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(Registered under THE SOCIETIES REGISTRATION ACT. 1860 (ACT. XXI OF 1869)
vide Registration no. S – 6732 (977)/07 ) dt.7th June, 2007)


It is recognized that to start with t he ASB’ s criteria of admission to various
class es of m embership will be based on derivative st andards of other
recognized and well established pro fessional act uarial bodi es. This appli es to
student membership as well. It is primar y objective of the ASB to encourage
spread of professi onal actuari al education in Bangladesh and it will t ake st eps
that are necessar y to ensure that .
However, with a vi ew to ensuring comm on and well recogni zed benchm arks of
entr y standards, it has been decided that such a benchm ark will be that of the
Institute of Actuari es, London ( IoA). (refer: www.actuari es.org.uk )
It is also recognized that so far number of persons from Bangl adesh , have been
pursuing examinations of the Institut e of Actuari es of India (earli er called
Actuari al soci et y of India) and that probabl y the y would continue to do so. The
criteria of admission as stud ent of the Actuarial Soci et y of India has been
such, though much detail ed as against that of IoA, as would make such a
person eli gible to be admitted as student member of the IoA as well. (refer:
www.act uariesi ndia.org)

While the following stipulations are l aid down for student membership of ASB
on the assumption that such a stipul ati on will m eet the criteri on of student
membership of IoA, the applicants are required to have this accepted b y IoA.

The Cri teri a

A person is eli gible to be considered for admission as student member if s/he
satisfi es the followi ng conditions:
1) Should have compl et ed 18 years of age
2) Should have attained any one of the foll owing Educational Standards
A) Passed 10+2 (H.S.C) or equival ent with at l east 85% in
Mathem atics/St atisti cs.
B) Graduat e or Post Graduat e with Mathemati cal subj ects. For this
purpose following subjects constitute m athem atical subj ects;
i. Mathem atics or an y of its branches
ii. Statistics or an y of its sub cl assifi cati ons such as Mathematical
Statistics and Applied Statistics
iii. Econom etri cs
iv. Computer S ciences
v. An y discipline of Engineering
vi. Subject in Science such as Ph ysi cs or it s branches
(Registered under THE SOCIETIES REGISTRATION ACT. 1860 (ACT. XXI OF 1869)
vide Registration no. S – 6732 (977)/07 ) dt.7th June, 2007)

vii. Actuari al Science from a recognized (b y AS B) bod y such as

Universit y of Heriot Watt in Edinburg h or Cash Business School in
London or an y other as recognized b y t he IoA or the Instit ute of
Actuari es of Aust ral ia.
The admission under these groups will, however, be subject t o
following conditions;
a. The total marks secured in the subjects coming under t he
classi fication of Mathem atical subj ects taken t ogether i n all the
years of the degree course not l ess than 55%.
b. The cont ent of Mathemati cal subjects in all the years of t he course
taken together is not less than 50% of the total content . This is
measured b y the ratio which the maximum marks allot ted to
Mathem atical subjects in all the years of the Course bears to the
total maximum marks allotted to all subjects incl uded in the
examination of the entire course excludi ng languages.
C) MBA/PGDBA or equival en t in disciplines having
mathem atical/statisti cal cont ent. Each case to be examined on case
to case basis.
D) Full y quali fied m embers of followi ng Professional/Educational
speci fied as under;
i. The Institute of Chartered Account ants of Bangl ade
ii. The Insurance Ins titute of India (III) passing with subj ects 81 -
Mathem atical Basis of Insurance and 82 -Statistics
iii. Associ ate of Chart ered Insurance Institut e, London
Full qualifi cation would mean completion of all required
examination leading to desi gnation based on such fu ll qualifi cation
such as ICA i n case of Institut e of Chartered Account ant of India.
In case of Insurance Institut e of Indi a it would however mean AIII
plus pass in subj ects 81 -Mathem atical Basis of Life Insurance
and/or 82 -St atistics.
E) A st udent member of following actuarial bodi es
i. Institute of Actuari es, London
ii. Facult y of Actuari es in Scotland
iii. Institute of Actuari es, Aust rali a
F) A student of following actuari al bodies provided atleast one
subject has been passed from these bodi es
i. Societ y of Actuari e s, USA
ii. Casualt y Act uarial S ociet y, USA
3) The medium of Inst ruction i n final stage of examination based on whi ch
admission is sought should be English.
(Registered under THE SOCIETIES REGISTRATION ACT. 1860 (ACT. XXI OF 1869)
vide Registration no. S – 6732 (977)/07 ) dt.7th June, 2007)

The documents which are required to be submitted along with Admission Application form;

1. Attested photocopies of the following documents;

If seeking admission under category Attested Photocopies required

Mark Sheet & Passing certificate and Proof of

1. +2 or equivalent
medium of instruction
i Mark Sheets (or Grade Sheets) of all
examinations leading to awarding the
2. Graduate / Post Graduate degree
ii Proof of medium of instruction
iii Passing certificate (degree)
Mark Sheets (or Grade Sheets) & Passing
3. MBAs and certain Professionals certificate of all examinations leading to
awarding the degree
4. Members of actuarial bodies such as
Institute of Actuaries, London, Faculty of Proof of membership (e.g. copy of the relevant
Actuaries, Scotland, Institute of page from the membership directory)
Actuaries, Australia
5. Members of actuarial bodies such as
Society of Actuaries, USA and Casualty Proof of passing atleast one subject
Actuarial Society, USA
The photocopies should be attested by official of a Government or Semi-Governmental
organization or of similar status (e.g. Principal of a college, practicing medical Doctor)
2. Two Passport size recent photographs
3. Proof of Age

Note: In respect of applicants not being student member of the Actuarial bodies as specified
above, it would be necessary for such students to ascertain from the IoA that would meet their
criteria. However ASB is in dialogue with IoA that they should accept the criterion as specified
above for admission by them.