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Vaculities: Diseases Weakening Blood Vessels Leading to the No Functionality of Body

Vasculities is a group of available disorders that actually destroys blood vessels and causes inflammation. Both the available veins and arteries are affected. However there is another form of Lymphangitis is available that is sometimes very well considered as vasculitis. However the Vasculitis is very much due to the leukocyte migration and the damage it causes. However both of it occurs due to inflammation of veins, arteries of their own separate entities. Vasculitis has different types available depending on the locations. Type of vessels and location of the vessels available.

However the well known cause of syphilitic aorititis is the infectious. However, there are many causes of the different forms of vasculitis which are poorly understood. The immune component available could be identified however the trigger is not identified. However in some of the cases no antibodies are found based on the classification as like ANCA. The vasculitis limited to skin is available with musculoskeletal system that has connective tissues that conditions arteritis / phlebitis on their available circulatory system. Apart from the above classification based on the size of the vessels the vasculitis are classified as Large Vessel like Polymalgia rheumatic, Medium Vessel like Buerger`s disease and smaller vessel vasculitis like Chrug-Strauss. All these involve arteries and are very often classed specifically under arthritis. However there are a number of situations making vasculitis accompanied with atypical situations. There are a long list of vasculitides associated with antineutrophil cytoplasmic antibodies like granulomatosis having polyangitis, eosinophilic granulomatosis with polyangitis and also the microscopic polyangitis.

It makes a long list of affects on the entire body like -Many symptoms of Fever and weight loss. -Effected skin having palpable purpura and live do reticularis. -Joints and muscles get affected by myositis and myalgia. -Nervous system cause headache, tinnitus and very much reduced visual acuity. -Arteries and heart gets hypertension and gangrene. -Nose bleeds, bloody cough comes from respiratory tracts. All these affect the overall functions a lot. Kidney problem also arises. What are the available diagnoses? The Laboratory tests of blood or the available body fluids are carried out which shows inflammation in the body? The increases erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR), elevated Creactive protein and the increased level of anemia causes an increase in white blood cell count and causes eosinophilla. However the other available elevated findings are in antineutrophil cytoplasmic antibody levels and hematuria. Rheumatoid Arthritis could be found in patients of medium-sized vessel vasculitis and gastrointestinal tract. It is mainly found in age span of 18 years and 48 years. However the Gastrointestinal manifestations occur within a lapse of three months after diagnosis having abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting, diarrhea, hematochezia and Melina with hematesis. The Gastro duodenal ulcerations are also found after endoscopic ally. However there are cases of many patients having surgical abdomen, bowel perforations and developed peritonitis, intestinal occlusion could also be found in them. If one goes through the type of Rheumatoid Arteries Vasculitis it has an active vasculitis associated with rheumatoid diseases that occurs in about one percent of the available patients. However the RV manifestation has an extraarticular rheumatoid arthritis and it involves the small and medium-sized arteries in the body. However in many of the available diseases RV resembles polyarteritis nodosa. RV can affect a list of person from any ethnic background of either gender and from any age group. However when we analyze a patient we could find in them severe joint deformities from the underlying arthritis. When the arthritis led to significant joint damage, at the beginning of the RV the joint disease is not found paradoxically. There are many classic symptoms of the available Rheumatoid vasculities that could help to recognise. The very well known is body having ischema of different nervous system, skin, arteries of fingers, etc.