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TIME SEQUENCE When As soon as The moment From early childhood From an early age Throughout his/her life Up to this time LISTING POINTS First of all, Firstly, Secondly, To begin with, In the first/second/third place Then Next Afterwards Lastly Last but not least, Finally ADDING INFORMATION In addition, Moreover, What is more, Besides, Furthermore Also Too On top of that To cap it all Above all ENPHASISING A POINT Obviously Of course Indeed Clearly Julia Blanco Profesores del Sur - Atlntida It is needless to say

GIVING EXAMPLES For instance For example Such as Like Lets take the example of To illustrate this point EXPLAININGREFORMULATING In other words I mean That is to say What I am trying to say To put in other words/way That is Namely Better still MAKING CONTRASTING POINTS In/By contrast Conversely On the contrary On the other hand Instead Still, However, Yet But Nevertheless Even so, Nonetheless At the same time Although Even though Centro Regional de

While In spite of the fact Regardless of the fact Though

Clearly Not surprisingly Irritatingly Annoyingly

NEGATIVE ADDITION Neithernor To make matters worse Even worse GIVING OPINION In my opinion I feel that I can honestly say It seems to me that I am inclined to believe that It strikes to me that To my mind I believe As far as I am concerned As I see it I reckon CONCESSIONS Although Even though Despite In spite of However Nonetheless Nevertheless All the same Even so Whilst While Whereas No matter how many However many Whoever COMMENTING OR EXPRESSING YOUR OWN ATTITUDE Surely Julia Blanco Profesores del Sur - Atlntida

PURPOSE In order to So that So as to MAKING GENERAL IDEA On the whole As a general rule Broadly speaking In general GIVING REASONS Seeing that As Because (of) Owing to the fact that Due to the fact that So far as To the extent that Since On the grounds that In view of Now that EXPRESSING CONSEQUENCES So As a consequence As a result Therefore Thus That is why Consequently For this Accordingly Thereby In such a way as to Is the direct result of In result GIVING REFERENCE Centro Regional de

Concerning Regarding With respect to With reference In/with regard According to

It is popularly believed that People often claim that It is often claimed that Many argue that

EXPRESSING BALANCE Although Yet On the other hand In contrast At the same time EXPRESSING SIMILARITY Similarly In the same way Likewise EXPRESSING COMPARISON In comparison with Compare to Asas Not asas Twice asas Much more Far more Less The least/most The morethe less EXPRESSING CONSEQUENCE OF A CONDITION Otherwise If not Then If so In which/that case Consequently STATING OTHER PEOPLES OPINION A lot of people believe that People tend to think that Julia Blanco Profesores del Sur - Atlntida

EXPRESSING REALITY In fact Actually Indeed The matter of fact As a matter fact It is a fact that In effect In practise To tell you the truth

PERSONAL REACTIONS I was overwhelmed by I was amazed at how What amazed me was how The fact thatmade a great impression on me It made me feel What struck me was how It reminded me of I felt as if EXPRESSING CONDITION In case (of) If (not) Unless Provided As long as On the condition Only if Or else Otherwise Centro Regional de

In the event of

CONCLUDING All in all All things considered To sum up Summarizing In conclusion Taking everything into account Finally Lastly To put it in a nutshell

As it was previously stated As I have said before Briefly To put it briefly In short To conclude In conclusion

IMPERSONAL LANGUAGE The underlying philosophy is that is/are often considered to be This may be due to According to recent research It would be wrong to suggest/claim that is/are frequently regarded as It is sometimes pointed out/claimed/suggested that It seems unlikely that The idea behind this is that This is open to question

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