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My USA Glads

(by Bill Stevenson, November 26, 2004)

Note: Recently I was told that during the upcoming trip with my wife and mother-in-law, I must
share USA with pride as if I have become un-patriotic since moving to Germany last
year. But the Apostle Paul wrote that we should not boast about anything except about
our Lord. So, I decided to write a list of what I am glad about in relation to the USA.
They are not in order of importance. They are in sort of chronological order as I realized
them from December 20, 1946 to June 7, 2003 (my time in the USA). This list will show
that I am still glad to be a United States citizen. Via the Internet and CNN, daily I read a
lot of the USA news and do a lot of praying for people in the USA. In my view, there are
still more “goods” than “bads”, especially in the remaining freedoms, but the “bads”
are rapidly increasing because of fears and selfishness. The USA is in danger of being
conquered or destroyed.

1. The United States of America had the most wonderful beginning in world history because
its Founding Fathers were believers in religious freedom, God, and the Bible. (Most
nations at that time were Roman Catholic Church and were not to read the Bible personally.
The Queen of England protested against that church by promoting the Calvin Bible in all
English homes.) The Founding Fathers also realized from history that they should form a
federal government with checks and balances of political power called a republic. They
realized that every democracy had become either a dictatorship or anarchy. Their first
attempt to write an agreement to create a republic form of national government was The
Articles of Confederation which was quickly rejected. But their second attempt in The
Constitution with the Bill of Rights provided a way for a Federal Government that has
never had a violent change of power in over 200 years. Also, the flag of the United States
is unique and symbolic. I am glad about all of what was mentioned in this paragraph, but
the goodness of the Founding Fathers and the religious aspects of early USA history have
been omitted in most school textbooks. I am also saddened that now the political leaders
and most of the people think the USA has always been democracy (it actually started to
become one in 1914) and are for socialistic changes along with lying and slander in election
campaigns. I hate politics now.
2. I am glad about most of the history of the United States up to the Civil War in the mid-
1800s. There were many examples of compassion and there was a wonderful pioneer spirit
for exploring westward showing so much courage. Also, I am glad that so many people of
various religious faiths were able to peacefully begin churches throughout the country. But
I am concerned about the increasing religious prejudices. I have been a victim of such
many times.
3. I am glad that the Civil War did not ruin the United States and that reconciliation between
the states was accomplished.
4. I am glad for all of the soldiers in the wars that USA has been involved in who were
fighting in order to help help others have freedom too.
5. I am glad that the USA became the leading country in the world to provide for missionary
work in all other countries. And that it helped Europe and Japan recover from World War
II. I believe that God blessed the USA more than any country because of all of the
unselfishness the USA showed in its beginnings, in its missionary work, and its foreign aid.
All but one country have not paid the USA back for the loans given to them after World
War II.
6. I am glad that so many people of different cultures have been able to succeed in the USA
and for all of the inventions created by them. The USA has become spoiled with

conveniences and low prices for so many things compared to most all of the other countries
in the world. That is why so many want to relocate to the USA.
7. I am glad that non-Caucasian individuals have more rights and opportunities in the USA
than in any other country in the world.
8. I am glad that I was born into a family which manifested a lot of good morals and ethics,
and that I had parents who stayed together for 43 years.
9. I am glad that the USA used to have a good public school education system (up until 1970).
I was mostly educated before the liberalizing of it. We did not need prayer and Bible
teaching in schools because we had mostly responsible teachers and parents who
exemplified and taught proper learning and relationship ethics.
10. I am glad that I have never had my life threatened by others or disasters (earthquakes,
weather-related), which are common in many countries. I have been amazed by how so
many citizens have helped in times of disaster in the USA, like in Florida after hurricanes,
in the Midwest states after flooding, and after the 9/11 attacks in New York City. And look
how San Francisco rebuilt after the 1906 earthquake caused fires and how quickly New
York City is again the most popular tourist place again.
11. I am glad to have lived in a country that had so many wonderful places to see: museums etc.
in cities, National Parks, and amusement parks, etc. I have been able to see a lot of such in
my 56 years in the USA.
12. I am glad that I have been able to enjoy sports and marriage. In many countries, many
individuals cannot afford the former and the latter is arranged by their parents. But I am
very sad that there are so many problems in both of those areas now mainly because of the
wrong uses of money and selfishness. Most pro teams have such a high turn-over (changes
of personnel) because of free agency and trades. Most marriages end up in divorce or at
least unhappiness because they were started for the wrong reasons. But still there is a lot of
good in both sports and marriage.

Concluding remark: 1 Corinthians 10:13 indicates that God knows

how much we each can take in challenges and temptations. He knew
that I could not take the dangers and oppressions found in most
countries and so He had me born in the United States of America so
that I could live in the best time of its history. I am forever grateful
for that. So many more good experiences than the bad experiences.
The USA has been the best country in the world for many reasons and
I have always been a loyal thankful citizen. I will never be against the
USA, only against the obvious wrong in it. I hope that there will be
Christian revival to help return the USA back to a republic, but I
doubt that such will happen because of the increasing selfishness and
hatreds. The just mentioned daily grieves me. I tried to help go
against such, but was not given ministry opportunities to do so. I am
now using the Internet to do a small effort of sharing about what
pleases God. What displeases Him is obvious. I want to help others
have proper desires and goals in their thinking and doing. If I did not
have the life that I was very blessed to have in the United States of
America, I would not have the just indicated compassionate desires. I
believe such was so prevalent in many citizens of the early USA
population and that was greatness in history.