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I The Under signed GAJERA JAYESH P. a Student of S.Y. B.B.A here by declare that the project work presented in This the Project Work presented In this Report is my own work & has been carried out under The Supervision Of KAKkAD. T.N.Rao College Rajkot. This Work Has Not Been Submitted Previously to Any Other University for Examination or Other Purpose. Ms. ANVI

Date: Signature Place: (GAJERA JAYESH P.)


As theoretical knowledge is must for every student in the B.B.A faculty, but practical experience is also very essential B.B.A is a course which is specially designed to meet the needs of the demanding world. One has to be sharp convincing, processing, good managerial skill, smart & talent to face the on demand world as a part of the curriculum a student of S.Y. B.B.A has to visit of well managed company & then to prepare of project report on it, which presents a full of overview of the business concern.

So, as a S.Y. B.B.A. student I had taken the opportunity to visit JAY CEMENT LTD. & have tried my level best to present relevant information in this report.


Though, the preparation of this project report is my own work, I have received help from many quarters. I am thankful to all those who helped me in caring out this work.

I express my deepest of gratitude towards Mr. of JAY CEMENT LTD. & all members of unit; with there admirable co-operation the completion of the report has been possible.

It gives me great pleasure in thanking my supervisor proof. ANVI KAKAD. Without his ever ready help, whole hearted guidance, never ending encouragement and enthusiasm, it was difficult to bring this project to its present form.

SR NO. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 PARTICULAR General Information Production Department Personnel Department Marketing Department Finance Department SWOT Analysis Suggestion Conclusion Bibliography

SR NO 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 PARTICULAR
Introduction History of the company Company profile Size of the unit Existing Management team Form of the Organization Objective of the unit Time keeping system Organizational chart




JAY CEMENT LTD. Is a private cement company. This company is a small scale industry. It produce cement product. This company has started about two years ago but it gets good response and help of people.

This company is serving his product to people at reasonable price. Now, we are going to discuss about the deferent department of this company.

2. History of the company

This unit was started on a small base at beginning and this company was promoted by Mr. Sanjaybhai vasoya and their group.

This company is registered with registar of the companies (ROC) and the date of establishment was July, 2005. By the time they increase their production rate 15% more because of more demand.

Now a day Mr. Ashvinbhai savliya, Mr. Madhabhai Sojitra is handling the company successfully.

3. Company Profile

Name: -


Area of Location: -JAY CEMENTS LTD. Near, Raj oil mill, N.H.8B, Jamvadi (Gondal) Brand Name: JAY CEMENT

Name of Partners: -Mr. ASHVINBHAI SAVLIYA Size of Unit: Small Scale industry

Establishment Year: -2005 Accounting Year: -April to March



Industries are classified according to their units such as small-scale industries, middle-scale industries and large-scale industries. JAY CEMENT LTD. Is small-Scale industry.

1) Large scale unit 2) Medium scale unit 3) Small scale unit 1) Large scale unit:The investment of this type of fixed by the government it means its total investment of any industry is more than 1carrors.

2) Medium scale unit:The investment of this type of industry is fixed by the government that means its total investment of any industry of any industry is more than 1carrors but less than 80lakhs.

3) Small scale unit:The investment of this type of industry is fixed by the government it means its total investment of any industry is not more than 1carrors it called small scale industry.



Director: Production Engineer: Manager: -

Mr.ashvinbhai savliya Mr. Jaydeep Mr. Rajendra Gajera

Accountant: - Mr.Mansukh Vora Supervision : - Mr.Bhavesh Sales officer: - Mr. Rajni Thummar


6. Form of the Organization

The company has chosen private limited form of organization because it enjoys separate status, benefit of limited liabilities range.

7. Objective of the unit

The main objects of the company are as under:Firstly, the main object is to earn profit and Secondly by manufacturing JAY CEMENT helps the Nation and Government in The way, one of them reducing unemployment and second is to decrease the import or to Increase the export to related field.


8. Time keeping system

We know that time is not waiting for anyone, so we can say that Time is money therefore each and every organization has adopted well time keeping system. This unit works 24 hours a day. There are totally two shifts including general shifts. As far time keeping is concerned. With technical card are kept and for the Officer register is maintained. Whenever workers come to unit, he has to make note if he come late the note sent to the account department for salary Payment. Salary of employee coming late is deducted. Each and every employs required on Duty 12 hours.

Disciplinary actions are also taken if it is needed. Employees are often noticed if they come irregular JAY CEMENT LTD. has continuous process which works round the clock. There are two shifts as follow:-

SHIFT TIME RECESS WORKING HOURS 1 8:00 AM TO 8:00 PM 12:00 PM TO 1:00 PM 11 2 8:00 PM TO 8:00 AM 5:00 AM TO 6:00 AM 11


9. Organizational chart
As JAY CEMENT LTD. is Concerned there is excellent organization structure Where authority and responsibility from upward to Downwards to upwards. As a result major decision Are taken by top level executives and their Subordinates.













SR NO. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 Introduction Organization chart Manufacturing process Raw material Production process Plant layout Store keeping Quality control Production capacity Testing Purchased department PARTICULARS PAGE NO.


1. Introduction:

Production department is a department which is concerned with the production activity. Production is a term, which is synonymous with manufacturing, transforming, processing, fabrication etc. It is a process where in materials are converted into finished goods. These goods are either consumed by the consumers or are used by other factories or industries for further processing. Generally, production process will start when the raw materials are available in the industry and production process stopped when finished product being prepared. Thus, in short planning for production is the main activity of the production department.


2. Organization Chart: -


Head of department




3. Manufacturing process:
JAY CEMENT INDUSTRY production process is as follows:1. Jaw Crusher:Firstly the raw material like limestone is Fed to the raw mill. 2. Hammer mill:The material is further subjects to crushing in Hammer mill made cement And its

3. Weighting machine:Similar storage soils or clay, clocke breeze and Literate is also installed. 4. Ball mill:This raw mix is send fed to ball mill with help of bucket elevator and hopper for further grinding. 5. Clinker Crusher:-


Clinker fed to that machine, it discharged to a hydraulically operated uppie airlock gate and transported manually to a clinker crusher.

4. Raw Materials: The production process is generally based on various raw materials. Raw materials are very important for the product. For the production department, only find out the source of raw materials and after getting raw materials, production process will start. This company produced cement therefore they have need many raw materials. Which are generally available in the market. Products various raw materials such as Lime stone, Clay, Coke-breeze, silica, Iron dust, Gypsum.


5. Production Process: The production process of the company is very fast and smooth. Production process starts with mining and end with packing production process given below. Mining


Raw mill


Pre-Heater kiln


Cement mill



All the kind of the process is to be done inside of the factory

Plant Layout is the overall arrangement of production processes, storeroom, stock-room, tool-room, material handling equipment, employee services and al other accessories, required for facilitating the production in the factory. According to E.G. Moore, A good layout is one which allows materials rapidly and directly for processing. This reduces transport handling, clerical and other costs down per unit, space requirements are minimized and it reduces idle machine and idle man time. Basically there are two types of plant layout:1. Process Layout & 2. Product Layout.

It is also called functional layout. All machines performing similar type of operations are grouped at one location in the process layout.

It is also called product line layout. In this type of layout, the machines are arranged in sequences as required by the particular product. All machine as required to balance the particular product line are arranged in a sequential line but not necessarily in the straight line. 23

The plant layout of JAY CEMENT LTD. Is as per process layout. Here, in JAY CEMENT LTD. there are different department like mixing department, extrusion department, belling department, threading department etc.

7. Store keeping: The company produced many Cement bag everyday. It is a very important that company having different store department which is very big. The Cement bag sold. The capacity of the store department is 500 to 1000 Cement bag to store. Also they are store different kinds of raw material which are used for making Cement.


8. Quality control
Organization and planning of the manufacturing process, is called production planning. To plan means both to anticipate difficulties and to take steps to remove obstacles. Production planning may be called a technique of foreseeing the long series of operation involved in a manufacturing process and take appropriate steps with a view to achieve maximum production efficiency. The main objective of the production planning is the organization, procurement, movement and utilization of man, machine and material and also coordination of there efforts in a manner in which it helps in achieving in the desired results within reasonable time and with maximum possible efficiency at a competitive cost. Production planning is an effective instrument of cost control and rationalizes the production activities. It helps in achieving the desired result.


9. Production Capacity: The company produced many Cement bag in every day. The company, produced minimum 200 to 300 Cement bag everyday in Boom period, but in depression period, they produced minimum 450 to 600 Cement bag every day. The highest 500 Cement bag produced in one day. The annual production of the company is more than 1,10,000 Cement bag The company will be tried to produce more and more to Cement bag everyday.


10. Testing:Testing is very necessary for this company. They test the cement product in three Ways:Testing 1st test Laboratory testing When product became final. First step is To check the quality of the product. They check Ratio of raw material. 2nd test Physical testing When laboratory test become positive they test physically the product. They check the strength of the product. 3rd test Chemical test 27

Again third step is to check the ratio of Chemical in cement.

11. Purchase department

As final Goods. In JAY CEMENT LTD. in purchase department. Organization chart Marketing manager we know purchase

department is a main Thing which is mostly related to the cost of They have efficient officer

Purchase Officer

Other person

They have four main traders as follows:-


1. Siddhi cements pvt. Ltd. porbander. 2. Saurashtra cements Ltd. 3. Tata company, Okha, Dwarka. 4. Decora cement Pvt. Ltd, Shapar.





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Introduction Recruitment and Selection Promotion Welfare Facilities Salary and wages Personnel Records Training Shifts Selection of employees Off Days


1. Introduction
We know that personal is connected with person in organization means it is a factor which is directly related with the Main power production it is the joint output of efforts of the five Big agent vid. Land, Labour, Capital entrepreneur and management. These all are the most important part of the organization even their Workers are the outstanding factor. So, JAY CEMENT LTD. Concern Company Has employed various categories of managerial and technical Personnels. Presently it has employees about 25 skilled and


unskilled to run the company. The company has not faced any Labour problem till the date because of good relation.

2. Recruitment and Selection

Recruitment is the main function of personnel department this company has his own recruitment policy. They recruitCandidate from internal as well as external sources. (a) Internal Sources:-

In internal sources employees from the lower ranks are promotes to the bigger ranks.



External Sources:-

In this company first reference is given to internal sources but when they cannot find capable person, they prefer External sources. So the process of recruitment and selection goes very effectively.

3. Promotion
Promotion Organization. JAY PROMOTION POLICY CEMENT on basis of LTD. adopted the is the best policy for

achieving the Organization goal very important for each and every


1. 2.


4. Welfare Facilities
In this company management also take care about Employees service and benefits. When accident takes Place in the company then they provide first class Treatment to the employees. Some allowance are given to the employees by Company such as house rent, uniform allowance and Some arrangement like game, film shows, picnic etc.


Workers and Employees are very important for any big organization. The business is continuing in the market because of the working of workers and employees. Therefore, companies give various facilities to the workers such as Medical, Houses etc. JAY CEMENT LTD. Company provides various Infrastructure facilities to the workers such as provident fund, gratuity, holidays, medical services etc. Also, they gave 20% Bonus to the workers every year. Sometimes, they also provide insurance facility. They do not facilitate housing services.

5. Salary and wages

The believes in paying salary wages to its employee in respective with their experience knowledge and work. They give them wages salary weekly. They can withdraw some money if they want. Company provides some loan also to the employee at needed time. 35

If management satisfy with the workers work. They increase their salary also

6. Personnel Records.
In any organization, personal records are required. In JAY CEMENT LTD. Prepared a file employee like his of every personal working in the personal information, factory. This is confidential file content. All information about bio-data, Qualification, performance report, merit etc.


7. Training
Now days in modern period organization have Adopt new technology and method are require to fulfill This purpose, the each every big organization give the training to their employees. There are many workers work in the company. Some of them are skilled and some of them are unskilled. Thence, company has to give


them special training, practical knowledge etc. Training is necessary to know about the working conditions and techniques of the company. In this company, no special training sessions are held. The one month training period during the recruitment process. This is because the production process does not require any such technology, which is frequently changing.

8. Shifts
There are two shifts in this company. One shift starts at 8: am to 8: pm there is one hrs Recess for employee.


Second shift starts at 8: pm to 8: am there is also one Hrs. recess.

9. Selection of employees .
The system of selection of employees is very important thing. Some in cottage industry, we can see that workers and employees are not qualified as much as small scale industries. Some industries, select


the employees or workers in experience basis, while some industries select on qualified basis. This company selects the workers both on qualified basis and experience basis. It means that both qualification and experience involve in worker or employees

10. off Days

This company is working very efficiently. So there Is only one off day is SUNDAY. But at the time of festivals they declare off day for Employees.





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Particulars Introduction Accounting Year Investment Sources of Finance Planning for finance Capital structure Bankers Capital Budgeting Management of working capital Management of fixed assets

Page no

1. Introduction


Marketing is a comprehensive term & includes all resources and a set of activities necessary to conduct and facilities the flow goods and services from the producer to the ultimate go the consumer in the process of distribution. Marketing is dynamic and vital segment of business activities. Marketing covers all business activities necessary for ascertaining market demand planning product availability and effective transfer of ownership of product.

Marketing is continuous process to fulfill the needs of consumer.

2. Sales Manager

Marketing managers

Sales Manager

Purchase manager



As we know that the marketing is an important functional dept. of each and every organization. JAY CEMENT LTD. has also separate dept. Mr. Chetanbhai is the sales manager of this company.

3. Price Policy


We know that price or money equals to satisfaction. The price is prime regulator of production, distribution and consumption of goods. It reflects purchasing power of currency. Pricing strategy shows the background of the firm in the market.

Knowledge of cost structure relevant to product is no doubt essential. They decide their price as per cost of product. JAY CEMENT LTD. Takes into consideration on at time of fishing prices the following factors. (a) (b) (c) (d) (e) (f) Selecting the price objectives. Determining demand. Estimating cost. Analyzing competitors price and offers. Selecting a pricing method. Selecting the final pricing.

4. Technical Center


In every company, there must be a technical center. In this company there is a technical center, where all technical tests is taken by the department and then after they send it to sells.

5. Sales Network

JAY CEMENT LTD. is a small scale industry. So, it is not able to cover all Indian market, but its network is gradually increasing. At present time sales network is spreading in whole Gujarat and some part of Rajasthan also.


6. Packaging

When the product becomes complete, it must be pack for his long life, in this company there is a packing department. When product reach at that dept. They pack it in to the companys bag and that stock has taken to ware house and some went for selling to the dealers.


7. Store
In JAY CEMENT LTD. There is a ware house to store the final product.

They send the product to dealers of directly to consumer from that ware house. They also provide 2% discount on 1000 bag of cement.


8. Advertising: In this modern time, advertising is very important for increasing the sales of the product of the company or industry. Advertising is the best tool for increasing sales. Big company spent lots of Rupees for good Advertising. JAY CEMENT LTD. The main method of advertising is Wall Paintings, Paper Media, Pamphlets, Metal Board, and Magazines etc. In all the advertisements the brand A1 Cement highlighted.


9. Competitors:Today, competition increases very fastly in any business. Competition is very important for the development of the economy and country. The company has to find new and new product to continue in the market. There are lots of competitors in the market for cement. Therefore, company tries their level best to face the all competitors. They are as under.

Prince Cement Ganesh Cement


10. Research and Development

Market Research is a systematic process of collecting information for stimulating the demand. It is a scientific and control process of gathering non routine marketing information helping to m n g t. Solve marketing problems. Process of R & D:1. 2. 3. 4. Size of market Analysis of market demand Geographical location of customer Ratio of Competitions




1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Introduction Sources of Finance . Planning for finance Investment Investment Bankers Capital Budgeting Management of working capital Management of fixed assets Ratio Analyses


1. Introduction

Finance management is that management activity which is concerned with the planning and controlling of the firms financial resources in modern business. The finance is the blood of business economy. Finance department is very important in any company. We include capital, fixed assets, working capital etc, in finance. Finance is that administrative area in an organization which related with the arrangement of cash and credit so that organization may have the means to carry out its objective as satisfactorily as possible. Finance department plays a very important role in the

development and growth of Business. If you have money and you management, it properly you will make more money. This means management of finance is necessary for all.


2. Sources of Finance As we know finance is compulsory in the Company. So, there must be some sources also. In Future, There may be some problems in company so; JAY CEMENT LTD. has Option to get money. The owner is capable to create some money and Government is also ready to provide Money by loans. At that time they have share capital, some indicial capital and bank loan also. .


3. Planning for finance Financial planning is deciding in advance capital requirement and its form. The success and failure of any business enterprise is dependent upon the formation of finance and planning. In this unit, every year the planning of cash flow And budget are done by observing and studying the Position of the company.


4. Investment They have finance department to managed finance actively.

General Manager

Finance manager

Chief Accountant

The investment in JAY COMEN LTD is like:Share Capital: - Share capital is 10, 00,000.

Loans: - Loan from people bank is 10, 00,000.


Owners Capital: - Owners capital is 15, 00,000.

5. Capital Structure: Capital is the blood of any company or organization. All business activities are run with the help of capital. The capital structure of the company is given = = = Amount 1.50 Crore 1.00 Crore 0.5 Crore 3 Crore

Particulars Reserve and Surplus + Unsecured Loans + Bank Loan Total

The 12% Interest given on the unsecured loan.


6. Bankers The company has only one banker at the present Time. The people bank is the bankers of this company which help the company for loans and other finance Facil


7. Capital Budgeting It is a combination of two words capital and Budgeting. Capital is relatively secured non-human Resources for production planning which guides for their good profit. The JAY CEMENT LTD. is small Scale unit and hence proper and efficient management of capital budgeting is required. So, Proper care is taken by finance dept. to frame and efficient budgeting plans.


8. Management of working capital Working the excess of current capital can be

regarded as life blood of a Business. Working capital is Assets of current liabilities.











9. Management of fixed assets. A fixed asset refers to permanent investments of a firm in the business for a long time. These Assets have a lower liquidity ratio and long tern Investments fixed assets generally consists of Machinery, land, building etc. The preparation of budget for fixed assets Depends upon a nature of an industry. At this time the industries has fixed assets About 18, 00,000.


10. Ratio Analyses Financial analyses of an organization depend to a large extent on the use of ratios. The technique is commonly known as financial ratio analyses. Ratio analyses is a very powerful analytical tool useful for measuring performance of an organization the ratio analysis helps the management to analyses the past performance of the firm and to make further projection. Ratio analysis is a process of comparison of on figure against the calculation of ratio relatively easy and simple task but the proper analyses and interpretation of the ratio can be made only be the skilled analysis. The ratio of The JAY CEMENT LTD. of the last year is as under.




Swot Analysis

Strength: The strength of company quality of product. In this competitive market their business running smoothly because of quality of product. I also found unity and discipline in workers official staff helps to workers.

Weakness:There are not necessary that every company have weak point. This company has efficient Staff, good technology, good employeement, so there is no weak point of this company.


Opportunity:JAY CEMENT LTD. has a great opportunity to provide row material to textile industries and develop more and more technology in the present circumstances by increase production. By this company, provide emplacement to the society development of society is main aim of the company.

Threat:This unit threat is his department head. They are very cleaver. They always think about unit development. This company every year increases their turnover. This is main Treat of Company.



After visiting the company, I think that company is well and efficient there is nothing as such which I can suggest to the company. But, I also want to tell something to the company that the company making Cement but they used old technology, thence, their profit reduce. New business units used new technology, therefore if company use new modern technology, they making more profit. I know that now, they are made profit but they increase in them if they use modern technology. Today, company is in developing stage in the use of modern technology. So, this is one the views from my point of view, which I hope may be taken positively and will not be misunderstood



JAY CEMENT LTD. is a very reputed company

achievement success in the path of ceramics world. With wide range of market & other machineries JAY CENMENT LTD. has a good monopolistic position having effective Management. The all over performance of administrator executive & worker is good. Sound management system with owners personal super vision has resulted into a reputation for profession & high ethical standard in its business dealings. It can be concluded that the unit make of semi-automatic machine in the production process at the same time; labors force is also engaged in the production process.





I have studies following reference books during the reparation of project. Principles of Management - This information is collect from companys profile &visit.

Marketing Management Armstrong.

- By Philip Katler & Gram

Financial Management - This information is collect from the companys report and in where to write alteration in report .

Personal Management This information is collected from reference book & through the Madhabhai Sojitra (personnel manager).