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Student Rights Committee Malott Room, Kansas Union September 18, 2013; 6:30pm

Overview for this year i. Senate Funding Accounts a. Block b. Line c. Unallocated: Everything Student senate has left Organizations MUST Be open to ALL KU STUDENTS a. Have officers be students: All officers must be KU students Membership past officers Not require dues or fees No academic standards or credits a. Seek other sources for funding b. Include senate logo on ads and promotions c. Be registered with SILC Half Over a Thousand a. We can fund the first $1000 of a special event. i. After, we can fund 50% of the remaining cost. ii. EXAMPLE: Event is $3000 1. Fund first $1000, then another $1000 for a total of $2000 Fund CANNOT go towards: a. Travel (few exemptions) b. Partisan Activities c. Reimbursements d. Academic Projects e. Religious Activities f. Social Functions g. Duplication of Services h. Food, drink, T-shirts, phone or internet, giveaways that are not educational i. Recruiting individuals to or from KU j. Maintaining affiliations unless vital to groups existence k. Direct fundraising l. Commercial promotion Indirect Fundraising a. Take a 3 year average of amount fundraised
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i. Can fund 10% of that total

2014-030 B.E.A.K i. Breath easy at KU is a smoke-free and tobacco free movement for campus ii. $100 instead of $200 iii. Money will go towards getting the group started, posters, and advisement iv. Vote: Passes 2014-051 A bill to Fund Model United Nations i. Funding will allow Model United Nations to compete at Harvard and represent KU at an even more prestigious level ii. Returning to the southern Model UN conference because did very well last year iii. Returning to Harvard conference to try again this year and because of the increase of members iv. They do also do fundraising v. 24% of expenditures from senate and the rest they are raising themselves. vi. Vote: Passes 2014-055 A bill to amend student senate rules and regulations article VIII, Section 5: General Funding i. Most groups came in asking for $200 for general funding ii. From review of that they either use all $200 or not all of it. If it doesnt get used then Student senate cant touch it for a year. After that year it returns to Student Senate if not used. iii. This doesnt hurt groups, they wont be denied from general funding iv. So if they dont use then student senate gets it back? v. Yes after the fiscal year, July vi. Why are we switching from $200 to $150? vii. Seems to be the best cost effective measure for this year viii. To the groups that usually get $200 and spend all of that how is the cut going to hurt them? ix. Spend the $150 and if they need more money then come back with a list of what they foresee them needing x. Vote: Pass 2014-056 A bill to Amend Student senate rules and regulations article VIII, Section 8.5.5 group fundraising efforts i. This is more to clear up the wording to prevent anyone from this ii. Vote: Pass 2014-057 A bill to amend student senate rules and regulations article III, Section 1: Responsibilities of a student senate i. This is to make it more open in becoming a student senator
410 Kansas Union University of Kansas Lawrence, KS 66045 (785)-864-3710

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Student athletes are interested in student senate but because of mandatory events this makes it harder for them to run for Senate This is adding that student who are members of KU athletics teams, Graduate, law, nontraditional, Pharmacy students and those students who are members of KU athletics teams Many people who are interested cant run because it conflicts with mandatory events that come with being a KU athletic team Their tutoring is somewhat flexible which is why they only need to go to two committee meetings a semester but must attend all full senate meetings Vote: Passes

2014-058 A bill to amend student senate rules and regulations article VIII, Section 5 to increase unallocated rollover potential i. Addressing the money that just sits in multiple accounts not being used and after all of that it is returned to senate ii. But what we are looking for is once the money has been used for something and if there is money left over the money automatically returns to the senate instead of just sitting for the rest of the year iii. We have control of seeing how much money is left in the account given to the groups that ask for it iv. Groups shouldnt have to ask for the rest of the money after the purchase since the groups had already made the purchase v. This is giving the organizations President power to return any outstanding allocations of an organizations account to the Student Senate unallocated account once all payments have been finalized vi. Vote: Passes Election of Associate Senator i. Nominations: Zach Beardslee Logan Sutton ii. Associate Senator: Zach Beardslee Meeting adjourned

410 Kansas Union University of Kansas Lawrence, KS 66045 (785)-864-3710