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Irt330 Requirements Planning and Buying

IRT 330
Requirements Planning and Buying
SAP AG 1999

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System R/3 Release 4.6B May 2000 Material number 50039523


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SAP AG 1999

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SAP Retail
LO521 2 days

Level 2
IRT100 5 days IRT310 SAP Retail Process Overview

Level 3
3 days SAP Retail Master Data IRT320 3 days SAP Retail Pricing and Promotions IRT330 3 days SAP Retail Buying IRT340 3 days SAP Retail Supply Chain Management IRT350 3 days SAP Retail BW/MAP 3 days IRT360 SAP Retail Store Connection IRT370 2 days SAP Retail Store

Pricing in Purchasing LO620 3 days Pricing in SD 2 days LO525 Consumption-Based Forecast LO520 3 days Purchasing Details/Optimization LO530 5 days Basic Processes in Wareh.Management 2 days LO610 Shipping 3 days LO611 Transportation LO615 2 days Billing LO605 4 days Sales LO925 2 days Cross-Application Business Processes in SD and MM LO515 3 days Invoice Verification

SAP AG 1999

Course Prerequisites

# Basic knowledge of retailing # Required: IRT100 Retail Process Overview # Recommended: IRT310 Retail Master Data

SAP AG 1999

Target Group

# Participants:
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Project team members Employees with organizational and IT responsibilities Consultants

# Duration: 3 days

SAP AG 1999

User notes

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