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Fall 2013 Issue

1 Executive Directors Letter
2 Navigators in the News 2 Chapter Blog 3 Chapter Snapshot 3 Knowledge Sharing 4 Chapter BlogContinued

The Navigator Moral Compass

As a Navigator I promise to do my best to create a world free of prejudice and ignorance, to treat people of every race, creed, lifestyle and ability with dignity and respect, to strengthen my body and improve my mind to reach my full potential, to protect our planet and preserve our freedom. The First

Letter from Robin Bossert, Executive Director Dear Navigators,

Welcome to the first issue of the Navigator Newsletter! Starting out as a quarterly issue, this newsletter will be a resource for Chapter Leaders to keep up with what is going on around the country and at headquarters. It will also help headquarters stay informed as we build a strong and relevant organization. That means we need your input. Tell us about your successes, trips, activities, awards, and share PHOTOS and VIDEOS! The Navigators USA is a bottom-up, rather than top-down, scouting organization and, as such, we look forward to our first National Navigators Gathering in Palatine, IL, on 2-3 November. We encourage you to attend! Thank you all for taking the seed of an idea and making it real. Keep up the incredible work! Robin Bossert, Executive Director

National Navigators Gathering

Date: 2-3 November 2013 Location: Countryside Church, Palatine, IL Contact: info@navigatorsusa.com
Leaders from all chapters are welcome and encouraged to attend. Many thanks to our supportive hosts, Chapter 30


Navigators in the News

Navigators USA Chapters are always being recognized for their principles of inclusion and community involvement. Some of the latest recognitions are below:
Newport News, VA (8/1/2013) - Local Navigators group donates vegetables to churchs hot meal program


News & Events Chapter snapshots Knowledge Sharing Achievements General Feedback

Palatine, IL (6/16/2013) Local Navigators USA chapter offers inclusive scouting alternative http://www.dailyherald.com/article/20130616/news/706169908/p hotos/EP3/ Los Altos, CA (4/16/2013) Gay-Friendly Scouting Organization Doubles Its Numbers in One Year http://www.motherjones.com/politics/2013/04/meet-navigatorsanti-boy-scouts-who-have-doubled-numbers-one-year

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Chapter Blog
Chapter 32 Denton, TX: We had a great time hiking the trails and building our campfires during the first camp out at Lake Ray Roberts. We closed our first year with a wonderful ceremony filled with dancing and drums. Ms. Beatrice Ayi, a dancer from Ghana, lead us in song and dance to celebrate this special day.


Chapter Snapshot
Hometown: Westside Indy, IN

Knowledge Sharing
This issues Knowledge Sharing is focused on the Bowline knot, an important and versatile knot used to make a fixed loop at the end of a rope. A Navigator must know how to tie this knot to earn the CLIMBING AND MOUNTAINEERING and SAILING achievement awards.


Leader Snapshot: Trilby Berry-Tayman I was drawn to the Navigators by the desire for my children to experience scouting with the overall principles outlined by our Moral Compass. Children deserve to be shown how they can enjoy learning and exploring while showing respect for everything, people and nature alike. Navigator Snapshot: Jeffrey Dreyer, age 8 I have a lot of fun learning about nature with my friends. The best part so far was tent campingwith smores! And archery! Recent Activity: Camping at Raccoon Lake with archery, swimming, a boat ride and the Hoosier quest series badge challenge!

1. Make a small loop at the running (aka working) end of a rope. Be sure that the running end is on the top of the loop intersection as it faces you (an overhand loop) 2. Feed the running end through the loop and under the standing end of the rope to form a new loop 3. Wrap the running end around the standing end, then feed back through the first loop. Make sure the running end is on the inside of the new loop.



Please send updates of your Junior and Senior Navigators achievements so we can recognize their accomplishments in future newsletters.

For more information on the Bowline knot see page 107 in the Navigators Guidebook.


Chapter BlogContinued
Chapter 30 Palatine, IL: Chapter 30 is excited to welcome the National Navigators Gathering to Countryside Church Unitarian Universalist November 1-3. We look forward to meeting leaders from chapters across the country.
This summer, we continued twice monthly meetings, and one of the highlights was a trip to visit Raco industries, a reseller of industrial equipment. The Chicago Museum of Science and Industry came and demonstrated a Sphero robot, and a hospital came to talk about the Da Vinci minimally invasive robotic surgery system. We held our first day camp this summer, with one day of crafts and another in the forest cutting invasive species and cooking lunch over an open fire. With close to 50 kids registered now, our chapter continues to expand and we hope to offer more for older Navigators as the year progresses.

Chapter 3 South Bronx, NY: This past June,

Navigators founder and South Bronx chapter coleader Robin Bossert, and co-leader Peter Lewine led a small band of Navigators from the South Bronx on a great hike most of the way up Bull Mountain, in Cold Springs, NY, on the east side of the Hudson River, across from West Point. This coming year we hope to build on the great success weve enjoyed in the Police Athletic League in the South Bronx.

Navigators after taking a break for the summer. Up first is a 2-day camping trip in Pisgah National Forest where 15 Navigators and their parents will spend 2 days and 2 nights enjoying each other in the beautiful Appalachian Mountains! This past year was our first year of being Navigators so we've enjoyed figuring it out together. We've completed a couple of service learning activities, tie dying, a pine wood derby race, learned about plants, made pinhole cameras, and even went on a 2-mile hike. We are looking forward to many more exciting events this year.

Chapter 28 Greenville, SC: We just returned to

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