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Biology220, Fall 2013 15july13

(Changes in future iterations of this syllabus will appear in Red)

When and Where? Physics Building, Goss Hall Room 103, 8:30 AM to 9:45 AM Instructors: Dave Sherwood, Professor of Biology, 4216 FFSC, 613 8192, david.sherwood@duke.edu Meng Chen, Professor of Biology, 3103 FFSC, 684-8442, meng.chen@duke.edu TAs: Lauren Lohmer (Tu 11:55-12:45 p.m. & 1:30-2:20 p.m.) Michael Czerwinski (W 1:30-2:20pm) Qingyun (Tristan) Li (M 3:05-3:55 p.m.)


Hardin, et al. Beckers World of the Cell. Eight Edition Gilbert Developmental Biology 10th Edition

A mature draft (and a fairly reasonable facsimile) of the power point used for the lecture will be posted the day before each class.

Final Grade: 25% Test 1 (in class, 2 sides of an 8.5 x 11 crib sheet allowed, must be hand written and turned in) 25% Test 2 (in class, 2 sides of an 8.5 x 11 crib sheet allowed, must be hand written and turned in) 50% Final Friday, Dec. 14, 7-10PM, 2 sides of an 8.5 x 11 crib sheet allowed, must be hand written and turned in.

Extra Credit: from problem sets given out at discussion groups

Make up exams for excused absences will be given at Professor Chen and Sherwoods Discretion. Discussion Groups will be organized around problems sets that are given out each week, in addition to any questions that may arise from the lectures. There will also be a homework problem set each week that will be given out in the discussion section. These will be turned in at the following week and count for 1.5 points of extra-credit. A reasonable attempt to answer the question will be given full credit. Importantly, to

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receive full credit, you must attend the discussion section to pick up the homework and return it at the following discussion section. There will be 10 problem homework sets, so a possible 15 points in extracredit. The curve, which typically ranges from D to A+, will be based on the grades for each exam. Thus, you can earn an A+ without doing any of the extra credit work. After the curve is determined, extra credit points will be added and can potentially shift students from one grade to a higher grade.

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Date Tues 27

Mon. Aug.

Topic Introduction, Cells, Model Systems, Microscopy (DRS)

Reading World of the Cell Chapter 1 Chapter 4: 75-81 Appendix: A1-A15 World of the Cell Chapter 2: 34-35 Chapter 3: 44-46 Chapter 7: 156-180 World of the Cell Chapter 4: 82-99 (overview of cell) Chapter 18: 536-543 Chapter 11: 298-99 Appendix: A18-22, A28-29

Discussion No Discussion meeting in the first week

Thur 29


Microscopy, Chemical Bonds & membranes (DRS)

Tues 3


Compartments & Nuclear Transport (DRS)

Problem Set#1 (DRS)

Thur 5


The ER and Protein Delivery (DRS)

World of the Cell Chapter 12: 324-364 Chapter 22:695-702 World of the Cell Chapter 12 Chapter 3: 65-72 Chapter 12 Chapter 12

Tues 9


Membrane synthesis, flippases and vesicle trafficking (DRS) ER to Golgi (DRS) Exocytosis (DRS)

Problem Set #2 (DRS)

Thur 11 Tues 16 Thur 18

Sept. Sept. Sept.

Problem Set #3 (DRS)

Mitochondria and electron transport chain (MC) World of the Cell Chapter 5 Chapter 10: 252-257; 267-284 Whole Class Review Session (DRS) Place/Time TBD Endocytosis (DRS) Exam 1 Chapter 12 TA led Exam Review Page 3 of 4

Mon 23 Tues 24 Thur 26

Sept. Sept. Sept.

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