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Employees gather in front of

Changhong helpt slachtoffers van een

the Changhong headquarters in Mianyang (Sichuan province) to make relief goods and satellite equipment ready for dispatch to those affected by the earthquake in April 2013.

aardbeving met satelliettelevisie

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Changhong organiseert noodhulp voor diegenen die getroffen zijn door een aardbeving Verzending van hulpgoederen en complete satelliet ontvangstsystemen Bedrijfstrainingscentrum beschikbaar gemaakt voor scholieren Satelliettelevisie is ideaal om informatie te verzamelen als de infrastructuur in de grond vernield is
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Emergency Relief

Satellite Television
Picture this: A devastating earthquake has not only taken the lives of countless people, but has also destroyed much of the existing infrastructure. All communication channels relying on cables are dead, and power outages are the rule rather than the exception. Yet, this is a time when those affected are in need for information and coordination how should they deal with the situation, and where can they turn to for help? Those scenes may sound like straight out of a disaster movie, but this is exactly what happened twice in recent years to residents of the Sichuan region in

Providing Information for Earthquake Victims

China. The first terrible quake occurred on 12 May 2008, had a magnitude of 10, and caused more than 20,000 deaths near the city of Wen Chuan. A similarly catastrophic earthquake happened only very recently, on 20 April 2013 in the city of Ya An, which is also located in the province of Sichuan. In both cases Changhong offered help and assistance immediately. The company is one of the largest manufacturers of TV panels and satellite receivers and provided complete satellite sets to those that were hit hardest. But Changhong did not stop there. According to a company spokesperson Changhong organised an immediate response team right on the night of the big earthquake in 2008. The group set off to the city of Bei Chuan right away, a place that was almost entirely destroyed. Food, water and tents were supplied by Changhong. Almost all schools in the area were destroyed as well, which is why Changhong converted its own training centre into a makeshift school, so that kids were able to continue their school education in the weeks and months that followed. Changhong supplied clothing and food to school students and even

organised teachers until regular schools were able to open again, according to the company spokesperson. When history repeated itself with a second devastating earthquake in 2013, Changhong did not hesitate for a moment to offer its help and assistance once again. In addition to humanitarian aid, the company also provided satellite equipment. We shipped satellite receivers and satellite dishes to the affected region, as well as TV sets, batteries and sources of light. This way people in need were able to watch the news on satellite channels to find out

whats going on around them. It is extreme situations like the two Sichuan earthquakes that lend living proof to the importance of satellite communication. Fixed-line infrastructure was destroyed or at least out of work, while those affected could still turn to their satellite reception systems to watch the news and more importantly find out about help and relief available to them from various organisations and initiatives. Changhong

offered valuable relief to people in need and demonstrated yet again that satellite technology, in particular, has countless benefits that are all too frequently swept under the carpet.

Mianyang, Sichuan

Changhong staff

have decided to immediately offer help to the victims of the Sichuan earthquakes.

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1. Two of the satellite systems donated by Changhong complete with dish and TV receiver. 2. Satellite cases are prepared for transportation to the disaster zone. 3. On site at the disaster zone: A Changhong employee connects the mobile satellite reception system. Victims are glued to the television to watch the latest news that is broadcast on satellite channels. 4. One of the satellite reception systems was installed in this village. Here too, residents affected by the earthquake watch the news carried on satellite channels to find out more about the overall situation in the area and about help and relief that is on its way.

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