pain rather than being in pain or even being your pain.

And then you look see and listen in order to discover what is that you feel threatened by
or rather, to discover what part of you feels threatened.

If you do this, and you do it seriously let me tell you what youre likely to discover:

Youll discover that the part of you that feels threatened, is the you who doesnt want to be
seen because he/shes feeling so small

Its the you who doesnt feel he/shes up to it

Its the you whos terrified of all the power and passion that youve got inside you that could
blow away all your limitations in a flash (and you with it)!

And you know what?

Instead of ignoring that part like youre told to do in many of the positive thinking and Law of
Attraction schools of thought thats actually part of you that deserves more attention rather than
less! It just needs the right type of attention.

And you can give it the right type of attention once you learn how to step back. A great thing you
can do for this is apply the trick that I wanted to share with you here, which I refer to as the

The idea of this method is basically to apply your own being conscious to switch to two perspectives
at the same time:

After learning this essential skill here, well go over this in more detail in an
upcoming session:

As youll learn in more detail in upcoming sessions, the pain, or exhaustion, or
frustration, or overwhelm, or whatever negative state you find yourself in, is usually a
subconsciously driven defensive reaction to something you feel threatened by

It thus takes you away from being consciously present in the moment. And being a
subconsciously ingrained pattern, itll keep playing out as long as you dont deal with it.
Perspective #1 - The Participant:
The participant is the part of you thats actually living the illusionary experience through your
body. This is the part of you that really undergoes the struggle, like the actor or character in
the movie. Its associated with the experience.

Perspective #2 - The Observer:
The observer is the part of you thats able to step back just a bit, and watch the movie with
the other part of you participating in it like a member of the audience. Its dissociated from
the actual experience.

The basic idea is that whenever you find yourself caught up in some kind of negative experience as
a participant, you shouldnt deny the experience by starting to think positive thoughts instead, but
instead you take a step back into the observer role.

And believe it or not:

This is one of the most empowering things you can ever do! If theres any skill you need to learn to
actively make a difference in yourself and in your life this is it!

And to internalize this skill, let me give you the steps so you can practice and get good at it

2.2 The Steps to the Method

If youre like most people, in order to get good at this, you start slowly and build up to higher levels
of skill.

Below youll find the steps you can practice to do this:

Steps To Learning The Participant/Observer-Method:

Step 1:
First, the next time you feel overwhelmed, exhausted, frustrated, overwhelmed,
resentful, wrung out, etc just say to yourself: See it through!

Thats the first step Just decide to see it through, hang in there, and see what happens
until it passes over. This mere choice already puts control back into your own hands.

So notice yourself making that decision. Mastering the conscious act of deciding to see it
through marks the point from where you can take it up a notch with the next step.

Step 2:
Apart from the above, STOP what youre doing just for (at least) three times a day Its
as simple as that Whatever youre doing, just wake up from it and STOP. I cant make
this any more straightforward than that. This step is the simple act of dissociating.

The thing is that we often get caught up in things were doing, and basically lose
ourselves in the activity. Thats not always a bad thing, but learning to stop it and to
step out for a minute gives you the skill you need to be able to apply this same step in a
different state that youll initially find harder to step out of

So stopping at random like this will train you to step out of what youre doing, and
becoming conscious again fully aware. You just STOP, whatever it is youre doing. Any
time of the day is fine.

Step 3:
Once youve developed some skill seeing it through and stopping in general, you can
now learn to stop and disidentify in difficult states of emotional turmoil. For example:

You feel completely consumed by something youre doing (in a negative way)
You feel completely consumed by something youre doing
You feel frustrated
You feel overwhelmed
You feel exhausted
You feel angry, or even raging
And so on

As you keep practicing this method, youll find that youll get some awesome insights about

Youll really see how absolutely consumed you tend to be with your moods, thoughts,

Youll see how they eat up your passion by filling the space with something else to do

Youll find out that theres more passion than youve ever imagined underneath your moods
more than enough to fuel whatever it is that you want to do!

Youll see that youre not your emotions not your feelings not your thoughts not your

Youll see that youre the silence in between something apart from them that is more alive
than you can possibly imagine!

Its taking this observer point of view that enables you to see all this:

This is the part of you that realizes that all is well even in the most discomforting states, because
youre really infinite consciousness going through an illusionary experience that only seems real.

Basically, whenever you feel identified with your moods, you learn how to stop and step out.
And then you just look listen see

Please note: the participant part of you may still be going through all the turmoil at the
point where you disidentify But through that very act of stepping out of the experience
while youre also experiencing it, youll enable yourself to observe the participant-part
of you going through that turmoil from your dissociated observer-perspective Youre
simply taking on a second perspective during the experience distinct, but not separate.

And if youre having a hard time doing this, heres another trick:

Step 4:
This last step can be really powerful, and can even be something you use if you find that
youre having a hard time stepping back in situations described above with step 3

Heres what you do whenever youve done Step 3 (even if you cant seem to step out):

Ask yourself: Whats awesome about this now?

This is literally beyond powerful! Because now youre practically forcing part of you to
step out and observe the situation. In addition, youre commanding your mind to find out
what this situation is designed to make you aware of.

And Ill give you a hint as to the real purpose of such a situation:

Its designed to invoke a particular discomfort that youve stored in deep levels of your
subconscious mind, that you need to dissolve in order for your entire life to transform.
But thats something well discuss in more detail later on Lets take this step-by-step.
It realizes that its okay to be in negative emotional states, because by being in one and
noticing and observing it consciously at the same time, youre putting yourself in the position
from where you can identify your true issues, and then get rid of them.

However, theres still one thing to keep in mind in practicing this skill Its crucially important that
you keep this in mind:

Both are extreme approaches, and neither is your best choice, as they disregard your power to
create your own reality in order to know and experience yourself plus they disregard the whole
idea of the game of life in this time/space reality.

Theres a third approach you can and should take, which is to go for the balance point between
these two extremes. The trick is as follows:

Whenever something significant happens that triggers emotional arousal within you, really feel
the emotion in the moment in which it occurs, and react to it in whatever way seems right. Feel
the thrill, and play your part.

Word of Warning:

What Ive described so far are two extreme points of view. To emphasize the

As a movie participant, youre stuck in the movie entirely. You associate with it and
believe the movie is real. Learning experiences become emotional catastrophes, and the
resulting guilt, resentment, etc. can determine your storyline in your particular space
suit (i.e. body) for the rest of your life

As an observer, youre dissociated from the actual experience and stuck entirely in the
audience. From that position, you realize that life is but a virtual reality game created by
consciousness in order to know and experience itself. From there, you have a much
wider perspective into whats happening, and youll have far wider comprehension.

However, the downside of this extreme point of view is that if you lock yourself in the
audience entirely, youll withdraw yourself so far from the intensity of the physical
experience, that you wont feel the very emotions and experiences anymore that lead to
such great understanding of self which is the purpose of the whole game in the first

You basically try to escape life, the realm where experience takes place the very
experience youre trying to improve.

People who do this are the ones who tend to revert to spiritualism from a desire to
escape reality. Theyre meditating all day long, tend to be alone most of the time,
seeking enlightenment, wondering why all hell seems to break loose while all theyre
trying to do is to be spiritual and basically seek to escape the whole human
This is all part of the illusionary experience of the participant.

Then detach from that close-in view and observe why it happened from the wider perspective of
your new coordinates and their implications.

From this more detached view, you can refocus on the understanding of the fact that YOU
created the experience because of something going on within you, or something from which you
needed to learn in order to evolve into the next greatest version of who you think you are.

This is the job of the observer.

This combination is the approach thatll transform your life experience:

Youll be part of the movie, which allows you to experience yourself.

However, youll also be part of the audience, which allows you to gain greater understanding to
know yourself and who you really are, and appreciate your power to change the movie itself.

So you should only detach to the extent that you dont lose the true power of the experiences
offered by the movie. If you do detach to that extent, that would be escapism, and would be akin
to just ignoring the power within you and disregarding the nature of life.

Spiritualism is not about escapism. Its much more grounded. Its about cracking your egg,
reconnecting with all that is, and living the greatest image of the ultimate version of who you think
you really are plus experiencing and enjoying that to the fullest extent possible as a participant of

And lets face it: experience (the nature of life) still takes place in the 3D-realm. Thats also where
youre hanging out most of the time, and so where youd like improve your experience, dont you? So
it makes no sense to try to escape from that. Thats where its all at!

So now that you know all the steps, heres what you can expect from becoming good at this skill

2.3 The Result: A New Relationship To Life

When I got more adept at this myself I literally saw myself. And then I saw myself seeing myself.
And then I saw that I was seeing myself seeing myself.

This may sound crazy, but its absolutely remarkable. Its an experience of awesome clarity, where
you see yourself as separate from yourself or the self that you think you are the identity that
you have in this world.

Its a new dimension to your experience a fourth dimension if you will almost like a parallel
universe to the one we live in.

This observer point of view is the foundation for a completely new relationship to life in general:

Youll see that any pain, frustration, exhaustion, overwhelm, whatever negative state that
you may find yourself in is nothing but a strategy youve (unconsciously) taught yourself and
certainly not a result.

Youll see that its a defensive strategy that covers up the fact that you have a big hand in
creating your life

Youll see that its a subconscious defense mechanism blinding you from the truth that you may
find hard to face, because it leaves no alternative but to take full responsibility

In fact, youll see that it covers up the fear and in many cases, the being totally terrified of
being All You Can Be.

In the words of Marianne Williamson:

In other words: Crack your egg.

Now let me give you some final thoughts on how powerful this technique can be

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond
measure. Its our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.

We ask ourselves: Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?

Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the
world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people wont feel insecure
around you.

Were all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is
within us. Its not just in some of us; its in everyone.

And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.
As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.
The Power To Lighten Up

The more youll practice the technique outlined in the previous chapter, the more youll realize you
are not your thoughts, your emotions, or your body:

Youll realize that your body is just sort of a space suit that serves as a vehicle that allows you
to experience this tiny frequency range that we can perceive with our bodies five senses
which we call the world.

That space suit is not who we are really Its only what we think we are. Were really
consciousness having an experience through an illusionary space suit that we think is us.

Life as a struggle is part of the reality of the body the tiny bandwidth within infinite possibility
that were able to perceive.

But it doesnt have to be a struggle if we can break through the vibrational concrete that enslaves
us to the will of the body and the physical program in which it interacts in other words: if we
crack our egg.

Unless you do and you keep identifying yourself with the struggle and turmoil that can take place at
the level of the participant, youll merely create a denser vibrational state that further disconnects
you from a fruitful connection with the infinite consciousness that you really are.

The more you think you are your body, the more you think limited possibility. And the more you think
limited possibility, the more youre not in full consciousness, but in an energetic density that comes
from depression, worry, anger, frustration, sadness, resentment, and other imbalanced emotional

And under such circumstances we say:

I feel so tight and heavy

Depression, worry, and other imbalanced emotional states are all expressions of fear, and they lock
you up even more into a sense of limited options and choice limited possibility the egg.

Our human energy fields (our bodies, which exist on multiple subtle levels as well) constantly
reflect our mental and emotional states in their vibrational state.

This vibrational state in turn triggers mental and emotional states.

Seen from the limited perspective of the five sense world (the space suit perspective), these are all
chemical reactions, with a significant role played by hormones and other chemical substances.

However, the chemical reaction is merely the physical expression of whats happening at the
subtle levels that we cant observe with the five senses a vibrational reaction.

As such, we mistake the effect for the cause.

But meanwhile, we end up in a vicious cycle in which your denser mental and emotional state impact
your perspective of possibility, which gets denser and denser which in turn adversely influences
your mental and emotional state which in turn impacts your perspective of possibility, etc.

Its a vicious cycle or rather, a downward spiral.

But the good news is this:

You can break this cycle almost in an instant.



First you apply the Participant/Observer-method that I outlined in the previous chapter.

And then, take it to the next level by trying this:


I know this may sound ridiculous at first, but think about it:

Try to be serious (tight and heavy) when youre laughing or someone else is

You cant.

Ill tell you what:

You can look at the struggle of life and you can laugh, or you can cry. Its just a matter of choice.

Are you insane?!, you ask

Yes, I am!

But it works.

Look: Cracking your egg is like breaking through the vibrational concrete thats keeping you small,
tight and dense be it due to physical, mental, emotional, or even essential and spiritual factors.

As explained, the first step is to apply your own being conscious to switch to two perspectives at the
same time:

(1) The participant, the part of you thats actually living the illusionary experience through your
body. This is the part of you that really undergoes the struggle, like the character in the movie.

(2) The observer, the part of you thats able to step back just a bit, and watch the movie with the
other part of you participating in it.

Both perspectives are important. You need both at the same time:

The participant to experience and notice
The observer to step back from the turmoil, see whats going on, identify the cause of the
problem, and deal with it so you can move on and evolve.

Thats where the power of this method is:

The observer can see the bigger picture beyond the illusionary realm of the five senses and
negative emotional states that are mere chemical reactions. Once youve clearly identified the true
causes of your problems, then all you need are some tools and protocols to effectively get rid of

Well get into specific techniques and protocols later on in sessions that are still coming up

But before we conclude this first session and get ready to move on to the next, I wanted to tell you
about something that for me has turned out to be so powerful, that it has outperformed any
technique Ive ever come across.

The only difficulty in using this is that it needs to be genuine and thats something you can only
internalize by persistently training yourself in using the Participant/Observer-method

Anyway, heres the idea:

While the participant in you can go through very significant emotional discomfort from its
detached position, the observer it can see the real hoot that it all is in reality.

For example:

Ive been through processes breaking through my own walls of vibrational concrete in which I was
using some tools to clean up some inner crap so to speak (tools that Ill teach you later on). The
experience of emotional release had me crying an ocean or rather, thats what the participant part
of me was doing at least.

Meanwhile, the observer part of me was cleaning up all the mess And in some weird way, visual
images just popped up in my mind of how I really got rid of the problems. Those images had nothing
to do with the technique that I was using at the time. They were just spontaneous visualizations of an
internal process a vibrational shift.

Now heres the point I want to make:

To me personally, the images I saw were so extremely funny, that even while I was crying, I also felt
an uncontrollable urge to laugh out loud.

The participant part of me tried to hamper the laughing, because it thought this was all very serious,
and it wanted pity. It was really trying to put a stop to it, communicating something like:

What are you, stupid? Look at all the misery Im going through here Cant you see this is not the
time to laugh?

However, the urge to laugh was simply too strong So I had to let it out.

So once I let it go I just cracked myself up literally and figuratively!

The laughter burst the bubble of pomposity. It took just a few seconds to clean out all the crap.

That feeling was amazing!

And that wasnt just the case during such egg-cracking-activities. Ive had days that I simply felt
depressed, and then noticed something that I genuinely thought was funny, and all the tension just

Its the same when you manage to make other people laugh at the moment they were actually crying
a river.

Its just a fact:

You cant be tight and heavy when youre laughing. Laughter breaks up the density and frees the
energy to flow.

It has even been shown in medical trials that laughing has a wonderful healing effect on your body.

Now, Im not saying we should all laugh uncontrollably 24 hours a day. Im also not saying we should
simply always readjust our focus to positive things, which is what many positive thinking and Law
of Attraction schools of thought would have us believe

In fact, in an upcoming session Ill tell you about the potential danger of this approach to positive

What I am saying is that most people dont laugh enough by far. And then there are people who
hardly laugh at all.

Theres this English comedian called Ken Dodd who put it like this:

Were all born with a chuckle muscle, and if you exercise it every day, itll keep you young and frisky
all your life. But if you dont, it dries up and drops off.

Now think about it:

How many times are we told we mustnt laugh? For crying out loud, even as kids and throughout
school were often told not to laugh.

So lets lighten up, wouldnt you say?

After all, were infinite consciousness all possibility itself having an experience in this reality. We
can make it a fun experience if we want, if only we celebrate who we are and express the joy of

So laugh, my friend! Regularly take the time to read or watch stuff you think is funny. More
importantly, regularly try the participant/ observer method I described. Do whatever it takes.

A situation can be depressing or fearful or ridiculous and funny. Its just a point of observation,
depending on how you look at it (from the participant perspective or observer perspective).

And the best thing is this:

Were all born with a chuckle muscle, and if you exercise it every day, itll keep you young and
frisky all your life. But if you dont, it dries up and drops off.
Laughter is infectious. And when one person laughs, its like permission has been granted to others to
laugh as well. And I mean even the ones who are afraid to loosen their corsets and let themselves go.

Step out of the density of the body space suit (participant) now and then And see things from the
observer perspective. Out there can be so much fun, I tell you! Theres so much joy at just being.

Youll not only lighten up, but youll light up as well. And as youll see, others will follow They
wont be able to help it.

So to all curmudgeons, pessimistic sourpusses, and grumpy old downers out there Heres to you:

Remember, Im preparing more videos and study guides for you, with follow-up techniques and
insights thatll enable you to dig much deeper into this process and yourself! So stay tuned, and see
you next time!
Did you hear the one
about that egg?