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Published quarterly by South India Church of Christ Mission. Missionaries are Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Morris of Madrapakkam Village, via Gummudipond Post, South India. Editor and Forwarding Agent is D. Eugene Houpt, RFD 2, Danville, Illinois.
ISSUE 1, 1961

I" "


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It is now 12 years since we resigned the work in Indiana

to Start thc South India Church of Christ Mission.

^ .

^ ^


Ameiica. One was spent in traveling to make ourselves

the work and progress.

this time ten years have been spent in India, and two in

known to the churches, and one in 1955-56 to report of


Much has been accomplished, but there is so much more to do. As you look over the projects, you will see
{^e Lord has blessed the work here. Now we are

W "


' f-

: home in April 1962, Just 15 months from now.

registered with the Java Pacific Shipping Line to come

' ; I - .
' i

fP iSW- J |r' ' -.fS


i i

WHO WHILE WEthese AREprojects, ON LEAVE. If WeWILL have CARRY to close ON down most of then
much valuable time will be lost, and the work Will suffer. noon meals to 1500 children?






VVho will help the preachers with their problems? Who

Who will care for

will help 'he Hncfor and hcipital s'liff Who wil! distri-

k , ^


" '

W j f
, I,

/!:. ^

35 to 50 hostel boys? Who will preach in Madras at the

English services?

' j


^ f


some of you. We hope some one will respond to this

is here, and the work is here. Who will come ? ? ? ,, , , ...

prayer that this appeal will touch the hearts

1.4' I "*",5 .
|r MiIk.

\ if ^ ^ r# 4

! Jw-

Mil i

ir^-B i, .

possible, we trust some one could come for three years or 18 months. The house is here, the jeep
If you are mterested, please write to either us or Bro. would work with the hospital. Need we say more? There have been over

need. We hope it will be for a five year term. If

Patty, Joe, Ruth, David and Art January, 1961

. _

Houpt. We have been promised visas for anyone who

New Delhi that our letter asking for Recognization and help to the Central Government has been accepted and the Government of India granted us Rs 17,000about $3.650in grant


HOSP TAL 5,100 bap,in .ws three w states. Th^e are 127 churches m
Christian Medical Association

get a letter from the Government in it better. At a recent conference,

We were thrilled in November to ingly admit that the missions can do There is a good hospital, recognized

they said that the missionaries work Government of Madras, Government to help people, while often the India, U.S. Government and MisGovernment doctors work only for a Lepers. There is a field white salary Let us praise God for this harvest. We are praying for an answer to to this this urgent urgent appeaL appeal. victory. answer <

Ihe leprosy survey and outclinic work,

This was a real thrill to us, and a

to buy a new jeep and trailer for


You can have a definite part in the

We are sorry to have to leave


highlight of the whole year. Some-

of the Union Parliament will come hospital is now approved, gifts of

time this coming year three members hospital work in India. Since the some pictures out of this issue. We

approve it. This recognization and charges. We had planned to carry an could not take up the space with grant does not in any way interfere article in this issue telling you how pictures. We hope this extra material

here to see the work and fnrtoer -f- ^InTXS

d"" vou would wan, ,o read ,ha. we iust

j othpr snpcHl ipeisnn-;

much material that we thought

with our own work, teaching, preach- this is done, but space limitations vvill be well used for missionary study
ing, or Sunday services. It is just a prevented it. If you are interested m
they want this work done and will- details. Usue.

. 'u r\ f this type agent of work, f^roups andmore other special lessons. help to us f from the Government, for helping with forwarding for write full We II carry pictures in the next





ISSUE 1, 1961


outlined, and then he left to begin, preachers. They were very anxious food preparation for that night. to hear the tunes. We went through

We had such a beautiful Christmas When things had settled down just "Fishers of Men", "Heaven is a this year, and enjoyed more gifts, a little, I cleaned the house. There Wonderful Place", "Jesus Loves Me", cards, and celebrations than ever isn't much difference in cleaning, and now they have the copy all before. Our Christmas drama was whether it is in America or India. written for them. The drama finally very fine this year, and was held on Our kerosene refrigerator is a wonder began. At 9:30 a few drops of rain a stage right here on the compound ful help to us, but it does take a fell, and we thought we could not grounds. There were many visitors good deal of attention. Our birds finish. But the rain soon went away. from Madrapakkam. We will long have to be cared for, then the old I sat on the ground with the women's remember the seasonal cards and broom and mop are gotten out. group, and by 11:00 p.m. the ground

The attitude is a little different here, servant. But the Duraisani, as they the attention of the people all the

States, and we are beginning to get they can hardly believe their eyes< the life of Stephen. It showed how a little homesick to have a Christmas One night in a sermon I heard an Paul was changed from a persecutor there. We miss the English carols, elder say that if the village woman to a Christian. I thought it was the snow, the feeling of excitement had any money at all (more than 25 quite moving, except for the fact that and joy that we find in the States. cents a day), they had to have a everything was sung. But it held

greetings from our friends in the When they see me clean in India became very hard. The drama was on

They still buckets of water and mopping by cannot quite get used to the idea of herself. He was real proud of my Santa Claus instead of the English strength, and told them that I would "Father Christmas". stay stronger and younger in this way! Would you like to come with me

and yet we got to speak to our local sometimes call me, obviously had high school on the way we celebrate more money, but was lifting the big
Christmas in America.


We arrived home tired but happy. The boys sang choruses all the way home in English. They improve theii English and their way of life at the same time, we pray.


knee. So we took him to the hospital for an injection, and put Ynanaraj Wednesday when some-times I drive for the hospital staff and help in the to bed because he was a hostel boy with a fever. Then I helped clean up book work of the outpatients^but I at the hospital and put newspapers on believe it would be a little too hard the tables, etc. We got out some to understand without some previous preparation. I findTT fascinating, thSf -tracts- tegiveto- the-villagers.-W
to take you along on a

on a bird's-ey.^yiew of one of the day.jjf have here? I hardly" "know

In the afternoon, our Moses came

from school with two boils on his


Let us imagine that you were suddenly removed from your home and went to live in a strange land where the people did not know any-

in some bad cases repelling. I think then had a bite to eat, and started out would you walk, talk, and live so you'd appreciate a Friday's tour with with six hostel boys to the drama. that these people who had no Bible me. All went well with Friday When we arrived in the village where or knowledge of Jesus could get an

kept notes on what I was doing, but the drama was to be seen, we found that night the little kerosene light ratf it a very small village. And as we
out of oil. The kerosene light, but

idea of Him?

well, let me begin on Friday morning.

We got up quite early, at least wei thought so, but before we got up wei

were already behind on our work.

We rushed through breakfast because our high school hostel boys were

made our way to the bench they had prepared for us to sit on, we were completely surrounded by darling Indian chidren. So after the polite five minute talk, we asked the child ren their names, what they remember ed from their school work, their Bible class, and so were able to see what
kind of a teacher our elder was.

This is exactly the problem that we, and all missionaries, have when we go to establish a church in a new place where the Gospel has never gone. We know that we must all preach, teach, and by our lives glorify Him. But is that enough?

Many will never hear our preaching.

waiting on the veranda for theif

Bible class.

of eggs, toast, cereal and coffee. It and they gave good answers to many must do as Jesus did, reach them through love. Some do this so well seems very American to us. Of course of the questions we asked them.
the milk is water buffalo milk, and

Our breakfast consisted it happens here, he was very

As Because of prejudice they will never good, know of our Savior. For them we

through medical work. But one can

the sugar we are getting now is quite dirty and large grained. When wet of mud, built in such a way that the finished an hour of Bible, the boys roof came down low over the build portant work of a missionary, which asked for fees, pencils and shirts, and ing. We had to bend double to crawl is preaching. This is certainly wrong. other special things they thought they in. Fortunately I had a sari on that So there is a big problem of how to
budget our time, talents, and money reached to the ground, and so could that is provided by you, our friends Then our preachers were waiting sit comfortably in the building. in America. If we do too much of for us to help gather clothes and There we were served food. The light the works of love, they might not
needed for school. know whom to love. If we do too

Then we were invited inside to see get so busy doing that method that the house of the elder. It was made they forget the first and most im

special supplies for the drama they was so dim that we could not see were putting on that night in some what we were eating. However, I village. They had come the night know that we had both mutton and before and had practiced until 11 p.m. fish curry. It was delicious. After the food was over, we still But here they were again, wanting to put on the finishing touches. The had to wait for some time before preacher who is helping teach music the drama. The people had not yet

little they will never know, either. So as I have thought about the work of the Lord, we have tried to do the same things here. Jesus preached o the people in the synagogue, in their homes, or in outdoor gatherings. He to the hostel boys is useful in many come in from the field work, so I healed the sick, cleansed the lepers, places. He had to have his work wrote some songs in English for the fed the starving, and cared for the

ISSUE 1, 1961





little children. He was always teach these classes as they begin again in ing and training disciples. So if we March. can pattern our lives and work from 3. Christian Day Schools His, then surely men will know Him through this work. It is because of Our 20 Christian Day Schools are this idea that our work has branched now in the last quarter of their school into 12 projects. Each of them plays year, and will close some time in an important part in the total reach April, depending on the number of of the Gospel. Alone, most of these days they have had. It is the rule are small and useless. But they help here that all elementary schools mu&t
to illuminate some facet of the

happened if we had not been doing

this work. This is all in : excess tO'

many children who would have no regular meal each day if this were not in operation. Daily 1500 children have a meal, and about 1800 have a cup or glass of milk. Since we
started this work in 1958, we have
distributed the food that has served






have 220 days of school, which is a 1,250,000 glasses of milk. This shining personality of the Son of God lot. About 160 days were required project takes less than one hour a
when I went to school in Indiana. day, and does so much good. 1. Church Planting and Evangelism Each year we have to close some 6. English Church, Madras The work of the Lord grew, with schools. The Government has seen The English church has experienc 307 people obeying their Lord's com the need of schools in these villages, mand to be baptised. There were five so they have started them. We then ed the best year in its history. We new churches established. One of go back further into the undeveloped had a wonderful meeting conducted these is on an island five miles out areas and start new ones. Within a by Bro. Bruce Munro, one of our

in the Indian Ocean. The Gospel was preached in many villages, but the competition from the many Isms keep many from accepting the full Gospel of our Lord. The churches are in three states, Madras, Mysore, and Andhra. While the majority of them are in Tamil, they are also in Telegu and Kanarese, There is one in English. We are still in the process of changing from many paid preachers to volunteer local workers. This, for us, is good but slower. The volunteer men, trained through our Christian Trade Schoole, have proved themselves real workers. They give the church real stability that an . outside man could never give. We

year or two these areas come forward, and so goes our schools again. This is

Australian missionaries. He has an American wife. He is a wonderful

/ try to choose the most capable man

( or elder, and then train him to carry ^on the services. In this way the church
is permanent, and services are carried
on even when we can not be here.

in the church for the local minister

We have dropped from 80 to 20 paid

full time men. The 20 men are evan

Also, if any one would be interested in taking one of these fine young high have seen grandfather, father and son school graduates as a living link for still great. in the same class. More often than their training time, it would be a 2. Christian Trade School not the small boy is the best reader This has been the one deciding of all. The daily contact with Christ wonderful investment in the kingdom factor in our self-supporting system. ianity helps to hold them until they of the Lord. Without trained local men, the can grow more like the Master. 7. Reading Room churches would have died in many 5. Gift Food Program This project is designed primarily places. Our next classes are about to
begin, and we expect at least 50 to 60 to enroll for training. This is the middle of the harvest season, and as soon as it is over, classes will start. This is the best time of the year for our people. Every able bodied man,

gelists, serving from four to eighli from five to 65all in one classall churches in an area. The harvest is learning how to read. Many times wei

one of the best means of evangelism, preacher. At the close of this meeting or here the unlearned Hindu child and in July there were 10 baptisms. Now his parents come face to face with an even greater thing has happened. Christian teaching. Here they learn Three of the young people, the finest to read the Bible, sing Christian we know, have decided to resign their songs, and come on Sunday to hear jobs and enter the full time work of the same teacher preach the Gospel. the church. All three have good jobs, Most of our churches have come into better than average for their ages. being through and with the help of Yet they are willing to sacrifice these and serve Him. They are two young our schools. men and one young lady. Since we 4. Night Schools have no seminary in English, we There are 20 night schools in our think they will go either to Australia areas, and these serve a real need. or the Phillipines for seminary train They strengthen the newer Christian ing. They are of mixed parentage, but) communities. The first year in a very brilliant. They know the langu place we try to have a day school. age, background and habits of the When they get used to Christian ideas people. So we feel they could serve and learn more, we can go to a well as missionaries when they return. night school. Then when they are Bro. Munro is going to America,, more firm in the faith, they can and plans to live in Oklahoma. If carry on with worship services. These anyone would be interested in a first night schools usually meet from seven hand report of the field here, he to nine each evening. The pupils are would come and tell of the work here.

those Then for the next four months there that at least half of the food must go
the men can come for these classes

The gift food program has been a great means of helping many educat ed high caste Hindu to see and begin to understand the Lord. They can not understand why we help the poor children so much, and why we go to woman and child can work and so much trouble to be absolutely fair receive good wages for six weeks. to all. It is a part of the program

to meet the

need of the educated

Hindu who would not be reached by the Gospel in any other way. He would not listen to the preaching, would not come to church, or in any way associate himself with Christians. But he will come and read the papers, books and magazines. After reading

people.: night. If someone should see him there, he pretends to be reading the ed for Christian Service through these reading the word of God, and all our paper. If he should become a courses.' We ask your prayers for books, too. This would not have (Continued on Page 4)
and study the word of God. So far many

he will sometimes read the will be no work. In this slack season to Government or Hindu schools. By Bible^when no one is watching. He complying with this, we get to make will often ask to take it home at

contacts with


204 men and women have been train

Now these is a Brahmin Headmaster!





ISSUE 1, 1961

Christian, it would mean the loss of family, friends, property, the chance to marry, and all future advancement. So you can see how hard it is to win people from the high caste of society. So far no one has come to be baptised, but we do have some eager young men who would love to step out for the Lord. We hope and pray they will some day soon. This work is slow, and without visible results. But it is very essential.
8. General Hospital The General Hospital compound

must remain in bedand 700 out kind. Some are very good students, patients. In December we added the while others are average and below. newest member of our staff. His

name is Nadesan, and is a Physio


Our Bible class has become very

interesting. They have now memoriz-

He has been trained in d the books of the Biole in both Tamil Vellore Hospital, which is the best in and English. They have also memorizAsia. He was under Dr. Paul Brand, them. The mud walls are up and who recently won the Lasker Award ready for the thatched roof. They as the outstanding doctor of the year We have started a new building for for his leprosy work. We do many ed the Lord's Prayer, the ten com things here, but if they are beyond mandments, the 23rd Psalm, the our help they are sent to Vellore. beatitudes, and the 13th chapter of
10. Bible and Tract Distribution
I CorintUans. We have made a

This work goes on, but has been has been replastered and white suffering in the past quarter for lack washed, and is in good condition now. of stock. We have received only one We have had quite a few cases o contribution for it. Don't forget to typhoid fever lately. One of oui* send money for Bibles and New hostel boys almost died with it, but Testaments to the" American Bible he is now slowly recovering. Many Society for us through the Bible children have died because of typhoid. Society of India.
Since most of them do not take

detailed study on "Heaven", "Where Do We Go After Death", "What is Sin", "What Is An Idol", "What Happens When A Hindu is Con verted", and many offshoots of these

questions. They are as happy to study

these as we are to teach them. We

have just completed the "New Testa

ment Church". We have studied the

many verses that lay a foundation for Not only is there work in Madra- the church. We are deeply indebted pakkam, Madras and surrounding to Bro, Ralph Dornette for his books, areas, but as far away as 350 miles and to C, J. Sharp, The Standard'it to the South around Erode, and 200 "Precious Promises" has laid a basis miles to the West in Bangalore. for our village teaching, and we are In Bangalore, a large city of over in the process of outlining these a million, there are two fine churches. excellent verses and chapters to be Ufe is almost gone. When they do not These churches are small. In Erode used by every elder and preacher. live, they blame the death on God. there are 22 churches within a radius What else can we teach to those ^Eher-peflple who ^omfii to the -hospital of,20nules. Both,of these.fields are who Hft- -nntreaH-^ or write? _ The hear Bible stories, and get a beginning good places to work, and needa majority of our church members are understanding of His love. Those that family living there to do all the neces in this situation. are interested are then told where the sary work. But so far this has not Now that we are in the last three nearest preacher to their village lives. been possible. Bangalore is a large modern city, a semi-hill station, so months of our Bible class, the high In this manner a contact is made. the climate is always nice. It has school boys will begin "How to Teach 9. Leper Hospital large stores, gardens, schools and Sunday School". They will also This is the fastest growing of all tremendous opportunities. Still after teach simple choruses for the young our projects, and also the one that is six years we have not been able to village boys and girls they will see reaching the most people with the interest anyone in the work there. We on vacation, and simple verses to teach story of the Gospel. The best news of do not see how it can carry on for young believers, whatever their age our hospital is that the Government ever without someone to look after it. may be. of India has given us a grant of Most of these boys have expressed 12. Hostel $3,650.00 for a new jeep and trailer. the desire to teach this summer. Our 35 hostel boys are in excellent "Preach" is the word they use, but We now have them. It is wonderful to have this jeep and trailer for the spirits as this new year of 1961 begins, they are very young for that. Pray work, but the fact that this shows feel, at last, that they can stretch out for them that God will see fit to use a new side of the character of the and move around. As of this writing, them in any corner or dark village Government to us is even more they have all been living in one small where the Light of Jesus has not room, sleeping on mats on the floor. gone. wonderful. All we hear is "No visa," "Permis They seldom get into trouble of any sion not given," and "No." Here not only is our permission willing given, SOUTH INDIA CHURCH OF CHRIST MISSION BULK RATE but they give us a new jeep in R.R. No. 2, DANVILLE, ILLINOIS U.S. Postage appreciation of the work. If a jeep is PAID given, then surely the visas that any one would apply for to work here Permit No. 5 Potomac, Illinois would be given. Help is urgently needed for this hospital work. We plan to come home in just 15 months, and

proper precautions, many will prob ably die because of it. Beginning with the new year, we have started taking monthly health checks in all our schools. By doing this, any sick ness can be spotted and checked in the beginning stages. The problem here is that they come only when

II. Outside Areas

someone must be here for this work.

If you will come, the visa will be given.

We now have another new' ward for

inpatients, half of it is being given by the patients them-selves. Now

VV P jjO.9 West Jefiersnn

Form 3547 Requested

there are 25 inpatientsthose who


U. S. A. Address


Madrapakkam Via Gummudipundi P. O.
S. India


R. R. 2

Danville, illinois

Dear Friends,

letter, and now March, when we start again.

I cannot tell you what has happened between October, when :we wrote our last

for 2 years because of this, and others are having or will face the same ^jrobXem.
j dedication I prayer oneat night God solved and that time.

could help in the different areas. Bernie Getter had been unable to go on furlough

precious fellowship with our Missionaries and the Christians of that field, and we saw God's hand in the planning of a Bible College in Bilaspur for all of India. Eac-:^ night we had prayer that God could solve for us the perplexing problem of who
the problem for us, and we all renewed our faith

Camp was held the last of November and the first week of December in Assam. We had

Our children came home for vacation and stayed until January, The Missionary

wrong side of the bridge one nightunable to travel the last 5 miles from home.

Before Camp and after our return home, the floods came, and I spent a great deal of time sweeping water out of the front room, dining room, bath room and office room. Drying clothes was impossible and the high school boys could not cross the stream to go to school. Our entire family spent from midnight until 5 A.M. on the
Christmas was a lovely time and we enjoyed every minute of itChri'stmas all

over the world means kindness and thoughtfulness. The minute Christmas was over, we got our children ready for boarding again. The hostel boys returned from leave, and we rejoiced to see them. What very fine boys these are turning into, and we are getting several preachers from this group. They are now singing English choruses,


learning Lords^Prayer, 10 Commandments, Beatitudes, and several Psalms in English. In the meantime, the leper work took a great jump and day and night we could not stop from the work in the hospital. The English Church in Madras also opened up Church of Chriat, after going along for several years in a disturbing
Nowj we have just completed a meeting led by the Home Minister and a dinner

given by the Lions Club in Madras, at which Rajagopalachari gave us a fine gift of medicines for the hospital. The box of medicines containing our microscope is due to

us today, and Art is just now leaving to collect it. I am going to our local high
Christian College for a program there.

school to take the Educational officer to his bus, and Saturday we are to go to

evangelism we do. Last night after I had worked all day in the hospital, and Art had village to village treating the lepers, we went to 2 village Churches. I beenon from put my sari, we ate food sitting on the floor, and as usual, with no silverware, and after the last, last program the group of singers, 2 of our hostel boys, and five of our preachers all sat around singing hymns and Christian choruses. How happy we wer'e then . Just one more and just one more, I begged of them, until too much time
had passed.

Well, we are happy in all of this but what a contrast it is to the village

admired for many years because of her Zealand consecration to Jesus, our leader
and Lord.

work, ^^1 SID afraid she will be too busy. Imogene is one of our missionaries we have ^ ^ -0^-^ Love,
art and rdth . ,

On the 20th we are expecting Imogene Williams, who is coming through Madras. Since she is doing leprosy work, it would make us so happy if she could come see our

-J A-


Ai^ a-





Now, why this extra curse? Oh, God, for what reason am I here? Why do I Uve ? Oh, God remove the despair from my heart, and open a light unto my eyes. Really, I am dead. Yes, dead

I was doomed to a life of bitterness before I was born, because my i)arent8 were outcastes.

to a world of society, gaiety, happiness, home and children. Is it because of my sin? I have sinned, but when I accepted Christ as my Saviour, He forgave those sins. Still I have this affliction, and my bent hands and gnarled fingers advertise this to all. Unless God in His sympathy and mercy can
read the troubles of my heart, and give me rest and health, I shall die a despised leper. I must have contracted leprosy when as a small child, I slept with my infected father under

one day patches began to appear and they could not be hid and the awful truth was known- I had
to leave school and my villnge playmates shunned me, so I ran away from liome. Life was
That day I died.
I wandered from
over for me.

Ihe same blanket, for we wei'e so poor there was only one cover for our family. I did not know it ior a long time and I went to tlie Mission school and hoped to make something out of my life. Then

village to village, until one day, while I was sleeping in the

shade of a large banyan tree,


I saw a Jeep come up and out came the Missionary and doc

tor and hospital workers, doing a survey for leprosy.

They examined me and spoke kindly to me, when they found


T was a Christian, took mc


bJ,<^C , tj ^ -J

back with them to Madrapakkam. I was skin and bones, starved and filled with disease.

That was a 3'ear ago and now X am being helped and have
some assurance that I may work again.


Shall we go with our patients for a day and see how they live in a Leper Hospital. You read of the hopelessness that is so common with leprosy patients, but this often changes when they
come here.

by pond to wash. There is water at the door, but most Indians prefer to bathe early, and in
open water.

First they arise early, 5 or 5 : 30, and straighten their sheet on the cot and go to the near

By 7, all are up and ready and those on cook work have finished the breakfast.
cereal, chapatti, or rice cereal, depending on the day of the week. songs, choruses, and a new Bible Story every day.

It may be

As soon as breakfast is over,

they all gather together for the morning devotions and Bible Story. Preacher Rajarathanam, has history. As the story is being finished, the nurse and workers come with the daily round of medicine
They stand in line and take

Many can now tell you the whole outline of Bible

and cards, wliere tlie doctor has prescribed the medicine for tlie day. that magic, D. D. S. pills, along with yeast, iron and calciujn.

only 140"^^, but it will soften and restore life into all hands. Gradually the nerves wake up and begin to respond and then heahng and usefulness begins. This new method of treatment is becoming
famous, and people come from upto 50 miles away for this treatment.

this is over, some do garden work, while the ones with bandages come to have them dressed and changed. Next is wax batli time, where the hands are immersed into hot wax. It will not burn,

Next comes hand exercises for all with stiff or benthania, fingers or joints. Then when

tablets, plus a lot of good CJift Food from America, helps the healing process. When a person is so thrilled that lie is improving, and can move his fingers and toes again ;

bodies. We were fortunate in getting many boxes of A.D.C. drops, and these and yeast and iron

Each day there is improvement in some of the patients, and new life surges into their

when he feels that he may be a human again and be accepted in society, he rushes to tell the
The preacher congratulates him on his recovery, and then explains that this is a represen


of the Lord Jesus. This language is very understandable. They see the spot disappear from their body, and in that same way, their sins will disappear when they are cleansed by the blood of Jesus.
The favorite story in the hospital is how Jesus healed the 10 lepers. He loved thejn. He touched them. He healed them. Tlie force of this lova is being shown daily in Madrapakham.

action. TJiere is no other reason wliy we should help them, so through this help they see the Love

one of the best if not the only way to witness to these hardened hearts. Here they see Love in

tation of what happens to our spiritual life when the Lord Jesus comes into our heart. This is really


agony or danger. He looks after the inpatieiits already on the compoundj and also the weekly road side clinics. The doctor is not finished even when the last patient leaves the hospital. Still he must

cher, but not in the full knowledge of the Church of Christ. The work of the doctor proves a challenge when our leprosy patients have reaction to the Sulfone drugs, or when they are in great
make up medicine for the next day, and then complete the records and cards for all who attended. Finally, with the records done and the hospital clean, he is free to rest.

l^rosy, and is very fortunate in coming from an educated Christian famil}'. His father is a prea

-Please come with me as we step across the path from the hospital. We shall visit with Dr. Frank and his wife for just a moment. He is a man well qualified for his work in the field of

Next we meet Christopher, the Leprosy Extension worker for our hospital. He too comes fiom a Christian family' and his father wanted him to be a minister. He did not choose this, so

decided to seive God in this way. He goes to the villages to search, for the leper patients as we saw in the front picture, and tells of wonderful new medicine, Christopher also treats the children
of the G school clinics.

A gift of medicine from Lion's Club of Madras

since 195C). His medical training was given to him by the Portsmouth, Ohio, Church, and he gives
also goes the story of Jesus o\ir Saviour.

Also helping now in the hospital is Jayasingh, who is really a preacher, having preached

injections, counts out pills and general medical help to these unfortunate people. With the medicine
Next we meet Nadesan, the physiotherapist, who is standing beside the electric wax bath,

counting the minutes a jDatient has to keep his hand in the wax. This treatment he gives both morning and evening, along with finger exercises. Nadesan is an expert in ojiplying plaster of paris
casts, on ulcerated feet so the}^ relieve the pressure on tlie ulcer, letting it heal.

chaplain preaching and teaching ihe love of the Lord Jesus. He lias been a preacher since your missionaries first came to India in 1950. He has been thiough our seminary here at iladrajjakkam, and has held several important ministries, but this one is ti e greatest challenge of all. Many have
never heard of Jesus, and would not be at home, so instead of preaching to Christians, it is telling of
Lastly, we shall meet, Moses the untrained Extension worker John, the Jeep driver,
the Christian way of Life, Salvation, and Heaven to those who have never heard.

Next we see a crowd of people listening to a Biblo story and here is llajaruthanam the

missionaries make up the hospital staff who daily serve the Lord in this way.

lluthanam, and wife Mary, who clean up, carry water, and serve in the wards. These and your


it is today. It opens a vision of hope in a lost world to people like John, andmany others. We have room for 30 bed patients but usually have only 15 as we cannot afford to keep any more. It costs only 3 10 a bed. Thats the cost of the food and medicine necessary to keep one person a month. Sometimes a person taken in for treatment will need 3 months of care, and sometime only 3 weeks so rather than on a person, on a bed, it costs this. The money needed to care for two bed patients is sent by the Hessville Church of Hammond, Indiana and the First Christian Church of Lans-ing, 111. Many have been so very generous in their help to this work, especially the good ladies of Georgetown,
Illinois on bandages, and Martins Ferry, Ohio on bandages and S. S. papers. We want to thank all our friends for the part you have had in making this hospital what

Also the ladies from Highland l^ark Church, Louisville and Auburn, Indiana have helped on medicines. Many other groups are interested and are sending gifts, and we wish we could mention
them all, but space will not permit.

Special mention must be made of the fine gift of the two doctors of Afton, Okla, who gave
a useful and much needed miscrope for the work.

It is of special note to all, that the American Leprosy Mission has recognized us, and let us use their materials and films. Also any gift that your church makes to them, will be forwarded to us here, just like the Bibles through the American Bible Society. Bro. Bob Tinsky of Box, .i5, Hebron, Indiana has kindly consented to show films and slides of the Hospital and also has sets of display material from the ALM. If you are looking for a different type of Mission project none will be more fascinating than this one. It is along neglected field for our church, and here not only the
best medicine is being given, but the glorious Word of our Living Lord is being preached to the many
who would not otherwise liear it.

Thanks for your prayers for the Work here, and for those who have given so generously,
and unselfishly. May the Lord bless and keepyoxi all in His Saving Love.

God will bless you also as you uphold this work to His throne of (Jraoe. We ask that you pray particularly for tl\e missionaries in tliis work; that God will give them energy and ability to
meet the needs of this field. May our Lord Jesus blei^s and keep you all in His saving love.
Art & Ruth Murius.

Morris' Family.

Payne & Co. (Branch Press) Madras-7.