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I. COURSE DESCRIPTION: To provide knowledge and skills to SAF personnel in order to develop their capabilities and apply them to modern offensive tactical skills and techniques using a wide variety of options when confronted by any situation. II. OBJECTIVES: At the end of the course the students are expected to: a. To develop a well-informed, well organized, disciplined and highly trained counter-terrorist troops; and b. To produce well-trained policemen in conducting special police operation within the city or in an urban area. III. COURSE OUTLINE COUNTER TERRORIST OPERATORS TRAINING (434 hrs) First Aid & Medical Emergencies Communication Firearms Training Close Quarter Shooting Tactical Training Operational Tactics, Safety and Security Breaching (Forced Entry Option) Familiarization of counter terrorist unit equipment Information Collection (Intelligence Cycle) PLANNING COUNTER TERRORIST OPERATION Operational Plan Operational Planning Pre-operation Briefing Team Organization Operational Checklist EXECUTION OF COUNTER TERRORIST OPERATION Preparation Execution Actions at the objective Hostage/Terrorist Handling & Processing SPECIALIZATION Sniping Breaching Communication and Medics CRISIS MANAGEMENT Crisis Management Committee Command Post Structure and Operation

Crisis Management Team Functions and Responsibilities Hostage Negotiation Situation


TRAINING SCHEDULE: Subject Emergency medical actions Trauma management Tactical communication Limitations & operations of PNP radios sets Radio voice procedure Hand and arm signal Firearms Safety procedures Primary/Secondary dry fire drills Malfunction drills Primary/Secondary live fire course Scenario base live fire courses Support weapons familiarization Intro to Chemical, incapacitating and obscurant Munitions Basic sniping Special equipment Essential equipment Two man and group bldg clearing Methods of entry Rope Courses Climbing and scaling Wheeled vehicle, train, aircraft and ship assault Command and control Visual enhancement training techniques Police intervention techniques Operational SOPs Characteristics of counter terrorist unit Movement from last cover concealment to stronghold Formations Choosing entry points Intro to EIDs Room, Bus clearing Tactical clearing courses Mechanical breaching Explosive entry Intel gathering of EEIs and timely reporting of information Target analysis Tactical diagramming Photography Memory training National and local crisis management committee Command post operation Organization of a holding area Instructor No. of hours 8 8 2 8 4 4 2 48 8 20 20 8 8 20 4 4 24 24 12 12 24 8 24 24 6 4 8 8 2 12 16 16 12 12 32 8 4 4 32 2 3 1


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Security rings First responder Table top exercises Practical exercises Crisis Management Team Functions & Responsibilities Hostage Negotiation Operational Plan Operational Planning Week 13 Pre-operation Briefing Team Organization Operational Checklist Execution of counter terrorist operation Week 14-17 Specialization Week 18 Field training exercise Grand total

1 1 8 8 16 14 4 6 8 4 2 16 88 40 720