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School District No.

59 (Peace River South)

Rolla Traditional School

Office of the Principal Phone: 250-759-4777 Fax: 250-759-4779 5167 405th Street Rolla, British Columbia V0C 2G0

September 23 , 2013
Our Schools Mission Our mission is to create a climate of respect, responsibility and consistency through the building of partnerships between school and home, so that students can reach their potential and make educated decisions in their lives. School Achievement Goals: Goal 1: To improve the
performance level for reading and writing of all students. Goal 2: To improve student achievement in Numeracy. Goal 3: To enhance and develop Social Responsibility Skills for all students.


with another cancer awareness event. Stay tuned for more details from Student Leadership.

Fruit and Veggie Program

Once again Rolla Traditional School will be offering healthy snacks as part of the BC School Fruit and Veggie Nutritional Program. Our first snack was blueberries. Now, were having soy beverage.

Electronic Newsletter
The Rolla Traditional School newsletter will be offered electronically this year. Please, update the office with your email address as soon as possible. As well, check: http://www.rollatraditionalschool.org/ **Also, keep up with Rolla PAC discussions with Facebooks Rolla Parent Advisory Council contact Ramona Daly to join ** Its a good way to participate in decision-making and updates even if you cant always make the PAC Meetings. The next PAC meeting: Tuesday, September 24thth 6:30pm.

Our main form of communication is our agenda/planners. Teachers will continue to check these daily for notes to and from home. For this year the monthly themes relate to Be A Champion! and offer information and tips about nutrition, lifestyle, goal-setting, vision, and achievement. As well, we continue to teach Rolla Traditional Values: Belonging, Independence, Mastery, and Generosity.

Dates For Your Calendar:

Fridays! Sept. 24th Sept. 27th Casual Clothing Day 6:30 pm PAC Meeting Terry Fox Run (pm)

Parent Permission Forms

Please, return the following signed forms:

Parent Volunteers
Our school appreciates the support of parent volunteers for many of the activities that we offer. We need volunteers to read with children, help with special events, make our hot lunch program so strong, and so many more projects. Criminal record checks must be on file at the office in order for anyone to volunteer in our building. Blank form attached to this newsletter to be dropped off at the RCMP office. An updated Drivers Abstract must be on file for any volunteer drivers. An updated copy of your drivers abstract can be picked up at your insurance agent or at the Provincial building. Kleenex Thanks to everyone who has sent in a box of Kleenex already. Inside Running Shoes!
Please, make sure that your child has inside shoes to wear at all times during school. This is for comfort and safety, but also in case we must leave the school

General Media Consent Form Local Field Trip Consent Technology Use

Primary Supplies and Agenda Fees A $35 fee for school supplies is due by the end of September for all students. This includes the school agenda/planner. Please, make all cheques payable to Rolla Traditional School. Thanks to those whove sent this in already.

Terry Fox Run

We will run on Friday, September 27th after lunch as a whole school. In order to raise money and continue awareness of the importance of cancer research, pledge sheets will be coming home soon to be followed

quickly for safety reasons sunshine, rain, or snow.

staff and students as required. Can I refuse to participate in a threat assessment process? It is important for all parties to engage in the process. However, if for some reason there is a reluctance to participate in the process by the threat maker or parent / guardian, the threat assessment process will continue in order to promote a safe and caring learning environment.

Picking Potatoes! Thanks to everyone who has picked, sold or purchased potatoes. It is planned that these funds be used for new sports equipment (helmets for use of the skating rink) and special activities for the students like swimming in the spring. Were aiming at Thursday this week to pick.

StrongStart! Brandi McCallum returns as our StrongStart Coordinator. Tuesday & Thursday 9:30-1:30

Kindergarten Assessments:
In School District 59, all kindergarten children participate in a developmental processing screen in the fall and again in the spring. The screen provides information on a students development in three areas: visual-motor integration, central auditory processing and language processing. The district Speech-Language Pathologist, Educational Psychologist and/or Helping Teachers will administer the screen. Research shows that these three areas are key components of the reading and writing process. Weakness in one or more of these areas leads to delays and difficulties in the development of functional reading and writing skills. The purpose of the fall screen is to provide teachers with a profile of their classrooms developmental needs. This allows kindergarten teachers to incorporate the most effective developmental strategies based on their specific class profile. The purpose of the spring screen is to identify students who will need further investigation and support in their grade one year. This may involve occupational and physiotherapists, speech-language pathologists and/or educational psychologists. When available, intervention services will be provided for identified areas of need. If you do not want your child to participate in these services, please let your school Learning Assistance Teacher know. Parents may request their childrens results from the schools Learning Assistance Teacher.


Fair Notice to Parents/Guardians: In the event of a serious threat to the wellbeing of students or staff, A Violence, Threat and Risk Assessment (VTRA) Protocol will be initiated. A threat is an expression of intent to do harm or act out violently against someone or something. Threats may be verbal, written, drawn, posted on the Internet or made by gesture. Threats must be taken seriously, investigated and responded to. If the threat is immediate, the RCMP will be called upon to deal with the threat immediately. What is the purpose of a student threat assessment? To ensure the safety of students, staff, parents and others. To ensure a full understanding of the context of the threat. To understand factors contributing to the threat makers behaviour. To promote the emotional and physical safety of all. To be proactive in developing an intervention plan that addresses the emotional and physical safety of the threat maker. What behaviours initiate a VTRA? A VTRA will be initiated when behaviours include, but are not limited to, serious violence or violence with intent to harm or kill, verbal/written threats to harm/kill others, Internet website/social media threats to harm/kill others, possession of weapons (including replicas), bomb threats and fire setting. Duty to report To keep school communities safe and caring, staff, parents, students and community members must report all threatrelated behaviours to the principal and/or the RCMP. VTRA Teams at each school Each school will have a multi-disciplinary threat assessment team. The team may include members of school staff and members from district and community agencies. What happens in a student threat assessment? All threat making behaviour by a student shall be reported to the principal who will activate the protocol for the initial response. Once the team has been activated, interviews may be held with the student(s), the threat maker, parents and staff to determine the level of risk and develop an appropriate response to the incident. Intervention plans will be developed and shared with parents,

I Can Project and Coaching

Schools in our district are invited to take part in an I Can project this year. For a video and more information: http://www.ted.com/talks/kiran_bir_sethi_teache s_kids_to_take_charge.html Its a TedTalk and I am still laughing because one of the children told me that I then cant show it at school ! There is also a Design For Change website and if we come up with a project, we can register any work we do with the program: http://www.dfcworld.com/. Also, one of my roles at the school is called coach mentor and our district has designed a way for principals at the rural schools and

teaching staff at the in town schools to have extra conversations and coaching with students; this will allow us to support as many students as possible and those who are aboriginal. Its not a secret that the province is trying to address graduation rates among our aboriginal youth. Our superintendent, Kathy Sawchuk, has implored us to come up with ways to work with aboriginal youth and set yearlong goals with an I Can framework. 15 out of our 38 students have identified as aboriginal this year at our school. Thats 40%! Im wondering if making an I Can wall to celebrate our student successes and to set goals related to the things students feel passionate about will be a good place to start. Let me know if you have some ideas or would like to lend your support in any way.

achievements over the year and years to come. In addition to reporting on your childs individual progress, we will regularly monitor our overall school progress and provide periodic updates at key points in the year (January and June). Please feel free to talk to your childs teacher and me at any time if you have questions or want ideas about how you can support our work at home. Sincerely, Joanne Dueck Principal

Morning Meetings & Habits of the Heart

We continue to practice our Morning Meeting. We do MindUp! training and learn how to selfregulate together. The most important rule weve talked about this year with our students is to be kind. We will be reviewing the Habits of The Heart: Empathy, Integrity, Reflection, Curiosity, and Self-Confidence. Our monthly assemblies will recognize students demonstrating these great skills and qualities.

Primary Literacy Project

The vision of the School District and Rolla Traditional School is that 90% of students entering Kindergarten in the fall of 2013 will be reading, writing, and using numbers confidently and competently, at grade level, when they enter grade 4 in 2017! Further, we have a vision that all students will be achieving to their fullest personal potential based on goals set forth in the individual instructional plans developed to address special needs. To this end we are beginning an exciting primary project (Kindergarten to Grade 3) and your childs class will be participating. This project involves an intense focus on literacy, numeracy, inquiry based learning and social emotional learning, which is based on current educational research. Other subject areas such as science and social studies will be integrated within the context of literacy and numeracy and not reported on separately. Teachers will be engaging in practices and ongoing professional development that supports this approach. We are very fortunate to have Dr. Janet Mort, an adjunct professor and researcher from Vancouver Island University, working with us to ensure quality experiences for our students and in teachers professional learning journeys. Also supporting the work of the classroom teachers will be the various District Helping Teachers for literacy, numeracy, speech and language development, and special needs. Partners in our school will be the Principal, Learning Assistance Teacher, Coach Mentor (all of these roles are taken by Mrs. Dueck currently), Reading Recovery Teacher (Mrs. Tarkington), and Classroom Teachers (Mrs. Chmelyk, Miss Heriot, and when she returns, Mrs. Tarkington). The only big difference you will see at home is the report card. The report will only provide performance ratings and comments on language arts, math, and social/emotional development. Themes from the content areas will be covered through literacy and numeracy programs. Physical education and fine arts will be integrated throughout. We are very much looking forward to engaging in this work and to celebrate your childs

Fire Drills, Lockdowns, Bus Evacuations & Safety Training!

This is another reason for us to be ready with our inside shoes! We have begun talking about and practicing our safety protocols for various events that we need to be prepared for. Our fire safety plan is to line up with our teachers and evacuate in an orderly manner to the front of the school by the flag pole in the event of a fire alarm bell. The teachers will call names and report any absences to Mrs. Dueck. Should we then need to walk further from the school we will walk together up the hill near the compost fence. Currently, Mrs. Dueck is timing our evacuations. We will be practicing a few more times. We have also had one lockdown. Please, read again the section on the VTRA Protocol. The RCMP complimented our school staff on maintaining a safe environment for our school community in initiating a lockdown procedure recently. We shall also continue to practice the lockdown procedure. This procedure is for students to go into locked classrooms quietly and listen for instructions from their teachers. We shall be watching a bus evacuation video and practicing that safety process also. Stay tuned for more information!

Staffing Levels & School Population

We began this year with 39 and we are now at 38 students. Last year we started at 32 and rose to 34 by the end of the year with a few ups and downs in numbers over the course of the spring. So, the great news is that overall our numbers are up! 38 students means a 2 classroom year. If we rose as far as 45 it would be a 3 classroom year. I continue to attribute this to many great contributors to our wonderful school community: awesome students, a great group of parent advocates who volunteer and speak well of the school, a great StrongStart program, and many wonderful primary and inquiry-based programs across

the school which have given nice exposure to the school through events and social media (the videos Rio and Donna made together with the students). We have high numbers in our primary. Donna Chmelyks class is at 18 and Courteney Heriot/Andrea Tarkingtons class is at 20. These are perfectly great class sizes in comparison with many areas including the private schools which are starting the year with classes at 30+ this year. My roles as I mentioned before are: principal, coach mentor, learning assistance teacher, and literacy/numeracy support for the intermediates my teaching does reduce the class size groupings for the 3/4/5/6/7 class during our Primary Literacy time. Also, you may have noticed that we dont have a secretary yet (Betty Kirtzinger is in training) so Ive been doing learning on the fly various secretarial tasks also right now. That should resolve soon! Jespere! Overall, the start up has been good!