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ProQuest document link Abstract: Myopia is a refractive error of the eye that has a significant socioeconomic impact due to its increasing prevalence and the fact that it causes visual impairment. neurotransmitters and transcription factors. Zrenner. Genetic Predisposition to Disease. while genetic factors predominate in familial occurrence of myopia with a Mendelian inheritance pattern. such as cytokines. Vision Disorders -.complications.[PUBLICATION ABSTRACT] Subject: Genetics. Myopia -.physiopathology. Broghammer. E. particular interest focussing on scleral extracellular matrix proteins and developmental genes of the eye. Tight environmental influence is exemplified by defocus-induced myopia produced in animal models.physiopathology. in myopia development has been indicated through various lines of investigation.org/10. Vision Disorders -. M. C M Publication info: Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences 62.doi. The involvement of numerous mediators.genetics (major) Publication title: Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences Volume: 62 Issue: 7-8 Pages: 800-8 Publication year: 2005 Publication date: Apr 2005 Year: 2005 Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media Place of publication: Basel Country of publication: Netherlands Publication subject: Sciences: Comprehensive Works ISSN: 1420-682X Source type: Scholarly Journals Language of publication: English Document type: Journal Article Document feature: References DOI: http://dx. a productive avenue will open up for deciphering the aetiological heterogeneity of myopia and the biological pathways underlying its development. (major). Ocular. Its aetiology is complex and is likely to involve the interaction of environmental and genetic influences. Humans. Genotype & phenotype MeSH: Animals. Refraction.Document 1 of 1 A genetic perspective on myopia Author: Jacobi. Genetic linkage. As high-throughput technology for largescale genotyping and RNA expression analysis enters the field of myopia research.genetics (major). Vision Disorders -.7-8 (Apr 2005): 800-8. Myopia. Myopia -. Pusch.1007/s00018-004-4353-z 26 July 2013 Page 3 of 5 ProQuest . Myopia -.complications. F K.

ProQuest Research Library: Science & Technology 26 July 2013 Page 4 of 5 ProQuest .com/docview/346821422?accountid=49910 Copyright: Birkhäuser Verlag.proquest. Basel 2005 Last updated: 2013-02-06 Database: ProQuest Health & Medical Complete.Accession number: 15868405 ProQuest document ID: 346821422 Document URL: http://search.

M.. All rights reserved. E. 6th Edition Jacobi. doi:http://dx. A genetic perspective on myopia. K. 800-8. Zrenner.American Psychological Association. & Pusch. Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences. .org/10.1007/s00018-004-4353-z _______________________________________________________________ Contact ProQuest Copyright © 2012 ProQuest LLC.Bibliography Citation style: APA 6th . M. F. 62(7-8). (2005). C.doi... Broghammer.Terms and Conditions 26 July 2013 Page 5 of 5 ProQuest .

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