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Lesson 38 Reconstructing Dictated Text by Taking Down Important Notes I.

Learning Objective Reconstruct a dictated text by taking down important notes Write a paragraph correctly Values: Importance of the forms of energy in our everyday life. II. Subject Matter A. Topic: B. References: Reconstructing a Dictated Text by Taking Down Important Notes Writing Paragraph Giving the Main Idea PELC 5.1, 4, 4.1 p. 23 LP in Science VI pp. 120-124 LP in English VI pp. 336-337 Into the Future 6 p. 146 Chart, index card, manila paper, flash cards

C. Materials: III.

Learning Activities A. Preparatory Activities 1. Drill Write correctly the following sentences that I will dictate. a. Moving and doing work are possible because of energy. b. A car can travel for several kilometers using gasoline. c. Gasoline is fuel stored in the tank. d. When it burns, it releases energy. e. The energy is stored in their body parts. 2. Review What are the things to remember when taking down notes. 3. Review What are the things to remember when taking down notes. 4. Motivation Present flashcards showing action words. What do these words suggest? How are we able to do these activities? What do we get from the food that we eat? B. Presentation 1. Listening Activity The teacher reads a paragraph while the pupils take important notes. Chemical energy is energy stored in materials. Materials possess chemical energy due to or owing to their molecular structures. When chemical energy is released, it becomes kinetic/mechanical energy. Furthermore, when chemical energy is released, a new substance is formed different from the original material. When you actually take in stored energy. It is digested or broken down into simple form (sugar, protein) that can be absorbed and used by the different parts of the body. 2. Comprehension check-up a. What is chemical energy b. How do materials produce chemical energy? c. What happens when it is released? d. How do we get energy from the food we eat? 3. Analysis and Discussion a. What are some of the important notes you have taken down from the paragraph? b. Have the lass write their notes on the board. c. Check from the list of important notes on the board. Write the notes in a paragraph form in logical order.

d. Ask them to cooperatively e. Study the paragraph and examine how it is written. f. Discuss the guidelines for writing a paragraph. 4. Generalization How can we reconstruct a dictated text by means of taking down notes? 5. Valuing In what ways are forms of energy useful to people? 6. Practice Exercises a. Guided Practice Listen to the following dictation. Take down important notes. Each group will write their written work in a Manila paper. Moving persons or objects possesses mechanical energy. It can be produced through energy transformation. For example, in walking, running or jumping, we use mechanical energy caused by the release and transformation of the chemical energy in food we have eaten. A moving vehicle, a running machine uses mechanical energy, made possible by the release and transformation of chemical energy from fuel. Evaluation Group presentation A leader will be assigned to read their paragraph (posted on the board) Assignment Reconstruct the dictated text used in the evaluation by he use of the notes you have listed. Be ready to read it tomorrow.

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