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Obama, collective intelligence, and the battle for soul of the world

There’s something very, very important, very, very

profound and very, very frightening happening in the
world right now. It’s the battle of light and darkness for
the soul of the world. Even as I have worked with
various levels of mind in the past month or two, this
has become very clear to me. I am an intuitive by
nature. I feel and read consciousness, and have regular
visionary experiences. Human consciousness evolution
is at a crucial point. A tipping point. Like a see-saw
balanced perfectly in the middle position awaiting
either party to shift ever so slightly. This is a pivotal

moment in our history. Science understands well the reality of evolution and natural
selection in the biological sphere, yet few scientists know the bigger picture. We are
all part of a greater evolution: the evolution of the human oversoul, and that in turn
is part of the evolution of the collective mind of the cosmos. We are linked to this
system by what I call integrated intelligence, the transpersonal collective field that
moves through us all. Ninety nine per cent of the people on this planet know
nothing about all this. Yet it is happening.

Consciousness fields vary in density, from high-vibration, light-filled energies, down

to dense consciousness fields that have little or no light. Light energy fields
resonate with love, joy, excitement, non-judgment and a sense of deep connection;
while dark energy fields are filled with fear, shame, guilt, blame, anger and a sense
of disconnection. I refer to these as darkness and light. Although this is an analogy,
within the human psyche the light and darkness metaphor is an archetype. This
means it’s implanted there, a bit like a computer program within a computer.

Much like high and low pressure systems move about each other on the map of the
world you see on the evening news, light and dark consciousness fields maneuver
round each other in psychic space. They move in and through people, but are also
beyond them. They move into other dimensions and planes of existence. So it is
inevitable that at times outside forces affect human collective consciousness.

There are consciousness fields affecting humanity at this very moment which are
not of this plane of existence. My sense is that they are inter-dimensional, alien.
They are not here to help ET phone home. They are here to manipulate and control,
which is what dark energy always tries to do. Who they are exactly I don’t know, but
they are part of the picture.

There are individuals involved in this battle of light and darkness, but the greater
dynamic is the interplay of consciousness fields themselves. The individuals act
within the context of these fields. Their attitudes and behaviours mediate the
energy. However it’s a bit of a chicken and egg situation. If you as an individual
choose fear, guilt and blame and you will open a pathway to the dark consciousness
fields. But the darkness is also encouraging you to choose these attitudes, as they
enslave you within its grasp.

The inauguration of Obama as president of the world’s most powerful nation has
been a big part of all this. Obama’s energy field contains a lot of light, and
symbolically his presence is a catalyst for change. He is more than simply a good
narrator, and in a sense his policies are secondary to the effect his energy, and
what he represents, is having on humanity. Recall in a previous post I talked about
how certain individual’s lives embody specific consciousness issues of humanity.
Christopher Reeve embodied the ego’s denial of mortality and powerlessness, while
Micheal Jackson embodied our turning away from our inner wounded child, the
denial of death, and the non-acceptance of self.

Obama is also an embodiment. As a black man with Islamic heritage, and with
Asian and African connections, he is unavoidably a possible integrator of people,
nations, races and cultures, and religions. In the Americans’ election of him as their
leader, humanity has potentially taken a huge step forward. Enlightenment is about
integration, the bringing of the other to allow it to be part of something greater than
the ego. So as an integrator, Obama embodies the light. Already the energy of this
event has had a huge impact on the consciousness of the world. Stuff is shifting. For
example, what is happening in Iran is being greatly affected by it. The
consciousness of youth in China and Asia has been moved. Even the heart of Africa
is stirring, albeit slowly. For them Obama represents the possibility of integration of
the other (the west) without denying themselves – their traditions, culture, their

In a sense George W. Bush set the scene perfectly for Obama. Bush embodied the
“stupid white man”, as Michael Moore so aptly put it. Here was a president so
unconscious, and so ignorant that he was completely controlled by dark energy. All
people in power are potential magnets for dark energy. National leaders are
particularly susceptible. Bush was not a classically evil human being, say, in the
way that Hitler was. He was simply so unconscious that he became a channel for
darkness. Yet in doing so, that darkness, the “evil” of the USA and the west was
brought to attention. Many people within and beyond America saw it for what it was,
saw that there were futures beyond it. Because of this a part of the human shadow
merged into the light.

I said that Obama embodies the light. This does not mean that he is the Buddha,
Jesus Christ, or a divine entity. He is all too human and imperfect. He may yet fail
and betray us – that is a possibility that free will provides. But his very existence is
making waves throughout humanity, helping to heal humanity. For the light to
emerge, the darkness has to be seen. It has to be recognised and integrated into
awareness. That is a law of consciousness.
Be warned. There is a potential here for things to get messy. We all have the choice
to accept or reject what Spirit shows us. When egos reject consciousness they
create a distance between themselves and the truth, between themselves and the
light. They turn away from themselves, and the mind falls into delusion, into
shadow. From that point the ego tends to project outward onto others. It judges. It
blames. It hates. And in that state of judgment it often lashes out and seeks to
annihilate that which is inviting it to accept the truth, to be responsible. Then the
battle for power and control, for the right to impose “truth” (however untruthful),
begins. The darkness begins to take control. This is why in my first sentence I wrote
that this is all very frightening. To be conscious of this current process is to be aware
of what is at stake: the soul of the planet.

A naïve reading of what I have said might make it appear that Obama is the goody
and Bush the baddy. But it is not about the individuals. It is about consciousness. It
is about the choice. And we are now making a choice. Do note the use of the
continuous tense. The choice has to be made every day, every moment, by all of us.


Marcus T. Anthony is an intuitive analyst. His web site is mindfutures.com, and you
can comment on this article at www.mindfutures.com/blog . Email Marcus at

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