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_______________ University of Navi in Pandora_____________ _______________Address_______________


KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS: This CONTRACT OF EMPLOYMENT is entered into by and between the ______________University of Navi in Pandora_____________, a non-stock corporation existing under the laws of the Republic of the Philippines with principal address in _____________________________________________________________, represented by its president, _________________________, hereinafter referred to as the UNIVERSITY. and ______________________________________, of legal age, Filipino, single, a resident of _____________________________, _______________ hereinafter referred to as WEB DESIGNER. WITNESSETH: 1. The UNIVERSITY hereby engages the services of the WEB DESIGNER for the period from ___________________ to _____________________, inclusive, as contractual employee. The employment contract of the WEB DESIGNER automatically terminates on _____________ without need of further notice; 2. For and in consideration of the services rendered by the WEB DESIGNER, the UNIVERSITY engages to compensate him at the rate of ______________ per month, inclusive of COLA (Cost of Living Allowances), or in such proportion as commensurate to actual service rendered; 3. The WEB DESIGNER shall well and faithfully discharge his duties enumerated in the Web Designers Job Description, a copy of which hereto attached as ANNEX A and made an integral part thereof; 4. The WEB DESIGNER shall comply in good faith with all existing policies and regulations of the UNIVERSITY, as well as with those that may be subsequently adopted after the signing of this Contract not inconsistent with any stipulations herein; 5. Under this Contract of limited and definite period, the employee shall not acquire any tenurial right, seniority or permanence of status;

6. Should the employee desire to voluntarily terminate his employment, he shall serve a written notice to the UNIVERSITY at least thirty (30) days before the intended date of termination; 7. Even during the effectivity of this Contract, the services of the employee may be terminated for any of the just or authorized causes provided under the existing laws, the Collective Bargaining Agreement, or for any of the offenses carrying the sanction of dismissal enumerated under the Non Teaching Primer;

8. The WEB DESIGNERs salary earned during the last month immediately preceding the termination of this Contract shall be released only upon submission of proof that the WEB DESIGNER has been cleared of all financial and property accountabilities to the UNIVERSITY; 9. This Contract shall be subjected to the applicable provisions of labor standard laws, labor relations laws, all existing and subsequent policies of the UNIVERSITY, and the University of Navi in Pandora Non Teaching Primer, which are deemed incorporated into this Contract; and 10. While this Contract is in effect, the employee shall not avail of other remunerative employment outside of the UNIVERSITY, other than self-employment that does not give rise to any conflict of interest or incompatibility with his work hours in the UNIVERSITY. IN WITNESS WHEREOF the parties hereto have hereunto set their hands this ____ day of ______________, 20___, at _________________________, Philippines.

University of Navi in Pandora (UNIVERSITY) By: __________________________ President _________________________ Signature of the Web Designer

__________________________ Name and Signature of Witness

_________________________ Name and Signature of Witness

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT REPUBLIC OF THE PHILIPPINES ) PROVINCE OF __________________ ) S.S. MUNICIPALITY OF _______________) BEFORE ME, a Notary Public in and for the Province of _______________, Municipality of _______________ on this day personally appeared: Name ____________________ ____________________ Com. Tax Cert. No. Date & Place of Issue

_______________ ____________; _______________ _______________ ____________; _______________

known to me and to me known to be the same persons who executed the foregoing contract and they acknowledged the same to be their own free and voluntary act and deed. WITNESS MY HAND AND SEAL this _th day of ____, 20__ at ________________. ATTY _________________________________ COMMISSION NO. _______________________ NOTARY PUBLIC for _____________________ UNTIL DECEMBER 31, 20__ OFFICE: ________________________________________ ROLL NO. ________ ADMMITTED AT BAR: ___________ IBP NO. ________ ; __/__/__ ; _________________ PTR NO ________ ; __/__/__ ; _________________ MCLE COMPLIANCE No. __________; __________

Doc. No. ____ Page No. ____ Book No. ____ Series of 20__

ANNEX A JOB DESCRIPTION WEB DESIGNER Duty Station 1. 2. 3. : Web and Graphics Center

Design and develop new website for the University of Navi in Pandora. Maintain and update current University of Navi in Pandora Website. Perform other analogous duties as assigned. __________________________ Web Designers Signature __________________________ Date