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General Presentation:

1. Direction of Flow to be indicated in each service. 2. Tag Nos for lines with respect to P&ID. 3. Tag Nos & Types of Valve should respect to P&ID.. 4. Tag Nos . for equipment to be indicated with respect to P&ID. 5. North Symbol with respect to Piping Layout. Various Elevations 6. Elevation should be only at one place for each X-Z plane to be furnished. For sloped pipe elevation should be indicated at workpants, i.e Tee connection , Elbow connection etc. (WP. EL+****) 7. High point vents & Low points to be provided. For this purpose continuation drawings should be also referred. 8. Upstream / Downstream straight length requirement for line instruments/ Valves satisfied. 9. Representation of pipe penetration with location to be indicated. 10. Direction of slope should be indicated each drawing near the pipe routing. 11. Demarcation of scope limit to be identified 12. Demarcation of match line identified 13. Separate zone demarcation to be indicated if two design parameter comes in single Isometric and the same should be indicated at design data. 14. Representation of pipe supports with location, Tag no. and Sl. Nos. 15. Continuation drawings number & Tittle is matching with the respective drawing. 16. Components like Short radius elbows, Weldolets, Reducers should be indicated in the drawing. 17. If hold is removed in the present revision, Please ensure the correction in the piping layout 18. Corresponding welding detail to be indicated with respective Isometric. 19. Welding electrode material should be indicated based on the piping material. 20. Support Legend to be indicated.

21. The corresponding continuation Isometric drawing number should be indicated with each continuation DIMENSION PROCEDURE: 1. Every nozzle should be indicated X and Z axis reference dimension and elevation (Y axis) with each equipment or nearest column 2. Every terminal point should indicate with physical reference dimension (X,Y & Z axis) with nearest column. 3. End to end dimension must required even split up dimension is there. 4. Do not match the support dimension with fitting to fitting dimension. Support dimension should take end of the each X-Z plane or elbow. 5. Location of the line with respect to column grid lines (X &Z) . However the stand by equipment of the line with respect to main equipment to be indicated instead of grid lines. Valve & Instrumentation Table: Valve & instrument table to be indicated in the isometric, Which contains 1. Total no of Instruments / valves as per P&ID 2. Orientation of valves & Instruments General: 1 2 3 4 5 6 Design data should be right top cornor of the tittle block. If it is IBR drawing IBR note should come first. Reference drawings of Project related to be indicated in the Isometrics. General notes as per IBR & N-IBR to be indicated in the Isometrics Drain & Vents notes to be indicated in the Isometrics If it is orthographic Support Notes to be indicated in the Isometrics Holds for any incomplete/unverified information to be indicated in the Isometrics

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