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Get Involved In Extra Curricular Activities In Your School ! Dear Students of Stretford High School
There are a wealth of extra -curricular activities on offer to you from a wide range of subject areas and outside providers. There are displays all around school, inviting you to come along and join in. Taking part in activities outside the classroom is important for many different reasons. You need time to relax during the day, time to have fun and mix with different people. As you go further up the school, universities and employers will be looking for people who do something extra and have a breadth of experience both inside and outside the classroom. You get to explore your physical, creative, social, and career interests with like-minded people. Also boost your GCSE grades. Trying something different may bring you in contact with people you didn't know who share your interests and curiosity. This booklet gives you a view of the opportunities on offer to you during half term one. All activities require regular commitment from you. Please take a good look through this booklet and select activities you would like to try. REWARDS FOR YOUR COMMITMENT Certificates for active participation. This includes your attendance and positive contribution during after school activities End of term trips out to celebrate your active role and responsibility

Extra-Curricular Activities Search for an ACTIVITY4U TODAY !

English Club Mathematics Club Science Club Humanities Club iRead Club Modern Foreign Languages Vocational School Club Music Club Sporting Activities Youth Volunteering Club

English Department

KS4 Learners Brief summary of Venue each activity on offer Examination Prep for English Department Year 11 students Staff in charge LLE, RBW and NMO CNE SRO and KTH

Contact: srobinson@stretfordhigh.com

Mathematics Department

KS3 Learners Brief summary of each activity on offer.

Key Stage 3 Level Booster Games Club (All year groups welcome)

Maths Department

Staff in charge
All Maths Team

KS4 Learners Please provide a brief summary of each activity on offer

Higher Booster (Yr 10)

Staff in charge

Higher Booster (Yr 9)


Foundation (Yr 10 & 9) AS Level All Higher groups (Yr 11)



BON, ATC All Foundation groups (Yr 11)


All Flyer groups (Yr 11) Games Club (All year groups welcome) Year 11 invite only. (Attendance compulsory)

All Maths Team JRE

Contact: jrennox@stretfordhigh.com

Humanities Department

Brief summary of each activity on offer Drop In Sessions Religious Education History Geography Sociology Psychology

Humanities Department

Staff in charge Humanities Team



Music: Full timetable to follow soon

Contact: cwoolham@stretfordhigh.com

Modern Foreign Languages

KS3 Learners Brief summary of each activity URDU booster sessions for Y8s who cannot take Urdu this year but will do so next year URDU booster sessions for Y8s who cannot take Urdu this year but will do so next year Venue MFL Department Staff in charge ZMA

MFL Department


KS4 Learners Brief summary of each activity on offer Y10 GCSE Booster - French Y10 GCSE Booster - French Y10 GCSE Booster - Spanish Y11 GCSE Booster - French Y11 GCSE Booster - Spanish Y11 GCSE Booster - Spanish Y11 GCSE Booster - Urdu MFL Department MFL Department MFL Department MFL Department Venue MFL Department MFL Department MFL Department KFL DAV KFL EBO ZMA/ZMI Staff in charge DAV CRY/FLA

Contact: ebolton@stretfordhigh.com

Expressive Arts

Brief summary of each Venue Staff in charge activity on offer. Expressive CSA Art Club for all year Arts groups Department Expressive KRO Arts Photography/Textiles Department Club for all year groups
Contact: csaxton@stretfordhigh.com

Vocational School

Department: Vocational School KS3 Learners Brief summary of each activity on offer. FI in Schools Club Venue
Vocational School Department

Staff in charge TLA

KS4 Learners Brief summary of each activity on offer Revision / Catchup sessions for Catering Product Design BS RM CIMedia Venue Staff in charge

Vocational School AJA Department TLA NHU DPU

Contact: ajackson@stretfordhigh.com

Science Club

Brief summary of activity on offer.


Staff in charge

Year 7 and 8 Homework Club Year 9 Core Science

Science Department



Year 10 BTEC


Year 11Core Science Year 11 Additional science

Contact: kpixton@stretfordhigh.com

Sporting Activities:

Fitness Suite Fitness Suite (TCLT) Fitness Suite (TCLT) Fitness Suite (TCLT) Fitness Suite (TCLT) Fitness Suite (TCLT)

Sports Hall Volleyball (JCa) Basketball Girls (Magic/GWa) Badminton (Adam Taylor) Basketball Boys (Magic/PVo) Handball (AHo)

4G Girls Football (MUFC) Ks3 Football (specific coaches) Ks4 Football (specific coaches)



Hockey (TFr) Netball (Back yard-GWa) Rugby League (field SCR) Basketball (Yard)

Dance Club

Dance Club

Dance Club

Footy (AHi/CGr)

Contact: tfretwell@stretfordhigh.com

Youth Volunteering Club

Brief summary of each activity on offer. Are interested in running projects in your community? This includes fundraising, leading projects with younger students or your peers. Do you have any suggestions? If the answer is yes, I NEED YOUR SUPPORT! IF the answer is no, YOU WILL BE SURPRISED IF YOU CAME ALONG TO FIND OUT MORE !

Venue Room : Hall

Staff in charge SSM

Contact: ssmithbrown@stretfordhigh.com

Inclusion Department

Department: INCLUSION AND SHS LIBRARY KS3 Learners Brief summary of each activity on offer. Venue Staff in charge
JAG LIBRARY iREAD after school reading club meeting in the library: 1.Support with reading for SEN and EAL students and those who find reading challenging and would like to improve reading skills 2. Nurturing and support for Gifted and talented readers with extensive quality reading choices 3.Support for any student in the school with reading and increasing achievement, creatively and independently OPEN FOR ALL Friday Homework club in the Library: Prepare for the future and finish JAG ATH ATH RMA

homework by Friday Support, reading, revision and research material and computer facilities OPEN TO ALL STUDENTS


STRIVE TO BECOME A BETTER LEARNER ENJOY LEARNING TO ACHIEVE YOUR BEST GET INVOLVED TODAY! What are you waiting for? Ask your Learning Tutor for more information

Parents/ Carers

Taking part in extra-curricular activities can:

give your child a chance to try a range of activities and explore where their strengths lie boost your childs self-esteem and confidence give your child a sense of achievement reduce problem behaviour promote good mental health help your child to become a better learner help your child to learn to take responsibility develop your childs skills in planning and taking the initiative help your child learn how to regulate their emotions help your child learn to overcome tough times, which in turn can help your child to succeed academically.

Encouraging your child to take part Not all students are interested in extracurricular activities. Thats fine. But sometimes they would like to try something new and just need a bit of help to get started. If this sounds like your child, you can encourage him to take part in extracurricular activities by providing opportunities and practical help. If you feel your child hasnt considered all the activities available, please arrange a meeting to speak to your childs Learning Tutor for support, if required.