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Lets pray together in church!

Let the little children come to me, and do not forbid them, for such is the Kingdom of Heaven. Mark 10:4
Sunday, October 6, 2013 Volume 1, Issue 34

God visits us, too!

Today in the Gospel reading, we hear about a woman who was very sad. She was so sad, because her husband had died. Now, her only son had died, and she didnt have anybody to take care of her. When Jesus saw her, He told her not to cry. He touched her son and he rose up from the dead. Christ raised him from the dead. This was an amazing miracle. Nobody had ever seen THAT before! People said, God has visited His people! Another one of Gods miracles! They knew that this man, Jesus, was God. They knew that God had done something very special for them. But did you know that God has visited us, too? He visits us whenever we ask Him to. We have God with us all the time. Whenever we have a problembig or littlewe can pray to God and ask Him to help us. God has visited His people, and He still does!

! S U E L B M A R C S UN
Can you unscramble the words? Then take the words in the unscramble them too for one final word. and


Saints Eulampios and Eulampia
If you have a brother or a sister, you might not agree on everything. Every once in a
while, you might argue or even fight.
On Thursday, well celebrate the feastday of two saints who were brother and sisterSaint Eulampios and Saint Eulampia. Their names mean good shining. And they were good shining lights because they shone brightly as examples of good Christians!

Saint Eulampios and Saint Eulampia were brother and sister, and saints too!

Our 5 senses at Church

Can you think of two or three things you might TASTE in church?

Answers: Eulampios, Eulampia, Saint, Compassion, Son, Visit, Pray, Emperor. Final word: Heaven

About 1,700 years ago lived the Emperor Maximian, who hated Christians. He made a law that made it so Christians would be persecuted, or hurt, for their faith. Saint Eulampios tore up the paper with the law. You can bet that he got in big trouble for it. He told the judge he was a Christian and that he lived for Jesus Christ! But that just put him into even more trouble. His sister, Eulampia, heard what had happened to her brother, and she told the authorities she was a Christian too. Then the brother and sister suffered and were then killed. As siblings, Saints Eulampios and Eulampia might not have agreed on everything, but they definitely agreed on one thingthat they loved God more than anything, and that they wanted to be with Him in Heaven!
We celebrate the nameday of these saints on Thursday, October 10th.