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A BYTE OF LIFE Monday, July 13, 2009

To become Unreasonable Fellows

Imtiaz Ali, director of the blockbuster Jab We

Met, is ready for his next release. He gets
talking about Love Aaj Kal, and why Deepika
Padukone is his "sweetheart."
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02 NAMMA CHENNAI ERGO Monday, July 13, 2009

Real action
Funskool has launched ‘Transformer:
The Revenge of the Fallen’ collection,
promising to bring more fun. The toys
are priced from Rs. 175 and available at
all leading stores.

A rocking cause free of cost. Chinmaya and M.K.

Balaji were the main vocalists of
Band Radiance comes out the album. The band won the
Best Music Video Award (award-
with ‘Pudhu Yugam’, a ed by Gangai Amaran and S.P.B.
Charan) and also the Best Social
rock album that will not Service Award in 2008 (awarded
by Lions Club).
only motivate youngsters The band came forward to
work on their second dream whe-
to face the world but also rein Bhargavi, Priya, Divya Vivek,
Lakshman Chandrasekaran and
contribute monetary Sriraam K.C. joined the band. The
album’s art work was designed by
support to an NGO run by Priya, composed by Jayanth and
the technical sound mixing was
a 21-year-old done by Lakshman, an audio en-
gineer at A.M. Studios.
They sponsored the second al-
bum by themselves. It took two
(From Left) Lakshman, months for the recording and a
Sriraam, Priya and month for the sound mixing.
Jayanth. PHOTO: S.S. KUMAR “We are planning to put up
stalls in IT companies to market
our album. During our previous
FATHIMA KHAJA hu Yugam will contribute not just nam to Tambaram recently. Karangal on October 26. Sairam album we didn’t know much
as an addition to the growing Ta- Engineering College was their about marketing, but with our ex-
mil rock scene but will also set The Journey sponsor as two of the band mem- perience we have better plans

f you thought all there was to aside a monetary commitment, Three pals – Jayanth Sriniva- bers belonged to the institution. this time and we are expecting
a rock band were guitar solos, by way of a proceed of the sales of san, Kowshik Ganesh and Chaita- All through they were supported more response and more sells,”
head-banging performance the record, to an NGO called nya – joined hands in January by friends in the making of the says Jayanth.
and hoping to a hop into the Maatrutva, run by an enterprising 2008 to form the band. Though album. Apart from their album compo-
mosh pit, think again. young social entrepreneur, La- achieving heights in the field of The first album sold 600 copies. sitions, Jayanth and Lakshman
Namma Chennai-based Radi- litha Ramesh. music was their dream, they were Impressed by the band perfor- have won the second place in the
ance Band are here to prove that The profits gained through the also keen on helping the under- mance, cinematographer Rajiv title music competition for Vivel
rock music can contribute to the album will be donated for the privileged. With plans starting Menon’s assistant Anand, along soap’s Miss Chennai and Chen-
society in non-psychadelic ways upliftment of the slums dwellers, right away in July last year, they with director Karthik, offered to nai Man’s show on Vijay TV in
as well. Their second album Pud- who were shifted from Nanda- released their first album Anbu produce a video for the album June this year. ■

All dressed up and ready to go

dressed alike
groom for
their evening
A scene
spotted atop
a tree on
Monday, July 13, 2009
Take me home
Graceful Sparky has a fondness for human
company, games with a ribbon and posing
for the camera. To adopt her, call Ananya
Ashok at 9952040339.

Giving social
entrepreneurs wings
If you are between 20 and 30 years of age with a scalable social business
sustainable business is one which
model, the Unreasonable Institute gives you a chance to become its can cover the cost in one year,”
says Dubovskiy.
“Fellow” where you receive seed grant and mentorship Among the start-ups mentored
for the 10-week programme as
“Unreasonable Fellows” was an
LIFFY THOMAS This is a start-up founded by including Pakistan, the U.S. and entrepreneur from the U.S. who
liffythomas@goergo.in alumni from the University of Sri Lanka. We had not brought manufactured a $10 bicycle, tar-
Colorado – Daniel Epstein, Teju the programme to India, but later geting people who made $3 a day.

ou have a good business Ravilochan, Nikhil Dandavanti we realised that the country is a Another businessman from Ne-
idea but have never written and Vlad Dubovskiy – to “create happening place and we need to pal started a supply chain to take
a business plan. Or, you are social entrepreneurs as well as promote more social ideas from locally made nutritional products
a social entrepreneur with co-design better ideas with the region,” he explains. outside the country.
an enterprise which is both mar- them”. How to enrol to become a Fel-
ketable and scalable, but need Twenty-two-year-old Vlad Du- low? The applications go up from Learning and sharing
mentors to guide you learn the bovskiy, who is currently in October 15. The short-listed 40 Twenty-five young social en-
ropes of the business. Chennai to collaborate with vari- Fellows will have to convince a trepreneurs from across the globe
If you fall in to either of the cat- ous entrepreneurs, spoke about panel of investors why their busi- will be selected for the summer
egories here’s one good reason the institute and reason behind ness is “scalable, sustainable, institute in Boulder, Colorado.
why you should apply to become reaching out to India. purposeful and replicable”. “By “We incubate their ideas with
an “Unreasonable Fellow” with “We started in 2008 and our scalable we mean an enterprise skill training and mentorship to
the Unreasonable Institute, Col- first informal programme had 17 which can be taken outside the provide their ideas with traction.
orado, USA. entrepreneurs from 14 countries country after three years and a Later, we connect our Fellows
with seed capital and a global
network of support, enabling
their ideas to take off.”
By scalable A seed funding of $10,000 will
be instituted for a one-year peri-
we mean an od. They also promise to bring in
the best of mentors including
enterprise professors from the Stansfield
School of Business and business
which can be leaders, among others.
The institute has so far part-
taken outside nered with leading organisations
like Ashoka, Social Edge and Tech
the country Stars, to name a few, while Ac-
umen Fund and University of
after three Colorado are their investors.
So, are you the unreasonable
years and a Fellow? The team has derived the
definition from George Bernard
sustainable Shaw’s quotation: “The reasona-
ble man adapts himself to his en-
business is vironment.
The unreasonable one persists
one which in trying to adapt the world to
himself. Therefore, all progress
can cover depends on the unreasonable
man.” ■
the cost in For further details visit
www.unreasonableinstitute.org or
one year you could email Vlad Dubovskiy at
Vlad Dubovskiy, vlad@unreasonableinstitute.org
co-founder, Unreasonable (First Innings is a weekly column
Institute that celebrates the spirit of
04 KALEIDOSCOPE ERGO Monday, July 13, 2009

Mini Quiz
1: What is the new Income-Tax exemption limit for

a) 1.5 lakhs
b) 1.8 lakhs
c) 1.7 lakhs
d) 1.6 lakhs
2: The new Income-Tax exemption limit for women

a) 1.75 lakhs
STT to stay
b) 1.90 lakhs
c) 2.10 lakhs
The government
d) 1.99 lakhs
Send your answers to finergo@goergo.in or SMS your
clarifies that the
answers to 92813 98889. For example, if you choose a) as
the answer to question 1 and b) as the answer to question
2 type it as 1a2b and send it. Winner will be chosen by
lucky draw from all correct answers.
Transaction Tax
Answers for last week’s quiz:
will not be
Economic Survey abolished as
wanted by
News you can use investors
New Fund offer

he Finance Minister recent-
ly stated that there is no
Franklin Templeton Investments India has an- plan to remove the Securi-
nounced the launch of the Franklin Build India Fund ties Transaction Tax (STT)
(FBIF). The new fund offer is available for investors or alter its current avatar. In a
from July 10. The NFO is available at Rs. 10 per unit. statement made to the Lok Sab-
It is an open end equity fund, which is designed to ha, he said that the STT will stay
tap investment opportunities in companies benefiting till a better alternative can be
from the growth in the various sectors of booming In- worked out. It is said that the ex-
dia. Especially infrastructure, financial services, agri- chequer will earn close to Rs.
culture, etc. 6,000 crores from the STT in the
coming fiscal.
FD rates drop Pre and post-budget talks have
Company fixed deposit rates have shown a consider- constantly spoken about STT.
able fall. The rates of some of the companies have There were a lot of expectations
come down by over 1 per cent. Tata Finance and Ma- by economists and securities
hindra Finance have FD rates of 10 per cent. The main market constituents in terms of
reason seen behind the drop in rates is the easy avail- removing of the STT. Even the Ec-
ability of cash and higher liquidity. onomic Survey 2008-09 put forth
ideas on the same line. But, the
Higher medical cover mooted Finance Minister disappointed
The IRDA has asked insurance companies to look at everyone by not removing it and
covering health expenses apart from the hospitalisa- then making the statement in Lok
tion charges. As of today only expenses incurred during Sabha to continue with it.
hospitalisation is covered by health insurance compa-
nies, but this is just a part of the total expense incurred STT and me
by the patient. So what is the STT and how STT is the tax payable on the value of taxable securities
The Chairman of IRDA Mr. Narayan has said that does it affect one? The Securities transaction, which will now have to wait
“The annual medical spend is estimated to be Rs. 2 lakh Transaction Tax is one of the
crore. Of this, only Rs 60,000-70,000 crore is hospital fancy taxes seen by the former Fi- over) to the government as STT. premium value.
expenditure. The remaining is towards diagnosis and nance Minister P. Chidambaram, The rates are as below: Tax Benefits: Any equity which
medicines. The health-related insurance products do imposed as a percentage of the Shares (Delivery): 0.125% of is brought or sold from a recog-
not address outside hospitalization charges” turnover (selling and buying) of turnover for both buying and nised stock exchange and on
securities by investors. Although selling which STT has been paid will be
Insurance Payments through e-mode securities commonly has come to Shares (Intraday): Nil for exempt from long term capital
The IRDA has in principle permitted Life Insurance represent stocks, but the legal Purchase. gains.
Companies to make payments to the policy holders definition covers bonds, deben- Shares (Intraday): 0.25% of Bottom-line: The income of Rs.
using electronic fund transfer option like National tures, derivatives (futures and op- turnover for sale transactions 6,000 crores to the exchequer is
Electronic Fund Transfer and Electronic Clearing tions), Government securities Futures (Purchase): Nil. highly tempting for the govern-
Service. and instruments declared by the Futures (Sale):0.017% of sale ment to think of removing the
central government. value. STT in the near future. Individual
Interest rates to go north This means that whenever you Options (Buy):0.125% of settle- investors too don’t seem to be
Based on the huge fiscal deficit of close to 6.5% pro- buy or sell any of the above men- ment price provided the option is complaining as the amount
jected for the coming fiscal by the finance minister in tioned instruments you will pay a exercised. seems to be meagre. ■
his budget speech it is being predicted that the interest percentage of the value (turn- Options (Sell):0.017% of the Team Finergo
rates will surely go up in the coming few months.
Monday, July 13, 2009
pullover combine well with the
pants.” Alternatively, narrow
tube pants and leggings empha-
size long legs, and tall women
who like to wear dresses can
hardly go wrong, Brack believes.
“Very thin women look best in
mini dresses. Those who believe
they have a few problem zones
can wear a loose-fitting billowy
dress made of lightweight materi-
al,” Brack said.
The outfit should then be fin-
ished with small details such as
pockets and belts that break up
the outfit and make the woman
wearing it look smaller.
Conspicuous tops with large
patterns or in particular styles
such as empire also detract from
a women’s height. “Tall women
are made to wear large patterns.
It can easily be something
striking that goes throughout the
outfit,” said Brack. Small patterns
also are acceptable on a tall wom-
an, said Brack. “Actually, any-
thing goes, except vertical
There are a few other things tall
women should note about style.
V-necks and long zippers elon-
gate the body even more and
should therefore be avoided. In

any women are unhappy addition there are skirt styles that
with their figures. They can take a bit away from one’s
think their hips are too overall height.
wide, their legs are too Skirts that are narrow to the
short and their breasts are too knee and then bell out fit won-
small, all the while believing that derfully on tall women, Poeltl
women who are tall and thin said. What goes for the outfit also
must have it easy when it comes goes for shoes. Sporty elegance is
to style. ideal and tall women do not have
But women who have the pro- to reject heels.
portions of runway models often “In flat shoes many women feel
have problems finding the per- too slouchy. That’s why many
fect look. There are a few tricks confidently wear heels,” she said.
they can use to be rid of a few The shoes should be rounded at
centimetres. “This works best in the toe so that the foot looks
the so-called long look,” said Be- smaller. Many tall women have
ttyna Poeltl, a style expert at an long feet and a round toe de-em-
image and fashion institute in phasizes their length, said Brack.
Berlin. Shoes that have a strap over
“A long t-shirt over pants and a the instep make long lets
vest - that looks well and it can look shorter, as do boots
magically get rid of a few centi- Tall, thin women that stop at mid-calf.
metres,” Poeltl said. Beyond having a well
Tall women look a bit smaller
can show their put-together outfit,
when their outfit can be separat- figures. There are also tall women should
ed into different parts. Long blaz- also take note of a
ers and long coats also work well a few things they few tips for their
on tall women provided they cov- should note when hair.
er the thigh, she said. A form-fit- Volume and
ting top under the blazer or coat selecting pants. A slit fullness, particu-
is the best way to add elegance to up the side seam from larly on the sides is
the outfit. important. “This is
“Three-quarters or cigarette the hem, for example, how to bring ex-
pants, which leave the ankle free, pression and charac-
also reduce the leg length,” said
can make long legs ter to a small face,”
Ingo Brack of the fashion school look a bit shorter said Jens Dagne, a mas-
Esmond in Munich. ter hair stylist from
Cigarette pants are tight-fit- Worms.
ting, straight-legged pants that But he cautions not to cut the
were popular in the ’60s. Audrey hair at the nape of the neck too
Hepburn wore them and they can short so that it maintains a coun-
be found today in many closets. terbalance. Women with an oval
“With their high waist and the face can select a full hairstyle
short leg length, they are perfect with curls that are either natural
for tall, thin women,” said Poeltl. or permed.
With ankles revealed, pumps or Asymmetrical styles also work.
ballerinas are the best choice in The hair should be shoulder
shoes. Because cigarette pants at- length at most so that the oval
tract so much attention, Poeltl face is not drawn out by the hair’s
suggests an understated top. length, added Dagne. ■
“A white blouse or a simply cut DPA
06 VILLAGE ERGO Monday, July 13, 2009

Drunk badger closes road

German police who were called to clear the body of a dead
badger from a road found the creature had actually passed out
drunk - having feasted on over-ripe, fermented cherries.

Berlusconi in Diana’s ex-lover

dock again
Trouble seems to be far from over for Italian Prime
back in UK
Almost 12 years after Princess Diana’s death, her “Mr
Minister Silvio Berlusconi as he faces new allegations Wonderful” ex-lover - the Asian-origin heart surgeon
of spending a weekend at a luxurious Umbrian health Hasnat Khan - who had enjoyed a long-term fling with her
spa with a retinue of women, including an actress and in the mid-90s, is back in Britain.
a former showgirl. The 49-year-old surgeon has secretly returned to Britain to
Quoting a magazine, The Sunday Times claimed that be one of five heart and lung specialists at the new 60-
Berlusconi spent the weekend of November 28-30 last million-pound Essex Cardiothoracic Centre at Basildon
year at the Health Centre Marc Messegue near the Hospital, the Daily Mail reported.
picturesque hilltop town of Todi in Umbria with His arrival was marked at the hospital’s annual consultants’
“many” young women, including an actress and a dinner, which this year had a Bollywood theme and
former showgirl who have worked for the billionaire featured Indian food and dancers.
politician’s television stations. Khan, who qualified as a doctor in Punjab, became
On the opening day of the recently-held G-8 summit Princess Diana’s lover after meeting her in 1995 while he
in L’Aquila, 72-year-old Berlusconi made a direct was working at the Royal Brompton Hospital in west
reference to his troubles, assuring fellow leaders: London. They met two months before she gave a media
“You all know very well they are attacking me on a interview, in which she spoke of the difficulties of her
personal level, but rest assured, I will continue to lead marriage to Prince Charles. At the height of the romance,
my country for another the Princess kept Khan’s
four years.” photograph by her bedside,
Prosecutors in Bari in and introduced him to sons
southern Italy are William and Harry. It was
investigating a rumoured that the couple
businessman, Giampaolo would marry, and they went
Ttarantini, on suspicion to great lengths to keep
that he abetted their relationship secret.
prostitution by allegedly Khan was said to have once
paying women to attend smuggled into Kensington
parties at Berlusconi’s Palace in the boot of
homes in the capital and Diana’s butler Paul Burrell’s
Sardinia. car.
Tarantini has denied all Last year, Khan spoke
wrong-doing. The publicly for the first time
magazine L’Espresso about his relationship with
reported that Berlusconi, Diana at his parents’ home
with Tarantini and many in the small town of Jhelum
young women spent the in Pakistan, in which he
weekend at the spa in described how the Princess
Umbria, to undergo visited him in Lahore, and
massage therapy to claimed her death had left a
relieve back pain. “huge vacuum”.

Bruni donates 43,000 £

for L’Aquila quake hospital
rench First Lady Carla Bruni Sarkozy gave of “Bella, Bella”, which means beautiful in Ita-
glimpse of her philanthropist side as she lian.
pledged a personal donation of a whopping While an entourage of officials showed Bruni
43,000 pounds to a hospital treating survi- around, she said that the French government
vors of earthquake-ravaged town of L’Aquila. would contribute 2.7million pounds to help re-
The former model-singer visited the earth- pair the dome of the Santa Maria du Suffragio
quake-hit region a day after the wives of other church.
leaders participating in the Group of Eight sum-
mit (G8) did, reports The Daily Express. It was one of many monuments damaged in
Dressed in a chic white suit, the wife of French the April 6 quake, which killed nearly 300 peo-
President Nicolas Sarkozy was greeted with cries ple. ■

Monday, July 13, 2009
Websites of the day
Learn more about the United States: www.americanhistory.about.com
Laugh out loud: www.funnyordie.com

Japan’s marriage hunting craze

A Hokkaido
baseball team
has set up
special seats for
those looking for
mates, and a
Tokyo ward
office arranges
dating excursions
to restaurants
and aquariums

Attendees decorate a cake at the Match.com party in Tokyo. The setting may have seemed gaudy and a tad overboard, but the 100-odd men and women
there, clutching their cocktails and scanning the room, were seriously focused on their goal - finding the love of their life. PHOTO: AFP

ressed to the nines on a ning is to try to fall in love.” “Now I see many women in expert, said Japan is making an Marriage rates have fallen
balmy summer night, a This year Japan has gone their 20s looking for a man with “all-out national effort” for sharply between 1975 and 2005
crowd of young Japanese konkatsu-crazy, with the trend a stable job and a steady in- konkatsu, a fashion trend, - from 85 percent to 51 percent
filled the reception area spawning countless magazine come,” said Toneko Bando, the which she said highlights a so- for men aged 30 to 34, and
of a Tokyo wedding hall, a articles, a weekly TV drama and founder of leading matchmak- cial crisis. from 90 percent to 63 percent
white mansion with Greek co- a best-selling book. ing agency PIF, short for the Traditionally in Japan mar- for women of the same age, ac-
lumns romantically festooned Japan - known for its strong Pay It Forward Love Prep- riage was a pragmatic social cording to census data.
with fairy lights. work ethic that can squeeze so- school. function, in which a woman Itamoto said increasing num-
The setting may have seemed cial time and for its declining With the new plan-ahead at- joined the family of her hus- bers of people are turning to
a little gaudy, but the 100-odd birth rates - seems to be getting titude, many women are also band whose job it was to sup- professional help in their quest
men and women there, clutch- its mojo back. preparing for the next stage - port her and their children, to find love and perhaps tie the
ing their cocktails and scanning Dating site Match.com said sankatsu or birth hunting - she who would then carry on the knot.
the room, were seriously fo- in March it had signed up one said. male family line. “Currently some 4,000
cused on their goal -- finding million members in the country “My agency provides services Marriages were typically ar- matchmaking agencies do busi-
the love of their life. - its second largest market after for them, such as fertility ranged in a custom known as ness in Japan, with a total
The twenty- to forty-someth- the United States - and parties check-ups and cooking lessons, omiai, usually organised in a membership of some 620,000,”
ings are part of a new fad like the one in the Greek man- so they become healthier for formal setting by the parents or she said. “About half of local
sweeping Japan: konkatsu or sion have become wildly pop- future birth-giving,” she said. close family members, stereo- governments also give similar
“marriage hunting,” a word ular. “I wouldn’t deny a carefree typically a meddlesome aunt or matching services, especially in
play on “job hunting” that sug- “I like this system of meeting lifestyle to have fun day by day. uncle. rural farming areas.”
gests finding Mr or Mrs Right is new people,” said a 27-year-old But especially for women, who As social change has altered “But the successful mating
a matter of good research and office clerk, one of the 100 constantly face the biological lifestyles, gender roles and so- rate through such an agency
thorough planning. guests chosen from almost 300 clock ticking before giving cial expectations, those of mar- stays as low as eight percent,”
An expert in the field had mostly-male applicants. “I have birth, they cannot help count- riageable age have usually she added. “People don’t have
some advice for the assembled a hard time approaching a ing how much time is left.” searched for their life mate by communication skills good
lonely hearts. woman with my friends An advisory panel to the cab- themselves, but experts say this enough to find a partner, no
“Try not to make that instant around.” inet last month proposed a 10- hasn’t worked for everyone. matter how many candidates
decision,” said Helen Fisher, a Social observers see a variety point plan to raise the low birth “If they are an introvert, not they meet.”
US anthropologist and special of reasons for konkatsu’s pop- rate, including the promotion too popular or low-key, old- “Konkatsu is not a bad
guest at the Match.com party in ularity, including Japan’s cur- of “love and marriage”, possibly style marriage counselling may thing,” she said. “But we need
Tokyo’s upmarket Nakameguro rent recession, which may be by organising matchmaking still work better,” said Bando. to study what brought the mar-
district. “Go up and talk to leading some women to choose events. “But many people just don’t riage crisis to the country in the
them and find out about them.” marriage over career in a Yoko Itamoto, a marriage feel about themselves that first place.” ■
“The whole point of this eve- search for financial stability. counsellor and gender equality way.” AFP
08 SPORT ERGO Monday, July 13, 2009

Atwal misses cut

Arjun Atwal had a rather forgettable return to the PGA Tour as the Orlando-based Indian golfer
failed to make the cut in the US$ 4.3 million John Deere Classic, his first event after four months of
nursing shoulder injuries. His rather average opening round of 73 had jeopardised Atwal’s prospect
of weekend action and when he returned to play his second round after heavy rain had wiped out
previous day’s proceedings, all he managed was three-over 74 to crash out.

Mixed luck
Indian boxers settle for silvers in Russia

Dhoni’s exam blues

The college in which Indian cricket captain
Mahendra Singh Dhoni is studying as an under-
graduate has refuted reports that he has been
denied promotion to second year after failing to
appear in second semester examinations. Dhoni,
who is pursuing his graduation degree from St
Xavier’s college in Ranchi, failed to appear in
second semester examination held May-June, as
he was not in the country and it was reported
he had been denied promotion to the third
semester. “Promotion can be denied to a
student after he or she appears in an
examination. When Dhoni did not appear in the
examination at all, then the question of denying
promotion is ruled out,” a member of the
college administration said.
Meanwhile, the college principal, Father Nicolas
Tete said: “Special arrangements have been
made for Dhoni (to take the exam). It is up to
Dhoni to decide when and where he wants to
appear in the examination.”

Warne loses in Poker Series

His legendary wiles and guiles notwithstanding,
Australian spin great Shane Warne could not
advance beyond the third round of the 2009
World Series of Poker Main Event in Las Vegas.
“Shane Warne had a day on the felt that he’d
rather forget,” said a report in the website
www.pokernetwork.com. “Warne flopped a flush
only to see his opponent improve his set to a full
house on the river, and shortly after ran his
pocket eights into an opponent’s pocket aces to
collapse quicker than the English batting order,” Amandeep Singh. FILE PHOTO: S. SUBRAMANIUM
it said.

Warne would have been richer by US$ 10 million ndian pugilists had to settle had the most disappointing day home the lone medal. In the 48kg
had he reached the for silvers after all three box- as he could not even participate preliminary round, Kalpana
final of the event ers – Amandeep Singh, Aksh- in the final due to a nose injury Choudhary lost to V Makresova
scheduled on ay Kumar and Manpreet that he sustained during his of Ukraine, while Chhoto Loura
Wednesday. He had Singh – lost their respective final hard-fought semi-finals bout went down to Kob Tatyana of Ka-
left the event to take bouts in the Magomed Salam against Khomaster Artur of Ger- zakhstan in 51kg category.
part in a Twenty20 Umakhanov Memorial Boxing many. Sushma Kumari (54kg) defeat-
charity match in Championship in Makhachkala, Meanwhile, the Indian women ed Russian Usachenko Victoriya
London where his Russia. team participating in the Inter- in the preliminary round before
team Rajasthan In the 48kg final Amandeep national Boxing Tournament at going down to Zhang Qin of Chi-
Royals crushed lost to Olympian Danielyn St Petersburg, Russia also had a na in quarterfinal. Laxmi Padhya
Middlesex and is now Oganes of Armenia by a slender mediocre campaign as they also had a similar fate when she
set to return to margin of 3:5, while Akshay Ku- could not manage more than one lost to I Sagaydakovskaya of Rus-
England for mar lost to Polynsky Dmitry of bronze. Sangita Devi (81kg) lost sia in the preliminary round of
commentary Russia 1:4 in the 57kg category. to local pugilist Yavorskaya M on 75kg category. ■
assignments for the However, it was Manpreet who points in the semi-finals to bring PTI
ongoing Ashes series.
Monday, July 13, 2009

It feels good to be back in the (ODI)
squad but I can’t take it too lightly. I will
look to perform well and not let the team down.
Rahul Dravid

Indian football team


ERGO CORRESPONDENT and history of the club is everywhere Speaking about the team’s train- Prat. The teams for the last two
feedback@goergo.in to see. It’s like a dream world.” ing schedule, Subhashish Roy matches, expected to be played on
The Indian players had their first Chowdhury said: “The practise ses- the first week of August are yet to

aichung Bhutia and company outdoor training session at the La sions are going on well, because the be decided. “These lower rung club
are making the most out of Masia ground on Friday, where the ground and the environment is very sides are way ahead of us in terms of
their month-long training so- Barca greats had trained for the last good. Practising in Barcelona is great technique and quality,” coach Bob
journ in Barcelona. The na- 25 years, before moving to a much for us and for Indian football.” Houghton said. “Losing by a few
tional side, preparing to defend bigger complex at the outskirts of Meanwhile, the team is expected goals to them will also be an
their Nehru Cup title, has been over- the city earlier this February. to play their first friendly game achievement. But I think the boys
awed by the opportunity to stay and “We are enjoying every minute of against Spanish third division side will be able to pull of a few
practice at the Cataluña giant Barce- our stay. The city, the culture, eve- Unio Esportiva Castelldefels on July surprises.”
lona’s home turf. rything attracts you. But nothing can 25. Castelldefels plays in the Tercera Defending champions India are
Midfielder and the goal scorer beat the Nou Camp,” I-League win- Division (fourth level in Spanish expected to face tough competition
from last year’s Nehru Cup final, N.P. ner Churchill Brother’s goalie Arin- football league system after La Liga, from continental rivals, Syria, Leba-
Pradeep said from Barcelona: “It’s dam Bhattcharya said. “It’s an out of second division A and B) but are still non, Thailand, Kyrgyzstan and Sri
like a dream. The Nou camp is just the world experience to train here expected to give the Indian team a Lanka in the 14th edition of the
three minutes walk from our hotel. and go through the trophy rooms run for their money. Their second Nehru Cup to be played at Delhi’s
And from our rooms you can see the and museum. Even this year’s Cham- match is against another Tercera Di- Dr. Ambedkar Stadium from August
whole complex. The rich tradition pions League trophy is on display.” vision side, Associacio Esportiva El 18. ■

Team India’s stint at the Nou Camp in Barcelona has fired up the
entire team ahead of the Nehru Cup tourney
10 FLICK ERGO Monday, July 13, 2009

Expectations are running

high from Imtiaz Ali after
’Jab We Met’ became one
‘Deepika one of the
of the biggest hits of the
recent times. Now ready
with ’Love Aaj Kal’, the
easiest actors to handle’
director in a conversation ■Finally, Love Aaj Kal is about to release. tive. He is the producer of the film but he was completely
with TWF correspondent Yes, there were so many speculations and now it’s just a
matter of few days and it will put an end to all that the
non-interfering when it came to direction. He is very easy
to work with and gives his director complete room.
Ritesh Sharma shares his audiences had waited for. I had been really busy over the
last year or so…it went off like a whisk but finally I am
■And what about Deepika Padukone?
Oh! She is a sweetheart. She is natural and makes any
experiences of working relieved now, a lot more at ease though I am still busy
giving the last minute finishing touches.
scene look easy with her smooth performance. I am really
happy that she has done such a good job with only a
with Saif Ali Khan and ■Are you tensed…nervous, what?
Actually, I am having no feelings. To be honest I am
couple of years of experience in the trade.
■In fact Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Singh too will be
Deepika Padukone perfectly all right. I know no one would believe it but I am
a person who doesn’t have emotions, so probably be-
seen together after a long time in this film.
They are a couple people would love to watch. It’s a love
cause of that I am not reacting. But honestly speaking I story and I can’t think of anyone even from today’s gener-
am really very hopeful about the film. I have tried to do a ation who would deny that Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Singh
better job this time than what I did last time. were one of the best onscreen couples to embrace the
■Don’t you feel the pressure because industry.
comparisons will be drawn with Jab We Met ■So you continue with a love story after Socha Na
more so because it was a blockbuster? Tha, Jab We Met and now Love Aaj Kal.
I know…I know and I really can’t stop that. This story is very engrossing. No two of my stories have
It’s bound to happen and that is the only area any resemblance. Saif will be seen in a double role and
where I think I have to prove myself. When Jab We that is another area to look forward to. He plays a Sardar
Met released, I didn’t know that it would go on to and has really done a great job. He also plays the young
become on the biggest hits of the year. Today, when I Rishi Kapoor… so there’s a lot in store. But I never really
watch that film, I really smile at times because there start writing keeping in mind that I will have to pen down
were so many flaws. This time I have tried to avoid a love story. It’s just that I came up writing three love
and rectify all those things. I believe in learning. I stories one after the other. I start writing and a love story
even learn from my actors. I learnt a lot from Dee- emerges.
pika and Saif. ■Saif pays a Sardar but you haven’t yet unveiled
■Okay, that means the audiences are in for a the look of the actress opposite him.
bigger treat. (Ha…Ha…Ha). That is a surprise element. We have
That is up to the audiences but I am really kept it under wraps and aren’t unveiling her looks but
hopeful because it’s a good film, complete certainly it’s going to be a big surprise once the film re-
entertainer and the Saif-Deepika chemistry leases.
will be the one to watch out for. ■So what next? Another love story?
■That brings to the obvious To be honest I am not even thinking about it now. I
question. Why didn’t you cast don’t know if I will make another love story or a thriller, or
Kareena? Saif-Kareena chemistry a horror. I am yet to start writing. It might be that I land up
too would have created hype and writing another love story. I am also directing a film for
expectations would have soared. Shree Asthavinayak Films. So it will take some time. ■
That’s true but I was very focused on
the project. The script demanded
Deepika and so she is here. Kareena is
one of my favourite actress-
es but Deepika fitted the
role better. I think this ques-
tion is being asked a lot but I
want to tell something- rais-
ing the Kareena issue also de-
fames Deepika. She has done
a very good job and I am
proud of her performance.
■In fact, Saif too has
maintained that he would
have loved to have
Kareena in the
film but has
always stood
by your
decision to
cast Deepika?
That is really so
nice and supportive
of him. I know the
bond Saif and Kareena
share but at the same time
Saif has throughout been suppor-
Monday, July 13, 2009
Eye infection leaves Priyanka ‘distressed’
Actor Priyanka Chopra is “distressed” as she has been nursing an eye infection for
the past few days but did not let it come in the way of shooting for Yash Raj Films’
Pyaar Impossible. “Distressed today.. have a mad red eye! It sucks...,” read
Priyanka’s post on Twitter.

Cine City

eena, the doe-eyed Meena started her career
beauty of Kollywood, in 1982 as a child artiste in
tied the knot with Vidya-
sagar on Sunday morn-
Nenjangal with Sivaji Gane-
san. The legendary actor
ing. The groom is
Bangalore-based software engi-
a had spotted the little girl
at a birthday party.
come calling
neer. The wedding was solem- Since then she has The youngest music director of Kollywood, G.V.
nised at Tirupathi Thirumala acted with most of the top Prakash Kumar, is said to have received invites
Temple and was a very simple stars in Tamil, Telugu from Bollywood directors Farah Khan and Vikram
event. Actor-director Cheran and Malayalam films. Bhatt for their forthcoming projects. We hear that
and actress Sangavi were the on- The actress has said that she the directors are keen on working with Prakash.
ly two friends from the industry will continue working post-mar- While the star cast for Bhatt’s film is yet to be
who graced the occasion. The riage. Meena was last seen in Ra- finalised, Farah is planning to rope in Prakash for
actress is planning to host a jinikanth’s Kuselan in Tamil, her film with Shah Rukh Khan.
grand reception for the film fra- where she was cast as Pasu-
ternity at Mayor Ramanathan pathi’s wife. ■
Chettiar Hall on July 14. Ergo Correspondent

Yet another
honour for
T he Mozart of Madras, Allah Rakkha Rahman, was
conferred with an honorary doctorate by the Mid-
dlesex University in London recently.
Rahman’s KM Music Conservatory and the Middle-
sex University will jointly develop the syllabus for the
Bachelor of Arts Honours Programme for Music Com-
position and Music Performance. The joint venture
Doctor bride
also explores the possibility of offering the pro- Comedian Ganja Karuppu is all set to enter
gramme to students, enabling them to take up the wedlock. If sources are to be believed, Karuppu
course in KM Music Conservatory during the first two would be marrying a doctor based in Madurai. The
years and the final year in Middlesex University. date of engagement and wedding are not yet
The music genius has already received doctorates finalised. The actor shot to limelight with films like
from Aligarh University and Anna University. Paruthiveeran, Ram and Subramaniapuram. He also
Ergo Correspondent
played the lead role along with Santhanam in
Simbu Devan’s Arai en 305-il Kadavul.
12 ERGO Monday, July 13, 2009

Chandra (EDMS) from Verizon India has nominated her team as Partners Prakash M. S. from First Source Solutions has nominated his friends as
in Crime. This picture was taken at Queensland during VSO team outing. Partners in Crime. Standing: Anita, Sujatha, Deepa, Uma, Vaishali, Mehar,
Prakash and Rajan Sitting: Antina, Narasimman, Kavinvel,
Venkatakrishnan, Jayakaran, Anil and Elan

Akash from Citi CARDS Project, TCS has nominated his team members Rajasekar from Sutherland Global Services has nominated his friends as
as Partners in Crime. This photo was shot during their team outing in Partners in Crime. This pic was clicked during their team outing in Ooty.

Farook from RBS Group, Olympia Tech Park has nominated his friends Renith Ravindran from Wipro Infotech has nominated his friends as
as Partners in Crime. This pic was clicked at Kishkinta. Partners in Crime. The photo was taken in Nanganallur forest during a
trekking expedition.
Monday, July 13, 2009

■ Hi Ganesh, Happy returns Gundu...

Many more happy returns of the day. Endrum anbudan Dr. M. Kotteeswaran,
Thirunelveli tiger Ganesh, eNoah I Solutions India Pvt. Ltd.
Ashok Satyanarayanan wishing you another year of
has been nominated as Of- happiness and joy in your life... ■ Dear Vidhya,
fice Angel by his team Roshin, Perot Systems Here is the weather forecast for
members from Cognizant today, there shall be showers of
Technology Solutions. ■ Dear Joshi, blessings all over u & a heavy
Hope you enjoyed ur birthday to the downpour of god’s love all around u.
Ashok is a very core and also the weekend. happy birthday !!
enthusiastic, talented and We, the customer world wish you a Lots of love, Vigneashwaran V,
interesting person. Whatever very happy birthday and all success, Sutherland Global Services.
be the circumstance, he happiness, prosperity and joy in your
takes pleasure in helping
others. He makes his
life. God bless you !
With loads of love n prayers
Belated Wishes
surrounding happy with his Customer World Team. ■ Dear Yoga,
presence. His friendly and Wish you Happy Birthday Yoga…
soft spoken nature are his ■ Dear Beni (The Queen), It’s my pleasure to have you with me!
strengths. Wishing you Joyful Birthday! You are someone special to me!!!
Let God decorate each golden ray of May this day bring all happiness in
the sun reaching u with wishes of your life!! Wishing u many more
Success, Happiness and prosperity 4 happy returns of the day yoga!!!
U, Wish you a super duper Happy Have a great year ahead!!
Birthday. Urs, Anitha, Suja, Cognizant
(Promise 3 John 1:2)
With Loving Wishes from ■ Dear Geetha,
One (MonkFamily, HCL Belated Happy Birthday Wishes.
May all your dreams come true and
■ Dear Kiran, this be another fantastic year for
Wish you a very happy and joyful you.
birthday. May your all wishes be With lots of love MIS TEAM
Mohandass granted by God in the upcoming (TCS e-Serve)
(well years and may you have a bright,
known successful future ahead. ■ Dear Srithar,
among Wish you a fantastic birthday. On this Special day , We wish u many
friends as Cheers! God bless you.. years of laughter and life’s Best
Future Ravi With love, Customer World Team. treasures.
Varma) May this Year be filled with sweet
from ■ Hi Santhosh, memories and happy hours.
Satyam Wish you a Happy birthday, Wishing u all the Fun and Excitement
Computer May god god give you a Healthy and that only birthdays can bring!!!
Services prosperous year ahead. Have a wonderful and a Blast year
Limited Enjoy your Day. Keep Rocking. ahead.
doodled Regards, Best Wishes from
this. Preetha, Soni, Naveen, iRonicz Spiders & Juniors
Ranjit & TCS team Tata Elxsi-Tiruvendrum Peter M.S
(BERLIN) Tata Consultancy Services.
■ Dear Jai (Bun Specialist) CTS, iNautix-Chennai. Musigma,
The Good things we could say about NSN, EMC-Bangalore. Juno, De Shaw,
u r Infinite, But We ll only take a Commvault-Hydrabad.
minute. The World is a Better place
with u in it. Happy birthday Dear ■ Dear John Jaiprashanth,
friend, May ur Dreams Come true, It’s Never Too Early Nor Never Too
Enjoy the day with lots of fun and Late To Wish You A Very Happy
Bun as usual. Happy birthday to u. Birthday.
Keep Rocking jai. Have a Blast!! May God Bless You With Many More
Stay Happy & Stay Young. Years Of Happiness And Success In all
Best Wishes from "iRonicz Spiders that You Say Or Do.
-Technologists" T C S. Tata Elxsi With Best Wishes from “TEAM
iNautix-Chennai. Musigma, NSN, EMC, CHENNAI (Adil, Bubesh, Giftson, Glen,
Bangalore, Juno, De-Shaw, Commvault, Humera, Justin, Lakshmi, Lavina,
Hydrabad. Sangeetha, Shanker, Shiney, Sunil, Thersia)
1. Q: Yen, desert-la irukkara post-office-la ellarum letter ezhud-
hittu, stamp vangittu, veliya pora? ■ Hi Shanmugapriya, ■ Dear TS,
A: Enna, veliya dhan otta-gum irukku. For idli, chatney is d correct match, Tons and tons of birthday wishes to
For chappathi, chicken is the correct you!! God bless you!! Wishing you a
2. Q: Japanese, Leaning Tower of Pisa kattina adhukku enna match, For friend, ur the correct very fabulous birthday!!
per veppa? match, For you, Cheerz!!
A: Nikumo-Nikado I am (kotte) the correct match, Friends,
Manonmani Kesav, Long live our friendship (KK), Lot of New Age Software and Solutions.
HCL Technologies Ashok Nagar.
14 TRAFFIC JAM ERGO Monday, July 13, 2009

Topless parade in New Zealand

A porn entrepreneur has vowed to go ahead with his
annual ’Boobs on Bikes’ parade of topless women in
Auckland, despite financial woes and opposition from the
city’s mayor.


Ciriesh from
TCS eServe
shot this
snap at
using Canon
Power Shot

So you think you would make a terrific photographer but never really had the
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Monday, July 13, 2009
Drunkard hands out money Shrub-man strikes
A British man has been arrested in Spain for A costumed hero has taken on an Essex, England
handing out money in a drunken state to council in a bid to improve the look of his town.
strangers at an airport. He has been removing weeds from planter tubs in
Colchester and replacing them with flowers.



Necessity is the mother of invention, but today your
high spirits at work will guide your innovative
methods of work. Your good mood with encourage
you to help others leading to good times with


Gulp up your energy drinks as work today seems to
be hectic. You might end up doing work of other
people as well. Ganesha thinks you might not get
the desired private time with your beloved, but that
won’t bother you.


You tend you feel brave today, says Ganesha.
BORN LOSER Personal life will be smooth and easy.
Technologically speaking today is the best day to
buy new software and if you have already bought
one recently, you may start using it now.
Buckle up soldier! A tough day at work, says
Ganesha. You might have to put in a lot of efforts
for mediocre tasks. Do not worry though, blame it
on the planets. Your partner will try to cheer you up
and get you back into action again.
LEO JULY 21 - AUG 20
Trees of Patience bear the sweetest fruits. At work
you might feel underestimated, unappreciated and
underpaid! This is a temporary phase, patience is
the best virtue. And here comes the brighter side of
the day; your partner will shower you affection.
Just like a duck on the surface of water, you might
FREE RANGE WORKING IT OUT seem calm but underneath your rigorous efforts will
be noticed today. Knowledge increases by sharing
and that is exactly what you tend to do today, says
Ganesha. Health should certainly not be ignored.
All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. You
feel like sharpening you skills and fell like proving
your capabilities at work. ‘Play’ comes in when
Ganesha thinks you will have a good time with your
beloved at the movies or other such entertainment.
All batteries need charging and so does your mind.
Take proper rest and boost yourself out of this low
energy day, says Ganesha. You might not be able
to transfer the gush of ideas from your mental
computer to your workstation.
Knowledge has no horizons, they say, and you tend
to agree whole-heartedly today. Ganesha thinks you
will be in an exploration and learning mode in your
work area. Nevertheless, give the first priority to
your prime responsibilities.
A busy day today to plan busier days ahead. Fixing
up meetings and schedules will keep you busy.
Ganesha thinks the meetings won’t just be limited
to work, you might have to attend social ‘meetings’
as well.
PREVIOUS Ganesha finds you in high spirits and brimming with
energy today. The high energies will definitely help
ISSUE’S you in planning strategies for future. Flowing in the
same current, your energies will make you
SOLUTIONS accomplish all tasks in time.
“To do or not to do” might be your state of mind
at work today. Learn to handle pressure or it might
make you over emotional and depressed, worries
Ganesha. In personal life, the same confusion seems
to linger.
Predictions by Bhavesh N. Pattni
16 ! ERGO Monday, July 13, 2009

Lightning strikes over the Beijing

skyline at China World Trade Centre
Tower 3, this being the city’s tallest
skyscraper,. PHOTO: AFP

US pop star Madonna performs at

the Werchter Boutique festival in
Werchter as part of her "Sticky and
Sweet" world tour. PHOTO: AFP