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H O W T O U S E F E M A L E P S Y C H O L O G Y T O C R E A T E A T T R A C T I O N A L M O S T I N S T A N T L Y Written by: Artisan

Sexual Attraction Triggers

Hey, its Artisan Do you want to know how to create sexual attraction almost instantly with any girl you meet? This is the cheat sheet that will make you irresistible to women. You see, certain qualities turn women on without them even knowing it. We call these qualities triggers, because when executed, women will do things they normally wouldnt do. They will sleep with a guy on the first date because, I just felt so connected to him. They will want to rip off your pants in public because they cant help themselves. The best partyou dont have to be good looking or have tons of money. When you use these triggers, you will be the guy women crave to be with. The guy that women think about, when they are alone in their bedroom. Men will respect you. Women will want to date you. You will attract the hottest girl in the room without even saying a word. You will be irresistible. Now, what Im about to share with you is very powerful. This is not meant for guys that want to abuse/hurt women. Use these triggers with caution.

Some of them you can use instantly and some of them you will have to practice. Once you master these, you will have lots of women to choose from.

Now lets get started

1. High Value Man
This is the most important trigger and it is the basis for every single attraction trigger that follows. Women have biological programming to look for a high value man because their root inclination is to produce offspring and they want a man that will provide a good future for their children. Women have more at risk when they sleep with a man. That man might be the father of her children, and that is why they are intuitively attracted to High Value Men. What is a high value man? He is confident. He has wealth, fame, and status. He has women surrounding him. He has men that follow him. He is comfortable with his sexuality. He does not have to prove himself to anyone. He has a life filled with excitement and purpose. He is athletically fit. He has social charm. He can take charge of a situation. He is well mannered. And more. Most pickup artists will tell you to degrade/insult the girl in order to raise your status. A true High Value Man doesnt have to. Instead, he lifts them up.

Now, it is not necessary to have all of these qualities. When you know what you are doing, you can trigger attraction even if you are broke and not good looking.

2. Alpha/Leader
Women are attracted to the leader of the group. They want their man to be able to lead others and also lead her. Application: When out with friends, make the plans. Instead of waiting for someone else to figure out what you are going to do, suggest what you want to do and then lead them to do it. Be the first to act. She will notice if your friends listen to you. If you dont have a group of friends, create one. This will automatically give you the leadership position. When you are with a girl, lead in every way possible. Lead by approaching her. Lead by getting her number, touching her, escalating, and lead her to your bedroom.

3. Pre-Selection Value
If she notices other women like you, she will almost automatically want you too. Demonstrate that you have lots of women to choose from and she will want you to choose her. This trigger is the fastest way to short-cut attraction and get women wanting you. Application:

On your online dating profile and Facebook page, show pictures with you and other women. When you are out, befriend all of the girls in the venue and get them to want you. The hottest girl in the room will see this and want you too. When talking to a girl, casually bring up other girls in your life.

4. Protector
Being a High Value Man also means being able to protect her from harm. During ancient times, her man had to protect her from hostile tribes and wild beasts. She innately wants a man that can protect her and her future children Application: Be strong, fit, and athletic. Knowing how to fight will give you the confidence to face up to other men. I am not saying go looking for fights. I am saying, be knowledgeable and able if one does come your way.

5. Exclusivity
Be very selective about who you sleep with, how you spend your time, and how you spend your money. High Value Men are very selective about who gets be in their Inner Circle. This applies to women as well. Be a challenge for women and dont sleep with just any girl. If she sees you are selective with your women, she will want to be the one who gets you.

Application: Flirt and have fun with ALL girls, however, sleep with the quality ones. Make women qualify themselves to you. They have to meet your standards, not the other way around. Ask them, what makes you so special?

6. Confidence Sexual Confidence

You have probably heard be confident, however, I will show you how to apply it so that women melt in your presence. A high value man knows who he is, where he is going, and knows what he wants. He doesnt make excuses for who he is and he can handle anything that comes his way. Do not try to please everyone. Do not seek the approval of others. You dont have to make excuses for going up and hitting on her. You are a man and men are supposed to fuck women. That is our nature. Own it. Application: When you go up to a woman, go up like a Man, not a little bitch. Command and let her feel your presence. Hold your eye contact with hers for almost too long. Keep good posture and stand like you own the place. Dont fidget or look nervous.

Speak in a way that is slow and eloquent. Dont speak too fast because that gives off the impression that you are nervous. Speak and breathe through your balls so that you have a low voice. Also, watch your voice inflections. That topic is covered in detail in our PUA course as it is hard to explain via text. Sexual confidence is about being comfortable with being a man. She wants you to fuck her. While talking to her casually say, I want to bend you over that booth right now. And then continue the conversation like nothing happened. It will drive her wild.

7. Unpredictable - Mysterious - Excitement

Women want excitement in their life. Predictable men are boring. Women like badboys because they are exciting and spontaneous. Have a life that is a wild adventure and bring her along for the ride. Dont tell her everything about you on the first date. Leave her something to wonder about you when she goes home. Be mysterious. Application: Casually tell her stories of your exciting life. Do something in the spur of the moment. For example, say, Do you like to have fun? and when she says yes, take her hand and lead her somewhere use your imagination.

8. Trust
Women must have a certain level of trust in you before they will sleep with you.

Application: By leading your friends, it will show her that they trust you. Be a man of good character and judgment. Demonstrate that through your actions and stories. Build Deep Rapport Show a little vulnerability with her. Tell her a story you dont tell most people and tell her that you dont tell most people. There is much more to deep rapport to explain, however, it will take too long to explain here.

9. Social Intuition
You must know how to interact socially. She will be completely turned off by two guys sitting in the corner just standing there looking bored. On the other hand, if it looks like you are having the time of your life, she will want to be a part of it. Manners also fit into this category. Dont be a douchebag asshole, however, dont be a guy that people walk all over. Know how to communicate and charm a crowd when necessary. Application: Have a few good stories/jokes that you can tell your friends and new acquaintances when you go out. Open the door for her. Work the room when you are at a party/club. Talk with everyone, not just the hot girls. Most important rule, have a good time.

10. Drive
Notice I did not say wealth or money. That is not as important as drive. They want a man that is going places and doing things with his life. They dont want someone that is going to sit on their ass and watch TV all day.

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