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admitted from Academic year 2011 onwards) Time: 3 hours PART - A Answer All the Questions: Answer should not exceed page. 1. Define: a. Order topology b. Product topology c. Standard topology 2. Define Hausdroff space. Show that every finite point set in a Hausdorff space is closed. 3. What is meant by homeomorphism? Show that F : (1,1) R defined by F ( x) =
x is a homeomorphism. 1 x2

10. Define normal space. Give an example. Is the subspace of a normal space is normal? Explain. PART - B Answer All the Questions: Answer should not exceed 1 pages. 11. a. Prove: i. Product of two Hausdorff spaces is Hausdorff. ii. If A is a subspace of X, B is a subspace of Y then A 10 X 2 = 20 x B is a subspace of X x Y. iii. A = A A. (Or) b. Prove : i. Let Y be a subspace of X then a set A is closed in Y if a only if it equals the inter section of a closed set of X with Y. ii. Let Y be a subspace of X, if A is closed in Y and Y is closed in X, show that A is closed in X. iii. Show that X is Hausdorff if and only if the diagonal is closed in X x X. 12. a. State and prove: i. Pasting lemma ii. Let f : A X Y be given by f (a ) = ( f1 (a ), f 2 (a ))
then prove that f is continuous if and only if the functions f1 : A X and f 2 : A Y are continuous.

5 X 5 = 25

Max. Marks: 75

4. Show that the uniform topology on R is finer than the product topology; they are different if J is infinite. 5. Show that the union of collection of connected sets that have a point in common is connected. 6. Establish the relation between path components and components. 7. Show that every compact subset of a Hausdorff space is closed. 8. Derive uniform continuity theorem. 9. Show that every compact Hausdorff space is normal.

b. Prove : i. Uniform limit theorem ii. Show that an uncountable product of R with itself is not metrizable. 13. a. State and prove Urysohn Metrization theorem.

b. i. Show that every well ordered set X is normal in the ordered topology. ii. Give an example to show that regularity axiom is stronger than the Hausdorff Axion. 14. a. Define linear continuum. Show that if L is a linear continuum on the order topology then L is connected and so is every interval and ray in L.

b. i. Define path components. And show that it is an equivalence relation. ii. Show that product of finitely many compact spaces is compact. 15. a. Let X be a simply ordered set having the least upper bound property in the order topology. Show that each closed interval in X is compact.

b. Define one point Compactification. State its basic properties and establish them.

PART - C Answer any Two Questions: Answer should not exceed 5 pages.
16. State and prove imbedding theorem 17. State and prove Urysohn Metrization theorem 18. P.T compactness implies limit point Compantness but not conversely 19. Sate and prove uniform continuity theorem. 20. Sate and prove tube lemma.

2 X 15 = 30