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1. Dec 14

Bubbles in the Goblets Bubbles in the Fuente and Goblets

Often times when filling the Spiritual Fuente and goblets with clean fresh water, and placing them on the Tableau altar or Mesa Blanca shrine "Boveda" one will notice that at first the Fuentes will be sparkling clear and fresh. Then after a few hours sometimes even shorter, on expecting the altar or shrine again one will notice air bubbles within the water of the Fuentes. This can mean a few things and really depends on the purpose for the Fuente. First of all water used for the Saints is used as a portal in which the saints come down from the Spiritual realm, while the water used for ones dead and ancestors is used to give clarity, to quench their thirst, re freshen and clean themselves. Air bubbles within the Fuentes represent los Fluidos Espirituales, or the Spiritual Fluids of the Saints or Dead. It represent that the Spirits are near and content with the individual. If an offering was given such as fruits, tobacco, incense and candles, then the spirits are content and happy with the individual, they have accepted the offering, and have partaken of its energy, their presence is near and felt, just listen, all is at peace. Many times the bubbles also represent that you have kept your side of a bargain with the Spirits and that they wish to show their blessings upon you for the services you have done for them. If the water was placed on the altar and is fresh with bubbles many individuals pour this water into another glass and take a sip or prepare an herbal bath with it to receive the blessings of the spirits. Many say that when you do not see bubbles within the fuente, one should worry because it indicates that one

needs to concentrate on a spiritual obligation or a promise made to a Saint or a Spirit that has yet to be completed. On the other hand it can also represent that it is picking up unwanted negative energies, water picks up unwanted energy and negativity, Just as it does the physical body, it also does the same for spirit and energy. A Sancistas, and Espiritista always places new talismans, amulets and necklaces into the water to cleanse it, if one sees a lot of bubbles within the Fuente that is cleansing a talisman, it indicates that it has picked up unwanted vibrations. The water is thrown away, the talisman is usually fumigated with tobacco smoke and replaced into a fuente with clean fresh water.

During a misa espiritual or a sesion where "Causas" are lifted, if the fuentes have a lot of bubbles, this indicates that much negative energy has been lifted, and the water is removed away from the house. When one purchases a new statue, we always purify it and cleanse it with Holy Water, Florida Water and Tobacco smoke, before placing it on an altar. Also a Sancista and Espiritista always baptizes the statute in the name of the Saint or Spirit it represents. Then it is placed on the altar with a brand new Fuente with fresh water. If the Fuente fills with bubbles it can indicate one of two things. One that the Spirit is happy, present and is bringing blessings. Or it can represent that the statute was not properly prepared or cleansed. Usually the Sancista will listen to his / her gut instincts. If it feels like something is wrong, they listen to the inner voice and they follow it. Or they often perform divination to get an answer. During the act of private prayer, bubbles in the fuente depends on the emotional state of the person. If the person is in a good mood, the Spirits are present, but if the person has inner worries or a heavy heart the Spirits are

listening and cleansing. Where the bubbles are located also has a lot of significance. On the bottom or base of the Fuente can indicate that ones dead or ancestors want an offering. Or if the Fuente is on a Tableau Espiritual this indicates that an offering of Food, or flowers is wanted. If the bubbles are on the rim of the Fuente this indicates that the Centinela wants an offering of prayers. If it is on the Tableau Espiritual as in the mesa blanca, then candles, incense or tobacco smoke is being asked for. A ring of bubbles in the center of a fuente indicates a sesion espiritual or a velada is being asked for. If the Mesa is in the patterns of Reposo, Ataque and defensa this also has to be considered. When in Reposo all is well, the Saints and Spirits are near and are showing the blessings. When in Ataque this is a sign that negative energies are around. Remove the water from the home, cleanse the fuentes and refill them with fresh water. When in Ataque the Saints or Spirits are on your side, they are protecting you.


Each tradition has its own symbolic meaning for whom each goblet is in honor for, example Cuban Espiritismo Cruzado might have a similar out line but with minor differences. The following is of Puerto Rican Santerismo and Espiritismo. The representations of the Fuente and the surrounding 8 cups are as follows:

El Santisimo Papa Buen Dios Todopoderoso - The Almighty God. This is the largest of the Cups, the central piece of the altar. If a crucifix is to be placed within a Fuente it is this one. Centinela - The Principle Spiritual Guide Divisin Blanca, Commission of the Saints. Divisin Negra, La Commission de los Congos, Negros, Esclavos, Madamas, Cimarones. The Orisha, the Misterios, the Loases. Divisin India, La Commission de los Indios, The Indian Spirits, the Cemis. La Commission de los Gitanos, Orientales, Arabes, Hindus, The Gypsies. Los Espiritus Familiares, los Muertos. Family Members that where known and have past. Los Antepasados, the Ancestors, ones blood lineage. Los Espiritus Necesitados, las Bendita Anima Solas.

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2. Dec 9

Although many people who follow an A.T.R. often associate the Catholic saints

as being one and the same with African deities, this sincrenition for the most part did not happen in most areas of Puerto Rico until the 1960s. I say most areas because the cult for San Santiago in the pueblo of Loiza Aldea, Puerto Rico has always closely associated San Santiago with the African Yoruba deity, Chango. For most part, and as my grandmother would best say. "A Los Santos, Santos, y a los Angeles, Angeles. (The Saints are Saints, and the Angels are Angels), or in this case African deities are African deities. My Tia (aunt) a bruja and a Sancista / Santera also would say 'Llamen al pan, pan y al vino, vino, y carajo no los confundan!". (Let call bread, what it is, bread, and wine wine, but damn it, don't confuse them!". It is also important to note that the Taino culture had been almost completely eradicated on the island until the 1970s when excavations of ancient Taino Bateas and ceremonial grounds where discovered through out the island. The Taino Spirits and the Cemis had finally awaken from their 300 year slumber, and would never be quieted again. Not until the wave of Cuban immigrants to Puerto Rico and New York in the 1950s and 1960s, which later proceeded with the wave of Dominicans to the island and the United States mainland in the late 1970s and the 1980s, did the Orisha and Lwas return to Puerto Rican soil and Puerto Rico was reintroduced to the African Spirits. This is not to say that the Orishas and Lwas never touched Borinquen (Puerto Rican) soil till this time. Slaves from Puerto Rico were also from Yoruba and the Kongo regions of Africa, this African culture survived and still can be seen and felt in Loiza Aldea and Guayama, in the music, dance, spiritual traditions and dialect of the language. But the African deities where eradicated from the island, manly because of the smaller groups of African slaves in Puerto Rico in comparison to other islands of the Caribbean. The reason for the survival of the Orisha and Lwas in other Caribbean islands and not in Puerto Rico has to do in part with how small Puerto Rico is in comparison to Cuba and Hispaniola (The Dominican Republic and Haiti) Also although the Spanish Inquisition followed the Conquistadors to the New World, it was heavily felt in Puerto Rico. The first witch hunt and burning in the Americas was held on Puerto Rican soil and predates the Salem Witch trials of Salem Massachusetts about 180 years, in a section of Old San Juan that was once called " el Fangito de las Brujas." Also as I have stated Puerto Rico did have slaves but the African population was much smaller in comparison to other Caribbean Islands. White Spanish origin 75.8%, Black 12.4%, Amerindian 7.8%, Asian 0.2%, other 3.3%, (2010 census) although most Puerto Ricans consider themselves white 65% of the islands population is of Meztiso or Mulatto background.

Santerismo is a branch of Afro Cuban Santeria "Lukumi" which has a strong influence with Puerto Rican Brujeria and Mesa Blanca Espirotismo.

Santerismo has a great respect for the Orishas, and are venerated by most Puerto Ricans as a sub group of spirits called "Una Familia" known as Las Potencias, or Potencias Africanas. Also while blood sacrifices are done in both Vodou and Santeria, this is not a common practice in most Puerto Rican Sanse and Santerismo houses, known as Casas, Templos or Centros Espirituales. Puerto Rican Santerismo has many things in common with Cuban Santeria, with the.exception of the hierarchy of Priests and Priestesses, there are no Babalawos, Babalochas or Iyalochas, there does exist el Padrino y La Madrina and los Ahijados. Also none of the Lukumi initiations are done, in Santerismo just as in Sanse, there is the baptismal ceremonies, and the receiving of the sacred necklaces known as Collares. Also while in Cuban Santeria the initiate undertake various lengthy initiation ceremonies to receive the sacred Soperas with the otanes and implements of the Orishas, and become part of the priestly order. In Santerismo as is with Sanse, the initiate undergoes various rites of passages that are predominantly Espiritismo, making the individual receiving the ceremony the ahijado or ahijada of the Padrino or Madrina. The baptized also receive a prepared image of a Saint known as El or La Centinela, which usually consists of a hollowed plaster saint, and within it a cloth bag is prepared with magical herbs and roots, personal belongings of the person, such as hair, finger nail clippings, strips of clothing and other items. The statue of the Centinela is then cleansed, purified, blessed and empowered in a Velada, or Misa Espiritual ceremony known collectively as Ritos de Paso or Rites of Passage, by invoking the saints to come down and bless the statue, and cleansing and purifying the statue with smoke, holy water and an herbal infusion mixed with bay rum or florida water. While in Santeria "Lukumi" many African deities come down in ceremonies known as BembesCaballo, in Puerto Rico it is titled a casilla or banco. In Santerismo and Sanse, the Saints are invoked in Fiestas Espirituales and like Santeria they do dance and show of their abilities, but mostly they interact with the congregation, consulting, prophesying, and lifting a Causa. Also in an Afro Cuban bembe only the Orisha come down and in Haiti the Lwa come down, while in Sanse and Santerismo, the Saints, African deities and any spirit from the Familia and the 21 Courts and Commissions come down together. Many compare Puerto Rican Sanse and Santerismo de la Mesa Blanca to Afro

Cuban, Dominican and Haitian religions, in my personal experiences, there are many similarities, but if Sanse and Santerismo where to be compared to any similar spiritual paths, they would defiantly fall closer under the categories of Brazilian Umbanda, Venezuelan 3 Potencia Espiritismo and Afro American Hoodoo, which is a sincrenition of African and indigenous spirituality. Many Puerto Ricans use the term Santos or Santos Africanos to describe the Orisha, unless the person was initiated into Lukumi, and call them los Orichas, some of the Orisha of the Cuban Lukumi pantheon are.

Olodumare / Olorun / Olofi The Omnipotent, All Powerful Creator God the Creator Obatala -- Our Lady of Mercy September 24rth Color White Odduduwa -- Saint Claire August 11 Colors White and Green Eleggua Elegba - Saint Anthony or the Child of Atocha Color Red and Black Aganyu -- Saint Christopher Feast Day July 25th Color Shades of Reds Yemaya -- Our Lady of Regla Feast Day September 7th Colors Blue, Agua and White Chango -- Saint Barbara December 4th. Colors Red and White Oya -- Our Lady of La Candelaria Feast Day February 2nd Colors 9 Colors Oshun -- Our Lady of Charity September 8th Colors Yellow, Amber, Gold Ochosi -- Saint Sebastian Colors Violet, Blue, Yellow Oggun -- Saint Peter Feast Day June 29th Colors Green and Black

Babalu-Aye -- Saint Lazarus Feast Day December 17th Colors Purple and Yellow Orunla -- St. Francis of Assisi Feast Day October 4th Colors Green and Yellow Inle - Saint Rafael Feast Day October 24th Blue and Yellow Ibeyi - Saints Cosmo and Damian. Feast Day Red and White "Male" Blue and White "Female" Osanyin - Saint Sylvester Feast Day December 31st Color Green Obba - Virgen del Carmen. Colors Pink, Yellow Lilac

The Dominican 21 Division

La 21 Divisin or the 21 Dominican Divisions are the group of Loases Spirits originally venerated in the Dominican Republic and has become popular amongst Puerto Ricans. Puerto Rican Sanse is a branch of Dominican 21 Division Vud which in tern is a branch of Haitian Voudun. The Loases Spirits of the 21 Division is a group of Spirits also called Los Misterios amongst Puerto Ricans. The Loases of the 21 Divisions like the Seven African Power Orichas and the 7 Jefes del Sanse Puertoriqueo protect their followers and gift them with the abilities to lift Causas, divination, and healing to name a few, and like the Seven African Powers and the 7 Jefes of Sanse, the Loases of

the 21 Divisions have attributes associated to them such as colors, offerings, and likes and dislikes. The name the 21 Divisions has nothing to do with the number of Loases, as there are virtually countless of Loases, the name implies the 21 various groups of hierarchies that a Loa may belong to and they are as follows. The Leguas The Ogunes The Guedes The Rodas The Lokos The Lokomis The Petos The Simbis The Petifones The Marasa The Zombis The Indios The Nagos The Congos The Guineas The Niillos The Caes The Dangueles The Shuques The Piues The Difemayos Although there are 21 Divisions they are also organized into three ethnic groups that make up the foundation of the human race Caucasoids, Negroids, and Mongoloids and are as follows Divisin Blanca, Divisin India Divisin Negra The Divisin Blanca: or the White Division assists the followers who work the altar and within this Division Santa Ana (Anasa), Patrn Santiago (Ogn Baleny), Virgen Dolorosa (Metresil), San Antonio (Pap Legb), San Carlos Borromeo (Candelo), Santa Elena (La Gunguna), Santa Clara (La Seorita), Virgen de la Candelaria (Candelina). The statues within this Division are always usually Catholic Saints.

The Divisin India are the Loases and Commission that work with the element of Water, and when they manifest they purify with water and liquids. They are represented by Native American Indian statutes. The Indian Divisin's altars are usually located close to the ground and are always kept separate from other groups of spirits and Saints. This Division is always kept far from the Division Negra, for the reason being that the Division Negra enjoys blood offerings while the Division India will have nothing to do with it. The Indian Division enjoys offerings of tobacco, corn meal, black unsweetened coffee, fruits, nuts berries and casava bread.

When a spirit of this Division takes possession of a follower they always ask for

water to quench their thirst, then tobacco smoke and occasionally Rum. They enjoy colors of all kinds although usually 7 various colors although most of the Loases within this Division has its own attributed color. The Divisin Negra: This Divisin is also placed close to the earth, and are placed away from the Indian Divisin because those initiated into Dominican Vudu called Caballos de Misterio give them blood sacrifices. Those who are not initiated into their mysteries offer them black beans, okra, pumpkin, and potatoes, as well as tobacco and liquor. The Loases within this Division are: San Elas "Barn del Cementerio", San Expedito "Gued Limb", Santa Marta La Dominadora, Ezili Knwa". Although there are countless Loases within Dominican Vudu the most popular are. Anasa Py - Santa Ana Baklu Bak - San Felipe Barn Del Cementerio - San Elas Beli Belcn - San Miguel Cachita - Nuestra Seora de la Caridad Candelina - Nuestra Seora de la Candelaria Candelo Cedif - San Carlos Borromeo Centinela - San Sebastin Clementina - La Virgen Milagrosa Damballah - San Patricio Ezili Alala - Nuestra Seora de la Alta Gracia Ezili Danth - Santa Brbara Africana Ezili Knwa - Santa Martha Filomena Lubana -Santa Martha La Dominadora Gran Bwav - San Judas Gran Soli - San Nicols del Sol Gran Toroliza - Cristo de las Buenas Esperanzas Gunguna - Santa Elena Jan Bako - San Pedro Jan Ferro - San Marcos de Len Jan Kriminelo - San Pancracio La Seorita - Santa Clara Marassa - San Cosme and San Damin Metresil - La Dolorosa Ofelia Balendjo - La Virgen de las Mercedes Ogn Balendjo - San Santiago Ogn Batal - San Martn de los Caballeros Ogn Fegai - San Jorge Pap Legb - San Antonio

Sanse / Sance
In present day many Puerto Ricans are initiated into the beautiful religions of Cuban Lukumi and Dominican 21 Division. Puerto Ricans who are initiated into Dominican and Haitian Vodou incorporated these traditions with Puerto Rican Brujeria and Espiritismo de la Mesa Blanca creating the Sanse, tradition. Sanse also spelled Sance is a branch and offspring of Dominican Vodou, and we recognizes the Dominican and Haitian Lwa, and break them down to a group of 7 Divisions of Misterios, although there are 21 Familias similar to Dominican 21 Division, the Seven Mysteries known as Jefe, Jefa or Sance, carry the names of the Loases, and when possessing a person act in similar fashion to the Haitian and Dominican Spirits. But while the lwases in the Dominican Republic often speak a mixture of Spanish and Creole French, the 7 Jefes of Puerto Rican Sanse use rural Puerto Rican Spanish, African, and Indigenous dialects and words with Afro Puerto Rican undertones and accents. Recently many Puerto Ricans are returning to their traditional Espiritismo and Brujeria traditions bringing with them the Orisha and Lwa, and incorporating them with the Taino Cemi Spirits which are included in the 21 Familias.

The Puerto Rican Sanse Familias are

The Solieres The Belcanes The Levanes The Candelos The Guedes The Metresas The Prietos The Simbises The Centinelas The Guineas The Madamas The Indios The Nios The Leguas

The Orientales The Potencias The Magos The Aguases The Jemelos The Cemises The Arabeses Of these 21 Familias of Spirits the puntos Misterios most popular in Puerto Rico are known as Los 7 Siete Jefes "Seven Chiefs", Ecce Homo and Pai Elegba are not considered in the Siete Jefes, Ecce Homo is above the Jefes, and Pai Elegb is the Messenger, that leads the way.


Ecce Homo pronounced "Eh seh oh moh" is the brightest of Stars in our universe he is seen as the Sun that gives life and sustains it here on our earth and is also called el Gran Sol. He blesses humanity with goodness, kindness, charity illumination, elevation, spiritual abilities, spiritual communication, faith wisdom, compassion, understanding, love, happiness, truth and

knowledge. He is the King and ruler of la Siete Familias of Misterios and is surrounded by the Siete Puntos Spirits of these Siete Familias. The Sun is his Thrown and a spark of his essence exists in all humanity, good or bad, evil or kind. He is the origin of Hope and is envisioned as the master Jesus Christ. He never takes physical possession of a human as his spirit is to pure and elevated.

Pai Legba / Eleguita

The Misterio that opens and closes the pathways and leads the 7 Jefes Misterios del Sance is el Papa Elegba and in Puerto Rico is associated with Saint the Child of Atocha. His feast day is June 13th and his color is brown. He enjoys tobacco, rum and sweets of all kinds and is usually the first and last to appear in a Sesion, unless La Metresili comes down which he respectfully waits in the side lines, since he enjoys to smoke a lot of tobacco and drink a lot liquor, something La Metresili loathes above all things. When he comes down it is a custom for all to shout in unison. "Gracias a La Misericordia!"

He is always seen using his cane as he is an ancient Misyerio and is considered as old as time itself and has a child like, mischievous quality and often plays pranks and tricks on those who are near his presence. Papa Legba is usually happy but when he is contemplating on an individuals Causa he becomes quit and observant and is quick to scold and tell an individual their faults.


One of the most wildly popular and most venerated Metresas Spirit is Anaisa known also as Anaisa Pye. While in the Dominican Republic she is synchronized with the young Virgin Mary who is accompanied by her mother Saint Anne, in Puerto Rico she is associated with Saint Jean di Arc and her feast day is celebrated on July 26th. She is the faithful companion of Beli Belcan and on altars you will often find the statue of Saint Jeane Di Arc next to Saint Michael. Anaisa is a very feminine flirtatious spirit and is known as the Queen of Love. When she mounts her followers and takes over their body in possession she comes laughing and dancing. Her favorite color is yellow and gold and she is always seen dancing with her yellow, golden laced cloth paos and mirrors. She is also fond of lipstick, facial powders, golden jewellery and bangles on her wrists and ankles. She is fond of sweet smelling perfumes, oils, baby powder and loves to drink a can of beer with her followers, if in possession she asks for a cigarette to smoke, this is an indication that she is ready to consult with her followers.


Saint Martha the Dominator is one of the most powerful of Metresas. Although in the Puerto Rican Sanse Religion she is simply known as Santa Marta la Dominadora in the Dominican Republic Vud Religion she is known as Morena Filomena Lubana. She is the queen of the Division Negra ans rules it wisely with her companion el Baron del Cementerio. Santa Marta la Dominadora is a wise, serious and fierce Misterio and is always seen carrying a serpant a symbol of her dominating anything in Heaven and Earth. She is a warrior spirit and if offended her wrath can only be pacified by Papa Buen Dios. Her feast day is observed on July 29th and offerings of cigars and black unsweetened coffee is brought to her. The colors associated with her are green, purple and red.


One of the purest and quietest of Metresas is La Madre Dolerosa Metresili, who is associated with Our Lady of Sorrows. Her feast day is celebrated on September 15th and her associated colors are all shades of pink and white and sky blue. As an offering she is fond of pink champagne, sweet red wine, and fruit punch. She is a quiet spirit who will not take possession if liquor or tobacco is in her presence and she does not like conflict. When she does take possession she does so crying, cleansing all with her tears. She will not touch the ground which is full of human sins and filth, so a brand new clean white cloth is put on the ground before she takes possession. Often a Fuente Espiritual is prepared with Holy Water, Florida Water, Kolonia 1800 and petals of roses which she uses to bless all who are present. La Metresili usually does not stay long in a spiritual gathering her maximum time being that of 15 minutes of less. She is also known as the sister to Anaisa Py.


One of the most ancient and eldest Misterio is Belie Belcan who is associated with the Archangel Saint Michael. Belie Belcan's feast day is celebrated on September 29th and his associated colors are Green and Red, if you ever enter a Botanica and see a statue of Saint Michael clothed in a Red and Green cape this is an indication that it is Belie Belcan. He is the Punto ruler of the Division Blanca, and is often the largest statue represented. He is a warrior spirit who fights for the protection and justice of humanity and is always at war with demons. When he takes possesion in a Sesion Espiritual he often walks with a limp right leg which he wounded in battle with the devil. Others say he walks with a limp because he keeps Satan within hell with this very leg. He always greets the crowd shouting in Spanish. "Buenos Noches mi Sociedad!, or Buenas Tardes Criollos!" Or in French "Bonswa a la Societie!". Which he yells in a hoarse, but loud thunderous voice. Those who become possessed by him tie a green pao over their right shoulder and a red pao over the left. Then he asks for his rum and tobacco which he uses to cleanse, purify and consult.


In Puerto Rican Sanse he is simply known as Papa Candelo, while in Dominican Vudu he is known as General Candelo Cedife. He is an elder gentleman spirit who enjoys and loves the companion of his followers. His associated color is red, and all who invoke him know to do so in cement pavement as he takes a bottle of Florida Water and pours a circle and lights it, carefully cleansing all with the flames. He is very just, benevolent wise and knowledgeable in all things pertaining to spiritual elevation. He blesses with spiritual protection, abundance and good luck. His feast day is celebrated on November the 3rd. In the Dominican Republic he is associated with Saint Charles Borromeo while in Puerto Rico it is Saint Martin de Porres. He uses palm fronds which is his escoba, which are a symbol of triumph and victory. He also uses Coconuts to pass over his followers and coconut milk to cleanse, heal and purify.


Ogun Balendo is associated with San Santiago Apostal, and his devotees and followers are greatly concentrated in the Puerto Rican town of Loiza Aldea, where he is venerated similar to the Orisha Shango. His colors are red and blue and his feast day is celebrated on July 25th. Ogun Balendo is a fierce warrior, and is very stern, although he is a warrior he does not like chaos or disorder and will not tolerate filth of any kind. He is also a great healer, and does not take Rum as an offering from humans, he prefers wine and tobacco and if rum is present he will take it, without the permission of any human. Although he is a fierce warrior many times he comes down greeting all present with a warm hand shake, a pat on the back and makes you feel as he is your closest long lost friend or family member. When he comes to consult he asks for his sword so he may cut the chains that bind humanity.

San Elias el Baron Del Cementerio

The Spirit who rules over the dead is el Baron del Cementerio who is associated with Saint Elias del Monte . His feast day is July 20th and his colors are black and white. In Puerto Rico he is one Spirit although in Haiti and the Dominican Republic he is many. Other Barons in this division are Baron de la Cruz, el Baron del Monte, Baron del Sabado. In Puerto Rico not to many people become possessed directly with him but become possessed by San Elias who will often use the name San Elias and el Baron interchangeably. He is very respected in Puerto Rico but rarely does he take possession of a host. He is invoked to rid of earth bound spirits and cleanse a persons aura or negative elemental spirits.

Difference between Commissions and Jefes.

The various Commission of Spirits are the souls of people who in life where

wise and benevolent. They worked to serve the people and in death they still work for the greater good of humanity. Many of the Spirits in the Commissions where priests, priestess and wise men and women, and also venerated either a Lwa, Orisha, Angel, Saint or Cemi. They are the heroes the leaders whose works of good deed in life and after life insure their elevation up the Spiritual Latter to one day becoming an Ascended Master. Many are viewed and respected as folk saints or saints of the people. They are our Seres our Muertos and are the messengers of our Cemi, Loases, Orishas, and Angels. A singular spirit of a Commission is known as a Muerto or a Buen Ser. As a group they can be called, Muertos, Seres, Cortes or the popular Commissions. Since they are closer to our plane of egsistance less energy is needed or required for them to come down into an Embajada. They are usually the mouth piece for Higher Spirits and work under their supervision and with their Corriente. Many Buen Sers come in place of an Orisha, Cemi or Loa, and usually have many of the attributes of these spiritual forces. Minor things may differ. For example, a Buen Ser may come displaying many attributes of a higher force but they also have their own likes and dislikes. So in life, Otelio may have been a follower of Obatala, and may come down instead of Obatala, acting in a similar fashion as Obatala. But Obatala does not drink liquor, and Otelio might. The mysteries of our spiritual path may seam confusing to those who do not follow it, but makes perfect sense to its followers. The Jefes are the Orisha, Cemi, Loases, Spirits of Nature, highly elevated saints, Ascended Masters, and Angelic Forces. They are closer to God, and like the Seres come down to Embajadas to consult, heal and lift causas.


The list of Saints are those who are very popular within Puerto Rico and all of Latin America, and have become Ascended Masters. The list is short, because to include them all would be a long task. Carlos Manuel Rodriguez. For healing and miracles Rafael Cordero. For study, education and protection of children. Nio de Atocha Opens and closes doorways of opportunities. Law an d Court matters. Santa Clara. Helps with addictions such as drugs and alcohol, protection of the body against evil. San Miguel. Defeat Occult Enemies, and Demons Santa Barbara. Protection from violent deaths, defender of women, drives away evil influences, protection against incarceration. San Elias. Against earth bound malevolent spirits and Ghosts. Santa Lucia. Helps in seeing the true matter and nature of things, eye problems, against el mal de ojo. San Alejo. Removes obstacles, ,clears pathways, keep enemies away, Santa Marta. dominates enemies.

San Gerardo. Channeling, mediumship and psychic visions. San Martin de Porres. For healing, stability and calmness. San Lazaro. Health Healing San Expedito. To bring quick results. San Cipriano. For knowledge in hidden wisdom. San John the Baptist. For cleansing and purifying, removing obstacles. San Aparicio. Helps find lost items and objects. Saint Alejo to rid of unwanted vibrators Saint Joseph to find work Saint Fransis of Asis. Against gossip, evil plots, peace of mind and peace at home. For quiet and solitude. Saint Jude. Help in lost causes. Saint Luis Bertrand. Dominate occult enemies, rid curses. Saint Gregorio. For healing. El Divino Nio Jesus. For healing after surgery, healing and quick recovery. Saint Anna. Help find a companion. Saint Anthony. Improve memory, and overcome financial difficulties. Saint Christopher. Against accidents and a violent death. Saint Sebastian. Against weapons, court cases, and rivals.

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3. Dec 4

The Spirits in a Fiesta Espiritual The Spirits in a Fiesta Espiritual

Francisco Manuel Oller Cestero - El Velorio 1893

The Madama

As I have stated before las Madamas are old and wise spirits, born and raised and lived within a time when slavery was a part of the Americas, a time when African slaves where baptized and forced to leave their ancient African religions, traditions, loved ones and spiritual beliefs behind or suffer the severe consequences. The Madamas recognized the wisdom, beauty and magical attributes associated with the Catholic Saints and where one of the forerunners who saw the similarities of their African deities with those of the Catholic Saints and began synchronizing the spirits of their ancestors with the Saints. Imagine for a moment being the Mammy or a house servant of the masters children, and his wife's most trusted confidant. Imagine keeping the children quiet as the bible was read, evening prayers were recited and the miracles of the Saints where told as the mistress of the house lit candles to the various Saints and the Holy Virgin. For a moment also imagine going back to the slave quarters with the wisdom and knowledge you had acquired, and how similar these Saints where to the Orisha and Lwa of the African Ancestors. The Masters surely did not know that forcing and introducing these Saints to the slaves insured the survival of the African Spirits. When the Madamas come down in Fiestas Espirituales they come down as stern wise women. Often scolding and reprimanding those who do or are in the wrong, they are over opinionated, witty and quick with their tongue. They represent a strong matriarch figure who is stern and strong willed. When they are happy they love to laugh which is a deep hoarse laughter, and quickly ask those attending the Fiesta for her offering of cigars, black coffee sweetened with brown sugar or molasses. The Madamas can be either Brujas, Yerberas, Curanderas, or Priestesses. When they want to cleanse and purify the crowd they ask for a bottle of Florida water and their pao cloth, which can be a solid color or a madras plaid pattern and the colors all depend in what Spirit the Madama venerated or was a priestess of in life. The Madama come down to lift Causas, they cleanse and purify, and recommend spiritual baths for good luck, and if a deck of Spanish cards are present they will give a quick consultation. They love to dance and speak with a strong facial expression and hand movements, and always have their hands on their waists, or crossed over their chest. They always cover their heads with a head dress and wear around their necks beaded and wooden Rosary beads.

The Gypsies

When Maria Candelaria or any of the Gypsies come down in a Fiesta Espiritual they are the life of the festivities, always lively they come dancing and twirling as if dancing to Flamenco music. The females Gypsies come asking for a Spanosh fan or castanets as they dance and twirl in circles. They love layered dresses with lace and a head dress. Their favorite colors are red, black and pink, or patterns that have white dots and the pao cloths they use are always in those colors or patterns. As they consult they are offered beer, pink wine or champagne that is always served in a glass chalice and a lit non menthol cigarette. They enjoy bottles filled with Rose or Lavender water mixed with perfumes, which they use to cleanse all who are present. They are often flirtatious and coquettish and love to laugh and enjoy the Fiesta. They also love to consult especially if a Spanish deck of cards or Tarot deck is present and they mostly prophesies on matters that have to do with luck, love and financial matters.

The Indios

The Indios are very spiritual and polytheists spirits that come bearing the wisdom, beliefs and knowledge from their various clans and tribes. When an Indio mounts a person in a Fiesta Espiritual they are offered a sweet pungent bark root juice popular in the Caribbean known as maubi or mavi and tobacco smoke. They often come to lift curses, remove a hex, and in matters of justice. They cleanse with shrubs of healing plants which they soak in water. They also use gourd maraca or by hitting two sticks around the aura of an individual as they blow smoke on the person or spraying mists of intoxicant liquor on the person from their mouths. The person who becomes possessed by these spirits are dressed in dark greens, reds, yellow and brown, and some Indios use the paos of the same colors when lifting a causa. The Indios although they do come down to indoor fiesta espirituales, most would rather come down outdoors and in open air, usually they prefer steams, lakes or wooded areas. Most of the Indios that come down where either Shamans or Warriors and come to heal and remove black magic and combat demons and earthbound spirits.

The Congos and Los Negros Cimarrones

Of all the Spirits that may come down during a fiesta espiritual these are the strongest, most respected and often most feared and misunderstood. In life they where great Paleros, Brujos, Houngans, runaway slaves and liberators. They are very stern, serious and usually have little sense of humor and even less patience. They are this way because they come to lift curses, black magic and heal illnesses caused by the dark arts. When the Negro Cimarrn or el Congo come down to a fiesta they come to cleanse, lift negative magic and remove spiritual blockages. They do so with tobacco, rum, and aguardienteIndios are placed away from other Spirits.

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The Tableau Espiritual THE ALTAR


A Tableau Espiritual or Mesa Espiritual is the altar dedicated to ones Misterios and Santos. The word Tableau is French and is defined as meaning,

A group of models or motionless figures representing a scene from a story or from history; a tableau is a scene, for example from the Bible, or mythology, that consists of a group of people in costumes who do not speak or move. The people are sometimes on a float in a procession. A tableau is a piece of art such as a sculpture or painting that shows a Biblical or mythological scene. A Tableau is a representation of a scene by silent, posed, costumed people, A representation of some scene by means of persons grouped in the proper manner, placed in appropriate postures, and remaining silent and motionless. Within Espiritismo and the Sanse Religion this is the second most important altar second only to ones Mesa Blanca / Boveda. What is common knowledge for all who practice Sanse, Brujeria and Espiritismo is that the Mesa Blanca / Boveda shrine, and the Tableau Espiritual altar should be kept separated. The Mesa Blanca is for ones bloodline relatives and ancestors while the Tableau Espiritual is for ones Saints, Misterios and Commissions. The Mesa Blanca can have a statue of an ancestor's or a relatives who has passed, Madama, Gitana or Congo, or a Saint that personally belonged to them but generally the Saints should be kept on the Tableau. One can tell the difference of a Mesa Blanca to a Tableau Espiritual just by looking at them. The Mesa Blanca is often completely white with an array of glass goblets filled with water, white candles and white flowers surrounded by photos of relatives and loved ones who have passed, while the Tableau Espiritual is a collage and assemblage of diverse colored candles and saints placed on a solid colored altar cloth. There are no set rules on how to arrange the Tableau and each person decorates it to their likeing and financial means. What is important to know is that the Tableau Espiritual is a sacred object and should be approached with respect, reverence and a clean conscious. Never approach it with frustration or anger. Women should never approach it during their menstruation period, this is also true for ones Boveda or Mesa Blanca altar. The Tableau Espiritual houses your Cuadro Espiritual, Santos and Misterios, and like a house, one must understand that a house is only as strong as its foundation. Traditionally a Tableau Espiritual consists of a rectangular table either inherited by another family member or a brand new table. It should never consist of an old used table that was purchased in a Flea Market or a second hand store. Any old table within the home or a family dresser or desk that is an heirloom will do, as this table will have your families energy embedded within it. To purchase a used table from a second hand store, one never knows its history or the prior owners energies that may linger within the table, this is why it is important to either use an inherited family table or a brand new one. The table in itself can be as small or as large as you wish, and can be decorated

as you wish, there are no set rules. What is important is that it is a sacred meeting place for you and your Spiritual Frame and Saints.

The table cloth for the Mesa Blanca that is always white, the table cloth to your Tableau Espiritual should be in the color or colors that represents either your Patron Saint or the Head Spiritual Guide of your Cuadro Espiritual, "Centinela.". Also the Central and largest figure within the altar should always be that of your Patron Saint or principle guide.

The Tableau should be an altar of beauty, and can be as elaborate or as simple as one wishes. It should always be kept neat and clean. A tableau can take a week to complete, a month and sometimes even a life time. I know of an Espiritista who completely created and constructed her Tableau beautifully within a month. I have had my Tableau over 20 years and often come across an item or a statue that I want to place on the altar or around it, thus my tableau is ever growing, as I grow, progress and learn in life, so to does my Tableau. As I change and grow in life and my views may change, this is greatly reflected on my Tableau. Some individual's space is limited and their Tableau are small, with small statues or photos of saints and a single candle and one small clear glass which is their fuente, while others who have more room dedicate entire rooms within their homes for their Tableau. These altars are magnificent to look at, but often they have the same sense of wonder and power to the ones owned by people who live in a studio and have a small altar. Some altars are adorned with large statues, and tiers or shelves representing the Spiritual hierarchy, others like myself have just a one flat surface. And smaller shelves or tables around it. Some Tableaus are filled with Plaster and ceramic statues, others have framed pictures of Saints they purchased or printed from a scanner. Some Tableaus are adorned beautifully with Christmas lights, while others are illuminated with tea lite candles or an array of various colored 7 day candles. Some altars are covered with one altar cloth while others pin various colored paos "cloths" usually 9 to represent the

various Commissions. What is important is that the Tableau is viewed by its owner as a sacred portal and meeting place for ones Saints and Misterios. Although each individual's tableau are difrent there are some important ritual items that each tableau should have, they are as follows. An Altar Bell Incense Holder Incense Burner Clear Glass Cups or goblets for the Fuente Espirituales Altar Cloth in the Color associated to the Patron Saint A Maraca Vases for Flowers Matchbox filled with wooden matches A clear glass offering ashtray A clear glass bottle or vase for coin or money offerings. Silver or Glass Candle Holders Offering Cup Offering Bowl or Plate Many Puerto Rican Tableau Espirituales also house bottles of Florida Water, Holy Water, and ritual perfumes and scented oils. The area or room where you are to place your Tableau Espiritual should be cleaned beforehand both physically and spiritually. First clean the area with household products, then clean the area spiritually. You can sprinkle Holy water or Florida Water that has been mixed with grounded camphor or basil around the area, then place a bowl with a raw white egg surrounded by ice, to help pick up any unwanted vibrations. Take a cigar or a lit charcoal with copal, frankincense and myrrh, and fumigate the area. Let the ice completely melt, and throw the water and egg away from the home. Now place the table, and sprinkle it with holy water or florida water that has been mixed with basil leaves. Then light a cigar and starting from the bottom up, fumigate the whole table. Then place the altar cloth and all items, which should be ritually purified and baptized before placing on the Tableau.


Seres que me protegen y administren, benditos sean, aqu reverente estoy para destinarle este sitio de mi casa para que me transmitan sus mensajes y tambin para que me permitan ofrendarlos, ustedes que conocen todos mis secretos y que tienen poder sobre mi vida. Vuelvan su vista hacia mi y aydame a vivir y a entender esta vida mejor. Amen.


Spirits that protect and manage my spiritual elevation, blessed are you. Here I bow in obeisance and deference, assigning and dedicating this sacred space within my home so that we may have an honorable meeting place where you can transmit your messages of blessings unto me. You that know me above all, and that are in charge of guiding my life. Place your gaze upon me and lead me in the path of knowledge, and understanding the mysteries of this life so that I may live in peace. Amen.


Espritus benefactores, Centinela, Guas Espirituales de mi Cuadro Espiritual, Antepasados y Seres. Por favor en este momento fjense en mi, y acepten esta ofrenda que con mucho amor, respeto, y veneracion os le brindo. En el Nombre del Padre, del Hijo y Espiritu Santo. Amen.


Benevolent and Spirits that are my benefactors. Sentinel, and Spirit Guides of my Spiritual Frame, Ancestors, and my Dead. I ask that at this moment you

take notice of that which I offer you, which I humbly offer you, with much love, respect and reverence. In the name of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost. Amen.


Te pedimos Dios Todopoderos por nuestros recordados difuntos, hermanos de nuestra fe espiritual. Voz que llenaron esta tierra con grandeza de conocimiento y la fuerza del Espiritismo, para que en tu infinita sabidura y bondad los lleves a alcanzar la plenitud de la paz y la tranquilidad de sus almas, guiados de la mano por sus Centinela y ngeles de la Guarda y sus luminosos Guas Espirituales. Ahora convertidos para ellos en amigos y compaeros permanentes, te pedimos muy especialmente por nuestros queridos (nombres de los difuntos) que la paz de Dios este siempre con ellos. Amen.


I humbly come in prayer and reverence Omnipotent God of Heaven, in the names of my deceased, brothers and sisters of our Spiritual Faith. You Great

Spirits that filled this earth with greatness, and administered the mysteries and knowledge of Spiritism. In your infinite goodness you have reached eternal peace and may your souls receive elevation. In life you where led as I am now, by your Sentinel, Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides; and now are converted into their spiritual brethren and colleagues, we pray especially for our beloved (name of deceased) and ask that you help them in elevating and finding peace that is our Lord's Greatest of Gifts, may it always be upon them. Amen.

Travajando el Altar Working the Altar

In the section of la Mesa Blanca there is a section titled Travajando los Fuentes, the following three formations can also be used to work on the Boveda or Mesa Blanca, or can be used for when an Espiritista or Brujo is, "levantando una Causa" lifting a curse or black magic. What is important to understand is that the Tableau Espiritual or the Mesa Blanca is never used for working magic of any kind. These altars are sacred and to do so would be what Puerto Ricans terms as, Ensuciando el Altar. These formations are used to petition the Spirits to help you in life and are always accompanied by prayers, songs and meditation. Although I did not place incense on the outline, one can use incense or tobacco smoke as an offering when the constructions

are done. Also it is important that after the construction is done and prior to the payers or offerings one rings the altar bell to get the attention of the Spirits and ask them to come to work. O = Goblets C = Fuente + = a Cross or Crusifix F = Flowers within Vase V = Candle "Vela" B = Altar Bell

F F OCO O+O OOO V V B OR F + O O O C O O O V V B F = 3, 5 or 7 white and yellow Flowers. White Candles. The large central Fuente is tied with White Ribbons around the top base. This is the most popular formation within Puerto Rican Mesa Blanca Espiritismo and Cuban Espiritismo Cruzado, and is used when all is at peace within your life. The larger Fuente with the cross within it is surrounded by the smaller cups or goblets. The larger Fuente represents your union and connection to God, and your Centinela while the other goblets surrounding it represent the various Courts of Spirits that protect you and ones Ancestors and Dead. It gives you dead, those in purgatory water to quench their thirst and the clarity needed for Hope. These Spirits and Ancestors are working hard to protect you and keep you safe and keep negative vibrations away from you. The fuentes and goblets are cleaned with a mild dish detergent and Holy F

water every friday and are refilled with cool fresh water, and a drop of Holy Water or Florida Water is always added, the flowers are also replaced and are used to make a spiritual bath. Never leave flowers to wither and die upon the altar.

O O O O C + O O O V F B F = 3, 7, or 9 White and Purple Flowers. Purple and black laced ribbons are tied around the rim of the large central fuente. This formation indicates that the Spirits are protecting you from harm and defending you from those who wish you harm. If the name of the person causing harm is known, the name of the person is written seven times horizontally and your name is written on top seven times vertically. This paper is usually placed under the larger central Fuente until the candle burns out 7 to 9 days. Then the piece of paper is usually burnt and the ashes are thrown away from the home.

O O O C O O+O O V F B F = 3, 7, or 9 Red and White Flowers. Red and black laced ribbons are tied around the rim of the large central fuente. When the Fuente and goblets are placed in this position this signifies that one is asking the Spirits to help protect an individual from Spiritual warfare, a curse, black magic or psychic attacks. This position helps to defend and resolve the issue. This formation is usually constructed at 12 noon or 12 midnight with prayers and invocation to the Spirits or Saints for protection and in helping you come up with a resolution to the problem.

The Mesa al Ataque formation should never stay on an altar more than 9 consecutive days, usually after the ninth. The fuente and goblets are cleaned with salt dissolved in holy water, and the water within the Fuente and Goblets is thrown away from the house. The flowers are burried under a tree that had been struck by lightning of left at the gates of a cemetery with an offering of coins, liquor and smoke to El Baron del Cementerio. The formation that always follows any formation of Mesa is the Mesa en Reposo. If the problem persists, leave la Mesa de Reposo up for three days and then another cycle of 9 days with the Mesa al Ataque is done. In all the formation of the Fuente and goblets one can add a splash of Holy Water and a few drops of Ague Florida or any other spiritual cologne that can be purchased in a Botanica, Bodega or the Hispanic section within a grocery store. Important: never purchase Holy Water, it should be gathered in a Church. It is a custom in Puerto Rico when approaching your altar to make the sign of the cross over yourself, knock on the tableau with your nuckles three times and ring the altar bell. Also if your altar is in a seperate room, one must knock on the door before entering, and ask the Spirits, Saints, Misterios, Seres and Muertos to allow entrance.
















But MOST importantly my family, my Ancestors and loved ones. who are the greatest Lig'ht on my Altar.

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The Division and Commission of Los Indios

The Division and Commission of Los Indios

Within Espiritismo and Sanse there are Seven Legions of Indian Spirits, known as Divisiones also known as Comisiones. Each of the Divisions has its own Head Cacique Chief who in life could have had the title of Cacique "Chief" Bohiques "Priest" or Buhuitihu "Shaman.". Each of the Divisiones surrounds a native Angelic Force which has become part of the Celestial Court and is known as a Cemi. The Cemi is the name of the group of the Spiritual Forces the Taino venerated in life. Each of the Division has a following of legions known as the Naboria. The Seven Division of Spirits often fall under

one of the seven categories.


1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

Indio de la Paz Indio de la Fuerza Indio Poderoso Indio de la Guerra Indio Bravo Indio Libertador Indio Valiente

The Indios can be ones Centinela or part of ones Cuadro Espiritual. It is important to understand that while some of the Indios are Wise and Kind, some are aggressive by nature and very possessive and often overly zealous of the person they guard and protect. Being an overly protective spirit it is known within Espiritismo, Brujeria and Sanse circles that if anyone harms a person who is under the protection of an Indian Spirit they often unleash their wrath on the offender. This wrath comes in the form of accidents, bad luck, illnesses, anxieties and mental issues.

While I have seen many individuals keep their Indian paraphernalia and ritual items on the same Tableau Espiritual "altar" as their Cuadro Espiriritual This Commision should always be kept away from the other Commisions or on a shelf or altar all to themselves.

Prayer to el Indio de la Paz

Agueybana I ask for Light, Progress, Love, Charity, and Elevation to the Commission of the Indian Spirits. May you have eternal peace as you are guided into the light buy he who represents you here on the material plane el Indio de la Paz. Oh Indio de La Paz I invoke you here and know, so that you may help me with the powers granted to you from God. Help me in finding peace and help me in resolving my earthly problems. May nothing nor no one under heaven disturb my peace of mind, my safety, and my sanity. Protect my loved ones, my home, my family and watch over my well being. May God's heavenly peace be upon you and your people, now and unto the end of time. Amen.

Oracin a El Indio de la Paz

Agueybana Pido Luz, Progreso, el Amor, la Caridad, y la elevacin a la Comisin de los espritus indios. Que tengas paz eterna a medida que se orientan hacia la luz. Oh Indio de La Paz que se invoca aqu, para que me ayude con las facultades otorgadas a vosotros, de Dios. Aydame a encontrar la paz y ayudanme a resolver mis problemas terrenales. Que nada ni nadie bajo el cielo, perturbar la paz de mi mente, mi seguridad y mi salud mental. Protege a mis seres queridos, mi hogar, mi familia y vela por mi bienestar. Que Dios est con usted y su gente, ahora y hasta el final de los tiempos. Amn.

Prayer to el Indio de la Fuerza

With the sign of the cross that I place over myself, in the Holy Name of the Omnipotent God I invoke you Indio de la Fuerza so that you may bless me with your strength to conquer those who wish harm upon me. Guard and Protect me from those who wish to cause me harm and may their evil desires return upon them three fold. In the Holy Name of el Indio de la Fuerza I ask that you consider what I ask of you and may I succeed in life. Amen.

Oracin para el Indio de la Fuerza

Con la seal de la Santa Cruz que pongo sobre m mismo y mi cuerpo, en el Santo Nombre de Dios Omnipotente. Invoca al Indio de la Fuerza para que me bendiga con su fuerza para vencer a aquellos que desean hacer dao a m. Guardia y Protgeme de los que quieren hacerme dao y que sus malos deseos se les volte sobre ellos tres veces. En el Santo Nombre de el Indio de la Fuerza, le pido que considere lo que yo le pido, y que yo pueda alcanzar el xito en la vida. Amn.

Prayer to el Indio Poderoso

In the name of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost, oh Holy Trinity give light and progress to the Commission of Indian Spirits. In this moment and at the hour I invoke the sublime powers of el Indio Poderoso. May he free me of the deception of my enemies. Oh Indio Poderoso I humbly pray that you protect and guard me against anger, anxieties and an untimely death. Oh Indio Poderoso bestow upon me the dignity and power to overcome. May I be blessed with Food and shelter Bless me Oh Indio Poderoso with the wisdom and patience in helping those less fortunate and in need. Bless me with the strength needed to overcome the trials and tribulations of this life. I have faith in the power bested upon you by our Lord, and I humbly pray. Amen.

Oracin para el Indio Poderoso

En el nombre de Dios Padre, Dios Hijo y Dios Espritu Santo, oh Santsima Trinidad, darle luz y progreso a la Comisin de los espritus de los Indios. En este momento, y en esta hora invoco los poderes sublime de El Indio Poderoso. Que me libre de la decepcin y envidia de mis enemigos. Oh Indio Poderoso humildemente le pido que me protegen y guardarme de la ira, la ansiedad y una muerte prematura. Oh Indio Poderoso concederme la dignidad y el poder para vencer. Que yo pueda ser bendecido con alimentacion y refugio. Bendceme Oh Indio Poderoso con la sabidura y la paciencia para ayudar a quienes necesitan, esos que son menos afortunados. Bendceme con la fuerza necesaria para vencer las pruebas y tribulaciones de esta vida. Tengo fe en tu poder. Amn.

Prayer to el Indio de la Guerra

I come humbly asking with utmost faith in the Celestial Court of Spirits and Angels for enlightenment and elevation to the Spirit of el Indio de la Guerra. Oh Indio de La Guerra in this sacred hour and in this sacred moment I invoke thee, I invoke thee, I invoke thee. Attend to my supplication, Oh Great Brother and Warrior Spirit. With your Bow and Arrow, I ask that you eliminate, destroy and return to its sender and origin all form of invocations, black magic, sorcery, enchantments, curses, my enemies have set upon me. With your axe I implore that you break all knots, chains, or bindings that in my name they create. May all forms of Sortilege done under my name and without my consent be clouded within a thick shadow of secrecy. Oh Indio de la Guerra, assist me within this life, and liberate me and all I love from earthly deception. With this spiritual labor that I concentrate in your sacred name may I be free and liberated from all evil and malevolence Your power is immense and I do not come to you without utmost respect and reverence. Assist me with this Spiritual labor and I ask that you destroy all obstacles and remove them from my path so that I may be liberated of all evil and danger. Indio de la Guerra your powers are immense, that you are able to bind the evil thoughts and wishes of my enemies. Bind the wagging tongues and return the evil eye to its sender. May all who wish me harm fear and respect the protection you bestow upon me. Amen.

Oracin para el Indio de la Guerra

Yo vengo pidiendo humildemente con una gran fe en la Corte Celestial de los espritus y los ngeles de la iluminacin a la elevacin del espritu de El Indio de la Guerra. Oh Indio de La Guerra en este momento solemne y en este momento sagrado yo te invoco, Yo te invoco, Yo te invoco. Atiende a mi splica, Oh Gran Hermano Espritu Guerrero. Con su Hacha, machete y flecha, te pido que vengas a eliminar, a destruir y a volver. Destruye toda forma de invocaciones, magia negra, brujera, hechizeria, maldiciones, que mis enemigos han puesto en m. Con su hacha imploro que rompa todos los nudos, cadenas o enlaces que

en mi nombre an puesto. Que todas las formas de sortilegio hecho en mi nombre y sin mi consentimiento se derumba. Oh Indio de la Guerra, que me ayude tanto en esta vida, liberame a mi y todos los que amo del engao, el peligro, la envidia, y la mentira. Con este trabajo espiritual que me concentro en el nombre sagrado suyo, que yo sea libre y liberado de todo mal y maldad Su poder es inmenso y yo me presento a usted, con mayor respeto y reverencia. En el nombre de Dios, ayudame con este trabajo espiritual y les pido que destruia todos los obstculos y eliminarlos de mi camino para que yo pueda ser liberado de todo mal y peligro. Indio de la Guerra tus poderes son inmensos, que son capaces de atar y vencer los malos pensamientos y los deseos de mis enemigos. Que todos los que quieren hacerme dao temen y respeten la proteccin de ti mi Indio que me acobija. Amn.

Prayer to el Indio Bravo

I pray to the Father, to the Son and to the Holy Ghost. Oh Indio Bravo may you find elevation and may you find the peace in Spirit to overcome your earthly trials and tribulations. Oh Indio Bravo indomitable spirit, hear the supplication of I who invokes you that ask that you bless me with your courage and bravery to overcome the obstacles within my life. Oh valiant and brave Indian protect and guide me so that I may become brave and valiant in life in conquering all the obstacles, setbacks and find a solution to all my problems within this life. Help me Indio Bravo so that I can advance within life and so that I and all I love can live in peace; having the utmost faith that we are under your guidance and protection. Amen.

Oracin para el Indio Bravo

Le Ruego al Padre, al Hijo y al Espritu Santo. Oh Indio Bravo le pido a Dios que voz pueda encontrar la elevacin y pueda encontrar la paz del Espritu para que voz pueda superar sus pruebas y tribulaciones de la tierra. Oh Indio Bravo espritu indomable, escucha la splica de aquel que te invoca, te pido que me bendigas con su coraje y valenta para superar los obstculos de mi vida. Oh valiente y valerosos Indio, protejame y guame para que yo puede llegar a ser bravo y valiente en la vida y que yo pueda con su bendicion conquistar a todos los obstculos y encontrar una solucion a todos mis problemas. Aydame Indio Bravo para que pueda avanzar en la vida y para que yo y todo lo que yo valoro y amo pueda vivir en paz. Oh mi Indio al que le tengo una gran fe, estoy bajo su gua y proteccin. Amn.

Prayer to el Indio Libertador

Hear me oh Commission of the Naborias, great Caciques and Indian Warriors. Oh Powers of the Seven Indian Spirits, I ask that you lend your ears and hear my supplication. Liberate me from injustice, liberate me from assaults and insults. Liberate me from hopelessness, weakness, confusion, and fear. Liberate me from diseases and illnesses. Liberate me from arms and weapons. Liberate me from those who wish me harm, my enemies. Liberate me from sorcery, and black magic. Shield me, guard me, protect me and keep me away and safe from those arms and weapons that may Pearce my skin and that of those I love. Shield me, guard me, protect me and keep me away and safe from all who wish to knock me down and lead me astray from my path. Oh Gran Indio Libertador assists and hear my petition and orison. Just as your Ancient Spirits heared your prayers and liberated your people before the

complete genocide of your people, hear me and liberate me from all that wish to wane my spiritual progression. Amen.

Oracin para el Indio Libertador

Odme oh Comisin de las Naboras, grandes caciques y Guerreros Indios. Oh Poderes de las Siete Potncias Esprituales de los Indios. Les pido que presten sus odos y escucha mi splica. Liberarme de la injusticia, liberame de las angustias, agresiones e insultos. Liberarme de la desesperanza, debilidad, confusin y temor. Liberarme de las enfermedades y dolencias. Liberarme de las armas y los golpes. Liberarme de los que quieren hacerme dao. Liberame de mis enemigos. Liberarme de la brujera, hechizeria y la magia negra. Guardame, protegeme, y mantengame alejado y seguro de las armas que pueden penetrar mi piel y protege y ampare a mis seres mas querido Mantengame lejs de los que deseen tumbarme, arastrarme y desean llevarme por el mal camino. Oh Gran Indio Libertador escucha mi peticin y oracin y liberame de todo lo que desean disminuir mi progreso espiritual. Amn.

Prayer to el Indio Valiente

I ask God Omnipotent to give everlasting light and elevation to the Spirit of El Indio Valiente. Oh Indio Valiente your earthly sacrifices where not in vain and have not fallen on deaf ears. Great Indian Spirit you who are the example of a valiant warrior and gallant soldier. In life you guarded your people until meeting an untimely and unjustified death, in spirit form I ask that you guard over me and my family. I invoke you, Oh Indio Valiente, with respect and admiration. Liberate me great Spirit injustice and malice. Guard over me and my family. This I

humbly pray. Amen.

Oracin para el Indio Valiente

Pido a Dios Omnipotente para dar a luz eterna y la elevacin del espritu de El Indio Valiente. Oh Indio Valiente sus sacrificios terrenales, no han caido en oidos sordos, ni fueron actos en vano. Gran Espritu Indio, que sois el ejemplo de un valiente guerrero y valiente soldado. En la vida voz vigilaba a su gente hasta la reunin de su muerte prematura e injustificada. Te pido con mucha fe, que guarde y me protejes a mi y a mi familia. Yo te invoco, Oh Indio Valiente, con respeto y admiracin. Libera a mi espritu de la injusticia y la maldad. Guarda sobre m y mi familia y siempre te orare. Este es mi humilde oracin. Amn.

Prayer to Guanina and Alida

Guanina Our Father of Heaven, and Mother of Earth we ask that you guide the princesses Guanina and Alida into your Celestial Court. Let them be a beacon of light to your heavenly host. Oh Guanina and Alida great Taino Princesses I invoke you to fill my life with love and remove any obstacle that may hinder that blessed union. Free me of envious enemies and besiege them within themselves so that their blind rage or hatred not reach me. May they not locate me, May they not find me, May they not see me, May they not reach me. Give me the wings of a hummingbird so I may fly quickly away

from them. And if they are to find me, let them see that I am surrounded by the Commission of Indian Spirits who guards and protects me and all I love. Let them not reach me with their hateful words. Let them not reach me with their confused thoughts. Let them not reach me with their plots. Let them not reach me with their deceitful plans. If they wish me harm, may it return to them threefold. Oh Princesses Guanina and Alida I humbly offer you the light of this candle, may it give you light and elevation. Amen.

Oracin a la Guanina y Alida

Guanina Oh Nuestro Padre del Cielo, y Nuestra Madre de la Tierra le pedimos que nos gue a la Taina Cacica Guanina y la Princesa Alida a su corte celestial. Que sean un faro de luz para su hueste celestial. Oh Cacica Guanina y Princesa Alida gran Tainas de nuestro pueblo Borinquen, les invocp para que llenan mi vida con amor y eliminar cualquier obstculo que pueda impedir que la bendita unin de mi espiritu llegue a el bendito faro de su luz. Lbrame de los enemigos envidiosos y atalos a ellos dentro de s mismos para que ni su rabia o su odio pueda tener contacto a mi ser. Que con sus ojos no me vean, que con sus pies no me persigan, que con sus palbras no me ofendan, y que con su mantilla que me acobija no me encuentren. Dame las alas de un colibr para que pueda volar rpidamente lejos de ellos. Y si por casualidad me encuentran que vean que estoy vajo la proteccion de la Comisin de los Espritus Indios, que guarda y protege a m y a todos los que amo. Que no me alcance con sus palabras de odio. Que no me alcance con sus confusos pensamientos. Que no me alcance con sus parcelas. Que no me

alcance con sus planes engaosos. Si desean hacerme dao, que se le revuelva tres veces. Oh Cacica Guanina y Alida humildemente le ofrecemos la luz de esta vela, para que les d luz y elevacin. Amn.

Prayer to the Division of the Cacicas La Indias

Anacaona I offer you light and progress Great Cacicas Anacaona, Casiguaya, Doa Ines, Doa Mara, Guanina and Yuiza. Oh Great Taino Cacicas, in life you governed your people, often making choices that benefited them but at that time your choices or decisions were not recognized. But now we see that your choices where about the insurance and survival of your race and you have come to be venerated and respected and now you are seated within the heavenly thrones of your Celestial Courts.

Oh Great Cacicas Anacaona, Casiguaya, Doa Ines, Doa Mara, Guanina and Yuiza. I invoke you with the great faith I have in your Indian Court, asking that you consider that which I humbly ask of you, and that I may come out victorious in all my undertakings. Bring to me allies and keep away enemies. Bring to me trust worthy allies and keep away those whose hearts and minds are full of lies and deceit. This I pray, Amen.

Oracin a la Divisin de de las Indias Cacicas

Oh Indias Cacicas en el nombre de Dios te ofresco luz para su progreso Gran Cacicas Anacaona, Casiguaya, Doa Ins, Doa Mara, Guanina y Yuiza. Oh Gran Cacicas Tainas, en la vida sus opciones o decisiones no fueron reconocidos. Pero ahora vemos que sus era solo para la seguridad, y la supervivencia de su raza y ahora estan sentadas en el trono celestial de su atrios celestiales. Oh Gran cacicas Anacaona, Casiguaya, Doa Ins, Doa Mara, Guanina y Yuiza. Te invocamos con la gran fe que tengo en la Corte de la Indias Cacicas, pidiendo que se tiene en cuenta que lo que humildemente te pido, y que yo pueda salir victorioso en todas mis empresas. Treme a los aliados y mantengan lejos los enemigos. Este ruego, Amen.

Prayer to Cacica Yuisa

Yuiza I ask for light and elevation in the name of the Father Yucahu who is in Heaven, the Mother Atabey of the Earth and Seas, the Son and the Holy Spirit. I come here and now to invoke the name of the Cacica Yuiza, she who held the title as the last Female Chief of her Taino people. Yuiza, you are known and called by many names, and each I hail. Yuisa, Hail Thee! Loaiza, Hail Thee! Luisa, Hail Thee! Loiza, Hail Thee! Yuiza with your great beauty you conquered the heart of Man, and gave, sacrificed and lost your life for the well being of your people. I come here now and light this candle in your honor, may your name be remembered always. Hail Yuiza and Glory be to the Father, Son and Holy Ghost. Amen. \

Oracin a la Cacica Yuisa


Pido Luz, Progreso, Amor, Fe, Ezperanza, Caridad, y la Elevacin en el Santo Nombre de Yucahu Padre que est en el Cielo, la Madre Atabey de la Tierra y el Mar, del Hijo y del Espritu Santo. Yo vengo aqu y ahora a invocar el nombre de la Cacica Yuiza, la que celebr el ttulo como el ltimo jefe Mujer de su pueblo Tano. Yuiza, usted es conocido y llamado por muchos nombres, y sea alavado cada uno. Yuisa, te Salve! Loaiza, te Salve! Luisa, te Salve! Loiza, te Salve! Loiza Aldea, te Salve! Yuiza con su gran belleza, que conquist el corazn del hombre, y le sacrifico y perdio su vida por el bienestar de su pueblo Borinqueno. Vengo aqu hoy para encender esta vela en su honor, para que su nombre pueda ser recordado siempre entre tu Pueblo Boriqua. Dios te salve Yuiza y Gloria al Padre, Hijo y al Espritu Santo. Amn.



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6. Nov 21

THE CENTINELA The Guardian of Sanse Relgion

THE CENTINELA The Guardian of Sanse Religion

"Centinela Alerta!" "Alerta Esta!" EL FARO DE LA CENTINELA Oh mi Centinela mi guia y mi guardiero, cuidame bien de da y noche, temprano y tarde, hasta que mi alma parta al cielo. Oh mi Centinela, guia principal, qudate conmigo. Yo te doy gracias por tu fiel compaia. Amn Guardiero de la paz, Guia de la Guarda, a quien soy encomendado, mi defensor, mi vigilante centinela; gracias te doy, que me libraste de muchos daos del cuerpo y del alma. Gracias te doy, que estando durmiendo, me velaste, y despierto, me encaminaste; al odo, con santas inspiraciones me avisaste. Perdname, amigo mo, mensajero del cielo, consejero, protector y fiel guarda ma; muro fuerte de mi alma, defensor y compaero celestial. En mis desobediencias, vilezas y descortesas, aydame y gurdame siempre de noche y de da. Amn.


Oh my Sentinel, my principle Guide and my Guardian, watch over me day and night, as the sun rises and when the sun sets, from dawn to dusk. Watch over me until my soul journeys to the heavens. Oh my Sentinel, principle guide, accompany me where ever I go and I shall be humbly grateful. Guardian of Peace, Guide that Guards over my well being, given to me by God, my great defender, my vigilant Sentinel, I always shall praise and thank thee, for liberating me from all that wishes me harm, protecting and defending my body, mind and soul. Thankful am I because when I am asleep you watch over me, and when I am awake you keep my feet routed on the earth, and in my ear you whisper words of inspiration that never leads me astray. Forgive me my heavenly friend and companion, messenger of God, counselor, defender, protector, faithful watchman, heavenly fortress, watch tower, and celestial companion. Forgive my ignorance, my disobedience, and for the times I did not listen to your advices. Help me in being more attentive, and guard over me, day and night. Amen.


Of all the Saint, or Spirits within your Cuadro Espiritual none is as important as ones Centinela, the Centinela is ones Guardiana "guardian' principle spirit guide and is that spirit that guides and is the leader or head spirit of ones spiritual frame. The Centinela is a God appointed spirit thats sole purpose and function is to guide and assist in the spiritual development of an individual within their lifespan. The Centinela has many functions but the most important is helping a person elevate and progress within life while at the same process elevating themselves as well. Although the Centinela are highly elevated Spirits, they are not as elevated as the Spiritual Forces we in Espiritismo and the Sanse religion call the Misterios. But they are elevated enough that they do not ask for physical offerings such as food, cigars, liquid, or flowers. All they ask is that we talk to them, pray for them, sing to them give them light, and listen to their sound advice. If one chooses to give the Centinela a physical offering it should come in the form of light. The light offered to a Centinela comes in the form of an aromatic candle, but the Centinela also likes a sweet scented oil lamp or lantern. The Centinela speaks to us through our dreams but also speak to us through our inner voice, that voice that tells us what is right from wrong. The more we listen quietly and meditate on their words, the stronger the bond

becomes with an individual and their Centinela. The Centinela are the voice of wisdom, and inner knowledge, and will never give us advice on that which is unethical, immoral or dangerous to our well being, safety or progression. They will never give advice on anything that goes against our mental, physical well being, or spiritual growth. Each individuals Centinela is unique and only serves that particular person. For example while thousands of people may honor and venerate a certain Saint for example Saint Michael or the Holy Child of Atocha, or call on a certain Spirit by name from one of the Courts or Commission the Centinela works exclusively and in unison with one person, and every person in the world has one. Each Centinela was chosen by God and accompanies us through life, from the time of birth until the time of death of the physical body. No two people have the same Centinela, although they may be called by the same name. Although they are highly elevated spirits that once lived on the earth, they are still close enough to our plane of existence to be aloud a close bond with the living, and they understand our needs, desires, wants, they understand our struggles, our pains, our joys and sorrows. When one builds a healthy relationship with ones Centinela, we create a strong union and bond, and through their wisdom they speak to us what is acceptable and unacceptable in our progression. While an Espiritista or a Sancista can invoke any Spirit from the Commission of Spirits, it is extremely important to understand that while the Commissions usually act and speak in a similar fashion as they did in life, and usually the spirits from the Commission are fond of physical offerings such as candles, food and liquor. The Centinela always presents himself or herself as a wise benevolent soul and never partakes of physical offerings. For example, the Spirits of the Madamas or Gypsies come down dancing singing and can have a coquette demeanor, or the Congos or Indios can be stern, loud, and very opinionated, all the while smoking cigars, or partaking of liquid offerings, The Centinela comes down very wise, and humble and shuns material offerings. If the Centinela does not agree with a persons actions in life he / she will usually send another spirit from ones Cuadro in his / her place to handle the situation. As they always come down as wise and benevolent souls, and while other spirits from ones Cuadro come to dance, partake of offerings, remove curses and perform cleansing a Centinela usually comes quietly to give his or her blessings, or to give important spiritual messages. Although an Espiritista or a Sansista can call on any Spirit from their Cuadro Espiritual, they often call the Centinela into possession more often than any other; and rather than calling the Misterios they call the Centinela because it

is so close to us that less energy is needed in invoking them. To call or become possessed by the Corrientes 'Spiritual Forces" of a Misterio more energy must be generated and more ritual labor is required. This by no means implies that an Espiritista or a Sansista can not become possessed by the Corrientes of the Misterios. We often do during Misas, Bautismos, Fiestas Espirituales or Rites of Passages, but on a daily basis when we need to exert the least amount of energy such as Limpias, Despojos or Consultas Espirituales we invoke the Corriente of our Centinela. Although the Centinela do not have physical representations, Espiritistas and Sansistas keep a statue or a framed image of a Saint to spiritually represent the Centinela. In Puerto Rico this image is usually in the form of a statue or framed picture of Saint Sebastian or Saint Pancracio for a male Centinela while the Female Centinela is represented by a picture of the virtues Faith, Hope and Charity, or a charm that has an anchor, heart and cross. It is important to understand that ruthless, cruel, merciless, are disposed to inflict pain or suffering, are void of humane feelings and evil individuals loose the protections and guidance of ones Cuadro Espiritual and Centinela, it begins to weaken and wane within time, until the person has no spiritual protection whatsoever, and becomes enveloped by personal demons and intranquil spirits. Individuals born with mental health issues have a strong connection with ones Centinela. While individuals who fall under substance abuse, such as narcotics, liquor or has no control for over indulgences of the flesh are often influenced more by Demons and Intranquil Spirits, and their spiritual frame weakens within time. Individuals who suffer mental illnesses that cause depression are protected by their Spiritual Frame, but also need to find mental help in order to align mind, body, and spirit in unison in order to properly heal and elevate.

La Gran Ivocacion de Santerismo y Sanse Puertoriqueo

Invoco mis Antepasados conocidos y desconosidos, para que me den las facultades y el fluido espiritual para que tenga claridad, en el camino de la vida Bendicion a mis Antepasados. Invoko a mis seres, y mis muertos, porque en sus hombros me cargan en esta vida, y mis pasos caminan los pasos que caminaron ellos. Bendicion a mis Muertos. Yo invoco la sublime influencia de las 21 Comision de Espiritus, Corte Bruja, Corte Gitana, Corte de las Madamas, Corte de los Piratas, Corte de los Indios, Corte de los Orientales, Corte de los Arabes, Corte Santiguadora, Corte de los Congos, Corte de los Santos, Corte de los Hindu, Corte de los Angeles, Corte de los Esclavos, Corte de los Espiritus Infantiles, Corte de las Bendita Animas, Corte Libertadora, Corte de los Bohemios, Corte de los Heroes de nuestro pais, Corte Africana, Corte Elementales, Corte de los Juanes y Marias y las infinitas Cortes sin nombrar, para obtener buen xito y adelanto en todos los asuntos de mi vida y para allanar todas las dificultades que haya en mi camino. Bendicion a Las Comisiones de Espiritus. Invoco la ayuda de mi Centinela y los 21 Jefe Guardianas del Sanse, Santos, Misterios y los Angeles de la Guarda, para que las estrellas alumbren y guen mi camino y me espanten la mala sombras y mala voluntad que pueda seguirme. Bendicion le pido a mi Centinela, a mi Santo y a mi Angel de la Guarda. Invoco a Dios de las alturas para que mi casa prospere, aumente mis negocios y mi persona reciba un mensaje de buena suerte enviado por la Divina Providencia. Bendicion Padre Celestal, Todopoderoso e Imortal. Invoko a la Reina Madre del Cielo, Oh mi Reina Madre de Mi devocion, no me desampare de su protecion ni de noche ni de dia, y cobijame en su mantilla y manto sagrado. Bendicion Reina Madre. Oh! Gran Poder de Dios, imploro tu poderosa ayuda para que me apartes del peligro en el momento preciso y para que mi camino se vea iluminado por el faro de la fortuna. Yo recibir las infinitas bendiciones del cielo, creo en Dios Padre, Dios Hijo, Dios Espiritu Santo. Amn

The Grand Invocation

of Santerismo and Sanse Religion

I Invoke my Ancestors whose names are known and unknown to me so that they may bless me with the Faculties needed and the Spiritual Fluids required so that I may have clarity in my life. Benediction I ask of my ancestors. I invoke the spirits and souls of my dead relatives, because on their shoulders they carry me through this. My feet walk the paths that they walked in life. Benediction I ask of my Dead. I invoke the sublime power and influence of the 21 Commissions of Spirits. Court of the Shamans, Court of the Madamas, , Court of the Gypsies, Court of the Sailors, Court of the Native People, Court of the Oriental Spirits, Court of the Arabian Spirits, Court of the Healing Spirits, Court of the Congo Spirits, Court of the Saints,, Court of the Hindu Gods, Courts of the Angels, Court of the Slaves, Court of the Child Spirits, Court of the Blessed Souls in Purgitory, Court of the Liberators, Court of the Nomads, Court of the Legendary Heroes, Court of the African Mysteries, Court of the Elementals, Court of the Johns and Maries, and to all the infinite Courts of Heaven. May I obtain success, elevation and advancements within this life and the following. Benediction to the Commission of Spirits. I invoke the guiding hands of my Guardian Spirit, and the watchful eyes of the 21 Chief Sanses, Mysteries, Elevated Saints and Archangel, so that the stars within heaven be a road map to the Celestial Court. May they keep away all evil thoughts, ill will and bad intentions that my enemies may have for me. Benediction to my Guardian Spirit, the Sanses, the Mysteries, the Elevated Saints and the Archangel.

I invoke God so that my home may prosper, my good affairs in life increase, and so that I may receive inner peace in all my earthly under takings. Benediction heavenly father, immortal and all powerful. I invoke the Queen Mother of Heaven and Angels. Oh Queen Mother of my devotion do not forsake me and keep your watchful eye upon me. Envelope me within your Holy Shawl and Mantle. Benediction Holy Mother of Heaven. Oh, Great Power of God, I implore your sublime help so that you may part from my path and keep away all that is detrimental to my well being, mental health and spiritual growth. May my pathways in life receive the light of your heavenly watch tower, and may I receive the heavenly benediction of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost. Amen.

Prayer to Saint Sebastian

O Lord, grant us a spirit of strength. Taught by the glorious example of Your martyr, Saint Sebastian, may we learn to obey You rather than men. O Glorious St Sebastian, faithful follower of Jesus Christ, to you do we raise

our hearts and hands to implore your powerful intercession in obtaining from God the Father all the helps and graces necessary for our spiritual and temporal welfare, particularly the grace of living a holy life, courage to face all perils of my believe and even to sacrifice my life as the cost of my faith and this special favour we now implore. O, special guardian, guard me from the diseases and accidents, we feel animated with confidence that your intercession on my behalf will be graciously heard before the throne of God. Amen In Puerto Rico San Sebastian is often known as or called, San Se, or Sanse. A popular theory of the root of the word Sanse, among Puerto Ricans comes from the Centinela Principle Spirit Guide who is associated with San Sebastian in Puerto Rico. On the island, San Sebastian is often called, San SE, or Sanse, for short. in Japan the word Sensei means, person who was born before, or Teacher or Master. Puerto Rican Sanse has its roots in Haitian Voodoo and Dominican 21 Division. Thus Sanse is a branch of Voodoo, while Santerismo is a branch of Cuban Santeria, with, both greatly influenced by Puerto Rican Brujeria, and Mesa Blanca Espiritismo.

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7. Nov 18



LA FINCA DE MAMA TERESA Santa Teresa Madre, Santa Teresita de Jesus. Por ahi viene un misionero y viene buscando luz. Vamos a la Finca, ah eh. Vamos a la Finca, ah oh. Vamos a el Campo de Mama Teresa. Vamos a la Finca, ah eh, Vamos ah oh. Vamos a el Campo de Mama Teresa, ah oh.

The Farmhouse of Saint Teresa

Mother Saint Teresa, Saint Teresa of Jesus. There comes a missionary and he comes searching for light. Lets go to the farmhouse, Ah Eh! Lets go to the farmhouse, Ah Oh! Lets go into the field, where Mother Teresa resides. Mother Saint Teresa, Saint Teresa of Jesus. There comes a missionary and he comes searching for light. Lets go to the farmhouse, Ah Eh! Lets go to the farmhouse, Ah Oh! Lets go into the field, where Mother Teresa resides.

Negra Amalia
Si Amalia no quiere ir eboso. si Amalia no quiere ir eboso. Eboso. si Amalia no quiere ir, eboso, eboso, eboso. Si es que... yo me visto y la invito a bailar y me dice que est cans, Eboso, Eboso. Si es que... yo llamo a su casa y no est, que sali con una amistad, Eboso, Eboso. Si Amalia no quiere ir eh Vo So, si Amalia no quiere ir Eboso, Eboso. si Amalia no quiere ir Eboso, Eboso. Eboso, Eboso.

Amalia does not want to go. Oh Husband, oh Husband. Amalia does not want to go. Oh Husband, oh Husband. And I get dressed and I invite her to come and dance, but she does not want to come. She says she is tired. Oh Husband, Oh Husband. I come calling at her door, for she has left with another. Oh Husband, Oh Husband. Amalia does not want to go. Oh Husband, oh Husband. Amalia does not want to go. Oh Husband, oh Husband.


En lo fondo de los mares ay dios!! ay una luz radiante. Es la mensajera de Dios! Que viene dando la caridad. Con sus 7 secretos madre y la comision marinero, es la mensajera de Dios! Que se llama Maria Regla. Es la Mensajera de Dios, Que viene dando la Caridad.

In the depths of the Sea.

In the depths of the Seas, Oh God. There is a radiant light. Its the messenger of God that comes bringing charity. With her seven secrets, Oh Mother and the Commission of the Sailors, she is the messenger of God, whom we call Mary of Rule. She is the messenger of God, that comes bringing Faith, Hope and Charity.


Pero que duro es! Pero que duro es Cuando una madre deja a sus hijos solos. pero que duro es!!! pero que duro es! cuando un hijo deja a su madre sola. Hay madres que lloran por sus hijos, y hay hijos que lloran por sus madres. Y es la voz de un hijo suyo, que llorando se quedo. Gloria al Padre, Gloria al Hijo, Gloria al Espiritu. Y es la voz de un hijo suyo, que llorando se quedo. Misericordia, Misericordia, Misericordia, para mi Madre, Misericordia, Misericordia, hay Dios Misericordia, Misericordia, poder divino. Misericordia, Misericordia, Ay Dios sea derramada en el nombre de Dios. Radia la Luz, Radia la Luz, Radia la Luz, Para mi Mama.

How Hard it is.

How hard it is, how hard it is. When a mother leaves her children alone. How hard it is, how hard it is when a child leaves his mother alone. Oh mothers that weep for their children and Oh children that weep for their mothers. Imagine it being your child weeping for you. Glory be to the Father. Glory be unto the Sun. Glory be to the Holy Spirit. Its the voice of your child weeping in your absence. Mercy for the Mother, Mercy for the Child. Have Mercy my Lord have Mercy. Have Mercy Divine Power, have Mercy. May the Lord pour his Mercy, and may the Lord light be radiant, for the tears of the weeping mother.


Comisin despojadora, comisin del ms all, despojando y santiguando, Virgen de la Caridad, despojando y santiguando, Virgen de la Caridad 21 Comision despojando, 21 Comision que aqui lluego. Santiguando y Despojando. Despojando y Santiguando en el nombre de Dios. Oreen, que Oreen hermanos mio. Oreen por ese ser, que en el nombre de Dios, aqui lluego.

The Commissions Cleansing

21 Commissions that have come to cleanse and purify. 21 Commissions that have arrived. Cleansing and purifying in the name of God. Pray my brethren, pray in the name of God. Pray for the souls that have arrived.

Sea el santsimo. Sea. Sea el santsimo. Sea. Madre ma de la Caridad, aydanos, ampranos en el nombre de Dios, ay Dios. Aydanos, ampranos, en el nombre de Dios, ay Dios. Estoy llamando a la comisin, la comisin Mara, estoy llamando a la comisin de protectores y guas. Estoy llamando a la comisin, la comisin Mara, estoy llamando a la comisin de protectores y guas.

Sea el santsimo. Sea. Sea el santsimo. Sea. Madre ma de la Caridad, aydanos, ampranos en el nombre de Dios, ay Dios. Aydanos, ampranos, en el nombre de Dios, ay Dios. Paloma blanca, la mensajera, paloma blanca, la mensajera, paloma blanca, la mensajera, trae un mensaje de nuestro Seor. Paloma blanca, la mensajera, paloma blanca, la mensajera, paloma blanca, la mensajera, trae un mensaje de nuestro Seor. Sea el santsimo. Sea. Sea el santsimo. Sea. Madre ma de la Caridad, aydanos, ampranos en el nombre de Dios, ay Dios. Aydanos, ampranos, en el nombre de Dios, ay Dios.

May the Blessed Sacrament be Blessed #2

May the Blessed Sacrament be Blessed. May it be so. May the Blessed Sacrament be blessed. May it be so. Holy Mother of Mercy and Charity, aid us and protect us in the name of God. Oh God. I am calling a Commission of spirits, I call the Commission of the Marias, and I call on my Centinela, and I call on the Court that protects me, the one that guides me as well. May the Blessed Sacrament be Blessed. May it be so. May the Blessed Sacrament be blessed. May it be so. Holy Mother of Mercy and Charity, aid us and protect us in the name of God. Oh God. White Dove, great messenger, great messenger of God. We ask that you bring us a sign for our heavenly father. May the Blessed Sacrament be Blessed. May it be so. May the Blessed Sacrament be blessed. May it be so. Holy Mother of Mercy and Charity, aid us and protect us in the name of God. Oh God.


Del cielo bajo una imagen, una imagen peregrina. Del cielo bajo una imagen, una imagen peregrina. Maria madrecita india madre de todos nosotros. Maria madrecita india madre de todos nosotros. Voy subiendo a la montaa corto flores del camino, para llevarle a mi madre que es un encanto divino, para llevarle a mi madre que es un encanto divino. Y la gente me pregunta qus adonde esta mamata, y la gente me pregunta que adonde esta mamata. Yo les digo ella esta aqu. Aqu hay cosas bonitas. Yo les digo ella esta aqu. Aqu hay cosas bonitas. Voy subiendo a la montaa corto flores del camino para llevarle a mi madre que es un encanto divino, para llevarle a mi madre que es un encanto divino.

Santa Barbara aee aee aee! Santa Barbara bendita. Indio Cacique, abre los caminos Reina Maria, abre los caminos el negro Fransisco, abre los caminos Santa brbara bendita santa brbara. La Negra Matea mueve la cadera. La Negra Lorenza mueve la cintura Santa Brbara bendita santa Brbara. Santa Brbara bendita santa Brbara. San Juan del dinero viene con dinero San Juan del tabaco leeno el tabaco San Juan de los caminos abre los caminos. Negrito bembom ven para ac. bembom bembom bembom bembom


From the heavens has come an image, the image of a pilgrim. From the heavens has come an image, the image of a pilgrim. Oh Mother Mary. Indian Mother of the World, Oh Mother Mary. Indian Mother of the World. I climb the highest mountain, plucking flowers along the way, so that I may have an offering, to bring to my divine enchanted mother. And all who see me ask where is the mother, And I reply she is here. Here where all is beautiful, that is where she resides. I climb the highest mountain, plucking flowers along the way, so that I may have an offering, to bring to my divine enchanted mother. And all who see me ask where is the mother, And I reply she is here. Here where all is beautiful, that is where she resides. Saint Barbara, ah eh, ah eh. Oh blessed Saint Barbara. Indian Chief, clears my path, gypsy Maria Candelaria, clears my path. El Negro Fransisco clears my path. Saint Barbara, ah eh, ah eh. Oh blessed Saint Barbara. The Black Woman Matea, shakes her hips, and the Black Woman Lorenza moves her waist. Saint Barbara, ah eh, ah eh. Oh blessed Saint Barbara. Saint John of Currency brings me money. Saint John of the Tobacco asks for smoke, while Saint John of the Pathways leads the way.


Espritu de la montaa bajando viene. Espritu de la montaa bajando viene. Y djalo que te toque y djalo que te toque recibe la elevacin. Y djalo que te toque y djalo que te toque recibe la elevacin. Ven, ven, ven espritu de la montaa, ven ven ven apodrate de el. Apodrate, Apodrate, Apodrate de todo su ser. Apodrate, Apodrate, Apodrate de todo su ser. Pon aceite en su lmpara seor. Pero pon aceite en su lmpara seor, que el quiere servirte con amor. Pero pon aceite en su lmpara seor, para ese Centinela que solo quiere servirte con amor.

Spirit from the Sacred Mountain comes down, Spirit from the Sacred Mountain comes down. Let him touch you so that you may receive elevation. Let him touch you so that you may receive elevation. Come oh Spirit come, Spirit of the Mountains come. Seize me Spirit, Seize me and take a hold of my body. Seize me Spirit, Seize me and take a hold of my body. Add oil into your lantern, add oil into your lantern great sir, for the Spirit wishes to

serve you with great love. Add oil into your lantern oh great sir, for your Centinela that wishes to serve you with love.

A mi madre reina le voy a pedir. A mi madre reina le voy a pedir. Que le de permiso para recibir, que le de permiso para recibir. Indio Cacique Indio protector. Indio Cacique Indio protector. Dale la fuerza y la elevacin. Dale la fuerza y la elevacin. El negro Fransisco viene del oriente. El negro Fransisco viene del oriente con su calabasa llena de aguardiente. Con su calabasa llena de aguardiente, dale a la tambora con entonacin, dale a la tambora con entonacin. Para que le llegue la fuerza mayor de los Misterios, para que le llegue la fuerza mayor de los Misterios, de levantar cualquier causa, con tu Corriente Espiritual. Que le den que le den, fuerza. De aqu para alla, fuerza. De all para aca, fuerza bonita, fuerza. Para levantar causas materia. Fuerza. Hay yo te llamo, Fuerza. Hay yo te invoco, Fuerza. Por una vela, Fuerza. Por el tabaco, Fuerza. Por el Ron, Fuerza. Por el aquardiente, Fuerza. Que le den que den, Fuerza, que le vuelvan a dar Fuerza, para levantar una causa, con tu Corriente Espiritual.

To the Queen mother I am going to ask. To the queen mother I am going to ask. To give her blessings so I may receive, to give blessings so I may receive. Indian Chief, Indian Chief, Indian Chief, Indian Chief who protects. Give him spiritual strength and elevation, Give him spiritual strength and elevation, Negro Fransisco comes from the East, Negro Fransisco comes from the East, with his gourd full of fire water, with his gourd full of fire water. Give the drummer intonation, give the drummer intonation, so that he may play with strength, so that he may play with strength. So that he may life a curse, with the Spiritual Currents of the Mysteries. May he receive strength, from here to there. May he receive strength, from here to there. So that he may lift the curse. Oh I call you and it gives you strength, and I invoke you and it gives you strength. With the light of a candle I give you strength, with the smoke of a cigar I give you strength. With Rum I give you strength. With fire water I give you strength. So that you may come down and lift a curse.

Cntale Cntale

Cntale, cntale, cntale, a la madrecita cntale. Cntale, cntale a la madrecita que ella nos protege y nos dara cosas bonitas, que ella nos protege y nos dara cosas bonitas, esas cosas bonitas son estas sesiones esas cosas bonitas son estas sesiones bajan los hermanos a dar sus bendiciones. Psame un tabaco que este bien duro. Es que en esta embajada va bajando los seres, van bajando la Comision de los Indios, pasame un puro y un palito de ron es que esta bajando la Comision de los Negro, pa darnos, Fe, Esperanza y Caridad.


Sing to her, sing to her, sing. To our little mother sing. Sing to her, sing to her, sing. To our little mother sing because she will protect us and will give us beautiful gifts. Sing to her because she will give us beautiful gifts in our spiritual reunions and in our spiritual seances, sing to her. Her gift is our spiritual brothers and they come down giving their blessings. Pass me the tobacco, may it be fresh and firm. In this embassy they will come down, the Spirits come down, the Commission of the Indians. Pass me a pure cigar, and a shot of rum, hear comes the Commission of the Slaves, and with them they bring Faith Hope and Charity.


Santa Barbara de rayos y centellas ilumnale el camino. Darle luz y proteccin, darle fuerza a este banco, darle fuerza a esta casilla. Van bajando las Gitanas, Ole ole ole! Santa Barbara bendita santa Barbara si no fuera por ti madre donde estuviera yo? Que le den que le den fuerza de aqui pa ya,fuerza de alla pa ca,fuerza por los cuatro costados, fuerza a los Cuatro Vientos, fuerza por todos los lados. Fuerza pa el rio. Dejame pasar que mi madre reina me mando a llamar, dandome el permiso para trabajar con factades, que le den que le den fuerza de aqui pa ya. Fuerza de alla pa aca, fuerza que lo va subir fuerza que lo va a elevar.


Saint Barbara of the Rays that shines. Give light to my path, give light and protection. Give strength to this vessel, give strength to this bank. Here comes the Gypsies, Ole, Ole, Ole! Saint Barbara blessed Barbara, if it was not for your strength oh mother where would I be. Oh give her strength, give her strength, from here to there. Strength to the four directions, strength to the four cardinal points, strength to the Four Winds, strength to the river. Let me pass oh Queen Mother, for she is the one who calls to me, giving me her blessings and permission, so that I may labor with spiritual faculties. Oh give her strength, give her strength, from here to there. Strength so I may elevate.

Maria Candelaria eres bella eres valiente eres de tierras calientes donde siempre nace el sol Maria Candelaria eres tu mi inspiracion. Ole, ole, ole. Maria Candelaria eres tu mi inspiracion, ole, ole, ole. Cuando voy a tus montaas y veo a m alrededor es como ver tu imagen tal radiante como el sol, ole, ole, ole! Benditas seas tus agua mi reina soberana bendito sea el creador. Maria Candelaria, Gitana mia, eres tu mi isnpiracion, ole, ole, ole. Cuando veo a los peregrinos cantar con emocin eres tu mi reinas sabia mi fuerza y proteccin. Bendita sean las flores que adornan tus portales, que bello tu esplendor. Maria gitana mia, eres tu mi inspiracion. Ole!

Maria Candelaria you are so beautiful, valiant you come from where the land is hot. Where the Sun was born. Maria Candelaria you are my inspiration. Ole, Ole, Ole! Maria Candelaria you are my inspiration. Ole, Ole, Ole! When I climb the mountains, and around me all I can see, is the radiance of the Sun, and I sing, Ole, Ole, Ole!

Blessed is your waters mother, blessed is the creator. Oh Gypsy Maria Candelaria, you are my inspiration. Ole, Ole, Ole! When I see the pilgrims singing full of emotion, of the sage queen that protects them, they sing. Blessed are the flowers that adorn your gate and pathway, how beautiful is your splendor, Oh Gypsy Maria, you are my inspiration. Ole, Ole, Ole!


En la montaa de sorte la Virgen es un primor, o cara, y la negrita Francisca baila con mucha emosion, o cara, en la montaa de sorte, la Virgen Maria es un primor, o cara, y la negrita Francisca baila con mucha emosion, o cara, baila negrita, baila no te va a desmaya baila negrita, baila no te va a desmaya que el negro te ta mirando y no se vaya a enoja que el negro te ta mirando y no se vaya a enoja, a enoja, a enoja, o cara, o cara. mueran las tristezas, vivan los recuerdos, nosotros pedimos paz y proteccion, paz y proteccion que nos da la reina, el indio y el Congo paz y proteccion que nos da la reina, el indio y el negro Congo.

In the Mountains of the South lives the Virgin, Oh Cara, oh Cara. And Fransisca dances with much passion. Oh Cara, oh Cara. In the Mountains of the South lives the Virgin, Oh Cara, oh Cara. And Fransisca dances with much passion, Oh Cara, oh Cara. Dance my black lady, dance and in your frenzy do not faint, Oh Cara, oh Cara. Dance my black lady, dance and in your frenzy do not faint. Oh Cara, oh Cara. For the black man he watches you, so please do not get angered, because the black man is watching you, and there is no need to become angered. May our sorrows fade away, and may our memories live on, For all we come asking is for peace and protection, for all we come asking is for peace and protection. May the Queen of Heaven bless us. Here comes the Indian, here comes the Congo, peace and protection that the Queen of Heaven gives us. Here comes the Indians, here comes the Congo. PART ONE OF SPIRITUAL SONGS




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8. Nov 17

The Guardians of Espiritismo, Sister Faith, Hope & Charity The Guardians of Espiritismo Sister Faith, Hope & Charity


I am the eldest sister of Hope and Charity. My name is Faith I am big and strong and he who possesses me shall not suffer from Iron nor fire. Nor suffer mentally nor physically. I illuminate over your path and he who possesses the flames of my torch shall receive the radiant light within their heart, and I will bless you with the fortifications of strength and life. The living say that I have the power to move mountains; but I say that I have come to move the whole earth. Spiritism is my assistant. Unite with me, for I am Faith. I am Faith and I reside with my sisters Hope and Charity and I live in the realm of pure spirits. I come down from the Heavens to the earth to regenerate you and bring the blessings of a spiritual life. But not unlike the martyrs from the beginning of our faith whose sole purpose and sacrifices were to assist the progression of science and liberty. I too find indifference and frailty. I returned to my realm of spirit sorrowful, I thought that I lived within your heart, but I quickly found out that you deceived me, for true Faith without good intentions is untrue, and true Faith comes with a life of actions.

Before Spiritism was revealed to humans, life was sterile, it was like a tree dying with the absence of sunlight, which sustains it. But I come forth to tell you that I am recognized by my actions; I illuminate intelligence, and bring warmth and strength to the human heart. I am here to conduct God's spiritual labor for the purification and perfection of your soul. Take me by the hand and join my army, I am powerful, I am Faith. I am Sister Faith, and my kingdom is within the world of the living. With God's vigilance, I reign in peace, bringing the mysteries of eternal life and happiness. I baptize the hearts of the living with rejuvenation. I call upon you with my name, I am FAITH.


I am Sister Hope, and I smile as I enter into the breath of life. I continue my journey step by step and halt when I have arrived in the realm of the living bringing the recognition of the promise of eternal happiness. I am your faithful companion, do not refute my inspiration, I am Hope.

I am the voice of the singing nightingale whose echoes reach the highest peaks of the mountains. I am she that inspires the swallow to make its nest in the safety of the roofs of your sacred temples. I am she that plays with the nightly breeze that caresses your hair and I place the fragrance of the flowers before your feet. Sadly a reality you do not contemplate, for the thought barely reaches your subconscious mind; do not refute me, for I am Hope. I take many forms to be by your side, to inspire you, to guide you, and to be near you. I am the brightest star in the darkest night, I am the rays of the sun that awakens, revives and inspires you, I bring but pleasant thoughts and the sweetest of dreams. From your pathway I lead you away from danger, and keep at bay dark and somber thoughts. And if you come in contact with the dying, I inspire within you the most wisest of words that brings hope and comfort. Do not refute me, I am Hope. I am Sister Hope and assist the birds in making ribbons out of moss so that they may build their sheltering nest. I am she that crowns the apple and almond trees with leaves and flowers, and I spread and sow the seeds that shall harvest a happier world. I am with you when you are ill, and sing soothing lullabies within your ear. Do not refute me. I am Hope. Do not refute me because the Angel of Deception makes war, and yearns to take my place at your side. I am not always the stronger one, and many times he defeats me and envelopes his dark wings around you, engulfing you like a babies blanket. He leads you astray from the path of God and inspires within your mind foul and impure thoughts of suicide. Unite with me, together we shall overcome his influences. I shall carry you when you are down and weak. I Am Hope.


I am Sister Charity, and yes it is I that represent the true meaning of the word. I do not resemble the charity you practice, she that has usurped my name in the midst of my absence. This charity you claim to have is fanatic, capricious, and ego vested. I come to warn you against the blindfold she places over your eyes and keeps you from seeing the splendor of God's work. Remain docile to the lessons the Spirit of Truth wishes to bestow upon you, and with your ears follow my voice faithfully and without fear. I am Charity. I know all the pain, all the sorrows, every suffering, misfortune and every and all affliction that ascends and is conceived and spawned within the bowels of the human soul. I am the mother of the orphaned, beloved daughter of the old, and guardian of the widows. I come to cure infected wounds and lesions, I have come to comfort the ill, and to clothe, feed and give warmth to those in need and are less fortunate.

My preference is to no one, and I say unto those that seek me, I have my followers who are stricken with poverty and I shall direct them to the glory and wealth of the Heavens. Oh! False charity, look at the harm that you create. And to my followers who believe in me and do not refute my assistance to their fellow man, I say have mercy on one another, with the intentions of not erasing the mercy that I pour unto you. Peace of mind, and heart is the fruits

of my labor. I am the truthful and genuine Charity. No one on earth shall ever conceive or begin to understand the nature of all the goodness of my labor, and only the false charity causes discomfort and damages and then ultimately humbles he who it consoles. But be weary of this unfortunate loss of purpose, for actions of this magnitude has no saving grace before the eyes of the Lord; and shall bring nothing but pestilence before you. One must in truth recognize the generosity of the heart especially when acting for the benefits of others. Take great care my brothers and sisters, in giving publicly to the practice of mutual assistance, and do not give false charity, nor beg for money and do not practice false charity which is void of alms. Follow me, I am Charity. It is my very nature to console those that have fallen from grace, but sadly often I walk empty handed. I also have come to inform what is required of you, Spiritism has by its true nature; Love, Light, Progress and Charity, and all true Spiritists must confirm to this sublime concept, which has been given unto you by our Lord and Savior, more than 20 centuries ago. Follow me in perfect trust my earthly brothers and sisters, for I shall lead you to the Kingdom of the Lord. I am Charity.

Las Guardianas del Espiritismo Fe, Esperanza, y Caridad


Soy la hermana mayor de la Esperanza y de la Caridad, me llamo Fe. Soy grande y fuerte; el que me posea no teme mi al hierro ni al fuego; es a prueba de todos los sufrimientos fsicos y morales. Resplandezco sobre vosotros como una antorcha cuyos chispeantes rayos se reflejan en el fondo de vuestros corazones, y os comunico la fuerza y la vida. Entre vosotros se dice que yo levanto las montaas y yo os digo: Vengo a conmover al mundo, porque el Espiritismo es el que debe ayudarme. Unos, pues, a m; yo os convido: soy la Fe. Soy la Fe! Habito con la Esperanza, la Caridad y el Amor en el mundo de los espritus puros. A menudo he bajado de las regiones areas y he venido sobre la tierra a regeneraros dndoos la vida del espritu, pero a excepcin de los martires de los primeros tiempos del cristianismo y algunos fervientes sacrificios hechos de tarde en tarde para el progreso de la ciencia de las letras, de la industria y de la libertad slo he encontrado entre los hombre indiferencia y frialdad y he vuelto a remontar tristemente mi vuelo hacia el cielo; me creais entre vosotros, pero os engaabais; porque la Fe sin las obras, no es la Fe; la verdadera Fe es la vida y la accin. Antes de la revelacin del Espiritismo, la vida era estril; era un rbol seco por las refulgentes chispas del rayo que nada produca. Se me reconoce por mis actos; ilumino las inteligencias, caliento y reanimo los corazones en mi regazo; alejo de vosotros las influencias engaosas y os conduzco a Dios por la perfeccin del espritu y del corazn. Venid y agrupaos bajo mi estandarte, soy poderosa y fuerte: soy la Fe. Soy la Fe, y mi reinado empieza entre los hombres, reinado pacfico, que les har felices para el tiempo presente, para la eternidad. La aurora para mi advenimiento entre vosotros es pura, serena; su sol ser resplandeciente y su ocaso vendr a mecer dulcemente a la humanidad en los brazos de eterna felicidad. Espiritismo! Derramas sobre los hombres tu bautismo regenerador; yo les hago un llamamiento supremo, soy la Fe.


Me llamo la Esperanza; os sonro cuando entris en la vida, en ella os sigo, paso a paso, y slo os dejo cuando llegis a los mundos en que se realizan, para vosotros, las promesas de felicidad que sin cesar os. Soy vuestra fiel amiga; no rechacis mis inspiraciones: Soy la Esperanza. Yo soy la que canto por el camino con la voz del ruiseor, y la que en el eco de los bosques exhalo esas notas lastimeras y armoniosas que os hacen entrever los cielos; yo soy la que inspiro a la golondrina el deseo de anidar sus amores al abrigo de vuestros techos; juego con las brisas que acaricia vuestros cabellos; derramo a vuestros pies los perfumes suaves de las flores de vuestros jardines, y casi nunca ocupis vuestro pensamiento con esta amiga que tan sincera os es. No la rechacis: es la Esperanza. Tomo todas las formas para acercarme a vosotros; soy la estrella que brilla en azul del cielo, el caliente rayo del sol que os vivifica: yo os entretengo por las noches con sueos festivos; alejo de vosotros el negro cuidado de los pensamientos; guo vuestros pasos por el sendero de la virtud; os acompao en vuestras visitas, a los moribundos, y os inspiro las palabras afectuosas que les consuelan. No me rechacis; yo soy la Esperanza. !Soy la Esperanza! Yo soy la que en invierno hago crecer en la corteza de las encinas el musgo espeso donde los pajarillos construyen su nido; soy la que en la primavera corona el manzano y el almendro de blancas y rosadas flores, y las esparzo sobre la tierra sobre alfombra celeste que hace aspirar a los mundos felices. Sobre todo, yo estoy en vosotros cuando estis pobres y

enfermos, mi voz suena sin cesar en vuestros odos, no me rechacis: soy la Esperanza. No me rechacis porque el angel de despero me hace una Guerra encarnizada y agota sus esfuerzos para tener mi puesto al lado de vosotros; no siempre soy la ms fuerte, y cuando consigue que me aleje, os rodea con sus fnebres alas, desva vuestros pensameintos de Dios y os conduce al suicidio; unos a m para alejar su funesta influencia y dejaos mecer dulcemente en mis brazos porque yo soy: la ESPERANZA.


Soy la Caridad, s, la verdadera Caridad; en nada me parezco a la caridad que vosotros practicis. La que ha usurpado mi nombre entre vosotros, es fantstica, caprichosa, exclusiva, orgullosa y vengo a precaveros contra los defectos que empaan, a los ojos de Dios, el mrito y resplandor de sus buenas acciones. Sed dciles a las lecciones que el Espritu de Verdad os da or mi voz; seguidme los que me sois fieles: yo soy la Caridad. Seguidme; yo conozco todos los infortunios, todos los dolores, todos los sufrimientos, todas las afliccciones que asedian a la humanidad. Soy la madre de los hurfanos, la hija de los ancianos, la protectora y el sostn de las viudas; curo las llagas infectadas: cuido todas las enfermedades; doy vestido, pan y

abrigo a los que no lo tienen; subo hasta las ms miserables buhardillas; voy a la humilde pocilga; llamo a las puertas de los ricos y poderosos, porque donde quiera que viva una criatura humana, hay bajo el velo de la felicidad amargos y punzantes dolores. !Oh! Cun grande es mi tarea! No basto a llenarla si no vena en mi ayuda; venid a m yo soy la Caridad. No guardo preferencia a nadie; jams digo a los que necesitan: Tengo mis pobres, dirigos a otra parte. !Oh, falsa caridad, qu daos haces! Amigos, nos debemos a todos; creedme no rehusis vuestra asistencia a nadie, socorred los unos a los otros con bastante desinters para no exigir ningn reconocimeinto de parte de los que habris socorrido, la paz del corazn y de la conciencia es la dulce recompensa de mis obras: yo soy la verdadera Caridad. Nadie en la Tierra conoce el nmero y la naturaleza del bien que hago; slo la falsa caridad hiere y humilla al que consuela. Guardos de este funesto extravo; las acciones de esta clase no tienen ningn mrito delante de Dios, y llaman sobre vosotros su clera. Slo l debe conocer los generosos rasgos de vuestros corazones cuando os hacis tributarios de sus beneficios. Guardos, pues, amigos, de dar publicidad a la prctica de la asistencia mutua, no la dis tampoco de limosna: creedme: yo soy la Caridad. Tengo que consolar a tantos desgraciados, que muy a menudo se me quedan los pechos y las manos vacas; vengo a deciros lo que espero de vosotros. El Espiritismo tiene por divisa Amor y Caridad, y todos los verdaderos espiritistas querrn conformarse a este sublime precepto, predicado por Cristo hace ms de diez y nueve siglos. Seguidme, pues, hermanos; yo os conducir al reino de Dios nuestro padre: yo soy la CARIDAD.

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9. Nov 14

The Commission of the Piratas

The Commission of the Piratas and the Marineros

Centinela Alerta!!! Alerta Esta!! Guard, be alert! Alert, I am! The various groups of this Commission of Spirits are as follows. los Piratas = The Pirates the outlaws, a Pirata or Pirates was the Captain and crew of a ship that attacked other vessels and stole from them. Pirates where independent and worked for no one but themselves. They labored for personal gain, and where the common thieves of the seas. They where independent and did not work under the flag or protection of any country or nation. El Botin, or the booty was shared with the Captain and his crew. A greater percentage went to the Captain. Many pirates where unethical and blood thirsty. Los Corsarios = The Privateers where a group of Pirates who attached and stole under the flag and protection of a King or Queen or a country. These Pirates where funded and protected by the Country for whom they stole for and their booty was split between the King and the Corsario. The Corsario split his half between himself and his crew. Many Corsarios where Caribbean native born, who at first sailed and looted for the Spanish flag, but then witnessing the injustice and cruelty done to their native homes became rogue, outlaws and unprotected Pirates. Los Filibustero = The Filibuster name of a group of pirates that sailed and infested the Antilles in the 1700s and early 1800s. This group of Pirates unlike other pirates worked solely on the Caribbean sea, and usually did not stray to far from the coast of the island they where a native of, and only ventured to other surrounding Caribbean islands. They stole from the King and Country that governed and often oppressed their island and shared their botty with the poor. Los Bucaneros = The Buccaneers were American born pirates who resided in Haiti the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico. They stole live stock, such as pigs, goats, cows and horses. They traded skin, hives, meat and live stock with Pirates and privateers for gunpowder, weapons, and cloth which they smuggled to the United States.

Ranks of Spirits that can be part of this Cuadro Espiritual are. The Captain = el Capitan The Lieutenant = el Teniente (Second Mate) The Master = el Maestro (Third Mate) The Boatswain = el Contramastre The Gunner = el Almero The Carpenter = el Carpintero The Quartermaster = el Intendente The Mates = Los Tripulacines PRAYER OF THE CASTAWAY AND SHIPWRECKED . Plageria del Naufrago The following prayer is one of the most loved prayers within Espiritismo, Santerismo and the Sanse Religion, and it is recited frequently, during nightly prayers, in Sesiones, Veladas and Embajadas.


Torna tu vista, dios mio, Hacia esta infeliz criatura. No me des la sepultura Entre las olas del mar. Dame la fuerza y valor Para salvar el abismo, Dame gracia por lo mismo, Que es tan grande tu bondad.

Si yo, cual fragil barquilla, Por misoberbia halagado, El mar humano he cruzado, Tan solo tras el placer; Dejame, senor, que vuelva A pisar el continente, Haciendo voto ferviente De ser cristiano con fe. Si yo con mi torpe falta Me ha mecido entre la bruma Desafiando la espuma Que levanta el temporal, Te ofresco que en adelante No tendre el atrevimiento De ensordeser el lamento De aquel que sufre en el mal.

Y si siguiendo mi rumbo, He tenido hasta el descaro De burlarme de aquel faro Que puerto me designo: Yo te prometo, dios mio, No burlarme de esa luz Que brilla sobre la cruz Por el hijo de tu amor. !Oh tu, padre de mi alma, Que escuchas el afligido, Y me vez arrepentido De lo que mi vida fue. Salvame, dios mio, salvame Y dame, antes que de cuenta, Para que yo me arrepienta

El tiempo preciso, Amen.


Place your vision upon me my Lord, I a meak and unhappy creature. Do not allow my grave to be within the waves of the sea.

Give me strength and courage to arise from the depths of this abyss, and if it is your will, grant me the grace to except the unknown. For your mysteries and goodness are incomparable.

For I am like a fragile boat, and have become arrogant, thinking I can cross the sea of men, looking only for pleasures.

I ask you Father to allow me to touch the coastal land and renew my vows to be a charitable Christian.

If I in my arrogance have become lost within the waves and the mists. As I try to defy the storm and the rising foam. I vow that I will not have the audacity to ignore the deafening cries and lament of those that suffer within the sea.

And if I in continuing my course through life ignored the lighthouse that my port designated for me. I vow my God never again to mock the light that shines upon the Cross of your beloved Son. Oh my heavenly Father, you that hear the prayers of the afflicted, distressed, mournful, desolate, and troubled souls. You see that I have become repentant of the life I once leed.

Save me my Lord before it is to late, for I repent and have strayed from the life I once lived. Amen In all my years working La Mesa I can say I cant ever recall anyone bringing down a Pirata or Carsario from the Commision of Pirates. One major reason for thos is because their souls have returned to the mysteries of the vast ocean, and nightmarish stories circulate in Seance circles through out the Caribbean on how powerful and dangerous these spirits are, that those who are not under their protection risk an untimely death if invoked from their slumber. The mysteries of the Ocean are to vast for any one individual to take upon, and only one who has this spirit as a Centinela should dare invoke them; and even then they can be very unpredictable. When we think to name the real Pirates of the Caribbean, we think of names such as Captain Henry Morgan, Blackbeard, Black Bart, el Diabolito, Anne Bonny and Mary Read to name a few. People have asked me why is this Court of Pirates Spirits venerated or respected within Mesa Blanca or Espiritismo Cruzado, since many pirates are known for their lawless behavior, thievery and as blood thirsty ruthless killers. While in part this is true, but also through out history there have been Pirates who where loved and respected and known as heroes of the people, even literature and mythology tells the heroic tales of fictional Pirates such as Sinbad, Jason and the Argonauts and recently Captain Jack Sparrow, who have been loved revered and venerated as heroes by children and those with a child like heart all over the world. Puerto Rico is no exception to this rule, and the two Pirates I am going

to mention were not fictional character but actual historic figures that lived and sailed the Caribbean seas. Much of their historical lives have been shrouded in mystery and folk legends and fictional tales have been told to the children of the island of the adventures and exploits of these two pirates.

Capitan Miguel Henrquez 1680 until 1743

Captain Miguel Henriquez also spelled Miguel Enriquez a Mulatto (half black half white) was famous for being one of the Wealthiest Men in the New World at the time, and defeated the English on Vieguez and Culebra Island and reclaimed it for the thrown of Spain and the island of Puerto Rico. He was such a famous Corsario that he was dubbed the Captain of the Seas and Land. Although he was well respected he died a pauper in a Catholic Convent after being stripped of his title and loosing his wealth, after going rogue against the Spanish government for their mistreatment of Puerto Rican Criollos. But of all the famous native born Pirates of the Caribbean none was as famous and loved as the Puerto Rican Criollo el Pirata Roberto Cofresi. His history has been so shrouded with historical facts, myths and legends and he has become one of the most interesting spirits respected within Puerto Rican Espiritismo and Sanse Religion.

el Pirata Roberto Cofres June 17, 1791 March 29, 1825

Roberto Cofres Ramrez de Arellano was born and raised in the coastal town of Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico. At a young age Roberto fantasized of a life at sea after hearing the stories and legends told by local fishermen seamen and sailors. At around the age of 21 he purchased a small vessel that he dubbed El Mosquito, and in 1818 at the age of 27 he organized a crew of mates which consisted of 10 of his closest hometown friends and family members and set out to sea as Pirates. He remained a Pirate for another 8 years until his capture persecution and death. In Puerto Rico he was dubbed, El Pirata Cofresi and became a local hero similar to Robin Hood, as he often attacked American, French and English ships and shared his booty with the poor. He was greatly loved by the people that many hid him and his crew from American and later Spanish authorities.

Many myths, legends, and folk lore surrounds el Pirata Cofresi, it was believed by many that he sold his soul to the Devil in order to have superhuman and

magical abilities. Some of his magical abilities was to make his ship disappear out of thin air when escaping his enemies, others say that he was a womanizer and his charm over women rivaled that of Don Juan el Burlador de Sevilla, "Trickster Womanizer of Seville Spain" and the Italian Casanova, while still other legends say that he had the strength to defeat anyone who would dare challenge him. Other legends tell on how the pirate refuge Island of La Mona, off the western coast of Puerto Rico was a favorite hideout for Cofresi and his mates and the island is believed to be haunted by Cofresi and his crew. But the most interesting stories have to do with the hidden treasure of el Pirata Cofresi. Some legends say that Cofresi hid his treasure in either La Mona island, Monito or Desecheo Island. While others argue that his lost buried treasure is on Coffin Island " Caja de Muertos" of the Southern coast of Ponce, Puerto Rico, while still others argue that he hid his treasure in one of the caves of his hometown of Cabo Rojo such as la cueva de Playa Buye one of his hide outs or the Cueva del Pirata Cofres. What is interesting to note is that many locals of Cabo Rojo believe to have seen the Ghost of Cofresi walking the streets on the nights of the Full Moon drinking his rum and chanting old Spanish hymns. Accounts also state that during a drunken stupor of rum he confessed to some the whereabouts of his treasure, he told a person that he hid his treasure at the base of a Ceiba tree where the roots touched the sea and that it could only be seen on the nights of the Full Moon. Cofresi locked the treasure with a chain and cast a spell over it to keep it hidden. The magical spell consisted of his treasure being hidden in the waters and is guarded by a school of fish that swim around it, furiously shaking the dirt around the treasure chest to keep it hidden. One legend tells the tale of how an American female archaeologist became so obsessed with finding Cofresi's lost treasure that she scouted all the possible locations and whereabouts of his lost treasure. One cloudy night she sat under a Ceiba tree for rest when all of a sudden the clouds parted and the rays of the Full moon shown on the waters below. There the woman saw the treasure chest of Cofresi surrounded by the swimming school of fish. She quickly jumped into the water to try and pull the chest out, and at that very moment the clouds engulfed the moon and the school of fish transformed into man eating sharks and in a frenzy tore the woman apart sending her soul straight to Davy Jone's locker. In 1824 in a fierce battle with Captain John Slout of U.S. naval ship the Grampus, Cofresi and his crew of 11 to 16 men where captured and where turned over to the Spanish government. The Spanish incarcerated him and his crew in the Fort of el Castillo de San Felipe del Morro in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico. He and his crew spent their final months jailed in the fort and on March 29, 1825 he was excuted by a firing squad. Some legends say that he was

skinned alive and his body was dragged by horse all around the Walled city, then was burried at the only entrance and exist of el Cementerio Antiguo de San Juan, Santa Maria Magdalena Cemetary so that all who entered and excited the cemetery would walk over his final resting place. His final resting place was never marked, but historians believe he is actually buried on one of the mounds or hills behind the cemetery or infront of the entrance of the Fort. According to legend, before Cofresi was killed he placed the " Maldicion del Mal de Ojo" Curse of the evil eye on Captain John Slout and the Ship Grampus, and in 1848 the ship with all its crew where lost at sea, never to be found. Till this day el Pirata Roberto Cofres is viewed as a national hero, the Puerto Rican Robin Hood and a statue was erected in his honor at Boqueron beach in Cabo Rojo. He was also loved and respected in the neighboring island of the Dominican Republic, and his hide out on the island today is known as Playa Cofresi.

Commission of the Marineros

Spiritist accounts of Cofresi's apparitions include accounts claiming that when summoned in Veladas or Sesiones Espirituales, "La Fuerza de Cofresi" or the strength of Cofres's spirit is so excessive and overpowering to the point of

killing the Casilla host he possesses. For this reason it is rare that any Espiritismo or Sanse circle dare bother him or any Pirate for that matter from their slumber. Usually spirits of Marineros "Sailors" are invoked. The Patron Saint and protector of all sea lovers is Saint Peter and the their guardian Virgin is Nuestra Seora Virgen del Mar or Stella Maris. Our Lady of the Sea, the Star of the Ocean.


Salve, Estrella del mar, Madre, que diste luz a Dios, quedando perpetuamente virgen, Feliz puerta del cielo. Pues recibiste aquel Ave de los labios de Gabriel, cimintanos en la paz, Trocando el nombre de Eva. Suelta las prisiones a los reos; da lumbre a los ciegos, ahuyenta nuestros males, recbanos todos los bienes.

Muestra que eres Madre. Reciba por tu mediacin nuestras plegarias el que, nacido por nosotros, se dign ser tuyo. Virgen singular, sobre todas, suave, haz que, libres de culpas, seamos suaves y castos. Danos una vida pura, prepara una senda segura, para que, viendo a Jess, eternamente nos gocemos.

Gloria sea a Dios Padre, Loor a Cristo Altsimo Y al Espritu Santo: A los Tres un solo honor. Amn.

Hail Star of the Sea

Hail, thou Star of the ocean, Portal of the sky. Ever Virgin Mother Of the Lord most high. Oh by Gabriel's Ave, Uttered long ago, Eva's name reversing, Stablish peace below. Break the captive's fetters. Light on blindness pour. All our ills expelling, Every bliss implore. Show thyself a Mother; Offer Him our sighs, Who for us Incarnate Did not thee despise. Virgin of all virgins! To thy shelter take us, Gentlest of the gentle! Chaste and gentle make us. Still as on we journey, Help our weak endeavor; Till with thee and Jesus We rejoice forever. Through the highest heaven, To the Almighty Three, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, One in the same, glory be. Amen.

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The Commission of the Juanes

Commission of the Juanes


No other magical and spiritual tradition is as important to Puerto Ricans as the Noche de San Juan, or Night of Saint John. Celebrated every year on the night of June 23rd. In honor of the islands Patron Saint. During the eve of Saint John's birthday people from all over the islands go to the beach, build bonfires, play music and feast on food. As the clock begins to strike 12 midnight everyone rushes into the water and countdown out loud the final seconds, similar to New Years Eve. When the clock strikes 12, everyone walks backwards into the waters and jump in or dunk themselves 7, 9, or 12 times to ritually purify themselves and make a request to San Juan Bautista. The waters are believed to be pure on this night, blessed and have magical healing properties and help in removing curses, bad luck, the evil eye, as well as having healing properties. Before the countdown, many bonfires are built and many people jump the flames to cleanse themselves of unwanted negative vibrations.

One of the most mysterious and often misunderstood Courts of Spirits within

Espiritismo and the Sanse Religion is la Comision de los Juanes or the Court / Commission of the Juanes It is believed that this group of Spirits is infinite and that they come from all walks of life and from every continent. Although they are gathered into a single Commission of Spirits, the Juanes can also fall under any other Commission such as the Gypsies, Indians, Pirates Africans or slaves and so on. The name Juan, or John means "Dios es Generoso" or God is Generous; the leader of this commission is either Juan el Bautista, John the Baptist, also known as Juan de la Fuente, John of the Fountain, and Juan el Apostol, John the Apostle the author of the Book of Revelations. Juan el Apostle was a prophetic seer and wrote the last book of the bible through visions and oracles that he used to see and fortell future events. Juan el Apostol was the only one of the 12 disciples of Jesus who died a natural death at an old age. While San Juan el Bautista represents beginnings Juan el Apostol represents the End which leads to new beginnings. The Commission of the Juanes are the spirits of Emperors, Kings, Popes, Prophets, Patriarchs, Visionaries, Magus, Saints, Shamans, and Seers, In Espiritismo they are usually indirectly invoked and are often mentioned in prayers and invocations to other Saints or Spirits, this is because the Commission of the Juanes represent that group of Spirits that open and closes doorways and pathways, and lead the higher level spirits to our spiritual sessions and reunions and are the messengers of the Hierarchy of Angelic Beings and Ascended Masters. Such as was the Indian Juan Diego for the Virgin of Guadelupe, the three Juanes who found the statue of the Virgin of Charity of Cobre of the shores of Cuba, and other Juanes throughout history The Commission of the Juanes are also prophetic spirits, Just as Juan the Bautista prophesied the coming of the Messiah and Savior of Man, and as Juan el Apostol prophesized the apocalypse and the second coming of Jesus in the last days, the Juanes usually come to foretell future events. The Juanes are also trickster and prankster spirits, and the King of these Tricksters is Juan el Conquistador, or John the Conqueror. In Puerto Rico the king of these prankster trickster spirits is the jibaro child folk hero Spirit of Juan Bobo, or John the Simpleton. The Marias also fall under this particular Commission and the Punto or leading spirit is ruled by Maria Magdalena. (Mary Magdalene, who Jesus cast out from her body the 7 Intranquil Spirits Seven Demons) and was the first to witness the resurrection of Christ. Another Maria was the prostitute Maria who with her tears washed the feet of Christ and dried them with her hair, and then she anointed his feet with perfume and oils of Nardo "Spikenard" and Lavandula "Lavender". Some of the most popular Maria that come to Embajadas in Sesiones Espirituales within Espiritismo include Maria de La Luz, Maria de los Cuatro Costal, La India Maria, la Venezuelana Maria Lionza, the gypsi Maria Candelaria, Maria de las Siete Sayas, Maria Lucero,

Maria Antonieta, Maria que Gira el Mundo and Maria Dolerosa to name a few. Like the Juanes, many Marias are historical and folkloric figures and also are believed to be Pre-Columbian Indigenous and African goddesses whose followers hid them in images of the Virgin Mary, to keep their memory and legacy alive.

The name Maria "Mary" appears 51 times in the New Testament and they are 6 of these which are. 1. Mary, the mother of Jesus 2. Mary Magdalene, the woman from whom Jesus cast out seven demons. After Jesus cast seven demons from her, she became one of His followers. 3. Mary of Bethany, sister of Martha and Lazarus 4. Mary, the mother of the disciple James and Joses 5. Mary, the mother of John Mark 6. Mary of Rome

As this group of Spirits opens and closes pathways they are often prayed and invoked for any multiple task imaginable. Be it for work, money, dominating occult enemies or bringing back a wondering lover. The following prayers are popular and come from all over Latin America and the Caribbean. In Venezuela 3 Potencia Espiritismo where this Commission of Spirits is exceptionally popular they are known as La Corte de los Don Juanes


iOh! Seor Juan, Espritu de la bondad, que por medio de tu gran poder me ayudar a conseguir no un imposible, pero si, un poco de suerte en el juego y en el amor. Siempre te llevar conmigo para que me des suerte y me libres de muchos males. San Juan del Amor, quien me dar la grata dicha y ternura matrimonial con poder infinito, como se lo pido en el nombre del Padre, Hijo y Espritu Santo. Amn.


iOh Saint John of the Lovers, grant me the dignity to be worthy of the love of others and find an infinite union with my soul mate. This I ask in the name of the Heavenly Father, Son and Holy Ghost. Amen.


Oh, San Juan del Dinero, has que por medio de este veln con el cual invoco la sublime influencia del Padre Eterno, para obtener xito y adelanto en todos los actos de mi vida, para allanar todas las dificultades que hayan en mi camino. Invoco la ayuda del Espritu Santo para que la buena estrella alumbre mi camino. Invoco al Dios de las alturas para que mi negocio, mi casa, prosperen y mi persona reciba un mensaje de buena suerte enviado por la Divina Providencia. Oh, Gran Poder imploro tu suprema Majestad para que mi camino se vea

iluminado por el faro de la fortuna. Oh! Gran Poder de Dios quita de mi camino todo obstculo que mis enemigos traten de ponerme.


Oh Saint John of Currency you that through the light of this candle which I offer to your divine and sublime influence, will intercede on my behalf, unto our Heavenly Father, so that I may obtain success and advancement in all the undertakings of my life. With your influence I shall smooth down and remove all the obstacles and difficulties in my pathway. I invoke the Holy Spirit so that the brightest star shall brighten my darkened road. I invoke the Heavenly Father so that I may succeed in my personal and business affairs. May I receive a sign from the Celestial Court of upcoming abundance. Oh Heavenly Power, I humbly implore that my pathways in life be illuminated by the lighthouse of fortune and darken the pathway of those who desire me ill fortune. Amen.


Por tu suprema grandeza de poder busco refugio y proteccin ante ti para que en esta vida no vaya yo a caer en la esclavitud de la pobreza. Lbrame de este mal pensamiento. Te pido el privilegio de tener trabajo productivo para apuntalar mis virtudes, lucir mis honores, y para imponer y que tomen en cuenta mis opiniones y saber; porque la experiencia humana nos ensea que el honor, la virtud y el saber, sin dinero tienen poco valor. Amn.


By your Divine Viruses, I seek refuge and protection so that in this life I shall not fall into the bondage of poverty. Free me of evil intentions of others, and I ask that I may be privileged in obtaining a steady productive job. Amen.


Hermano mo, ven hermano, yo te imploro por medio de esta oracin, te pido que no pienses en nadie sino en m, y en este momento sublime, este pensando en m y mi pensamiento lo torture y lo traiga hasta m, manso como un corderito. Amn.


Come forth my heavenly brother, I implore you with the words of this invocation. I ask that (N.N.) think of no one but me, and at this very moment may he/ she be thinking of me and no other, and bring him/her towards me as tame and obedient as a lamb. Amen


Con el permiso de la Comision de los Juanes invoco al hermano de San Juan de la Tumba, para que con su bondad y justicia, interceda por mi para poder tumbar a todos los malos pensamientos de mis enemigo, y las malas acciones de espiritus extractores mandados por enemigos ocultos, a este espiritu extractor yo fulano de tal le dare mas luz de la que te dio mi enemigo, para que te conviertas en espiritu benevolente y mas bien resguardes de todo mal. En nombre de San Juan de la Tumba pido con toda humildad que me des el permiso para tumbar lo malo espiritual que ami me tengan o uno de mis seres queridos amen


With the permission of the Commission of the Juanes I invoke you Saint John of the Tomb, with your justly goodness, intercede on my behalf and help me in removing all evil thoughts my enemies send my way. Defend me against the evil spirits my occult enemies send my way, and to you evil spirit I humbly pray that I may help you find the Light which brings forth eternal peace, that light that the enemy who invoked you so failed to offer you. May the Light embrace and enlighten your darkened soul. In the name of Saint John of the Tomb I ask with all sincerity to give me the strength that is needed to knock down the barriers that my enemies have built for me or my loved ones. Amen.


Salud, Dinero y Amor, felicidad ansiada por todos en el Juego y el Amor; siempre te tengo en mi mente Oh! San Juan de la Buena Suerte. Te hago esta invocacin para que en algo me ayudes. T que siempre has protegido al apostador necesitado, que pobre y desamparado siempre de Ti se ha confiado. Amn.


Health, Fortune and Love. Happiness, friendship and luck in games of chance, and chances in love. I always hold you are close to my heart oh Saint John of the Good Fortune I invoke you great spirit, so that you may open the doorways of opportunities. You that helps those who are poor and unprotected. As you protect and bless them, protect and bless me with good fortune. For in you I have the utmost faith. Amen.


Ofrezco este cigarro por los cuatro costados y los sinco sentidos de (N.N.) por el Santo da en que lo bautizaron y por el Santo ngel de la Guarda, por el Santo de su devocin, por el da en que lo engendraron, por el da en que se va a morir, por el da en que lo van a enterrar, por los pasos con que han de dar con el en el cementerio, por los Siete Espritus de (N.N.) por los Cuarto Espritus que reinan en el Santuario de la Reina Margarita, por San Juan de la Calle para que nos traiga a (N.N.) por San Juan del Camino para que nos lo ponga en el camino de mi casa, por San Juan del Pensamiento para que solamente piense en mi (N.N.) y no pueda pensar en otra mujer, por San Juan de los Amores para que ponga su amor solamente en mi, por San Juan del Dinero para que me traiga dinero, por San Juan de los Obstculos, para que venza todos los obstculos que tenga (N.N.) para venir a mi lado, por San Juan de los Cuatro Vientos, Norte, sur, este y oeste para que me lleven el humos de este cigarro donde el frecuente hasta no estar en la puerta de mi casa, manso y humilde como llego Jesucristo a la presencia de Pilatos: as como me emborracha este cigarro, as quiero que emborraches a (N.N.) de amor por mi. Le ofrezco un Padre Nuestro y un Credo al ngel de la Guarda de (N.N.) San Marcos de Len, as quiero que amanses a (N.N.) y el espritu vivo de el para que lo traigan a las puertas de mi casa. Por San Juan de las Voces, para que oiga mi voz donde quiera que este (N.N.) mas voces por el Anima de la llorona y las Animas Ambulantes. Si tiene cabeza que piense en mi, si tiene ojos que me vea, si tiene nariz que me huela, si tiene boca que me hable, si tiene odos que me oiga, si tiene corazn que me ame, si tiene manos que me tienta, si tiene pies que me busquen, que no tenga gusto ni placer si no esta a

mi lado, ni con mujer ni hombres hablar, ni en la cama pueda dormir, ni en la mesa pueda comer


I offer the smoke of this cigar to the four directions and the five senses of (N.N.), for the Holy day in which he was baptized, for his Guardian Angel, and for his Patron Saint. For the Holy Day in which he was conceived, and for the Holy Day in which he shall pass. For the Holy steps they will take to bury him, and for the Holy plot and Cemetery that shall be his eternal resting place. I offer this smoke to his Seven Spirits of and to the Four Spirits that surround our Queen Margarita. To Saint John of the Road so that he may clear the path for (N.N.) To Saint John of the Pathways so that he may place (N.N.) on the director of my home. To Saint John of Thoughts so that (N.N.) may only think of me and no other. To Saint John of the Lovers, so that his love may be dedicated only unto me. To Saint John of Currencies, so that he may bring money to me. To Saint John of Obstacles, so that (N.N.) may conquer all obstacles that do not allow him to be with me. To Saint John of the Four Winds, North, South, East and West, so that the Holy scent of this smoke

reaches him and bring him enchanted to the foot of my door, tame and humble as our Lord Jesus Christ presented himself at the feet of Pontious Pilot. Just as this smoke places me in a trance state, so will this smoke make (N.N.) feel in a state of trance, full of love only for me. I offer an Our Father, and a Creed to the Guardian Angel of (N.N.). Oh Saint Marcos de Leon, I ask that you Dominate (N.N.) from head to toe, and bring him by my side.

To Saint John of the Voice, so that (N.N.) may hear my voice no matter where he may be. To the cry of the weeping spirit, and to the scattering spirits, hear me.

If he has a brain, then think of me. If eyes he has, see only me. If a nose he has, then smell me. If a mouth he has then speak good about me. If ears he has, hear me. If a beating heart he has, may it skip a beat for me. If hands he has may they want to touch me, if feet he has may they run to me. May he find neither rest nor pleasure if by my side he is not. May no man nor woman come between us. May he not rest in strange beds nor sit in a strangers chair without me in his thoughts ,


Oh! Gran espiritu de San juan del Desespero. Oh! espiritu dominador vencedor de lo imposible desesperame a fulano de tal o fulana de tal y humillalo ante mi como se humillo Cristo ante la cruz. Oh! Juan del Desespero, tu que poder tuviste para dominar y desesperar, y desesperaste a tu esposa, as yo te pido y te rezo esta oracion para que me le desespere y le trastornes los 5 sentidos a fulano de tal. Amen.


Oh Great Spirit of Saint John of Despair, dominating and conquering Spirit of that which is impossible. Abandon your watchful eye from (N.N.) and may he come humble to me as our Lord Jesus went humble before the Cross. Oh Saint John of Despair, you that have the power to dominate, and you that abandoned your wife because of her insincerity. I ask that you abandon (N.N.) and conquer his five senses, until he feels disgrace, and humble and tamed he shall return before me. Amen


Oh San Juan del desespero junto con San Juan del Tabaco, San juan del Tormento, San Juan del Camino, Juan de los Cuatros Vientos, Juan del Amor, Juan de la Calle, Juan del mal pensamiento, Juan de la traicion, Juan del volteo, junto con todos estos espiritus de la Comision de los Juanes, pido que me desesperes a fulano (a), que llegue manso y humilde hasta el ltimo momento de su desesperacion que no pueda beber, ni dormir, ni fornicar, ni comer, traquilo sino que viva todo el tiempo desesperado. Ofrezco las luces de este veln a: San Juan del volteo, San desacedor y Don Juan del Estrellamiento, para que en esta hora y est momento volteen , devuelvan y deshagan toda maldad, brujera, hechizera, envidia, chisme e intriga que hayan hecho en mi contra. Amen.


Oh Saint John of Despair, Saint John of the Tobacco, Saint John of Torment, Saint John of the Road, Saint John of the Four Winds, Saint John of Lovers, Saint John of the Road, Saint John of Thoughts, Saint John of Betrayal, Saint John of the Cart, together with all the Commission of the Johns. Ask that you abandon your protection on (N.N.). May he come tame and humble before

me. May he not rest in peace, sleep in peace, stand in peace nor live in peace until he comes before me asking forgiveness. I offer the light of this Candle to Saint John the Tumbler and Saint John the Crasher, so that in this moment and in this hour may you repel and return all envy, black magic, curses, hexes, evil eye, and bad thoughts that my enemies may wish upon me. (N.N.) You can not harm me, for a Commission of Spirits protects me. Amen.


Espritu bueno cuya misin es asistir a las desgraciadas aydame y darme tu proteccin para que me vea con buenos ojos y siempre me piense y recuerde, que yo por medio de este tabaco te invoco y te pido que me gues por el camino del bien. Y cuando yo te pida algn favor concdemelo que yo lo que te ofrezca te cumplir. Para hacer la invocacin prender una vela y poner una copa de ron donde se haga la peticin, adems del tabaco del principio.


Good Spirit whose mission is to assist those suffering a disgrace, help me and bless me with your protection, so that I others see me with kind eyes. I through the smoke of this cigar invoke your presence so that you may guide me through the correct path in life. Consider what I ask of you because all that I have ever promised you I have faithfully complied. Amen


Hermano de todos los Mrtires que viven en este mundo de luchas y sufrimientos. Te pido la gracia de conseguir un trabajo para ganar el sustento de cada da y no me falle la alegra de mi bienestar. Siempre condceme por el camino del bien y la prosperidad. Concdeme esta gracia. Amen


Holy Brother of all the Martyrs that live within this world of so much struggle and suffering. I humbly ask that you open the pathways so that I may find work so that I may sustain myself and be able to live a life of peace and well being. Always guide me in the direct pathways in life, open the doors of opportunities and prosperity. Amen.


San Juan de la Conquista, San Juan de la Calle. Segn te atreviste a entrar a la casa santa de Jerusaln y apagar la lmpara del sacramento del altar entra por siempre en los cincos sentidos de (N.N.) y no lo dejes pensar en nadie nada mas que en mi, que no pueda en silla sentarse, y que no tenga un momento de paz y de reposo, hasta que venga vencido a mis pies. Amen.


Saint John the Conqueror, Saint John of the Road, as you entered into the shrine in Jerusalem and extinguish the candles upon the altar enter into the soul of (N.N.) and conquer his five senses. May he think of no one but me, until he returns on his knees asking for my forgiveness. Amen.

Various Juanes From the Commission

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o

San Juan del Tabaco San Juan de las Aguas Benditas San Juan de los Caminos San Juan de los Cuatro Vientos San Juan del Trabajo San Juan de los Negocios San Juan de la Tumba San Juan del Volteo San Juan del Trueno San Juan del Relampago San Juan del Reventon San Juan de los Llanos San Juan de las Yerbas San Juan de los Bosques San Juan de los Altares San Juan de la Luz San Juan del Dinero San Juan del Dominio San Juan de la Sabiduria San Juan de la Fuerza San Juan de la Proteccion San Juan de la Estabilidad

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San Juan de la Firmeza San Juan de la Evolucion San Juan de la Buena Suerte San Juan de la Fortuna San Juan del Triunfo San Juan del Reviente San Juan del Estalle San Juan del Desate San Juan del Despojo San Juan Retornado San Juan de los Hierros San Juan Cazador San Juan Desibilisador San Juan del Destranque San Juan del Decruce San Juan de la Cruz San Juan de la Caretera San Juan de la Carreta San Juan de la Lagunita San Juan de la Quebrada. San Juan del Tesoro San Juan de las Calles San Juan del Suspiro San Juan del Dinero San Juan de las Cuatro Ramas San Juan del Abandono San Juan del Amor San Juan de los Suenos San Juan de la Cordillera San Juan del Domingo San Juan del Regreso San Juan de las Plantas San Juan de los Borrachos San Juan el Bebedor San Juan de la Luna San Juan del Sol San Juan de la Cadena San Juan de los Portales San Juan Reviente San Juan Terrateniente San Juan de los Encantos San Juan Santiguador San Juan Conquistador San Juan del Pensamiento San Juan de la Limpieza

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San Juan de las Montanas San Juan del Reventamiento San Juan del Turbamento San Juan del Desespero San Juan Minero San Juan de la Fortaleza San Juan de lo Prohibido San Juan Tricado San Juan de las Llanuras San Juan del Socorro Saint John of Tobacco Saint John of the Blessed Waters Saint John of the Pathways Saint John of the Four Winds Saint John of Work and Labor Saint John of Business and Negotiation Saint John of the Tomb Saint John of Turn Around Saint John of Thunder Saint John of Lightning Saint John of Coalition Saint John of the Plains Saint John the Herbalist Saint John of the Forests Saint John of the Altars Saint John of the Light Saint John of Currency Saint John the Denominator

Saint John the Wise Saint John of Strength Saint John the Protector Saint John of Stability Saint John the Firm Saint John of Elevation Saint John of Good Luck Saint John of Fortune Saint John of Triumph Saint John of the Bust Saint John of Combustion Saint John of the Knot Saint John the Cleanser and Purifier Saint John the Returner Saint John of Iron Saint John of Union and Marriage Saint John of the Cross Saint John of the Cart Saint John of the Crossroads Saint John of the Lagoon Saint John of the Brook Saint John of Treasures Saint John of the Street

Saint John of Sigh Saint John of the Four Leaves Saint John of Abandonment Saint John of Lovers Saint John of Dreams Saint John the Ranger Saint John of Sundays Saint John of Roots Saint John the Drunkard Saint John the Drinker Saint John of the Rays of the Moon Saint John of the Rays of the Sun Saint John of the Link Saint John of Portals Saint John of the Bust Saint John the Land Holder Saint John of Enchantments Saint John the Healer Saint John the Conquerer Saint John the Thinker Saint John of the Mountains Saint John of Turbulence Saint John of Desperation

Saint John the Miner Saint John of the Fortress Saint John the Prohibited Saint John of Sorrows Saint John Tricase Saint John the Helper Saint John the Trickster

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1. Nov 2



The Misa de Investigacin is one of the first ceremonies that is undertaken within Espiritismo and the Sanse Religion It is a sanse of four or more Espiritas and Mediums seated around a person who is to find out the Spirits that make up his or her Cuadro Espiritual. During la Investigacion it is rare for anyone to become possessed by a Spirit, but it does happen. A spiritual consultation is given through divination from either the cards, tobacco, sea shells, or other methods. Through this process one finds out the various groups that make up a person's Spiritual frame, and who are some of the Ancestors or dominant blood lineage and if the person needs to undertake any further initiations of development; and if the individual is elected to become the head Medium's (Presidente de Mesa) ahijado / ahijada (godchild). It is important to have a Clairaudient medium a Clairvoyant medium and at least one physical medium which is the Mediamnidad de mano derecha in addition to the person presiding over the misa, which is the Presidente de Mesa and will become the Padrino or the Madrina of the person undergoing this misa. The Centinela and each of the spirits of ones Cuadro will be invoked with prayers and songs enticing them to participate and if possible make their presence be known and what are the Cortes or Comisiones (Courts, Commissions) of spirits that make up the ahijado's Cuadro Espiritual.


The bautismos are baptismal ceremonial rites of passage that an individual undertakes which usually last anywhere from four to seven days. During these days the individual undertaking los Bautismo will officially become the ahijado / ahijada of the Presidente de Mesa "head medium" performing the ceremony and the head medium will become the Padrino or Madrina of the person receiving the bautismos. The ahijado / ahijada will undergo various bautismo ceremonies, depending on the tradition of el Padrino or la Madrina. In tropical areas such as Puerto Rico it is always performed outdoors within a rainforest, river, lake, wooded area or mountain top, but in urban settings within the United States the bautismo are done indoors in a Centro Espiritual or the homes of the Padrino, Madrinas, or ahijado. Some of the Bautismos are as followed, Bautismo de Agua, Bautismo de Fuego, Bautismo de Tierra and Bautismo de Humo y aire (air). Each night the ahijado will receive, a special cleansing prepared with herbs, oils and perfumes called a Punto for the Centinela (head spiritual guide) and other spirits of the Corte / Comision, Angel de la Guarda, Misterio and Santo Patron.


The Alineacion de Cuadro Espiritual, Alignment of the Spiritual Frame is a special Mesa Blanca Espiritismo ceremony performed by the same group of mediums mentioned above for the purpose of identifying the actual names of the ahijado's Centinela, and other spirits guides that makes up the Cuadro Espiritual. The Ceremony is performed differently by various Centro Espirituales, and depends if the Centro de Mesa Blanca Espiritismo is purely Espiritismo or more Santerismo or Sanse, in Sanse this procedure is known as la Consulta de Investigacion. The difference with the Consulta de Investigacion and the Alineacion de Cuadro Espiritual is that the Consulta deals with finding out who ones various Puntos, Jefe, Santos and Mysterios are while the purpose of the Alineacion is to find out the name of the Centinela Principle Guide, and the names of other Commissions that make up the ahijado's Cuadro Espiritual. Before the ceremony the ahijado undertaking the ceremony must fast that day, or consume raw vegetables and fruits until the ceremony is complete and refrain from sexual activities and vulgar usage of language. His/her Padrino or Madrina, the Mediamnidad de Mano Derech and other mediums will prepare the altar and adequately purify and cleanse the location where the misa is to be held.

The altar usually consists of the basic Mesa Blanca layout, a table covered in a white cloth, with one Fuente Espiritual, and a large White candle and Vases full of water are placed on the altar, but some traditions add more Fuentes. The ceremony usually starts by the ahijado or ahijada privately stripping himself/herself of the clothing warn that day and taking a despojo herbal bath prepared by the Padrino or Madrina. Then the ahijado will dress in clean white clothing and cover the head with a white head dress, cloth or cap. The ahijado will then be presented to the altar and a sahumerio will be used to cleanse the ahijado of any negative vibrations the bath did not pick up, this sahumerio is a mixture of garlic skins, herbs and resins that burn on a charcoal. Then he/she will offer bouquets of white carnations to the altar, crossing him/herself with them, kissing them and placing them into the Vases on the altar and light the white candle, as all the mediums chants prayers to the Spirit Guides. The Padrino or Madrina holding the ceremony will recite special prayers to invite the various courts of Comisiones to come down, this is called an Embajada. Usually the first presence or dominant presence is that of the ahijado's Centinela, and usually takes possesions of one of the Mediums, usually the Mediamidad de Mano Derecha, or speak to the Clairaudient or show visions to the Clairvoyant. The ahijado is seated directly in front of the altar while the Padrino or Madrina or both sit on either side while the rest sit around the ahijado.

During the Misa de Desarrollo the ahijado/a is in his/her apprentice stage and is taught through careful observation how to properly conduct a Misa Espiritual, reunion and a sesion. How one must behave and conduct themselves during spiritual labor and what procedures must be taken to ensure that only positive spirits are invoked while the Espiritus Atrasado are left out, and the proper and correct prayers for any and all situations are taught, and how to detect and lift causas. The appropriate way to communicate with the Spirits, and how to get answers. The ahijado is also taught the importance of both material and spiritual hygiene, and the importance of performing an Amparo ritual before and after every spiritual work and how to lift causas. The ahijado assists the Padrino and Madrina in many Sesiones and Misas, and plays a small but important role in the gatherings such as lighting candles and filling the Fuentes with Fluidos, dressing altars, handing the Mediums Florida Water and other spiritual waters and attending to the needs of an Espiritistas, Presidente de Mesa or the Mediamidad de la Mano Derecha. When the Padrino or Madrina are sure that the individual has grown in Facultades Espirituales, the ahijado is ready for further ceremonies. In this stage of development and apprenticeship the ahijado never becomes fully mounted or possessed by a Spirit. Instead they are taught to listen to ones intuition and inner voice, and act accordingly.

This Misa is a divination, cleansing and purification ceremony where the Padrino or Madrina use an oracle to discover and decipher the ahijado /ahijada's spiritual, and material problems, the causes and effects, and what must be done to lift any negative vibrations and remove any Espiritus Atrasados that accompany the ahijado / ahijada. The severity of the negative vibrations and what must be done to remove it. Some Padrinos and Madrinas with the help of other mediums including a clairaudient, a clairvoyant and a

Casilla "physical medium" who is usually always la mediamidad de mano derecha can also perform a past life regression to see if bad karma from a past life was brought into this life and how to lift and remove it, and to give the initiated a clearer understanding of who he/she was in previous lives and how or why the cadena espirituales (spiritual links) that bind him/her to past life spirits. Various cleansing techniques are done during this Misa such as pases, santiguos, despojos and sahumerios depending on the negative vibrations and Causas. Some Causas vary from bad karma, to the individual being the recipient of black magic, or the individual attracting Espiritus Atrasados; to paying unpaid debts from past lives, to having a link with the spirit of a past life partner or family member that is attached to the person in the present state, and is the cause for the Causa.

The Misa de la Coronacion is where the Centinela and the various spirits that make up ones Cuadro Espiritual are symbolically placed on the Head. Each individual has a different Cuadro Espiritual, most individuals have two or more Spirits from the various courts of commissions, while others may have various spirits from the same Commission. It is impossible to know all the names of the spirits that make up an individuals Cuadro Espiritual, and as the newly initiated is instructed; he / she will come to find out on their own while growing in spiritual faculties as the spirits will, unravel themselves and as the medium develops they will come in contact with other spirits and their names through out their life will come to them. During the Coronacion, the ahijado/a makes his/her first physical contact with the Centinela, during a ritual mounting. After the Coronacion a Fiesta Espiritual is done, and family and friends are invited to congratulate and celebrate the new Sansista, Santerista, Espirita or Espiritista, depending on the religion or spiritual path. After the Coronacion, the ahijado / ahijada can work his own spiritual tableau.


I have been to many Novenas most for departed family members and loved

ones. It is a Hispanic tradition that Espiritismo and Catholicism share in common. I personally have only lead one Novena, and at first it was very nerve wracking, I thought I was gonna blank and forget the Credos, Our Fathers or Ave Maria, but thankfully I pulled through. I know of a ten year old Puerto Rican girl who is so gifted in Novenas, that she has been leading the Novenas prayers since she was seven. I once spoke to an older Puerto Rican neighbor of mine in her late 60s who performs 2 or 3 a month. She jokingly told me that if she had gotten paid for all the Novenas she has lead in her life she presently would be a wealthy woman. Novenas are done through what we call, la obra de la caridad. The Novenario del Recin Fallecido, or Novenas is a Rosary prayer ceremony done one day after a burial and lasts for 9 consecutive evenings, usually begun when the sun sets. An altar is prepared and adorned with white candles and the funeral wreaths, in some Sanse and Espiritismo traditions a Fuente Espiritual with a cross or crucifix within the water is placed as the central piece, while others do not place the crucifix within the fuente, and others do not include the fuente; and the wall is adorned with a portrait or photos of the person who passed. We recite the Rosary but also include prayers from Allan Kardec's books of prayers. It is a tradition for each person or family who brings a wreath to a funeral to drop a single flower from the wreath on top of the casket and then bring the wreath to the house where the Novenas is to be held. These wreaths adorn the altar. The Rosary is recited and the recently departed is invoked to the altar with the prayers of the Rosary. Many of these spirits are confused and dazed from the transition of life into death and the purpose for a novena is to lead them into the light so that they do not remain trapped in the material plane, thus becoming wondering spirits or worse, restless souls. The Novena is a spiritual tool in helping the spirit except death and find spiritual elevation.

This misa is done to help elevate earth bound spirits, tormented souls, lone souls, the disembodied spirit, full bodied apparitions or the soul of a deceased person that has passed and never been spiritually elevated or gone into the light. Usually these spirits become angry, afraid, or confused and cause uneasiness on the living they get in contact with or properties they attach themselves to. The purpose for the Misa de Elevacin is to help them except

that they need to leave this plane of existence and enter into the next. Many of these spirits can be very difficult, stubborn and quit frankly dangerous, if this is the case, the Centinela, Cuadro Espiritual and Archangel or an Ascended Spirit are invoked to help intercede.


The Collar de la Protecion is given to the newly initiated medium during the Coronacion in the form of a necklace or a bracelet that is placed on the left wrist or around the neck It is cleansed, purified and blessed and placed on the person as a charm of great protection and to ward of evil, and is always worn and never removed with the exception of sexual activities and releasing the body of bodily waists. If the charm breaks or is lost, this is a symbol that it picked up on strong negative vibrations, danger, envy or the evil eye and must be replaced by a new one. If found it is cleansed and purified before being warn again. No one but the Padrino, Madrina and its owner is to touch it. They are a protective symbol of ones Centinela, and are made out of hematite, azabache stone, peony seads, gold or silver. A medallion such as an Indian head, an Indian arrow head, a tooth, a congo spirit, mano de azabache, cruz de caravaca, star of David, a pyramid, a cross or crucifix, or an amulet of a saint. One two or three are placed on the Collar de Protecion to represent the Centinela protection. A hematite bracelet can be plain round stones or depict images of Saints.

The Colors represent

Black, the unseen, the unknown, but from darkness comes light. Red, the blood of life, the essence of existence.. Silver, clarity, visions, insight. Gold, spiritual faculties, light strength, endurance, durability.

Some also receive a Rosary and an Escapulario as a gift from a loved one during the Coronacion. This Rosary is used during times of Novenas and Misas, and the Escapulario represents ones Sanse Spirit, or Patron saint. These items are also blessed, purified and cleansed by the Padrino, or Madrina.

The tradition of giving a mano de azabache to a new born is widely popular in Hispanic countries, for protection from evil, this is the same concept, to protect the newly initiated from evil, envy and malice.

Lately allot of Espiritistas, Sansistas or Santerista who have been initiated into Lukumi Santeria and 21 Division use and give blessed eleke collares to their clients as a talisman for protection these are not traditional in Espiritismo but are widely respected.


This literary is one of the most exhausting but spiritually uplifting and powerful misa performed. In Puerto Rico this rite is performed solely for the Commission of the Indians, the caciques and the Cemi Spirits. Traditionally only performed by the ascendants of the Taino people, it is becoming popular within Espiritismo and Sanse traditions. Traditionally the Taino celebrated Spirit and life with a ceremony called the Areito. In Espiritismo an Areito begins with the traditional prayers recited in Misas, then everyone stands up in a circle and begin to slowly chant and dance

counter clockwise all the while stomping their feet upon the ground. The women usually shake gourd rattles and the men hit two palo sticks. At first the dance begins slow and becomes quicker as the music plays and chants are sung and everyone involved enters into a trance like state, as the Great Cacique and Cemi Spirits are invoked. Some include instrument players that play the Mayohavau, the Guiro, and sea shell fluits. The ceremony is always held outdoors, and the Fuente Espiritual is replaced by a large gourd filled with river or rain water. Although descendants of Puerto Rican tainos have always been performing private Areitos, and since the 70s has become very popular amongst Puerto Rican Espiritista circles, in Cuba an Espiritismo sect called Espiritismo de Cordn has always been practiced. Also the word Areito is used in the Puerto Rican language to mean Danzas Folkloricas everything pertaining to folk dance be it African or indigenous is titled an Areito, or baile folklorico.

"A remar, a remar, a remar. A remar, a remar, a remar. A remar, a remar, a remar. Porque La Virgen nos va a rescatar."

"We are rowing, and paddling, and paddling. We are rowing, and paddling, and paddling. We are rowing, and paddling, and paddling. Because the Virgin is going to rescue us!"
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2. Oct 27

The Gypsi Maria Candelaria & Don Diego el Duende


My Gypsi. Merciful Spirit. Kind and just soul. I a firm believer of your charitable mysteries, your power, and your merciful ways invoke you here and at this moment. Oh my Gypsi Maria Candelaria. For the blessings bestowed upon you by God, great wandering spirit, free me of all illnesses. Always forgiving, and by the blessed hand of God, I ask you that as our Lord forgave you of any mortal sin, I ask that you intercede on my behalf so that I may be forgiven of mines. And for the salvation given unto you by the Son of the Omnipotent God. Oh My Gypsi Maria Candelaria I ask you to to hear my pleas. Embrace me with your goodness oh prodigious soul and bestow upon me, Light and Progress. You that have been blessed and covered in a bed of flowers. With the prodigy of your Tarot cards, free me of my restlessness, free me of my concerns, free me of my lamentations. Oh, My Gypsi, Maria Candelaria, great spirit of the Commission of Gypsies. I ask of your blessings. Bless me with your powerful magic.

I ask you in the name of God, to radiate my body with your blessed fluids, so that I may vanquish from my life all evil thoughts that I myself think, or those that enemies may plot. Amen.


Don Diego el Duende is an earth Spirit, brought to South America and the Caribbean with the migration of Gypsies. Don Diego el Duente is a troll like goblin earth spirit, that is a like a muse to the Gypsies. When ever you see a Flamenco dance fiercely or a Spanish Guitarist play amazingly that the hairs on the back of your neck stand, it is because he is present. Spanish gypsies sing a form of music called. Canto Hondo, deep singing, similar to the Southern blues. They sing in a mournful toan of their suffering and persecution. This style of music is never written nor composed, it is improvised, and it is then when the Gypsies say they sing with el Duende,

or dance with el Duende or play music with el Duende. To be possessed by this earth elemental muse like spirit.

Powerful and Sage friend. Prince and King amongst Kings. Protector of Men and Gypsies. Free me of the evil intentions my enemies may wish upon me. Eyes they have, but shall not see me. Mouths they have, but shall not speak against me. Ears they have, but they can not hear me. Hands they have but can not touch me. Legs they have, but will not follow me. Intentions they may have, but will not come to pass. Oh Don Diego el Duende, with the power bestowed upon you by God.. Amen.

Oracin a la Gitana Mara Candelaria

Gitana Ma, Espritu clemente; Alma bondadosa, Yo, fiel creyente de tus misterios, de tu poder y de tu misericordia, Te invoco en este momento. Oh! Gitana Mara Candelaria Por la bendicin que te ha dado Dios, Que fuiste

errante, libre de toda enfermedad. Perdonada siempre por la Mano de Dios, Te pido que as como fuisteis liberada de tus culpas, me ayudes a redimir las mas, Por la Salvacin que disteis al corazn del hijo del omnipotente. Oh! Gitana Mara Candelaria, Te pido escuches mis ruegos Llvame a tu bondad, alma prodigiosa, dadme luz y progreso. T que has sido bendecida Cobijada entre las flores Con el prodigio de tus cartas lbrame de inquietudes, lbrame de los lamentos. Oh! Gitana Mara Candelaria, Espiritu de la Comision de los Gitanos, Pido tu bendicin, Bendceme con tu magia poderosa, te pido en el nombre de Dios irradies mi cuerpo con tus santos fluidos para alejar de mi los malos pensamientosque quieran enviarme mis enemigos. Amn

Oracion a Don Diego el Duende

Amigo sabio y poderoso, prncipe de prncipes, rey de reyes, amparador de los hombres y gitanos, lbrame de las malas ocasiones que persiguen mis enemigos. Bienvenidas sean las cosas en tu nombre y poder, ojos tengan y no me miren, manos tengan y no me toquen, pies tengan y no me alcancen, armas tengan y no. den fuego. Cobardes difamadores aqu estoy y voy con el Duende, que el valor se les desmaye y los pelos se les ericen, que todos sean llenos de terror y miedo. Que bienvenidas sean a m las cosas, como yo las deseo, Seor de la Naturaleza. Don Diego Duende, ya es tiempo que venzasmis enemigos. En el nombre de Dios. Amen.

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3. Oct 24

The Commission of La Madama and el Congo

Commission of the Madamas and Congos

La Madama is one of the most loved and respected groups of Spirits of the various courts or commissions in Caribbean Hispanic Espiritismo. Many confuse La Madama, or "La Negra" as many Caribbean Hispanics call her as being one spirit but this is not the case, the Madama are many. The Madamas represent the Female Force, and wisdom within a family unit. Historically las Madamas or Las Negras where the Mammys, the Mamei, Mama Mei or Mai, the house slave servant who where responsible for the caring and well-being of a masters family. They where the matriarch, the eldest and wisest of the Masters slaves, and where loved and respected by the family The Madamas where the healers and the midwives and where well knowledge in midwifery. They had a vast knowledge of herbalism, and home remedies, and as one today enters into a pharmacy to seek a remedy for what ails one. The Madamas could enter any forest or wooded area and find the correct herb for what it was needed for.

Las Madamas where also termed as Brujas by the Spaniards as they had a vast knowledge in magic, it is a fact that the first quemaduras "witch burnings" in the Americas happened in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico. The historic location is in front of el Castillo de San Cristobal, today the location is marked by the Lincoln School. In those days this area was called el Charco de las Brujas (the Puddle of the Witches). African slaves who practiced their African magic and sorcery and where accused of Witchcraft which in the Spanish point of view was connected to the Devil where paraded through the old city walls and then brought to el Charco de Brujas and tied to stakes and burned alive.

One important historical case which took place in 1608 was that of African woman who proclaimed to have Mayorazgo "Spirit Guide" that resided within their stomach. The eldest of the women became possessed by her Mayorazgo Spirit and spoke in a man's voice. The spirit even said that his name was Pedro Lorenzo, and that in Africa all Spirit Guides resided within the stomach, abdomen. Miraculously these women lives where spared, and ordered to be taken to the The Catedral de San Juan and immediately exercised and properly baptized. Note if you look at most statues of a Madamas you will notice that either one or both hands touches their waist or abdomen. Present day statues of La Madama are usually considered a Spiritual Vessel and Espiritistas always cleanse, baptize and open the bottom of the statue and fill her with an orange or red cloth bag with her mysteries. La Madama has many sacred emblems, of those, a straw wooden broom which is her tool for cleansing and purifying, a pack of La Baraja Espaola, Spanish playing cards which she uses to tell fortunes, a knife which she uses for protection and cutting herbs, and a bowl or basket which she uses to place healing herbs and make healing brews. Each of the items represents one of the four elements. Broom, air, cards earth, bowl water, knife, fire. A wooden rosary is always places around the statutes neck. Tradition says that the African slaves could not afford the expensive imported European beaded rosaries of their masters so they made their own out of wood and rope. African women where often fond of rosaries. La Madama has been venerated in Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic and Cuba since the days when these wise women took care of the children and there wisdom has never been forgotten, so much so that they have been sanctified within Espiritismo tradition. There was even a law in Puerto Rico that declared that if a slave were left as guardian to his/her master's children he/she became free. I once spoke to a practitioner of Hoodoo who mistakenly called the Madamas Sorceress and a conjure and root worker, or root doctors, this is far from the truth. A sorceress in Spanish is an Hechizera or an enchantress who works magic for personal gain, and power, something La Madamas are clearly not about since all their labor on earth was for the greater good of their oppressor and kinfolk, and it is known that in Africa root doctors where primarily men, this tradition came along to Puerto Rico, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Brazil and Venezuela. The women where the healer women who worked with herbs and the men worked the roots. The Congo Spirit is the typical root worker conjure man.

There where African women who worked in black magic and roots, these women in Caribbean Hispanic communities where called Las Congas. While the Madamas had a motherly nature one thing is true about the Congas and the Madamas, as viewed in Espiritismo tradition, they have a strong character and are very opinionated and outspoken. One famous Conga is that of Negra Fransisca there are two historical Negra Fransiscas one was Dominican the other Venezuelan interestingly both where powerful Spiritists and well knowledge Witches. The Dominican Francisca was married to Don Francisco while the Venezuelean one was married to el Negro Felipe. The Venezuelan Negra Francisca Maria Dolores lived in the 1800, her fame is as respected as that of New Orleans Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau. Legend says that La Negra Francisca Maria Dolores was an exotic mulatta beauty of caramel skin with hazel eyes, her father was a Spaniard and her mother was a freed slave. Her character has been described as sweet, loving, flirtatious, with superior intelligence as a business woman. She was well sought of from both blacks and whites as a Macumbera practitioner of Macumba and because of her superior talents as a clairvoyance and a medium. She was married to el Negro Felipe Rodriguez who has been remembered as a womanizer and alcoholic. (His statues always depicts him poring liquor from a jug to a cup.) Negro Felipe was also a powerful medium and Macumbero, and is said to have been married to 9 Women, all named Francisca. Francisca Maria Dolores was believed to have been barren, a curse placed on her by Felipe's other wives who where also all practitioners of Macumba and envious of her power, fame and beauty.

As the legend goes Francisca through a dream was told that Felipe's other wives had placed the barren curse upon her. The following day Francisca prepared a powerful bilongo (black magic) to lift the curse and return it to her enemies.

Shortly afterwards she became pregnant but miscarried after the death of Felipe. Deeply saddened she went into seclusion until her death. She is buried in the town of Ocumare de la Costa, and her tomb has been visited by Espiritistas from all over the Caribbean and Venezuela, as the tomb is always full of candles and offerings.

Little is known of the Francisca of the Dominican Republic with the exception that she was a powerful Vodou priestess and was married young to Fransicisco and they where inseparable until the day they died. Statues of the Dominican Francisca is always accompanied by el Negro Francisco because in embajadas (ceremonies where they are invoked to come down) she refuses to work without her life long partner.


The Congos are the spirits of the witch doctors, paleros, juju man, root workers. They are often of a strong character, demanding, and up front. They never hold their tongues and love to smoke tobacco and drink hard liquor. They are often invoked in lifting curses, and combating black magic. Many are suspicious of none black people. In Africa they where kings, and great shamans who where captured and became slaves. This is the reason of their suspicion to none blacks.


The commission of the Esclavos are the spirits of the slaves both male and female. They usually appear in embajadas and sances as very wise, soft spoken and inquisitive. I have been working with a Esclavo by the name of Otelio since the mid 1990s. He often comes to embajadas and sesiones, to lift causas, and give words of wisdom. In life Otelio's face was branded, as was tradition for slaves to get branded on their foreheads by their masters. He tried to fight it and got the left side of his face branded. He became blind in his left eye and speaks through the right side, rarely moving if ever the left side of his face. Some Escalvos fall under the Majordomo Court, or the Butlers. Other where Marronage or Cimarrn, the spirits of runaway fugitive slaves who hid in the mountain areas of Puerto Rico and lived amongst what was left of the Taino or in caves. The unpaved roads and heavy jungles and rain forests insured their safety and freedom.

Names of famous Madamas and las Negras. These are some of the names of various Madamas that come down during Sesiones and Velaciones, there are to many to name but these are the names of those that make frequent appearances and help to guide. Understand that in present Hispanic Caribbean cultures the word Negra is not an offensive or racists word. It is used mostly as a term of such as honey or dear. Many Carribean Hispanic use the word Mi Negrita, to mean my love.

Names of Some Madamas Negra Tomasa Ma Fransisca Doa Elena Doa Amparo Tia Maria Calunga Negra Josefina Maria de la Luz Maria Conga Ma Cesilia Ma Anabel Mai Maria Cuatro Costal Negra Ophelia Ma Juana Mama Ela

Music. Bomba and Plena Offerings. Tobacco and black unsweetened coffee. Color. Orange and Red Flowers. Carnation Patron Saint. San Martin de Porres Ascended Spirit. Afra

Names of Congos and Negritos Ta Jose Negro Francisco Negro Felipe Candelo el Negrito

Pa Tomas Pai Jose Hermano Juan El Prieto Candido Congo de Guinea Hermano Moises Tata Jaquin

Oh holy spirit of La Madama. I Implore your sublime influences, for my protection. By the Virtues that the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost have placed upon you, I ask you to help and Guide me. Oh Grand Spirit of La Madama, give me courage! use your divine wisdom, and your divine influences, so that no man or woman, under the eyes of God, may harm me. I ask this with pure

respect, pure faith, pure hope, and pure charity. Amen

Oh Madama, I humbly invoke your sublime holy spirit. Lady of waters, I invoke you by your name Negra Tomasa, Negra Francisca, Mama Juana, Mama Ella, Ma Elena Ma Amparo, and Mai I invoke you as my fortress of protection and by the virtues bestowed upon you by God, intercede on my behalf. Liberate me from all that is evil, and bring only righteousness and goodness on my path. May the light of God eliminate my home and all that I hold sacred. Oh Madama, liberate me from tormented souls, and may those who wish me ill, repent and come asking for forgiveness from the offense they may have done against me. May my pathway be clear and smooth. May your Ascended Spirit guide me and may all evil be banished from my life. Amen.


La Madama are known for being Yerbateras and Santiguadoras, and they used herbal infusions for baths. This is a bath and not meant for human intake. Pregnant Women should not handle Rue (Ruda) With Rue Rosemarry, and Basil. (Ruda, Romero, Albahca) My body I shall perfume so I may be cleansed in invoking you. With Wormwood, Bonesett, and Sage (epasote, rompe zaraguey and salvia) to cleanse purify and remove bad thoughts, and evil vibrations.

With Marjoram (Mejorana) so that luck come my way. With Wild Mint, and Holy Thistle (Yerba Buena, Yerba Santa) so that I can have light and clarity of mind. Oh Madama, as I light this candle, illuminate my life and pathway. As I pour this herbal infusion over my body, cleanse and purify my aura. Oh blessed and glorious Madama I place my faith under your protection. Amen


Oh glorious black queen, your heart is as pure as all the Ascended Souls. I implore that you calm my anxieties and aid me in being victorious in all my undertakings. Show me the virtues of patience so that when times of turbulence arise, I may deal with them accordingly. Oh Negra Francisca, bestow upon me courage, and values I so need in this life. Fill me with your spiritual fluids and faculties so that no evil under the Sun and Moon may not cause me harm. Lend me some of your wisdom and the knowledge to know the difference from what is correct and what is incorrect. Show me a sign and let me know that where ever I go and where ever I am, I will be in peace and tranquility because your guiding spirit is not far.

I implore you Negra Francisca, as my Centinela, protective Spirit Guide, protect me in all my journeys. In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. Amen.


Oh Glorious Congo Spirit, for your virtues you have enteted the Kingdom of Heaven and have obtained the Holy Blessings of God. You are a leader of the heavenly commission of spirits and you are surrounded by Angels. I an admirer of your strength and courage, knowledge and wisdom, ask in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost that you fill my body with your powers and help me in separating the evil thoughts my enemies send towards me. Free me Oh Congo from the snare of the Devil, and the embrace of his demons. Vanish from me all evil spirits and bind their hands and feet, may they never reach me. Oh Glorious Congo, With you at my side I shall defeat my enemies, and with your strength I shall overcome all my obstacles. With your sublime powers that have been given to you by God, I ask that you help me in my daily needs. Guard my home against envy, jealousy, and bad faith, and free me of all negative influences. I light this candle in your honor, and ask that you illuminate my path. Amen.


Oh divine redeemer, spirit of the Congo. I call to you, may you come and work the spiritual labor. May you work both the material and the spiritual. You Congo that in life suffered what we consider unimaginable. I implore that you protect me from suffering the same fate. Protect my beliefs and do not let others judge me, or make me feel like I have to hide what in my heart I know

is wright. Oh my beloved Congo, be my guiding light in this life, and keep all that is wicked away from me. Bring only that which is good to my life. I ask this in the name of God. Amen.


Negro Felipe and Negro Jose, you that where captured from your motherland of Africa and brought to the Americas against your will. By God sent and by the Virgin protected. In Africa you where a king, a prince, and of noble blood. Striped of your honorable titles and given the title of Slave. But still you endured, and became immortalized as ever wise and ever humble, and the very descended of those who persecuted you, today honor you as living saints of the celestial courts. Oh Negro Felipe and Negro Francisco, I ask that you make impotent those that wish to strip me of my freedom, and wish to conquer my mind, body, soul, and my freewill. Keep away from me all black magic, evil intentions and ill will. All this I ask with much faith and reverence of the eternal freedom bestowed upon you by the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. Amen.


To you Brother Negro Juan, who was in the canoe when our Lady of Charity appeared before You, Juan Indio, and Juan Blanco. You who are the backbone to my spiritual frame, and to all the good spirits that take an interest in my well being. Oh Negro Juan you that knows first hand my tribulations, I ask that you help me in making my life peaceful and still, as peaceful and still as Our Lady made the waters for you and the other Juans. You know all my necessities, I ask you to intercede on my behalf in front of Our Lady and the Celestial Court. I ask this with much faith. Amen.


10.24.1790 to 07.5.1869


Our Lord and Heavenly Father, you that took into your Kingdom the Sage amd Teacher Rafael Cordero Molina, the Afro Puerto Rican Freeman, who had a burning desire within his soul to teach all children, black and white, rich and poor. Born of a brilliant Wisdom, and a charitable heart for his fellow man, poor and homeless.

Let me be as he was and be like a good neighbor, and a good Samaritan. Let me be generous in serving all those who are in need. Lord I ask, let the memory of his charitable works be remembered and may his name be Holy and elevated upon the altars. Veneration of Virtue, respect for the good man who devotes himself, like the Divine Master Rafael Cordero Molina, to the teaching of those who do not know. To pouring into the hearts of the youth the principles of Faith, Hope, Charity, Love, Knowledge, and Glory. Bring me to shed a tear, not on an opulent tomb, but on a humble grave, brightened by the merits of the virtuous man who sleeps within.Such a man as was Rafael Cordero y Molina. AMEN.

Hermano Brujo Luis Sanse Santerismo, Brujeria, Espiritismo Puerto Rico

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4. Oct 23



QUE GRANDE DIOS MIO ES LA LUNA, Y QUE GRANDE DIOS MIO ES SU AMOR. English How beautiful is the Moon, her complexion of silver. She peeks through the clouds and pours down her rays. Her image reflected in the ocean leaves a trace of brilliance, of every tint of blue so profound. How pleasant are the flowers, their aromas, their scent, that baith the brooks with their discreet silent murmurs. Which are sweet and tranquil, silent melodies of love. Brings joy to the Nightingales that in flight greets the trees. How pure are the rays, that in my soul are reflected. How loving are the echos of yearning that be. How immense and profound are you my Father, your everlasting love has affected the flowers, the birds, the moon and the sea. How beautiful is the moon. How greatful are the flowers. How enchanting is the melody of the Nightingale dove. How beautiful is the Moon, how beautiful is thy love.

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5. Oct 20



To speak of a spiritual path that deals with evolving oneself and connecting and communication with spirits of light, one also must speak of those spirits that cause confusion, discord and are of a disruptive nature. Being of Puerto Rican decent naturally most of my clients are Puerto Rican and some suffer from what is labeled as "PRS" Puerto Rican syndrome. Yes this is a real medical term, and is known to Puerto Ricans as Ataque de Nervios. Many medical doctors and psychiatrist dealing with Puerto Rican patients understand the importance of not just helping Puerto Ricans cope with mental issues and disorders, but helping them find a spiritual way or outlet in keeping PRS under control. Most Puerto Ricans like many people of Hispanic decent do not completely believe or have faith in psychiatric methods, so they search for a spiritual healer to help them in keeping under control el

Ataque de Nervios. Hispanics who come from rural pueblos understand that in order to be well, one must keep in balance physical, mental and spiritual health. When I have a client I try to understand if the problem is a problema material or a problema espiritual. If the problem is of a material nature it is my responsibility in instructing the person to make an appointment with a medical physician, or counselor, if the problem is spiritual I do what I can in helping the individual and if it is more than I can handle I help them find an Espiritista, Brujo or Santero that is capable of helping the individual. If I can help the individual, I try through spiritual consultation to determine the origin of the problem. When I find the origin of the cause of el Ataque, which is not as easy as it sounds, I prescribe ritual baths, despojos, prayers, and other methods in lifting the causa. Puerto Rican syndrome is a pseudo epilepsy or psychosomatic disorder known in Spanish as Ataque de Nervios, which can cause the individual suffering from it convulsions, foaming of the mouth, screaming, fainting, biting, kicking, shaking in seizures and fainting. Many Puerto Ricans believe they know its origins. This syndrome that comes on when a person is under great stress has in some part to do with the belief and dealing with sorcery, curses, hexes, or lower level demons, and tormented souls, brought upon the individual by dabbling in black magic, or the recipient of a curse or witchcraft. It is important to understand that not all Ataques have to do with sorcery or black magic. Some have to do with a person suffering a susto (fright or soul loss) while others also border between mental and spiritual, and it is my job in helping them spiritually but also instructing them to seek psychiatric help in order to balance both. And there are many when the problem is a mental disorder and these individual need more help that we can not possibly give. As a spiritual worker we must be responsible and careful in not making it worse for the person. The origins of los Ataque de Nervios has its origins both in Africa and of the native Tainos. The Spanish would keep diaries or chronicles on how these people suffered. Both the African women and Taino women would scream, cry, pull their hair, shake in convulsions and foam in the mouth when they where placed under great stress. Many individuals who invoke lower level spirits and demons do so for personal gain, controlling or causing harm whether it be in defeating an enemy or causing harm on a rival, in matters of love, or for obtaining power. Alot of people invoke these spirits with very little knowledge of what they are getting themselves into and far less on what they are doing, what they are inviting into their lives, what they are unleashing and who in actuality they are invoking, with out understanding that there is always a high price to be paid when working with this lower class of entities. Some also go to Nigromanticos, priests of the dark arts, Brujos, and Hechizero Diableros shamans and pay expensive prices for them to call on these entities, usually to cause harm or for

gain. It is widely known in Hispanic communities that Nigromantes exclusively work with lower entities and lower demons because of how quick results are given. The reason for the quick results is in part because of how close they are to the realm of the living, and because of their greet hunger for material offerings. The Intranquil Spirits where almost virtually unheard of, unknown or forgotten outside the Hispanic communities, unless one was initiated into these traditions that dealt with them, or new personally of one who practiced these arcane secret societies. It took the English translation of a popular Spanish prayer book titled La Fe en la Oracion, used amongst the Hispanic occult community to revive these spirits into the English speaking communities. One of the prayers has been widely excepted by the English speaking communities and can be found all over the Internet as a Prayer to the Intranquil Spirits in love magic. Pink 7 day candles (the color of passion) can be found in botanicas, ritual supply shops and Hispanic bodegas through out the United States and are recently becoming a popular item in New Age shops and catalogs. But let me give the warning, these spirits should be avoided entirely. Traditional Spanish invocations to the Intranquil Spirits are titled, Oraciones a los 7 Espiritus Intranquiloslos Siete Demonios Capitales. This presumption is wrong. The Seven Deadly Sins are Higher Demons, that rule over minions of fallen angels and demons and they where not created into a human body, although they can posses humans. The Intranquil Spirits once lived in the material plane and are the tortured ghosts, apparitions, poltergeists of rapists, murderers, serial killers, and demented individuals. They are the damned trapped earth bound souls in an astral plane very close to the plane of material existence. Hechizeros and Nigromantes that work with the intranquil spirits, never do so in their own homes. To do so is willingly inviting the Spirit to reside within the home, or worse on the body. (Haunted House / Haunted Individual). These Hechizeros and Nigromantes, always work outdoors in the dead of night, usually in burial grounds or cemeteries and under the protection of a Guide, in Hispanic traditions this guide is usually, in the Caribbean El Baron del Cementerio, and in Mexico and South America under La Santa Muerte, or a Catholic saint that they associate with the Baron. To work with these spirits within the home is to surely invite the entity to reside within the home. Note in Sanse we work with San Elias del Monte Carmelo and is one of the Seven Jefes Divisiones of Misterios, Los 7 Jefes de Sanse, The Seven Chiefs of Sanse, La Siete Division. He is invoked under El Baron del Cementerio to help protect us from black magic and restless spirits. While San Miguel aids us in spiritual combat. Every positive has a negative. The first offering to the intranquil spirits usually consists of an offering made

at an entrance to a burial ground, this offering usually consists of coins, tobacco and liquor. After they grant your desire these spirits will want more and more, until they obtain an animal sacrifice. (Animal Sacrifice is not performed in Sanse, Santerismo or Espiritismo, as blood is the most sacred of substance and only God's to take.). If the person invoking the Intranquil Spirits does not give them what they ask, they will eventually turn on the practitioner. It is important to understand that the intranquil spirits are usually attracted to weak individuals, those who suffer some form of mental disorder and anguish. Anyone who works with Higher Spirits such as the Saints, a Centinela, Spirit Guide, Corte, Commission or Angel should not work with lower level entities. In Spanish we call this, ensuciando tu Cuadro or ensuciando el Altar. Literally means making ones altar dirty, or relieving oneself upon ones Spirit Guides. When an individual does so, their Cuadro Espiritual becomes weakened as the Spirit Guides abandon the individual, and it is hard to restore the relationship. They are always present in your life, but they must step aside so one reaps what they sow. Also it is a Hispanic folk belief that when one works with an Intranquil Spirit, one is literally selling their soul to the Devil. It is a common belief amongst Hispanics that if one works with the Intranquil Spirit, one is making a deal to switch places or swap positions with this spirit. For example, upon ones death one become a restless soul, and the Intranquil Spirit comes back to life, usually in the person who invoked them bloodline. This is where the saying "the sins of the Father" falls into place. Many individuals seak the Intranquil Spirits in love spells, this in itself is foolish, the person may return, but will never truly love the individual, in most cases they become obsessive and abusive, physically or mentally. Also when working with the Intranquil Spirits one must be warned that this group of spirits are very greedy and possessive of the person who invites them into their lives. Also everything they give you is not permanent and quickly will be taken away, causing the person to invoke them again, this becomes a dangerous and often deadly cycle. One can break the dangerous cycle, by reconnecting with God, and the Higher Spirits of Light, but this is truly rare, since the individual has to find purity in heart and practice pure Love, Faith, Hope and Charity. Which in reality and borrowing from the text from the scriptures. "It would be easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle.' As humans we are not perfect, and we must and will make errors and commit offenses along the way in order to learn. Do we really need the help of lower level spirits?

Siete Demonios Capitales. Seven Deadly Sins are.

Envy: Leviathan: An enormous demon of darkness and chaos; inspires

arrogance and envy. Gluttony: Beelzebub: The prince of demons; the lord of the flies; inspires gluttony, unholy desire, jealousy, war, and murder. Greed: Mammon: Demon of wealth; son of the Devil; inspires gross injustice, idolatry, greed and the love of money over all other things. Lust: Asmodeus: Demon of wrath; prince of demons; the father of monsters; inspires gambling, deceit, lust, and revenge. Pride: Lucifer: A great angel cast into Hell; also known as the light bringer, the bearer of light, and the morning star; inspires pride and rebellion. Sloth: Belphegor: Demon of indifference; inspires extreme laziness and spiritual apathy. Wrath: Satan: An angel expelled from heaven; evil personified; the great adversary; inspires mankind to turn away from God; inspires mortal sins.


This is not a complete list, just the most known.

* Espiritus de la Ira * Espritus Ignorante * Espritus Traviesos * Espritus Destructivos * Espiritus Burlones * Espiritus Confusos * Espiritus Atrasados * Espiritus Dominantes * Espiritus Perturbados * Espiritus del Desespero * Espiritu del Odio * Espiritu Trastornado * Espiritus Errantes * Espiritus del Tormento * Espiritus del Desarollo * Espiritus del la Desilucion * Espiritu del Retiro * Espiritus Engaosos * Espiritus de la Discordia * Espiritus de la Ravia * Espiritus Arogantes * Espiritus de la Angustia * Espiritus de la Desgracia

Intranquil Spirit Prayer

O, Intranquil Spirit, you that in Hell are wandering and will never reach Heaven, hear me, o, hear me. I want you to grasp the five senses of (n.n.) and do not let him/her rest in peace, that he/she should think only of seeing me, smelling me, hearing me, tasting me, and touching me, that he/she should find himself/herself as desperate as the waters of the seas and as torn as the wind in the storm until he/she returns to me, that he/she should run and run until he/she humbly falls at my feet because nobody will help him/her. That neither a divorced woman/man nor a married woman/man, a widow/widower, nor a virgin woman/man, shall ever love him/her, but only me and me alone. (N.N.) I conjure you before the cross and God Almighty, that you are to run after me as the living run after the cross and the dead run after the light. So be it. Amen.

In the Holy Name of God, I invoke you. Spirit that Dominates, Spirit of Disorder Intranquil Spirits, Restless Spirits, Spirit of John the Conquer, Spirit of John of the Crossroads, Spirit of John the Miner, Spirit of Juan of the Road, Spirits of the Four Winds, that find your self in all paths and all directions. Spirits of Enchantment, Spirit of Saint Mark de Leon, Spirit of Saint Martha the Dominator, and Saint Helen of Jerusalem. Spirit of Saint Salvador, and of Saint Ines of the Lost Forest, Spirit of Mary of the Light, I conjure and invoke thee so that you may aid me in dominating the Five senses of (n.n.). I conjure the Spirit Guide of (n.n.) on the holy day in which he was baptized, and for the night he was consumed and for the hour he was born, and for the moment in which he shall die. I conjure you in front of this sacred flame, let the light represent his head, his body, his arms, his legs, his eyes, his ears, his nose, his mouth. Hear me oh Spirit that Dominates, that (n.n.) may not sleep in peace, walk in peace, breath in peace, eat in peace, drink in peace, until humbly he is at my feet full of love and desire only for me.

Bring him crawling on all fours as an obedient dog and as tame as a lamb. With one I See you. With two I Bind You. With three I Break you. Blood I shall pour, and your heart I shall break. Dominated in mind, body, and Spirit. You shall not look upon another without seeing me, you shall not think unless your thoughts are of me. My words they dominate you, my eyes shall blind you, and my Desire will break you. As I desire, so shall it be.


Oh Seven Intranquil Spirits, you that in Hell reside and in the Kingdom of Heaven you shall never set a foot. I offer you these 21 candles and I ask that you seek what I ask of you. No one calls upon you, I invoke you. Hear my words! Hear my words! It is the witching hour and I stand naked giving you light. So that you may have the faculties to give what I ask. Spirit of Hate, I invoke thee. Spirit of Desperation, I invoke thee. Spirit of Discord, I invoke thee. Spirit of Mysery, I invoke thee. Spirit of Disruption, I invoke thee. Spirit of Confusion, I invoke thee. Spirit of Rage, I invoke you. O Seven Intranquil Spirits, Dominate in mind, body, and soul those who are my enemies and wish to cause me harm. As I will it, So shall it be.


With one I see you. With two I recognize you. With three I bind and torment you. O Spirit of Rage, I call on you. O Spirit of Anger, I call you. O Spirit of Hate, hear my plea in this hour of disgrace. I desire that you inspire within me eternal hate against those who offend me.

May they not see me coming, and may they disappear ever from my presence. As I will it. So shall it be.


Juan the Conqueror, Juan of the Crossroads, and Juan the Miner. You that dared enter the holy temple and steal of the sacraments. I ask you to enter the heart of (n.n.) and steel his affection from my rivals. Quiet the mouth of my rival, and have her lay down in defeat. Do not allow the man I lost to sit in a chair, nor lay in a bed. Give him no moments of rest, tranquility, nor harmony until at my feet he comes begging for mercy. Spirits of the Four Horsemen, Black Horse, White Horse, Brown Horse, Auburn. Spirit of Juan Minero, for the caverns you work and toil. I ask that you to work, and toil and dominate the heart of (n.n.). This I ask with much faith. So be it. These invocations to the Intranquil Spirits are just but a few of the countless Spanish invocations that exist, many also implore Demons and offerings of animal sacrifice and tobacco, but I purposely excluded them as they really are to blasphemous to even mention.


There is an old Puerto Rican tale about a witch who lived in a rural area of Puerto Rico. Everyone in her Pueblo knew that she was a witch who practiced what was considered both white and black magic. The old Witch was alone in the world, she had became a widow at a young age, loosing her husband in a war and had lost all her children when they where very young. The folks of the small pueblo often spoke of how the poor old Witch was known for her ataque de nervios because of all the sorrow and pain she had gone through in life. Some would say she suffered these Atauque de nervios, for dabbling in the black arts, and she was often heard wailing and crying alone at night, with no one to console nor comfort her. Although the Witch practiced magic, as is a custom in Hispanic countries, she was also a devout Catholic and was very fond of Saint Michael.

Each Sunday the old witch would weight for the congregation to leave the old church. Then she would quietly enter the church and kneel before a large plaster statue of Saint Michael and pray. When she was done, at the foot of the statue she would light two candles, one red and one black. This always puzzled the Padre of the church, but he never bothered her on her weekly ritual. One afternoon as the congregation left the church and the Padre was gathering the psalm books from the pews, he saw the old woman performing her weekly ritual at the foot of the large statue of San Miguel, and offerings of the red candle and the black candle. The Padre's curiosity was overwhelming, he approached the old woman, and politely asked her the mystery and reason behind her always lighting both the red candle and the black one. " Seora, Con Permiso, may I ask why you light two candles to San Miguel? One red and one black?" At first this startled the old Witch, since everyone avoided her, and no one had spoken to her in years. "Bueno Padrecito". She said looking up at him. Then looking at the statue and pointing at the figure of Saint Michael, sword in hand, and then at the Diablo at his feet. "In this life I have been good and I have been bad, I have done wright and I have done wrong. I am up there in age and soon alone I shall pass. And I can not predict where my soul will go. Will it go to Heaven or will it go to Hell? So why not have a friend in both places.'

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6. Oct 18

ANIMA SOLA ANIMA SOLA Animas Del Purgatorio

Legend tells the tale of how when men where crucified, women where in charge of taking a pale of water and from a sponge attached to a long wooden pole, they would soak it in water and would give the crucified victims water to quench their thirst. On the evening of Good Friday when Jesus Christ was crucified a woman by the name Maria Celestina Abdenago brought water to the three upon the cross. She gave Dysmas and Gesmas water but for some reason she feared the savior, and did not give him water to drink. When Maria Celestina Abdenago died many years later she was sent to purgatory for denying the savior water.

Another legend tells the tale of how Maria Celestina Abdenago was a sorceress who practiced the black arts and when Jesus was carrying the heavy wooden cross through the streets, as he passed her house she ran into the street, up to him and spat in his face. Thus going to purgatory for her offense and insult done to the savior.

A popular Mexican and Spanish Anima Sola is Juan Minero, or John the Miner. For his sins on earth Juan Minero toils and labors hard in purgatory mining coal to feed the flames of both Hell and purgatory. His sin, tradition says that in a fit of rage he would enter into Holy Temples and shrines and defile the altars, by blowing out candles and stealing lanterns and spilling holy water on the ground.

The most popular image of an Anima Sola depicts a woman in a dungeon set into flames as she looks up towards the heavens. Her chains are broken and she looks at peace, as if the flames consuming her soul do not bother her. She patiently awaits the saviors forgiveness of her sins, as her arms are stretched upwards as if the savior has sent the Queen of Angels to set her free from her torment. The infamous famous image of the Anima Sola is of Maria Celestina Abdenago. Many who don't know much of the Anima Sola assume that there is only one, when in reality there are countless souls in the "Catholic' purgatory or lower spiritual plane, cleansing there sinful souls before being forgiven and reaching a higher spiritual plane.

The Anima Sola or Lonely Souls of Purgatory are not evil spirits, as their souls are not damned in Hades or Hell, they are the souls of sinners who because of their mortal sins cannot reach the Kingdom of Heaven until there souls have been purified from their earthly wrong doings. Many people in Latin American counties pray to the Anima Sola and they are often invoked in love spells. On Mondays they are offered water, a white candle to give them light and many offer them cigars, cigarettes and strong liquor such as rum, whiskey or a can of beer. The Anima Sola are venerated on el Dia de las Animas, November 2nd the day of All Souls Day, as special Masses are done in honor of them. In Mexico this day is called, El Dia de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead.

I personally do not work with the Anima Sola. From my personal belief, these spirits should be respected and prayers should be said to them so that their sins are forgiven and so that their souls become purified and they may be able to move higher in the spiritual evolution chain. I have done Veladas for Anima Sola, include them in prayers during Sesiones and light candles for them on November 2nd, but I do not keep any Anima Sola paraphernalia on my altars, its just a personal preference.


Hear ye O Mortals, the lament of an imprisoned soul, alone and abandoned in an obscure dwelling. O Lone Soul, a soul of peace and of war. Soul of sea and of land. I desire that all that I have lost be returned. O Souls, you who are alone and abandoned, I accompany you in your grief. Pity upon you I have, for I know of the grief and suffering you must endure within your harsh and long imprisonment. I offer you this prayer and glass of water because I desire to lessen your pain and quench your thirst.

Sad Soul, Alone Soul, no one calls you, I call you. No one looks for you, but I seek you out. No one loves you, but I adore you. No one remembers you, but I keep you in my heart. I offer you this lit candle so that you may find your way into the light. In this moment I offer to you my meritorious labor, and all that I have suffered, suffer and will suffer in this life, can never compare to yours. I humbly pray that you finish paying for your mortal sins of the flesh so that you may find the grace of God, and be lifted from your imprisonment, With your grace you shall be my benefactor. Amen


Traditional Spanish prayers to Juan Minero have to do with casting a love spell on an individual or performing black magic. I do not personally work with this spirit, but I include it because of its popular use within Diableria, Hechiserismo "sorcery" Brujeria Negra 'black magic' and Nigromante Nigromantismo "necromancy" These prayers fall under the works of working with the espiritus intranquilos, Intranquil or Restless Spirits, as they are mentioned by traditional Spanish names. I will only be including one prayers hear as the rest fall under the Intranquil Spirits.


In the Holy names of God, I invoke the spirits of Domination, the Intranquil Restless Spirits, the Spirits of Despair. The Spirit of Juan (John) the Conqueror, the Spirit of Juan of the crossroads, the spirit of Juan Minero, the spirit of Juan of sorrows, and Juan of the dangerous road. I invoke the spirits of the four winds, I invoke the Soul of the Anima Sola, Juan Minero. I ask you to enter into the heart of (n.n.). Oh Guardian Angel of (n.n.), step aside and do not intercede. Let him/her be restless and not find peace until by my side he/she stands. Oh soul of Juan Minero, place me in his/her heart, and in his/her thoughts. Saint Ines of the lost forests, aid me in returning his/her affection. Return him/her in body, mind and spirit. So be it

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El EMBAJADOR Male LA EMBAJADORA, Female: An assistant medium who will recite the prayers during the seance and make sure all runs smoothly and safeguards the Casilla while under possession. El BANCO or LA CASILLA. The bench or vessel, a medium who will transmit messages received from the spirits or become possessed by a spirit to lift causas, and give spiritual advice and consultations. Los Participantes, El Publico. Those who attend a Sance, "Sesion Espiritual'. la reunin espiritista

The Reunin, or Sesion Espiritual "Sance" is at the heart of Puerto Rican Espiritismo, Santerismo, Sanse, and the Brujeria traditions. It is where we come to gather in a small group to speak and get information from our Seres, Muertos, Centinela, Santos, Cuadro Espiritual and Commissions. The sance is a private gathering similar to the larger public Misa Espirualeits, Fiesta Espiritual, and Veladas. A reunin or sesion is done under faith hope and charity, meaning no one gets

paid for this service, not even the Mediums conducting the sance, but it is expected of all attending and participating in the event to collaborate with the expenses in some form and bring the necessary ofrendas to the sance. The oftendas are offerings to the spirits and include items such as cigars, florida water, holy water, flowers, and incense to name a few. In Puerto Rico a Sance is never practiced with less than three people, and no more than nine. More than nine would fall under a misa espiritual or velada. What I will be describing here is how I personally do a sance and how it is practiced amongst the Puerto Rican community. From this point on I will be using both the English word Sance and Spanish words Sesion, or Reunin as they are often used interchangeably within the Hispanic community. The preparation call for the table that will be used for the Reunion, it should be cleaned and wiped down before la sesion, with florida water and holy water, and the table is always covered with a white table cloth. A large glass fuente is filled with cool holy water and placed on the center of the table surrounded by white candles, usually three, or nine. Another table is set aside which will be the tableau espiritual, an altar for the Centinela or Guardian Saint and other protective spirits guides of the Cuadro Espiritual pertaining to the person whose house the sesion is to be held. This table becomes a shrine to the protective spirits and the items and ofrendas used for the Sance are kept there such as food, rum, coffee, cigars, flowers, a bell, florida water, a gourd instrument such as a maraca, and a black cloth. A large fuente is also placed on the tableau espiritual, this one will have a mixture of Holy Water, anil indigo water, Florida Water, Bay rum, Kolonia 1800, Colonia Patchouli, Locion Pompeya, and Agua de Sandalo. Within the fuente a metal soup ladle is placed and around it enough fresh clean white face cloths for all attendants. Packets of wooden matches and fresh cigars are also placed around the altar. Behind the fuente two white seven day candles are lit. The house where the sesion is to be held must be physically and spiritually cleaned before the sance is to begin. Garbage is removed, dishes are washed and the house must be neat and organized. The house should be fumigated with frankincense sandalwood, and myrrh or with nag champa incense before the sesion begins, and four clear glasses with ice water and camphor is placed within the four corners of the house. The actual table where the sesion is to be held was traditionally a round dinner table, if it is imposable to have a round table, this does not matter as the candles around the fuente will create the spiritul circle. Before the sesion it is imperative for the Embajador and the Banco to refrain from having any form of sexual activities that day, and that they fast for 6

hours prior to the Sanse. It is not that these things are bad for the Mediums, but that it causes the mediums to become spiritually grounded and it also creates a spiritual barrier or blockage. Food and sexual intercourse, grounds a person, and in order to receive messages, the body should be as light and as clean as humanly possible. Both the mediums prior to attending the Sance must relieve their bodies of bodily waist, and cleanse themselves with a spiritual bath, prayers and fumigation. The bath is done at home and prior to the sanse, it consists of taking a hand full of fresh sage and mashing it into a gallon of cool holy water. The water will take on a green tint, to this is added a large bottle of florida water and it is carefully strained and placed into a large glass bowl. A white cloth is placed over the bowl and it is placed on the mediums altar as candles are lit and the medium says prayers to his Cuadro Espiritual. This is left on the altar until the candles are consumed, usually small tee lites. (NEVER LEAVE CANDLES UNATTENDED) The mediums will take a bath with this spiritual wash by pouring it over the head in a bathtub as prayers are recited. Half of the spiritual bath is saved to cleanse oneself when returning home at the end of the night. This is an Amparo ritual that must always be done prior to the Seance. During the seance, both the Embajador and the Banco, should remove any belts jewelry, and shoes. If the shoes are not removed then the laces must be untied. The only thing kept on the table where the sesion is to be conducted is the fuente espiritual with 3 or 9 white candles surrounding it, and Allen Kardec's book on Selected Prayers, a few bottles of florida water and ash trays for the cigars. Everyone participating in the Seance are asked to arrive at a certain time and always as the sun begins to set, usually around seven in the evening. They are instructed not to be late and that good personal hygiene is observed by all attendants. At the entrance of the home a fuente is filled with a mixture of indigo, Rompe zaraguey herb, florida water and holy water so that all who attend may bless and protect themselves by making the sign of the cross when they arrive. Also a ritual chalk made out of white egg shells is placed next to the bowl so participants can draw protective crosses on their wrists and in the back of the neck. On either side of the fuente is a lit seven day white candle. During the sesion all participants must keep their legs uncrossed and their arms should never be folded and during the actual sance both their hands palms down are kept on the table at all times; unless they are flicking a cigar, this is called la cadena espiritual. The Embajador should keep his/her head covered by wearing a white head cloth or white bandana upon the head, this is a protective measure so that he/she can control the Sance and not become possessed. Although Higher Spirits can speak through the Embajador, and the Embajador can pass messages from the spirits to the living, he must stay in

control of the reunin at all times. Spirits will often give messages to other attendants, if they feel a strong message, they will politely wait until the Banco is quiet. Many Spirits want to come through during a seance, and the Embajador must insure complete control and order and that respect is observed at all times. Benevolent spirits are not the only ones who will want to attend but los espiritus intranquilos will try and come. If an evil entity is present, or takes over the body of the banco, it is the Embajador responsibility to remove it or command it to go to leave. If the spirit or entity refuses, the black cloth is placed over the bancos head, as a prayer of protection and banishment is said while wringing the altar bell. Also Spirits might not ever posses the banco, they might let their presence be known, by wrapping noises or moving objects. The reason why it is important the Embajador should say the proper prayers and invocations that will follow, is because it is the responsibility of the Embajador to insure the safety of all present, that he calls on benevolent and protective spirits,only, and to make sure an earth bound spirit or demon is not invited into the sesion, or that negative spirits are not left loose to wonder this plain of existence. The Sance should commence one hour after the sun sets. Everyone participating should wear clean light colored clothing and come with a respectful attitude. All cell phones are turned off and all forms of distractions. Once the reunin begins no one is permitted to leave or come in during the sesion. During the Sesion, the Centinela or one of the spirits from the commissions might come down to consult of lift a causa. The spirit within the casilla often stays seated but many times it will stand up and move around cleansing and purifying. If this happens it is the Embajadors responsibility and job to ensure the safety of the casilla. The Embajador stands behind the casilla and makes sure the material and physical body of the possessed casilla is not harmed. When the sesion begins all the candles are lit and electrical lights are turned of, and everyone takes their seat. The Embajador begins to recites the prayers from Allen Kardec^s prayer book, beggining with the prayer of the Medium, at this time both the Embajador and the banco takes a ladel of the blessed water from the fuente and pours it on the clean face cloth and cleans his aura. Then the embajador begins to recite the opening prayer, and counter clockwise one by one, the participants gets up, salutes the spirits of the tableau altar and takes a ladle full of liquid from the fuente and cleanses themselves. The embajador continues reading the opening prayer as each individual salutes the altar and cleanses themselves and then again takes their seat. Sometimes after the prayer and blessings, spiritual songs are sung as the participants light cigars to entice the spirits to join the reunin. If songs are not sung, then quiet espiritista music is played in the background.

When the sesion is over all the waters from the altars and the table are thrown out the front door, Lights are turned on and all who attend enjoy a light meal, and talk about the event or messages told during the sesion. If the participants and mediums are up to it they can call friends over to dance as a Fiesta Espiritual is underway and the spirits and commissions are invoked to dance and trabajar las causas.

PRAYERS OF LA REUNIN / SESION ESPIRITUAL. "For where two or three are gathered together in My Name, there am I in the midst of them." Mathew, 18: 20 *** FOR THE MEDIUMS. ***
"And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith the Lord. I will pour out my Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams: And on my servants and on my handmaidens I will pour out in those last days of My Spirit, and they shall prophesy." Acts 2: 17/18 Almighty and Powerful God, allow the enlightened and benevolent spirits to come and assist me in the communication that I seek. Protect me from being enveloped by malevolent entities, and distance me from judging myself and from the pride of egotistical thoughts that will deter me from the purpose of your spiritual mission, which can cause conflict in my communication with other spiritualists and towards other mediums. If I should fall into error, inspire others to advise me of my mistakes and instill within me humbleness.

And If I for any reason should fall into the temptation of abusing the gift you have bestowed upon me, I pray that you aid me in seeing the errors of my ways before it deters me from the purpose of using this gift for greater good of mankind and my spiritual progression.


We pray to the Almighty Lord to send us good spirits to assist us, to keep away those who could induce us in error, and to give us the necessary light to distinguish the truth from the impostors. Also keep away evil, incarnate or dis incarnated spirits that could attempt to place discord among us and deviate us from charity and love for our fellow man. If any attempt to introduce itself here, prevent it from finding any access to anyone of us. Good Spirits, that condescend to come here to instruct us, make us gentle to your advises and deviate selfishness, pride, envy, and jealousy from us. Inspire in us indulgence, and benevolence for our present and absent fellow men, friends, and foes. In ending, make it that in our feelings of charity, humility, and abnegation, we would feel in good spirits, and recognize your healthy influence. To the Mediums who you will put in charge of transmitting your teachings to us, give them knowledge of the holiness of the command that has been entrusted upon them and the seriousness of the act they will accomplish, for the purpose that they would have the necessary fervor and devotion. If there are persons in this reunion that have been attracted by another feeling, different to good, open their eyes to the light and may GOD forgive them if they come with bad intentions. We particularly pray to the Spirits of (....), our Spirit Guide to help us and watch for us. We ask the Divine Spirit and all our spirit guides and guardian spirits that are here tonight to watch over our work. We ask that only good benevolent spirits be present and that our spirit companions protect us from harm and mischief from any troubled spirits whom may be attached, attracted, or sent to this place.


Lord with your Grace we invoke the Spirits of your Court, sweet emanation of the Sublime, of all the great and all the infinite good, holy, and just. Elevated Spirits by your virtues to such a high grade of perfection and joy, where the

Almighty's mission is directly received, so that the effects of his paternal love reach us; messengers of the divine word; come closer to us by Charity, because we are calling you with all the effusion of our souls, so that it vibrates in our hearts with the echo's soft emotion to our entrapped spirit, and to our gross senses, which are used to be dis according accents of our earthly lyres, and cannot conceive the beauty of our harmonies. Let us glorify the Lord, whom by his mercy, we are beginning to enjoy in his dwelling of exile from the light of the truth, the hope of its love and the incomparable embrace of his paternal love, say that we wish the gift of suffering our tests with patience, because his infinite love has made us understand his great knowledge and our healthy mission in this world. Thank you for such great benefits! Guide us with Spirits sent from God, clear our souls, enlighten us with your knowledge from the rugged path of our lives, may the torch of truth shine in him, so that our souls would purify with your beneficial influences, and when our deserved peregrination ends, you lead us as simple doves to the foot of the throne of the King of Kings, to ask him for forgiveness for the faults and sing with you his praises.

(Followed by the Our Father and Hail Mary.)


Sensible and benevolent spirits, messengers of God, whose mission is to assist men and lead them through the good path, support me in the tests of this life, give me the strength to suffer them without muttering, deviate from me bad thoughts and make me not have access to any of the bad spirits that attempt to induce me to evil. Enlighten my conscience so that I can see my defeats, lead away from me the eyes of the veil of pride, which could enable me to see them and keep them to myself. You. Above all. My Guardian Angel, who watches over me particularly, and you, protecting spirits who take interest in me, make

me worthy of your benevolence. You know my needs; make it then, for me to receive the grace according to God's will.


Woe and Pity upon you Scribes and Pharisees, you who cleanses the outside of your chalice and plate, but within you are full of after anger and filth. Blind hypocrites, first cleanse the inside of the chalice and plate so that the outside may become clean and pure. Pity upon you Scribes and Pharisees, you hypocrites, you that act clean and seam beautiful upon the eyes of men from the outside, but within you are full of putrefaction and filth. As such on the outside you also show as just in the eyes of men, but within you are full of hypocrisy and anxiety. In the name of the omnipotent God, the All Powerful God, may the bad spirits turn away from me and may the good spirits defend me from their influence. Wicked Spirits, you who inspire confusion and bad thoughts within men. Deceiving and lying Spirits, who delude men. Mocking Spirits, who amuse yourself with mankind's incredulity. I repel you with all the strength within my soul, and close my ears to your suggestions. I implore that God's mercy be upon you. Benevolent Spirits you who undertake the task of accompanying me in this life, give me the necessary strength and enlightenment to resist the influence of these malevolent spirits. Benevolent Spirits, Safeguard me from pride and presumption. In the holy name of God.


We give thanks to the benevolent spirits who have come to communicate with us. We implore them to help us put into practice the instructions they have given and also that upon leaving this ambient, they may help us to feel strengthened for the practice of goodness and love towards our fellow man. We also desire that your teachings help all those Spirits who are suffering, are ignorant or corrupt, who have participated in our mission and for whom we

implore God's mercy. Amen. FOLLOWING BLOG POST, THE INTRANQUIL SPIRITS AND BLACK MAGIC Posted 13th October by Sancista Brujo Luis Labels: seance sesion espiritual Puerto Rican Spiritism espiritismo reunion espiritista sanse brujeria espiritismo puerto rico pierto rican santeria voodoo 0

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'the natives brought fruit, wooden spears, and certain dried leaves which gave off a distinct fragrance." "We found a man in a canoe he had with him some dried leaves which are in high value among them, for a quantity of it was brought to me at San

Salvador" Christopher Columbus' Journal When Christopher Columbus first arrived in the Americans in 1492 the Taino people gave to him and the Spanish Conquistadors, a great gift, the most holiest of plants, and the most sacred of ritual objects, a messenger of the Cemis (the Gods / Spirits) in the form of an herb called Tobaku. This sacred messenger of the Gods was unknown to the rest of the world. Europe, Asia and Africa did not know of its existence, and the closets counterpart to the rest of the world came in the form of unsmokable resins and incense, which like Tobaku, transmits ones thoughts, desires, wishes, and prayers to the heavens in a cloud of smoke.

Tobaku like all great spirits, was and is a force to be respected, and never abused, he like all Spirits will not tolerate disrespect; to dishonor and disrespect this ancient spirit messenger, is to unleash his deathly vengeance. Tobaku blessed all who venerated and respected him with magical and healing abilities. But like all great spirits and things sacred to pre-Colombian America, Tobaku has suffered centuries of misuse and insult in the form of commercial tobacco. The Taino used Tobaku in Prayer, offerings to the spirits, healing, purification, leisure activities, welcoming friends, peace treaties, and it was never abused and was always respected. Tobaku has grown weary of the exploitation and disrespect done unto him and has retaliated, unleashing his death grip and wrath on those who have abused this sacred spirit. Common

sense dictates that anything you do to your body in excess (a habit) is detrimental.


The tradition of using tobacco as a sacred ritual object survived the European Conquest of the Americas. It is used, within Santeria, Vodou, Sanse, Espiritismo, Obea, 21 Division, Santerismo, Umbanda, 3 Potencia Venezuelana, Chamanismo, Curanderia, and Brujeria, to name a few; as an offering and as a form of cleansing, and communicating with the Spirits in all African, Indigenous, and Amerindian traditional religions. It is used for smudging a body or ritual objects, blessing talismans, for ritual purification, divination and cleansing, as well as an offering to some of the Saints, Orishas, Commissions, Courts, and Lwases, and transmitting ones wishes and desires to the heavens and realms of spirits. I clearly have to state that allot of people do not like or enjoy the aroma of tobacco, as well one has to take into deep consideration the health hazards that come with smoking tobacco. Excessive use of this sacred herb has created many health issues. If you do not smoke, don't start. Use incense such as frankincense or copal, or use sage wands or sweet grass braids as a substitute. But as with tobacco use these items in a well ventilated area. If you are interested in divination, and do not smoke, don't start smoking, use Tarot, playing cards, cowrie shells, coconuts, palmistry, or runes. I by no means am promoting tobacco smoking or usage, what I am talking about hear is giving an inside view on how tobacco is used in Caribbean and Latin American folk magico religious systems and beliefs. Tobacco should be respected and never abused. Because of the stigma that tobacco has received after centuries of misuse and abuse. Tobacomancia or Tobacomancy is rarely if ever mentioned outside the Spanish speaking and Amerindian population.


I offer this smoke to Achiano the Spirit of the South, I offer this smoke to Koromo the Spirit of the West, I offer this smoke to Rakuno the Spirit of the North, I offer this smoke to Sobaiko the Spirit of the East, I offer this smoke to Atabey, sacred mother of Earth.

I offer this smoke to Yokahu sacred father of the sky. So be it, so it shall be.


To the Spirits of the Four Winds, Black horse, white horse, red horse, and brown, you that find yourself in the four Corners of the Universe. Above and below and in the Four Directions. I call to you oh Charitable Spirit of Tobacco, ancient messengers of the Omnipresent One. I offer you in homage to the Guardian Spirits of (n.n.). For wherever I go with this sacred smoke, you shall purify and cleanse. You shall remove any and every, seen and unseen negative vibration that surrounds (n.n.). And with the grace and power that the Holy Trinity has bestowed upon me, I (n.n.) purify and cleanse (n.n.). So be it, Amen.

With the permission of God. With the guidance of the 21 Commissions of Spirits and the protection of my Guardian Angel. With the watchful eyes of my Spirit Guides. As above so below, and in the four directions, and to the Charitable Spirits of the Four Winds that come from the four corners of the universe. I ask for health, stability, and peace. May the fluids of the Spirits that speak through the smoke of this sacred tobacco, be beneficial towards me and my cause. May all malice and deceit depart and scatter as the smoke does scatter, and only good and charity shall prevail. Amen.


In behalf of the smoke of this sacred cigar. I do conjure and invoke the Seven Divine Guardian Spirits of the Seven Heavens. With this sacred smoke I summon the 3001 Rays of the Moon. In the Divine names of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost, I do invoke thee. May you bless me with your Divine Grace, Wisdom, and Power, and bring forth that which I desire. Oh Great Tobacco, messenger of God. I call upon your Divine Name, so that you may intercede on my behalf and open the doors of the Spirit Realm, and with the help of Saint Teresa de Jesus, lead towards me that spirit which will

aid me in my task. Amen.


Puro, Purito, Puro! I do summon and conjure you. I invoke thee by the divine virtues that you have, and by the divine virtues that God has bestowed upon you. Spirit of the Tobacco, I ask that you penetrate the very soul of (n.n). So that he/she may not rest in peace, drink in peace, eat in peace, walk in peace, breath in peace, nor live in peace, until he/she recognizes the wrong he/she done to me and resigns. Spirits of the Lonely Souls of Purgatory, no one believes in you. I believe in you. Spirits of the Lonely Souls of Purgatory, no one calls to you. I call to you. Spirits of the Lonely Souls of Purgatory, no one offers you water to quench your thirst, I offer you water to quench your thirst. Spirits of the Lonely Souls of Purgatory, I believe in you. Spirits of the Lonely Souls of Purgatory, I believe in you. Spirits of the Lonely Souls of Purgatory, I believe in you. Go now Seven Intranquil Spirits, go now and follow the smoke and ashes, for they will lead you to those who have offended me. Son/daughter of a swine! Pay Attention! Son/daughter of a swine! Pay Attention! Son/daughter of a swine! Pay Attention! Spirits of the Lonely Souls of Purgatory, I believe in you. With one, I see you, with two I bind you, with three I conquer you. Paz, Paz, Cristo, Cristo, Dominus Nostrum. In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. Amen.


I offer the smoke of this sacred cigar to the charitable spirits of (n.n.). So that they may intercede on my behalf and dominate the five senses of (n.n.) I conjure and invoke thee, Oh Great Spirits of the Four Winds that come from the Four Directions. Wherever he/she may be, may he/she come humble and humiliated before my feet. As the prostitute presented herself humbled and humiliated before the feet of Christ, and as Christ presented himself humbled and tamed before Pontius Pilot. And as Pontius Pilot presented himself humble and humiliated at the feet of Christ. So I demand you to do the same. As Saint George slew the dragon, as Saint Martha, dominated the serpent, as Saint Michael defeated the Beast. So do I; slay, dominate and defeat you. By the Divine Power present before me, you are commanded to no longer commit a treacherous act against me.

And if by chance you resist and continue to harass me, so shall you pay the price for your offence. With one I see you, with two I recognize you, and with three I conquer you. Paz. Paz. Cristo. Cristo. Dominus Nostrum. In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. Amen.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. I (n.n.) ask permission of my protective spirits to help me work my spiritual labor in this sacred hour. Give me the faculties, and strength needed to cleanse and purify, to lift and remove any negative fluids, to lift and remove negative vibrations, on my body, within my home, and all that I hold sacred. Eliminate from my path, all curses, hexes, black magic, and wrong doing, In the holiest names of the Queen of Heaven and Angels, I call on the 21 Commissions of Spirits, the 21 Jefes, the 7 Powers. To the brotherhood of the white mission, the Ascended ones, make my heart pure. To King Solomon the sage bestow upon me wisdom. To Saint Clair, make my path visible. Saint Expedito, Saint Benito. Saint Michael and Saint Barbara. I call on my Spirit Guides, and my Ancestors, to help me in conquering all the obstacles that are set in my path. Eternal Father, Our Lord Papa Dios, embrace me with your divine light, and protect me. Amen.


The client is the one who purchases the cigar. 3 must be brought, or a package of cigars. One for the divination, the rest as offerings to the Diviner's, Spirit Guides and ancestors.

When you are reading the tobacco to an individual, only you and the person getting the reading should be present in the room. Consecration is the key to success. Other influences in the room can deteriorate the success of the reading. The cigar will pick up on the vibrations of others present.

Make sure all cell phones are off, loud noises, and any distraction that can cause the Adivinador to loose concentration. All gadgets, phones, and television must be turned of. Quiet music can be used.

When you give a consultation with a cigar, some say that they should not get it done more than once a week. I disagree with this theory, once a month is the more adequate and appropriate time between tobacco divination.

Never read more than one cigar per sitting, per client at a time. To do this will detract from the predictions and omens foretold by the first cigar and will give uncertain or false information.

A cigarette is never used, the cigar should be of pure quality, with out added ingredients, this includes flavored cigars. No cigars with plastic mouth pieces.

When using a cigar for tobacomancy, never use a lighter. With your dominant hand light it with three wooden matches at once.

Take 9 big puffs and proceed with the consultation,

After the reading the lit cigar is placed on the altar, the client asks the spirits to lift any and all negative information told by the ashes.

The cigar is kept erect during the reading, pointing towards the heavens, and the ashes are never flicked, let it fall naturally.




El Adivino (male) La Adivina (female), person doing the divination


El Cliente, the client or querent person receiving the consultation.

When the rim of the cigar has a perfect white circle, that signifies strong bonds, strong unions, a ring, love, a new relationship, an affair, marriage. Fidelity,Good health, long life. If the crown has black spots on the ring, this signifies trouble in a relationship, a quarrel or disagreement with a loved one, separation, marital problems, false love, jealousy. Unfounded fears. If the spot is towards the person, they feel the doubts, if the spot is away and towards the diviner then its the querents partner who feels these feelings. If there are black spots all over the foundation of the crown, this signifies resentments, gossip, mistreatment, dislikes, entangled in confusion or to trap or gain power over someone by dishonest or underhand means. If there are spots with horizontal cracks this signifies a break up, split up, or divorce. If there is a large black spot this signifies, bad company, untrustworthy friends, or lover. A dept that has not been paid. If the spot is towards the client, they are the one who needs to pay a dept, away from querent, someone owes them and has not paid. When black spots touches the rim of the cigar this means bad times, towards client. If the black sports are towards the client, this means they are in it at the present, towards the consultant means in the coming future, left side means it was in the past, or that the bad times where at fault of another, and the querent client is still feeling the effects. Towards the right signifies that the client had much to do with the bad times they are going through and should take responsibilities. A grey scale coming from the lit rim tells of sadness, and tears, towards client signifies the client, towards consultant means a loved one. On the left side means caused by outside influences, towards the right signifies within the home. Also foretells of minor illnesses. A white scale on the lit rim, signifies good omens, reconciliation, new loves, new relations, good friend, Towards the right an old friend, right a new friend. Good health. A red spot at the base of the rim tells of unexpected surprise or news. Towards client, something they expected and had forgotten about, towards consultant, something the client is not expecting. Towards left, news from your past, towards right important news in the distant future. White circles on the base signifies a coming of money, could be a raise, better pay, lottery or games of chance.

One large circle on the base signifies, betrothal, the act of betrothing or the fact of being betrothed. A mutual promise or an engagement. Success in a business plans, a payment of an old dept. Happiness, good health and well being. A large vertical slice tells of overspending, Extraordinary spending habits, when the client should be saving. Careless spending foretells of instabilities and restless times. If slice is towards the client it is the client who has the spending problem, if towards consultant it is a loved one. Towards the left, overspending in the past is causing trouble, towards the right, save money for that stormy weather ahead. A white vertical slice, tells of prosperity, stability, lasting friendships. A red slice across the cigar, vertical represents getting hurt, hospitalization, operation, a horizontal red slice means loneliness, depression, sadness. Many small red dots tells of false hope, and dissolution. Two small red dots with a slice above it means lust or desire. If two black dots with a slice above it, this means being used or taken advantage of. Towards the client, towards consultant its another person. Towards left in the past, towards right, in the near future. Two black dots side by side, one being bigger, self doubt, confusion, envy or unexpected betrayal. Towards client, the client will feel this, towards the consultant, a loved one will. On the left, it happened in the not so far past, towards right in the distant future. Can also be outside influences, the evil eye. Black slanting, or leaning lines tell of misunderstandings in a relationship. Lines that form a zigzag or a cross means obstacles, an unpleasant trip, a barrier, Something that separates or holds apart. A boundary that obstructs or impedes, a blockage. White thin stripes, horizontal means a trip is in the horizon, vertical, luck in business, endowment. If the cigar only burns on one side, bad luck, unfortunate events are on the way. Two or more scales form on top of the ashes, good luck after hard times, good times shall come. Two scales that touch means a pregnancy, a baby, twins.

If the ashes stands straight and tall. A wish or desire will come true, happiness in love, wishes will be fulfilled. If the ashes twist to the left, in the past, right in the future. Debts, and doubts. Problems will arise in love. Pointing towards client, clients close relations, pointing towards consultant a third party, a secret lover. If the ashes stand straight but gets thinner in center, a health problem that client needs to get checked or under control. If the ashes suddenly break and fall, doubts in ones auspiciousness. Doubts in ones abilities for success. In the Second part of the reading begins when the ashes fall by themselves, the consultant flicks the ashes and begins to give the second half of the reading. The consultant takes three to nine consecutive puffs and begins to read. If the patterns described here form on the first half of the reading they are interpreted accordingly as described below. If the ashes fall within 3 or six puffs, bad omen, accidents or danger. +++SECOND HALF+++ If many scales form interspersed that are black, gray or white. Practical life, with good and bad, no needs for major worries, problems will arise but nothing the client cant handle. If gray scales with white rims appear, money is coming. Many white scales means great achievements, one will achieve what they set their mind to, and desires will come true. White scales with black rims talks about news or information is on the way. Family gathering, wedding, a social event, productive friendships. A black dot within a circle foretells of a pregnancy. A white dot with a crease or slice, a backup, miscarriage or abortion. If a Cross forms in the ashes, strength, and power, control and dominating enemies. If a point or an arrow forms in the ashes or with the body of the ashes, one is greatly.spiritually protected.

If a black spot appears on the arrow, a prayer, supplication, or offering must be made. A promise was made and not kept. If the ashes part or split, horizontally from client to consultant, pathways, open doors, new beginnings, also someone is looking for your advice or help in personal matters. If the ashes split vertically. Confusion, not knowing where to go, a split up, or breakup, , If the ashes split into a cross at the rim, crossroads, the person is at a crossroads in their life. When the split has one large mound this signifies dominance or control. Towards client, the client is the dominant, towards consultant, the clients partner or loved one. Towards the left a woman is dominant towards the right a male. When the larger mound has a split, this signifies mental disorders, anguish, depression. When the superior mound has a crack or split, mental disorders. When the smaller mound has a crack or split, this tells of problematic children, disrespectful, defiant defiance, and out-of-control child. If the cigar burns brighter towards client, the client has bad intentions or ill wills with another. When it burns brighter towards the consultant, betrayal, bad and malignant intentions from a person, hidden agendas, they will turn their backs on you. Left side a female figure, right side a male figure. When a pointing scale forms an arrow at the base, problems with the law, court cases. The arrow has a white rim, in your favor, black means not in your favor. Sparks on the cigar is a good omen, signifies blessings and protection, the more sparks the greater the protection or bond is with ones spirit guides. If a stick of tobacco sticks out from the burning cigar, court problems not in your favor. When a scale curls, this.represents flourishing of undertakings. Plans will prosper and flourish. EL HUMO + THE SMOKE

The Smoke can be used as well with the ashes in interpreting the tobacco. One needs a basic understanding of the symbolic of patterns. But I will include a few major important ones. Circles caused by the smoke, symbolize a ring of protection, A figure 8 caused by the smoke, symbolizes something that will last a long time, it could be a chronic disorder, or a long love life, this all depends on the pattern of the ashes. If the cigar throws little smoke, the person has a hidden agenda. Enemies will prevail. If the smoke is thin, hardships, or weak personality, frailty. If the smoke is heavy and smooth, the person has a strong character. If the smoke goes to the right and does not go to its left, you will prevail over obstacles and adversary. If the smoke goes to its left and does not go to its right, your adversary will prevail over you. If the smoke clefts or separates in two columns Disagreements, arguments and fights. If the right hand side of the smoke is thicker the client is at fault. Or a male influence. If the left cleft is thicker, the outside influence is at fault. Or a female influence. If the cleft smoke is equal in length, equal parties are at fault. If the smoke) is fragmented: there will be financial loss. If the smoke abruptly stops short then increases. Malice, evil eye, the client is under psychic attack or under the influence of black magic. If the smoke intertwine in a tight weave, close nit, friendship, family and relationships. If the smoke is intertwined in a tight weave then clusters, success: protection, unity, and profit.

If the smoke goes in four different directions, great confusion and doubts. Letters or numbers created in the smoke, letters can be the first letter in the name of an enemy. Numbers represents time frames. HERMANO BRUJO LUIS

time frames. Posted 6th October by Sancista Brujo Luis Labels: fortune telling shamans 21 commissions shamanism voodoo Espiritismo Voodoo Santeria Mesa Blanca Sance 21 corte india spiritism hoodoo prayers 21 Courts 1

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" I found very many islands filled with people without number and all of them I have taken possession for their Highnesses... As soon as I arrived in the Indies, on the first Island which I found, I took some of the natives by force in order that they might learn and might give me information on whatever there is in these parts" CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS " They...brought us parrots and balls of cotton and spears and many other things...They would make fine servants...With fifty men we could subjugate them all and make them do whatever we want." CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS



Corte India, Corte Taina, Yo te llamo a Travajar. Corte Caribe, Corte Arawaque, Corte Ciboney, Yo te llamo a laborar. En los nombres de los Zemis, prestame tu bendicion..



Before the Spanish set foot on the islands of the Caribbean, the indigenous people of Boriken (Land of the Mighty and Valiant Lords) later renamed Puerto Rico, and the Lesser and Greater Antilles, was the home to the peaceful Taino, and the Arawak, the warrior like Caribs, and a smaller group of cave dwellers known as the Ciboney. This race of people had a strong spiritual and religious foundation with many mystical beliefs. The Gods, where spirits of nature known as Zemis, or Cemis, with one head Cacique (chief) God named Yucahu and his mother Atabey or Attabeira . Other Cemis where nature spirits, great cacique chiefs and heroes who ascended into Cemis statues because of their valiant deeds. (Similar to Catholic saints). The mythology of the Taino was as vibrant and colorful, as those of Roman and Greek mythology. The tales of the Cemis, courageous Caciques, valiant heroes and ancestors were told in a feast known as an Arieto, and during nightly gatherings. The Cemis powers manifested on earth in stones, clay and wood, and all Cemis lived in mountains, plants, rocks, caves, rivers and forests.


La Corte De Los Cemis

Yucahu or Yocahu, the Great Sky Father was the Cemi of the cassava root and creator of the Seas, who ruled over the skies and heavens.

Yaya, the essence, the soul of Yucahu, in his earthly personification Atabey Attabeira, The Great Earth Mother a fertility goddess who used her breast milk called Bibi, to make women fertile, she was the Cemi of fresh waters that came from her Boh Boh "nipples". (The Puerto Rican words for a babies bottle is a bibi, and a pacifier is a boh boh) Itiba Tahuvava, wife of Yucahu, mother of the two sets of twins, From her came the man-bat who brought the season of dry weather and drought and woman-frog, who brought the season of rain. Baibrama, The Resurrector a healing Cemi, who was worshiped for his healing abilities and of good and fertile crops Bayamanaco the Cemi of Fire. Goiz: Cemi of the Breath of life. Boinaye, One of the sacred twins, The Opposing Forces, was the Cemi of Rain and earthquakes. Caguana, was the female Cemi who gave birth to the first humans.

Savacu, Cemi of the rays of the sun and moon, a messenger. Mrohu, Sacred twin The Opposing Forces. was the Cemi of calm weather. Guabancex Juracn The Hurricane Bringer was a female Cemi of winds and storms. Guataub, messenger of Guabancex was the Cemi who foretold of the coming of hurricanes, Cemi of thunder and lightning. Coatrisquie, the Cemi of waterfalls also created floods she also created torrential downpour. Maketaori Guayaba, Lord of the Dead was the Cemi of the land of Coaybay. (Realm of the Dead) Hupia Hamno, was the Cemi of the nightfall and the Moon, her children where the dead ghosts called the Hupia after her, who haunted the night. These spirits could not enter Coaybay for rest, the realm of the dead, and were stuck in this realm, similar to Ghosts. Huin was a Turtle God who shown in the heavens. The sun Moroyo was the Cemi of the rainfall. Ceiba, a Tree Spirit was the Cemi of the sacred tree, portal to the realm of the ancestors. Yuquiyu was the Cemi of the mountains and rainforest (el Luquillo rainforest) Opiyelguabirn', Night Dog a Cemi that took the appearance of a dog, watched over the dead. Deminn Caracaracol was the Great ancestor, the father and heroe of the Taino nation who became a Cemi. Macocael a bird reptile Cemi of Caves where the first humans came from. The paraphernalia of the Cemis, which where clay vessels, mortars, and statues carved on stone, wood, and sea shells where believed to manifest the powers of the CemisCemis or Zemis. One of the most popular Cemis paraphernalia was the Cemi Stone. The Cem stone, with its three cardinal points, is a fundamental symbol in the Taino religion. The names of the three points are Yocahu, Hupia and Goiz.

1. On top of this sacred mountain peak, in the turey (sky) of the four directions, resides the Bohio 'hut" of Yocahu the Creator, whose name means that which has neither beginning nor end and which has no male ancestor or creator. 2. Coabey, is the underworld, the place of the dead. Here resides Hupia, the spirit of the dead. The face of Guayaba, the Chief of Coabey, is represented here. 3. The land of the living. Here resides Goiz, the spirit of living people

The Taino where a peaceful people, led by a Cacique chief who could be both male or female. The Bohiques where the priests who interacted directly with the Cemis in ceremonies or while in trance and the Bohuti, Buhuithu, or Buhuitihu were the shaman, witch doctors, and healers, who could speak with the Opia, the spirits of ones Dead, the Jukiyu-jan, the Ancestors and appease the Hupia ( evil spirits) With "tobacu" smoke, and gourd rattles known as Guiro, they could appease or keep at bay the Mabuya, the demons of nature, or banish the Cuqoh, (el Cuko) an incubus spirit that took the life of young children at night. The Taino had a belief that the souls of evil spirits roamed the night. This belief still exists on the island as every Puerto Rican knows about the "Cucoh" Cuko and the "Gwitona" Gritona (Llorona) female screaming spirit that haunts the island at night seeking to torment an unsespecting victim.

Before the Buhuithu could mediate the will of the Cemis, spirits, souls or ancestors, they had to first relieve themselves of bodily waists and induce vomiting so that their bodies could not be grounded. Usually the Buhuithu fasted for many hours and did not consume food until their Spiritual labor was done.

The Bohiques in keeping with oral tradition of a mythology of how the son of Yaya by the name of Yayael tried to kill him so he could reign supreme over the other Cemis, and was killwd in battle. Yaya feeling great remorse for being responsible for the loss of his son, kept Yayael's bones in a gourd with symbols of the Cemis. From this gourd, the ocean and fish where created. The Buhuitihu on his batey kept a gourd filled with bones of an ancestor, roots, tree barks and stones which where sacred to the Cemis. The Cemis where also carved into wooden figures or sacred stones, as it was believed that the Cemis manifested their powers within them. These carved stones and wooden figures of the Cemis were kept in the bohios ontop of a batey by the Bohiques and Buhuitihu. These where the ancient altars, that are still very influential in Brujeria altars thoughout the Americas. This influence can still be seen today in Puerto Rico. While many Santeros in Puerto Rico are those individuals who are initiated into the priestly order of Cuban Lukumi Santeria. It is important to understand that a Santero can also be considered an artist who carves figures of Saints into wood, a tradition of the Taino that still survives till this day. If you ever visit Puerto Rico, purchase one as it will make a powerful addition to your altar. There where four class groups in a Taino clan, the Cacique or Cacica was the head chief, followed by the Bohique (priests) the Buhuithu, (Shamans) the

Nitaino, the defenders and warriors of the clan, and lastly the Naboria, which were the common folk. The Taino were a very clean race, cleansing, bathing and purifying their bodies twice a day, when the Spanish came, they forbid the captured Indians to bathe frequently, at the time the European people believed that bathing frequently meant loosing a piece of ones soul, in the process cutting in half one's life span. While many Taino men where killed, mostly by foreign diseases or in battle, the women that survived where taken as wives, these women gave birth to the first Meztisos. While the Spanish men took care of searching for gold, trying to find the mythical fountain of youth, or in battle with native and surrounding tribes, the Taino wives who were baptized into Christianity did not completely forget or abandon their traditions and beliefs. Similar to the African slaves they hid their ancient Cemis in the disguise of Catholic saints. In time the ancient Cemis names where forgotten, but the many of the characteristics of these Cemis remained in the Catholic saints.

The language of the Taino into English words.

Although Caribbean people use many Taino words in their Creolle dialects many Taino words are used in english as well, Hurricane, barbeque, hammock, potato, tobacco, iguana. and canoe all are of Taino origin. Also Americans favorite past time, baseball came from the Taino, its a wonder why many great baseball players are from the Caribbean. Words such as Batu, the game itself, the batey, ceremonial ground where game was played and the Bateh, the club used to hit the ball.


Abey : Cacique of Salinas Puerto Rico. Ageyban: The Cacique who greeted Juan Ponce de Leon. Araman: Cacique of the Coa Toa River region. Arasibo: Cacique of Arecibo, Puerto Rico.

Aymamn: Cacique of Culebras Island Puerto Rico. Bagnamanay: Cacique of Caguas Puerto Rico Cacimar: Great Ruler of Bieques, Viequez Island Puerto Rico. Caquax: Cacique of Caguas, Puerto Rico Canbana: Cacique of Canovana, Puerto Rico Comero: Cacique of Comerio, Puerto Rico Dagao : Cacique of Naguabo, Puerto Rico. Iniex: Baptized by Juan Ponce de Leon, under the name, Doa Ines. Mother of Agueyban. Guacabo: Ancient Cacique great ruler. Gaman : Cacique of Maneti, Puerto Rico. Garaca: Ancient and legendary Cacique chief. Guaraca Guayaney : Cacique of Yabucoa, Puerto Rico Guarionex : Cacique of Utuado, Puerto Rico Guaybana The Cacique that led the Taino Rebellion of 1511 in Puerto Rico against the Spanish settlers. Hayuya: Cacique of Jayuya, Puerto Rico Jacaguax: Cacique of Juana Diaz, Puerto Rico Jumacao: Cacique of Humacao, Puerto Rico Loquillo: Puerto Ricos last Cacique, who died in battle against the Spanish. Mab: A Cacica of Puerto Rico Macuya: Cacique of Coamo, Puerto Rico Majagua.: ancient and wise Cacique of what is know Loiza Aldea, Puerto Rico Naguabo: Cacique of Naguabo, Puerto Rico

Orocobix: Ancient Warrior Caique who governed over present day Aibonito, Barranquitas, Corozal, Morovis and Orocovis, Puerto Rico Urayon: the first Cacique to order the drowning of the Spaniard, Diego Salcedo to determine if they where truly Gods. Yaureibo: Cacique of Vieguez who died in battle fighting the Spanish. Yuisa: The Taino Cleopatra, last Cacica of Puerto Rico. Married the Mulatto Pedro Mejias. Killed for being a traitor, but legend says she wanted peace with the Taino and Spanish. Yuquibo: el loco and invincible one, Cacique who got away with many attacks and raids on the Spaniards. After death he became a Cemis, one of the last to reach this statues.


OH, Gran Cacique, fidelsimo espritu Indio Celador de tu morada. En el nombre del Padre, del Hijo y del espritu Santo; yo, fiel creyente de tu poder, te invoco en este momento, ya que Tu, Gran espritu Indio, conoces las

aflicciones de mi materia para que intercedas con nuestro Padre Eterno y me brindes tu santa y divina proteccin. OH, gran espritu Indio, tu que eres el encargado de brindarme proteccin, te pido en el nombre de Jess, que con tu hacha de piedra rompas las malas cadenas que mis enemigos me tiendan, materiales y espirituales. Con el veneno de tu flecha, OH, Gran espritu Indio, destruyas los malos pensamientos que en contra de m vengan. OH, Gran espritu Indio, contus ojos deguilavigila misendero. Que no haya brujo, cirio, lmpara ni mal pensamiento que pueda hacerme dao corporal o material. OH, Gran espritu Indio, te dedico esta luz en pago de tu proteccin, para luz y progreso de tu santo espritu. Amen.




O gran Cacique, tu que vencistes en la tierra, con tu flecha sagrada destruistes a tus enemigos. Ven hacia mi y ayudame sacar de mi cuerpo estos espiritus sin luz y aleje a todos estos malos pensamientos que rodean sobre mi. Oh Gran Cacique, Indio Poderoso! Con las facultades que nuestro Seor Dios Todopoderoso te brindo, ayudame a progresar en esta vida, y derme la dicha de vivir en paz. Y al que se aponga gritare. GUASABARA, GUASABARA, GUASABARA!



Guakia Baba turey toca, Guami-ke-ni, Guami-caraya-guey guarico guakia tayno-ti, bo-matun; busica guakia aje-cazabi; Juracan-ua, Maboya-ua, Jukiyujan; Cemis Yocahu, nabori daca, Jan-jan catu. Our Father who touches the skies, Lord of the land and the seas. Lord of the Moon and the Sun. Come to us, standing tall, and full of generosity. Give to us our daily nourishment. Keep away bad spirits. Keep away Ghosts. But bring forth our good spirits. Yocahu I a humble servant, ask that you listen to my prayers. So be it.


While many states follow the day of Christopher Columbus, every Latin American country celebrates, El Dia De La Raza, or Day of the Race. This day falls on October 12th. Recently many Espiritistas and Brujos hold this holiday as sacred and hold a public Fiesta Espiritual in honor of the Indian Spirits. Traditional Taino food is served such as Yuca with Codfish and Casava bread.

Music is played and the Indians are invoked to come down and dance and lift Causas. A few years ago to celebrate el Dia de La Raza, I brought two friends, a Colombian and a Venezuelan to two Taino ceremonial grounds on the island, the larger Tibes Ceremonial Park in Ponce, Puerto Rico and Caguana Ceremonial Park in Utuado, Puerto Rico. Although the Tibes was much larger with many Batey, a collection of live turtles, and many stones etched with Taino and Cemis symbols. The thing I loved about the smaller Caguana Ceremonial Grounds was the Tres Picachos hills, believed by the Taino to be the point where God created life on the planet. If you meditate at the vista on Tres Picachos, you will see the resemblance of the sacred Cemis stone. Posted 30th September by Sancista Brujo Luis Labels: shamans cemis cemis stone corte indios atabey yocahu cacique taino 21 Commision 21 division indios sanse zemis 21 corte india espiritismo brujeria 0

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Every traditional Puerto Rican home has some of these items in their pantries or bathroom cabinets. Traditionally these items where used as colognes, rubbing alcohols, or for bathing. Today many Spiritual Workers and Brujos use these items to make spiritual baths, house cleansing, or washes, and to remove negative vibrations from the home. All these items can be found in Caribbean Latino Bodegas, (food markets) Botanicas and online. Recently I have found them in Grocery stores in the Hispanic section. A true Brujo never purchases premade baths or oils, we make them ourselves. None of these items are made for internal intake or consumption.

Agua Bendita: No home should be without Holy water, it removes negative vibrations, keeps evil spirits away, heals, used to remove evil. Never purchase Holy Water, gather some in a church, but be respectful and leave an offering. Agua Maravilla: Used to heal acne, scars scratches, minor burns, reduces swelling. Alcolado 70 Superior: Used when cleansing a body, during pases, cleansing the aura, healing with the power or prayer and the hands. Add to bath water to help in quick recovery from colds and flues. A person who has a temperature is rubbed down with it. Used as a floor wash or spray in the room of a sick individual. Alcolado Mentolado: Mainly used as a rubbing alcohol for the sick, placed in a simmering pot to cleanse and purify the air. Sprinkled on the bed of a person who is ill will help them recover quicker. Rub on individuals to aid in reducing fever. Other popular alcoholado are Alcolado Relampago and Alcolado w/Eucalyptus Ail: Indigo Blue Balls. Used to remove psychic attacks, dispel demons, used with florida water in Misas to keep evil spirits away. Used in baths to remove bad Arnica pomada: Used to heal bruises, minor burns, simple scratches and cracked or chapped skin. Azahar Orange Flower: Used in love baths, to attract a mate or lover. Camphor: Alcamfor, Used to dispel and remove negative vibrations, promote calm sleep, cleanse and purify. Used in baths to treat colds, or skin irritations, or in a humidifier to help relieve congestion. Sooth minor burns relieve insect bites. Cocoa Butter: For healing dry skin, moisturizing, facials, healing cuts or wounds. Colonia Agua Floral : To cleanse an aura, calm nerves, and remove negative vibrations.

Colonia Agua de Ruda: Remove the evil eye, bring peace to a disturbed individual, calm a troubled person, used as a floor wash to calm the house. Colonia Kananga Water: To remove the evil eye, black magic or curses. Used to clean the house from negative vibrations and appeasing the spirits of the dead. Colonia patchouli, Colonia Abre Caminos, Colonia Dominante: Colonias come in many different fragrances, and are all great for spiritual baths and house cleansing. Add to your herbal infusions. Florida Water: Cleansing and purification. Remove tension, Aleves minor headaches, caused by tension or evil eye. Cleanse the home. Jabon Zote: used to wash ritual clothing, altar cloths, great after shampoo to combat oily hair, soap used for spiritual baths before spiritual work, mosquito repellent, and keep rodents away. Placed on altars to keep bugs away from offerings. Hoyt's Cologne: Used by men before shaving, and as an after shave, contracts the pores, a mild astringent that soothes and heals skin abrasions caused by shaving. Kolomia 1800: add to herbal teas for spiritual baths, and cleaning the home. MASLAC manteca de Ubre: For muscle tension. Many santiguadores use this product, it was a staple in my house. Mutton Tallow: Used to treat cold sores, chapped hands, skin and lips, and for the relief of sunburn Pompeya Lotion: Used in baths to attack luck, and prosperity, Calms stress, and agitation, it soothes, comforts and calms for a restful sleep. Rose Water : Used for love baths, romance, attraction, and peace in relationships. Siete Machos Cologne: Used for men in baths to attract women, make a man more sexually appealing, to win over a woman, and in luck with games of

chance and gambling. Tranquil Balsam: Sprinkle on wrists or forehead to soothe nerves, worries and anxiety. Violetas Francesas Cologne, Agua de Violetas, Royal Violets Cologne: for spiritual baths. Posted 29th September by Sancista Brujo Luis Labels: indigo blue balls camphor siete machos cologne manteca de ubre anil kolonia 1800 jabon zote alcolado 70 superior agua maravilla colonia kananga florida water 3

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