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The University of Lahore

Dept. of Computer Science & Information Technology

Course Outline
Class: MCS + MIT Course Code: Instructor Name: Hafiz Rizwan Iqbal Class Timing: Contact Email: hafizrizwan@uol.edu.pk Recommended Text Book:
1. HTML: The Complete Reference by Thomas A Powell, 3rd Edition 2. Core Web Programming by Marty Hall



Course Name: Web Programming Session: Consultation Time: After Class Contact Tel No:

Reference Books:
1. Core Servlets and JavaServer Pages, Marty Hall. 2. Programming the World Wide Web, Sebesta .

Course Objective:
This course focuses on development of Web Application by using HTML, Java Server Pages and Java Servlets. Successful completion of this course will allow its attendees to clearly differentiate between Static and Dynamic web applications, to build data driven web applications with Javas Server Side technologies.

Course Outcomes:
Development of Web Pages using HTML Installating and configuring servlet/JSP (web) container Accessing databases with servlets/JSP In depth know how of Java Server Pages

Week wise Course Distribution


Course Detail
Web Concepts : The Internet, How it all started , Web Development Process, Various Web Tools, Design Patterns etc. The protocol of the web: HTTP Client/Server Architecture & Programming Concepts The Language of the Web: HTML The Language of Browser: JavaScript HTML Basics What is Http and HTML HTML Basics Building Blocks in HTML Tags, Styles Comments
HTML: Advance Functions

How to implement Forms

Style Sheets

Hyperlink Optimization

HTML: Graphics What is animation? Steps to create an animation. Adding different functionalities to animated images. Development of animated pages. HTML Summary Revision of HTML Concepts

JSP: Introduction

What are JSPs A brief Intro to Object Oriented Programming Language

JSP: Basics

Basic JSP script Development of Web Pages by using JSP Life cycle of a JSP
JSP: Programming Constructs

Objects Variables

JSP: Programming Constructs(Continued)

Methods Loops in JSP

JSP: Programming Constructs(Continued)

Conditional Statements in JSP Arrays and Strings

JSP: Programming Constructs(Continued)

Error Handling The Page Directives Implicit Objects




JSP: Data Base Connectivity

Accessing Databases Insertion of data from web page to data base table. Presenting the Result of an SQL query in a web page


JSP: Data Base Connectivity (Continued)

Updation of Data in a data base from JSP Deletion of records from data base.

What is Http and HTML What are GET and POST methods What is a Web server and what are the services it provide What are Servlets and how do they run on the Web Server

What are ServletRequest and ServletResponse objects Development and Deployment directory structure


MVC What is MVC? Design and Development of Complete web Using MVC (A case study) Final Exam

Marks Distribution:
Class Participation Quizzes + Assignments Sessional Exam Mid-Term Exam Project Final Exam Total

Marks %age
5% 15% 10 % 15 % 15 % 40 % 100%

Learning Methodology:

I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.

Chinese Proverb