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1. Preparation
a) Make and connect the serial communication cable. Serial communication cable: No corresponding part number in our company and it can be made as following picture. X1 is female connector of DB9, X2 is RJ45 connector. Connect X1 to PC serial port. Connect X2 to anyone of left two ports on PMU faceplate.

Figure 1 Serial Communication Cable

2. Basic Operation
a) Connect the RJ45 in the user interface board to the RS232 serial interface in the PC with the cable we have finished.


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b) Examine the communication model and parameters of PMU. How to look into the communication model and parameters of PMU, Through the LCD interface of PMU, these operations contain three steps. (1) settingsystem settingsADDR: 0 (2) settingsystem settingsCommMode: RS232 (3) settingsystem settingsBaud: 9600


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Notice: you should set the address according to the scheme! c) Double click the program icon of PMU&PSU DownLoad.exe, Enter the main updating interface.

d) Set serial port parameters Firstly, you should choose correctly communication port number; secondly, select appropriate baud rate, such as 9600bps, those parameters should be the same as which you can look into the LCD interface of PMU ; then click open button to finish the port parameters setting.
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Figure 2 Set Serial Port parameters: e) Set PMU communication address: Firstly, you should look into the PMU communication address through the LCD interface of PMU, this address should be the same as Figure 3 PMU Address. Then, click confirm button.

Figure 3 Set PMU communication address

3. How to judge the communication status?

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When you connect the PMU with your computer correctly, and set parameters correctly. If communication is normal, you can observe the PMU version via the software! As shown in figure 4.

Figure 4 How to judge the communication status

4. How to upgrade the target program?

a) Which target needs to be upgraded? Firstly, you should select which target need to be upgraded, PMU or PSU? If you need to upgrade the program of PMU, please select the PMU, as shown in figure 5; otherwise you should select the PSU, at the same time you need select corresponding PSU address.


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Figure 5 Select target which needs to upgrade b) Select target binary file Firstly, click file button; you can see the open file dialog box. Secondly, look for the target binary file and select it; then, click the open button. After this step, we have chosen the binary file.


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Figure 6 choose the target binary file

c) Start to upgrade After choosing the target binary file, this step we can start to upgrade, click Start button; then, you will see a dialog box which need to be confirmed, please click Yes button. The status will show Ready to load


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Figure 7 start to upgrade

5. Upgrading status
If the operations are correctly, you can observe the rate of process via status bar, under the bar displaying the current status that is loading now,please waiting for ten minutes or more, until the status bar shows as success to load! or fail to load!.The PMU Version will be 209. If failed, please check the fail reason or upgrade again..

Figure 8 upgrading status

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6. After upgrade, Please close the software, disconnect the communication cable, and check software version in CPMU. Set the power system model: TP48200A. Set Parameter according to <Hybrid Dual Power System V200R002C02 Quick Installation Guide>


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