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Ok, now about the content. Can
we have a drum roll please? The
whole truth about Killer Combines
GR CH VENGEANCE, Tough as Nails
by Richard Stratton, a story about
how he was rst introduced to the
gamedogs, story of Jesse Rods GR
CH MIDNIGHT by Jesse Rods, I know
youve been waiting for this : PART
VIEW, we have a ctional piece titled
Built from Steel by Jaystreets, story
and more...
Allright, thats enough cookies for
now, kids...thats it for this month, see
yall next time...TRICK OR TREAT!!!
Yours Truly, The Editor
To talk about GRAND CHAMPION VENGEANCE is to talk
about absolute gameness to 10th power. The will to win was
his biggest weapon. If we could compare him to any boxer, we
would compare him to Rocky Marciano. He took his licks but he
kept on ticking and always thought he was ahead even when
faced by faster, bigger, stronger, or fancier opponents, or when
he was completely out of his weight class for his Grand Cham-
pionship match. Most of all, he packed a deadly punch, which
always tipped the scale in his favor...
e started by going into an
ace in the making in Magic
Mikes Champion Stretcher
at 47 lbs. He was only a 2xw at the
time but he went on to win two more,
one of them against a champion, af-
ter his loss to Vengeance. This was
in our opinion his toughest match. By
the ve minute mark both cars had a
blown front tire. It was an all out war
until the hour and ve minute mark
when Vengeance blew Stretchers
rear tire. Vengeance ran six scratch-
es with a blown front tire and Cham-
pion Stretcher ran ve. He could not
make his sixth at the hour and twelve
minute mark because he couldnt go
on two tires. Our thanks go to Magic
Mike, for giving us the opportunity
and for being a gentleman.
After talking to RCC , he hooked
us into the legend H. Hargrove with
his 4xw Black Jack at 47 lbs. Ven-
geance blew through him in twenty-
eight minutes, nishing in the rear.
Champion Black Jack could not stand
to run his rst. It was then when we
realized we had a unique one because
it is not an easy thing to do to travel
and defeat one of your idols. Thanks
to RCC and to H. Hargrove for the
hospitality and the opportunity. May
god bless you fellows always. Steve,
this one was for you Dirty, RIP.
After a good rest, we set our sights
on the highest bidder, which ended up
being Lone Rangers Bojangles 2xw
at 47 lbs. He gave us hell for about
fteen minutes but this is where the
will to win came in and the truth came
out. Vengeance went to the back door
and destroyed the rear systematically
and by the forty-three minute mark,
Bojangles owner picked him up and
he could not run the courtesy. Good
dog, good serious people. Thanks to
Long Ranger and Clarence for the
opportunity to make Vengeance a
By now Vengeances name had
begun to grow and Southern Kennels
caught wind of it and called us out
with Their Champion Poe Sam, which
according to them was the best forty-
seven, they even enlisted the help of
Super Kennels Jason to help them
in the conditioning. We really didnt
want to do it because we had consid-
ered them friends up to that point, but
you live and you learn in these dogs.
Champion Vengeance destroyed
Champion Poe Sam in forty-one min-
utes, making him curr out hollering
and proved to everyone he was the
best. After that they went on to talk
trash, but who gives a damn, some
people do not take well to loosing.
The truth shined brighter than ever
that night. Thanks to Don King and
Clarence for making this one happen.
We collected ve forfeits after
that, two of them from Champions.
Finally IMK got a hold of us and told
us about State Penn Kennels Wack
1XW and that they thought the world
of him. They were willing to back it
up heavy, but the catch was that he
was a 52. I told him no way because it
was too big of a difference in weight.
After a couple of days of thinking it
through and since we had been open
for awhile without luck, we accepted
with one condition, that they gave us
compensation for going up in weight.
They agreed and it was on. Wack was
supposed to be a fancy dancer but his
much larger frame worked against
him. Old smart Vengeance went right
under him, straight to the rear and
never came out. State Penn asked
for a scratch to continue at the ten
minute mark. We gave it to him and
Wack could not go at eleven minutes.
This was David and Goliath all over
again. Thanks to State Penn Kennels
and IMK for the opportunity to make
We would like to thank all who
helped in the making of Grand Cham-
pion Vengeance. It will forever be our
honor to be a part of his life. Thank
you my son, you will always remain in-
comparable in our hearts and minds.
Indian VINO
Jessie Rods CH SCRATCH
Killer Combines GR CH VENGEANCE
Killer Combines CH VADER
Blackhawks CH NIKE
Killer Combines RED VICTORIA
Big Boyys Kennels OLD MAN
Stone City Kennels MISS BECKY
known as The Truth,
bred dog off Jesse Rods
MIDNIGHT JR bred to Killer
VENGEANCE was bred, raised
and campaigned by Killer
Richard F. Stratton and HONEYBEAR
circa 1975
lthough I didnt know anything
about the APBT, I was an avid
dog enthusiast, especially of
Collies, and I had read all the Albert
Payson Terhune ction stories about
Collies. I even read Lassie Come
Home by Eric Knight before it became
a movie (and, later, a television se-
ries). I have told before of how in Ajo,
Arizona, I had nally achieved my lifes
ambition to get a Collie, only to have it
bullied by a larger German Shepherd
that was owned by some neighbor-
hood hoodlums. (Well, actually, they
were friends, but they were hoodlums
to me when they sicced their German
Shepherd onto my Collie.)
I was frankly puzzled, as in the
Terhune books, the Collies were fear-
some ghters, canine heroes that
absolutely could not be beat by ca-
nine villains. Terhune even described
how the Collies fought: they slashed,
rather than grabbing hold. They were
everywhere at once and nowhere in
particular. That phrase was repeat-
ed over and over again in his books,
which I adored, but in retrospect, they
probably were not very good books.
But they were wildly popular at the
time. Eric Knights book was prob-
ably better fare, although I didnt like
it as much at the time.
I was also puzzled by Nails. The
chief had called him a Bulldog. I
was familiar with English Bulldogs,
French Bulldogs, and Toy Bulldogs,
but Nails didnt have the pushed-
in nose that was so typical of those
dogs. (You can see that it was about
here that the seeds were being sown
for my original research about the
origins of the American Pit Bull Ter-
rier.) I was also concerned that Nails
was going to be killed by the German
Shepherd. I am not sure how large
Nails was the name of the very rst APBT I ever saw. He
was loaned to me by Carson Morrow, at the time the Chief of the
Border Patrol. I asked Chief Morrow how Nails got that name,
and he told me that he was as tough as nails, for one thing. Ap-
parently, he was the smallest dog that Chief Morrow had, so he
had always been schooled on bigger dogs. Most of the time,
he didnt get to see daylight for the rst ten minutes, was the
comment the chief made about him. I wasnt sure what he was
talking about, as I knew nothing about pit dogs at that time. I
was eleven years old, and it was 1942.
Nails was, as I had not yet developed
an eye for weights at that time, but he
wasnt any bigger than your average
Cocker Spaniel. He probably weighed
more than a Cocker Spaniel, but he
couldnt have been more than thirty-
ve pounds in weightand the Ger-
man Shepherd easily tallied eighty
pounds, probably more, and he was a
rough one!
I have told the story before about
how my father, a Border Patrolman at
the time, had told the chief about my
frustration over the depredations of
the German Shepherd, whose name
was Bosco. It was the owners
fault, of course, as the boys had en-
couraged bullying, and the dog was a
natural bully anyway. They had a at-
bed jalopy truck that they took out on
the desert to inspect the steel jawed
traps they set.
I have told about how when I was
with them, they turned the dog loose
to maul a coyote that was already
mad with pain from the trap. Much to
the boys protests, I chased away the
dog with a heavy branch. Then, I dis-
patched the coyote for his own good.
It was not a good death for him, but it
was better than what little life he had
Although I was friends with the
boys, there were occasional disputes.
And they knew how to get my goat, for
they knew how fond I was of that Col-
lie. When they turned their dog loose
on my Collie, she merely hollered in
pain. It only happened a couple of
times, but my wrath and frustration
were such that my father had told the
chief about it, not knowing that the
chief was a keeper of game fowl and
game dogs.
The chief showed me how to use a
breaking stick and loaned me a chain
for keeping Nails. I simply couldnt
believe that I would some day be pry-
ing Nails from the throat of Bosco. I
had noticed that Bosco was not like
Terhunes Collies. He didnt slash
when he fought, but grabbed hold of
the other dog, and I was later to learn,
that all serious canine ghters do
that. (And so do wolves!)
The idea was not to provoke a
ght, but merely wait for the boys to
initiate it by setting their dog on my
new smaller canine. In the mean-
time, we had Nails for about two
weeks. The chief lived in Tucson, and
he would be back in that time to pick
up his dog. It was good that I knew
that Nails was a temporary visitor, as
I took to the dog, very much against
my own wishes. I couldnt help no-
ticing that he seemed to be smarter
than my Collieand Terhune had al-
ways emphasized the intelligence of
Collies. I was surprised at the good
nature of Nails, too. After all, he was
not inclined to jump Queenie (my Col-
lie), being completely tolerant and
friendly with her, and he was happy to
have human companionship.
He was solid brindle, a little high
stationed, and looked very much like
Sorrells Goober, for those of you who
have seen his picture in my books. Of
course, Goober was to come later, but
he is on my top-ten list of great dogs.
One difference was that Nails had
natural ears, even if they were small
and soft. Truth to tell, it was difcult
for me to think that this dog was any
good at ghting. It just seemed to
me that it would be a miracle if Nails
could beat that big bully dog, and
I didnt want to get the chiefs dog
killed. The chief assured me to not
worry about that little gentleman,
and he gave me a breaking stick and
showed me how to use it.
As the chief had instructed me, I
kept Nails on a leash when we went
for walks, and the boys next door
hooted at that, as most dogs ran
loose in those days. In our walks
around town and out on the desert, I
got to know Nails well enough that I
couldnt help liking him . . . a lot. He
was smart. He was comical, and he
was game for anything. I could turn
him loose out on the desert, and I
threw sticks for him and my Collie. I
dont think he ever retrieved before,
but he caught on quickly. I amused
myself by throwing bigger and bigger
sticks for him. Queenie would only
retrieve small ones, as I expected,
but it soon became apparent that
Nails would retrieve a telephone pole
if I could nd a way to throw one. I
had been glad that the boys hadnt set
their dog on Nails, as I was worried
about him. But now I was heartened
that he might have a chance.
I guess I was on good terms with
the fellows in question, as they were
not, for some reason, inclined to un-
leash Bosco on him. They were curi-
ous about Nails and wanted to know
what kind of dog he was. When they
heard Bulldog, they shook their
heads. They had one of those back
in Texas before they came out to Ari-
zona, and he didnt have a head like
I had discovered that I could let
Nails run loose inside our yard, as the
house was surrounded by a fence. I
had him loose when Clifford entered
the yard with Bosco. It was time,
apparently, for Nails to get his drub-
bing. Clifford may have been angry
that I had just demonstrated that I
could throw the football farther than
him. That didnt make sense in view
of the fact that I was a year younger
than Clifford and much shorter. All
the more reason to be angry, I sup-
pose. In any case, Nails was to pay
for my transgressions. Clifford made
the hissing noise that they utilized to
direct Bosco to attack, and he jumped
on Nails, completely obliterating him
from sight.
Now I was really worried that I
was going to get the chiefs dog killed!
The only source of calm for me to
draw upon was that the chief had as-
sured me that the boys would learn a
lesson in humility when they set their
dog on that little gentleman. The
chief may not have been worried, but
I was. But the memory of his stead-
fast condence helped give me a kind
of calm. It was needed, as I couldnt
even see Nails, and he was certainly
being outclassed in size and noise.
I later gured out that Bosco had
missed getting hold of Nails when he
jumped on him. Perhaps the much
smaller dog side stepped him, but
the upshot of it all was that Bosco
came down on Nails without a hold .
. . but Nails saw to it that he had one.
It wasnt much of a hold, just a pinch
in the middle of the giants chest, but
it was taking its toll. Whereas Bos-
co had been letting out horrendous
growling and barks at his frustration
at not being able to reach his tiny op-
ponent, he soon began to cry, just a
bit. It was a whimper at rst, but then
it grew into a terried shriek. He tore
loose from the tiny hold that Nails had
on him and ran for home, jumping the
fence between our property and his.
Well, Bosco may have had enough,
but Nails was just getting started. He
was in hot pursuit. He was too small
to make the leap over the fence, but
that wasnt a problem: he simply
rammed right through the fence and
nailed Bosco again on his own back
porch! This time he had the ear, and
Bosco was making the kinds of noises
I had heard dogs make when they had
been hit by cars. I actually felt sorry
for the dog, and I was surprised that
I had that capacity for that particular
I had to run around the fence,
picking up the breaking stick on my
way, and ran for the neighbors back-
yard, with the owners of Bosco in hot
pursuit. On my way there, I was able
to observe the tactics of Nails. Be-
ing so much larger, Bosco was able
to pull loose from the ear hold, and
he had decided to make a ght of it.
Nails feinted for another ear hold, but
then dived back deep into the stie. I
thought that Bosco had hollered be-
fore, but now he reached his zenith in
that respect. Not being experienced
with a breaking stick or Bulldogs, it
took me an inordinate amount of time
to get Nails loose. Bosco was trying
to bite Nails off from him, but could
only reach my arm, which received
a couple of his desperate bites. My
arm bled, but in the excitement of it
all, I barely felt it. By contrast, I found
that Nails was unscathed, but his
gaze was locked onto Bosco, as if he
had unnished business. I had nev-
er seen a dog as terried as Bosco.
No wonder the chief hadnt worried
about Nails!
The boys were too ashamed of
the whole shebang to even complain
much. The Bosco threat was over.
The dog never even looked in our di-
rection again, let alone thinking about
jumping my Collie. I found out from
other sources that the dog was also
now worthless for worrying help-
less animals caught in traps. Nails
had done a good deed that had many
I never saw Nails again after the
chief took him away, but I havent for-
gotten him. No, he didnt make me an
instant convert to the breed, as I still
had to indulge my love for Collies. But
it wasnt much longer before I was to
begin my search for members of the
breed that I had begun to suspect
contained the true noble canines.
A few words about the author - although Im pretty shure he doesnt need any in-
troduction - Richard F. Stratton is generally considered a leading authority on the
American Pit Bull Terrier breed. He has written ve books concerning it to dispel
many of the myths that surround this very controversial animal. He offers bountiful
information on all aspects of this remarkable breed of dog. The books are illustrat-
ed with a plethora of pictures, modern and historical. These books have become
the major source for those wanting authentic information about all aspects of the
American Pit Bull Terrier...
t was a hot day and we started a
10-mile run. To my amazement,
Midnight was the only one that
stayed right behind the truck the
whole way, not allowing any dog to
pass him up. If they tried, he would
grab them and knock them down then
continue to follow the truck. After
In the summer of 1986, July, I was visiting my good friend
Indian Sonny in Southern California. I was looking for a match
dog. At the time, Sonny had acquired Pistol a few years before,
but had never bred him to any of his stock. After a couple of
days of looking around and working with a few dogs, this little
puppy had really caught my eye. Sonny has a beautiful house on
a big patch of land with mountains right behind his house. He
takes a bunch of dogs in a pickup truck and runs them behind
his truck. One morning, Sonny and I gathered about 10 dogs
ranging in age from about 3 months to 15 months of age; Mid-
night being the youngest. Let me also say that Midnight was
from the rst litter Sonny produced using Pistol...
seeing this beautiful black pup with
all that stamina, I tried everything
I could to acquire him and, luckily, I
Raising Midnight was an experi-
ence. By the time he was 8 months
old, he must have caught and killed
a couple of dozen cats, making him
very unpopular with my neighbors
since I lived in the city. At 8 months
old, I rolled him with a 3-time winner
I had by the name of Halfdead (Bul-
let), and he started right up. About a
month later, I rolled him with a dog
a friend had called Spike who was a
very tough dog. For 15, they swapped
everything and at the end, Midnight
scratched hard. At 9 months, I de-
cided to do Midnight against Poconos
Bruce. Midnight weighed 39 lbs. and
Bruce was 38 lbs. This was a good
ght for Midnight as he learned a few
things from Bruce. Midnight stopped
him at 40.
I decided to match him against a
dog that Havana Chico and T. Rus-
so owned together by the name of
Groucho, who was said to be a game
dog. We signed at 38 pounds. This
ght started with Groucho ghting
the head and Midnight on the chest.
Groucho tried but could not hold Mid-
night out. By 30, Midnight was work-
ing on a down dog; with no chance
of winning, Chico picked up Groucho
and gave a very game scratch, mak-
ing Midnight the winner in 42.
A couple of months later while
talking to Indian Sonny and telling
him that I doubted the quality of Mid-
nights opponents, he told me that he
had a littermate brother to Midnight
that would bite his head off, meaning
to me that he liked him.
I decided to go to California. When
we rolled Midnight and Clancy (later
known as Abrahams Headache),
Midnight got right into his chest not
giving him a chance to do much of
anything and in 35 to 40, Clancy gave
a very, very game scratch, convincing
me of Midnights quality.
The second match I went into Bob
Pitts lx w Leroy at 38 lbs. Leroy was
a matured dog weighing in at 38 lbs.,
also defeating a good dog, Ashtons
Icepick, in 1:48. Midnight was a young
dog (13 months old) weighing in at
37lbs. This was one of Midnights bet-
ter ghts. Both dogs meeting hard in
the center of the pit. Midnight would
go in Leroys chest and drive him
across the pit, slamming him against
the wall and punishing him hard. But
Leroy would just hang in there, noth-
ing really working against Midnights
style of ghting. At 1:20, Bob nally
picked Leroy up, making Midnight the
After this win it was pretty hard
nding another 38 lb. dog for Mid-
night, but while visiting a friend down
south, I met a couple of guys from
Georgia named Dobbins and Rob-
ertson. They had a 38 lb. dog by the
name of Panda Bear and we were on
in 8 weeks. On ght day, both dogs
were on weight and when we released
them, they both grabbed chest holds.
As Midnight tried to work his hold,
Panda shook him out and Midnight
lost his hold. Many people there saw
this and started betting against Mid-
night, but it only lasted a few minutes
as Midnight got his hold and never
looked back, making Dobbins and
Robertson pick Panda Bear up in :30,
also making a game scratch.
While speaking to another good
friend of mine, V. Camp, he told me
that he had a 39 lb. dog that he would
like to try against Midnight. We set
Midnight down against Camps Joey
Boots. Midnight came out storm-
ing and after 20 min, I told Camp if
he would like to scratch to continue,
Indian PISTOL was bred to
eleven bitches and produced
a high percentage of very
good dogs. His descendants
continue to do very well.
which he ac-
cepted, and
Joey came
across with
Midnight bit-
ing him hard
in the center.
At this point,
Joey was tak-
ing a pound-
ing, so Camp
picked him up
at 29 min. and
Joey would
not courtesy
scratch. Mid-
night courtesy
scratched like
NIGHT was bred by Indian Sonny and
sold to Jesse Rod at the age of three
months. MIDNIGHT won ve times over
estabilished kennels. His fth and last
was a classic match against another
champion, Bandwagons CHAMPION
Bandwagons CH Rusty Hooks
was sired by Jerry Matlocks CH Truck,
a pure Corvino dog. He was whelped
by Bandwagons Kay. Kay was a Gr.
CH. Boomerang bitch. Rusty had de-
feated the best dogs in the Mid-West.
At the time Ch. Midnight had defeated
some of the best dogs on the East
Coast. Included in these wins were
the Havana Boys, Bob Pitts and a Vin-
nie Campione dog. Getting him a GR
CH match was almost impossible in
the North East.
I had heard of Rusty and they had
heard of Midnight, and before long I
received a call from Bandwagon. Let
me say this man and his dogs had
some reputation. We agreed to 39lbs
and it would be in my part of the coun-
try. Now the conditioning begins! I
decided on a two week pre-keep. We
were going to work hard. My instincts
told me I needed it because I chose an
eight week keep consisting of spring
pole work, swimming, hand walk-
ing 15 miles a day and peaking out at
two hours on the slat mill. Midnight
was a workaholic. I had to be care-
ful and not let him over work himself
because he would.
The day of the show I chose Ha-
vana Chico as my second, hes a great
dog man and has an exceptional eye.
Most importantly I knew he would be
there for me til the end. Everyone
with the exception of a few friends
was betting on Rusty to win and I cov-
ered as many bets as I could. The dogs
were released and immediately they
swapped shoulder holds. At twenty
minutes I called a turn and a handle
was made. To my surprise when I
got Midnight in my corner I realized
he had lost his front end. My corner
man gave me the encouragement I
needed and then Rusty came hard.
We took turns scratching for about an
hour. Rusty was destroying my dogs
front end. He was without a doubt
the hardest biting dog I had seen in
twenty years. All I could do was stay
with Midnight and try to get him from
the bottom and to his feet. We were
ghting on defense. At the one and
a half hour mark Midnight got to his
feet and drove Rusty to the pit wall
digging in his throat. How we were on
offense. It was the rst time we saw
weakness in our opponent. Midnight
was scratching across the pit at full
speed bouncing off his front end. Full
blast!! After a few scratches into his
chest Rusty nally slowed down. At
one hour and fty minutes Rusty took
the count. I asked for a courtesy and
Midnight scratched just as hard as his
rst only bouncing off his chest.
These two ne athletes had to
meet and only one could be the win-
ner. Thank God it was me. I will
always thank Bandwagon for their
courtesy, good manners and making
a good show! I would like to thank In-
dian Sonny for allowing me to own a
truly great dog.
Sporting Dog Journal Book of Champions 1987-1989
uring schooling I like to see them
take the bottom and get worked
on so I can see how they feel
about it. I want them to love it no mat-
ter what is happening to them. If
they are on the bottom then I want
them to act like their on top. It is
very important to get them fa-
tigued when testing them. These
dogs were bred to take pain, and
many of them can take the pain
for 20 or 30 minutes no prob-
lem. Now, being fatigued is very
painful, and that combined with
the other pain will make a lot of
them quit, and you can bet your
ass they will experience both during
a hard match. This is why I never understand
the guys who pick their dogs up in rolls as
soon as they start getting hot. Some of these
guys even condition their animals for rolls.
You guys are only lying to yourselves! These
are men who want to tell others how badass
their dogs are instead of really knowing the
truth. I like rolling my dogs a little fat on big-
ger, stronger, and more experienced dogs
until I see what I need to see.
I can tell you if a dog is game
or not on its rst roll. I like to
see my dogs take control
in a roll, and I also want
them to act good at the end
of the roll no matter what.
In a match they may not always
have control, and thats why they
should experience some pressure
during a roll...
Which were some of the best
dogs you have ever owned?
I have to say some of the best
dogs that I owned were Gr Ch Queen
of Hearts 8xw, Gr Ch Sunny Boy, Ch
Clyde, Gr Ch T-Bear, Ch Turbo Action
4xw, Blackout 2xw, Crazy 1xw, Radar
1xw, The Dentist, Headache 2xw, and
Abrahams Bull 1xw ROM/POR.
OK, now lets go into details one
by one! Lets start with the Queen...
GR CH Queen Of Hearts?
My Queen of Hearts bitch was
just a real killer! Many who saw her
said she was an ace. Lately many of
people have wrote me and asked me
if I tried to take her into Dbl Gr Ch Tor-
nado, and I will say yes that it is true.
I asked Ken about putting it together
and he told me he would think about
it, and later he said No. There are
many people that know this to be true,
even Ricky Jones told Ken that he felt
Queen would kill Tornado. Rebel had
a rst hand look at Queen when she
killed his Ch Lou bitch. I never really
tried to push the match because Ken
and I were good friends. I never felt
the need to disrespect Tornado publi-
cally because she was a hell of a bull-
dog that was owned by a good man.
You cant take anything away from a
dog that has won 10 matches, but I
felt Queen was a better dog than her.
Remember, its only my opinion and
opinions are not facts. But what is a
fact is that I tried to make it happen.
Queen was a bitch with 8 wins without
any of her opponents scratching back
for more. Both Queen and Tornado
will be a part of bulldog history until
the end of time. I cant think any less
of Ken, he was a man that showed his
bitch 10 times, when most dogmen
have to be forced or have their hand
held to show a dog one single time.
My Crazy dog I truly believe was
another Queen. Not only could the
boy bite but he could just at out
ght. His power was unreal! He was
a brother to EZ-Go and Freak Nasty
off of Abrahams Bull. Due to my mis-
fortune I only got to match him once.
GR CH Sunny Boy...
Now my Sunny Boy hound was a
powerful dog that knew how to do it
all, and he took out some really good
dogs along the way. He had a good
mouth that went right along with his
power, and if you tried to get bad with
him he would eat your face up!
My Headache dog was a littermate
brother to J.Rods Gr Ch Midnight,
and he had won one over J.Manns
Johnny Cash on a big show at Rebel
Kennels. Headaches real name was
Clancy, but he earned the new name
that was given to him. Headache loved
the frontend, but if you tried to power-
house him he was going to head up
top to give you a very bad headache.
T-Bear was a direct son of T-Boy,
and I remember when the breeding
that made him almost didnt happen.
I had something going on and I didnt
know if I would have the time to make
the trip to Florida. I really wanted
to make that breeding happen, so I
called my buddy Victor of Southern
Kennels and told him I was ying in.
Victor and I went over to the Horse-
mens place and we made it all hap-
pen. T-Bear was a big black dog that
had a really good mouth on him; he
was just a really good dog.
Blackout dog was a 2xw off of
Queen of Hearts x Headache. He
was good looking little black dog that
Joe Abraham
with his 8xW
Abrahams GR
loved to ght from a pup. As a pup I
had to take Blackout and his brother
Hotshot out of the kennel because
they were so damn crazy. I called him
Blackout because he would just black
out and lose his mind.
Now my Radar dog showed me
he was ready for the box at a young
age. He was only 15 months old when
he beat Starmans Ch Buddy. The CH
Buddy dog had even won over a good
champion that Frank Bunce had. Ive
had the chance to own some very good
dogs over the years. I have matched
into many dogmen from all walks of
life, and I can tell you that the amount
of the bet made the man no less of a
dogman or his dog any less of a bull-
dog. If there was a badass bulldog out
there making a name and it was my
weight I would do it for whatever the
other man asked. The dogs I matched
for $25,000 I would have matched for
$200 as long as I was going into a
good dogman. The dogs know nothing
about the money, and money isnt go-
ing to stop me from knowing if I have
the best.
Is there anything you would have
done differently if you could do it
over again?
Yes, I would have bred Queen back
to one of her sons. I would have bred
her back to Bull or her son Blackout
off of Headache.
Allright, now tell me about the
best dogmen youve known.
B.Crum was a very good dogman
and he always came with a bulldog. I
have been to Mr. Crums home and he
treated me as it was my own, just as I
did when he came to mine.
Indian Sonny is another good dog-
man, he and I would talk for hours
on the phone about dogs. There was
a 3 hour time difference in our time
zones, so I had to be the one who
stayed up late. I enjoyed hearing his
stories about Bolio, Holts Jeremiah,
and many other dogs.
J.Rod was another one I liked to
talk with, he was very knowledgeable
when it came to the dogs. I remember
when I had him and Sonny over at my
place, we had a really goodtime. The
Cottinghams had some very dogs
too. I remember breeding my dog Bull
to a bitch I got from them and boy did
I get some good ones. I liked them
Cottingham dogs because they came
from a family of good bulldogs.
Now J.Morgan was a guy who al-
ways did me right, and he was just a
very nice man all together. Every time
I went to his home he always made
me feel welcome and he was always
truthful about his dogs. You should
always tell the truth about your dogs
if you are selling them, because even-
tually the real truth is going to come
Ken Allen was another good
friend of mine. Ken really loved a
good bulldog, and he was the kind
of guy that if you needed his help he
would be there for you. I remember
one weekend when my family and I
were staying down at Kens place, we
were lying in bed early in the morning
when a smell came oating through
the room that made all of us really
hungry. We got up out of bed and fol-
lowed the smell and found Ken in the
kitchen xing us some breakfast. Ken
had made us eggs, ham, grits, and
the best biscuits you will ever taste!
I remember waking up the following
morning and asking Ken to show me
how to make those same exact bis-
cuits. I called them Ken Allens Triple
Gr Ch Biscuits. Ken Allen was not just
a dogman I knew, he was also my
friend. Victor Aycart was another one
of my good friends who I would go to
visit for a weekend and end up staying
for a week. We had some good times
down that way.
Now my buddy R.Mulch (Much)
was like a brother, and every time I
headed down south I always stopped
in to see him. We would stop by and
check in with all the dogmen in the
area. Much had a good brother to
Andy Capp named Calvin, and his
place was like a home away from
We now give a special thanks
to Mr. Randy, Mr. Cooper, the Horse
Farmer, Mr. Hunter, Cheefa and his
team, Rudeboy Knls, J&H, Russ, Bo
and everyone else who has gave us
support during our ght. A good dog-
man is not about how many champi-
ons or grand champions he has, but
its how he carries himself as a man.
There are many fools in this sport, so
its always feels great to meet some
good people.
Easiest match you ever had?
The easiest match I ever had was
against Big Boys Lil Yellow. I have al-
ways liked the Redboy and Redboy/
Jocko crosses, and even though this
match only went 8 minutes it made
me respect the Redboy/Jocko line
even more. Lil Yellow was a 1xw that
was a pretty good head and backend
dog. I had a chest and throat dog
with extremely hard mouth off Bull
and Ch Sunshine named Crazy that I
used. Crazy was very hard to handle
and would bite you to get free. Both
dogs were screaming to go, and when
released they went right at it. Crazy
catches Yellow right in the chest and
takes him back to his corner without
ever slowing down. Yellow tried to
get up on that head but he was just
overpowered. Within the rst minute
you could see some big holes in Lil
Yellows chest. He was leaking bad,
I mean just covered in it, and in 3
minutes you could see the chest was
swelling up pretty good. Yellow tries
to get up top one more time and Crazy
shakes him off his feet and goes right
to the pipe, and in 8 minutes Crazy
is declared the winner. Yellow never
once made a bad move, I never seen
Crazy on one that did not make a
bad move after feeling his pressure.
Bunce was referee, and I remember
him telling Big Boy you need to pick
up. I told Frank that I still thought it
was too late, and that was around 4
minutes. I knew this because I had al-
ready seen what he did to a couple of
mine on the yard before this.
OK, now
your toughest
I would have
to say that my
toughest match
is between two
different match-
es. For one of
the matches I
was using my
dog named Bull
off Queen of
Hearts and STPs
Buck into a dog
named Trouble
that B.Love
had. It was a
long and very
tough match.
Bull was an ex-
tremely pow-
erful little dog
that had been
rolled on dogs
much bigger
than him, and
takes it. Once Bull starts working the
face it is easy to see that he loves it.
At 2:10 Trouble turns, and when he is
handled he takes a walking scratch
within the count. Bull comes like a
jet on 3 limbs for his scratch. At 2:45
Trouble is asked to scratch, he comes
halfway across and falls on his face.
Bull gives a really good running and
falling courtesy scratch and is de-
clared a 1xw. I thank Mr. Wilcox and
Mr. Love for helping me save Bull af-
ter it was over. Bull was off STPs Gr
Ch Buck x Abrahams Gr Ch Queen of
Now I have another match
that was just as hard, and that was
when my Bucky Boy dog matched into
Roadblocks Homeboy. Bucky Boy
was a son of STPs Gr Ch Buck and
a half brother to Bull. I cant remem-
ber if Homeboy was a 1xw or a 2xw,
but I do know for a fact that had won
at least one. Homeboy was making a
big name for himself throughout the
bulldog world, and he was rumored to
punch harder than his sire Ch Beau.
When I heard that he bit harder than
his sire I knew he was going to have
some mouth! I saw rst hand what
Ch Beau could do, as I witnessed the
match between him and my brothers
dog King David. Anyone who was
bulldogging during that time had
heard of Homeboy, and he was open
to the world. I never personally seen
Homeboy go before this, but I did hear
he was a real killer. I started getting
calls from guys telling me how good
this Homeboy dog was, so I called
up Roadblock and we put it together.
This was Bucky Boys rst time out,
but he had been tested really hard
and I felt no one dog could ever put
him through what I had already put
him through. Bucky Boy was a really
good pit dog that loved the face, and
he also had a pretty decent mouth
he was always able to hold his own.
He was a head and throat dog, but if
it was up to him he would live in the
throat. Now bull didnt have a very
hard mouth, but he could still hold
his own. Loves dog was a 2xw, and I
had heard he was a good dog prior to
going into him. When they met in the
box I knew it was going to be a war
because Trouble was just as strong
as Bull, but he had a better mouth on
him. They were moving at a very fast
pace, and Trouble was working on
Bulls chest pretty good. Bull would
get on the head when he needed too,
then he would jump back into the
throat whenever he got the chance.
At 1:20 Trouble breaks Bulls front
leg, and Bull continues on 3 legs like
it never even happened. Trouble now
gives Bull a chance at the face and he
Joe Abraham at 17 yrs old holding his
baby sister
on him too. Roadblock was having a
big show and asked if we could just
put it together on the same card, so I
said okay. I gured I could win money
along with a nice big trophy. When we
got to the spot I could not believe how
many people were running up trying
to place side bets. There were just
too many people there to remember
all those side bets, so I told Road-
block to just collect all their money
and we will just put it all in the middle
to avoid any conict. I remember one
guy walking up to me and asking me
if I wanted a couple slices of bread, I
said for what? and he told me so
you can put your dog in between them
for Homeboy, I just kind of laughed
it off. I had a good friend of mine with
me that I had stand next to the man
holding the money, I knew all that talk
these boys were doing may come to
an end and they may not know how to
deal with it.
When I saw Homeboy he was
a good looking and very muscular
dog. You could see that he had some
real power in him. Bucky Boy was a
lot taller than Homeboy, he was pretty
much muscles and air. A lot of people
thought Bucky Boy looked too lean,
but I knew better. When I weighed in I
was pound over pit weight and they
gave me 30 minutes to cut the weight.
It was cold as hell out, so me and my
friend took turns walking him. I told
my friend I hate to do it, but were go-
ing to have to run him. I guess I could
have done some other things to drop
that weight, but I knew this would
have him on weight pretty quick,
plus he was in really good shape so
I wasnt too worried about wearing
him out. I made the weight within the
30 minute deadline and then bullshit-
ted around during the wash process
so Bucky Boy could get a little rest in.
Roadblock saw us running him, so he
tried to rush us into the pit as soon
as possible. When the dogs met in
the middle Homeboy tries to go to the
chest and Bucky Boy is having none
of that. Bucky grabs him by the face
and is working the hell of him! Home-
boy had some really good mouth, and
every time he got to the chest he was
trying to end it. At 40 minutes both
dogs are still working at a really fast
pace. You could look at the dogs and
see that both of them were showing
really good mouth. Bucky Boys chest
was in bad shape, but Homeboys
face looked like someone took an axe
to it. Neither of these dogs took any
breaks, for over an hour they worked
each other as hard as they could. This
was a very emotional match for the
guys there with Homeboy, you could
see it on their faces. At 1:15 you knew
Bucky Boy was going to win, Home-
boy just cant keep up. Homeboys
face was in the worse shape I have
ever seen one in. Homeboy turns
and I call it, he is counted out in the
corner while standing on all fours. It
was hands down the best ght of the
night, but with emotions riding high
in the room we were not awarded a
trophy. We should have got a nice big
trophy, and even some of the guys
betting with Homeboy agreed we
should have won one as well. I really
didnt care too much about the trophy
or the money, I was just happy with
seeing a good match.
Do you believe the old time
breeders were better than the mod-
ern day breeders?
I believe the old time breeders
deserve credit for what the dogs have
become. Many of them had shared
their knowledge with modern breed-
ers who in return ourished. I believe
the old timers were truly looking for
gamer and better dogs. There are not
many old timers who bred two dogs
together without knowing anything
about them. There are many modern
breeders who are breeding dogs to-
gether and know nothing about them.
The only things they know about the
two are that they eat, sleep, shit, and
have fur. There are still good mod-
ern breeders out there that want to
do right by these dogs, and these are
the guys who followed the advice and
teachings of older more experienced
dogmen that were successful during
their run. I feel the modern condition-
ers are better than the old timers be-
cause of advances in canine nutrition,
supplements, and equipment. I do
feel that the old timers better under-
stood what it took to keep their dogs
game and true.
Tell me about conditioning and
I love conditioning! When you love
the sport it is very easy to put in all the
miles of walking and all the hours of
hard work. I have always loved keep-
ing myself in shape, so it was noth-
ing to bring a dog along with me. You
cant take any shortcuts if you expect
on bringing one in right for a fast lane
show. I like to use the carpetmill, slat-
mill, jenny, and bike, along with some
nice long walks. I choose a few differ-
ent routes to walk them so they dont
get bored with the trip. Many dogs are
good workers, but there is also that
group who will need some time and
encouragement. You just have to try
not to get upset when the dog wont
run the mill or do other types exer-
cises that you want them to do. Dogs
can sense when you are upset, and
before your match you always want
your bulldog to feel good energy. It
may take a little longer to get some
dogs to work, but with patience and a
little encouragement you can make it
happen. Some dogs will get right up
on a mill and run like they have been
doing it for years, but most of them
wont. This is why I suggest you be-
gin teaching your pups to do work
at a young age so you dont run into
these kinds of problems. If you get to
hitting on your dog for being a shitty
worker then he is going to associate
work with something bad. Get a good
toy or some kind of bait so you can
make it fun for the dog, this will make
it more like play rather than work in
his eyes. I see my dogs as profession-
al athletes, so I make them live that
way and work that way. I have always
fed a raw feed, and it is very important
that you feed them enough. The food
is not only the fuel for energy but it
also helps them deal with the stress
of all the work. Within a week my
dog will have worked the carpetmill,
slatmill, jenny, and bike. I dont jenny
and slatmill on the same day, nor do I
bike and jenny on the same day either.
Basically I just try to gure out what
work my dog will do and then try to
make it fun for them. No matter what
piece of equipment I work my dog on
I never work them to where they cant
stand. Its better to be underworked
than overworked.
What about steroids?
Well Ill say this about steroids
and move on to the next question.
They have been used for many years
by many dogmen, and even when they
say they arent using them many of
them really are. Steroids can make
your dog a little bit stronger and pos-
sibly more aggressive, but they cant
make you game. Sure they can add a
little kick to your hounds, but it will
never make them game. If you dont
have any clue how to use them then
you can bet your ass that you are on
your way downhill. I am not against
steroids, but I am against dogmen
using steroids when they have no idea
what they are doing. Many guys are
always talking about this cur and that
cur, but if these dogs could speak they
would be saying this dummy fucked
me all up. You should always have
some knowledge of what you are do-
ing if you choose to mess with them.
Steroids can help a good dog get in
better shape as long as the condition-
er knows what he is doing, but they
arent going to make you any gamer.
Any advice on handling?
As far as handling goes I would
say one of the most important things
to do is to make clean handles. When
money is on the line people are look-
ing to win anyway they can. Never
handle to where your dogs legs or
feet can be grabbed by the other dog.
When I grab a handle I like to keep my
dog low and facing the other dog, that
way if the other handler doesnt make
a handle on his dog then mine can
still be ready to defend itself. When
you are running or swinging your dog
around all it does is excite the other
dog, and if its a long match you dont
want to be doing anything that is go-
ing to encourage the other dog to stay
in the ght. I even like to keep my
hound still in the corner, just by the
dog or handler making fast moves in
the corner can excite the other dog
enough to head on over. Sometimes
you can win just on handling alone.
Joe Abraham with his daughter
Do you believe the magazines
are doing any good to this sport?
I think the magazines are a big
help, there is a lot of information that
breeders and dogmen need to know.
In this sport without knowledge you
cant make it off rst base. I remem-
ber the days when I would just sit
back and read through all my SDJs
just to see if I missed anything. It was
just a really good way for me to keep
up on many of the bloodlines and how
they were doing. The magazines also
make it much harder for the fake dog-
men to create champions by using
only their imagination.
What would you say to a young
man starting out in these dogs?
I would tell any young man get-
ting into to dogs how important it is
to be professional. This sport is about
bettering the breed. If you lose and
start taking it personal people are
going to hear about it. You cant go
and start a ght with someone every
time you lose a match, the news will
spread about you being a sore loser
and no one will want to deal with you.
Another thing you dont want to do is
call someones dog a piece of junk af-
ter you lose to it, I mean what are you
saying about your dog if your call the
one that beat it a piece of shit? Re-
member to always shake the mans
hand win, lose, or draw. There are a
lot of fakes out there that wont even
do a dog, yet they will sit in the back-
ground and hate on the guys who
lose, or bad mouth the ones that win.
This is why it is important to not ever
disrespect anyone who is willing to
do their dog like its supposed to be
done, even if they lose. Through a sea
of fakes we must be careful not to
chase off the only real dogmen left. I
just cant stand a sore loser! Some
guys lose and the rst thing they say
is that they were rubbed. People just
dont know how to deal with a loss. I
hated losing, but I never showed it. If
you act like an idiot you will never get
another chance to avenge that loss,
and if its only about money to you
then you better believe that you will
close the door on ever making any
money doing dogs. There were many
guys that I never matched into, and
it wasnt out of fear for their dogs, it
was because they were fools. Hell,
there are a lot of times when a fool
will run his mouth just to get you into
a match. You have to remain humble
during all the trash talk and bullshit.
If you win a match then dont ever get
in a guys face and brag or talk smack.
If you are in this sport long enough
you are going tom lose, so learn how
to deal with it. Its a lot easier to react
than it is to think, and if you want to
become the best then its going to re-
quire a lot of thinking.
Thanks goes out to Joe Abraham
for taking the time to answer all my
Id like to take this opportunity to
thank CSK for making this interview
possible. Thanks for all...
Yours Truly,
The Editor
Joe Abraham as a little kid
even (Sirmium Knls) called
me to come to pick up a fe-
male puppy I wanted out of
BAMBELA ROM which I had given to
him as a gift 10 years ago. My friend
from Budva, Simo Markovic, the
big hunter, went with me to buy one
hunting dog and to see if he would
like some. When we came to Neven,
I stayed with him talking, while Simo
went with Nikola (Sirmium Jr.) to nd
a hunting dog. Looking around they
met some gypsy people and there
was one little female which amazed
my friend in the way he wanted me to
buy her, so after few days of listening
to him, I sent the money to Nikola, 300
euros, to give it to gypsy people and to
put the Bitch in a bus. Later I got to
know she had one win in 52 minutes
and about 1000 rolls, because her
breeder, Neven, didnt go well along
her owner, so he wanted to stop her
with much bigger and dangerous
females, but he couldnt do it. Her
name was Bibi and it was me to give
her name Ciganka (Gypsy woman).
First it took me half a year to
get her fully recovered, she didnt
know what dry food was and had
never drank fresh water before, her
only food were dead shes from the
Then I hooked her against the best
in her weight, Alens CH Zuta 4xW.
Komany and I travelled to Croatia
where we were considered complete
outsiders, but Ciganka surprised all,
she won with no injuries while CH
Zuta was picked up (before this CH
Zuta killed all her opponents).
For her Champion title I hooked
her against Floyds CH Tajga 2xBIS.
Again, we were considered outsid-
ers, and again Ciganka was brilliant.
Tajga was picked up and she gave a
Dead Game Scratch rolling 3x over
her head to complete it. Time 1:24.
Then I decided to retire her and n-
ish her sporting career, because she
had very difcult life before coming to
me, especially in the period of staying
with the gypsy people where she was
rolled three times a day.
But constant trash talking by Re-
bus Kennels convinced me to bring
her out again this time against Rebus
Knls Jelena 1xW. Our opponents said
their Bitch would kill her in 17 min-
utes. Again, CH Ciganka proved she
is the best at her weight; she stopped
Jelena easily in 39 minutes.
Her rst show was at 15 kg (33
pounds). I showed her at 13.4kg (29.5
pounds) against Alens CH Zuta. Later
I couldnt nd the opponent in her
weight, so I hooked her with Floyds
CH Tajga in 14.060kg (31 pounds) and
for her 4th against Rebus Jelena in
13.800 kg. (30.3 pounds)
Her style is very difcult for her
opponents; she is extremely healthy
and strong for her weight. It seemed
to all our opponents their bitches
would have an easy job, but by the end
Ciganka was just a bit better then her
opponents, as much as she needed to
win, as American guys say, she is the
one of destroyer dogs.
Now she is retired, I am 99% sure
I wont let her go for her GR CH title,
she deserves to enjoy the rest of her
life whelping pups. Since she came
to me, she has always been in Keep.
I dont have any pups off of her, so
I prefer to see her enjoy now. She
proved her quality in short order also
without GR CH title, in a period of 5, 6
months, winning over highly regarded
champions, Alens CH Zuta 4xW and
Floyds CH Tajga 2xIS.
How should I begin a conditioning program to help my
dog achieve the best performance possible?
First you must decide what activity you want to pursue
with your dog. Conditioning a running dog is different than
conditioning a dog for work. Speed conditioning empha-
sizes one thing while conditioning for endurance empha-
sizes another. After you have decided what you want your
dog to do you can begin to look at conditioning programs.
Always be sure your dog is in general good health and in
good condition, especially proper body weight. It is advis-
able to have your dog examined by a veterinarian prior to
beginning any exercise program. Also it is important to
start slowly and gradually increase the intensity and dura-
tion of exercise periods.
What kinds of exercises would benet my dog?
There are two classes of activity each intended to pro-
mote a different type of conditioning. Both are important in
any activity. Again, one may be emphasized over the other
depending on the desired results.
Strength conditioning involves one type of muscle ber
and is designed to increase strength and speed. Aerobic
activity on the other hand involves a different type of mus-
cle ber and promotes endurance.
What are some strength exercises?
Any short burst activity such as short retrieves on land
or water is excellent for strength conditioning. Short uphill
runs are also effective. Weight pulling and weight carrying
gives good results but is difcult to accomplish and must
be approached with caution to avoid injury.
What about endurance exercises?
Any aerobic activity is good such as long distance run-
ning (road work or treadmill). Long distance swimming is
very effective for building good endurance.
How much exercise and how often?
The following guidelines can be used, but, keep in mind
that any conditioning program must be tailored to your in-
dividual dog and its activity. In general endurance exercise
should be performed a minimum of 5 days per week for 30
minutes at each period. Strength training should last for
only 10 to 15 minutes and never be done on consecutive
days, i. e. every other day, or MWF, etc.
What about a warm up?
It is critical to avoid injury, especially prior to very
strenuous activity. Five minutes of very light jogging is ad-
In summary, a little thought and effort is required to
develop a conditioning program for your canine athlete.
However, if optimum performance is your goal, condition-
ing can be a large part of your success. Along with genetic
selection, training, and nutrition, conditioning can make
the difference between winning and just competing.
Bola de Fuego came from a litter of
three puppies and from a young age,
Bola de Fuego always showed to be
real active and crazy with respect to
her siblings. Due to these unique and
special characteristics, we became
very fond to this special dog.
Bola de Fuego was born from the rst breeding between
Bambu, who is a son of Bam Bam and Tabatha, and
Bola, a daughter to Ironboy and Bruja. This was a planned
breeding by Revolucion Kennel on the basis that Bambu has
always passed onto his descendants a good degree of mouth
and good ghting style, while Bruja has always passed in-
credible intensity and ghting style onto her descendants. This
breeding proved to be the perfect combination.
Even though, Bola de Fuego started
being schooled since a very young
age, she always nished her op-
ponents quickly, never even reach-
ing the ten minute mark and leaving
them in really bad shape. After her
third roll and due to her vehemence,
biting power and the damage she in-
icted on her opponents, we realized
that with a good keep, she will not
have a rival. This is how we took the
decision to match her and we got her
hooked for her rst match.
First match
Set for December 20th, 2008. Bola
de Fuego vs. DCrijals Matrix, both
half sisters from the father side. As
usual, Bola de Fuego goes directly
to the chest, securing an intense
and powerful bite. The violent bite
left Matrix without possibilities,
who after two minutes tucked tail
in a way that the spectators thought
that she was a cur, who only tried to
escape from the terrible bite pow-
er. When Bola de Fuego switched
holds, the crowd was astonished of
the bite power and damage inicted.
The ght continued on the same way
and after ten minutes Matrix was
extremely injured due to the damage
inicted by Bola de Fuego. Bola de
Fuego nished the ght with a bite
to the stomach that left Matrix with
a mortal wound and who by then had
resigned to only block the attacks.
Matrix performance left our team
and the public with the idea that she
would not complete courtesy. Ma-
trixs owners picked up at the fteen
minute mark but she completed an
incredible dead game scratch. This
is how Bola de Fuego got her rst
win and took the B.I.S. trophy. The
same night and due to DCrijals re-
quest for a rematch, Bola de Fuego
1XW B.I.S. was hooked for her sec-
ond match.
Second match
Set for June 6th, 2009. Bola de Fuego
1X BIS. vs. DCrijals & Southbeach
Bala. Bala, born from a breed-
ing between Balin and Dinamita,
both from Southern Kennel (Ecua-
dor) breedings. Bala was chosen with
the main objective to beat Bola de
Fuego. Balas owners reassure
that this time Bola de Fuego will not
take the win home. As always, Bola
de Fuego came out to do what she
knows best, by securing a really good
bite to the chest, but Bala, in a skill-
ful way, was able to free herself from
the attack, by biting Bola de Fuegos
face and shaking her body power-
fully. In response, Bola de Fuego
gave her another bite to the chest,
with the intensity that characterizes
her. This is how the ght became a
two way ght, but Bola de Fuego al-
ways kept the upper hand. Thanks to
her hard bites, at 15 minutes of ght,
Bola de Fuego was able to submit
Bala, who unsuccessfully was try-
ing to defend the attacks. Bola de
Fuego was attacking the throat in a
way that Balas owners were asking
to stop the ght to prevent the death
of their dog. At 25 minutes of the
ght, DCrijals picks up Bala as re-
quested by Southbeach Kennel, since
Bala had no place in the pit any-
more. Bala completed a dead game
courtesy scratch. That night, Bola
de Fuego showed her superiority
wining her 2XW and second B.I.S. in
a 7 card Convention. Bola de Fuego
took not only the compliments of the
public, but also from the critics, as
she demonstrated her greater supe-
riority against her opponents. Even
though, the comments were not true
about Bola de Fuego they still put a
stain on her reputation, as they made
it look like her wins were given away
by the opponents, due to the big dif-
ference in there qualities.
Rocas & Orbab Kennels, who are
owners of CH Lupdav Jr 4 XW, and
who won on the same night, asked
to be given a chance at her. They as-
sured that they had the weight and
the dog that will kill Bola de Fuego.
This is how Bola de Fuego gets set
for her Championship match.
Third match
Set for October 31st, 2009. A big day
for Bola de Fuego, who was looking
to become a champion. Her opponent
was of Eli/Boudreaux and Little Gator
blood. That day, there was a problem
with the weight, as the opponent had
an extra 500grs and Bola de Fuego
was 200grs under due to the road
trip to the location. Due to the dis-
advantage of 700grs against Bola de
Fuego, Rocas & Orbab Kennels were
required to pay forfeit, but we (Revo-
lution Kennel) decided to go ahead
with the match regardless and that is
how both dogs entered into the pit. As
always, Bola de Fuego went directly
into the chest of Bootlegger, who by
applying a strong bite to the face was
able to break free in a skillful way.
This is how the punishment to Bola
de Fuego started. Bola de Fuego
was against a bigger opponent, with
high ability and a harder bite. It is in
this moment in which we realized
that Bola de Fuego was not all bite
Revolucion Kennels BOLA. Dam of BOLA DE FUEGO
and vehemence only, but that she
also had other skills, demonstrating
high ability, securing bites when the
moments presented, by taking ad-
vantage of openings, and controlling
the bites of the opponent, who kept
punishing the face, chest and sties
of Bola de Fuego. Regardless of
the punishment applied to Bola de
Fuego, her heart and gameness
were able to oblige Bootlegger, who
by the 45 minutes rejected the ght.
This change of pace allowed Bola
de Fuego to be the one applying the
punishment. With a recovered Bola
de Fuego and with more presence in
the pit, and with an opponent running
throughout the entire pit, Rocas &
Orbab decided to pick up at the 53rd
minute. Rocas & Orbab decided not
to courtesy scratch. That night, Bola
de Fuego proved to everyone that she
was a real champion. She also proved
to be the complete package, shutting
up past comments made about her
previous ghts. This is how, against
all odds, Bola de Fuego won her
Championship and became: CH Su-
per Bola de Fuego 3XW (2 B.I.S.) (1
Revolucion Kennels
Southern Kennels GR CH MAYDAY ROM
Southern Kennels BAM BAM
Havana Chicos JUMPER
Revolucion KennelsBAMBU
Patricks INVICTO
Pachacamac Kennels SASSY GIRL
Revolucion Kennels BOLA DE FUEGO
Southern Kennels IRON MAN
Dcrijals IRONBOY
South America Kennels MEDUSA
Revolucion KennelsBOLA
Dcrijals IRONBOY
Dcrijals BRUJA
South America Kennels MURCY
After her 3rd match, Bola de
Fuego was in such bad condition
that she almost died from her in-
juries. Today, she has healed up
completely and is ready to be
bred before continuing her ca-
reer for a 4th match.
Release your dogs! the Referee shouted and the
match was on. Ralph turned his dog, Choco, around from
the side wall he was facing. In the opposite corner, his op-
ponent, a well conditioned black dog of the same weight,
did the same. The two dogs were released from their han-
dlers grip and shot across the canvas. The sound of paws
pushing forth off the canvas towards one another was
clear as day for the crowd stood in quiet awe awaiting for
the rst contact. The dogs eyes met in the middle of the
16 x 16 plywood arena as they raced towards one another.
As they collided in the middle, they each took hold as their
bones splintered from the impact. Benny was the crowd fa-
vorite, having won two ghts in short order he was known
for a destructive bite. Ralphs charge was the underdog,
whos family was known for being generally programmed
to have a heart of gold at a higher percentage, but was
considered to lack the intensity to win this match. As the
dogs took grip and danced around the arena, their han-
dlers kept a close eye as well as the referee for any cheat-
ing. Ralph laid on the canvas in full view of Choco, giving
an occasional shout of encouragement. The other handler,
Steven, was nervous since Benny was already in trouble in
the rst ve minutes. Choco had gripped Bennys shoulder,
fracturing it. The crowd erupted in an uproar when blood
shot out from Chocos grip on bennys shoulder. Bets were
ying and the crowd control had trouble keeping everyone
in their seats. The ght was longer than expected, having
past the hour mark. Many assumed it was going to be a
short match, but Chocos heart was in it for the long hall.
The referee calls a handle at one hour and twenty minutes,
both handlers moving quickly to separate the dogs. Choco
had become fanged and the handle was done at the mo-
ment of a hold swap . At this point Bennys shoulder was
broken and bleeding, as well as both his front paws. Cho-
cos leg was mangled and he had broken some of his re-
maining teeth. The call was on Choco to continue the ght.
The crowd stood up on their feet as the referee started the
10 count for Choco to go across the arena and take hold
of Benny, showing that he wanted to continue. The ware-
house had become silent except for the referees count.
As Choco started to cross the box, both dogs yelped and
seized up on the canvas. The lights started to icker and
everyone scattered. One older man sitting in the crowd did
not budge. Both handlers quickly put on rubber gloves and
A ctional piece that will hopefully motivate those who sit on the sidelines as our dogs are targeted and persecuted
by those who wish to see them fade into extinction. I hope this insight into what could be a very frightening future for
the breed if we dont stand up for our rights encourages some of you to pick up the pen and the phone to make your
voice heard in any area considering any type of BSL. If we stand together in checking and curring our enemies along
with supporting positive outlets such as the conformation and weight pull shows we can be victorious in securing a
safe future for APBT. This piece is meant as a ctional creative expression inspired by our breeds illustrious history
and hallmark of courage, heart and Gameness. Not intended to encourage any illegal activities anywhere in the world.
Enjoy. Jaystreets.
grabbed their warriors, placing them inside a crate out-
side the arena. Everyone ed the warehouse as the lights
turned off, running out a back exit. The older man was sur-
rounded by the crowd control guards and escorted into an
awaiting SUV, that quickly sped off. In the rearview mirror,
Animal Rights militia were storming the small warehouse,
oblivious that everyone had already ed.
Another attack huh? Thats crazy right there. Were you
at that one? a vet tech said to Ralph as he was dozing off
in his chair. Ralph was confused as to what he was talking
about until he looked up at the tv screen. Last night there
was another animal rights militia raid on a warehouse
during a high stakes mechani-canine combat match in a
rural area of Legacy County. Gunre was heard for miles
around, but when police arrived there was nothing left ex-
cept for a bloody arena and empty seats. The investigation
continues. Nah I wasnt at that one. Was at a different
one early this morning. Good thing because I wouldve
choked one of them if I got my hands on em. Ralph replied
to the young man. Damn right bro. Keep up the ght. the
young man replied as a Vet brought out a small Pomera-
nian to a nervous owner waiting in the chair next to Ralph.
Make sure to keep up with its maintenance, or the fur
will dull. the doctor said as the owner walked out. Ralph
thought to himself how close he was to losing Choco to
those sick animal extremists, even if hes not a real dog.
He also thought that he couldve been killed as well, as
its happened in the past. Ever since the Animal Rights
Extremists had eradicated all of the purebreds its been
an ongoing struggle to just own a replica, even harder to
campaign one in the fast lane even though it was deemed
legal as these were just machines in the eyes of the law.
Choco had some bad burns from the electrical pulse
he received yesterday, as well as some structural damage.
Overall he should recover just ne now. The vet said to
Ralph as he led him to Choco who was resting in a rubber
encased crate. As the vet walked back into the examina-
tion room, another doctor asked You think he noticed?
Of course not. These guys dont care. I charged him
for a complete combat work up, but just cleaned and
stiched up stitched up the outside. I gave the mutt a shot
of that extended release liquid cephalexin. That piece of
junk will be ne. The vet replied as he marked off some
medicine in the cabinet. Ralph carried Choco out to his
SUV and drove home, his mind elsewhere on the lonely
roads leading to his rural home.
As Ralph arrived at his home he heard Choco whin-
ing in the back. Thats weird, I never had one whine be-
fore. he thought to himself as he grabbed a leash and
opened the trunk door to take Choco out. He could hear
the rest of his dogs barking but he was focused on get-
ting Choco healed and going to sleep, he was extremely
tired. He clipped the leash to Chocos collar, watching him
limp inside the house. Ralph lead him to a spare room he
used to put healing dogs in. Ralph thought the warmth of
the house helped them heal faster, even though inside he
knew it may be all in his head, them being machines and
all. He put Choco in the crate and wrapped a quilt over
the top for extra warmth. He got him some food and water
and put it inside with him which he quickly lapped up. As
Ralph walked out the room and closed the door, he could
hear Choco whining again. Ralph thought there may be
something wrong with him or maybe he needed to rest
and recharge. Ralph went out back with his push cart of
food and water. As he came out he sighed deeply, looking
out at the eight Pitbull dogs he had bought and collected.
Each one on a long 12 ft chain jumping up in the air at his
sight or playing with a toy he had given each of them. He
wondered how authentic they were to the real thing, as he
never got a chance to see one live before. He watched the
dogs repeat programmed actions in a loop such as barking
at each other and jumping up high in the air in the same
fashion over and over. As he went to each spot he scooped
their crap and fed them. Each one was a mechanical ca-
nine he has purchased from some of the top program-
mers in the country. Each had their own signature ghting
style and look, hallmarks of the programmers they came
from. Ralph had been considering programming his own
dog from two of his best, but he still needed time to see
who was worthy. He smiled as he thought about Choco,
who so far was the best ghting dog he had. Ralph went
back inside, kicked off his yard boots and feel asleep on
the couch.
An uncomfortable pain in his neck woke Ralph up from
a deep sleep and a perverted dream. He sat up and rubbed
his neck, wondering why he didnt have two women sleep-
ing next to him in real life. He looked over to his right and
saw the reason for the soreness. Choco had been laid up
against him on the couch. Ralph and Chocos eyes con-
nected, Ralph not really sure what to make of it. Why
would Choco come lay next to me? He thought to himself.
Maybe he has programming damage or something Ralph
gured, as he grabbed a leash and hooked it on Chocos
collar. Choco looked up at Ralph with almost a grin, as he
lead him back to the crate. The door was open and Ralph
mustve left it unlocked in his haste to rest. He lead Choco
towards it and he put up a ght to stay out. Ralph couldnt
understand so he looked in the crate to see if it was dirty or
wet, maybe making Choco uncomfortable. Once he saw it
was clean, he scooped Choco up and put him inside, clos-
ing the door and locking it, double checking to be sure.
Choco whined again as Ralph closed the door behind him.
Early the next morning the sounds of tire on gravel
could be heard outside Ralphs home. Not expecting any
deliveries, especially that early in the morning, Ralph
grabbed the shotgun he kept for protection, making sure it
was loaded and ready for use. He crept over to a side win-
dow and looked from behind the curtain, seeing a familiar
SUV parked in his driveway. A knock at the door startled
his inquisitive stare at the license plates. Hello? Any-
one home? an older mans voice shouted from behind it.
Ralph walked over to the door, looking through the peep-
hole to see who it was. He recognized the man from some
of the matches he had been to, sitting in the crowd observ-
ing. Ralph knew the man was an old time pit dog fancier
but other than that had no clue who he was and why he
was there.
Yes can I help you? Ralph said as he opened the door.
Good Morning young man. This is Solid Game Ken-
nels aint it?
Depends whos asking. Who are you?
son, you already know who I am, and if you dont you
need to open some history books. the older man replied
with a chuckle.
Well youre a familiar face yea, but I dont know who
you are.
you gonna be rude or you gonna let me in? the old
man said as he pushed past Ralph. He walked inside, took
a look around the room and sat down on the couch.
Ralph, Im James Fontibeaux. Im sure youve seen
my name in many pedigrees and some of the older vintage
pit dog books. he said as he pulled out a cigarette and
lit it. Ralph immediately knew the name and was amazed
to have a living legend in his home, and at the same time
embarrassed he didnt know who he was.
My apologies sir for the talk at the door. My mind is
still asleep. Make yourself at home. Can I get you anything
to drink? Ralph said but James just waved off his offer.
Ralph sat across from him in an old beaten up armchair.
As he pulled long drags on his cigarette, James icked the
ashes onto Ralphs oor. Bad manners, Ralph thought to
himself but said nothing to him.
You know, I used to get up at this time everyday years
ago to feed over 80 pit dogs. Real ones, none of that me-
chanic trash everyone has now. All of my own family bred
from my fathers stock. And here you are still droolin on
the pillow. The old man said as he let out another chuckle.
So you had real ones before sir? Ralph said, eager
to hear more.
The old mans eyes lit up. You damn right we had the
real ones. All esh and blood with hearts lled to the brim
with courage and gameness. None of that wiring and com-
puter chips under synthetic blood, muscle and skin. They
were as real as the leather on my boots, and the hair on
your head. Each one had their own personality and would
be a treasure to feed.
They sat there together for hours, Ralph listening to all
the stories James had of the authentic dogs. It was exciting
to Ralph, he had always wanted to know how the real ones
were. James went to his truck and brought back some old
vintage books that were printed before he was even born.
James showed him photos of himself as a young man in
numerous dog yards posing with famous foundation dogs.
You know son we been here for a couple hours talking
dogs and thats all good and all, but why dont you show
me your dogs out back. You gotta feed them no? James
said as Ralph lead him to the backdoor. They went around
to each dog, feeding them and cleaning each spot. Ralph
explained how each one was programmed and where it
came from, trying to impress the old man with his dogs.
James didnt seem impressed at all despite Ralphs en-
thusiasm. Yet, Ralph realized why would he be? He had the
real deal one time, these are just mechanic replicas. When
they nished, Ralph asked him, So Mr.Fontibeaux what
made you come out here to my yard? and they stopped
walking. Actually son I came here to talk to you about the
dog you matched the other night when those extremists
messed up the action. I didnt seem him out here. Did he
make it? the old man said with a concerned expression
that surprised Ralph. oh okay. Yea hes inside recovering
quietly. With that said the old man smiled and darted back
to the house with Ralph quickly behind him wondering why
Choco of all dogs.
To be continued...
Danger in Continued Out Crossing
When salubrious results are ob-
tained in the rst generation of an
out cross, many breeders think-, the
mating was an unqualied success
and all they need do thereafter is to
continue such out crossing to become
great breeders with an established
type of their own, producing a high
average of good ones. They could
not be more mistaken since the ex-
act opposite is sure to occur. I can do
no better than quote here from the
world-famous geneticist Dr. E. Fitch
Daglish, who is also a contributor to
DOG WORLD. The following is an ex-
cerpt from his article (Invisible Fac-
tors Inherited) in the June l959 issue:
One of the fundamental principles
of genetics is that it is not the vis-
ible properties of individuals that are
inherited but those factors or genes
which endow them with the ability to
produce certain qualities under cer-
tain conditions. When two animals
Hi folks, in following up as promised, and especially on my
last sentence at the very end of my last posted article here
a short explanation of the Myth of breeding best to best RE-
GARDLESS. I post all this cause the quality of our beloved
breed is hurtling towards disaster at present out of sheer
ignorance,extremely mildly put, of the majority of present day
breeders. Pedigrees, read : background knowledge, might not
be important to this kind of Dumbos, sorry there, but luckily
theyre a highly valuable tool for the last of the Mohicans strug-
gling to save the Real American Pit bull terrier. Thanks! By
L.C.Brackett and others.
differing in genetic make-up are mat-
ed, their offspring must be genetical-
ly impure in varying degrees however
closely the two parents may resemble
each other in outward appearance. It
is this, which causes the wide varia-
tion in size, shape, constitution and so
on that is invariably seen is, the sec-
ond generation of cross breeds.
Impressive examples are fur-
nished by the familiar utility crosses
in poultry, cattle and pigs produced by
farmers. Such rst crosses are, as a
rule, very uniform in appearance and
for certain purposes are preferred as
layers or fatteners, but if such hybrids
are bred from the results are always
disappointing. They are impure in re-
spect to so many genes for all those
factors in which their parents differed
that their progeny show the widest
variations and include a large propor-
tion of individuals of very low qual-
ity from whatever point of view they
are judged. It may be objected that
what happens when different breeds
are crossed is not relevant to the ef-
fects to be expected from out cross-
ing within a single breed but, geneti-
cally out crossing and crossbreeding
differ only in degree. Both involve the
mating of individuals whose genetic
constitution is almost certain to differ
widely so that there must be a drastic
reshufing of genes in the offspring.
It should be remembered, there-
fore, that as dog breeders we are
dealing not only with the physical
structure of a mating pair, but with
the GENES inherited from the for-
bears shown in their PEDIGREES.
Failing of Many Breeders
The number of breeders who
know practically nothing about the
ancestors of their dogs is appalling.
Many cannot even name when asked,
without looking at a pedigree, the
names of the sire and dam of a dog
or dogs they own. Were they asked for
a four-generation pedigree of one of
their dogs, only a few could write it
from memory. In my breeding days I
could do this on any one of a hundred
or more dogs in my kennel, with sel-
dom an error.
My contention is that, unless a
breeder can do likewise and also has
quite a complete knowledge of the
virtues and faults of all the ancestors
through at least the third generation
and even further back is preferable he
will not become even a good breeder,
let alone a great one. He MUST KNOW
from whence came certain traits, both
desired and undesired, if he expects
to retain or eliminate them. This can-
not be accomplished by hit-or-miss
breedings, be they inbred, line bred,
or, most certainly, out cross.
Dear Journal,
I have read all the issues of the new magazine and I must
say I have really enjoyed it. The artwork is second to none!
I was excited about the new mag because I knew it would
now be hard for fake dogmen to say they own a champion.
This can only be a good mag if you truly have good refer-
ences, and just dont allow any fool to send in fake cre-
dentials. K.C Vengence is a dog I am unsure of. No one
has ever seen this hound or anyone he has went into, well
at least I dont know anyone and I have been around for
15 yrs. The slogan was to be the best you must beat the
best but the names listed on the certicate are a mystery
to me. If you want people to take your magazine seriously
then you must do better research on anything sent to you.
There is not many real dogmen left in the states who still
do things the right way, so every name that pops up should
be recognized by at least one or two of the handful of real
camps left. Keep up the good work.
Dear Journal,
History must always be preserved! Keep up the GREAT
work on the magazine. Its the most beautiful mag I ever
seen, and does justice to the dogs
Dear Journal,
October mag was amazing and i really hope i will read this
mag in many years to come you sure have my support. All
the best
Dear Journal,
I really desagree the invictos article because the rst part
is the true but in that history in the last part i just Impe-
rios Kennels breedings and only Imperios kennel dog that
looks like a ADD thats to much is totaly disrespect to the
person like me breed and live in the invictos era In PeruI
breed invicto I had the most important dog producer and
best dogs for [ ] and the most important breeding off in-
victo was Invicto - Insector all those won produce to many
several winner and producer dogs and that blood give In-
victo the name like a good producer not dogs than dont
show up nothing yet and all this blood line invicto Insector
is everywhere and no picture no mention this dogs they are
winner sorry man but that article looks like a adevertizing
to Imperios Kennels. Piero is my friend but im really not
happy with that look this dogs all mention in the article:
Pachacamac Knls OLIVIA 1XW
J&J Peru Knls CHAMO 1XW 1 XL
Pachacamac Knls ROMPE OLLAS 1XW 1GL
J&J Peru Knls LOKA 2XW
J&J Peru Knls LAZARA 1XW 2.20 min beat a littermate of
J&J Peru Knls INSECTRA (Invicto - Insector) still alive
direct daugther off INVICTO and she produce CHOCHE
1XW, KATRINA 1 XGL and I have 8 more dogs off her on
the ground 12 months old they looks real good and many
more dogs i dont remember now but I read nothing about
this litter.
Dear Journal,
Thanks for all your help and this was truly a good read ill
look forward to reading many more.
Dear Journal,
I would like to give a shout out to SFK for keeping it real!
Congratulations on their recent success with Jerry.
133/10 - UWKs ROSE RED + Hernandes LOCITA F34 DRK
ROSE RED handled by R&R, LOCITA handled by Pedro. ROSE comes out and by 07 has LOCITA shoulder broke at :23 Pe-
dro ask for scratch to continue and LOCITA colapse and take the count at 25.
134/10 - UWKS ROSE RED + Manjares DIABLA F34 KD??
Rose red by UWK and Diabla by Thomas. Rose punishes nose for 1:00 and by 1:10 has Diabla screaming from the armpit
hold. At 1:20 Diabla turns and cant go at 1:24
135/10 - UWKs ROSE RED + DDs Desert Girl F33 R&R
ROSE a RIGO x KINGPIN cross by UWK, BAD GIRL from Desert Rat breeding comes up lame and pays fort. DD uses a
1W for BAD GIRL. Its all ROSIE and by :26 DESERT GIRL cant go!
136/10 - UWKS CH ROSE RED + 4-Lifes KILL WILL F32 Electrifying Duke
CH ROSE of UWK breeding handled by the REAL ULTIMATE WARRIOR, Kill Will a 2W by KAS WILLIE JR handled by 4-life.
KILL WILL comes out strong but ROSE plays defense hurting her. Fast paced for about 50 then ROSE takes over. A turn
by WILL and she doesnt go at 1:03.
137/10 - UWKS CH ROSE RED + LDKs BLONKA F33 Electrifying Duke
CH ROSE by the REAL UWK, BLANKA by LDK. ROSE comes out barnstorming. At :03 a fang is called and handle made.
Bad handle and ROSIE gets leg broke but keeps ghting like nothing happened and takes a beating while giving one. At
:42 ROSE sratches HARD on three wheels and at :45 BLONKA takes the count!
138/10 - West Coast Combiness ANGEL + Knuckle Ups SALLIE F33 Munioz
ANGEL off Get Sicks BLACK BOY CARL and Dirttowns FENYA comes in light SALLIE an Angus / Redboy cross on weight.
SALLIE comes out like a tornado after 25 ANGEL starts to catch up. Even by 45 when ANGEL takes the lead. SALLIE
picked up in 1:12.
West Coast Combiness ANGEL
139/10 - G&G Knls MXIMO + Ranger Knls SUCO JR M41.5 Street Pit Knls
Mximo is 1 lb below contract weight but wins in :37.
140/10 - G&G Knls CH KANITO + OR Jack Knls DJ BLACK M34 Jos Luis Ochoa
Kanito wins in 32. DJ BLACK makes a good courtesy scratch.
In the world of the American Pit Bull Terrier a dog
that wins at three (3) shows is considered a Champion.
The Sporting Dog Journal started to keep track of dogs
that won at three shows in 1982. The Bloodlines Journal,
a magazine that devoted itself to many different breeds of
dogs, had been registering three time winners as Champi-
ons in their magazine since early in the twentieth century.
The Police Gazette, a magazine now defunct, reported and
kept track of many different sporting events, and they too
reported dogs that had won three times as Champions. In
more recent years Don Mayeld in his magazine Pit Bull
Report reported three time winners as Champions in that
magazine from 1972 until its demise in 1976.
During those early years very few fanciers, of the
American Pit Bull Terrier,showed their dogs so conse-
quently their were very few shows to report. As a matter
of fact very few people even knew what an American Pit
Bull Terrier was, they were not a recognized breed by the
American Kennel Club, however in 1936 the A.K.C. did
agree to register the breed under the name of the Ameri-
can Stafforshire Terrier. The United Kennel Club, the
U.K.C., had always recognized the American Pi Bull Ter-
rier as a breed of dog, and still do to this day, although
the U.K.C. magazine, Bloodlines, stop register three time
winners as Champions some forty years ago.
Prior to World War II dog ghting in this country was a
ourishing, however a small sport. The rst match to ever
be reported in this country was reported in a local newspa-
per in 1858, and the sport continued in popularity right up
until the early 1950s, when the various humane societies
decided to put an end to the sport. In their zeel toward that
end, the publicity they generated had just the opposite ef-
fect on many people, and what was an extremely small and
insignicant sport attracted vast numbers of mostly young
people until by the 1970s the sport had attracted many
thousands of fanciers. While thousands and thousands of
people were attracted to the sport very few of those people
were engaged in pitting one dog against another, the ma-
jority of those people attracted to the sport were people
who admired the breed for its tenacious courage and
athletic abilities. Today those magazines, devoted to the
breed, report their participation in conformation shows,
weight pulling contest, wild boar catching eld trials and
many other activities, and if any of the participants in any
of these sports win in three vents, they are granted the
title of Champion.
141/10 - Sozinas CIGANKA + Izzys TEA F33 Neven Sirmium
CIGANKA wins in 52
Sozinas CIGANKA 1W
142/10 - Sozinas CIGANKA 1W + Alen`s CH ZUTA 4W F29.5 Zelenovic
CIGANKA wins in 51
Sozinas CIGANKA 2W
143/10 - Sozinas CIGANKA 2W + Floyd`s CH TAJGA F34 Dejo Ivanovic
CIGANKA wins in 1:24
144/10 - Sozinas CH CIGANKA + Rebus JELENA 1W F30.4 Dejo Ivanovic
CIGANKA wins in 39
Izzys TEA
Alen`s CH ZUTA
Floyd`s CH TAJGA
Neven Sirmium
Dejo Ivanovic
Dejo Ivanovic
F 33
F 29.5
F 34
F 30.4
Sirmiums CH DIZNY JR
Sirmiums MECE
Sirmiums TEA
Sirmiums CH DIZNY JR
Sirmiums PUMA
Sirmiums TEA
Sporting Dog Journal Champion
Hernandes LOCITA
Manjares DIABLA
DDs Desert Girl
Electrifying Duke
Electrifying Duke
F 34
F 34
F 33
F 32
F 33
Gerstons LIL NINA
Sporting Dog Journal Grand Champion
JEEP, Crenshaw 19
FRISCO, Garner 14
MAY DAY, Southern Rennets 14
YELLOW, Tant 14
BUCK, S.T.P. 11
WERDO. Long 9
TAB, White 9
BLACK JACK, Crenshaw 8
BUTKUS, Ratliff 8
BOOGER, Giroux 7
BO, Finley 7
RENO, J.Lee 7
TOMBSTONE, Patrick 7
BANJO, Coy 6
BULL, Abraham 6
BUTCH, Ken Allen 6
HOMER, Mountain Man 6
HOMER, Patrick 6
LUCIFER. Wildside Knl 6
NELIS, King Limey 6
OTIS, Crenshaw 6
PEDRO, Snakeman 6
RATTLER, Busenbark 6
SACK, McCool 6
SUNDANCE, Rebel Knl 6
TAZ, Rolling Hill Knl 6
VIRGIL, O.Stevens 6
357, Super Knl 5
BUBBA, Rebel Knl 5
BUSTER, Loposay 5
GATOR, Crenshaw 5
HUNTER RED, Kamakazee Knl 5
JESSIE JAMES, L A.Dream Team 5
MAGNUM, R.C. & The Soso Boys 5
RUFUS, Hammonds 5
SMILEY, Mason 5
STOMPER, Fat Bill 5
THOR, Bristol 5
TROLL, Castillo 5
TURTLE, Rebel Knl 5
ZEBO, D.Adams 5
ART, Stinson & Glover 4
BADGER, Smith & Walton 4
BEAN, Rancherita Knl 4
BOLIO, Indian 4
CARLO, Giroux 4
CHINAMAN, Garner 4
GUNNER, Giroux 4
GARIBALDI, Goenaga 4
HOMER, O.Stevens 4
NIGGER, Mayeld 4
OILER JR , Cherokee Knl 4
RED ED, Larson 4
RED MAN, Hard Core Knl 4
REUBEN, Smith & Williams 4
SNAKE, Mayeld 4
SNOOTY, Woods 4
TERMITE, Carolina Knl 4
TEX, Mr.K. 4
TWO EYES, Fat Bill 4
BAD BILLY, Smith & Walton 3
BULL BOY BOB, Patrick 3
ELI III, Harris 3
EMILE, Thibodeaux 3
GATORSON, R.Sorrells 3
GONNER, Randy 3
IRON SPIKE, Norrod 3
JESSIE JR, McCollum 3
RED DOG, Red B. 3
RED JERRY, B. Sorrells 3
SPANKY, Hargroves 3
TRUCK, Matlock 3
HONEYBUNCH, Crenshaw 7
AWESOME BABY, Stone City Knl 5
BOOGER, Road Warrior Knl 5
ANGIE, B.Byrd 4
CATFISH, L.Lewis 4
DIRTY MARY, Boyles 4
DOLLY, Hollingsworth 4
JILL, Wright 4
LITTLE BIT, L.A.Dream Team 4
LYDA, McCollum 4
MISS LEAKEY, Undertaker Knl 4
RAMONA, O.Stevens 4
TUG, King Limey 4
AUTUMN, T.K.O. Combine 3
BAD BECKY, Can-Am Boys 3
BREAKER, Hard Core Knl 3
BUP, Mr.K. 3
COLLEEN, Losco 3
DAISY MAE, Ratliff 3
GERALDINE, Bulldog Heaven Knl 3
GO GO GIRL, A.W/McCool 3
JILL, Duprel 3
LUCI, Yankee Boys 3
LUCY, Ozark Jim 3
MAGGIE, Havana Boys 3
MISS CHAMP, Hackman 3
PEPSI, HardCore Knl 3
RED BABY, Patrick 3
RED LADY, Hollingsworth 3
ROXY, Barbwire Knl 3
RED PINKY, Giroux 3
SAPELO, Rolling Hill Knl 3
SPIDER, Tomsic 3
SUNSHINE, City Slick 3
T-CUP, Voyles 3
QUEEN, Loony Toons 3
ACE, Super Gnat
ABBOTT, Super Knl
ADOLF SPOOK, Harris Brothers
AJAX, Big Thicket Knl
ANGUS, Billy Stepp
ART, Stinson & Glover
ART, Yankee Boys
AWESOME BUCK, Stone City Knl
B.J., 3m & The Hog Brothers
BADGER, Bloodliners Knl
BADGER, Smith & Walson
BARRACUDA, CUban Missing Link
BEAR, Compone
BEAR TRAP, Old House Knl
BIG FOOT, Hi-Energy Knl
BISON, Jay & Hard Line Knl
BINGO, Sunday
BLACK JACK, Crenshaw
BO, M.A.D.
BO, Denny & Dixie Line Connection
BOCEFUS, Gonzalez
BOOGER, Jones & Holt
BOOGIE, Original GA Boy
BOOKER, Frank & Al
BRONSON, Rastaman
BUDDY, Scratchliner Knl
BUDDY, Stubbleeld
BULL, Jose
BUSTER, Scratch & Stitch Knl
BUSTER BROWN, Strictly Business Knl
CARLO, Giroux
CHIEF, Magic Line Pits
CROATA, German Oleas
DESTROYER, P.R. Fugitive
DING DING, Young Gang Knl
DUKE, Legion of Doom Knl
DYNAMITE, Make it Happen Knl & True Colors
FLASH, Swat Team
FREE BEE, I.B.M. & Blanco Knl
FRITZ, R.C. & The Soso Boys
GOLDIE, Cull Hard Knl
HANK, Burton
HAUNCH, Big Apple Bulldogs
I.B.M., Malik
JACK, Jackie S.
JAKE, Cruse
JERIMIAH, Plumber Ron
JINX, Cat & Co.
JOKER, Butch House
JOEY, Roadblock Knl
JOHN, Arab Breeders Knl
JUBBLE, Wright
KING ARTHUR, Captain America
KRUEGER, F.Bowling & J.C.
LEFTY, Bunce
LION HEAD, Shankbone
MACHO BUCK, Evolution Knl
MAY DAY, Southern Knl
MIDNIGHT, Jessie Rods
NATE, Trodbuster
ONYX, Miranda & Costa
OUTRAGE, True Colors
PEDRO, Snakeman
RAMBO, Laync
RED EAGLE, Baby Huey
RETARD, Scooter, Hoes & Kingsley
RODNEY, Havana Boys
ROMER,Menace Knl
ROWDY, Coley
SAM JR., Blackrocks Knl
SAMSON, Rebel Knl
SCOOPY, Allen & Underground Knl
SHEP, Sonny
SIR DOO, B. Crews
SNAKE, Brabham
SHAKE JR., Bryan
SOLUTION, Head Hunter Knl
SPANKY, Greasy Corner Kid & Cotey
SPANKY, Rising Star Knl
SPIKEY, Beach Boy Billy
SPORT, Booney
STAN THE MAN, Havana Boys & Roadblock Knl
SUNNY BOY, City Slick Knl
SWEET P, AZ Combine
TANK, Tom Cat
TITO, Black Metal Fighter
TROUBLESOME, Chappy Pit Farms
VENGEANCE, Killer Combine
VIRGIL, O.Stevens
WEEHUNT, Irish Jeny
YELLOW BUCK, Stone City Knl
ZEBO, D.Adams
ZEUS, S.S. Knl
McCollums LEROY McCollums CH LEROY JR - 4xW
ABBY, Russ
ACES JACKIE, I.B.M. & Blanco Knl
B.B.RED, Coy
BULLYSON, La Familia Knl
CANDY, J. Hand
CANNIBAL CANDY, Millbuster Knl
DAISY MAE, Boston Blackie
DAISY MAE, Trail Driver
DUTCHESS, Ramrod Knl
GRIP, High Tech Knl
HOPE, Lou Lewis
LUPITA, Mr. C. & Sopa Knl
MANNY, Yankee Boys
MISS RAGE, J.Johnson
MS PANTHER, Diamond Dan
NINE MILLI, Hard Core Knl
OZO AZUL, Gonzalez
PEPPER, Sans Peur Knl
ROSE RED, Ultimate Warrior Knl
SABLE, Suburbanite Paul
SANDY, Soulman
SCHOTZIE, Kamakazee Knl
SHOTZIE, Slingshot Knl & Hoosier Connection
SPOOKIE, Rebel Knl
TINA, Dead Serious Knl
TOMMY BOY, Cambo Knl
CHAMPION JEEP ROM with Greg Lester and James Garrett
hen it comes to laws that
regulate dangerous dogs
,there is at least one fact
that is hard to dispute: Dogs that run
loose unsupervised, dogs that bite or
attack people or other animals, and
dogs that just plain cause a nuisance
are a real and often serious problem
in communities across the country.
The more vexing and contentious is-
sue arises in guring our how to best
address this problem. While many
states, including New York, Colorado
and Illinois, favor laws that identify,
track and regulate dangerous dogs
regardless of breed and prohibit
breed-specic laws that either reg-
ulate or ban a certain breed of dog,
some local governments have en-
acted breed-specic laws. It seems,
though, that the problem of danger-
ous dogs may not be remedied by
the quick x of breed-specic laws.
Dealing with Dangerous Dogs in
Your Community: There is little evi-
dence that breed-specic law - which
can be incredibly expensive and dif-
cult to enforce: make communities
safer for human families or for the
companion animals that are a part
of so many households. And it turns
out such laws can also have negative
and wholly unintended consequenc-
es. Moreover, in its study of human
fatalities resulting from dog bites,
the United States Centers for Dis-
ease Control (CDC) did not support
the breed-specic approach, citing,
among other things, the inaccuracy
of dog-bite data; the difculty in iden-
tifying dog breeds (especially true of
mixed breeds); and the probability
that as certain breeds are regulated,
those who exploit dogs by making
them aggressive will merely turn to
other, unregulated breeds.
For example, a task force formed
in 2003 to study the effectiveness of
the Prince George County, Maryland
pit bull ban estimated that the county
spends more man a quarter-million
dollars each year to enforce the ban.
Further, in a report to me County
Council, the task force noted that
public safety is not improved as a re-
sult of (the ban) and that there is no
transgression committed by owner or
animal that is not covered by another,
non-breed specic portion of the Ani-
mal Control Code (i.e., vicious animal,
nuisance animal, leash laws). The
task force has recommended that
Prince George County repeal the ban.
Signicantly, the CDC also noted
how many other factors beyond breed
may affect a dogs tendency coward
aggression things such as heredity,
sex, early experience, reproductive
status and socialization and train-
ing. These last two concerns seem
well-founded given that more than 70
percent of all dog bite cases involve
unaltered male dogs, and that an un-
altered male dog is 2.6 times more
likely to bite than a neutered dog.
Breed-specic laws also cause
unintended hardship to responsible
owners of entirely friendly, prop-
erly supervised and well-socialized
dogs that happen to fall within the
regulated breed category. Regulated
breeds, it is worth noting, have ex-
panded in some localities to include
not just pit bulls and rottweilers but
also a variety of other dogs, including
Dalmatians, Chow Chows, German
Shepherds, Doberman Pinschers and
any mix of these breeds.
Although these dog owners have
done nothing to endanger the public,
they may be required to comply with
other regulations. Sadly, these re-
sponsible caretakers can be forced
to choose between costly compliance
and giving up their beloved compan-
ion. Perhaps the most unintended yet
harmful consequence of breed-spe-
cic laws is their tendency to com-
promise rather than enhance public
When limited animal control re-
sources are used to regulate or ban
a certain breed of dog, without regard
to behavior, the focus is shifted away
from routine, effective enforcement
of laws that have the best chance
of making our communities safer:
dog license laws, leash laws, animal
ghting laws and laws that require all
dog owners to control their dogs, re-
gardless of breed.
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