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A BYTE OF LIFE Thursday, July 9, 2009

chasing the elusive


Two for the road

Keeping the stories alive The Mitsubishi Cedia Sports
Great Driving Challenge is
for all enthusiastic couples
to explore their favourite
road map
Less than a year
» PAGE 08
after Major
Unnikrishnan died
fighting terrorists
in the 26/11
Mumbai terror
attack, a group of
youngsters take
forward his and
many more
jawans’ stories
through an online

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02 NAMMA CHENNAI ERGO Thursday, July 9, 2009

Take me home
Mister Grey is a sophisticated kitty who
enjoys relaxing on the couch and sipping
warm milk from his saucer. To adopt him
or his siblings, call 9884097862.

T he Internet Service Providers Association
of India (ISPAI) is hosting the South
Asian Network Operators Group (SANOG)
These pedigree dogs have been
in the city from July 15 to 23. The aim of abandoned by the people they grew up
the nine-day event is to disseminate the
latest technological trends and to give with. They hope to find new families
networking opportunity to ISPs/Network
Operators. that will love them for life. If you’d like
Organised for the third time in the South
Asia Region, the event promises to attract
to adopt one of them free of cost, call
many enthusiasts. The event will see Jannet of Blue Cross at 9444380842
participants from across Asia, the U.S. and
Europe. The nine-day programme will
cover topics like IPv4 and IPv6 Routing,
BGP Multi-homing, Peering and IXP,
understanding, identifying and migrating
network attacks, etc.
In all, SANOG promises to be the
destination for all Internet and managed
service providers, carriers, system
integration organisations to debate, listen
to and interact with experts.
Ergo Correspondent

What, When, Where

What: SANOG-14
When: July 15-23
Where: Hotel Green Park
Female Doberman is one
Who can attend: Engineers working
in NOC, Data Centre, IT/Networking
of the three Dobermans
engineers, CEOs, CTOs, etc.
For details email Shankar Vridhagiri
at the shelter
at shankar.0088@gmail.com or call
98842 66999; Puneet at
puneet@ispai.in / 9811304099.
Website: www.ispai.in/sanog14

Female Pomeranian An adult female German Shephard

Male Terrier A friendly Yorkshire Terrier

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Less than a year after Major Sandeep monishamohandas@yahoo.com

Unnikrishnan died fighting terrorists in prerequisite to join

emember the fables of Birbal
and Akbar, Krishnadevarayar this group is one
the 26/11 Mumbai terror attack, a and Tenaliraman that your
granny used to narrate? Twen- has to be ready to
group of youngsters take forward his ty-one-year-old Nandini Sathya-
contribute to the
and many more jawans’ stories moorthy is like a granny for many
children at various orphanages in mission to bring
through an online platform Chennai. But the stories she narrates
are not about Akbar or Tenaliraman, in a change"
but of martyrs from the Indian
A student of physiotherapy at
Vel’s College of Physiotherapy, Nan- nai, the members meet on weekends
dini along with a group of young- to discuss their monthly agenda.
sters from different cities visit Funds are collected from members’
orphanages and schools to narrate city wise for their various expendi-
paeans of soldiers who died fighting tures, which include donation
for the country. ‘Mission Sandeep’ is through books, cupboards, food,
a drive to spread peace and patriot- clothes, and social visits.
ism through stories of bravery and For those who cannot contribute
valour. Above all, it is also a tribute their mite, the online presence is a
to the brave, young NSG Comman- dynamic medium. Biju Krishnan, a
do, Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan, marketing executive in the U.K., reg-
who lost his life last November in ularly keeps track of the community
the 26/11 Mumbai terror attack. Im- as well as donates funds for their ac-
mediately after the Major’s demise, tivities. “We have just begun by tak-
eight youngsters from various parts ing up small community activities.
of the city started this mission Sacrifices of brave soldiers shouldn’t
through a website - be hidden behind those who simply
www.sandeepunnikrishnan.org. talk about peace,” he says.
K. Unnikrishnan, father of late
Eight and Growing Major, who keeps tab of the activ-
Zaheer Abbas, Anurag Chathurve- ities being done in the name of his
di, Ambika, Tarannum and Biju son feels that as far as it goes with a
Krishnan are among those who initi- good intention, such platforms can
ated the idea. “We recount stories be welcomed.
about soldiers in a lively manner for “I am happy that though my son is
children to remember, this is be- not with me, his sacrifices and ini-
sides distributing food and clothes,” tiatives have been made him im-
says Nandini, the main coordinator mortal through
from Chennai. www.sandeepunnikrishnan.org.
Today the community has 1600 There are many soldiers who sacri-
volunteers. The website is main- fice their lives for the nation. But
tained by moderators from different how many of us know their brave
fields including software engineers, deeds? The team’s effort to spread
army officers, doctors and students. peace and patriotism shows the fire
Anurag Chaturvedi (right), member of Mission Sandeep, with Major
“The only prerequisite to join this in today’s youth.” ■
Sandeep Unnikrishnan’s parents.
group is one has to be ready to con-
tribute to the mission to bring in a
change,” says Zaheer Abbas, one of
Celebrating the founders based in Rajasthan.
late Major
Sandeep Activities
Unnikrishnan’s One of their recent biggest events
32nd Birthday was celebrating the late Major’s
at an birthday. “We conducted competi-
orphanage by tions like poetry writing and poster
Mission making at various orphanages. The
Sandeep best poster was gifted to Major San-
members deep’s father,” says Anurag Chatur-
vedi, a software engineer based in
Chennai, Hyderabad, Nasik and
Pune are some of the cities where
the mission is very active. In Chen-
04 VILLAGE ERGO Thursday, July 9, 2009

Stolen wallet from 1982 reappears

A wallet that was stolen in New York in 1982 has been
found inside a tree, with only $20 missing - all of the lady’s
credit cards were still in the purse.

Hitler tree faces the axe Youth held for

An oak tree planted in Nazi-occupied Poland during World
War II to mark Adolf Hitler’s birthday may soon face the axe threatening
if the local mayor has her way.
Authorities in Jaslo in rural southeastern Poland discovered Sania
the origins of the tree when plans were lodged to fell it to A youth was arrested
make way for a traffic roundabout. for allegedly making
“We obtained information that this is no ordinary tree but threatening calls to
was put here to mark Adolf Hitler’s birthday,” said Jaslo’s Sania Mirza and
mayor, Maria Kurowska. “So should I try to improve our creating nuisance at her
town’s communications or should I allow a memorial to that residence here
criminal to remain standing? The choice is simple for me.” demanding to cancel
Reuters her engagement, police
Mohammed Ashraf, (28)
a civil engineering
Say hello to pre-cooked eggs student, who claimed to be in love with Sania, was
For those who lack the most basic culinary skills, or are allegedly sending messages and making threatening calls
simply too lazy to boil an egg, you have your prayers to Sania’s mobile phone asking her to stop her
answered, for ready-to-eat free-range eggs are just around engagement, Banjara Hills police said quoting a complaint
the corner. lodged by Sania’s father Imran Mirza.
The Happy Egg Company has struck deals with Ashraf went to Sania’s house at Banjara Hills and
supermarkets, and is offering eggs “cooked to perfection” reportedly had an argument with her father asking him to
in packs of two or four. cancel Sania’s engagement stating that he was in love
The shell is also removed for those who have trouble with Sania, a senior police officer said.
peeling an egg. “We had already put up a police picket at Sania’s house
“Happy Boiled Eggs are the perfect solution for people after her father’s complaint. Ashraf was arrested after he
who love free range created nuisance at their house,” he said.
eggs but don’t have PTI
the time or knack to
prepare a boiled egg,”
the Telegraph quoted
Rob Newell, marketing Miniskirts biggest eyesore in S Korean
chief at the firm, as
saying. workplace
“As the summer Almost three-quarters of South Korean male office workers feel
months approach, we uncomfortable when female colleagues show too much leg or cleavage
are confident they will in the workplace, a survey has revealed.
be a real hit for picnics A poll of 1,254 employees by the job portal site CareerNet found that
and offer fresh 74 percent of men felt upset with the attire of their female co-
inspiration to those workers. Some 56 percent of them cited micro-miniskirts as their chief
wanting a tasty and complaint, while 51 percent objected to excessive cleavage.
nutritious snack in Women meanwhile complained mostly of stains on the shirts and ties
minutes,” he added. of their male colleagues.

MJ, King of Facebook

acebook said that its users allowed people to watch the Jack- morial included a user identified
were at times firing off 6,000 son memorial in CNN Live video as Elycia Cook of Japan saying “I
comments per minute as players. Facebook status updates, am at work in my MJ T-shirt try-
they watched Michael Jack- essentially brief posted thoughts ing to get something done be-
son’s memorial online at CNN at given moments, related to the tween the tears and popping in
Live. inauguration peaked at 8,000 per and off of CNN.”
“The 6,000 is just for CNN minute at the start of Obama’s Another Facebook user theor-
Live,” said Facebook marketing swearing-in ceremony. ised that in many parts of the
directory Randi Zuckerberg. “It is Zuckerberg expected the Jack- world, “nothing will be getting
significantly higher than that son tally to eclipse that record. done right now.”
when you factor in E! Online, “The most interesting thing is Online video news traffic in the
ABC, and MTV, which each have how many people are writing in United States, Europe, and other
their own Facebook Connect internationally,” Zuckerberg said, places on the globe surged above
implementations.” referring to Facebook updates normal during the memorial, ac-
The same technology used to from Switzerland, Israel, Britain cording to Akamai Technologies,
stream CNN coverage of US Pres- and Barbados posted just sec- which specialises in delivering A screen grab of the live streaming of the funeral cortege
ident Barack Obama’s inaugura- onds earlier. data online. ■ carrying the coffin of Michael Jackson on its way to the
tion - Facebook Connect - Facebook posts during the me- AFP Staples centre in Los Angeles. PHOTO: AFP/FACEBOOK/CNN
Thursday, July 9, 2009
Websites of the day
Check out the stunning diverse regions Thailand has to offer: Viagra-laced coffee seized
http://www.tourismthailand.org/ Over 900 boxes of a coffee laced with viagra have been seized in Malaysia
Elephants are an endangered species. Find out what you can do to - the product was advertised as an energy booster.
help: http://www.save-the-elephants.org/

o an outsider, the complicat- do battle over five Tests, potential- World Cup) on St Patrick’s Day players Michael Atherton and
ed world of cricket can seem ly 150 hours of fierce competition, was incredible.” leading cricket commentator
mundane and impenetrable to claim the coveted urn, which is “We’re not making any political Christopher Martin-Jenkins.
and the last thing that a rock currently held by Australia. statement, it’s just good that “They (Frank Duckworth and
musician would write an album “I think England ought to win countries took the game from Bri- Tony Lewis) sent us a lovely mail
about. but I wouldn’t like to venture by tain and said: ’We can play it this saying: ’We’re very honoured you
But this has not deterred Irish how much,” Hannon said. way.’ That’s what makes the game took the name, we think the al-
musical all-rounders Neil Han- “Half the reason we made this brilliant.” bum’s great and wish you every
non, best known for his work with album about cricket is that it rep- There is concern among fans success’,” Walsh said.
The Divine Comedy, and Thomas resents something that goes that the razzmatazz and instant One player yet to respond is for-
Walsh, member of the band Pug- against the incredible pace of excitement of Twenty20 cricket, mer England captain Mike Gat-
wash, from taking up the chal- modern existence,” he added. which rewards risk-taking and ting, who is the subject of the track
lenge. “You can just sit and exist, it’s power-hitting, could dilute the ap- Jiggery Pokery, which deals with
Performing under the name like meditation.” peal of the more studious five-day the batsman’s ignominious dis-
Duckworth Lewis Method, after “We’re living in a Twittery world Test match version. missal by then unknown leg-spin-
the complex mathematical tech- where everything is ridiculously “It’s a worry but I think there’s a ner Shane Warne.
nique used to set a target for rain- instant and pared down to the large enough number of real fans The “ball of the century,” deli-
interrupted matches, the pair have minutest degree,” bandmate who know that Test cricket is the vered during the first Test of the
penned a tribute to the ancient Walsh added. “Cricket is the com- absolute pinnacle of sport,” Han- 1993 Ashes series in Manchester,
game, just in time for the Ashes. plete opposite of that.” non claimed. The duo, who picked signalled the arrival of the greatest
“There’s a complete absence of The surge in popularity of crick- their name as it sounded like “a leg-spinner of all time and helped
cricket songs,” Hannon said. et in Ireland, where it was long de- psychedelic band name of the to cement 16 years of Australian
“Because of its long and varied rided as a symbol of British highest order,” have received Ashes dominance. ■
history it lends itself to good writ- colonialism, has been due to im- glowing endorsements from ex- AFP
ing. There’s so many subtleties to pressive performances by the na-
it.” tional team and the popularity of
They are bidding to join a limit- Twenty20, the shortest form of the
ed group of cricket-themed songs, game.
including 10CC’s hit Dreadlock “Maybe people will stop think-
Holiday featuring the line I don’t ing of cricket as just an English Frank
like cricket, I love it, and Lord Be- thing because it’s not. If that was Duckworth
ginner’s 1950 calypso hit Victory the case why do so many ex-em- (L) and Tony
Test Match, written after the West pire countries play it and beat En- Lewis the
Indies first Test win on English gland regularly.” inventors of
soil. The album’s release this week “People are coming to us and the
coincides with the start of the ol- saying ’I’ve always loved the game, Duckworth-
dest and most bitterly fought I’ve just been afraid to say it,’” Lewis
sporting competition in world Walsh added. “Ireland beating Pa- method.
sport. England and Australia will kistan (during the 2007 One Day

D uckworth-
L ewis a
Lewis im
to rreign
to eign
a lbum c
album harts
06 SPORT ERGO Thursday, July 9, 2009

Lightning Bolt
Jamaican athletics phenomenon Usain Bolt recorded the fourth fastest time in history in the 200
metres of 19.59 seconds in Lausanne at the Grand Prix meeting despite it pouring with rain. The
22-year-old triple Olympic champion –world record holder both at 100m and 200m – eased home
82hundreths of a second ahead of the United States’ 400m Olympic champion Lashawn Merritt.

A couple of close finishes and a

few untimely crashes have
made sure that Force India’s
Adrian Sutil is yet to score his
first championship points in the
F1 circuit. But the German is
still clinging on to hope and
remains confident, Ayon
Sengupta finds out

he next Grand Prix takes has gone so far?
place on your home soil I think it’s been a good season
in Germany. What does so far. We have been able to fin-
it mean to race in front ish a lot of races and in the last
of your home crowd? two or three events it was pos-
sible to go into Q2, which was a
The German Grand Prix is al- big success for us. For sure the
ways a special event for me and last race in Silverstone was a bit
to race at the Nurburgring has a disappointing as it was an impor-
great feeling. The atmosphere is tant race with our new updates
really special there it’s perhaps and we had an incident in qual-
one of the most famous circuits ifying. Without this I think we
in the world. could have been really close to
the points, or even in the points.
How do you rate the circuit? But overall we are making pro-
I like it a lot. It’s a good circuit gress and that’s the most impor-
that can be quite tricky to get tant.
right. There’s a lot of banking
and the corners make it difficult What can we expect from you
to find a good set up as the car in Germany?
behaves differently in different Q2 would be very nice and
corners, it surprises you. hopefully it would be enough
for some points. It’s definitely
Have you raced there many time to get a few. Let’s see what
times in your career? the other teams have update-
I have a lot of memories from wise as I expect maybe one or
the track. It’s where I did my rac- two to move a bit to the front
ing licence, and one of the first and we don’t have a major up-
circuits I drove on with a racing date this time round. But we
car. I’ve raced there in nearly all were pretty strong in Silverstone
the categories I’ve done in my ca- and I expect to be similar in Ger-
reer, so Formula BMW, F3 and many. ■
now F1 of course, so nearly every
step up the ladder has been at

the Nurburgring.

Did Michael Schumacher

influence you as a young
Yes for sure. When I started
racing he was at the highpoint of
his career so I always saw him
winning. He was a really impres- HO P
sive driver, a complete package,
and is still a hero for a lot of driv-
ers in Germany. He was really
pushing the sport up there. I’ve
been lucky enough to meet him
a few times now but it’s always a
special thing to meet him.

How do you see your season

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Mohammed Yousuf scoring a ton in his comeback Test is a way of telling the
selectors that how great a player he is. A player like Yousuf cannot be kept out
of the team. Yousuf is a kind of player who can fit into any side of the world. I think,
he is a long-race horse.
Wasim Akram

The Format
● Team Competition

Videocon comes calling Teams in each region will

compete against each other
during the regular season.
Each team will play its
regional rivals four times –
twice at home and twice
The electronics giant wins bid for Indian franchise of World Series of Boxing away – resulting in a total
of 12 matches per team.
Each match will consist of
five individual bouts,
AYON SENGUPTA mote the game at grass-root level proposition but boxing is not for the including one in each
ayon@goergo.in through schools and colleges.” fainthearted. Wherever you are, be it weight class.

iving a rest to speculation, Vid- Set on the lines of the very success- an amateur ring or professional ring, The top team from each of
eocon Industries Ltd. on ful IPL franchise model, the event is there is going to be pain and we have the three regions, plus a
Wednesday confirmed their expected to be a global hit, bridging to take a conscious decision.” fourth (2nd best finisher)
role as the promoters of the the gap between professional and The move, though scary for long- team, will face each other in
World Series of Boxing’s Indian fran- amateur boxing. Citing India’s grow- time amateur boxers, is all set to bring a playoff format to
chise. The Indian multinational came ing importance in the world boxing in a financial windfall. “Each boxer determine the World
top in the bidding process, where the map, Dr. Ching-Kuo Wu, AIBA Presi- will be selected after the world cham- Championship team.
● Individual Championships
minimum value for the franchise was dent and WSB Chairman, said: “India pionship and stands to gain someth-
set at $10 million. It is believed Vijay has tremendous potential and the ing between Rs. 15 lakh and Rs. 1.5 The individual
Mallya’s Kingfisher group as well as confirmation of a franchise-holder crore. Such high income on a regular championships for each
national cricket and hockey team from there illustrates that fact. With a basis was unthinkable for boxers in weight class will take place
after the conclusion of the
sponsor Sahara were interested to huge support base and a growing tal- the country even yesterday,” Akhil
playoff series.
join the bandwagon. ent list India can usher in a new era in said. “And because of the franchise
The top two boxers in the
“We are excited and enthusiastic boxing.” system there will be a greater demand regular season will compete
about our association with WSB. According to initial reports, Delhi for a reserve pool and more and more for the individual title of
Through this partnership we would will host the team, which will have a individuals will find a way to sustain world champion.
want the Indian audience and boxers minimum of 10 boxers. Modelled af- themselves by boxing. There would ● The Five Weight
to experience a sea change by taking ter professional boxing, the pugilists be more to look forward to than a go- Categories
Indian boxing to the next level,” Pra- will fight in five rounds of three min- vernment job.” Bantam
deep Dhoot, President, Videocon In- utes each without vests and head- Akhil, along with Beijing bronze Light
dustries Ltd., said. “Our commitment gears. Giving us a preview of the medallist Vijender Kumar, is expected Middle
to boxing is long-term and we will in- adrenaline rush, boxer Akhil Kumar to be part of the initial list of 100 box- Light Heavy
vest in promoting the sport by devel- said: “Amateurs like us will need a lot ers to be put up for auction at the end Heavy
oping boxing rings and gyms across of heart to fight in WSB. Fighting of the World Championships in Milan ● Schedule

the country. We also intend to pro- without headgear can be a scary this September. ■ Sep-Dec 2010 Regular
Jan 2011 Play-off Series
Feb-Mar 2011 Exhibition
Apr 2011 Individual
Championship Bouts
● Rules & Scoring

The bout will be of five

rounds, which would be
three minutes each. The
scores will be awarded by
three judges on a 10-point
system to be announced at
the end of each bout. The
boxers will not wear any
headgear or vests.

Olympian Akhil Kumar flanked by Asian Boxing Championship silver medallist Thokchom Nanao Singh (left) and bronze
medallist Jitender Kumar (right) celebrate another medal haul by Indian pugilists. PHOTO: PTI
08 ROADSTER ERGO Thursday, July 9, 2009

CR’s cars for sale

Portuguese winger Cristiano Ronaldo is putting three of his luxury cars up for sale for 195,000 pounds. According to
The Sun, his close friends also believe that he plans to sell his four million pound mansion in Cheshire. First up for
grabs are his Bentley Continental GT Speed (114,950 pounds), Porsche 911 Carrera 2 Tiptronic S (69,995 pounds) and
Mercedes C220CDI (10,795 pounds).

Two for the

Is it Leh, the
North East
or Ooty that
you wanted
to explore
on road?
Cedia Sports
Great Driving Challenge

invites all
couples to
decide the
registrations from across India, ano
with Bangalore, Mumbai and the
Delhi topping the participants’ Res
list. Park
Vroom... step
The Great Driving Challenge flor
(TGDC) is a Web-centric cam- C
paign for couples. The challenge Kod
is to drive 3,000 km in 10 days and lisin
tell the world about your travel in SMS
the most interesting way by Tho
tweeting and blogging about it. in m
But, for that challenge you need Raid
to cross various hurdles (read Indi
stages). for t

Trail’ covering five states and one passion for the roads, curi- Starting from completing the alon
UT, starting from Mumbai. The osity to explore inaccessi- registration form answering T
last leg of the trip will follow the ble places and an undying questions in the most creative hav
famous Dandi March route from spirit to travel, to name a fashion to gathering the maxi- driv
Sabarmati in Gujarat to Dandi in few, have brought thousands of mum votes and writing the best ha)
Maharashtra. During the course couples like Sowmya and Guru to profile of the couple, it’s a long othe
of the trip, we aim to celebrate our the Mitsubishi Cedia Sports Great process before three winners are I’m
The road not taken... Sounds cli- freedom movement and pay trib- Driving Challenge, organised by short-listed to vroom on the map
chéd? Well, the much-loved poem utes to the scores of inspirational Hindustan Motors Limited. sports car. So, essentially your M
of Robert Frost sums up our life individuals who led from the If we believe what the organis- passion for driving comes later, Prab
story in more ways that one. Our front. ers have to say, the challenge has before which you need to impress ever
work, passion and interest have – Sowmya and Guru so far attracted around 10,000 the jury with the best credentials get
taken us to places far and wide. Be and testimonials. trav
it rugged NCC camps or a sophis- “You need to be a travel and you
ticated business trip, our travels automobile enthusiast, plus har- get
have given us rare and interesting ness the power of technology to was
insights into myriad forms of cul- win the challenge,” says Rajesh
ture. Chokhani of Experience Com- The
Our travel plan: We are work- merce, the campaign designer. A
ing on a concept of a ‘Freedom “This is more a Web-based reality tion
show conducted for the first leng
time.” othe
You need to be a travel and Write your way fixe
You have to read to believe nise
automobile enthusiast, plus some of the applications. Like, a part
65-year-old Captain describes his cho
harness the power of technology 30 years of experience driving in he a
42 countries treading thousand of like
to win the challenge kilometres. Another talks about thro
going on a ‘Biriyani Trail’ and yet go!
Thursday, July 9, 2009
Royal entry
Prince William left onlookers grasping for breath recently as he made a
royal entry for a charity event on his black Ducati 1198s motorcycle. The
27-year-old British Royal caused a stir as he arrived at Coworth Park
club in Ascot, Berkshire, for a charity polo match, wearing red and
black leathers and a crash helmet with a blacked-out visor.

Yamaha launches Fazer

The 153 cc vehicle is priced Rs 72,000
J apanese two-wheeler maker
Yamaha on Monday launched
its new bike ’Fazer’ 153cc at a
price of Rs 72,000 (ex-show-
room, Delhi).
The company also inaugurat-
ed its new facility at Surajpur
(Uttar Pradesh) which will also
be used to make Frazer and oth-
er models, India Yamaha Motor
said in a statement.
“It gives us great pride to say
that we have reached yet anoth-
er milestone in the history of In-
dia Yamaha Motor as we
inaugurate the new plant and
launch Fazer,” India Yamaha
Motor Chief Executive Officer
and MD Yukimine Tsuji said.
The Fazer has been posi-
tioned along with the compa-
ny’s existing FZ portfolio bikes –
FZ16 and FZ-S.
“The new Fazer is the latest addition in our ucts currently in the market,” Tsuji said.
other couple plan to capture portfolio of technologically superior bikes in- The new Surajpur plant will have the ca-
interiors of Bandipur Tiger cluding YZF-R15, FZ16 and FZ-S which exhibit pacity to produce six lakh motorcycles an-
erve, Mudumalai National Yamaha’s global ingredients — performance, in- nually including Fazer and other models. ■
k and Periyar National Park novation and design — and are the best prod- PTI
d show to the world how small
ps by mankind can save the
a and fauna.
Chennai-based couple Harsha
da and Prabha are busy mobi-
ng votes by emailing and
Sing friends and relatives.
ough the two have taken part
Website lets you configure baby
many drives, including The
d-de-Himalaya and Airtel One
ia Challenge, they probably
Rolls-Royce before it debuts
the first time are participating
ng with other couples. The company’s website gives a detailed preview of the vehicle
heir journey: “Prabha and I
ve driven so many times as
ver (me) and navigator (Prab-
that we almost know what the
T he new Rolls-Royce Ghost has not even made
its official debut, but potential buyers can
already configure a personal version of the “ba-
fined and as cosseting as anything that this
marque has ever produced” with “impeccable
poise.” The Ghost, with its distinctive rear-
er one is going to say or do. by Roller” online. opening coach doors, will be built in Good-
a bad navigator. I can’t read The company’s website “visualiser” gives a wood in Britain on a dedicated production line
ps. detailed preview of the exquisite automobile but shares paint, wood and leather workshops
Most of the time I just follow which has been seen at car salons in Geneva with the Phantom range of cars.
bha’s directions blindly. If we and Shanghai this year but not in the show- To view the internet preview logon to http://
r reversed the roles, we might rooms. www.rolls-roycemotorcars.com/200EX/en/
lost! And for someone who It will probably be launched at this autumn’s main.html. ■
vels so much by car, let me tell Frankfurt Motor Show. DPA
u a secret. If I’m not driving I The feature allows users to
car sick. It’s almost like... I click on an image of the stylish
s born to drive.” limousine and choose from a va-
riety of colours and sumptuous
e big draw
Another attrac- ZOOM ON trim options, including bold
deep purple and metallic turqu-
n of this chal- Who can participate: Couples above oise paintwork. Customers can
ge is that unlike 20 years of age combine these shades with a
er rallies, bonnet sprayed in contrasting
ere the route is Entry: Is free of cost satin silver. These new hues hint
d by the orga- at a different clientele for the
ers, here the
Last date to submit entries: July 17 Mercedes S-class-sized limou-
ticipants get to Winners’ announcement: August 17 sine which is the first entry-level
oose the route model from Rolls-Royce.
and she would Website: Company CEO Tom Purves
to trail www.greatdrivingchallenge.com said the new car will “be as re-
ough. Get-set-

10 FLICK ERGO Thursday, July 9, 2009

Penelope Cruz doesn’t believe in marriage

Hollywood actress Penelope Cruz will never marry her boyfriend, Spanish
actor Javier Bardem, because she doesn’t believe in the concept of
matrimony. The Oscar winner does plan to start a family one day but is not
sure about marriage, reported contactmusic.com.

‘Jackson wanted to marry me’

ctress Brooke Shield, who described her relationship
with Michael Jackson as “the most natural and easiest
of friendships”, has revealed that the pop star wanted
to marry her but she turned it down.
The actress, who fought back tears as she remembered her
long-term friendship with Jackson in a memorial service on
Tuesday, said that Jackson proposed to her because he was
afraid of losing her.
“There were times when he would ask me to marry him,
and I would say, ‘You have me for the rest of your life, you
don’t need to marry me, I’m going to go on and do my own
life and have my own marriage and my own kids, and you’ll
always have me,” Shields said in an interview to Rolling
Stone magazine.
“I think it made him relax. He didn’t want to lose things
that meant something to him,” she added.
The Blue Lagoon actress married television writer Chris
Henchy in 2001 after her divorce to Tennis player Andre
Shields, now 44, first met Jackson when she was 13 year
old and she has always maintained that they shared a
unique bond of friendship.
“Both of us needed to be adults very early but when we
were together, we were two little kids having fun,” she had
said recalling their early fame.
“Michael always knew he could count on me to support
him or be his date... We had a bond and maybe it was
because we both understood what it was like to be in the
spotlight from a very, very young age,” Shields said at the
memorial. ■

We had a bond and maybe it was

because we both understood what it
was like to be in the spotlight from Micheal Jackson (R) and actress Brooke Shields arrive at the shrine Auditorium in Los
a very, very young age Angeles where Jackson ran away with a major part of the Grammy awards on February
28, 1984. FILE PHOTO: AFP

Will Smith’s daughter set to Jolie enrols daughters

Will Smith
with wife make TV debut in dance classes
W ill Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith’s daughter,
Willow, is all set to make her debut on the
small screen by appearing in a show on
A ngelina Jolie has
reportedly enrolled
her eldest two daughters
Nickelodeon later this month. in dance classes in Los
Willow (8) has already appeared in her father’s Angeles.
2007 action film I Am Legend, and voiced a The actress was
character alongside her mother in hit animated photographed with her
film, Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa. girls Zahara (4) and
And now she will be doing a guest-appearance Shiloh (3) as they
in a one-hour episode of Nickelodeon’s True stepped in the Creative
Jackson, VP. Station in Studio City.
The child star will play a younger version of A news story published
actress KeKe Palmer’s title character True Jackson, in OK! magazine says
an executive of a popular fashion house. that the young ladies will
Her star father has claimed that the role was be spending the coming
perfect for his little girl. few weeks picking up
“I get my style ideas from True Jackson, VP. If I dancing pointers, reports
had my own fashion company, I would call it Contactmusic.
Willow’s Reign,” Contactmusic quoted him as They have allegedly
saying. been signed up for 10 of
The episode featuring Willow will air on July the Princess Series Ballet/
25. ■ Tap classes. ■
Thursday, July 9, 2009
Mohanlal to join Territorial Army today
Actor Mohanlal will be commissioned into the Territorial Army on Thursday by Army Chief Gen. Deepak Kapoor
in the rank of Lt. Colonel. The 49-year-old actor had in October said he was interested in joining the Territorial
Army. Rules had to be amended to accommodate the National Award-winning actor as men above the age of 42
are not eligible to join the volunteer force.

Chef Keanu!
A ctor Keanu Reeves has been honing his skills in the kitchen and is considering
taking a break from his movie career to focus on cooking.
The Private Lives of Pippa Lee actor has also been inspired by the book Molecular
Cine City
Gastronomy: Exploring the Science of Flavor by French TV chef and chemist Herve
This, reported femalefirst.co.uk
“I am dabbling in cooking and looking at becoming a chef. Herve is fantastic. I didn’t
really cook before but this book may be changing my life,” said the actor. ■

Asin’s no to PETA
Recently actor Asin was invited by the People for
Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) to promote
vegetarianism. But the actor declined the
invitation saying she is a strict non-vegetarian.
The Ghajini girl who loves to eat fish and chicken
said that she can’t remain without eating meat
for a single day. Madhavan, Aishwarya Rai
Bachchan and Manisha Koirala are some of the
stars who have promoted vegetarianism in the

to turn
Actor Vikram is all set
to produce a movie of
his own. And Internet
grapevine says that
the Kanthasamy star
has picked none other
than Sasi Kumar of
fame to direct his
production venture.
Sasi Kumar’s stint as
the lead star in the
recently released
Nadodigal has also
received rave reviews.
It is reported that if
everything goes well
the movie will hit the
floors after Vikram
completes Raavan.
12 ERGO Thursday, July 9, 2009

Roshind Raghavan from Sutherland Global Services has nominated Palanivel from HCL Technologies has nominated his friends as Partners
his friends as Partners in Crime. This pic was clicked in their office. in Crime. This photo was taken during their trip to Ooty.

Fingilton from Cognizant Technology Solutions has nominated his Kotteeswaran M. from eNoah i solutions Pvt Ltd has nominated his
Astrazeneca hr.1 team as Partners in Crime. This photo was taken colleagues as Partners in Crime. This picture was clicked inside their
during their visit to Kodai. office during an occasion known as Decorative December.

Hemalatha from Ramco Systems has nominated her friends as Aditya from Wipro has nominated his friends as Partners in Crime. This
Partners in Crime. This pic was clicked at Ooty. pic was clicked at Blue Lagoon Resort during their team outing.
Thursday, July 9, 2009

■ Dear Ann
Leema David from Infosys Congrats for completing TWO years..
Technologies Limited has From
been nominated as Office Madurai Mohana, Kovai Meena
Angel by her friend Ariff. Trichy Jayalakshmi, Kovai Ashok
Leema is very caring, cool Kodambakkam Vino, Hexaware
and calm friend to be with.
She is a great singer and got ■ Dear Balu,
an amazing voice. Music is Wish U Many More Happy Returns of
her passion. She is a cool the Day.
thinker and her smartness in We wish U have a great and
work is really adorable. I feel successfull year ahead both in ur
lucky to be one of her good work side as well as ur family side.
friend. We all are expecting you to achieve
great height sooner in the field of ur
liking (BOXING).
May God bless you and all your
dreams come true this wonderful
year ahead.
It’s your Day, enjoy and have a blast.
Stay Happy.
Best Wishes from
FSS Card Ops Team.

■ Dear Teja (Our Beloved President)

How do you expect me to remember
Latha your birthday, when you never look
Viswanathan any older? happy birthday! Many
of Cognizant More Happy Return’s Of The Day...
Technology Wishes From
Solutions Team HP OTP, Chennai.
doodled this.
■ Hi Balasubramanyam G.,
Wish you a very Happy Birthday.
May all your wishes come true...
By, Golden Girls
(Jayasree, Lakshmi, Isabella, Sasirekaha,
Harini, Kavitha, Fatima)
Bejaru Boys
(Vignesh, Rajesh,Gokul,Boopathi)
of Hurix Guys.

■ To my Gopinath Sweetheart!
Enough of all the pain you tolerated
all these days
Even in all hard times you never
failed to express your love to me
I really wonder if a person could ever
be like the way you are to me
Though the scar still remains in our
heart it’s time for us to celebrate
your success
Your new journey will bring shine to
our life You deserve the best as
always my dear..
All the best to you !!
With loads of love,
Yours Pradheepa
1. Man-1: What do you think about ’Doora Doora azhagiya doora’ song?
Man-2: I think this is related to a carpenter song... ■ Dear AVR,
2. Paarthiban: Cheque-i vachu criket vilayaadalaama? Wish you a very happy birthday. Let
Vadivel : no, Ball-i vachuthaan vilayaada mudiyum this year give u more reasons to
Paarthiban: yeppadi? smile, by filling you with Joy &
vadivel : Ball bounce aagumae Success!!! Let God shower his best
Paarthiban: Appa, Cheque bounce aagaadhaa? blessings on you forever.
Mohamed Yusufdeen J, Hearty wishes from,
HCL Rocky, HCL
14 TRAFFIC JAM ERGO Thursday, July 9, 2009

Healer sets fire to patient

A spiritual healer set fire to his patient
while she was bathing in a bath of alcohol
by accidentally dropping a candle onto her.


from ISGN shot
this picture at
the Atlanta Zoo
using Sony
W100 camera

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Thursday, July 9, 2009
Jumbos prove it again Word’s worth
Three people challenged three circus Upaithric (uh-pay-thrik) an adjective meaning ‘having
elephants to a hot dog eating contest no roof’ (usually intentionally, so as to see the stars). A
on New York’s Coney Island - only to synonym is hypaethral, and both words come from a
unsurprisingly lose. Greek word meaning ‘under the sky.’



At the beginning of the day you may need to be
more attentive in routine activities. As the day
progresses, you may be able to regain focus. You
may be looking very presentable today. Your life
partner or beloved one may shower love on you.


Today, you may need to be careful of ’scattered
thinking’. If you try to handle many things at once,
you may end up nowhere, hence you should handle
your work – stage by stage. You can be over-
expressive while communicating with your partner.


You should avoid heavy thinking and too much of
BORN LOSER mental exercises. If you just go with the flow,
everything will be fine but don’t push yourself to
finish something which is practically not possible. In
personal life, everything seems to go smooth.
Luck factor is supporting you in the second half of
the day but at the beginning of the day you may
remain impractical which may hamper your career
progress. On the personal front, you are advised to
take good care of your partner’s emotions.
LEO JULY 21 - AUG 20
The day may start with a dull mood but as the day
progresses, you may find everything in top gear.
You will remain busier in second part of the day.
You will express your love dramatically. In brief, day
is good in the second half.
Ganesha finds you busy with various activities in
FREE RANGE WORKING IT OUT first half of the day. You may need to remain
careful while communicating with superiors as you
may be little direct in your conversations. On the
whole, it is an average day for you, says Ganesha.
Ganesha finds you getting busy with important
activities the moment you enter office. As the day
progresses, you may find the stress level and fatigue
increasing Sweet conversations with sweetheart may
reduce your stress, says Ganesha.
You could be interested in developing a skill no one
might have mastered before. However, you may not
be able to spare much time from busy office
schedule at least till afternoon. In the second half,
you have some scope to begin with a new subject.
You may be at peace today hence you will be able
to handle office work in due course of time with
require precision. Your creative projects may reach
closer to culmination point. You would be able to
spare time for family and dear ones.
You may be ready to take risks today so you will
take up challenging or difficult tasks and handle
them successfully. Your plus points will be counted
and superiors will appreciate you. You may share
delightful moments with the partner.
PREVIOUS It is a progressive day for you, says Ganesha. At the
beginning of the day, you may have some important
ISSUE’S communication regarding work with someone. You
may have good dinner time with your beloved or
SOLUTIONS life partner. It’s a delightful day ahead.
If you were confused about something related to
work, today you may attain more clarity on the
subject. Your decisions may be firm and positive
which will help you handle work efficiently. You
may share very nice time with your beloved.
Predictions by Bhavesh N. Pattni
16 ! ERGO Thursday, July 9, 2009

Actress Aishwarya Rai

smiles at the launch of
Beautiful Beginnings - free
training in beauty services
for underprivileged girls in
Mumbai. PHOTO: AFP

Actress Emma Watson arrives at the world premiere

of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince in
Leicester Square in central London. PHOTO: AFP

Children play in a giant lake of mud at the annual

Mud Day event in Westland, Michigan. The mud
hole is made with approximately 200 tons of topsoil
and 20,000 gallons of water. PHOTO: GETTY IMAGES/AFP

Chinese passengers pose with Japan’s tourism

ambassador Hello Kitty in a photo session upon
their arrival at Narita International Airport, Chiba
Prefecture. PHOTO: AFP

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