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Be Peacemakers - Eid 2010

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Event Name: Be Peacemakers - Eid 2010 Transcript Author: muslimness.com Description: Eid Sermon Date Transcribed: 9/1/2010 12:00:00 AM Original URL: http://www.muslimness.com/2010/09/be-peacemakers-eid-2010-sermonby.html

Transcript Text "Be Peacemakers", Eid 2010 Sermon by Shaykh Hamza Yusuf (Zaytuna)
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Noting happens except what Allah (swt) commands. He controls and provides for everything. Imaan increases when you increase your devotion in ibadah. This is why in Ramadan we found we were able to get up early, read Qur'an several times, everybody tasted the Qur'an. Allah (swt) is 'Rabbu Ramadan' but He is also 'Rabbu Shawwal'. Just because Ramadan ends, nothing changes in your state. Allah does not change. Maintain your Ramadan practice. Stay in the momentum. Reading as much as you are able daily: 100 verses, 50 verses, or just Ayatul Kursi or Suratul Mulk (30 verses) each day, this will protect you from heedlnessness, in your grave. The Prophet said: 'I wish the 30 verses were in the heart of every Muslim'. Sermon: Muslims are under seige. You can feel it. But who did this? Allah did this! We as a community have been sitting on Islam for so long, and not doing anything about it. The Muslims are getting along as if nothing matter. Finally you can openly practise Islam without getting burned for the FIRST time in history, in a Christian country. In Surat an-Nahl Allah (swt) says CALL OTHERS TO THE WAY OF YOUR LORD WITH WISDOM. Allah (swt) knows what the people are doing, you don't need to worry, you just tell them about Islam. Emulate the character of the Prophet ;do not argue, do not curse, do defend yourself, but be patient for that is better. Dialogue with the people, 'ahsan' - in the most beautiful way, do not argue. You'll hear many obnoxious things from the people, but don't be oppressed or constricted about their plots. Speak to people in the best way. Allah (swt) is with the people of piety - Fasbirr! You be patient! This is a time when Muslims have to rise above their egos and images of self worth placed higher than Allah sometimes.. It can't be where they say 'lets burn the Qur'an' so we say 'lets burn the US flag'. Mockery is not acceptable. For some, the US flag is sacred. Allah (swt) said 'Do not curse their idols because then they will







curse Allah, out of ignorance... And Like that, we have made every the actions of every ummah - beautiful'. We are letting other poeple tell us who we are, we are letting others define us. No! We know that Americans are generally patient people, we've been living here for generation. But we are living in an environment where the seeds of hate have grown deep from propaganda and media. Each group of people think they are doing something good, so understand their mindset. We must correct and protect our homes, our masajid. Benjamin Franklin built a house for free speech for all; Thomas Jefferson endorsed freedom and protection for all including the 'Mohammedans'. Allah (swt) says, 'BUT SAY THE TRUTH FROM YOUR LORD' - whoever disbelieves, let them, whoever believes, let them. If Allah (swt) wanted, wouldn't everyone on earth be believers? Do you think you can force people to convert? That is not our job. You can't convert the world. But you can tell people about Allah (swt) in good conduct and wise words. Shakespeare said 'Theres a tide in the affairs of men'. We have an opportunity to tell others about Islam. We have the tools, so we have to be creative. If you can't do it yourself, empower others who can. This is not to proselytize others, it is to teach. All the Prophet asked the Qureysh was to talk to his people, he loved to guide people. He praised the Jews and Christians and Pagans when they did praiseworthy things! Roosevelt said, "it's not patriotic to agree with the president when he's wrong" - this is descent. We can and must speak out against wrong. A problem in the US is the 'extreme right with a hidden agenda' (war). Now the agenda is 'blame it on the Muslims'. Every time they will stoke the fire of war, Allah (swt) will put it out. We should be peacemakers. We have a destiny but we are squandering our power and wealth. Future communities will curse us! Looking at how much we have and wasted.

Allahu Akbar walhamdulillah. Be pious people, be good people, don't cheat the system, be exemplars, we are here to stay, use your wealth for good. Life is short, we are growing old before our eyes, we need to work now to protect our children. Don't ignore the winds that are blowing. It is Allah (swt) that is waking us up and we'll have no-one to blame but ourselves. Empower yourself and one another. May Allah (swt) accept your Ramadan and fasting, may He protect your home, your women, make your land safe. May Allah bring these leaders to an understanding so they leave people alone. May Allah give those in authority wisdom, may Allah make us people of the Qur'an, may He forgive all of our sins, restore peace and order, and make us leaders in our community. May He protect the people and make us callers to peace. In the end, this world is a place of turmoil, may Allah (swt) make us people of the peace in the akhirah. Return wrongs with rights. Eid Mubarak. Shaykh Hamza Yusuf. - See more at: http://sheikhhamza.com/transcript/Be-Peacemakers-Eid2010#sthash.l4RewhEE.dpuf