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Forwarding Agent

Chitrcij of
Hecruits for Bible College
Mb. & Mrs. Wm. Gulick

MissioTiaries on Field

Abthpr and Ruth MoRitis

Madbapakkam VillaOjb Via Gummudipondi Post South India

liox -104

957, Hawthorne St.

Cincinnati 5, Ohio

^J^BNviLLE, Illinois


in Christ


Wg want to tll you that wo are still amr^nD'

^ to^wrxte you for months, but the work been Tr. so t heavy that we have not the hadpast a fiee minute th-Iq

been wantlL^r
^ i

forg,^tten you good ^olk at heme. wfhafe hL

yu llj.
doing for the'Lprd here,
bn i i

ay Hi3

opened In Oct. wo have been rushed to de-ith


Bulldlnss and in

Doccnib;r saw us dointt the


ana ir'T' """'"S"'!' "" \>ohool :yo. In .pint ,na numbm 6 ' E ? ' s ; ss s,;s34?* x ?Lf8 maklnff 6 ficld-^ thfit vrr. new fiolas wgtb oponod into Christ. February was the recJtfd^^^nth ^ SQuls baptis baptisms In this one mohth.


here 4 dvaq nnri

i eaoh wa??or ?L'trvloes! """ oity.\Part

of Hver'"'cali?um "Ld'T dysentary, lack solved! wrkerJChurch o Countless problems'have bc .n at the English In Mcdr C^tY^ Part^ortr^?^'''^ regularly
of the- time wo lived

i-eopen th' Sln.n"'

atrongth tg do those things.

f: aSffsif


in soa %1S i"=a;S';xr2/S.?53'';.rtg?''''

us, and to holp thlc work to r:rovj -nd proppejr.
f. n v * _.

(Ehutcl} 0! OIl|rtst

Forwarding Agent
Eugene Houpt

Recruits for Bible College

Mr. & Mrs. Wm. Guxjck

Missionaries on Field
Arthur and Ruth Morris

Box 104

957, Hawthorne St.

Madbapakkam Village

Gheenville, Illinois

Cincinnati 5, Ohio

Via Gummudipondi 1'ost

South India

Dear Bro. McParland,


will pleawe forgive^us. "^Iso sorry that we have "been so bu^y to t repor., and news recently, "^ince we Ijave been back from Jlifehe hills, 6 weeks,
we had 105 baptims at the end of June and so far have had 103 in July, making

I am sorry that we are so late in this, and hope you

208 in 6 weeks, and

509 so far this year,

-^n is v/ell, and we are s

busy that we do not have time to write more, but v/ill start, and hope that

others write more, so our little will not hurt.


are now 40 churches

here, and 25 schools, and it really keeps us busy to ti'avle and vist in all the^ee places. We have visited them all since v/e came back, and up to date have built & 55 churches under the Build a Church Cajnpaign that v/e started last year, and money has still been coming in for. We asked for money to build 20 and have built 35 and have money more for 6, so v/e doubled the goal, Wg. v/ant to thank all at home for their interest and hfelp. in the village scho.;ls, as so many have itij,'lice aM s many diseases.

We are just fine and busy all the time./^uth is working with the nursa^,

We are eagerly looking forward for the ^ulicks as the v/ork is so heavy.


College opens in August ^2, ajid then we will not have a free minv

I will teach about 30 in the day classes, and 20 or more in the VCorresponc
"'e will endeavor to answer your questions the best we can in a

brief manner# Hope tnat is 0K

, ij-^

I, o make it a prop^-r Indian meeting, the members'should take off their shoes, and sit on the floor on mats. If men present, must sit on
one side, and women on the other. No chairs allowed. slides that you have from an Indian field, Show-some

for a time and was paid by I-Irs, ""^othermel, but he was a bad one and also
v;orked for

3. The ;vork began here unt''er_ Bro, Fred S^nith , now of Elizabethon, Tenn. around 1935 or 36. He had a ^'atjv-; evangelist named Edwards v/ho worked entecostals at same time, and she fired him,. he chose a man

named Jacobs, and he carried on until we came. He too was a Pentecostal and is no longer with ^s, believed pure Faith only docjtine. When we

villages that Edwards had kept from ^.irr:, othermel. -^11 joined and going on. Ox^r field is in outh India, really in Madras Presidency. -Our people speak

came we knew of only work in Madras ^ity 3 churches, but found w-jrk in 8

Tamil, T^legu and English. and the other 35 are Tamil.

most of them work on the Ian-, and gre poorly paid. Some own thein own land, but most of them do not. I madras City, the people are a littl'^ bet
er off, but still It is hard to get'ahed, and still ea- at least twice a day,
favored them a lot

V/ have I engllsh Church, and 4 Telegu ones The people as a v/hole are very poor, and

"e have I English church v/ith the ^nglolndians, who are a people almost without a country. They can't go to i^ngland and be English, and they do not
want to be

but new ^the ^overment Is mainly In control of the Brahmins and they give the] no special favors, or salaries. The church is snail, but the members are

ulation of over i,500,000, and is the capital of the Madras PresidenoT

Interested, and willing to sacrifice for the Work. Madras City jg the 3rd largest city in India, and the only large city that has any one preaching and Teaching the Jew Testament Church. It has a pop
away steeoed from us, in but is a very The epole are a little more H^nduiim but

anxious for the Gospel. We nowhave 5 churches in thll arer^'w^lutr r: churches. his kv30, 1950, it is not over 2 years old yet, and has 5 would be so a really fine place for a
but we^^have no more time or men to go there. We opened up a new area in the Telegu field, and there are now 4 churches there. his Is a great opportunity, and a group of men came from the Telegu area, about 50 to 100 miles from where we are of overof 1000 people who would but like are to tired come to A few Lad been members some denominations, of Christ. 11-

eadrt field. g0dd

9Prtlnn fh there, and the Interest is so strong now. in Gosoel one section there are over 300 peoples in 6 villages waiting for the

te at

want the truth. The great majority are Hindul, and approxlitely


means of hvangelism.

1e t^ach and teacn, and when the majority are ready to accent Christ * f? tiaptise. I baptise a few, but try and get the men to do nnf Wp V, ' teachers, and 40 churches, ours. :c preachers and for schools. ihese schools are the village Christians and and S5 as village a
Here the Hindu boy or'girl learns to read the

and we are hoping in 3 more months to have at least 3 0^4 mo?e tSLe

o = and We there opened upnow a new field about 10 miles away there in the same Tamil area, are 5 churches there. Last year were nonp

f^i?fwoA ^fchrL?!""'

study in the Bible College in the afternoais, and teach xn the village schools in the mornings. -^heir wives work as women to the village and teach the women and children.

^ visit from the preacher and another

learns to love


areound 25 patients a day. V/e have plans now u-:der way for a new

The nurses are doing a fiwe job of medical evangleism and average

n^sf^for & ^
w-it-h 94.



1 '

Is completed, we will get a ladjf doctor t take


in operation by Christmas or

ov^rL^ f." the houss, but " ^' gets done ^^eck them by pourIL over books for the work and on the people get well.
^'^ ^'iring line for Christ. The

tratoed doctor can be hir^d for $25 a month, and liard to do medical work, even

teachlL "ithnew 36, students all dedicated to added, the preaching teaching of the Gospel. Several will be but many and
^ College as soon as they come and learn enough
The fields are as follows.

The South India hristian College was started in Oct. I95I

GulSckc wni^

I. Madras

concentrate on


3 Tamil Churches and I English Church

5 Churches and 4 schools Churches

I School

4. ^alastrie Field 4 Cliurches and 2 schools Th.;. 22 Churches There are 37 preachers and 3 nurses in these fields.

I'DthakoM^M o.Othakotie Field

and 4i schools
and 14 schools




Or+nhPr T)i

DOROTHY M. SCHMALE, Forwarding Agent





Dear Christian Friends

T/hen Ilr and Ilrs, Arthur Morris vrore preparing to go to India, they found

it nccessary to have somebody at homo to care for certain legal business for them. Our ovm government and the governments of other countries have made it necessary to have someone to stand back of our missionaries vfho go to foreign

The South India Church of Christ Mission -vvas chartered as a corporation in the State of Ohio to do this ivork for }Sr and Mrs. Morris and any other vforlcers v;ho might be led to \TOrk "vidth tliem#

Recently vre were privileged to assume this work for JAr. and Mrs. Vftn. B. Gulick, who are going to lead in the work of the South India Christian College,
a preacher-training institution in Madras. VTe sent a copy of our resolution to the British Consulate for forr/arding to the proper Indian official. This
resolution v/as worded as folloivs:

"Inasmuch as the West Side Church of Christ, Charleston, West Virginia, and the First Christian Church, Springfield, Ohio, have pledged them
selves to maintain ITr. and Mrs. "Wm. B. Gulick during their stay in

India, the South India Church of Clirist Mission assumes full financial responsibility for these v/orkers and guarantees their repatriation, should this become necessaiy."
Thus their living-link si5)port has been pledged, and we have stepped out on faith to help them on their way.
Now we turn to you. We fed that it is your vd.sh that these v/orkers join the Morrises as soon as possible. ?.ir. and I!rs. Gulick have their passports, and they liave their living-link si?)port. They are avfaiting their visas, and these should come without fail as soon as they can be properly channeled.

They need 51,500.00 to pay their passage to India. They need $1,500^00 to buy supplies to take v/ith them. They need 03,000.00 NOW,
We hope that it v/ill be laid vspon your heart to place a substantial contri bution in the enclosed envelope and return it to their forwarding agent at once.
Your servants in Christ,


ViT, W. Winter

Member, Board of Trustees




Published in the inlerera of the work of the Lord in South India by the SOUTH INDIA








Christ wherever they may be.

The Lord has blessed us with a

This year of 1952 has proved to

us again that the greatest ser

new son.

We named him Joseph

Arthur, and even though he is not very pretty, all say he looks
like his dad. He was really an Armistice baby as he was born
on Nov. 11 at ten o'clock in the

vice in the world is to preach the Gospel and win souls to Jesus.
We were happy when in the year
of 19.50 there were 95 souls won to


We believe that child

Christ. We were more happy in the year of 1951 when 202 obieyed
David. Patty and their new brother, Jowph Arthur.

ren are the most priceless pos

sessions that we can have, even

Him in complete obedience, and

then sad because it was so few.

generously to the poor. The only

trouble is that after Christmas, this same spirit is put away un

though with children they are all the possesions that you can

This year we have been thrilled

to see 708 souls follow the Mas

til the next year. the baby and for We will try and one personally, but all of you to know

If you would

Thanks to the many fine folk

who have sent and are sending

like to make a wish for the com

presents for Christmas. thank each we do want

how much we appreciate these gifts. Our Christian breth

ren here will have a better Christ

ing new year, wish that the Christmas Spirit will last all through the year, for this is real Christianity. Ruth, David. Pat, Joe and I wish you all Iho very be.st Christma.s ever. I can't think of any

ter's example, and there are yet over 100 more who will surely be ready to accept Christ before

the year is over.


TIME for His work in South In

dia. There is a great hungering for the Gospel, and we had all we could do without opening up any more new villages. But they
continued to come and we an

mas because you have shared.

Isn't human nature queer? The people of Madras are famous for
their mathematics and foi' their

thing to say, so will close with a poem, dedicated to you; May the days and months of fifty

swered in the only language we knew... "Yes, we will come and


When these villages in

retaliations. If you have to fire, or, as they say it here, dispense with their services, you can look
for a torrent of abuse and threats.

Bring peace, joy and t) you and me.


Wc do not kntiw what for us the

new year will hold, But we do not worry, for we have

It doesn't worry us, but it is an interesting sidelight to mission ary wofk that we thought you

giv'n our lives into Jesus'fold.

Together wo will work and trust and pray, And we will win many souls into Jesus' way.

which we are now teaching, bap tizing and building churches are iully trained, that will be HO con gregations of the Church of Christ e.stablished in this year. If we have been slow in writing to you

good folk, please remember that

we are using that time to preach
and teach Christ to those who

might be interested in. We had to let a preacher go two weeks ago for bad behaviour. He left,
but came back with a knife and

want to know Him so badly.

cut to shreds a shirt of one of

the preachers, and told him to tell that missionary he would do his chest that way for dismissing him. Of course, he will not do

The brightest hope is that each time we open a new village or area, it doesn't stop the expan sion, but really opens it more. We
established one church in a new

it, but this scares the other fel

lows. We believe it is a sure

sipn the man was a bad fellow, and not a real Christian. If you

ai'e a n arm chair psychologist, please tell us what brings on this


Isn't Christmas wonderful?


can take a mean, stingy, almost

hopeless person and make him

into a nice, generous, polite per
son. It takes a Hindu {>r Moham

medan shop keeper and makes him wish all a meriy Christmas, sell Chi'istmas t; ing.s. and give

The Myiaporo Hindu Temple.

One ef

the largest and best carved in Madras.

area in August and now there are 4 churches in this area, and over 15 more villages sent letters and requests for us to come there. We sent what men we had, but they are still there and since it takes more time than wc have, we will teach and when they are ready, they too can be added to the great and happy family. In some villages they are ready to accept Christ with 2 or .3 weeks of teaching, while in others it takes months. In one village wo had been teaching for over a yeai", and the Hindus were arous ing the feelings strongly against




our men, and they drove them out, and refused to let them come


again. It is an ideal time, for it is not too easy or too hard. When we put forth our very best, then
we do succeed.

Published quarterly by The

South India Church of Christ
Mission. MISSIONARIES: Mr. and Mrs.

We are now working in 4 dis tricts and Madras City. Of the 50 congregations, 43 are Tamil, six Telegu and one English. I
will list the fields in order of the
number of Churches. TAMIL LANGUAGE WORK

Arthur Morris, Madrapakkam Village, Via Gummudipondi Post, South India.


The English church building. .It >eaU

about 50 and rnt> for $5 a month.





AGENT: D. Eugene Houpt. Address: Box 104, Greenville,



home base, ai-ound where we live.

There are now 18 congregations and all have their own buildings

RECRUITS: Mr. & Mrs. Wm.

School days are on the march here for many of the poor child ren back in the villages. The

and preachers who hold services

both morning and night on Sun day and teach school during the week. The preachers also attend Bible College each afternoon dur ing the week. They live on the compound and go to their re spective congregations each day.
B. The Oothakotie Field con

B. Gulick, Box 34, P. H., Cin cinnati, Ohio. Christian growth and lite. There are now six churches and many more interested villages. There are now three preachers and one teacher in this area, but several
more are needed. There are two

government started schools in all the cities and in the big places,
seemed to care.

but out in the villages no one We have started these as a means of evangelism,

and it is really working.

ren to be a

It gives

an education and helps the child

little bit better off

sists of 14 congregations and six preachers. There are six build ings finished and more are being>
buill all the lime. It is our aim

church buildings and one school, but again we hope to have the rest of the buildings done by the
end of the year.

than their parents. At present our schools are unrecognized, but we are making plans to have a good number of them recognized
and standardized so that cx-edit earned can be passed on any
where. Not all wish this as

lo have the rest of these buildings done by Ihe time you receive this
news letter. There are seven

schools here and this area is just alive with interested and pros pective villages. There are ap proximately 15 more villages that we are teaching in this area.
C. The Salem - Coimbatore

There is only one English church, and it was established in August, 1951. It is practically self-supporting, and has grown
in numbers and zeal. The main

many go only two or three years, and then go out to till the ground or watch the cat
tle. There are some who do want

credit goes to one of the elders. Bro. Ellery, who is an AngloIndian man employed in a la"ge

to go on in life, and this and the boarding school planned for next school year that opens in June will be a big improvement. Now
over 30 schools are being con ducted each day with over 650 students enrolled every day. They learn to sing and pray and read the Bible. Thanks to you who


This is the farthest field

nway and gets neglected because of the 250 miles distance, but
there are now 11 churches here

and many more prospects too. There are many single villages and groups of villages that want
to know Christ, but we do not have the time to go and preach.
There are six schools here and

British company as a cashier. He has a very limited salary, but l as given his time and money freely. He preaches most of the time. When I can come, as I try to do on two Sunday mornings of the month. I preach. He has the night service and two prayer meetings, and these are usually
as well attended as the morning service. Our average attendance
is around 25 at all services. We






schools, but the rest need Bibles

and books too.

six preachers working. D. Madras City. There arc two congregations and two prea

There is also one school

We did have one more con

gregation, but, being weak, were bought out by the Assemblies of God. We hated to see them go away from the Truth, but they were looking for an earthly re ward, and these men paid them in cash. This is the 3rd group

are proud that these brethren are so interested in prayer meetincjs that they hold two a week and attend them well. They rented a nice building, and bought the chairs, curtains and hymn books. This church has a great future.

that have gone away for finan

cial gain, and all of them in Ma dras City. It is ironical that the groups we came to work with in our original plan have all gone away, and the congregations that there are now, we did not know



tUpon BuUd^ngs. Th<> offices of the city o< Madras.

Bro. Loginathan.

He Is young Timothy
He it stltl

ot the Coimbatore District.

This field is up in Chittoor Dis

trict and is a verv live field for

in h^.gh school, but preaches regularly,

teaches night school and visits many villages for Christ. He is now 17.




Vews Of The South India Christian College


On October 8th Brother Morris

wrote to Bill and Ethel Gulick

that "there has been a new pol icy adopted by the Government of India, that went into effect in June. They feel that Christian ity has had its chance and now
no new missionaries are needed oi wanted in India. The Govern ment is in the hands of the Brah

evangelistic work as you care to do. You can preach or have a Bible college or do anything of that nature. But you can not come just to do that. They here
are all amazed that the Govern


We have discovered both to our




that many people are not even

the least bit aware as to how mis

ment has gone this fai\ All other visas are just returned and stam ped NO PERMISSION GIVEN."
In a letter written November


work by churches o f Christ is supported.

Some have told us that they

mins and they have no use for Christianity as all other peoples give great respect and honor to them. If a person will come for
medical work or for educational

work they will let them come since they look upon this kind of work as that which is for the pub lic good of all India. I listed you as an educator and professor and said you would study before you come out so that you will be pre pared to teach adult literacy. I gave you full responsibility for the 25 mission grade schools and the college. I hope you didn't list your work as missionary. If you didn't we have a very good chance to get the visa."
Bill and Ethel feel that it was

26th, Brother Morris said, "Pro gress is being made on the visa. We have now every reason to hope that it will come soon. We just filled out the Indemnity and Repatriation papers for you yes terday. This is just about the last step before the visa is gran ted. From all signs the visa should be granted in about a week or so. You will probably
hear in December and then can

honestly thought the U. S. Go

vernment or the Government of

India assumed the support of the

missionaries because of the bene

fits which their




the efforts of the mission

come as soon after that as a ship can be arranged."

The Gullicks, therefore, are

reasonably certain now that the visa will come during this month. The visa should have been gran ted long ago. And under normal
conditions it would have been.

aries. Others have expressed the thought that the missionary or ganization, of which the mission ary is merely an employee, sup ports him fi-om funds provided by financial investments made by the organization. Again we have heard that once local congrega tions have assumed the livinglink support of the missionary all
the even needs of the that mission are

thereby fully supplied.




Bill and Ethel previously booked

in some way self-supporting! Other ideas just as startling pre

valent and all these are far from
the truth.

the providence of God which led tliem not to make application for passport and visa as missionaries. Since they were going to South
India in order to teach in the Bi

passage for November 14th and

then for November 25th or 29th. Each of these i-eservations had

For these reasons we list for the

to be cancelled.

From all indi

benefit of our readers some per

tinent facts as to how missions are

ble College and train a native In dian ministry they applied as

teachers and are listed on their

cations now, however, they should be in India by the time the next issue of the India Challenger rolls off the press.
Because of insufficient funds

to be supported.
1. The local churches and

passport as such.

On November



for a Jeep, they are faced with

the decision as to whether or not

the Christians who compose those churches are responsible for the missionaiy work of the churches
of Christ. Non-christians are in

Morris wrote, "We applied for the visa as we told you and waited. For a long time nothing happen

ed and then last week we got

word that something had come.
It was from the Government a-

gain wanting to know if we could get along without you and how you would be of value and help to all India. They jrlso wanted to know why
we didn't hire an Indian for the

job you would do.

We filled it

cut and the local Police Commis

they should take the necessary household goods or sell their household goods and use this money plus the money they would have to spend on shipp ing these things for a Jeep and its transportafiun to India. It is a problem deciding which is needed more. The college is forty miles outside the city of Madras. There fore a Jeep is a necessity. At the same time they were not planning to take along any unnecessary household equipment. The repa
triation fund is in the bank. The

no way responsible for the work of the Body of Christ. Rather than supporting us in
our work, the India and the Uni
ted States Government demands

we have pledged an annual sum adequate to meet our pei sonal liv ing expenses and $1500.00 in a repatriation fund to bring us back to this country in the event of an emergency before they will even pei-mit us to leave this country
and enter the other country. 2. The missionaries g o as evangelists or teachers sent by the

sioner promised to recommend it st ongly. Not one in twenty ap plications gets this far. So we
believe that it will come. We

could not




work at all for the Police Com

missioner told 'u.s plainly if we put it down for any preaching work it would be immediately re fused. He told us to tell you that if you do adult literacy work and
educational work in addition to your Bible work then all your fiee time is y^iur.s to do as much

passage money is on hand. The living-link support is pledged. They are waiting only for the visa. They will not wait until they can obtain all the necessary equipment and supplies before going. Yet it should be possible
for them to lake as much as is

local churches who support them. They are not employees of any missionary organization. The
South India Church o f Christ

Mission has trustees from among

those who support the India work who hold in trust the property and equipment bought in India
for the needs of the work. Such

needed now so that the work will

not be hindered later. Help them with the Jeep today while there is yet time before their sailing

a board is required by the laws of India. They do not 'employ' or provide the financial support (ex(cont'd. on page 4)




cept as individuals contributing

to the work) of the missionaries

in India and apart from this in

struction wherein the students learn to read and write from the

laboring in South India. Each missionai-y carries on his own work as an evangelist or teacher

Tamil Bible they would be left

in the darkness of sin and illiter

directly responsible to those who

send him out.
nancial work.

There are no 'fi

which can


It benefits the college in

also does some

this time is not, "With whom do you plan to 'exchange gifts' this year?" But rather, "Will you present unio Him gifts?" H e Himself has long ago ascended to be with the angelic host. We can not now take gifts to the incar
nate Christ. But this has noth


that the student

be drawn upon for support of the

3. The living-link funds sup plied by local congregations mere ly provide the support and per sonal expenses of the missionaries themselves. They do not provide for land, buildings, equipment or .supplies necessary to carry on the work. These funds do not sup port the students or native wor kers who are "absolutely essential
to the work. 4. Hence other funds are

scholarship work in return for his

6. It trains the wife of a

married student so that she may not only be a help to her husband and family but also so that she may go out among the village wo men with the old, old story of
Jesus and his love. She also is

trained in the simple arts of home

nursing so hat she may help those

who otherwise would have no me dical care whatsoever. These are the immediate re

needed from churches, missionary groups, classes and individuals for the establishment, growth and expansion of the work. Some of the pressing needs which must bo met by miscellaneous gifts from others besides the livinglink churches are permanent buildings for the South India

sults of such support! Time and space forbid telling of the far reaching results in baptisms, young school children with the

ing to do with the fact that we can present unto Him gifts. Before He returned to heaven, while still visibly present among men, His parting words for His followers were, "Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them into the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit: Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have com manded you; and, lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world." (Matthew 28:19,20) He is here! As we go, wherever we leach, among those whom we baptize, whomever we instruct in in all things whatsoever He com
manded, He is with us even unto




from the


the end of the world.

bondage of paganism, lives fully consecrated and loyal to Jesus Christ and every teaching of His

Whenever, wherever you give your time, tal

Christian College, living quarters

for the missionaries, a jeep, sup plies, class room , equipment, books and support for each of the student preachers. You can readily see therefore that we ai'e depending upon you who regularly receive and read the India Challenger.

ents or money to His work you present unto Him gifts. Will you present unto Hirn a gift in honor of His birthday?

For $10 a month, $120 a year, you


The season of the year when the thoughts of men turn toward
the birth of Christ is here. Gen-

eraMy speaking, however, the manger scene provides for too many of us merely a sentimental

can support and educate a native Indian evangelist in The South India Christian College. If he happens to be married, his wife often attends college with him and she too is supported by that .same $10 a month. If there are

atmosphere for a highly commer cialized "gift exchange." We are

loo prone to forget that it is the bir thday of Christ which we are professing to celebrate.
" .. Behold, there came wise men

children, and usually in Indian

families there are a number of

children, they too draw upon this

same $10 a month for their live

Many have asked, "If I support

a student in the South India


What finer gift could you

Christian College, exactly what will my $10 a month accomplish?"

In answer to that question and in order that our readers may know
how much we ai-e able to do with

a little in South India, we are

publishing the following list. 1. Ten dollars monthly pro

vides food, shelter and clothing
lor one month for a student and

from the east ... And when they were come into the house, they saw the young cl ild w'th Mary, his mother, and fell down, and worshipped him: and when they had opened their treasures, they presented unto him gifts; gold, and frankincense, and myrrh."
Matthew 2 1, II. The angelic chorus had ascen
ded from the Judean hills back

present unto the Christ than a trained, prepai'ed evangelist and teacher who will extend His king
dom? What better investment is there than in a Christian home where each member of the lami is educated for the service of

Pi e.sent your gift unto Him to day by sending your pledge of

support in the amount of $10 a
month for one of these students.

his family if he has one. 2. It provides the school sup plies and tuition for one month
for the student and his wife if
he is married. 3. It enables the student to




The shep
the man

Write The South India Christian

herds had hastened to

College, Box 34, Price Hill Sta tion, Cincinnati 5, Ohio. Further

ger to present their priceless gift

ol humble adoration and had

detai's will be furnished upon re


preach at least every Lord's day in one of the villages near the college where otherwise the Gos

gone back to their flocks.

STUDENT SPONSORS Th e Falls Mills Christian

pel would probably




4. It permits the student to teach each morning in the grade school of the same village where he preaches on t^-e l-ord's day.

eph and Mary had taken the young Child from his crude bed and were lodged in a house. But the wise men, led by the bec 'oning light of the star, were deter

Church, Falls Mills, Virginia, has

been sponsoring two of our stup

mined to seek and worship the

King of Kings and present "unto

him gifts." The question on our hearts at

There is no public school system

dents and their families by pro viding $20 a month for their sup port. At first theiv suppod went
to Mr. and Mrs. Rajaruthum and

THE INDIA CHALLENGER their three children and Mr. and


Mrs. Appadrie




children. In a letter written to the

Falls Mills church November 11,

Brother Morris regretfully


that after the birth of their fourth

child, Rajaruthum left the work

and went to Madras where he

could earn a much larger salary. We felt as did the Apostle Paul when he wrote, "For Demas hath forsaken me, having loved this

present world, and is departed

unto Thessalonica." Now the

church's support may go to Bro ther D. Doraiswamy, the first graduate of The South India
Christian College. Brother Doraiswamy is about

65 years of age.
in a Methodist

He was trained

the preacher at Karambedu. Mr. and Mrs. James Muntz, 288 Glendale Avenue, Lexington, Kentucky, support A. Dorai Raj. He is a young single sudent of eighteen. He was born July 15, 1934 at Padambuduge, India. He was baptized February 12, 1952 after entering The South India teaching school and preaching in addition to his studies. His spon sors, are members of the Maxwell St. Christian Church in Lexington, Ky., where E. R. Jones ministers. The missionary groups of this congregation have also selected The South India Christian College as a missionary project. The Missionary Society of the Chase Avenue Church of Christ. Cincinnati 23, Ohio is sponsoring
Mr. and Mrs. A. Samidoss and
their two children. Brother Sam

missionary program in the local church. He must clearly discern

that men without Christ are lost; he must be constrained by the love of God for their salvation;
and what he discerns he must

teach his people." These word.s from the November page of the 1952 Missionary Prayer Calendar are impressed upon our minds as we reflect upon the above pat rons of our college student.'^.
EDITOR'S NOTE The Forum Class of the Noble

Avenue Church of Christ in Ak

ron, Ohio, sends $20 per month for the support of two students. Brother Morris hasn't given us
the names of the students being

through the eigth grade.

he took a Teacher's


supported by this class. Bro. Schondelmayer is minister of th<Nublc Avenue congregation.


Course and obtained the Gov ernment certificate. For three

idoss is a native of Surapoondi.

He has written the Chase Avenue

years he was a student in the Me

thodist Theological Seminary

Nearly twenty years ago, long be

fore the Morrises went to South

India, Brother Doraiswamy re nounced Methodism for simple Christianity. After the Morrises began the college, he attended one year. Now he is teaching Tamil
and Bible to the women students

Missionary Society that at one time he "went to Ikkadu and join ed in the Ikkadu Industry and learned weaving and some other handy works and earned enough






Christian life there.

Even though

I was working there, the Lord separated me for the special pur pose of His only work . . . So 1
left the industrial work. Now 1

in addition to his preaching in tl e surrounding villages where

there are no preachers. He also is kept busy by the missionaries building the church buildings. Truly he is a man of God! Mr. Appadrie is 45 years of age. He and his wife have eight children. Only two of these, however, remain at home. Both Brother Appadrie and his wife
are students in the college. The Horsepen Christian Church,

am preaching and teaching and studying too."

The Christian Crusader's Class of the First Christian Church at

Springfield, Ohio is supporting J. Michaelruthum, who was born







Norihweatein UnlveisilY< Chicago. H

visited the college and spokA againat

Aug. 5, 1933 in Bommasikulam.

He has written his sponsors
. I heard that Church of Christ



is the only one true teaching.


they roused my feeling.

When 1

came and tried to be a student of

Horsepen, Vii'ginia, is sending $10

a month for the support of Mr.
and Mrs. Samuel and their two children. Both Mr. and Mrs. Samuel attend classes. Brother

this Bible College to know the truth, I got a chance." It is this

Christian Crusader's Class taught

This issue of the Challenger ct)ntains many items related to the Christmas season, but it i.s coming to you after Christ
mas. We did not receive the ma

by Brother Virgil McConn, that is giving him this chance to do


terial in time to get the Challen

Samuel is about 27 years old. He

is busy in his work of studying,

preaching and teaching. Tiie Young i-adius and Young
Adult Bible School Classes of the

The Mi [ford Church of Christ.

ger printed and mailed before the Christmas rush. The post office requested that large mailings be
reserved The until after the Christ contained in this

Church of Christ at Loyall, Ken tucky, are supporting Mr. and


Milford, Ohio, sponsors Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Sinderaj and their two children. Brother Sinderaj is a native of Palavackam, India. He has written the following to
them. "Before I worked in

mas season, so we have waited.


issue is interesting even if some

of it is post-season.









born in 1927 in Sanaputhur, India. He is now teaching school and

many departments. There was no peace, blessing, even though

I earned much money. So I

we are not cutting a bit. you like it.

We wish to apologize to those

who have had to wait a time for

preaching in the village of Malvarapalayam. Miss Ruth Shannon, 4007 St. Lawrence, Cincinnati 5, Ohio has assumed the support of Mr. and Mrs. P. Jayasingh (Jaesing) and.
their child. Brother

realized my past things which are against Him, immediately obeyed

the call to do His will. So all

an answer to their letters.


often get caught in quite a rush

with our combinations of jobs, and have to delay some of the work longer than we like. Pro per credit of your contributions is always given as they are re

my bad life, actions, and every evil spirit I burnt them by His

^loo^-|Now]^m all right from


writes that Jaesing is "an excel^

lent writer and

His calling up to now. is till my days." is the key to the

ceived, and receipts are mailed

as soon as possible.







Dear boys and girls at home:

Here it is time for another

Evangelism Is The Answer

lettei', and it is hard to think that

Christmas is almost here. It has

been so hot that my prickly heat has not stopped since we came
down from the hills. I would sure like to see some cold weath

er and snow, but here it is sup

posed to go way down to 70.


has not this year as the monsoon or regular rains have failed again. I told Mommy that I got my

Christmas present early, and what better present could any boy have than a nice new bro
ther? Now I have a brothei- and

On Iho left Is Luk<ihmi, the goddess of

of beauty and wealth.

fhe famous god. god with many hands.
tist's conceplions).

On Ihe rlghl is
The biggest (These arc ar


temple in Calcutta Is in honor of this



a sister, and both can play with me. Isn't that perfect? Tigers are getting bad around here. Now is the tiger hunting season, and I listen to the stories with wonder. But I do wish they would stay out of my room at night. Every night I wake up and dream of tigers, but when I get my eyes open, it is only Susan. 1 wish she was not so big and did not have spots.

Yes, this is good news. months old, and she likes sissy things like dolls and baby clothes. Please bring her a doll that
drinks water like those in the

At last

we have been able to get an ex

perienced doctor who is willing

to come out and do medical work


Please bring my daddy

a pair of sun glasses and my mommy a fan. Susan wants a bone and a house for her puppies.

in the village. According to Shri Prakasha, the governor of Ma dras, in a recent speech, there are 95% of the people of India liv

ing in villages and 5% living in

the cities. Ninety five per cent of all the doctors are living in the cities caring for 5% of the popu
lation while 95% of the teeming

Did you write to Santa Claus?

I did. When I took the letter to

All Mickey wants is rice. The preachers want new coats, but I think Daddy said that the fine people at Little Prairie Church
and Noble Avenue Church are

the post office to send it, they would not take my letter. They said they had heard of a Father "Claus. Can you imagine gmwu people being so stupid? 1 tried my best to get that letter to Sanla. I had Daddy help mo to write it. and Mommy to type it, but
still I could not got it sent. Mom my says that at home Santa comes to the stores, but he never comes as far as India, or I have never seen him anyway. If you get to a store, or see him on the street, will you tell him your
friend David wanted him to have this letter?

sending some. Tell me, Santa, how did they write to you when 1 could not? They don't even

millions, approximately one fifth of the earth's population, are hav ing the care of only 5',V ofthedocttij's. The Indian doctors are well

know English.

Do you read Ta

Please d<i not forget that Christ

mas comes ijn Dec. 25 over here

loo, and we haven't got a fire place or even a fire or a chimney or snow, but do come anyway. Your friend,

and can do the work very well, but not many will leave the city and its comforts to jjo and live in the villages. The governor added that a good per centage of those 5% wei-e mis
sionaries, .so the number of train ed Indian doctors in the villages is very small. We had been trying to secui-e a good doctor for the village d,is-




Madras, India
November 1.
Dear Santa;

If you have a desii'e to help in the Lord's work in this area, hero are a few suggestions; 1- Bicycles for the pi'eachers.
Used ones cost about S20 each 2- Pressure kerosene lan
terns for the churches. About

pensary, but had no luck. We are happy to have Dr. Famuel

who is a retired doctor from a government hospital. The nurses did a good job. but were very


I am writing to you to ask you t(i please remember the little boys and girls over here across the world. They call you a different name, but don't let that stop you from bringing toys. I am David, age 5. and I want a cowboy suit, gun, a truck, and lots of candy. It you have any trouble finding out the right suit, you ask Mom my. I showed her the one in the old Sears catalog. Patty is 20
South India Church of Christ Mission
Box 104

$15 each for new ones.

3- Used Sunday School lit erature and used clothing. KEEP

4Communion sets for new

much saved many to be

limited in training. They many lives and brought babies, but many cases had turned down. For many
We be

this meant certain death.

lieve that medical work is not an

villages. Set would include a table, as there are none in the church, vessels and cloth. Cost of each set is about $5 here. 5- Your prayers and interest
in the work here.

end in itself, but is a means to the end. According to the New Testament, we must be all things to all men and save some. Look in the next issue for a comp'eto

story of this when Ruth gets able

to write about her work.

Greenville, Illinois Form 3547 requested.

Miscj&oit bervlees
Mission Manor

willernie, Minnesota